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User Reviews for Vitacost

4.81 out of 5
43K Ratings
2 years ago, OCD has benefits
Decent search engine
I have been using Vitacost for many years bc their products are always clean & dust free, and fresh -with a long expiration date-, and they are smart about how the pack up glass items, except once, they must have had a dunce working in shipping & bc there were numerous glass bottled juices in a HUGE BOX, banging around in shipping. You know how that turned out but no worries, all was taken care of bc if course it wasn’t my fault…do be assured, ALL previous & AFTER shipments were not anything like that particular packing job ➖ so if you have a hiccup with this company, don’t stress. Our whole family buys from here as they have become our new health-food store; we can get the better brands we want & we don’t have to go into a store where every person, who just got sick, is at buying their cold & flu needs…AND now with Covid, we are so glad we have a place we can count on for our needs!
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3 years ago, plecostomus13
Terrible re accuracy and consistency
Quite honestly I hate this app. And every time I use it I find new reasons to hate it. It MEVERCompletes the order, it just tells me “… Generic error that we could not determine” End it does that regardless of any other variables that I can find. Furthermore, It won’t correlate what you have in the app, with what you have in your same account online, so you can’t go back-and-forth between the computer and your app. And you cannot “empty the cart.“ And, the way the online portion is, it’s *so* different in the computer than it is on line on the iphone, that that makes a *third* variable!! No two of the three match. In one form, a product is available; in another form it is out of stock; when One form does NOT say that it’s out of stock, and then you try to order it, it doesn’t add to your order, or, it won’t add to your “my list“, and it won’t tell you that it’s out of stock, so if you *do* get into the cart on your App, and then place the order, the order simply won’t go through and it won’t tell you why. They keep telling me to “uninstall and reinstall”, but the same crap happens no matter what. **And they don’t even respond when I tell them that.** So, I really hate this app. If I could only order via my computer I would do that because that one at least seems to be consistent with whatever is real in their actual product line. Grrrr
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4 years ago, lnking3
The Worst
First off, I love Vitacost and tell everyone about how good they are. The problem is with this app. When they updated about a year ago, it went downhill and can not seem to get its footing. It seems they are focused on the look of the app but forget having it work. I cannot get the search to work at all. I put in something like cinnamon and it comes back with zero results. I put in brand name and the same thing. I can find anything. I then decided to go to things o previously ordered, but when I click on it to add to cart it seems like it is going something but nothing gets added. This happened after I went through and tried to add about 8 items. After flipping through I clicked on the add selected to cart. It started to spin and then took me to the cart and nothing was added. I then found out that I needed to go to the products page from previously ordered items. It seemed to work for a while, but now nothing. Just keeps spinning. Also, for about a year I’ve been trying to scan the barcode with no results. Always comes up with zero results. So basically what I’m saying is the whole app is broken and they don’t seem to want to fix it. But hey it looks pretty. I will still use Vitacost because I love them, but will not be using this useless app any longer.
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3 years ago, jlamarca
Is this a joke?
I’ve never used Vitacost before but needed an item that they allegedly carry . . . so . . . after reading the reviews, I thought I’d download the app, register, then place an order. Well, it’s now apparent that the positive “reviews” must be fake and Vitacost is a complete SCAM! After trying to “register” without success for the past EIGHT HOURS, I’m deleting this waste of electrons from my phone and I’ll order the item from a real merchant. Specifically, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to register and place an order - EVERY time I attempt to do so, I get an “error” message that states, “We are having technical difficulties. Please try again or check back with us shortly.” After trying to register countless time over the past EIGHT HOURS, my guess is that this bogus app’s true purpose must be to harvest your personal address and contact information in order to spam you - it’s certainly not to place an order for merchandise. WHAT A JOKE! UPDATE: I just received notice that the developer has passed on my review to their web people. That’s “nice” but I erased this useless app from my phone and have already given my business to another merchant - in fact, my rather large order has already been shipped. Apple needs to remove useless apps such as this one.
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2 years ago, 2000RJT
Primitive but functional
You can get the job done with this app, but it glitches way too often, and is quite primitive compared to similar apps. One of my chief annoyances is that the cart randomly loads previously ordered items. I’ll open the app some time after an order and find all items from my last 3 orders in the cart! The app does not have an “empty cart” function like the website. And it takes forever for the app to refresh with deleting one item at a time. If I don’t finish the order right then, all items are back in the cart EVERY TIME I OPEN IT AGAIN! So there is no benefit to filling my cart over time, and ordering when I’m ready. Anyway, vitacost prices are fair to good. You have to do your homework and compare, as some prices are significantly higher than competitors and local groceries. I advise waiting for the promotions as those make the prices comparable or occasionally better. Of course there is the subjective cost savings of having items delivered versus the time spent shopping in person.
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5 years ago, Vikkerie
Easy & Fun to use!
I freely admit it, I use this app way too much! The truth is, they make it so easy to use that I just can’t help myself. I have never had any issues, I scroll through the hundreds of great health & beauty products and just chose what I want, pay & it arrives at my house in a couple of days - easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I buy dozens of glass bottles of my favourite coconut water that I can’t get where I live & not only does it get to my house super fast💨 I have never had any bottles deliver broken. That’s pretty amazing when you think about how much I buy! Not only that, but I also get coupon codes sent to me that add up with free shipping, so this app saves me time & it saves me money! What is better than that? Thank you so much, I really do love this app & I appreciate all the effort you all put into keeping running smoothly!
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2 years ago, Laur153
Slow and won’t sync shoppping cart properly
I’ve shopped at Vitacost for years and always like to keep a running cart in my account filled with items for my next purchase. But for about the last year or maybe more, the cart does not sync properly, at least on the app. And then it links to my web browser and messes that up too, so what ends up happening is it does not clear out the items from my previous order or ones previously deleted. Then I have a whole mess of 60 items in my cart that I don’t need for my next purchase and have to delete them all— one at a time (which is painfully slow on both the app and web browser), and this valuable time spent. It takes forever for me to get my orders ready and that’s why I’ve now come to dread shopping on Vitacost even though their products and prices are wonderful! I’ve since deleted the app to see if that’s the culprit, so at least I can now shop from the web browser successfully. Please fix this problem! And make a way to delete multiple items from the shopping cart at one time so it goes more quickly. Would be much appreciated! :)
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1 year ago, MonkeyJarMadness
Love Vitacost but not the app
I have been a customer of Vitacost for many years, however the app is super glitchy and could also use some updated features. Every time I log on I have over 90 items in my cart from previous orders. I then have to delete each item one by one to make a new order because there’s no ‘empty cart’ function and because of this weird glitch. To make matters worse, sometimes the app will log me out midway and then I have to start all over again which by then I’ve wasted so much time just to empty my cart that I give up and order days or weeks later. The web and app do not sync either and will add extra items to my cart that I’ve purchased before. It’s very frustrating which is unfortunate because I love the products Vitacost offers. It has been like this for at least a year now (I see others have shared the same experiences). I have deleted the app for now and will just use the web moving forward to see if it helps. I would hope that the developers finally fix this ongoing and very common bug soon.
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2 weeks ago, genesissephia
Best online site for ALL natural products!
I absolutely love my Vitacost app, and I use them on a regular basis for all the products that I like to use …it’s easy to navigate. They always give good discounts- up to 35% off most items from what you’d pay in a retail establishment plus monthly/biweekly they send out promos if you sign up for it where you can get up to 20% off of your whole order, for a day or two, and free shipping over $49 (which is not hard to get to when you like to shop their products as much as I do) and I usually receive my stuff within 2 to 3 days. I’ve been very pleased. Been shopping with them for probably eight or 10 years now!
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2 years ago, rocknrollmamacita
Long time customer
Long before apps, I was ordering from Vitacost on the website. T. The Vitacost brand always has quality product with affordable pricing. I love if you purchase Vitacost brand, free shipping is available for spending $25! The prices haven’t changed much in since my chiropractor turned me on to them in the late 2000’s! They offer ship and save. You can’t also make a list of your frequent flyer purchases and save time by adding them to the cart instead of having to search. I had a lot of issues with the app for awhile or I would have gone five stars all the way. Most of the glitches have been worked out thank God! I always look forward to their BOGO sales and stock up when my finances allow! Highly recommend the site and brand!
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5 years ago, Ronald A Wilson
Needs a few tweaks to make it great
I find that some of the links don’t take you to the page you’re looking for, and too many link pages that appear to be the same information. With that said, it will find items you are looking for in the search bar, if you know what you’re looking for. I use it and it will order your products and get them on the way to you, so I guess you can say it works. I feel that it would be better if the app when it finds a product, that it would only show the product one time and then offer drop down menus for the different options, such as quantity, potency, etc. I get confused looking at a product then scroll down and find the same named product and have to determine the difference between the two or sometimes more.
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8 months ago, StormyinGA
Multiple Problems
This app will not let me buy something and then have the stuff disappear when I pay for it. When I go back to the app to buy something else, my old order is still in there. Over and over and over. Over and over. It is so infuriating. In addition, whenever I buy things, sometimes I get five of them, which means I paid for those. I didn't want five, but I got them. So I have to call them and get my money back for the ones I didn't want and they tell me just keep them or give them to a friend. Boy, it must be nice to be such a big company that you can just give things away like that. But that just drives prices higher. It's silly. But Vitacost is owned by Kroger, therefore I'm sure they have money to burn. But I don't. And have you checked prices at Kroger lately? Yeah, me too. All right, you get the point.
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2 years ago, Chumchumychumchum
Search ALWAYS Yields Zero Results
I have been trying to use this app for probably a year. I will try it, give it a rest for a couple of months, try it again, exact same thing. I search, zero results. I think, “maybe they really don’t have this product in stock…“. So I will try to search something really simple like “vitamin” or “lotion”. Nothing. Nothing will search. So then I say, “I guess since I have absolutely nothing to do right now, I will browse through the menus.” Another joke. Not even the menu will load. Why is this app even in the App Store?
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6 years ago, Holistic Practitioner
I almost want to quit shopping at vitacost because of this absolutely by far the worst app I’ve ever used! Not only does it NOT keep you logged in, it kicks you off ALL the time, orders you place through the app may or may NOT go through even after you get confirmation your order is complete, but the worst is the fact when you click on the app all I get is a white screen. So I deleted the app and reinstalled, this helped at first, BUT when I went back later to finish my order, I clicked on the app and ONCE AGAIN white screen! I’m ready to just stick with iHerb, their app doesn’t do this and their phone customer service is better, only reason I haven’t completely switched, vitacost prices are better. But dang.... time is money, AND I can’t put a price on the frustration this app has caused. In the 5 years I’ve used Vitacost, I’ve probably spend $15,000 in orders and I SHOULD be considered a very valuable customer but I’m not!
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3 years ago, fedelmia d.
Reviews on products?
I love the convenience of this app but something is wrong! The past couple times I have logged into my account every item in my saved list has been added to my cart... 3-4 times! I have to delete each product one at a time and it’s painfully s l o w!!! The last time I logged in I removed everything except what I was planning to order. I came back today to finish my order and EVERYTHING I removed the last time was back in the cart!!! 3-4 times! Example: 4 jars of almond butter, 4 bottles of tea tree oil, 4 boxes of pukka tea, etc etc. I have a lot of items saved for later to reorder again in the future and all items were added to my cart multiple times... but NOT by me! Please fix your app.
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4 years ago, BeccaDoss
Love Vitacost, but DO NOT USE THE APP
I’ve used Vitacost and the app for the past 6-7 years. The app back then was buggy, but it eventually loaded and actually showed the categories, whereas this app of the most recent years/updates won’t load any of the category pages (like Vegan, or Gluten Free, in the food and beverages category). It’s not my phone connection, either because other apps work just fine. And the inability to see the filters or keep more than one filter applied just isn’t possible I’m the app. I’ll use the website, but that’s unfortunate. I used to order very frequently, but unfortunately the not-friendly user interface and buggy glitches have plagued this app in ever incarnation, and the newest is no different, which makes me more likely to shop elsewhere before trying here. Which I hate, because as the girl says. I absolutely love Vitacost!
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4 years ago, snthomp2
Waste of time.
I have had to call in order to place every single order I’ve needed to place in the last 6 months to 1 year - this app DOES NOT WORK - I have to place a separate call and let the customer service rep into my cart to place the order for me. I don’t understand why it is still so hard, in this day and age, to place an order through an app and not a person. Incredibly frustrated - save yourself your time and just order through their website and NOT this application - it does not work. And apparently it never will. Update: whoever completed their brand new “overhaul” of this app forgot to add a confirmation screen after you place the order - beware duplicate orders and your card getting declined for fraud bc you had no idea it actually did try to go through more than once (it just never told you whether it had or not).
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3 years ago, 88wombat
Used to be OK but no more
App is impossible to use on the latest version of iOS. During the past year or so it has been getting slower but now is impossible to use. Search function does not work and pages take interminably long to load (if at all). I nearly gave up on an order due to this. When I did finally get my cart set, after I placed the order I discovered that about $150 in purchases just disappeared. This app needs to be updated to be compatible with the newest versions of iOS. I did try an uninstall / reinstall but the app is still unusable. Right now the app says it is compatible with iOS 10 and above. We are on iOS13.5 as I write this. The app needs a major rewrite. I have an iPhone7 Plus so my guess is it is an iOS problem since I do not have any of the fancier features of the newer phones. Other apps work fine.
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2 years ago, lisabrux
Sluggy app, today only?
I’ve used the Vitacost app before and didn’t find it as sluggy as it is today. There were a number of items I just couldn’t purchase because the progress wheel kept spinning and it would never go to the actual item, even though I saw it in the list of items to choose from after my search. That’s frustrating. I tried to get those items by searching for them specifically, and the same thing happened. My only guess is that they are out of stock, but why not have a little window pop up and say that?? Annoying. Otherwise I love Vitacost and will be back, hopefully with a better experience.
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5 years ago, Safe1913
App has gotten much better
I like that this is a dedicated app, not just a link to their website. In the past there have been problems with getting kicked off of the site, and orders not being placed when the app said that it did place them. It seems that they have taken care of those problems now, and I do not experience those issues any longer. The descriptions are thorough, as is the nutrient information given. Of course they have Ratings with comments, which is always helpful. VitaCost has the best prices that I can find on many products, and of course they have many of their own products that are of good quality.
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7 months ago, ghytcyj
Glitching and Inaccurate
I love Vitacost and have been a faithful customer for years. Great selection, everything packed perfectly , clean and accurate. Lately over the last 6 months It’s been terrible from not accepting online orders through app, difficult customer service with no resolution, just a sorry I don’t know why that’s happening. What has changed in this company, whatever it is, CHANGE IT BACK. Is IHerb an apparent co because they pop up when I search Vitacost. Please give me some answers. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Rooney1921
Difficulty reviewing
1) I do not know if it is your website; when I wanted to review my order it deleted my billing information. 2) I attempted to purchase some items That appears for purchase; the after adding them, they were sold out. Just should have said “out of order” initially. Thirdly; looking for facial products; under your filters it would be nice if it had an area; unisex male or female. I do not want to smell like a man’s shaving cream. Fourth; it would be really helpful if your prices noted how much one is paying per ounce/ or tea bag etc! That is just a budget contentious way to purchase certain items if you are trying a new item or something you have purchased in the past! Lastly, whenever I have wanted to be notified of your items being replaced into your warehouses; I have never been notified & I have a very valid email that works. It maybe due to your being short of staff. But this has occurred prior to the Covid-19 Virus! Thank you & I do like your products & shop from home for many years! Sincerely, Anna Marie Meyer
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12 months ago, Cajohns2
Nice when it actually works
This app has good intentions but lots of issues. Maybe they’re bugs that just need fixing. For example, today I used the ‘reorder’ option only to have it give me an error when I clicked add to cart. So I had to start all over again. Also 3/4 of the time my login credentials don’t work on the app even though I’m typing them in correctly, so I have to shop on my computer instead. It would also be nice if they would seamlessly apply any account activity done on the app to whichever device you’re using. For example, if I have stuff in my cart in the app, they won’t show up if I log in to my account on my pc and vice versa, even though the items come up as recently viewed.
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3 years ago, yttebboo
This App Doesn’t Allow Checkout With PayPal
I have attempted to checkout 5 times and I continue to get a message that you all have a problem completing the order. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app and still experiencing the same problem. And today is the last day I can use my coupon. If I can’t complete my order I’m going back to Puritan Pride!! Vitacost services has become awful!!! I attempted to use 3 separate coupons on 3 different occasions and their app continued to tell me to “technical issues try later”. I started at 20% off all the way down to 12% off with no results. Called in again today and asked to speak to a supervisor....big mistake!! Aaliyah - Supervisor has no satisfactory answer. I am appalled at your service. Going to look for another service.😡
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3 months ago, kghigg
Horrible App!!
Let me start by saying I absolutely love buying from Vitacost, however I absolutely HATE the app. It started with me not being able to complete the purchase on the app. Instead, I would have to go to the website, login again, and complete the order there. Recently, it has started deleting my shopping cart if I don’t purchase immediately, which is aggravating because sometimes it takes me a day or two to get everything together that I need. It has deleted my previously purchased items (I purchase often), and now it doesn’t matter what I search, it says there are no items available for that search. Items that I have purchased at least hundreds of times. The app is truly no longer worth the effort.
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5 months ago, Kristen J.J.
Orders canceled for months!
I have been a loyal Vitacost customer for about 10 years. I have never experienced such a problem as I have put up with for the last 4 month's. Every order I place has been cancelled right after I place it. I have called in to check on my orders, and they show no record of a current order. I was told by customer service that the order was canceled and shown in my history... but never received a email notifying me of a cancellation. When I asked the agent to help place the order for me so I could get my products I was told they could not do that for me.( when in the past they were able to do that) They have lost my business and the $$$ I was spending each month! Fix your online orders from being cancelled!!!!
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4 years ago, Adwoa too
Needs much work
This app is horrible. I would rather use the website. When I use the face id it still indicated sign in. I go to my list and didn’t see any item I saved. After I placed my order it lists all these other addresses except mine and I had to make some corrections until my address was correct. I had to call customer service cause I made a mistake in my email by one letter. Then I had to go to the website to find my order number. From now on I’m going to use the website until you fix these glitches.
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3 months ago, Shakti46
Company and products are fine but app is terrible
It seems this app gets worse and worse. I just does not function well at all. I can no longer see anything in “previously ordered items”, went to past orders and tried to click on item from there, doesn’t work, if spelling of something in search box is off even by one letter, it can’t figure it out and just shows nothing, I show all sorts of orders as “not delivered”, I’ve had orders just never process. No problems on actual website, but doesn’t sync up or act right when I use laptop go back to app. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to get this app to work and it’s really quite ridiculous.
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5 years ago, DebsaJ
Issues with app, needs upgrade
I like Vitacost but there are a few issues with the app. The first issue is that it doesn’t keep you logged in. Every time I get on the app I have to log in again. Sometimes while I’m browsing and try to add an item to my shopping cart it will ask me to log in again because it logged me out. This is the biggest issue. The other issues is that it’s super slow, you can’t zoom in to get a better view of the products, the app makes it difficult to add products to my lists, and it’s not easy to navigate through the app from one section to another. It isn’t user friendly and needs a huge upgrade.
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6 months ago, Malts55
Still like Vitacost
Vitacost is handy and I’ve enjoyed using it for many years. There are two areas of service that have slipped a little in the past few years. More often, things I need are out of stock and if things arrive damaged the solution isn’t as quick and easy. It often happens that packages get damaged due to poor packaging but usually it doesn’t damage the product, just the package. I hope this feedback is useful. I still enjoy ordering from Vitacost. They usually have just what I need and it’s easy to find things on their site.
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6 years ago, abbeyrose
Bad reviews must have a phone issue
This app lacks nothing. It has worked beautifully ever since I installed it over a year ago. It's the fastest, simplest way to order from a company who has amazing practices and a wide selection of products for all kinds of health interests. It's also easy to send feedback to customer service in the app if you need a refund or replacement. The prices are highly competitive, too, and I can NEVER find such good deals locally. To add to this, it's easy to use the promos tab on the app to find deals for the day/week.
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4 years ago, meekalamb
Great service
I’ve used Vitacost for ten years now and they have never let me down. Always fast, always correct order, and once, I suspected that my mail carrier left a box on my porch, after my instructing against that, because we had a neighbor dog that carried off everything. I called Vitacost to tell them the predicament. They sent the whole order over again for free! What a great business move. I’ve never even looked for things anywhere else now, because they are my trusted source to whom I wish to be loyal. Meeka Malone, served in Alabama and Texas
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11 months ago,
Overall good experience shopping here.
Vitacost has some of the lowest prices I can find online for many of my personal care product and organic snacks. I’m grateful to have found them online otherwise I would go without some things I need because they are not available where I live. Overall experience shopping online with Vitacost has been a good experience. One real issues I’ve encountered are related to uncontrollable shipping issues or products availability. They have always accommodated shipping issues when they arise.
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5 years ago, LisaWags
Make it easier for mobile use
I love this company but this app needs a lot of bug fixes. It never remembers me and I order at least monthly. When I choose previously ordered items, you can’t press Add to Cart bc it’s under the header. PayPal payment option circled for about 5 minutes and then dumped me out. When it asked for feedback after my payment, you couldn’t do anything. It took me a total of 30 minutes to place an easy order. I would have loved to give feedback after all that.
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5 years ago, heatherdoc
Makes shopping easier!
I've been a Vitacost customer for years and I love the variety, deep discounts and deals. It's great to have an app with nice functionality. Your buy one get one free sales have decreased in frequency but when they do happen, I'm excited! And you do offer fairly frequent buy one get one 50% off sales. I've noticed that after the last couple of updates the search function doesn't always work, so if you're not already aware of that, please put your focus there. I've had to go to the actual website to do searches in the last few months.
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3 months ago, SeekerCons
Becoming less useful
It seems like with every update something breaks. I can no longer rely on this app to shop or place orders. Clicking on items from lists just causes the app to spin uselessly. Can’t view Previously Ordered Items, the page never loads. The scan feature can’t find products that they’ve just delivered to me. I frequently get error messages “unable to add to cart. Please try again.” that never resolve, forcing me to go online on my computer to place an order. I’m so disappointed in this app. Vitacost is a good company and I’ll continue to order. Just wish their app made it easier to do that, rather than more difficult.
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5 years ago, LosAngeles, CA
NO Views, Angles, Zooms, Hyperlinks
It would be helpful if we could tap on the product photo and it open a photo window of the product enlarged, then be able to swipe for views front, back, side of the product/label and pinch a view to zoom-in on it. Additionally, when viewing your account's "past orders", you should be able to tap on product in your order and it take you to that item's product page (sometimes you just want to read the details or label again—and get there/back quickly); as it is now, taping on an item in your past orders selects the item for reordering... reordering should be an OPTION, an option you make by tapping a "reorder" button NEXT TO the item(s).
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2 years ago, good custome
Cart keeps populating with 182 items
Yes. Every single time I open this app there are 182 items in my cart plus whatever I put in my cart on my windows laptop. I had the same problem on my windows laptop and called vitacost several times and it was just too big a task for them to fix. Their idea of a solution was just to say empty the cart. How obnoxiously ridiculous. If I park something in my cart, I avoid the problem on my windows laptop. However, the problem persists in the iPad app. The 182 items are every single item I have ordered from vitacost, which would indicate that I must be a very good customer. What a shabby way to treat a good customer. Customer service by shoulder shrug is not impressive.
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6 years ago, PetWorldcity
My go to for vitamin shopping
Vitacost is by far my favorite place to shop for all neutracutical products including some food, spice, tea, and body care products. Their prices are generally 20-40% below retail, they offer flat rate or free shipping most of the time, and always email me coupons. Plus if you go to the bottom right 'more' tab, click on 'account,' then click on 'previously ordered items,' you can re-order straight from the list (re-order button in top right). Really saves me time and money.
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6 years ago, Sxxxx Wxxxx
You've definitely fallen a few rungs...
You used to be my go-to for supplement and natural online purchases. But between your now semi-average retail product line up, and poorly responding online app response, today was another black eye. I've been slowly adding items to my cart. Today the weather is cool enough to overnight that shipment finally. I went to pull the trigger but my shopping cart was empty. Stupid. That's just bad business or poor programming or some pseudo-market technique which lost you business in the long run as I couldn't remember everything. Not having this kind of trouble on your competitor's website, and their shipping prices are half of yours, so, catch you later...
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3 years ago, kashnaiukakq
Vitacost is my new favorite bath, body, health, wellness & nutrition all in one shop!
I discovered Vitacost when I was looking for my absolute favorite lip balm (Simple Truth Organics Strawberry Lavender) that I used to get at my local Kroger but they stopped selling it. I was able to find it here for cheaper & MANY MORE awesome products from Simple Truth Organics that I never knew they made..& other favorites like Jason, Burt’s Bees, & Earth Therapeutics. Fast & affordable shipping. Can’t find a single thing that doesn’t surpass my wishes & expectations. Repeat customer here.... FOR LIFE!☮️💟
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2 years ago, DBertinot
Love Vitacost, but hate the app
This is one of the worst apps I have used. Order management will show items ordered, but you cannot link to a description. The same thing when you go to list management. Overall, it takes a long time to search and reorder items. When something is selected, it takes a long time for the info to show and sometimes the app will just hang there. On the order management screen, when scrolling through and selecting an item to reorder, the list screen restarts at the top and you have to scroll through again for each item. Very aggravating. I think the desktop version is better. This app appears to have been developed by morons.
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3 years ago, ldes5
Love vitacost, dislike the app
I LOVE vitacost products, however I am not a fan of the app. For months now when I go to place an order, my previous ordered items show up in my cart, even ones I added but then previously deleted. I have to go through and delete like 50 items. After each item deletes, it takes time to refresh and then I have to scrolllllll down again to the next item. It takes so much longer than what the ordering process should take. I wish you could just swipe to delete things like on other apps. I’ve been leaving this feedback on the app for months now with no response. Fix the bug or reach out to the customer
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8 months ago, Markonarock
Converting a techno Luddite
Just placed my first order having enjoyed several of my friends meals in the past and wanting to use the same ingredients and the whole experience was surprisingly simple with non of the usual multiple repeats or demands that my password wasn’t secure enough and I must use some mathematical and numerical combination that would take 8 minutes to type in and 8 years to remember. I’m now looking forward to my delivery 😎
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3 years ago, mrcooperdooper
Great company and prices but horrible new app
5 star company but the app is terrible. If and when the app use to work I would give 5 stars but I can’t now with the new app. I have been a Vitacost customer for around 7 years. I absolutely love this company and never had a problem using the app to order. Then about 7 months ago something happened and the app basically stopped working. I can’t log in...and yes my password is right, I can’t search anything, even a simple word like zinc comes back with zero results and my cart is a whole other story. It really saddens me that I can’t use the app like I did for so long. Please Vitacost go back to the old app!!!
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1 year ago, Justbeachyjade
Ever since I came across this site after looking for more American companies, I haven’t looked back! They offer a wide variety of products (from health and wellness to food to baby and beauty products), with fast shipping, arriving safely packaged using majority recyclable packaging. The promo codes, did I mention those? Always coupons available, you are able to combine the codes, and often have site wide sales on top of all that! What is not to love?
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11 months ago, Azchica08
Bugs to fix
Honestly I downloaded this because of the promo to get a discount if you download the app. That's great, but there's a bug preventing me from successfully logging in to my account to use the discount and place my order. It says invalid email/username and I have double and triple checked my login details. I use a password manager that autofills my logins, so I know I didn't mess up the login. I also tried typing it in manually and that didn't make a difference. Also closed and reopened the app, and even restarted my phone. Nothing worked. I'm deleting the app and sticking to the website for now. Never got the discount that was promised for my download though.
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3 years ago, Bethbroc
❤️Vitacost; Hate the app!!
Love shopping at Vitacost; so many quality items but I hate the app. Recently searched the app for an item but no such items found so I Googled it. First thing on the Google list was the specific item I wanted on Vitacost!! So I purchased, from Vitacost, via their website rather than the app. Have also had issues using PayPal on the app but not on the website. It FAILS to complete the purchase if I select PayPal as my payment source. There are so many other examples of how poorly this app functions that I feel Vitacost is really shooting themself in the foot having this poorly functioning app as a representative of their company! I’m deleting the app and shopping Vitacost solely through the website!
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3 years ago, veggiebabe713
Used to work well - useless for over a year now :-|
Used to work really well - but for over a year now, it will not allow me to log in and it finds zero products available no matter what you search for. I have deleted and re-downloaded a couple of times to no avail. I contacted them through a chat on their website via a browser window and have been told to just keep using the website for now, they don’t know when it will get fixed. That’s the same thing they told me a year ago when I chatted with them about this on the website. Super frustrating, because I liked the app a lot and probably ordered more when it was conveniently at my fingertips. :-|
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2 years ago, geulagirl
Worst App of All Time
I have been shopping at Vitacost for several years from my computer. I have had the app on my iPhone for several months but have yet been able to complete an order. The shopping cart keeps putting items back in that I deleted or won’t let me delete them at all. Also, I have never been able to use any of the coupon codes through the app which makes this piece of “software” completely useless. I always end up having to go on my computer to apply my codes and order anything. I own an iPhone 11 Pro Max, so there should be zero issues. As of now, I am removing the Vitacost app from my phone. Good riddance!
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