VistaCreate: Graphic Design

Graphics & Design
4.7 (2.2K)
119.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Crello Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for VistaCreate: Graphic Design

4.74 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
3 years ago, FreeSpiritFreeThinker
So nice, I had to say it twice! Lol this app I everything seriously! I honestly spend a good 5-10 minutes looking for a template ok Canva to use, and when I find one that’s somewhat of what I want it’s still never really what I want. With Crello I created 3 social media post for my business in literally 10 minutes. It’s easy to navigate, loads fast, and the templates are so good! Just my vibe and feel of esthetics for my brand. I never felt so creative other apps just make me feel like blah I’ll come back to it. Great job Crello please keep it up!!!
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3 years ago, Lawma425
App Okay But Unnecessarily Difficult to Cancel Subscription
I was happy enough with the app to subscribe to their “flexible” plan, and when I didn’t have a use for it I wanted to cancel my subscription until the need arose again. I made periodic attempts to figure out how to cancel my subscription online, but I could never figure it out. I tried from my phone, but couldn't find the option on the mobile app, so I had to remember to do it from a computer (I'm busy working from home full time with two kids at home, so I kept forgetting, and in the meantime I was charged again for a service I'm not using but couldn't cancel.) I found the cancellation option on a desktop but it wouldn’t process my cancellation and gave no reason why. It just kept saying "Your data is being processed." I then emailed customer service to ask them to cancel my subscription, but they said I had to do it. They sent me incorrect instructions (I assume outdated) on how to do it from my iPhone settings. After another 15 minutes of trying I finally figured it out. The overly complicated process to cancel with no instructions available online unless you contact them was successful in getting me to pay fees for something I wasn’t using for a couple of months. But this isn’t a company I want to continue doing business with.
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2 years ago, ProExplorer
Wasted Space for Functionality, NOT for Visually Impaired
I would likely use this app…IF it allowed for full screen usage on “either one” of my iPad pro’s. Instead it’s wasting soooo much unused space. Not everyone limits themselves even by mere choice to using only their phone. True u can click for MINIMAL size increase on iPad 10 but what a waste. It’s sure not remotely using space available. My 12.9, didn’t even bother…it’s obviously not workable. Why do ppl use iPads? Maybe because we need/ desire, work space…hmmm…just a thought. I guess I’ll continue w Canva , Adobe, and my other graphic design apps, but really would have liked using some of what I saw here. I gave 3 points because I liked the volume of things I saw w potential…and I try to give benefit of doubt, that many companies fail to remember those of us w physical challenges. It’s not made at ALL for those of us w eyesight challenges…sadly. Not sure why it was designed to exclude us, but hope one day it will dawn on this company your going to lose many ppl based on this ONE huge flaw. If you ever decide to include us, pls email me. Meanwhile I’ll have to keep w the ones I’m using already. I see potential, but I can’t “see” enough to put myself threw the strain n torture. So HEADS UP to others who need or DESIRE screen usage space…skip this app, you’ll save yourself the disappointment. And headaches for some of us. Please fix ASAP. THX
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2 years ago, Jon Targaryen Snow
Used to be completely free…
The app has been very difficult to use from the beginning. If you work on something from your phone and then go to a computer graphics would be missing. It sometimes doesn’t save correctly. Little glitches here and there. The proper sizes for instagram stories, Facebook headers and such would not always be correct, causing parts to be cutoff in Facebook and Instagram. Through all of those issues I fell in love with this app. That was till today, I went to use it as normal, it’s been maybe a month. Features that used to be free are now part of a subscription. When did that start? There was no subscription before. You used to be able to download as many of your creations as you wanted, the limit is 5 for the free version. You could change your format now you need to subscribe. Who knows what else changed because I left the app feeling defeated as we all do when free is no longer free, I thought Vista finally gave its customers what it needed, to only take advantage of them when they fell in love. Making them subscribe and pay money. I knew it was too good of an app. Oh well. Vista Create did something all corporations do, profits before people. Congrats to corporate greed.
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2 years ago, MCWSR59
Makes it easy to create
I tested this app and found it was easy to point and click to create some pins. I uploaded one and then went to edit it while still on my phone. What I noticed is that I cannot completely edit the pin I created because DESCRIPTION for the pin is not available on my phone. I will take a look on my computer to see if in fact I can edit this pin to add a description. Update: I opened the created pin on my laptop and the DESCRIPTION field is not there. Can the app be updated so that the DESCRIPTION field is available in Pinterest? I have tried the Desktop version and that allowed me to modify the pin Description so that worked well.
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12 months ago, Tedgar29
Great App! Love it for making flyers for business & fundraisers
Over all great app! Love having functionality of making flyers on my phone! Used other apps that don’t have that much functionality for designing but this app has so much! I’m no designer so I really like that there are templates based on key words for when I have no idea how I should design my flyer and that you can start from scratch with a blank slate for the times that I know exactly how I want the flyer to look!
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9 months ago, bvday
I sign up for the trial via iOS app and forgot to cancel in time. Got charged for the annual fee and when I read the fine print it says I can get a refund if requested within 14 days of the charge. Well… GOOD LUCK doing that. I tried the chat option twice and they had no clue what to do, then was given a corporate number who also was no help because “that was not their department” then was told to use the callback option and they told me to go to this convoluted way of going to the website, go to the bottom and send an email. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I sent the email and still no response… absolute garbage customer service and support. Should not be this hard to do what your website says they can do.
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6 months ago, whirledpeasclothing
I come from a graphic background and have actually learned how to work with imagery and color in the olden days style. That would be before computers. I came To Vista create after years of using quarkXpress 200, and Photoshop. I can’t say enough about the capabilities and the quality of this program. I do wish there were more options with text editing imagery, but this is solely the product that I use now love it. I’m not sure what they do for a
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7 months ago, MasterTurtle1215
Always my go-to choice
I’ve been using vp for my business since April, and I really can’t get enough of how broad the options are for merch, promo posts, and cards that I send out. The studio app is even better with this, as it lets me customize better than I could just through the website on my phone. Seriously, I’ve been so stressed with making a design until I downloaded this earlier. Will gladly be a proud Vista Print member for life.
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3 months ago, CEO "Dad"
Great tool!
A much needed tool for business. I found out that I can’t use anything you create with AI for business. (Only for personal stuff) This fits the bill for whatever I need to create and I can us it for my business anywhere!!!! Images in Social Media Ads, banners, thumbnails or cards. If I create it I can use it. The background remover feature has become my favorite go too…No matter what I’m good to use what I’ve created with this Visa Create!!
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2 years ago, Woodstock, GA Girl
Easy to use
When I first started using it I had to come up with some design. When I finally picked one I changed it as my own. But when I got back to it was gone so I had to recreate it again. That was my second chance rule. This time it saved. It’s easy to use and fast way to create your business pic to post.
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3 months ago, bakedriiice
an amazing free service for content creation
VistaCreate is just one of my several apps and websites I use to make content for my small business. The pay wall is the sole reason for 4 stars, due to the fact that it is a simple cash grab. I believe true free products cannot advertise as free if a paywall exists anywhere within the product/service, so finding out the “free editor” only had the same free features it’s main competitor (Canva) had was a severe disappointment.
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3 years ago, FluxingWell
Crello is only lacking one thing
I love Crello, and I tell as many people as I can about it on my blog, FluxingWell. The app is so convenient, and I am thrilled that I have lifetime Pro access, due to my AppSumo purchase. There is only one thing keeping Crello from being truly on par with Canva Pro., and that is the ability for Pro users to create shareable templates. I think this would be an excellent business move and would increase the Crello user base immensely. Please as this feature! Lisa Mitchell Founder, FluxingWell
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4 years ago, Taterace
Great App
I wanted something to use that gave me more animated graphic options. Crello is that app. To the developer. My only issue is your cataloging of templates and images need some serious help. The search feature doesn’t yield all available results. If I search for “World Teacher Day” nothing comes up. If I manually scroll through templates I can find several. Same for images. This is really frustrating when creating something specific.
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2 years ago, O_o Carissa
I love using this app to create promo material for my social medias, but the app constantly says that something went wrong. I tried to sign up for the free trial for the pro services, but it keeps saying error. My Apple ID shows I signed up for the subscription but I still can’t access the pro features on the app. And sometimes it won’t load templates saying something went wrong. Love what the app allows me to do when it works but it’s extremely glitchy.
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2 years ago, PsyberLink
Easy and fun!
Using this app is a delight. There are endless combinations of designs and slogans that can be combined with your choice of music. You can create just about anything using the templates and backgrounds to make your image be noticed by your targeted audience. Try it now to see what I mean. If you’re like me, you’ll be easily hooked.
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2 years ago, Mis683
I love it but fix it
I absolutely love this app is slowly replaced in canvas for me I just wish they would fix the problem where sometimes your updates don’t register and you have to wait like an hour for your design to register the changes so you can download it because even though it looks correct it keeps downloading incorrect
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2 years ago, 17Kritter
Only got this app yesterday
I’m still on a learning curve, but after a lot of experimenting I finally got exactly what I wanted, & I liked it so much I laminated it! I have a lot to learn, but any progress I accomplish makes me like this app more & more! After I get more comfortable with it I might add another star, but not until I get enough experience with it. I’d like it to be more fun and less work!
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10 months ago, SRYi
Dishonest and Forces Settings
This developer says you control settings, but we couldn't use the app with our settings. When you install, you're given an option to choose "Accept all cookies" or "Manage settings." The preselected option encourages you to go with "Accept all cookies." We chose to manage settings, and from that point, we could not progress with use of the app. Wish this developer would be courageous enough to be honest, and just say, "We want to track you", or "We want access to your data!"
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11 months ago, Indiainmia
Love this app
It’s very similar to Canva. I have both and go back and forth between them. This one I got as an LTD so it does not cost me anything but it’s lacking all the features from canva which is why I keep paying for it but if you are looking for something on the cheaper side this is a great app.
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2 years ago, Luigi23456749
Make creative social media posts and ads!
Photos with text sometimes look blurry even when large file sizes so the compression ratio isn’t awesome but sufficient for viewing on phones. Cool free features to customize and a game to play while your images are prepared. Good choice of sizes for social media advertising. Pls keep it free to support small business creativity! #candles4trees
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3 years ago, Prunella123
Would love more features!
I like this app but today I wanted to use it with my iPad and realize it just gives you the iPhone version that gets magnified. A few other issues that came up: - there is no way to just draw a line. There are line graphics but it’s hard to get them precisely where you want them. - if using the iPad there is no support for the pencil. I wanted to use a graphic star as a bullet point, but trying to size them small enough and all the same size is impossible with a finger, I thought the pencil would give me fine control but the handles would not respond to it. - an option for text to add an outline would be awesome as well as drop shadows for object and text elements.
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2 years ago, Pilot MQ
Wrong move
Just 2 weeks I rated this app 5star they just puts payment method to restrict users. I advise users to get another app, It’s wrong to do so. I’m a Nigerian I use it but paying such amounts is huge. Sorry I’m leaving your app for you and for any new user please don’t download it if you are not ready to pay
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4 years ago, Brandon2484
Extremely useful and easy
I’m shocked how much value you can get even on the free plan. It is super intuitive to use and you can make professional content in minutes. As the self-funded founder of the influencer advertising app TrendNow, I was hard-pressed to find ways to make new content. Crello has been a god-send and I use it every day!
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2 years ago, StewartG713
Worst App- Horrible online and on the app
I spent hours working on a brochure for a Spanish final just for it not to download on my computer. I can’t print it directly from the website either. I was hoping the app would be a saving grace AND BOY WAS I WRONG. Every time I open the app it completely changes my project WITHOUT MY DOING ANYTHING. When I try to look for tech support there is none. All there is for help are some Q & A stuff and some general support. I spent money on this and it doesn’t even work. If I could give 0 stars, I would.
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12 months ago, Ash...H
Thank you
I’m so glad to find this app. Thank you so much for your hard work and I hope you offer more free templates to use. It’s amazing and flexible to finish any work and the great point is when you export the design with different tips of files. Thank you again.
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2 years ago, hardipat
Easy to use
I tried this app after finding Canva too difficult for me to create templates and covers and I’m super happy! VistaCreate has made it super user friendly and I’ve made several different covers and will be making even more as I grow my new business!
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3 years ago, Steven Crandall
Flipping amazing!
I needed something for work, and this came up as suggested on a web search. And boy was this app amazing in every way possible! It took me seconds to figure out what I was doing and was able to make a few projects in a timely manner!
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2 years ago, Amazed by God's grace
Free Cover in Ten Minutes
I stumbled upon this site and decided to give it a try. I saw this template, chose it, and within 10 minutes the artwork for my e-book was ready. I sent it to myself by email, everything was simple and easy. I’m impressed!
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5 months ago, Clap gaul
i love this.
i literally love my poster i bought. It’s not expensive at all and especially from the quality. the quality of this poster is absolutely amazing. the only think i didn’t like was how long it took to open the box but the box was good to get the poster from folding. i love it so much and you need to buy!!
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2 years ago, mommyandmateo
I hate it
Don’t waste your money. Not easy to use, you can’t save ANYTHING and NO WAY to get customer service . Rip off. This app is not as convenient to use as advertised. You can’t actually save anything you create so you can repost it. Absolutely zero way to contact the company for customer services. I just signed up for the free trial and will cancel it by the end of today. Hope they will let me so I don’t have to speak to my bank as there seems to be no way to contact them
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2 years ago, Tiffanydeluca
Life changing
I wish I knew that this app existed forever ago! It has made starting a small business so much easier! I’ve been having so much fun creating logos, business cards, and a website with vista create. Definitely very impressed so far!
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4 years ago, Tropsicle
Better than Canva
Crello should be just as popular as Canva, of not more so. It offers beautiful templates and — most importantly for me — a better and more intuitive user interface, especially on mobile. I got Crello’s pro lifetime package and use it almost every day to make quick cover art and IG posts. No complaints. A++
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2 years ago, Mayagayam
Looking forward to the app redo
Now that a new company owns this product, hopefully this app will be updated to match the website. The browser version of the app is much more powerful. One update request - allow the app to select more library images please. Currently I have to go out of the app, into settings, find the app, add image selections… This functionality should exist in-app in the Library tab. Thank you 🙏🏼
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3 years ago, disneygrl88
Easy to use
This is a program that you can use for Social media and to print posters for small home businesses!! It has a good selection of templates and you are able to download your own photos. It’s as easy as using Canva!!
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2 years ago, Tami Bestbunch
So much easier than I thought it ever could be.
I never thought I would be able to make graphics as professionally as I have been lately. And I am absolutely floored by how wonderful my graphics look now. Thank you VistaCreate!
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2 years ago, lbeerma5
So far so good!
I haven’t used it much yet, but I love how easy and simple it is to use and there are a good amount of cute backgrounds to use and you can customize everything to your own liking for free. I would recommend this app!
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2 months ago, Dorrisfam
The potential is there
It’s a great idea, I just cancelled because the pride stuff became overwhelming. Also when I replaced a video and exported, it exported with the previous video and I didn’t realize until I had done maybe ten of them, all with the first video. But I’d still have kept it if only I didn’t feel like I was being brainwashed.
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1 year ago, Me_019639201
I love all the options, but kind of hard to use
I love all the options, but it is kind of hard to adjust certain things to exact locations especially is in this on my phone. But I definitely love using it and will continue to use it.!
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2 years ago, PooShay
I enjoyed working with VistaCreate from the start. The templates are attractive; there’s a lot of output for your material. The functions are pretty intuitive. Won’t take long to master it. The hardest part for me is getting the various bits I want to incorporate in a template! Once that’s done, it’s a breeze!
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2 years ago, lebeauprof
Fantastic App
This is hands down one of the BEST apps out there! Making social media posts with this app is simple to use and totally modifiable for what you need to promote or say! I LOVE the fact that you can animate the posts and add music as well!! 5 stars out of 5 !
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2 years ago, xoKristaKxo
Great app!
An amazing app for cross editing, printing, and planning alike! Top list of editing tools for marketing currently. A must have app! Amazing experience! Their platform has completely changed! So much more than it used to be! Not just for printing anymore!
Show more
4 years ago, jhspearsjr
Easy to Use
Great alternative to Canva. Easy to create content to post on my social media. Excited about a few updates coming in a couple of months. Free version has a bunch of features and the Pro version has some great options as well.
Show more
4 years ago, kailcleo
So many options
Easy to use interface with so many options, I love how they are categorized as well. No more hours of searching for the perfect template. And the free version offers enough that you don’t have to buy it- but I’m sure buying it is worth it!
Show more
2 years ago, DollyCS
Love this app!
Finally something to help me with my Instagram posts takes a little bit of playing with to figure out but once you do the options are unlimited!
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3 months ago, Ragu 6307
BEWARE! You cannot easily cancel your subscription after the “free trial.” They trap you and will not answer questions and there is no where on the app to cancel your subscription. And it does not work well on iPhone or iPad AT ALL. It was a nightmare to use. Stay with CANVA. I don’t know what my recourse is since they refuse to help me cancel my subscription. I guess call the Better Business Bureau? Absolutely fraudulent claim that you can do it 14 days for free and cancel any time.
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2 years ago, First Born Leo
Brand New User
Although I jumped in (without going through any of the tutorials), I am pleased by my initial exploration and draft from one of the template designs! Now I will schedule some time to actually go through some tutorials so that I feel more confident in my next design!
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3 months ago, Eve@Work
Well what a surprise
Not expecting its power. Rough start but persevered and I WAS VERY pleased with my results…passed on the freebie and subscribed up front because cancelling in time is a failure for me. Life gets in my way. Everytime. Thanks for your product:}
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3 months ago, THE ANGERED DJ
I’ve tried SOOOO MANY apps to be able to create logos, flyers and background scenes for my livestreams with very minimal satisfaction…and then came THIS APP!! WHAT A GEM! User friendly, a vast amount of designs to choose from and the integration of your own pics/videos is AWESOME!! TERRIFIC JOB developers!
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2 years ago, verucasalt99
Everything I love about VistaPrint in an easy to use app.
I have used VistaPrint for years, and they have hit it out of the park with their app! Super easy and super fast, I can create projects in minutes from anywhere!
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