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User Reviews for Volaris

4.75 out of 5
318.1K Ratings
6 years ago, joan s 90
Volaris App / customer service
Volaris application not helpful at all I tried doing the check in for 2 passengers however I was unable to do so due issues with their app, a message comes up to call customer service for further assistance so I did. An absolute waste of time the representative who I spoke with mike from Ciudad Obregón was not helping at all. All he said was to try the check in on the website after I had explain to him that i was unable to do it either on the app or on the website I was referred to the airport which I find ridiculous if me the flyer want to expedite the process by checking in online and if the website or app isn’t available they shouldn’t give us the clients the run around that should be able to assist when you contact their customer service call center. Horrible customer service
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3 years ago, pynhdez90
Extremely disappointed
I am very dissatisfied with the service you offer first of all there is never an answer from your airline no one to talk to. My family and I purchased tickets from volaris to fly into Guadalajara from Dallas drove 4 hours to catch our flight arrived to the airport 1 1/2 hours before flight departure and we were not allowed to board the plane they said flight boarding had already closed and would not give us our boarding passes. We tried getting our boarding passes before hand and couldn’t succeed doing it online. The lord was kind and allowed for me to arrive in Mexico to see my mother 1 hour before her passing away. This airline and their crew is heartless. You made us purchase 3 more tickets and send us to Mexico City where we had to spend the night at the airport to then catch another flight to our destination the next day. Sadly enough my mother passed away 1 hour after our arrival but I could of been with her long before if we would of been given our rightful opportunity to board the plane we had purchased the tickets for sense we were there with plenty of time to catch our flight. We lost our money but most of all were so sad to learn of how this airline works. You are thief’s!!! You sell tickets knowingly that you will make up all kinds of excuses for people to loose their flights. I will strongly discourage everyone I know to fly with volaris. You are awful individuals.
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6 years ago, Jess-ii
Do not get the app!!
Their service just keeps getting worse! They push for you to get the app for easy check-in, however, a new policy came in (info given from a volaris representative) where the app will automatically assign you your seat. The problem is if you have a different reservation number then your partner or family members it will not allow you to sit next to them unless you pay a fee. It will assign you in the middle or the end of a row with random people and if you try to move up one row it will still charge you! Also, if you check-in as soon as it is open you will be automatically assigned to the last row and the system works it’s way up. Calling their customer service phone is a waste of time, they will NOT help. This last trip the app would not allow me to check-in everyone, there was a glitch and it only gave me 1 boarding pass out of 3, I called volaris and they asked me try online instead of the app. I listened and a system notification came up that said “please call our customer service for assistance” I read it to them and they told me to try again in a few hours and hung up. Lastly, the flight prices in the app are not the same as the website so make sure to check both, one may give you a cheaper price.
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3 years ago, 1;$!9/?3)@20/
If I could give 0 stars I would. This airline just keeps getting worse. My family and I were flying out from Tijuana and arrived 2 hours before hour flight only for the representative to tell us that we were late and that our flight was canceled. We explained that we had already checked in but they would not let us board the plane and they gave us a flight two days later. TWO ENTIRE DAYS taken away from us from being with our family in Mexico. The day we arrived for our new flight they proceeded to tell us that we did not have checked bags and that were need to pay for our luggage. Apart from already changing our flight they charged over 1,000 extra for luggage we had already paid for. On arrival to our destination one of our luggage was damaged the luggage was broken and when we called customer services they said they couldn’t help because it was it was the airports fault and AGAIN that we didn’t have that special bag checked. Now as I am leaving they do not want to let my family board because of the broken luggage and we are being asked once again to pay extra for a luggage we had originally paid for. Point is don’t waste your money and time with volaris it’s the worst airline to fly with.
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1 year ago, urlordandsacior
Maybe they will respond to me now
I order a round trip flight and everything went well but the return date became a issue so I contacted them since i just ordered the ticket a day before I wanted to see if I can change the return day and they tried to charge me 300 dollars just to change a return flight EVEN THOUGH MY FLIGHT WAS NOT EVEN HALF THAT there was a flight for the day I wanted to change it for that was only 60 bucks and they told me I had to pay the 300 to be able to change my date so being smart I decided to order a one way ticket for the day I wanted for 60 bucks totaled out to be 80 ish but after purchasing it said the order total was 121 !!!! Like what where did that come from ! They charged me almost 60 dollars “FOR TAXES” then when I went to my bank account THEY WERE CHARGING ME 171 dollars for the flight!!! I will be taking legal action if I don’t get my money you stole back. They ticket was supposed to be only 80 all the way to check out it said that and when I paid the next thing that shows up after the refresh was the outragous amount of 121 and Then ur stealing another 51 dollars from me cheating me a total of 171 usd.
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5 years ago, Chicago Wayne.
They only give you water
Like the one review I just read. I always book the minute I can. And they gave me the very last seat. In front of the bathroom. I fly Southwest Airlines. A few times a year. from Chicago. To Florida. Almost as long a flight. 3 hours. Or so. To Mexico City. And some real low fares, most of the time. And besides the two free checked bags. And one carry on. They give you two kinds of snacks. And sodas. Or other juices they have. But not here. When I asked the guy. If a drink was included. Maybe because of the engine noise. He did not hear me. But He did say yes. So. I opened the drink. While saying. What kind of chips do you have. He shows me two. I took one. They he starts pushing buttons on his hand held computer. And tells me. $6.00 I said that’s why I asked you if it’s included. He said no. I gave him back the chips. But kept the $3.00 drink. Because I opened it. One time later. They went by so fast with water. I did not even try to ask for any. On the way home. I said. Is there a charge for water. Again. No. And there really wasn’t. I will check other airlines next year. Before I book with them again.
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1 year ago, ya.ri
Never trusting Volaris
I had a round way trip and once it was time to go back home we checked in went through tsa did everything we were supposed to only to be told I can’t board as I’m boarding the plane. The reasoning was for my nose job although they could’ve stopped me in the beginning they did at the very end. Although I was approved by my doctor and surgeon to fly they gave me no option. Cust service help me find another flight 3 days later (yay?) and once I paid they told me oh the flight is no longer available. They found me another flight with a massive layover but like they said it’s the best they can do I guess. I PAID (they made me still pay) for the layover flight only to find out the night before it was CANCELLED with no warning at all literally nothing at all. If it wasn’t for me checking in I wouldn’t have known. So I call customer service for them to offer me a flight 6 DAYS LATER AND I STILL HAD TO PAY. they put me on hold once I asked for a refund and only to find out they had closed. Never ever again. Waste of time and money. Please learn from this and save yourself the trouble
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6 years ago, Dont fly Volaris
Awful customer service.
First I was robbed from a seat I had paid online but was not given to me and was changed at the counter. Once boarded and being on the runway for over 35 minutes, the pilot announced that the aircraft had a computer issue that was going to be fixed in 15 minutes. Several hours later, we were still on the runway with the same issue and NO ONE giving us an explanation. I, along with other passengers, decided to get off the plane. NO ONE aided us with the process and refused to give us any refund or accommodations on another flight. I had to buy another ticket on another airline due to your non-compliance and lack of communication from your employees as to when the flight would leave and if the conditions to fly were optimal. The basic needs were not covered on the plane and there was not even water to use the restroom. This appears to be a usual practice of your airline. I expect a full refund of all the charges for this flight. I will also submit a complaint to the Federal Aviation Administration. This definitely was the trip of hell.
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6 years ago, OC Pilates
I fly Volaris about a dozen times a year and I enjoy the flights, check ins, etc but I just wish they would hire some competent people to sift through their app and website and get out all the kinks. When I book I have to use the website to find my ticket, then go to the app to try to buy it but I typically can’t and have to call and they can’t help because I’m a VClub member. It’s a real hassle. The app worked great till about mid last year then it got all wonky. I use it to check in and for my boarding passes but just last week I tried to get an extra bag checked in for myself and my two kids. It would let me purchase extra bags for myself and my daughter but not my son. Don’t know why, but it’s those kinds of things that make me down grade it’s rating. Sometimes the price is different too on the app compared to the website - typically cheaper, so that’s good but why they can’t just figure it out is beyond me. I’ve been giving this feedback to them for several years and nothing’s changed - if anything, it’s gotten worse.
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3 weeks ago, Seth Easton
Very buggy, almost useless app
There are some major usability bugs in this app, which can make it useless. The functionality of this app is critical because it’s supposed to check you into your flight, and if you can’t do so, you may end up having to wait in line and almost miss your flight because of overbooking. First of all, the app is very unresponsive to some button presses. Form validation and feedback is horrible. For example, if you forget to enter something in “address line 1” it won’t tell you that, but it also doesn’t disable the “Next” button. So you keep clicking “Next” with no response and no feedback, and you are led to believe that the app is broken. Also if you’re traveling with someone under a different booking number, you can’t book seats together, forcing you to purchase seats. That’s a policy issue, but it’s built into the app design. And if you think you can contact customer service, that’s a black hole.
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6 years ago, alma bailon
The airlines quality it’s up to the standers, but their website leaves a lot of room for improvement. They offer insurance for the tickets they are completely ridiculous. I bought insurance for my tickets and when I asked for the changes it cost me more to make the changes then the actual ticket and insurance together. If you Fly through them, do not buy insurance or any extra packages their advertisement is extremely deceiving. Pay for extra luggage at the window and nothing more. Do not buy hotel or rental cars which are the same when it comes to false advertisement. They advertise Car Rental’s for seven dollars a day and when you get there they charge of $40 insurance, so there is no savings. It’s about $40-$50 for an economy car, up to standards in the US but kind of pricey for a Third World country. Overall a good experience while flying, but I really bad experience when it came to redeem my insurances and pay for my rental car.
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2 years ago, upset with Volaris Maria
To Volaris
Some how okay,not so happy because I had issues with my fly coming back from Oaxaca. I had my fly from Oaxaca to Tijuana and when you sent me my confirmation was a 9 hour fly because you change my fly with one stop in Mexico City! I had paid extra to make changes and when I called to let you know that that was not the fly that I had chosen they told me that in oder to change it I had to pay extra, and that the extra I had paid to make changes wasn’t validated because it was high season and that was not in writing when you chose that option!! So I had to pay extra to change my fly to the one I chose from the beginning!!! And I had other issues on my last fly from Guadalajara to Tijuana,we had a 3 hour delay!!!!
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3 years ago, Don't Fly Volaris
This airline has the worst customer service ever. I wasn’t sure how many bags I was going to check in so I decided to wait until I got to the airport to check them in. Well at the airport they said the flight was full and I could board the flight but I would need to leave my bags behind ... I mean what???! That was after they had already charged me for printing my boarding pass. I then asked if I could get another flight, they said I could fly the next day but with out my bags again 🤦🏻‍♀️ But wait then they said “oh never mind there are no more flights”. They also suggested I have my bags shipped home. Where do they get these people from?!! ... I called the airline to see if the customer service department could help but guess what??! There is no live customer service rep, you have to email and wait to see if someone can help and either get a refund or a different flight. Don’t believe anything this airline tells you they make up rules as they go and they charge you unnecessarily for every little thing. Never again!!!
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2 years ago, Salvador Gaviota
Volaris Lack of Customer Service
Early this year got my round trip thicket to travel from Oakland to Guadalajara. From the moment a got to Oakland on March 27th. The employees were very rude, of cursed things were to get worth on April 21st. I arrived at the Guadalajara airport 2.5 hours before my departure, again I was told by Volaris employees to do this and that (All miss leading information), none the less I lost my 7:15 PM flight to Oakland. Of course Volaris had no answer for their horrible service. I spoke to a Volaris manager by the name of Jesus, how in a very demeaning way told me that he would put me on a flight to Oakland the next day….how ever I was subjected to an additional fee. This so called manager never apologized, never offered to pay for a hotel, he told me that I could sleep on the floor like the rest of the so many dissatisfied Volaris customers. What a horrible way to end my vacation in Mexico. Needless to say I put the blame squarely on the upper management for allowing this to happen. Tomorrow midday I’ll get on my last flight with Volaris (thank god). My note to upper management, I promise you to do everything I can to inform the flying public of Volaris LOUSY SERVICE. SO LONG GREADY CEO
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1 year ago, Diego your pimp
Worst Airline on Earth
I would rather fly Spirit where the pilot was a monkey and it was blind. Volaris is single handedly the worst airline on the face of the planet. I have no other place to rant about how god awful they are. Seriously consider flying with anyone else. Even if it’s a few hundred dollars more. They have no food or drinks on their flights, even flights that are 5+ hours. They charge you extra for carry-ons, checked bags, oxygen masks, seat belts, even the seat you’re on. If you have two legs, good luck getting them to fit in your seat. If you can’t afford extra money to fly with someone else, consider walking or hitch hiking. Oh my god, do not fly with them. Update! We tried getting a flight home one day earlier than we were supposed to leave and they wanted to charge us $2,600. Yeah. But the great part was tween they sent me an email the next day saying they over sold our flight and offered us $100 each to fly out on a later day. Volaris is literally worse than Satan.
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1 year ago, JM automotive
Don’t get app. No representative to help issues
Downloaded volaris app after dealing with bad attitude reps on the phone. After entering all the info for 4 travelers, going to payment option entered everything showed had run out of time to finish transaction. Great tried doing it faster second time successful my app showed reservation. But the my credit card gets declined on other purchases. Come to find out i got charged for a not successful transaction on volaris app. After 2.5 on the phone cannot get refunded a case was opened 7 to 21 days to solve posible refund! 1. App doest not show first tickets purchased 2. Called day after 3. Same names for both reservations 4. Same card used 5. 4 tickets Not enough to get refunded sooner or cancel reservation. Im going to repeat my 7 yr old son words on this being his first flight to mexico. No screens! what kind of plane is this why aren’t we on delta or american airlines. USE VOLARIS LIKE IT IS A CHEAP AIRLINE, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE TRUST, NO SCREENS. GET WHAT WE PAY FOR! We maybe paying double for this service this time. No problem don’t used if you can rather take longer next time.
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11 months ago, Prime_timerzr
Welcome to the worst airline in Mexico
Here in Volaris it’s important you know that the 20 bucks you save on the flight causes you to lose all your value as a human being from the moment you check in to the moment you land. Your time is not important. you must show up 2 hours before your boarding time but we will cancel your flight only 45 mins before the planed boarding time. Our pilots may or may not know how to land the plane in some conditions, in this case we will land else where and hold you there until a new pilot can replace them for the difficult landing. Feel like reaching out to us for help with a critical issue? Our current respond time is around 30 days at which time we will ask you if your problem is still relevant hoping you stop complaining. I hope you understand you are replaceable and keep quite as we do whatever we like with the flights and thank you for your money. -Volaris
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7 years ago, Super_melanie
I never write reviews, but this airline is absolutely horrendous. Our flight was cancelled due to weather conditions, but the staff failed to let anyone know about it until we got there even though they knew they were cancelling it an hour before! They told us to come back the next day for a flight at 11pm but didn't give us any info on our new boarding passes. They called once that day to let us know that the flight had changed once more to 1:30 am but still no boarding passes. And on the site it said that our first cancelled flight had left. After that the "office " was closed and there was no way to contact anyone in this airline. We showed up at the airport to receive help and they told us that all Volaris staff was gone and that they couldn't do anything about it. Never using this airline again ! Flights change all the time and that's fine but the service here is nonexistent!! And I should know I work customer service
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9 months ago, AmjayMijay
Nickeled, dined and starved
I will never fly Volaris again. Not only do I detest the pay-for-what-you-use business model is extremely frustrating, the general overall experience is bad. What’s next? Charging extra for oxygen on flight? Mexican buses felt luxurious in comparison. Seats are cramped, they ran out of food to buy, don’t even give water without charging, extra surprise charges at the ticket counter. They ran out of the one entree offered just 6 rows in. My child and I went hungry the entire flight and felt very sick as a result. No prior info regarding Mexican nationals not being charged international travel fees into Mexico but you need original birth certificates. They’ve succeeded in making air travel one of the worst experiences. Ended up more expensive than our regular airline in the end. I miss the days of Mexicana Airlines. We love Alaska now. Don’t be fooled by low base fares from Volaris. It’s not worth it and you will certainly end up paying more.
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6 years ago, ilovebarneyyhoee
Volaris App
When it works, it’s fantastic. I have sent multiple emails to fix all the glitches that affect the app. Email vclub@volaris for help and give them time to respond. Provide them w yr email so they can clear any glitches on your account. They have fixed my problems. Don’t book anything that does not look right. Never turn back to make a change cause the app will appear that u made the change on a name or order but will not actually make the change. Best to start over. Good luck, just stick to their travel specifications and you will not have problems. I love Volaris and use them for every trip from small towns to paradise like Cancun.
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5 months ago, Yaneli g
Do not fly with volaris!
I used to fly with volaris all the time until recently these past 2 years everytime i fly with them theirs a problem! And with this last time I’ve had it! I made reservations 6 months in advance with paid premium seats and luggage. The moment I arrive they said I won’t be able to fly because in there system I didn’t have a reservation that I had to call my bank that the transaction didn’t go through which was extremely confusing because I was able to check into my flight! I was so upset that I called the bank and they said it wasn’t true that volaris did receive the payment. & I told the supervisor and they said they will refund the money back but because the reservation wasn’t showing on their system that I had to re buy tickets!!! Which was insane to me!! The worst part of it all they try to blame you! I will NEVER fly with volaris again!
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6 years ago, Volaris Frequent Flyer
Vclub Membership Issue
Volaris is great when it comes to promotions however, I have repeatedly paid for VClub membership (yearly since 2014) and every time I go to reserve a flight -with the discounted vclub membership price- I am told I am not a vclub member and am prompted to purchase again. This happens, every, single, time. I have to email (only because there is no direct call line) this department and refute the error by proof of purchase from my CC statement and wait a minimum of 24 hours for the error to be fixed. This is a severe annoyance as some of their flight deals are only offered in a 24 hour span. Their repeated errors have caused me to miss purchases I would have otherwise made. To make matters worse, I am only met with an apology for “the inconvenience”. I am not looking for a voucher however, when this is a repeated process (+5 times) I would hope a major airline would offer more than just their words.
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7 months ago, BlearPanda
Got threatened with getting my reservation cancelled.
Yesterday I was supposed to take a plane with my fiancée from Mexico to LA and we were 4 hours early, we did everything with the plan of just leaving the suitcases and eating something before taking the plane, after 2 and half hours we STILL didn’t have anyone helping on the front, people began to complain and get frustrated, some people tried to get attention by knocking the glass and that’s when a worker came up to the front and asked me to walk forward, after that he proceeded to immediately yell and threaten me and my wife with "Canceling our flight" and saying "I could even call TSA and get you guys arrested for at least 26 hours", to resume the whole thing, he ended up canceling my reservation and insulting us. They have a terrible customer service and I wouldn’t recommend using it.
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11 months ago, Nessa_088
Very very poor service
Their service is extremely poor. I booked a flight my passport information went threw, but the day of the flight I was refused to board on my flight because they said that there were some issues when there wasn’t. Their website malfunctioned, and they refuse to give me a refund. I said fine that’s OK can I get flight credits they refused to give me that when I asked why they ignored my response. They ended my conversation, and when I tried to message again, I had to start all over and talk to someone new explaining the whole situation again. I spoke to eight different people and not one of them could give me an answer as to why I couldn’t get any flight credits. And each and everyone of them end my conversation halfway. I am extremely upset because my flight was over $600 and they refuse to help me.
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2 years ago, alecrv
Not recommended
this airline is lousy, terrible customer service, they never solve problems when they make a cancellation an hour or even 20 minutes before boarding. My family and I have traveled on this airline for several years and the service is getting worse and worse. I do not recommend it since it has generated many more expenses than what you are supposed to save by buying from other airlines. Perhaps a bad comment does not affect them at all, but their poor service to us as customers affects us a lot and generates unnecessary expenses.
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2 years ago, hopeful hiker
False Phone Number
We were not able to pay for our carryons in the app. We used 3 different current and good credit and debit cards with no luck. We tried calling the number listed in the app twice. It took us to a business called Discount Services and had nothing to do with Volaris. You can’t tell me this was just a typo. They have to know what they are doing. I think they don’t want to talk to customers and therefore do not have to pay for reps to take calls. This is my first experience with Volaris and it isn’t going well so far and we haven’t even flown yet. I can already see why Volaris has a 1.4 rating. I’ve never seen a rating so low.
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7 years ago, Rkbmd
Off and on
Have to know how app works- will Automatically set you up for trip assistance and for an extra bag and you have the know how to go into each site and remove them – calling the call centre for help is also hit or miss –You’re usually get somebody that has no idea what they’re doing- they will give you a story just trying to satisfy you but not getting the problem solved – lots of work needs to be done in this company as far as customer service is concerned Definitely the training of employees is lacking- need to get someone to train that knows about customer service
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2 years ago, Ayden Zuniga
Worst airline to exist
I have had so many problems with this airline it is ridiculous. For starters there customer service is horrible it takes at least a month to get a response and secondly they love to over charge last minute to try and take all your money. The last time I flew with them they charged me over $300 on luggage that supposedly was not paid for (which it was) and I was supposed to receive $200 back in credit but at the time I went to use the credit it would only allow me to use $80 which is not surprising. I tried getting back the rest of the money but they said it would not be restorable. Please do not fly with Volaris they will just rip you off and their flight services are also horrible they make you pay for everything including water and snacks.
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4 years ago, crisgarxia
Terrible experience.
I’ve flown with volaris before and had no complaints. However, this year I purchased my ticket to mexico over a month ago and my flight was supposed to be on Dec. 19th 2020. I checked in 24 hours before my flight, i got my boarding pass and everything seemed fine. The day of my flight I show up at the airport and they tell me that the flight i was showing them my boarding pass for was not there. “Oh that flight isn’t here, it’s not happening” Like what do you all mean it’s not happening?! Turns out the flight was cancelled and they didn’t send out an email or offered to reschedule my flight, completely ignored the fact that I and others were counting on that flight and were showing at the airport. I had to go back home (spent like $60 total on ubers that night) Horrible experience, never flying with volaris again.
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3 years ago, travel kb
Corrupt company do not book!!
How can I give zero stars?? This company has no morals or standards. I booked a flight to Cancun and needed to adjust my return date. There is no way to do this on the app or website and there is no phone number. My credit card ended up filing a dispute with them and responded saying I couldn't cancel my flight. But THEY canceled my flight. My credit card paid them for my flight after this and they refuse to acknowledge they were paid and will not refund the money. I filled a complaint with the department of transportation and Volaris finally called me. Only I couldn't Answer so I emailed them to call me after 5. They called and I answer after 1 ring and they hang up. Then send me an email that they tried to contact me "several" times. They have no intention of contacting me. $587 stolen from me!
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3 years ago, Mhaanes
Customer Service
Volaris needs to learn the meaning of compassion and helpfulness. I travel almost every month on Volaris. With that as you can see I have a lot of reservations to deal with monthly! I must have book my ticket and my family tickets on 2 separate flight by accident, so when we were about to board, Volaris advise me I had a separate flight from my family, that I was not allowed on the flight and that I would have to rebook and pay again for a flight 7 hours later! My family had to fly alone and I am the mother of the family! What Volaris did to me and my family is so heartless, I should have been helped correct the issue, the employees of Volaris have NO compassion for their traveling customers- the customers are what gives the Volaris employees jobs security! I hope the President of Volaris reads this message and make a change in how they treat people with situations that are correctable and learn compassion for others! Volaris is a cheap airlines but a terrible customer service airlines without any empathy or compassion for others when problem arises they want nothing to do to help the traveling passengers! That’s why the DOT department of transportation has voted them the worst airlines in the world!
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4 years ago, Itsmekaren
This airline is, by far, one of the worst airlines I have ever encountered. They try charging you on anything they can find. I was 2kg over on baggage and tried charging me 1,700 pesos. Then it was 1kg over and tried charging me the same; they said it didn’t matter if it was 5kg or 10; it was 1,700. Then, I decided to take stuff out because I was not giving them any money. Then, everything was fine and was just under 25kg. Afterward, they weighed my carry-on baggage, and was just under the limit as well. But then tried charging me for the dimensions, that it was too long. And it was better for them to charge me there than upstairs because it would be more expensive. I decided not to pay and was not charged upstairs! Do not be fooled by this airline! SAVE YOUR MONEY! they will try finding any little thing to charge you for it!
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3 months ago, Improve Software
Please improve the app’s software
I just read a review from a customer explaining the same exact issue that I am experiencing FROM 5 YEARS AGO. I find it absolutely unacceptable for a company to allow for such big issue from this app to continue for this long. This airline cannot even attempt to invest in their app and improve their customer service because they obviously do not care. My issue is that I attempted to check in twice through the app but the “confirm information” and “next” button would not allow me to proceed onto the next step. This is not the first time this has happened to me. Other family members of mine have also experienced this issue and other annoying software issues (i.e. lagging and crashing). Please improve the app.
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3 months ago, dykmu
Volaris a excellent choice for solo travel
I recently found Volaris and was hesitant at first after reading many negative reviews. Being a solo traveler who travels light Volaris is AMAZING! everyone I needed to make any changes their customer service always exceeded my expectations. This is a budget airline and room wise it can be a bit cramped. I also have never checked a bag or brought a carry on as well as my flights have all been direct. With those things being said in my experience Volaris earns 5+ stars from me! Thank you!!!!
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10 months ago, tani8241
We bought a ticket for my husband from CDMX to HTX and while he was at the airport, after he had already checked in and was ready to board his flight, they told him he would be penalized for overstaying in MX. At the end of the day he wasn’t penalized but by the time he had finished clearing up the situation, he had already missed his flight. The people at the airport were no help, he spoke with the supervisor from volaris at the airport in MX and he said he would have to pay the difference for the next ticket available. We called customer service and the guy gave us no solution, only said we could submit a request for other options. We also asked to speak to his supervisor and he told us to hold for a moment and proceeded to leave us on hold for 40+ minutes.
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2 years ago, J713281
Over sell flights
This is my first time using Volaris. I got to airport 3 hours before to check in. Onces at airport they asked me if I had done the check in online. I told them no. They ask me to do it but app was not letting me. They said I had to pay $15 to go talk to someone at the counter. I agree. At the counter the lady there told me there was no more seating available. I ask how is that possible if I booked my flight since September. They said since I didn’t check in 24 hours before that they sold my spot. My question is how an airline can do this. Finally after arguing for about 30 mins. I was able to get a seat. Please be careful when you book with Volaris. I don’t recommend this airline at all. I think this will be the first and last time using Volaris.
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4 years ago, jose oquedo
Not happy
My flight was canceled I lost days due to the poor communication the airline has tours their costumers. I revived the cancellation notice two hours prior to my flight not professional enough. The communication at the airport is very poorly managed. I was offered another flight but it was ridiculous traveling. I wasn’t going to risk flight 6 hours to another south state of Mexico and come back up 7 hours next day. This is very poorly managed, I understand sometimes there’s bad weather conditions but in this case my flight was at 2 pm which the weather was on the 80’s on both sides of the cities I was traveling from. Nonetheless my hotel still charged those day I wasn’t there to celebrate my birthday trip. I will never recommend this airline to any of my friends and family from the USA to use this airline services.
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8 months ago, Human1278
Absolutely terrible service from the airline AND the app. They charge a fee to check in at the airport and their app is littered with bugs. It crashes constantly and gives error messages whenever you attempt to check in. If you’re lucky enough for the app to find your flight, do not be surprised if they add extra charges to your account. They charged me extra for a bag despite already having paid for one and would not let me check in until I paid again. Additionally customer service is absolutely useless, they do not allow you to check in through them as well and tell you to go back to the app or website despite them not working at all!!! Absolutely the worst airline experience of my life. DO NOT BOOK FLIGHTS.
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4 years ago, Upsetting Not Wirth the App
App not working and website not working to check in
Your app is not working to allow passengers to print boarding passes to avoid the lines at airport. Your website is also an issue, it does not allow you to check in on the website itself and get your boarding pass ahead of time, even though you receive an email notifying you that you need to check in. What the purpose of sending an email if the website not the app work! I’ve seen other reviews and it seems these are ongoing issues that have yet to be resolved over a year ago!! Very disappointed and there is no easy customer service number to find and call. Also there is a problem with resetting the password every time you reset it, it says invalid!! Very frustrating! Aweful airline!
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6 years ago, CM_9
Terrible Service
I’ve been waiting on my refund for over a year. Every time I call, I get the same answer over and over again “I put in a request, there is nothing nor that I can do.” I can never speak to a supervisor or manager because it is not allowed. It does not sound like they document any of the information given to them, I have been REALLY patient and I have provided them with the information they need and sent it to them multiple times. They will never provide a follow up email to let me know what is going on with the refund. I even had them speak to a couple of corresponding people and volaris does not listen, it’s like they want to do what they want to do! I would give them no stars if I could. This airline is terrible, they do not CARE about their customers what so ever!!!!!
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10 months ago, Nols12
Extremely awful app
If I could give this app a zero stars, I would. When checking in for a flight, it wouldn’t let me go to the next page after putting in all the personal info. I had to close app multiple times and it still didn’t work. I tried it on another phone thinking maybe it’s mine, and still had the same issues. After an hour, I finally was able to select the bags and pay for the checked bags. Think it’s over yet? Nope, because they never sent a barcode for our flights!? So after all that pain and checking in and paying for checked bags, it still said that I need to check in? They wanted me to pay again. Will never fly with them again. Extremely disappointed
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2 years ago, OdrapJ
never flying volaris again.
The app is so buggy and incomplete. The website is also unstable as when it was time to check in i checked in 48 hours ahead and it would not let me as it was too buggy to be able to type anything into the emergency contact section. After this had failed i checked in through a computer to try and check in, i went through and it had seemed successful. i arrived early to the airport just incase anything had happened. on the way i had tried to check in and it would not let type anything into the emergency contact information box. i then had to check in through the front desk and was charged fees for doing so even after explaining to the employee my situation.
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5 years ago, jorgehdez15
Sad and frustrated
My son just returned from Guadalajara on flight FEFEFH his name Miguel José Hernández his play when he opened his bags here at home he noticed that his PS4 1TB, 2 controller, 1 HDMI cable controller cables 6 games including call of duty and fifa 19 where all stolen including Mexican candy and other souvenir when we called to complain operator said I’ll give you 1000 credit for your next flight :( you can imagen how we felt know we have a police report and we are willing to go and speak to a volaris superviser or some one that can help us :( thank you for your time :(
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1 year ago, slay.dro
No way this app has 4 stars
There is no way this airlines app has 4 stars. They must be paying bots to give them that rating. I’ve been trying to contact them to update my name on the boarding because my phone kept auto filling my name and it didn’t get my full name. I wanted to contact them to make sure that would be okay or change it if I needed to. But no, they’ve had me on their “chat” for over 12 hours waiting on a “human” to respond to my name change requests. It seems like this airline takes advantage of their customers since they are usually the cheapest choice and sometimes the only choice for direct flights. Again after all the complaints I’m reading on this app. There is no way it averages to 4 stars
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7 years ago, Ltcitxgxhlcr
Mixed Feelings
I love flying on Volaris and think their service is excellent. But I don't like that when you book online (or on app) it automatically charges you a little over $8 for onboard 1 medium-sized bag instead of having it in default for the free 2 small-sized bags. You can't even see that you've been charged on the list of charges. You have to know to click on the luggage option to change it to the free ones. I think that's really sneaky of Volaris to do to its customers and I don't like that at all. I don't fall for it because I investigate any extra charges, but other people might not even know they're been charged automatically for something extra.
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4 years ago, por favor abran otra aerolinea
Same issues for me
My flight was changed and I only found out as I tried to do my check in. My seat selection was lost so I was prompted to call. After waiting on the line 2 hours, the line was disconnected, I redialed and they were close. To top things off, every time I called, there’s a recording offering a Web Link for faster service, guess what? The link routes back to Volaris’s Web Page, so here I go again. Now it’s preventing me to post this, “enter a nickname”, so all are taken...I’ll keep trying...Let’s see what happens if I tap all the stars
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6 years ago, Alesita14
Do not get this app. They have horrible rules and regulations that don’t have a purpose. My father needed to fly out because his mother was dying and was unable to due to this app. The app is on my phone so the ticket went under my name. I called to get the name changed. Every time I called I was given a different reason for why it could not be changed. It’s a scam they have very poor customer service and are not aware of their own policies. I should have been given the same answer every time if there was an actual rule but instead I was given multiple answers and none were helpful. Then they proceeded to tell me my money would essentially be thrown away because they could not give a refund or change the name on the ticket or change the flight.
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5 years ago, 16trip16
Review of Volaris
Have flown first time from Merida to Mexico City....couldn’t have been a nicer flight considering how large it was...there was a flight attendant name Jesus Daniel who was extremely helpful with a smile on his face the whole trip...he is a good guy for your team...maybe give him a bonus!! And actually all the attendants did a wonderful job and now that we know how many places Vilaris flies to we will be booking again for sure...thank you for such a clean plane and enjoyable flight...I never ever give reviews but felt this needed praising!!! Thank you all
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1 year ago, birdie_911
Volaris uses deceptive tactics
I am very disappointed with this airline. They use very deceptive tactics and, if you’re not careful they will make you pay for three or four times more than what their fees say you’ll pay. I have tried to add additional services and when I click on the Additional Services button they give me a price for each of the services, however, the moment I add the addtl servs to my cart and I’m ready to pay, the cost of those services suddenly changes to three or four times higher than I was originally told. I have tried this several times, on different days and different times of day but it’s always the same problem. Next time I’ll fly with a different airline.
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3 months ago, Keyswastaken
Poor experience
The app did not give up to date flight information on our return flight from Mexico. It never listed a gate or that our flight was delay. The app said on time and the gate area was blank. I had to look up my flight online using the website in order to get more accurate information. The gate was never listed online but the flight delay was listed there. Also the app kept showing me an old flight instead of my current flight whenever I opened it. I would have to do a search with my last name and booking number in order to pull up my return flight.
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