3.1 (20)
50.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vygruppen AS
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Vy

3.1 out of 5
20 Ratings
6 months ago, Bonde.
Credit card/Americans & Canadians,
Hi, Any chance you could make it easier to use PayPal? Now I have to go through all menus (stations/date/time), by the time I get to “pay”, it tells Americans etc., has to use PayPal for some security stuff. Any chance I can get to the PayPal link through a settings link, on top? Thank you. PS Not sure about why Americans etc., have to use PayPal. I use my credit card all over Europe, and Norway in particular, without any issues, for years.
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4 months ago, artemsyd
Very nice
Really nice application. The GUI is slightly overloaded, but quite convenient and informative. It is also very handy that one can purchase the entire trip including the VY train, Ruter’s T-bane and a local bus. It even has a taxi, although that one goes separately, but it is still nice to have it right here in the same application. I see several negative reviews here saying about problems with payment, and I reckon, this is about non-norwegian cards, and those indeed should be supported, I think. Meanwhile, for those living in Norway paying with Vipps works totally fine.
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1 year ago, Ticked Off Tourist
You can’t ignore an entire continent
Folks, you can’t sell an app that tourists are expected to use traveling in Norway that refuses to serve hundreds of thousands of visitors from North America by not accepting credit cards from the U.S. I first encountered this problem on my last visit to Norway in 2017 so you’ve had 6 years to fix it. I’ve heard you accept PayPal, but generally only folks under 40 use it and even they have moved to other apps. I now follow several sites for travel tips to Norway and am seeing a lot of miscommunication that Norwegians don’t accept Visa cards at all. If you don’t fix this soon, it will cost the Norwegian Tourist Board millions to address.
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3 years ago, veryveryangryscrewyouinstagram
Good but unnecessary
The app works well and is easy to use but it’s annoying that you have to download the app to get your ticket. The ticket should be available online.
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2 years ago, Tvfkxrvkn
Awful. Couldn’t buy a ticket on the app, missed the train.
Requires a lengthy login set up that’s riddled with error messages. This took so long and wouldn’t accept our credit card, so we missed the train while having to buy the tickets in-person instead. Don’t waste your time and just buy the tickets in person.
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1 year ago, njviking2
New version is terrible
The previous version was soooo much easier to navigate, this one is awful. It’s literally hard to find the time table for a route on a certain date/time
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1 year ago, jhtdfhitdch
Top 10 worst apps
It’s rare to find such a bad app in 2023. This app incorporates all the bad qualities that all users hate. It has a poor user interface, a dysfunctional transaction usability and overall instability. Use of this app should come with a warning label. Will cause frustration and headaches.
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2 years ago, mermaidmagic
Easy travel
This app makes travel in Norway easy
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2 years ago, calliejacob
Can’t pay
The app won’t let you pay with your credit card or any other payment because the only option of payment is through another app.
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11 months ago, Trygve I
App crashes when displaying ticket
After buying a ticket, the app crashes when trying to display that ticket. Pretty terrible.
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2 years ago, AliceHenneman
Can’t get app to work
I have used my credit cards extensively in Europe but can’t get the app to accept them in my profile so I can proceed to purchase a ticket. I live in the United States. Help!
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2 years ago, aritraveler222
App doesn’t take my any of my cards
Had to use PayPal on my web browser
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10 months ago, sendintheclowns
Very buggy
Does not work with American credit cards. Keeps hanging and have to reinstall.
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7 months ago, SuperManifolds
No dark mode
No dark mode in 2023 is a joke
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5 years ago, Pw95
What’s the point
First of all, why Vy? Who came up with a pointless name and concept like that??? Since this is a ticket and transportation infustry app, what about making tickets available to be added to Apple Wallet?!! Ever heard about that? Just like airlines, events, hotels, and other bus- and rail companies do. Otherwise I don’t see any point in using the app. It’s not integrated into the iOS system which makes is good for locals, but irrelevant for global travelers.
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13 years ago, Isolde72879
Good, functional app
Works as it should. The 'add to calendar' feature is nice. Like that I can access my account as well. Will probably use this over the togtider app.
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5 years ago, falconreid
Confusing and difficult to use
First the app is a bit confusing to navigate, second, I have plenty of funds in my bank but I tried twice to purchase a pass and it even pulled up my bank name before saying transaction failed. From the other reviews I recommend you find a new developer and start over!
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4 years ago, Shaffner
It is bewildering that basically the app because it does not provide the PayPal option available on the website, which is essential because regular U.S. cards will be rejected (the Vy website says so, but the app fails to mention it). So you have to use the website anyway, which defeats the point of having an app.
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8 years ago, hussar
International Travelers Take Note
You can go to nsb.no using your web browser on your iOS device to see timetables and purchase tickets. You will not be able to view the ticket there, though. You receive a code, which you can use to pick up your ticket at a station, from one of their machines, or using their app. It appears that many stations are unmanned and don't have ticket machines. If you think, "Okay, I'll use the app" be aware that you need to log in to an account/profile with the app to retrieve your ticket using the app. To create an account/profile on the app, you need a Norwegian mobile number and a Norwegian postal code. It may be possible to create an account/profile at nsb.no using your web browser on your iOS device and then retrieve your ticket using the app, but I haven't tried that yet.
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5 years ago, Panchopoedra
Awful app
Agree with all the others’ comments. Booked a ticket and it downloaded but cannot locate it on my phone, and I have only ten minutes after my ferry arrives so I can catch the train to Myrdal. Also tried to book to Oslo and cannot get future departures - just today.
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3 years ago, Ross.J.E.
I see no point in this. Now it’s difficult to book a train ticket. It used to be easy. Why would you make it less convenient and more complicated to use?
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8 years ago, EECSProf
Terrible design assuming Norwegian phone/address
I'm an annual academic visitor to Norway. This the only of many international rail and airline apps that doesn't let me create an account without a Norwegian phone and address. I'll use this as an example of terrible app design for my Computer Science students.
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5 years ago, jazzybeat
NSB app was amazing until we got Vy Wu Wy or anything else you want to call this confusing poorly rebranded name. The logo is poorly designed, it does not stand out and it does not feel that I am using a national railway. This is probably worst rebranding example I can think of.
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3 years ago, zumasurfer
No payment options for foreigners
Does not accept Apple Pay or VISA/ credit cards from the U.S. One would think that in the global marketplace of 2021 this would be possible.
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3 years ago, bomboo001
Vy, the most ridiculous name change
Vy is the most ridiculous name they could possibly come up with, and how many millions did the name change cost?! Really should have just continued with the NSB name.
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6 years ago, Jakeh25
Can’t sign up, no errors displayed
I’m simply trying to sign up for the app. Every time I enter information and tap register, it says please correct errors but there are no errors. So this is literally unusable.
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3 years ago, VilhelmB
Bad app
Foreign credit cards gets rejected. No option to use ApplePay even though page says it is possible
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10 years ago, Hard man Norge
Super good
Simple and easy to use. Like it
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5 years ago, jfrearson
Mostly useless
NSB makes it impossible for customers with foreign credit cards to buy tickets with their app. NSB does accept PayPal...but NOT in the app. How about you guys fix that?
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9 years ago, DanielleDIY
Can't even create profile
The app will not even create a profile for me. Unusable without a profile.
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9 years ago, Jujudale
Worse app; even worse than NSB website
Was this app even reviewed by the quality control by the programming company or NSB? Horrible!
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10 years ago, JamesTsaiCn
Doesn't work
The booking function doesn't work... Can't even display the list of origin/destination stations...
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4 years ago, joey blower 44
God Awful WiFi
The subject says it all. Train is always on time, but has THE MOST TERRIBLE INTERNET CONNECTIVITY. Don't expect to get anything done if you take your work to-go.
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11 years ago, Klosenuf
Crashes after selecting the arrival destination.
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5 years ago, burdergirl
not meant for us customers
you cannot enter a 5digit zip or anything but an 8 digit phone!!!!!
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10 years ago, ayed al-fadhli
Very good app 👍👍👍
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4 years ago, EbruDidem
Null billett
Har prøvd å kjøpe billett flere ganger gjennom appen den siste uken, har betalt og alt mulig, men ingen billett dukker opp i Vy appen. «Skikkelig» forbedret app. Fy Vy!
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10 years ago, Marrakas
Virker ikke
ingenting kommer opp i søk
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5 years ago, aellis93
Terrible Functionality
The app asks for payment, I put in my information and it sends a one time code via SMS to approve my credit card. I put in the code and the app still says “transaction invalid.” This is now the 3rd time I’ve tried to book tickets through the app without it functioning properly. I guess I’ll have to book all my tickets in person at Oslo S, so really, what’s the point of the app at all?!
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5 years ago, jennyluau
App does not reflect web purchase
I purchased my tickets on web, asked for PDF tickets (which keeps giving me an error), downloaded app so I could use it to get my tickets since site keeps saying PDF cannot be downloaded, entered pick-up code and app is telling me that pick-up code can’t be used in the app. The app also does not show any record of the tickets I purchased. Waiting for their customer service to get back to me on how I actually can obtain my tickets.
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9 years ago, xyz_2379
Update for iOS 8
This app is stuck in 2010 Please add: 1. Touch ID when buying tickets 2. iPhone 6/6+ support 3. Passbook support
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