Vueling Airlines-Cheap Flights

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Vueling Airlines S.A.
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Vueling Airlines-Cheap Flights

4.73 out of 5
12.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Kimjames1900
Smooth sailing...
I was worried when I read negative reviews about this app. But when I checked in using it, there was no problem, and it took less than one minute(okay, it crashed twice when I first opened it). I guess I’m the rare lucky one, but I actually enjoyed using it.
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5 years ago, CDavis_RN
Worst ever!
If you want to get to your destination on-time, or ever for that matter, do NOT book Vueling. Flight gets delayed, you wait around with no explanation, then it’s gets cancelled. Our flight was later rescheduled to the next day as no other flights were available; still with minimal to no explanations other than “technical difficulties”. Eventually you follow a lady who is representing the airline (that has no info) other than to voice that she was supposed to be off work an hour ago, to go collect your luggage and board a bus that then takes you to an over night accommodation located 30 minutes away. A prepackaged meal (bread, rice, cheese, & water) is provided. Bus will return to take passengers back to the airport at 2pm, yet the hotel demands you be checked out of their rooms at 11am; therefore you just sit around in a hotel lobby waiting & waiting. The other option was to book an entirely different airline that had No direct flights, or anything else departing within the next 6-8hrs and then you can fight the airline via their customer service for a refund (good luck).
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7 years ago, Peeple'sPal
Highly unworkable. Hope the pilot knows how to fly
Bizarre. Not sure how to write that in Catalan. Checked in online from Barcelona and since we did not bring our printer with us I opted for boarding passes on my mobile phone. Got a text instantly, one for me and one for my wife. These are supposed to be a link of some sort to actually get the passes. But the link doesn't work. I tried the link option to "preview" our flight tomorrow morning. The preview actually shows that that flight today already landed. Nice to know but our flight is tomorrow. So I went and installed their app. Had to enter all the info since the link doesn't link to anything. I got to see boarding passes for us--hurrah! But how to save them for use at the airport?? Hope my screen shots work! Then I found that Vueling emailed what they called boarding passes. Of course they're not Boarding passes at all! That's when I figured I'd had enough Vueling nonsense. So much for the convenience of an electronic boarding pass!
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3 weeks ago, Stranded in BCN
Dealing w Change from veuling
I received a notice that veuling changed the date of my flight from BCN with no reason. That change required me to change an inbound flight from lpg since the new flight forced by Vueling would leave 10 hours before I arrived in bcn. All of this was on the veuling computer which knew I was not able to make their new flight time. When I tried to get an earlier flight to bcn to meet the new time dictated by Vueling that change, unknown to me, cancelled the out bound flight the month earlier. That cancellation to meet Vueling dictated change ended up with a flight credit. Then I had to rebook all new flights, change hotel reservations and rental car reservations. All with no explanation from veuling as to why it so messed up my whole holiday and no assistance or sympathy from Veuling for ALL the trouble and added cost their change cost me and my whole family!!
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6 years ago, trimjamjar
Check in
We flew Vueling yesterday for the first time. WORST check in experience ever. Checked baggage is half price if booked online. Easier said than done. It took two hours on three different devices to achieve this. Now, checking in online for our return trip, same problem, cannot book or pay for checked baggage. Your contact number is a joke, some generic number that books multiple airlines. Needless to say, they couldn’t help. We called five times(twice they hung up when we mentioned Vueling), the last rep even said Vueling changes their baggage policy all the time? So while we will more than likely have to pay full price for our bags on our return flight, we most certainly do not have to fly with Vueling again. Which we won’t.
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5 years ago, vacayruined
Worst experience
Check in was terrible. Most of Maxine’s did not work to print ticket to attach to bags. Long wait to get on plane. Sat an hour on tarmac while some maintenance issue was addressed. Unfriendly staff. They lost my luggage. Finally found place to file lost baggage claim. Was supposed to arrive the next morning yet after waiting all day and calling to ensure they had my correct info they still did. It deliver my luggage. Called in the evening again and no one ever picked up the phone after over half hour waiting on hold. Still no luggage a day and a half later and no way to reach anyone. Would have preferred to pick it up myself but can’t reach anyone at this point. Not a good way to start vacation without clothing.
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7 years ago, badcreditnothelping
I'm not allowed to pay ? Ryanair it is.
I downloaded your app to my current iPhone (to quickly check if flights were available) setup an account then, opened laptop,went to your webpage , logged on to your site. Picked my flights to Spain (one for mom and myself) but, when I reached the part (after credit card info entry and confirm) I came to a window that said "continue" a little red window with a phone number came up. I tried logging out then using another credit card, still nothing. Went through Ryanair without problems instead.
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3 months ago, Too much time flying
3rd world app
Despite using this app pretty regularly for the past 8+ years there appears to be zero attention to upgrades or user experience. My biggest annoyance is having to resubmit all/some of personal data during the booking AND check in phase. If they know your phone number in the booking phase, why do you have to resubmit for the check in? All other airlines manage this (even Ryanair manage this seemlessly). They need to sack their developers and focus on improving the experience so it’s not so frustrating.
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5 years ago, chxvxc
Bad service
You guys keep stealing my Money you I should have my flight to Barcelona The 14 at 12:20 am I went to the Airport August 13 at 10 pm you guys didn’t let me inn and told me that my flight was the next day,, I show up The next day and they they told me that I lost my flight this is a really bad service and now you are still making me pay for more and more I never have a issue with you company at all but lately it’s been horrible. thank you I hope you guys see this message ! I’m really disappointed about this service!
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2 years ago, Bayou Jenny
Perfect and Easy to Use
Great app from a great airline. Never takes more than a minute to book.
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2 years ago, MD, PhD
Can’t sign into my account. Can’t change my password. Their (mobile) website didn’t let me check in online because my nationality is “not on the list of countries that allow online check in” which is pure discrimination because I am an EU citizens that was flying from one to another EU country. And also there is no way to contact customer services. Use this airline only if it’s your only option and you’re desperate.
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6 years ago, App user #001
Cannot Check in luggage or choose seat if you are not from Spain.
Because Vueling April and website only accepts Visa cards that do not exist outside of Spain (at least not in the US or France) you cannot purchase luggage checking or designated seats. Extremely annoying when traveling with your family. I doing so they force you to check in luggage just before your flight and pay double. Forget about going to the airport at Vueling desk to find a solution in advance in most airport outside of Spain they don’t have any.
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5 years ago, Loopsta24
I think it’s utterly ridiculous to charge someone for a NEW ticket for making a mistake about the NAME inputted. I already bought the seat and it processed with incorrect name. Charging me for another flight for something so simple of a change makes me wonder about the integrity of this airline. I don’t appreciate the lack of customer service I’ve been provided in this matter and it has costed me a lot of money. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, dantaham
The worst Airline I have ever flown
I am in Barcelona, had a flight from BCN to Roma they change my flight with out my permission from morning to afternoon and didn’t event tell me ans they force charged me for my next seats ans when I tried to talk to customer service at the airport bcn they said they can’t help and fill out paper that’s all before my next flight in the airport … don’t give you headache
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2 years ago, jbcfuncsrubvbkk
Does not function and not reliable
This app crashes all the time and is very unreliable for being able to check the statuses of your flights and regularly will not let you log in because of unknown reasons. Not very pleased with its services and definitely needs to get it together and function correctly.
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7 years ago, Mil23x
My booking experience
Website difficult to navigate at first but after about 10 minutes of trial and error I succeeded in completing my booking. However, I could not print boarding passes and was forced, after five attempts, to download Vueling app to see passes. Strange!!
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5 years ago, lindsmo13
Flight was delayed they made us pick up our bags and re check on a connecting flight with in the same airline system. Had to completely exit and go through security again with our bags and They charged double for our bags. Missed our flight. Missed our transportation which was non refundable and missed our hotel stay.
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2 years ago, 1234vamo
Terrible. Vueling makes passengers pay for their seat in order to check in. I’ve never had to pay before just to get through check in. Hustling their customers. I will file a complaint and hopefully they return my money because this is very frustrating to pay 50 euro for check in !
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5 years ago, magicjr55
Not user friendly
Not user friendly, must have been written by someone who does not use the app. There are links that do not appear to work. When data is saves, where is it places? I am only isong the app because it is in fact better than the useless emails.... What you think is obvious is not!
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11 months ago, Davidthesz
No copy, paste & password manager integration in 2023? It’s a security flaw.
If an app doesn’t let me people use password manager, or allows copy/paste of passwords at signup, it sets up the company for weak passwords and password breaches ultimately. App developers: please learn from this and do a good job allowing your users to use use password managers and paste long complex passwords into the password box.
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6 years ago, PAonThego
Simply Good
I found the app to work as expected. The flight information was easy to find and link to the app on my iPhone. Now the boarding passes are there waiting for me to fly. Couldn’t be simpler.
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2 years ago, Josshe85
So far so good
Haven’t travel yet, but the app is extremely convenient and easy to use.
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8 months ago, zion.2
No cut and paste
This is the first app where the ‘smart folks’ in product development have decided to disable cut and paste functionality. Hilariously ridiculous! Also European Airlines are known to nickel and dime their customers. Much rather take the train. Thank god this nonsense doesn’t fly in the US, consumer protection, customers and lawyers would sue these unscrupulous operators to bankruptcy.
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11 months ago, Krubs24
Horrible customer service
The front desk ladies have no idea what they are talking about. I got charged and absurd amount of money for no reason and when I called to get a refund they said, “all sales are final even if it’s their fault and charged me wrong” 0 out of 10 experience and will never fly with Vueling again.’
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4 years ago, Rickatchue
Nora the explorer
Having the power to book and pay on the palm of your hand really speeds things up!
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2 years ago, Diyg hlvdfk
Gets the job done
This app gets the job done but is full of little glitches here and there. Swiping to another app to find your reference number causes the app to reset.
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6 years ago, gamerguy10
Don't rely on this app for updated flight times.
Flight was delayed yet app never relected that. Instead, they put very small text under the "On Time" banner that the flight was delayed. Other web sites had more information. If the airlines own app can't truthfully show a flight's status then what is this app useful for? 1 star.
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3 months ago, Piochrispy
app and website is garbage
can’t check in online either app or website, tried so many times with different set ups, nothing works. Generally if you have connecting flight you got get outside the airport to check in at the desk. very frustrating!!!
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2 years ago, valramoswritesreviews
If I could give a ZERO I would
This app is useless. It continuously crashes and does not allow you to do basic functions such as checking in or booking an extra bag. No clear contact information provided to get a representative to help you. Very bad, do not recommend.
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2 years ago, Bill from San Francisco
The website is excellent and easy to use
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5 years ago, Wienckowski
Delayed Flight & Over Charge for luggage!
Our 2nd bag. You fly all the way to United States and pay $90 or 1 hour away to Ibiza and pay $70. Come on really that’s ridiculous. I understand paying $40 for second bag! We wanted to arrive into Ibiza early cause we only have 1 day there. Our flight has been delayed by 2 hours. Absolutely ridiculous!!!
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5 years ago, FuriousBabyEmu
App is Useless
Don’t use the app to pay for anything, it will take your money and then not change anything in the system (changing seats for example), I paid for a seat change and then checked in at the airport and they said the seats I booked were taken and they couldn’t do anything about it.
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4 years ago, cmastorides
Less than one star
Less than one star - terrible, selecting refund to see the amount but no amount shows and then it says you can’t change this! These businesses are trying everything they can to keep our money due to Coronavirus, even though we ca not even travel to the countries!!
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5 years ago, Zoe1013
Great App
If only the major carriers had an app this good. You can do everything. It’s easy to use and intuitive.
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2 years ago, Rs master
If you’ve purchased your ticket, cancel it, if you haven’t, don’t.
This garbage airline delayed my flight hour by hour, it’s been 3 hour since we were supposed to take off and I’m allegedly finding out the gate in an hour, with takeoff allegedly an hour after that. I repeat, DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE
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7 months ago, paradisegirl69
Easy to book!
Vuelings app is so easy to use and manage. 10+
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5 years ago, Rymofosho
Wanted random seat, forced to pay
Vueling let me buy my ticket, opting for no selected seat. Only after trying to check in do they inform me I have to chose a seat. There are “only” a select amount of random seats. I was forced to pick a seat and pay. The only seats left were expensive and I had no choice in the matter.
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6 years ago, Jehan1
Vueling... lo peor del internet
Nada funciona en este aplicación y espero que arreglan los aviones mejor que esta herramienta que solo sirve para perder el tiempo. This is the worst application I have ever worked with. Hope this Vueling planes are better fixed than this awful app. 😡
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5 years ago, Levesque88
Be aware of the fine print!!!!!!!!!
I purchased a ticket very last minute and it ONLY gave me the option to purchase a seat versus having one allocated to me. Not very happy about this. They state there is a 24/7 number but the only available from 10-5 and never in the language that you need.
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4 years ago, C3POrator
Awful Airline and App!!
Only one person working check-in. Whether you checked a bag or not, you had to wait in extremely long line. App check-in requires you to buy a seat. Flight delayed an hour with no explanation. No help with directions/info to terminal. Awful experience.
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5 years ago, El Faisán 18
Should Be Better
People can’t flight without a seat all seat have a price after paying for flight. Can’t change or sit together if flight in with wife or child unless you paid extra
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5 months ago, Brent M
Bad Functionality, Poor Readability
The app is crippled in a number of ways, like not being able to thru-checkin codeshare partner Iberia - and Will only produce print passes for their own flight in this case Poor readability with some different/light fonts for no reason
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2 years ago, Bufford Snodgrass
Still confusing
Need to work on flow… Difficult to interface with at times, and impossible to look at original booking!
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4 years ago, Ifádáre
A connection error has occurred. Please try again later
The application does not work and it makes no sense to download it if you will not be able to connect to the user area to manage flight reservations. Every day is getting worse.
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4 years ago, El-JAguar
Wonderful in any and every way
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4 years ago, Quamar71
Unable to login
I am unable to login or signup which makes purchasing tickets time consuming.
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1 year ago, Pink Islander
Don’t work with VoiceOver
It is very easy to navigate if you are cited. For blind people, this app is not voiceover friendly. You can go over the options on the screen, but can’t tap on them. 🥹
Show more
5 years ago, luisg1234987
Awful services
Long check-in Had to go to another counter to pay for the luggage (which I thought I had already paid for) Have 2 seat in the aircraft.. my online app tells me I have the seat 3 c my paper says I have seat 9 d This will be my first and last vueling experience
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2 years ago, While German Dog
Not Clear
Your app is not clear as to what’s allowed in the cabin. While checking in, I paid for allowance of a “cabin bag” and then it asked me to pay again for another “cabin bag”. I hope I don’t end up having an argument w one your agents at the airport.
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2 years ago, !6:)?:8/!??3$,!),
Worst airline for charging customers
I feel rip off… absolutely rip off. No option to get there… this is only the check in process. Will see later.
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