VIZ Manga

4.9 (64.4K)
42.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
VIZ Media, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for VIZ Manga

4.86 out of 5
64.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Tracy F2
I’ve never had the lagging or glitching issues others have had and my app has been running smoothly since I got it a few months ago. My only thing I would like to see, and I’m sure I’m speaking for a lot of people, is a way to delete and download multiple chapters at once or even the whole manga if there’s less than 100 chapters. At the very least a way to delete multiple chapters at once rather than have to click through each individual chapter 100 times for those of us who would rather read then delete the chapters later. I’ve found my self needing to redownload chapters just because my timer was running out. Heck, if there could be a way to make it to where we’re notified of our chapters’ timer running low and if we would like to have the chapters redownloaded, that would be awesome too. Either way, this app has been really great and I got my iPad just for this app because I want to stay in the Apple ecosystem and needed something to lug around my books in rather than carrying a bunch of heavy books I can carry them on my tablet. Great work so far Viz and I hope to see more improvements later. Please remember though, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. To me, the set up is simple and easy to follow, please don’t mess it up, I’m sure others feel the same way. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Slkem
Great value, but glitchy and lacking in features
Last year I decided to subscribe to Shonen Jump to keep up with a series that wasn’t getting new episodes for a while. I was pleased with how much content I got for $20, and the app worked just fine. I was very excited for the new changes coming to Shonen Jump, since I’d be able to start some new series and save a lot of money instead of buying physical copies. After the update however, the app has turned into a buggy mess, especially on an iPad Air 2. It takes forever to load the home page, and often lags for a couple minutes when you first open it. Available chapters for subscribers load pretty slow, and sometimes require reloading the app. On top of all the bugs, there are still several VERY basic features missing. You should be able to see all of the chapters you’ve already read, even if you haven’t downloaded them. It’s annoying having to guess where you left off, especially in series upwards of 100 chapters. Having a list of manga you’re currently reading would be a great addition as well. The new Shonen Jump subscription is a great idea and an extremely good deal. This service has allowed me to start many new series that I now read regularly. These bugs and issues have put me off from spending more money in the app on manga volumes since it’s more annoying to use the app than buy a physical copy. I hope that the problems mentioned can be fixed soon, as I do love the content offered.
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5 years ago, rayvicos
Where has this app been my entire life?!
TBH I don’t have much free time of my own (in my adult life) these days, not enough to even watch much TV either. Well, one day I was spending time with wifey and as she dozed off mid-day, the TV was on Adult Swim running a My Hero Academia marathon. As fate would have it, episode 1 started and I found my inner childhood dreams resurface. Reminiscent of when I too used to read and collect comics and early manga of Astroboy, wishing so hard to be able to fly and have an ability that would set me apart from everyone else. I would get lost in those paper pages. But to be able to obtain my literary fuel came at great costs as a child. Not just monetarily but also limitations to physically getting to the one comic store in town. Having then to overcome those two obstacles just to walk in and find, your issue is SOLD OUT!!! NOW ushering into the present day of 2018 and discovering the VIZ APP using my iPod... manga comics are larger than life! Every type of genre available and all at my fingertips. Resolution is crisp, no lag and best of all I’ve not been bombarded by any intrusive, annoying ads. Thank you VIZ! Thank you for making me dream again!
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2 years ago, Swanwire
Great Value
This is both my oldest subscription and the only one I’ve never EVER been tempted to cancel. That said, I wouldn’t mind access to more than Jump. I’m a girl, I grew up on bad shoujo manga that are now out of print! And it’s hard to get into new shoujo or josei without reading it first—the synopsis is almost never an indication of quality. I’m more likely to buy any manga if I know it’s good—that’s how I started with Spy X Family and Promised Neverland (which I turned down at Barnes and Noble because of the art). But hey, I like that this subscription costs less than good coffee. On the downside, your reader is annoying. Instead of loading one chapter at a time, I'd rather flip from the last page of ch 2 to the first page of ch 3. Or better yet, read the whole volume without being interrupted. Those stops between chapters are fine for story-driven stuff with long chapters like Spy X Family or Promised Neverland, but fight-oriented manga chapters are short and often end mid-combat. Especially as they approach their end. It becomes incredibly painful to keep stopping!
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4 years ago, degenerate_07
Probably the best manga app!
I decided to get this app because it had a lot of my favorite series. I was especially happy that all of the chapters are the official translations rather than the scanlations that a lot of other apps and websites offer. After my trial ended, I decided to purchase the Shonen Jump subscription, and it's worth it especially with how cheap it is! Even before I had the subscription, there was still plenty of content for me to read as the first free chapters of each series are free. In ongoing series, the most recent three chapters are free as well. They're also very quick with adding new chapters. My only problems with the app are: 1. Not very many titles available, Shonen Jump or otherwise (then again, this is just one translation company) 2. Most chapters don't include the bonus stuff you might find in volumes. Aside from that, it's a great app that's been keeping me entertained for the past few months. I wish other translators would offer a similar subscription model as well.
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3 years ago, disappointedwest
Good catalog, doesn’t keep track of my progress well
It’s happened a few times already I’ve come back to a series and continued the next chapter after the ones I’ve read, and it turns out it’s way ahead than I was. Like 3 or 4 chapters ahead. Takes me time to go back and see which chapter I actually was on. Annoying and I was spoiled by the story opening other chapters I wasn’t on yet.. The amount in here is decent, though I wish a lot more of the volumes were in chapters like some of the older stuff so we can read those too, instead of paying the pretty high prices for them. Edit: found out that if you download a title and not read it within seven days(even if you reconnect to the app online) it will count it as read. So annoying and dumb when all other services just make it so if you reconnect to the app online it will reset the counter so you can continue reading without being out of place.
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2 years ago, Logan Chavez
Best Deal in Comics
There’s no better place to read manga than this app right here. I’ve been using it for over a year now and the very few issues I’ve ever had with the app have been fixed very soon after they came up. For $2/month for the Shonen Jump subscription you get dozens—maybe even hundreds—of quality titles. The best part is that they make the first three chapters of each series free so that you can try them out, as well as making the last three chapters of each series free so people who are caught up to all the series they read don’t have to pay a cent! There’s also a great feature in the app to give feedback to the developers if you have an issue or want to suggest an improvement. I submitted feedback for a slight nitpick I had for how titles appeared when the “Show Dimmed” setting was active, and they actually fixed it! Any manga fans who don’t know about this app are missing out big time.
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5 months ago, Amanda_IF13
Affordable, accessible, and awesome catalog
I've been using the Viz Manga app for nearly 3 years. The service has always been well put-together but it always manages to improve bit by bit as time passes. Even now after the big change that separated the Viz and Shonen Jump series, the app is still very convenient and works like a charm. The Viz catalog may not be as widely renowned as Shonen Jump, but for $1.99 a month it offers a lot of great manga and even added some older titles I'd been wanting to read for years. The only thing I can ask for in a future update is for there to be a list system so I can group certain titles together and be able to more easily pick out the manga I can read exclusively on Viz. Both my favorites on Viz and Shonen appear together even though I can't read the Shonen chapters on this app, so at least having a method to better separate the exclusives would be great.
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5 years ago, mari chan san
Legal, accessible, and streamlined!
I’ve been using this app for a few years now, and I’m really impressed with the way it’s been improved over time—it used to take a long time to load after the revamp with the simulpubs for Shonen Jump becoming free, but now it’s much faster. It’s my preferred way to read manga, thanks to the seamless way I can turn my phone or iPad to landscape mode and stitch two pages together. My only suggestion would be to have some mature content available online also on mobile, through the native parental controls filter on the device, like how some shows on streaming apps get filtered off or on through that way. Totally understand if it can’t work that way though, it’s not a dealbreaker by any means because I’m still getting access to FREE, LEGAL manga that officially supports the creators!
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4 years ago, Zeloskun
Great but could be more...
I’ve been using this app for a couple months now and overall it is good. I read the latest chapters of One Piece and MHA and, for anyone currently reading fan scans, the official Viz release is so much better and worth a couple days wait. The quality and translations are great; occasionally, a picture won’t load, but reloading the chapter takes care of the problem. My only real compliant is not really that but a wish for more! There’s so many great titles like Honey and Clover, Lucky Star, Pokemon Adventures...and none of them are available except for preview or individual purchase! I certainly can’t justify spending $7 or so on a digital manga copy (at that point, I’d just buy the physical if I really wanted it). It would be wonderful to have an all-inclusive manga ‘streaming’ service for all these titles beyond the Shounen Jump service (that would obviously cost more)...I would certainly pay for it! Until that hopefully happens though, I’ll keep enjoying my free weekly chapters.
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5 months ago, FerdyTheBirdy
So many technical issues but not bad otherwise
If you have specific mangas in mind that you want to read and they’re listed with the chapters then thats great and you’ll be able to read them no problems. The app does work well when it does what its supposed to... However, as a huge fan of one piece and jujutsu kaisen its insane how i can only read them on my pc and not on the app. How do you let 2 of the biggest mangas out there slip through the technical cracks? Itll only list their volumes and what books are out but won’t let you actually read the chapters on the mobile app. And this wasn’t always the case, i used to read one piece on my lunch breaks every monday until the app updated and took off one piece. Now i just tried to read jujutsu kaisen over the weekend while im away and that also isn’t showing up. The app Definitely needs attention to the technical issues this has been happening for actual months.
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4 years ago, Simpleton29
Missing some quality of life functionality
Disclaimer: this is a rating and review of the app not the subscription service (which is worth every penny) If all you need the app for is to read the Viz manga then the app is a 5 star but if you want to manage your favorites or even browse for viz media publications then the app falls very short. There is no way to just browse manga with chapters (which is important if you subscribe to viz). Even when you do find something you like you can’t add it to your favorites (you have to do that on the website) ... and when you add to your favorites that manga only shows up on your ribbon of things to read if you have opened a chapter or if they’re new chapters (they should show the oldest unread chapter) I added a bunch of manga as I browsed using the website on my laptop thinking of following up later on the app but nothing showed up on my app because I didn’t open any chapters I just added them as favorites also “read” chapters don’t synch up between app and website so you have to remember what chapter you were on if you’re bouncing back and forth. The viz media subscription is worth every penny but the app needs a lot of updates
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4 years ago, Alex2580
Can’t log into my account
I made an account and bout a digital pass and immediately after it kicked me out. When I tried logging back into my profile a message saying information invalid pops up when it’s impossible cause I just made the account seconds before. When I tried retrieving my password through email my email isn’t available. It’s like they made me pay for a profile that I can’t use and I know my profile was created because when I tried making a new profile with the same name I chose it said it was taken. But I’m not spending another dime on this app until I get my profile back. Don't buy anything on this app they just gonna take your money and lock you out your profile so you can’t cancel anything.
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2 years ago, smolbaepsae
100 chapter limit- resets every 14 hours
Definitely worth the $2 a month- don’t second guess buying. *HOWEVER* . If you’re a fast reader like me you will find yourself getting very* annoyed at the chapter limit. I’d be willing to pay extra to bypass the chapter limit, or even just pay for a shorter cooldown time. This is the one major flaw I see with the app and I truly thing it can be improved on ALSO* I have not been able to find a way to connect my reading on all my devices. AKA there isn’t a cross platform feature. My ipad downloaded chapters are different from my phone- which is also super annoying when I am trying to continue reading from where I left off on a different device. I think there should be an option to turn on cross platform. All in all definitely worth the $2, but there are improvements that should be made
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4 years ago, thsi is dumb
It’s great, but there’s one flaw.
When you’re like me, you watch the anime before the manga, and usually, you want to watch/read as much as possible. This app is great, absolutely amazing, I would suggest it to anyone with lots of time (which is everyone nowadays). I’ll get to the point now, I don’t enjoy the fact that you have a 100 chapter limit each day. I didn’t realize this until now, but I feel that it’s kinda unnessesary. Most people won’t read more than 100 chapters, but for some of us that buy the books and borrow them from libraries, we could read hundreds a day. (I speak from experience) but yes, that is my only problem with this app. Thanks for creating this app, I love it, but man, only a hundred chapters although I paid good money. ( there’s no limit on crunchy roll. ☹️🙄)
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8 months ago, Thatguyfred
Good but lacking value for me
It’s a great app and I never experienced any glitching or anything bad like that. I just didn’t see the value in it. Most things are unreadable and I still would have to pay 8 to 15 dollars per volume for. My fault for not looking at the fine print and such, I just think of your doing some thing like this, charge a little more and make everything included or just have the manga that is included so I don’t spend about a half hour getting disappointed over and over. So many titles I wanted to read I would still have to pay for. To me, it just felt like a waste of the 2 dollars a month. As I said, the app in itself is a solid design, I just shouldn’t have to pay more when I’m already paying for the subscription. Other wise, the very few manga I read on here were great and it was a very good experience.
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1 year ago, whynot 91
Amazing app and personal request
I have read most of your manga( just not the reverse haram) that are provided with the monthly subscription and am currently keeping up with all the new chapters when they are released. I am absolutely in love with this form of entertainment and I respect your poling system. I am not asking for non Japanese residents to have a strong impact on what is released locally however I want the creators to know what our country likes and to show our appreciation with the new works with a similar system you guys use with your magazine. Would it be possible to provide a digital poling system (and maybe explain how it works so we just don’t vote for our favorite mangas but on chapters and arcs) so we can also show our love?
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5 years ago, ruishigao
Major bugs fixed, still missing basic functions
Ever since their last major update that made that app glitchy and unusable, I’ve been waiting for Viz to fix these issues. Finally, this latest release has done just that. I’m no longer experiencing any lag when reading manga. That being said, the app is still missing the most basic and absolutely necessary function for a manga reader: Some sort of queue that tracks what I’m reading as well as saves my place in each series. I’m reading multiple series with hundreds of chapters. I have to keep track of my place on an external website and it’s a real hassle. Also, for Shonen Jump subscribers, there should be a page that lists all series available for us to read. Or even some sort of icon on the list of all titles available that lets subscribers know that that title is available through their subscription.
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5 years ago, theoldguygamer
Recent changes not clear. Did you change this to make it worse?
For several years I have been using VIZ Manga and I liked it very much. Recently, the app is experiencing lots of latency and having an iPad 3 so that does not explain things. However, while i saw in emails that changes were coming to Jump, at this time I cannot see any old jump chapters and the browse feature just is stuck. I would hate to delete it and reinstall since I have so much downloaded content. Also, what is up with only can have 100 chapters downloaded? What is the problem with more than 100 chapters? Seems like an unnecessary restriction. So the "improvements" have diminished my ability to use the app. I simply cannot use the app. darn.
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3 years ago, speakfacts.
App review
Let me start with the fact that of the mangas they have listed on the app, only a handful of titles can be fully viewed upon purchasing a membership. While the membership fee is only $1.99 that only applies to the titles that say chapters. If you find something you would like to read but it says volumes on the bottom you will have to make a purchase roughly in the amount of $6.99 for each volume in the series. Getting back into the membership part of the app, you are limited to 100 chapters before you must wait for your daily pass to restart. Perhaps offer a premium membership so people can have unlimited chapters and access to all mangas. If I can’t leisurely read a series because I am limited on the chapters available and the content in which I can spend my “100" chapters then it isn’t worth it for me. There is no free version, only previews of the books. Also the selections of manga to choose from is extremely poor.
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2 years ago, Aries Omega
Great app but one little thing that could be improved
Been using this app for well over a year and the subscription pays for itself. My only complaint I would say is that the “continue reading” doesn’t seem to save across multiple devices. I mainly read from my iPad but let’s say I’m staying overnight at a friends’ and decide I want to read a bit before bed—let’s use One Piece since that has over 1000 chapters and I’m reading it over again since there are probably details I’ve forgotten. I can’t remember which chapter I left off on, so currently I kind of have to guess where I’m at unless I remember to log it in a note somewhere. This app would easily be 5 stars if they would just have that feature to sync “continue reading” across devices.
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3 years ago, Sea dean
Viz jumps comic apps
With a plethora of newer titles to read and sparse classic chapters available to read the viz app gives a decent library for the morally inclined fans to keep up with their favorite eastern comics in clean clear print for cheep the reader could use a little bit of polish but just misses the seamless panel to panel focus of it’s more popular western contemporaries all the same i would recommend this app for any looking to digitize their library of tankobon the full pages shine with the glory of their complete art which usually finds some of the details fall into the gutter of the bond print and for no charge you can read the first few chapters and the last four or so recent releases which gives the curious a chance to sample the genre spanning collections offered for free which is a Jolly good deal :)
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3 years ago, Galaxxii
missing some common features
I do enjoy this app as a means to keep up with current manga, however it’s missing some features I’ve come to expect from apps like it. I read on both my phone and iPad, and despite being signed into both, it doesn’t remember where I am or even share the same Continue Reading list. There also isn’t a way to add manga to your list without reading it first. Lastly, there’s no way to choose how you scroll or change pages while reading AND even when the content is free, there’s interruptions every chapter where you have to confirm that you’ll continue on to read the next free or already paid for chapter. I’d love the ability to just scroll through, especially downward like mobile versions of online manga reading work. Again, the content is pretty good, I just hope we get some functionality updates soon.
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1 year ago, Jsiocidneb
Great reads, funky performance on IOS
I’ve been using Viz Media for about a year now, I got tired of reading ugly screenshots on free websites so thought I would get the trial a chance. I enjoyed reading from the large catalogue that is offered and I even bought some volumes that I couldn’t find in physicals. I give this 4 stars however for the performance on IOS. Since the last update for this app, whenever I enable screen rotation, the app bugs out squishing the panels making them unreadable. Before there would be no issue, you can rotate the screen and you would see both pages fine. This is a big deal for widespread shots that frequent in mangas. There’s also loading issues and freezing bugs but these are less annoying than the screen lock.
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4 years ago, lizaizzy
Just awesome!! Loved it for all right reason.
I always wish I could buy large manga collection, but didn’t have money or the space for it. This app is like having personal library of manga at my fingertips. Plus, I can enlarge or make it smaller the image to see great detail. Also, can download it for later time when I waiting somewhere can pull out my IPad and read it. Thirdly, I have been discovered new manga I never would find in store shop or online. They usually displayed only most popular books, yet don’t get me wronged I do loved them as well. I like reading something doesn’t become redundant and overly repetitive in mainstream media.
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3 months ago, mywifeleftmeforafordfocus
I don’t wanna read if there are chapters missing
Ever since Viz had split with the Shonen Jump app, most of the manga I want to read has a volumes worth of chapters missing. Frieren, Komi can’t Communicate, and Mao, some of the only few manga I want to read on this app, are all missing a handful of chapters, and I don’t want to read a series and not have a whole volumes worth of story not be available. What’s also annoying is how long it’s seemingly taken for these chapters to actually be added. I’ve wanted to read these series for several months now, yet they still don’t have the chapters they’re missing. Don’t get me wrong, the Viz app has the potential to be really good, but the experience feels half done if I don’t have the ability to read the chapters in the series’s I like for who knows how long.
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1 year ago, Samuel J.M.
Reader freezes randomly and removed chapters
Content: 10/10 U/I: 6/10 - reader freezes frequently when going to a new chapter and I have to open another app and return to the reader or close it and reopen it entirely to fix it. *Removed chapters: I occasionally come across chapters that are removed for having a “graphic” scene and then have to hunt for the chapter elsewhere only to find that it was just a single page and not that big of a deal. There needs to be an option in settings to allow graphic or disturbing content that you can toggle based on age or something. This is very annoying and forces people to search websites riddled with ads and spyware just to view one chapter that SHOULD be on the app. You can apparently view it on the site but that’s such a pain having to open up a browser and manually type login details for a subpar viewing experience for a single chapter and then revert back to the app. It should be seamless. *Only 1 viewing option - I like reading right to left but occasionally I want to scroll vertically and I’m surprised this isn’t an option in a paid client when it’s available in literally every other manga reader available, both paid and free.
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3 years ago, Reno9k
Scam! Reply.
No that doesn’t clear anything up. What am I getting for paying the premium then if I can’t unlock volumes? We already get the chapters free without the premium. So am I just paying premium to support the developers? I wouldn’t mind that but I’m not feeling very supportive since I was told with premium I could unlock 100 chapters a day of anything but now I’m being told there are volumes you can only buy even with the premium, which was never mentioned. What is the difference between premium and not premium. I’m not seeing it since you can only pay for “volumes”. Sounds like a scam. But if it’s just for support say that, instead of false advertising that you can unlock 100 chapters of anything a day. No where did it unlock a 100 chapter a day “except for volumes”. Maybe include that also. Smh. Pretty much a scam but it’s only 2 bucks a month but I guess that can add up. Idk, still a good app just awful people running in and making decisions 🤷‍♂️.
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5 years ago, tranzelda
Read review first please!
Only giving this app 2 stars because of how bad it runs, leaving the app to answer a phone call or to reply to a text message and coming back to the app will cause it to crash making no chapters available to read requiring you to close and load the app again anytime you want to leave it. I’m paying the monthly subscription to support the manga artists but I expect at least to have a functioning app that I’m paying for, the app is a great reader for manga and has a lot of chapters to read and releases new weekly chapters with high quality scans and has a very nice and friendly UI, my problem previously mentioned however is killing the app for me.
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5 years ago, jonboyaz101
It’s just okay
I downloaded this app to read all my favorite mangas such as Boku No Hero Academia, The Promised Neverland, Naruto, Assassination Classroom, and more. I wanted to read Ouran High School Host Club since I heard that Haruhi and Tamaki got a happy end together. But you only got to preview all of the chapters/books. You didn’t get to read the entire thing. I even have a subscription to Viz/Shonen Jump. I was a little upset when I couldn’t read the entire thing. Other than that, I have no other complaints. The membership fee is very low priced; perfect for people on a tight budget, and they have a wide selection of manga to choose from. I use this app a lot. I’m just a little disappointed that not everything (even when purchasing/owning a membership) is not free.
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4 years ago, lena.rose.f
All in all, it’s a really good app. It’s probably one of the most extensive ones out there, with lots of popular manga for you to choose from. However, of course, just because I gave this app a 5 star rating doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved. I know I’d like to see some sort of browsing feature where we can select a genre and look through manga of that sort. It’s very difficult to simply look for a new manga to get into on the app—instead, you have to type in specific titles and such to get the manga to pop up. Another thing that would be great is if we could have multiple selection for downloading/deleting chapters. It gets exhausting having to select each individual one. Don’t let these small suggestions get you discouraged from downloading this app! It has a very affordable subscription ($1.99/month for complete access (just a couple restrictions that you can’t get rid of but really are nothing)), fast and non-glitchy system, and a huge library. This app has great features, and I can’t wait for it to improve even more!
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9 months ago, Becca Beastt
Can’t read anything
I pay for a subscription but I still can’t read anything, I have to join still. The App doesn’t let me see chapters even though I am paying the $1.99 but when I go to the website it says I have to pay $2.99. I don’t understand what is happening so I think I’ll just give up on manga. - I managed to figure it out a few days after making this review, I use the shonen jump ($2.99) at the gym and sometimes at the pool. I love this app! I loved the website too! Thank you Viz for your response I didn’t know how to update my review til now. I highly recommend this app to everyone!
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2 years ago, Russiannin
Good, but not great
This app has a great variety of manga, and I think the value for the subscription is very good. That being said, my biggest problem is that some of the older mangas like Dragon Ball and some issues of Dragon Ball Z have extremely low-quality scans. The first few chapters of Dragon Ball are so degraded, the artwork looks like it was xeroxed 8 times. Sometimes other chapters appear much, much darker than they did as originally printed, and detail is lost. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with newer manga that I’ve read. Other minor issues include not being able to save/delete multiple chapters at a time, not being able to read chapters of all manga on the site (sometimes the only option is to purchase volumes, which I would hesitate to do in case they also feature low quality scans), there is a 100 chapter limit per day, and there is no option to view individual panels like more advanced comic book apps have (like Comixology) I do think the subscription is worth it if you enjoy reading manga, but this app is not always the best way to experience the artwork, particularly when it comes to old manga.
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2 years ago, joslynnyer
Great App, small issues
I absolutely love this app and have been able to catch up on series I previously had to obtain by less than legal means (iykyk) and I’m thrilled to be able to actually give payment to creators I love for an insanely reasonable price. My only irritation that as an adult (22) I can’t read Managa that has intense or adult themes. I had to read fire punch in my chrome browser since it can’t be on the app. I’m sure this has something to do with what an AppStore would allow but, a setting to show adult content would be nice. Either way it doesn’t destroy the quality or enjoyment of the app. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, ToadRonin
Very good manga app...
...if you’re willing to pay $2 a month and don’t mind that it might be missing some manga. The price per month is very good for the amount of manga you can read, thousands of chapters for about $24 a year. There’s also a fairly large selection and it has all of the most popular manga but don’t be surprised if it’s missing a certain manga you might have wanted to read. There’s also no sort of bookmarking feature in the app which is a slight inconvenience. Regardless of some of my grips I gave it 5 stars because it’s an overall good manga app with nice scans and accurate translations.
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3 years ago, Mineemerywere
Please It’s so simple
I was a bit tired of using websites to read my manga since sometimes the resolution and reliability of the website wasn’t consistent and I could t download the things I wanted so when I was on my search to find a app to read manga I found Viz and was ready and fully prepared to join with a membership but one thing made me stop immediately. As soon as I realized the only way to save manga for later was to “read” the first chapter to save it to continue reading. It made me really angry that you could t just save manga to read later of o a queue. The quality of the panels is really good but I would just like to see such a simple feature added
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4 years ago, jejsisndieknbhq
If it allows me to add favorites, 5 stars
This is a legal manga app that allows you to buy the manga digitally or read the chapters individually, without the subscription $1.99, which is something anyone with a phone can do to support a month, you will receive a lot of access, I say a lot since it’s not technically unlimited, you can read up to 100 chapters (in total in the day, doesn’t matter what manga) and then it resets by midnight for another 100, it does not roll over but it’s not a big deal, it might be a big issue for someone needing to bench it, but overall, I’m here to support
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9 months ago, SnowFolem1238
Light in features
It’s a very basic app, which on one hand is a good thing. It’s extremely user friendly. On the other hand, it’d be nice to have a bit more functionality. The main thing I think would be nice is custom lists. Right now the only way to save a series is to mark it as a favorite, or purchase volumes. I’d like to have different lists for series I’ve completed, series I’m caught up on and am reading weekly, and series that I am in the middle of. Giving the option to create custom bookshelves, as Goodreads called their version of this, would greatly enhance my user experience. Other than that, it’s super cheap entertainment. Great app!
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11 months ago, ThornLoki
Would love to subcribe but can’t
There are so many great manga on here that I would love to read and become a viz manga subscriber. But my family uses family sharing and I don’t want it charging my parents card. How I got around that at least with the Shonen Jump app was becoming a subscriber online on my account settings. I know that you have the capability to do that same thing on the Viz Manga subscription, but even on my desktop browser you’re forcing me to become a subscriber through the app. It’s the stupidest thing ever and I can’t really believe you’re getting away with it. If I can’t become a Viz Manga subscriber the same way I became a Shonen Jump subcriber there’s really no point to becoming one.
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2 years ago, bobbyohn
Great manga app for the price
$1.99/month is probably one of the cheapest subscription based entertainment app I’ve seen, great selection of old and new manga as well! Only complaint I really have is downloads being automatically removed after a certain amount of days, it’s really frustrating because I don’t have any service in school so when I think I have a series download, it turns out it’s been removed. Other than that, great app, definitely recommend for those who are tired of the constant pop up ads on other manga apps/sites!
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4 years ago, FlSHBOWL
This app is good but is missing key usability features
VIZ, Shonen Jump, and other involved parties have done great solving the issues surrounding manga consumption in the West. This app makes it widely available in a prompt manner at a more than fair price. My criticism is that the app doesn’t make use of common features that other apps and websites have historically implemented when hosting manga or graphic novels. Considering that the app is on a mobile device, I would love to be able to opt into receiving notifications for new chapters of manga series that I enjoy. Additionally, a tab in the app that hosts all of my previously read series would greatly increase the functionality of this already great app.
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1 year ago, Mayeaco
Can’t sync progress
EDIT: 5 stars now bc reading progress now syncs across devices!! Great app for reading manga! Has a wide variety and a large selection. With the subscription, you get access to so much manga that you can spend all day reading. Only reason why I’m taking one star away is because your reading progress can’t be synced across multiple devices. I like reading on my phone but sometimes I want to use my iPad, but I have to check my phone to see where I left off… if this feature gets added, it would be 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Shocjsodjsliwjdkd
The greatest app ever created
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this app and I use it constantly. However, by promoting the new volumes being released at the top of the page with a general description of EVERYTHING that happens in said volume, several series have been spoiled for me. This is the most convenient way to read manga and everything about this app is perfect besides the new volumes promotions, just write like, “Vol. 7 OUT NOW” really big or whatever. This happened most recently with The Promised Neverland, which I was really looking forward to finishing, not cool guys.
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4 years ago, camifornilla
It’s great but it could be better
I love it’s format and how easy it was to just start reading the manga I wanted to read and see what’s available. It would be nice if it had a sort of subscribe/queuing system like streaming platforms do. I wish there were a section in the app for the series I’ve been reading or plan on reading so I can have an easier time getting back to them. Additionally, I think it would be very helpful to be able to get a notification for when our favorite manga updates or a new volume comes out.
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6 days ago, candice351
The search bar feels hidden but it’s there
I had left a poor review because I didn’t think there was a way to search for a specific manga but Viz responded and explained it and were very helpful! “ The iOS app does have a Search function. Click the magnifying glass at top-right to go to the Browse screen you mention. Then pull the whole screen down—that will reveal the Search field at top. I fully understand how a user might miss that trick, but it's the standard interface for Search in all Apple app products no”
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5 years ago, RFilsk
Needs bookmarks
The app runs extremely well for me and for $2/month it has everything I want to read, which is awesome. However, it doesn't have bookmarks or a similar feature that tells me which chapters I've read and lets me pick up where I left off (even without downloading the chapter for offline access), which is a necessary feature for a manga app. I want to support manga creators and pay for what I read, but without that functionality it's hard to recommend the app. That is the one thing this app needs to become the #1 manga app, but for now I will have to find another one. I hope bookmarks are implemented soon, because when they do I'll come rushing back to this one.
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4 years ago, yujin20
5 stars for me
This app is amazing for its price, a measly 2 dollars a month. You even get a 7 day free trial to test if you like the service or not. I see a lot of people complaining about the 100 chapters thing, but I don’t mind it at all. People also complaining about how you have to pay for some things in order to read them, just pay for them. When you buy the subscription, it specifically says that it unlocks all Shōnen jump manga. Not all of the manga on the Viz app. Keep in mind that the prices for the volumes are way cheaper than buying it in real life, so that’s a win as well.
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9 months ago, RZNexus
Content Great, but need Two Apps, Clunky
This is an updated version of a previous review. So this app previously included Shouen Jump content (the subscription I had), but no longer does. For longterm users like myself you’ll need to download a new app as the content for this app is a different subscription. Personally I preferred having it all in one app instead of going back and forth, especially since the apps are clunky when it comes to searching or browsing. And yes I’m one of those people who is not a fan of having an app for everything and would rather use my browser for most things (tired brain prefers less clutter). The selection is extremely good for what you pay and has only gotten better over the years. I normally recommend this to my friends and other fans who may not know of the digital service. Overall I recommend both this and the Shouen Jump content as long as you’re comfortable with the inconveniences.
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3 years ago, jculp17
Great App, Incomplete Content
I originally gave this a 5 before writing a review, but after having it a bit longer I feel I have to change my rating. The app has a LOT of awesome content and is very accessible, but for some reason it doesn’t have the color chapters of One Piece despite there being an official release. On top of that, if I have the Shonen Jump subscription (part of the app), why do I have to buy certain Shonen manga (like Yu Yu Hakusho) for an additional price? Inuyasha I get, since it isn’t Shonen, but YYH should be included, shouldn’t it? Unless I’m missing something. Honestly though, the lack of colored One Piece chapters bothers be more. Great app, but the content is incomplete.
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3 years ago, doctortanguma
Honestly just pirate it.
I used to always get mad at people. For reading scans are you in Anime online without a stream in service but you know what. With the monsters here in United States wanting to make more money and fame on anime because they’re pathetic voice actor with no talent. And then don’t even get me started on this app I’ve been sending them emails for years how to fix the interface they don’t care. No it was a great manga app Mangarock. It had continuous scrolling. Lastly people put out scans a whole week but I have to click and pay every month for it to say six days until available for days until available three days until available while everyone gets to ruin the monger for me with spoilers because they pirated guess I’m a stinking pirate now.
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