Vons Deals & Delivery

4.8 (180.1K)
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Current version
Albertsons Companies, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vons Deals & Delivery

4.8 out of 5
180.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Topazcagirl
The update as of 4/10 has rendered this app utter trash
This app is no longer helpful when trying to save on grocery’s at Vons. Before they updated and “improved” the app, you could click on a category, for example, beverages to see what beverages were on sale at a glance. Now, you click on beverages and you have click again on another category, example tea verses coffee or water, etc. then if you selected tea, you have to further narrow down your selection to chai tea, iced tea, tea bags, tea pods and more. Now you are finally selecting your choice of tea bags but instead of a coupon for say, Twinnings Tea in general, you must scroll through pages and pages of tea bags to select the specific flavor/caffeine version you want. Good heavens! What if the tea you want is not even on sale, I kept scrolling and never reached the bottom of the well to see if my Twinnings Peppermint tea is on that list. This is all for just one item! I have now wasted so much time I would rather go through the paper advertisement and cut out the dang coupon. Then what about the general offer that used to be found under fruits and vegetables for 2X the points for purchasing fruits or vegetables. Sorry, but I am so very frustrated, Stater Brothers is looking better and better.
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4 years ago, KeepinItReal Real
Vons App Review
I really enjoy using this. It does take additional time and effort; however, who wouldn’t want to save and make money by spending money right!?! I do think some people might get frustrated if technology isn’t their thing. Additionally, if at some point there’s more flexibility with rewards, I think that would be really cool. For example, there are some instances where I don’t want to buy something just to buy something to use up my points. So if I’m able to restructure rewards points somehow towards currency that doesn’t disappear or reset, I think that would be a game changer. Most banks have that flexibility for you to pick and choose how you want to earn rewards and how you want to distribute that perk and it doesn’t expire. It just keeps accumulating. One bank in particular due to earning a tier further provides even more perks on top of perks if you meet set goals. I would totally get some form of vons exclusive credit card if by chance it offered competitive perks. Costco for example through Citi Banking has such a cool credit card. I won’t go into details, but things like that peak my interest.
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5 years ago, X Vons Customer
Clairemont Mesa Blvd VONS
I have shopped at Vons 95% of the time throughout the last 40 years. The last 30 years has been (almost exclusively) at the VONS on Clairemont Mesa Blvd & Claremont Drive. All the years have brought many experiences, good and bad but I have finally come to question my future loyalty to this corporation. It was not until the 6 months or 9 months that I reached a level of anger/disappointment/anxiety with a specific cashier causing me to speak to management. It seems this person has already had several customer complaints. I was told this is one of the ‘Union’ positions that survived the famous Vons strike about 15 years ago. The union has made it nearly impossible to remove this extremely volatile and unhappy person from customer interaction. Vons has the most amazing employees who are deserving of the amount they are paid as a cashier but these stores MUST be given the ability to deal with unsatisfactory employees as they see fit. It is disheartening to see this person putting nothing into the workday when the rest of the amazing team is being forced to work twice as hard for equal pay. Does this seem fair? Please tell me, have I been misinformed?
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1 year ago, CeceManz
Verification of My Von’s Card
I was placing an order at Vons Market for delivery tomorrow & used a credit card that my daughter had gotten for me last month so I cud get a lower finance fee and purchase points by using her account. However when I received the card they had totally misspelled my first & last name so my daughter was going to return it but I suggested we just keep it so that I cud use it for Holiday purchases & afterwards we cud request another card with my correct name spelling. Needless to say we forgot to take care of the problem but Your Employee was courteous enough to suggest that we verify my information & see if perhaps the transaction would get approved. After verifying her questions I resubmitted the card and it was approved. This saved me time from having to make phone calls & order new cards tomorrow as well as, the inconvenience of having to redo my purchase. I’m having heart surgery next week and did not need the hassle of having to go out in the rain to redo my shopping.
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3 years ago, bugaboosmom
Update - no longer “Best Grocery Store App”
Update: The “update” to this app is horrible. I’ve tried it a few times now to give it a chance. It used to be so easy and simple to use. Everything I wanted in an app was there without any of the superfluous left/right swiping function which really just makes apps more crowded. I can’t find the Sort by Aisle so I’m thinking that feature is gone, and I used it all the time - it helped me save time even if it wasn’t always completely accurate. I also liked using the weekly ad, which I haven’t been able to find. When I used to clip a coupon, it was added to my shopping list...is that a setting I have to set? Because it doesn’t work like that anymore. I said originally that this app was better than Ralph’s and Publix, but now it looks so much more like those that I can’t say it’s any better. I’m so disappointed because the app was one of the reasons I continue shopping at Von’s even though it’s slightly more expensive than other stores in my area. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be doing that. :( I've tried grocery store apps for Ralph's, Publix, and Vons, and this one is the best so far for compatibility with the rewards card and building my grocery list. The aisle info isn't the most reliable - it would help if the stores would stop moving things around.
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3 years ago, disgtuntled housewife
Terrible, money-wasting update
Ok guys, there was nothing wrong with the original Just 4 U app. Nothing. At all. You could scroll through, clip coupons, done; the “clip or click” coupons in the weekly paper ad matched up with digital coupons in the app; the Just 4 U tagged items in the store matched up with those in the app; the coupon scanning feature in the app used to work. It was fantastic, I clipped my coupons, saved money on groceries, happy customer, the end. This updated version is TERRIBLE. What’s with the “deals”? There are no “deals” tagged items in the store, or in the paper ad. The digital coupon-only items on sale in the store haven’t matched up with the same item/offer in the app, nor does the scanner feature work to add it. This version of the app seems geared for folks who place full grocery orders online for pickup and delivery, with a full complement of all ten thousand items in the store— and that’s fine, but not at the cost of ruining the simple coupon-clipping functionality that was the best thing about the former Just 4 U app. I’m wasting time and more importantly I’m wasting money by not having access to digital coupons, not being able to scan them, and not easily finding them within the app. Please revert back to the old app for simple coupon clipping!
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3 years ago, JQ32239
I hate the Update
I am not sure that Vons consulted with actual users of their apps to make sure they have actually made an improvement. I used the delivery/pick up app regularly. I also used this app all the time to clip coupons and build my grocery list. This new update has made it a chore to add items to my grocery list. Before, I could just type in what I wanted and add it to my list. As I shopped in the store, I could check off the items that I placed in my shopping cart and they would move to the “in cart” section. I could delete those items that I bought and keep the rest in my list for later. Now, with the update, I have to search for the item I want, scroll through the photos of possible matches and pick a product from the photos to add it to my grocery list. The ability to type the name of an item and add it to the list is now gone. The new way of building a list is time consuming. Since I can’t type in my list, I have to find another way to build my grocery list if I planned on going to specialty stores for a few items. Vons should have left the app as is and just added a new button for building a delivery or pick up list. That would have integrated both apps. Now they have gotten rid of a very useful feature of the old app.
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3 years ago, Abenavi86
I hate the update! You no longer easily see deals
Please go back to the old version of this app! I am no longer able to see the Just for U deals. When I search for deals I got hundreds of not thousands of products when I only want to see the actual deals or coupons, not sale prices, I don’t need to know every item that is on sale. I want to see the coupons easily as before, I don’t have time to scroll through hundreds of items looking for coupons. Another issue is I can’t see the rebate amounts anymore I have to click on each item, again no time. When I tried using the coupons search it doesn’t let me filter by department only sort from low to high and I want to see coupons for specific departments. Can you please make the Just for U tab the way it was before?? Perhaps there can be two tabs, one specifically for coupons and rebates and one that shows you the actual prices of items. I wish I could go back to the old version...
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3 years ago, Spowellkfldkdbrjdndjdbd
Horrible New App
I’m really unhappy with the new Vons app, so much so that I’m taking the time to write a review in hopes that someone at Vons will fix the app. We moved to an area with Vons being our new neighborhood store. The app that the store had when we first moved was awesome. It had all my rewards and coupons ready and easy to find. Now the app is completely unusable. Coupons are unable to be found. Your clipped coupons only show the top two coupons, not ALL of your coupons. So you have NO idea what your coupons are. Rewards NEVER show up, so like other users said, you have to go off of store receipts. I’m really tempted to leave Vons all together and go back to Ralph’s. The Vons app just makes it impossible to save coupons and go back and see what you have. And don’t even get me started on the “just for u” deals...you won’t ever find them...but you’ll see them sent to your email. I hope they fix this soon.
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9 months ago, JoLoMc
I am much happier with the app
When I got here to write the review, I found what I wrote last time and I guess I didn’t hit send. I am leaving it below so you can see what things were not working at the time. I was really struggling with it. However, apparently, most of the work on the app has been done and I am MUCH happier with it. I like when you go to add an item to the list it gives you a presentation of the products that you need and you can choose the one you want 👏🏼 I very much appreciate that the lists are integrating much better. The one thing I have been struggling with lately is that when I do my list on my iPad it doesn’t all transfer well to my iPhone . I have to remind myself to compare the lists on the two devices. That is time consuming and can cause problems when I am shopping if I don’t have all the items I need on my list. What I wrote before that did not get sent: “I found that there is no way to add items from the weekly ad on to my list. In the past, way back, you could add items from the weekly ad to the list and it would integrate it into the list and give all of the information for the product, ie. price, size, name of product etc. More recently it would just add the items from the ad to the top of the list, not organized by type of product or other info like price etc. Now, I believe, I just noticed it last week or so, there isn’t even anyway to add items from the ad to My List! I am very disappointed and frustrated 😣”
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2 years ago, dglana
Finally an intuitive app.
Finally, when you add a coupon to the app the item moves and you get the next item to add. No more scrolling! About time! I use the app for coupons. I add all the coupons to my account and then purchase normally. Sometimes I look up specific products to see if there is a coupon or offer. The search function works well. I don't use the list function. It does not meet my needs. I have, however ordered groceries for pickup and that has worked well. But if you don't want substitutions be certain to check that off. Sometimes I'm very specific in my brand selection, either because of coupons or because I trust the brand name. I wish they had an "add all button" so that I could just add all the coupons and look up what I need when I need too. They seem to have corrected the need to always tell the add coupons or the list function. That in itself made the app more intuitive. Consumers need to be vocal about this stuff so companies stop cheating their customers. Vons' prices are extremely high so at least these discounts help. I wish I could make them lower their prices. I feel sorry for those not using the app because Vons is really making money on the people who don't join their club.
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2 months ago, V4Y4
Supermarket vibe
Long before shopping at Vons, mom will not go elsewhere but Vons “vans” to her cause we are Filipinos & she can’t seem to drop her ilonggo twang (our dialect from the Visayan region of Ilo-ilo, Philippines). When I see lots of cars parked outside I’ll suggest another grocery, NO way she’s going. She says she likes the people, selection of food in the Asian/Hispanic section & the prices. Therefore I am a “Vons Kid”. Your store in Big Bear Lake is a Happy One although I have 3 or more that refuse to crack a smile. Customer Service is I feel one of the more harder jobs since you have to drop all ugliness before you enter your job site. I worked as front & center administrative supervisor in an academic setting for 26 yrs training grad students. So I understand. I also worked for a companies as Mystery Shopper & 1 requirement is that you should be greeted within a few seconds upon entering. The grocery store across the street from Vins Big Bear Lake is very stiff & rude. I’m not saying across the board but they have to retrain their employees to remind them that their #1 business is customer service. So yes Vons Big Bear Lake is a Good Place to shop
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5 months ago, Sglrhid
So over all the issues
Hello for the last week I have be unable to place an order on the vons app. With about 5 calls to customer service , 2calls to my local store , 3chats with rep still not a working app. I was offered $5 onto an account I can’t access for my troubles. I do not want $5 towards a purchase I want a working app. It all started with being home sick 7 days ago went to place a order to be delivered and it stated the earliest time would be a week from that day I called the store they said we haven’t heard of any issues with app call the 877 number. That was my first call all Down hill from there. They said I had 2 accounts ( been shopping there for 30 yrs NO second account with same email and cell# ) they apparently deleted one and now I cant even access anything next call rep says your account is active we can see it just input your info WHILE on phone with rep I tried many times on phone on laptop etc. You get the idea. Tomorrow will be 7 days unable to access app and I HAVE NOT had any call backs from them. Not sure what to do next
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7 months ago, Floobus Johnson
Awful app, support stinks too
The pharmacy part of the app disappeared so I talked to support who recommended deleting and reinstalling the app. I did so. When I started it, Pharmacy showed up but only says Sign Up, I pick that as it says it is also for previous accounts but then I can’t log in so I’m stuck not being able to access my pharmacy info which IS THE ONLY REASON I USE THIS APP. The grocery part is a pain to use, seriously are you going to create a shopping list, scan in the sale items you’ve purchased then go to a cashier (don’t use self service as it won’t scan your membership)? I use self service so this is just another reason not to like the app. I use my Vons card for sales not the dumb app scan procedure. I called support, later emailed, they sent big a long list of things to do—I have to keep reminding them I was a long time user and am not doing anything dumb. Their instructions do not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should transfer all my prescriptions to another pharmacy. Calling the pharmacy is a time consuming frustrating experience.
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2 years ago, JenKnows
Soooo convenient and easy!!
I‘ve used a few grocery apps and this is by far my favorite! Using coupons and getting deals? super easy. Reordering my regular stuff? super easy. Finding what I need? super easy. Receiving my order at the drive up? super easy. I’ve been using this app exclusively for a couple of months now and I haven’t had any issues. By comparison, I was using mostly Walmart and I usually had something weird or frustrating to deal with but I thought “the prices are better” - false. I’ve compared what I’ve purchased using the deals in the Vons app with Walmart and it’s about the same, give/take a few cents. Plus, Vons is better quality. The avocados I receive are always perfect. The Vons app has been a time-saver, it’s stress free, and kind to my wallet. I’m hooked!
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4 years ago, RockSteady1000
So I was buying a package of soda at Vons and the price was about $6.99, but on sale for 5.99. On the same label on the shelf, it said four for $10. Well then I searched around for four packs, figuring that although I didn’t need that much, I could use them over time. When I looked at my receipt, they each had cost me $5.99. Using my Vons card saved me a dollar each, but I didn’t get the four for $10 shown on the shelf. Investigating, the customer service lady explained I needed to download this app and pick out and add a coupon on the internet to my Vons card account before coming to the checkout in order to get the price on the shelf. She said i was the fifth person today she had to handle due to this. I said those were the five that checked their receipt before leaving—who know how many just got ripped off and went home. The lady next to me overheard and Remarked that it seemed deceptive to her. I told the customer service lady to let the higher ups know it’s a pretty bad system and she said she thinks they are trying to get the younger crowd who are computer savvy to shop there more.
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2 years ago, MissyDee108
Pretty alright most of the time
This app is mostly okay. I am able to see what is on sale and shop accordingly. I also appreciate the coupons on items I frequently buy. The rewards however only work about 50% of the time. Even if the rewards are clipped and then ‘added to the basket’ they often don’t work. It was similar with the monopoly rewards, often free items don’t go through. I can talk to a manager and have them right the situation but it’s embarrassing. Obviously I am using this app to save money and the rewards and free items are a bonus but if they don’t go through then I have to deal with the hassle, time and embarrassment of having to fix it. I’ve been using the app for years and it’s always the free stuff that glitches out. It’s a real bummer to experience that stress when shopping. Groceries are expensive enough as is lately, don’t offer free stuff if it isn’t going to work. Rant over.
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5 years ago, Srpung
Vons Yucca Valley
So, I don’t want to say anything bad. Great service good food. I did have a few bad cashiers who were off putting and the part disgruntled and maybe racist. When I would use coupons the cashier would either say things like, did you buy this? I would think, yes, don’t you remember scanning it. Another time I bought some pens and the cashier refused to scan them. The pens were colored and some were pastel the coupon had the picture and she just kept saying sorry..I can’t scan it. There were people in line and I didn’t want to argue with her. That’s all. I don’t make a habit of using coupons without first putting the product in my shopping cart. Other than that. I would love if you had a discount section in the store of fruit and veggies. You have a discount section for meats and sausage? Just saying.
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4 years ago, WC app
Decent app, but needs improvement
Been using the app for a while and helpful in store and planning outside of store. I don’t like that when you add things to your shopping list, they don’t automatically delete when they become expired. You have to delete them one at a time and they don’t say if they are expired or not. Basically you need to go by your memory what expired or what in current. This stinks. Also, only certain things you add to the list have picks, prices, one time offer or unlimited and expiration dates. I noticed the $5 Friday items are without pics, prices, one time offer or unlimited and expiration dates. Please fix these items and you’ll get a better rating. This is not a 5 Star app, but has potential of being.
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3 years ago, js_rodrgz
Update lacks functionality
When something gets updated it should be to make it better, easier and more useful. Such is NOT the case with the recent update. Although the UI is refreshed, the layout and flow is poorly designed. What happened to the aisle locations of the items on my list.... what happened to my list? Why are there weird numbers with underscores when you look an group of items by aisle. And why is there no search function, no by aisle sorting and not category sorting in the “clipped deals” UI. I wasted so much time scrolling up and down looking for my deals. And the “Deals” toggle should always stay on if you turn it on. Let’s hope the next version is somewhat usable. Update: I would have thought that by now the “geniuses” that came up with the updated version would have fixed all the issues, sadly either no one pays attention or does not care. Those responsible for this app should be fired and sent back to UI design and Marketing school!!!
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3 years ago, Amber1308
Why would you ruin a user friendly app??
I never write reviews but this update is a freakin’ nightmare and it’s costing me money and WAY too much time, like everyone else. Do you truly expect people to spend time scrolling through over 350 coupons? Now my clipped coupons aren’t staying clipped, after the app crashes AGAIN, it won’t load anything timely which just made my shopping trip over an hour to spend $75 (usually takes an hour for $300/normal trip), then I gave up. And THAT cost me savings. This is complete and utter sh*t. How can you possibly look at the reviews, with not a single good thing said, and not DO something? Seriously, please trash this update, give your customers what they NEED (the old version), get your money back from the programmer who clearly has never shopped a day in their lives, and hire a mother to help you with updated app if you’re dying to have one. Ugh. If my groceries continue to cost me this much more, you’ll be losing ANOTHER 20 year customer.
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3 years ago, Edward ET
Worst update ever
I’ve been on mobile for a long time and I’ve never left a review for an app. This update is so bad, I broke that tradition. I can’t even find the weekly circulars anymore and coupons section is garbage. In the past, there were categories so I can just expand or collapse categories I wanted to see. Now I have to sorry through 300+ coupons and look at everyone to see what I want. Well maybe I can use the search function to search through coupons like I did in the past, oh wait the search function can only search product! Whoever came up with the great idea of rolling this awesome update really needs to look in the mirror and ask him/herself if this update was for the person in the mirror or if it’s for the customer. Given what I’ve seen in the recent reviews, you guys didn’t give half a crap what the customer wants. You’ve made a clean and simple app completely worthless and complicated. I don’t know how you did that but congratulations...
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3 years ago, Longtime Vons Shopper
Doesn’t function very well
On my phone I usually get the message “we are having trouble downloading offers. Try again later.” Just 4 U won’t update to the current ad and shows outdated offers. Special or free offers that I click on won’t appear at check out and I get charged and have to go back to the store before they expire to show someone that I did download the offer. I don’t think the app works well on a mobile device. I find I have to use it on my computer. So if I’m at the store and see something, I can’t download it. The Just 4 U savings are nice but it’s quite a hassle to get them. The app needs some serious updating.
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3 years ago, MW-HDN
Not User Friendly
I’m not one to worry about discounts too much, but I use the app since we shop for my elderly aunt and uncle (they like to get deals). However, I saw a Digital Coupon sign for the Oreos for $2.99 each with a limit of 4. I decided to stock up for myself. I went into the app and clicked the Oreos. Turns out I clicked the $3.67 each option vs. the $2.99 limit of 4 option. I didn’t know until I left and looked at the receipt later. My problem is the app…why in the world would there be 2 options for the same product PLUS it should recognize that I buy them ALL THE TIME. It seems to have my tomatoes and bananas as “standards” but nothing else. It’s so confusing and I end up standing in the store every trip trying to find items and figure out what I’m doing. The old app was much easier. That’s my two cents (or in this case, my two dollars and seventy-two cents I lost out on).
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2 years ago, pgpulido
Deals and coupons not going through for pickup order
The app is very easy to use, however, I have only placed 2 orders and both times I had problems with my deals and coupons not being applied. The second time was the worse. My beginning total was around $53, but when my pickup was ready it was $101! NONE of the deals (BOGO, coupons, etc.) had applied. Yes, everything’s that needed to be clipped was clipped. I called the store and luckily the gentleman went through every single item and applied the discounts for me. I am considering not using this app again due to this error, I was on the phone for about 30 min to remedy the problem which negates the point of doing a pickup. And it also is a waste of the associates time. Please fix this, because I love the deals that Vons has and the ease of a quick pickup.
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3 years ago, Avatar color guard
April App update - MAY update
Whoever designed this latest update should be fired today, if not sooner. The app is now completely user unfriendly. Way too many clicks to simply add the items you want to your virtual list. Not grouped by category anymore, unless you click down a few levels and then you have to go back up levels just to go find another category. Accidentally drops into details screens to easily, forcing you to have to ‘close’ or swipe down to get back to the ‘clip’ mode. If I wanted an app to do online shopping, I’d download it. I don’t, so cramming this interface into the original app is just plain annoying. This update may just make me switch to Ralph’s for good. ——————— May update You still don’t get it. If I click view all, I don’t want to have to drop down into categories. And I don’t want an overlay that allows me to drop down into a group of items. I want to ‘view all’ so I can scroll and “clip” what I see and may want. And stop wasting my time with the cute animation with the scissors. Still pretty much useless. Imaging a newspaper mailing where to view the coupons or deals you would have to use a lottery type scratcher process to see what was a deal. Stupid, right. Well that is what you have created. I want to just ‘look at the page’ and see everything and pick what I want to ‘clip’.
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3 years ago, Sethland
Every update should make this app better. but this is not the case. With the most recent update, you can’t add items on the list anymore. It is also nearly impossible to add VONS For U items on the list. If you have the app on your mobile device and you’re signed in, it should be automatically added when you search for it. Search results yield absolutely NOTHING even though you typed the exact brand name items or it will give you a different price advertised on their weekly ad flyer. This a very frustrating app. One nice feature in the most recent update, the weekly ad page is now a scroll feature. This made easy for viewing purposes. So if one is interested in buying the item, one should simply tap on the item and add to one’s list to purchase. Convenient. But this not the case. Why does Vons make it difficult to shop and patronize their store?
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3 years ago, Bret1962
CHANGE THE APP BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS. I CANT FIND ANYTHING ALL ITEMS ARE MIXED TOGETHER WHY DID YOU STOP USING CATEGORIES THIS IS NUTS AND SO STUPID IT MAKES ME WANT TO STOP SHOPPING AT YOUR STORE THAT I GAVE SHOPPED AT FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS Update: After receiving a response from the developer of this app it is obvious that they DO NOT CARE about people who use the app while shopping in the store. How anyone would create an app where all of the coupons are in the wallet just randomly place in no order. Before I could look for what was in the dairy under the dairy drop down menu in my list of coupons. Now I have to look through all the coupons searching for the ones in dairy which are not together so I can not contrast or compare. I just don’t understand how anyone would design such a stupid and time consuming way to deal with the coupons. If you cared about your customers you would fix it. But I see no signs that you will. So much for customer service.
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6 years ago, Herb Smoker420
Can’t switch stores
My recently shopped store is in Kauai and I can’t switch to my San Diego store because the map isn’t correctly clickable and the store listings aren’t listed correctly. Please fix! I shop at Vons by my work, Albertsons by my home, and Safeway in Hawaii. I have all three apps. The problem I have is, if I save my preferred store on one app, it changes it on the other two. Generally, deals only apply to one store so, I’d like to be able to set my preferred store on each app independently rather than have it changed automatically to just one store across all 3 apps. It’s true that my phone number works at all 3 stores but I can’t have maximum app functionality without changing my store EVERY TIME.
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6 years ago, tired of it !!!
Please help the Lakewood Vons with better Security during the day !!!
My Vons I love but I must say it’s getting to the point I am not going as much as I used to. Due to the daily theft that goes on !!!! They walk in full the cart up with whatever it may be. Alcohol/ Meat / laundry detergent..... this has happen right in front of me at least once a week I see it with my own eyes. This happens almost daily at this Vons and there is nothing the staff can do other then call the cops. It gets old watching people walking and taking things that I cannot afford and would love to purchase. The staff at your Vons are sick of it as well I really would enjoy going back to my Vons but I cannot watch this anymore.
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3 years ago, Momaroma
Just updated & hate hate HATE this now
I’ve been using this app for years. I agree with every review previous to mine. You can’t find anything. Agreed...it IS totally bloated - and for what? I switch stores often because I’m very busy and stop in at different ones. Now I find out I have to download a completely different app for Pavillions??!! What the?? It’s on the list of stores I can select, but then tells me I have to download a separate app to continue with that store?! Developer: stop responding to each of these valid concerns by loyal customers and app users by saying they can “chat in the Need Help section of the app”. We’ve said all we need to say. You have repeated complaints here. Just bring back the very simplified app. It did everything it needed to. You have a separate app for delivery and pick up. I’ve used that. It works fine. None of this is an improvement. At all.
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1 year ago, JOY’S REVIEWS
Receipt ~ groceries listing print out
Vons always includes a complete receipt and print out listing all of my groceries that I bought and had delivered ~ Unfortunately ~ the last 4 times in a row that I’ve had over $400 dollars in groceries delivered to my home ~ Vons forgot to include my print out listing all of my groceries that I had bought and the receipt or Vons just didn’t care to include my print out and receipt ~ Either way ~ I now must go to my email to check the complete print out of all the groceries and the final cost receipt ~ When I preferably would like the groceries listing print out presented upon delivery and placed in my hands ~ Thank you
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3 years ago, Jclev431
Upgraded App is a disappointment
I shop almost exclusively at Vons. I used to love their app as it was very simple yet, intuitive and easy to use. The new app is much more cluttered and to be honest, while visually more involved, the fact that I can’t even make a simple shopping list like before (i.e. without delineating what brand of butter, etc) is a major bummer for me. I also miss the way that it automatically divided the “just for you” deals into stuff that you bought regularly (most convenient and super convenient aspect imo) and suggestions for stuff you might like. Sadly for those two reasons I’m not a fan of the updated app.
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6 years ago, God's Chef
Great Customer Service
I shop at Vons (2502) on Manchester, in Inglewood Ca.; the service is exceptionally excellent, every employee goes out of their way to create a great shopping experience! (Otto, Myron, Rene and Sam are very good examples) As a Chef; I particularly like the variety and quality of their fresh produce section. Just4U digital coupons have lowered my final tape total to the point where I shop at Vons significantly more often than and other food chain. The only thing I hate is the setup of the “Cereal Aisle” (but that’s at “EVERY” Vons...Not Just this one)...!!! It is nearly impossible to find the cereals I want without spending 20 minutes reading each box...I don’t know who thinks this is a good strategy, but it not, it’s just extremely aggravating!!! Why can’t each “brand” be in its own section; why do they have to be so spread out (sweet cereals, then granola, then corn flakes)??? Until this situation is rectified; I refuse to purchase even one box of cereal; and I don’t care if they’re just a penny each...That setup is just ridiculous!!! Other than that...Vons is a wonderful place to shop
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9 months ago, margolee77
Love this app
Great to be able to shop from home and have my groceries delivered. I can’t get much at the store at once, as I can’t carry them in from the car due to a disability. This app lets me shop for exactly what I want. Confirm substitutions if those are not available and I’ve even had the shopper text me and asked me questions when she can’t find something I’m looking for it takes me less than a half an hour to submit my order and I like the flexibility of the delivery times. To me it’s well worth the extra cost to have everything done for me except put them away when they get here..👍🏼😀
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3 years ago, AqFrop
New update is terrible
I shop at Vons but always just used the Safeway Just for U app. Which was good. In the last 2 weeks, the Safeway app updated and said I have to use the Vons app because I shop at Vons. So I started with the Vons app... and IT IS THE WORST. Literally, so much worse than what the Safeway app was. You've "updated" the mobile app to be less usable, confusing, jumbled on the screen, and hard to search for all my Just for U coupons. Stop only focusing on pushing your pickup and delivery through your crappy new app! Lots of us just want to use the Vons app to add digital manufacturer coupons and look up items to shop in store. BTW the store likes customers to use the digital manufacturer coupons on our card, because the store is reimbursed for those coupons we use. So don't make that harder. Ugh. Worst "update" ever. Don't fix what was not broken.
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6 years ago, Sue Augino
West Covina store
I like all the managers and all the staff at my West Covina Store but they do need more security. On a daily basis I watch people walk in and walk out without paying for their groceries. It’s very frustrating as a customer to pay my money and know that people are just allowed to walk out the door. I have seen it many many many times. The staff in the managers aren’t allowed to do anything about it. And the police will never do anything about it. The homeless population around there is huge and something really needs to be done about that. I feel sorry for the managers and staff. Security and support needs to be given at that store before you’re forced to close.
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3 years ago, Anijul37
New App
Can you please reconsider changing the app to either go back to what it used to be or create a new better one, more user friendly? I used to check Vons app every day many times during the day, but now I don’t even want to open the app. I would rather pay the offered price than deal with finding and adding the deals in this app. It’s unclear, clutter like, seems unorganized and unmanageable. Before i could search by new deals, category or most purchased i below it would say. Now everything is just displayed and it’s overwhelming. Please do something about this new app.
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1 month ago, BaxterTheCat
App is a waste of time in store while shopping
Recently went to my local Vons and saw some items had a digital coupon. Went up to the checkout lane and asked how to get the coupon price. The cashier told me I had to get it on the app. 15 minutes later, with a queue of angry customers lining up behind me, I gave up with this app. Apparently the genius UI team that built this app had other ideas in mind for using this app beside getting a coupon. When asking the cashier what I was supposed to do she sighed and said “I hate this app, they keep changing it all the time. Would you like me to void your order?” Seriously, if your own staff can’t even use the app or help customers with it then you have a major fail! Maybe your UI team should be put out to pasture along with this app. After getting in the car in the parking lot and calming down from the embarrassment of the people in line behind me I still can’t for the life of me figure out how I’m supposed to get these coupons. Clearly this isn’t meant to be something you intend customers to do in the store because it’s all such a huge waste of time!! I have better things to do with my time than just look at the pretty pictures of food products on this app.
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1 year ago, Lauren387421
Needs improvement
Doing mobile pickup orders with this app is so much of a hassle. If you purchase particular items because they are on sale like if you buy 2 ice creams you get them for $1.99 each instead of $5.99 each, but one of the ice creams is out of stock, you are charged $5.99 for one ice cream. The substitution is a hit or miss, probably depends if the worker is too lazy to get the substitution. Anyways, if this happens there is no easy way to cancel the order, or cancel the item. You can talk to the chat AI bot, which is frustrating by itself, or return the items when you do your order pickup, which have fun with that… Another example- get 10 items for $10. I ordered 10 items. One of the item was out of stock, so the 9 items I got were $1.50 instead of $1.00.
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6 years ago, Rtftcg56
Great, but...
Before this app I would never use coupons because I hate the process of actually cutting and storing coupons; it is a time consuming thing. With digital coupons, it's a whole other thing. You don't have to clip, save or organize them. Perfect! BUT... sometimes the coupons don't go through the system at check out. IT'S FRUSTRATING!! There have been three instances where I had to go back and tell the cashier that my total was wrong. Granted, Vons has great customer service, so they fixed it right away, but if the coupons aren't being added at checkout, then the app is not doing its job. The most I got back when I returned to complain was $8 and change. THAT'S A LOT that I was expecting to save, and I didn't (until I went back to complain).
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4 months ago, Jenny 1252567
Not intuitive and makes it difficult to get coupons
App is not reliable, not intuitive at all to use, does not scan products reliably, and yet Vons forces you to download this and use it in order to redeem their “digital coupons.” Not sure why it appears like they’re purposely making it more difficult for customers to get their advertised discounts. Was confronted aggressively by cashier today who refused to honor the sale until we downloaded this app and also refused to let us do it at the cashier, instead making us get out of line to download it and then get back in line. Furthermore app is not clear at all about how to even redeem their coupons besides “clipping it.” Overall a very difficult and frustrating experience from both a tech standpoint and customer service standpoint.
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2 years ago, At&tIsEvil
Fix what needs to be fixed!
The one thing that needed to be fixed: For each order to be delivered, I want my delivery instructions attached. DoorDash deliverers must call me on the phone each time and I must explain how to make the security gate open, where to drive when inside the gate, where to park and where to deliver the groceries. Sometimes the DoorDashers speak little English and have great difficulty following directions. Permanent directions could be translated for the DoorDasher, making their service independent of their English language skills. I have begged for this change for months but you release a whole new app that still fails to address the most important deficiency of the old app. Shame on you for wasting your money on useless software development!
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2 years ago, A.W.O.L.
Greatly exceeds expectations!
I am a professional app developer for a well-known tech company and honestly feel this app was built with the level of love and care other iOS devs dream of being able to produce. The app is full of useful features and more importantly, it functions very well. I especially love the “Meal Plans” feature that finds interesting recipes that fit my diet and puts the ingredients I need in my pickup order. It also has a pretty cool proximity-sensor controlled cooking mode. I wasn’t paid for this review or anything I’m honesty just a fan, which makes this probably the strangest review I’ve given lol
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2 years ago, carebear3328
Family Friendly, Fresh Produce, Amazing Deals!
Vons always has the crisp and fresh produce and quality cuts ands selections of meats/poultry. Kid friendly carts, and staff. Plus the Vons app personalizes your coupons and savings for maximum savings on new and reoccurring buys. The app and store both also provide meal cooking tips, ideas and recipes for inspirational cooking and new family traditions! Keep it up Vons, life time shopper for the last 42 years! Thank you for all your savings and family traditions created with your creative advertising! GREAT STAFF IS THE FOUNDATION TO A GREAT STORE! You have hit the ball right in spot! Kudos to your wonderful staff! 😉👍
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7 years ago, fq9
Great App
I would say this is one of my most go-to apps on my phone. It's so convenient, easy to use, filled with great offers. I would never go through the mail-in coupons or offers so I know I definitely save more now. The list is not that handy because I "add" so many offers that the list becomes too long. Wish there were two different buttons for each sale--one to save offer and one to add to list. Also sometimes I see multiple savings for one product. I end up clicking them all so I hope at the end the best option automatically applies when I make the purchase.
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3 years ago, NerdWriter
Not visually impaired friendly.
I would’ve given this app all 5 stars if they had updated it and kept it more visually-impaired friendly as was the previous versions. As someone who is partially blind and cannot see the color white properly, it’s caused a lot of eye-straining issues. I like that the most recent version has taken all we need from two different apps into one, making it easier to shop and look up deals without having to switch back and forth, but I wish this particular app would’ve kept some of the color scheme that helps those of us who have eye issues. Perhaps the developers can consider introducing dark mode or other visually friendly options for those of us who need it?
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3 years ago, spguy4321
Have to Download Multiple Apps Now
I live equally between a Vons and an Albertsons and I used to use the Safeway app to clip deals and manage my Just4u account since I used to live close to a Safeway and originally downloaded that app. With this new update, when I switch stores to reflect where I’m shopping I’m not being required to download a separate app for that store. It used to be, I could use one app for all stores. They were interchangeable. Whoever thought it was a good idea to how force customers to download separate apps for each of their stores should be fired. Not only do each app still maintain my coupons and carts, they’re identical. There should be no reason I have to use separate apps for different stores from the same parent company. Please restore the interchangeable feature of your apps.
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5 months ago, Nurse Pudge
Just 4 U messed up again
Vons finally fixed this app to the point where when you clicked on Just 4 U it show the coupons for items you buy first. This was great. However, the app has now reverted to showing every single coupon, including dozens that are irrelevant to me, with the ones for items I buy randomly mixed in. This means I have to search the entire list to select the coupons for items I buy, which is a huge waste of time. This feels like an advertising ploy that renders the app much less user friendly. Please return to old method where clicking on Just 4 U puts the Items you buy coupons at the top of the list. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Steve L. RockSci
20 year customer leaving because of this update
After 20 years of enjoyable shopping at Vons, I am switching to a competitor because of this update. Using it, my bill is now 10% - 20% higher than usual because I'm missing so many deals. It’s now effectively impossible to make a list and check it off as you go through the store. The previous app made finding Just-for-U and Von's Club discounts very easy. You used to be able to easily add these to your list by category along with any other items you needed. Now, you have to navigate through lots of menus and can't be sure you've really found all of the deals. It's also hard to add items to your list so it's always incomplete. I now routinely come home without something because it was too timing-consuming and confusing to add to the list. I saddens me because I like my Vons store and employees. But now, having tried this app several times, I'm never sure I got everything I need and I definitely am not saving nearly as much as I used to due to the difficulty finding and using discounts. So, I'm in the process of using the rest of my rewards then will be shopping elsewhere. Sigh.
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