Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters

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Wag Labs, Inc.
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User Reviews for Wag! - Dog Walkers & Sitters

4.75 out of 5
54K Ratings
6 years ago, MissCarla83
Great service and super easy app
I’ve been using Wag for a few months now and am very happy with the service. I’ve been fortunate enough to get the same walker each time who is fantastic! He always refreshes their water bowls or puts their food out if I ask. I have a very hyper 1.5 yr old boxer and 6 month old mutt. My walker went above and beyond on one walk by not only walking them for an extra 15 minutes because he felt bad for being a little late but also taking them on a RUN! A tired puppy is a happy puppy! :) I’ve only had one bad experience where a walker said she was going to show up several hours earlier than I had scheduled because she was already in the area (which I wasn’t okay with) and then said she wasn’t going to make it because of car trouble and then said she had to cancel because she didn’t realize how far I lived from where she was (but I thought you were already in the area??). Wag support saw all of her notes in the app and quickly contacted me, apologized and got a new walker scheduled within an hour of my original time request. I had the walker flagged so they never suggest her again for my dogs to avoid future issues. Reviews saying you don’t get contacted about walker arrivals are incorrect. I get a text message and app notification every time when my walker is on their way or a little late or if Wag needs to schedule someone different. I’ve had zero issues with customer support. Our normal walker also texts me directly.
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6 years ago, Jasmine99
Wag is pawsome!!
My fur-babies and I love the Wag app! I usually request an immediate walker and I receive a text immediately that they've requested a walker in my area and I will be alerted within 10 minutes of time of arrival. A few minutes later, I am texted that a walker will arrive by “time” (and its usually within 15-30 minutes). Walkers have been very courteous and timely. My dogs get excited and go for their walk, all the while I can watch their walk by map in the Wag app. It notifies me when and where they tinkle, doo, and the walker usually sends me at least 1 video to watch with paw-some background music! Laughed so hard the first time I watched it. You can set up a regular schedule with your favorite walker also! I can see profiles of all the walkers before they walk my dogs, or I can choose them. However, if not available or they don't respond quick enough, the Wag app will alert other walkers to accept the walk. Some walkers have mentioned that they try to grab a walk, but even though they answered right away, someone else beat them to many walks.. So apparently the walkers need more walks. If you have a favorite walker, best to text them first before you request them, just to confirm availability and alert them you are requesting a walk. I’ve been using Wag for over 6 months and love it! Thank you Wag and paw-some walkers!
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6 years ago, Fur Mommy
Happy Fur Mommy
I love using Wag to help keep my dog, Grayson, active during the day! I will use the app when my schedule gets crazy and I can’t take my pup out. You can schedule walks same day or even within a few hours of when you need it. I’ve used t when I went out of town & my hubs was at work. I felt very safe. I love how Wag requires background checks of their walkers. During the walk, your walker will send videos, pictures, as well as a report card of how the walk went. The app allows you to track how the walk is going as it’s happening! All my walkers have been in constant communication with me, & willing to deal with me being overbearing! Each walker has kept an eye out for my cat, & sent me pictures of him so I know he didn’t sneak out. Grayson has loved all of his walkers and that is so important to me! One of my favorite things about the Wag app/company is their desire to keep you safe by sending you a free lockbox for your key! This ensures the safety of my home and my animals! Lastly, they will do promos & offer you a free walk every once and a while. This is so great when you have a busy day & can have someone just stop by (even when we are home). I can say this, I am NOT paid to give a good review & I’m NOT an automated response. I truly love this app/company and tell my friends about it! Happy walking!!
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6 years ago, worstideaever3
Peace of mind
I love this app. I originally downloaded it because I broke my leg and didn’t have anyone to walk my large but friendly Bernese Mountain dog while on bed rest. It was easy to set up and they offer discounted options if you buy in bulk. The app is like an uber for dog walks- I put the request in for what time I want him to be walked each day, choose between a 20 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute walk, and the Wag team sends a trained walker depending on each walker’s availability!! I love that they handle all the scheduling and I never need to worry about a no show!! They also send me a free lock box to put a spare key for the walker to use when I’m out, I’ll be using it when I can walk again!! You can also write long notes about your pup on your profile so that each walker knows your pup well before arriving. I got treats for my walkers cause my dog can be stubborn. During the walk the app tracks where they walk and the walker even marks where they pee/poop! This tracking gives me peace of mind!!! Sometimes you can even extend their walks for a discounted rate!! The walker always takes a picture of brody and writes a review after each walk. I’m able to “prioritize” aka pick which walker I’d like to return! There are also overnight or daycare options. Love love love this app. Thank you Wag team!!!
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6 years ago, Ac1234567812345678888896426
Highly recommend!!
I’ve been working with wag for quite a while! I’m shocked at some of these bad reviews!! I love my job!! Wag sometimes has some technical difficulties (not often) since it is an app & sometimes the Urgent Walker Support is a little slow to call back but they do have a lot of dogs & walkers all over the country & they can’t get to everyone at once. If any situation was that serious that you need them that very second, us walkers should call someone else that can get there quicker anyway! But other then that my experience with wag has been awesome. They’ve always been able to cover my walks where something happened & I couldn’t make it. It’s obvious they really care about their clients/clients pups & they also don’t hire just anyone. A few people I know have had dog experience but still didn’t get hired, they seem to take it very seriously. In smaller cities where they are still working on expanding walkers to that area, like the IL suburbs, sometimes take a little longer to get walks filled but they always end up getting filled. But yeah that’s all I can speak on!! Everything else just depends on the walker you get & I don’t count that as the company. When I get my dogs I’m definitely signing up.
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3 years ago, indigocritt
Walker tried to steal money and starve my cats
My husband and I took a 1 week vacation and put in a request for a cat sitter a few days before we left. I have 2 cameras in my home to check on the cats while I’m away. The night came for the sitter to come to my apartment and tend to both of my cats. My husband and I were at dinner when I got a notification that the sitter had started the “drop-in visit” so I sighed with relief thinking that my cats where being cared for. I decided to check the cameras as I had never met this sitter before and I just wanted to make sure my cats were safe but I saw that no one was there. I thought maybe the sitter was in a room that didn’t have a camera but my camera sends me notifications when a person enters my home and I did not get this alert at all. I called the sitter and they told me they arrived at my house and was in a room with one of my cats but looking at my camera I could see that cat was alone sitting on his cat tree. This person thought I would not pay attention and attempted to take payment for a service that they were not providing. Be very careful when hiring anyone from this company. The platform makes it very easy for someone to take advantage of you and your pet. If I did not have cameras both of my cats would have starved for an entire week while my husband and I were away just because someone who clearly doesn’t care about animals wanted to make a quick buck for doing nothing.
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4 years ago, littlestlyon
Customer Service
Was really happy to find this service to help me during long work hours. The first month of service was great. I then had a walker lock my keys to my house IN my house rather than using the lock box outside. Normally I have a spare but had recently lost my usual keys so the keys in the house were the only keys I had. It was snowing and I had to call a lock smith and wait outside. Finally got into my house and called the Wag customer service. Got in touch with someone that was going to help reimburse me the $125 I had to spend on the locksmith that day. After sending this person the invoice they informed me they would have to call The locksmith company to verify. After two weeks of email exchange I gave up. The person I was in contact with apparently couldn’t get in touch with the locksmith even though I was personally able to get through every time I called. They didn’t even offer reimbursement in the form of walks. Then three weeks later my “premium” subscription started which I had forgotten I was on a free trial for. I called the customer service line again and explained why I wouldn’t be using this company ever again and was told that the service charge is non refundable and there was nothing to be done about it. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told “they will just tell you what I did.” All in all that single walk cost me $135. I will never use this service again
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5 years ago, MalecShipper
Great app
I love working for Wag and I love hanging out with all the dogs, everything about that is fantastic however I do have some constructive criticism. - As many other people have mentioned the walker support is really bad and unhelpful, they take a very long time to get back to you and I feel that they only care about the customer but not the employee. Once a very large bulldog was growling pretty aggressively at me and another time I went to a building only to arrive and find that there was nobody there under that name and the walk had been a scam. Both times I tried to contact support and depending on what could have happened, those could have been unsafe situations, and support did not answer for a very long time both times, and the second time they put me on hold for like ten minutes. There could have been some person there trying to hurt dog walkers that requested a fake walk, and support put me on hold. - You should be able to change the radius of walks that are visible in the app. I know you can restrict notifications but opening the app and seeing a bunch of beautiful huskies and German shepherds that are all 10 miles away is so sad. Aside from that I love the app!
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4 years ago, Tks516
No accountability for actions
If I could give zero stars I would. A Wag! walker lost our puppy, didn’t follow Wags “protocols”, contacted me directly and only when I was 15mins into my drive to get home did I then receive a call from Wags emergency call center to which I had to explain everything to them and answer questions that should have been pulled from our profile. I had to request what it was they were doing to find our puppy and for hourly updates from them because they didn’t think that that was important enough to help put an owners mind a little at ease. Long story short my partner and I found our puppy 4hours on foot and 25k steps each. It was cold and miserable and they NEVER took full responsibility. They conducted an investigation that took weeks and concluded it was the dogs fault and the walker (whom both my partner and I both talked to) lied about what happened. Was it convenient when the system was working yes, is it worth the risk to have your family member lost and no responsibility from the care giver at the time and for it to possibly end up in days of searching or possibly death? Absolutely not! Go local and with a trusted and responsible walker. We were fortunate enough to save our own puppy’s life and are dealing with the anxiety this event caused him on our own dollar no thanks to this Wag event! I am a very level headed and calm person but this was by far the worst customer service and experience in general I have had by far.
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1 year ago, Aishbabe
Don’t not work for Wag
After walking into a customers house and falling after gripping the railing they suspended me for property damage and leaving the house unlocked to a customers house name Jennifer Pierce in PDX, mind you the house was unlocked upon arrival. Then they took my payment from me after falling and hitting my head ? The customer service reps are so rude and they took $60 dollars I earned and won’t give it to me. This app thinks they live above the law and I hope they face a large lawsuit soon for all of their shenanigans. I worked for them the last 6 months and it’s not worth it, you’re out in compromising situations where you’re “alone” in someone’s house to pick up the dog in all actuality the owner is in the house (this app is used for human trafficking). Also you’re constantly being watched by homeowners who don’t tell you about hidden cameras, you can very easily become a victim in these situations. They don’t support their walkers and only care about taking a 40% cut, if anything happens to the Walker they could care less and will just take the little bit of cash they gave you after you’re the one who has been walk thousands of steps to load their pockets. Also they partner with wag hotels and they also partner with Airbnb. Most of the dogs on the app are neglected by their owners and that’s why they need people to come walk their pets because they’re too lazy to walk their own dogs.
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5 years ago, klrodri
Please, if you love your fur baby DO NOT USE THIS APP. Literally anyone can get a job through this. They make it seem like the application process is a big deal but I went through it-simple questions, easy recommendations (literally had my boyfriend and best friend do it) and a background check. The ‘training’ is a joke. I flew by it on my phone in under 10 minutes. Don’t trust just anyone to walk your dog (and go in your house!) because that is what you’re doing. I know a dog died where I live in Houston (and many other places!) from an idiot walker. The app distracts walkers during the walk-photos, videos, pee markings. You have to understand you’re taking a HUGE RISK by using this app. Please think about it. This company is absolutely HORRIBLE. Don’t even try talking to customer service because you will get nowhere. The company also doesn’t take care of the walkers at all. I have a five star rating and have done over 300 walks..I was told they were going to refund me 10 dollars for a scam walk and they ended up deducting me 10 dollars from my paycheck. I have been fighting this for over three weeks now, talked to five different people and have gotten nowhere. This is extremely TYPICAL for both the walker side and customer side. I have issues like this with them all the time. It’s not about the $10 it’s about the concept of me having to fight for this mess that is their fault to begin with. Ridiculous...please avoid at all costs.
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1 year ago, suzanne326
Ways to Improve App
The app is convenient for scheduling walks. It’s very difficult to ever get an agent in chat. The app will keep going round and round stating to rephrase the question. Frankly, this is annoying, cumbersome, and not handled properly. There should be agents available anytime without going through this app trying to force the so-called answer when I can never find it in the database. Most of the time, clients are reaching out because they need to speak to someone. The other issue with the app is, after the walk, it won’t allow clients to read any messages from the walker prior to leaving the tip. One time I had a sorry walker, whom I left a good tip to, then she wrote abrupt, rude comments about me needing to clarify instructions on the profile. When writing the profile, it won’t allow me to copy and paste from my notes. This is inconvenient. Some days the needs change, and I would like to update the profile accordingly. It is a real hassle. It also won’t allow instructions to have paragraphs, so everything in jumbled together. I wish there was a spot to add cats and geckos, etc. The app has some great ideas, but it definitely needs some improvement. I love how I can view the walk live.
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6 years ago, Steph Redmond
Best App and Concept Ever
Wow, this is an absolute game changing life safer. The app in itself has a great design and is very easy to navigate. The service on the other hand is amazing. I have had several walks arranged and they have all been great. I have 2 high energy Husky puppies that are selectively trained or maybe they’re trained and just listen selectively. I requested an experienced walker and they sent over the perfect walker. The first walk we did together because the puppies initially freaked out when they were taken away from my husband and I. So, she ended up walking them and we just tagged along and it was great. The second time she came when we weren’t home. She gave us a full report telling us what a great walk they had. We actually received a free lockbox when we signed up, that allows the walkers to enter when you’re not home if you so choose. The app tracks the entire walk and it even posts where the pups did their business. They also take a video and take a picture at the end of the walk. This is such a wonderful idea I highly recommend. Plus they were running a promo for a free walk, if they still have that available, I say jump on it ASAP! It’s a must have for any dog owner.
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7 years ago, TRChamz
Wag is a fantastic app & service!! I have a beagle and, at times, my daughter’s border collie. It’s not always easy or possible for me to walk/exercise the pups, especially if I have after work commitments or a social engagement. Enter Wag! with their wonderful walkers & solid customer service. Every single walker has been stellar! The lock box idea is genius for the times no one can be home. Since walkers are well vetted you know your dog & Home are safe. I’ve had great experience with customer service as well. They are very responsive to all questions and requests for assistance. For example, at times I only have the one dog home for to be walked. However, I registered both dogs when I created the profile on my app and prefer to leave it that way for the times that both all of and Charlie are in my care. All I have to do is text Customer Service to alert them to the fact that I present only one dog has been walked and they quickly and easily credit my account. I truly love the idea that an experienced dog walker/dog lover is caring for my dog when I’m not able. Download the app and try today. You won’t be sorry!
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7 years ago, SiZzledaddy
I work for Wag
Wag is a good app but customer service makes it difficult for the walkers to get ahold of support. Once they actually anwser, they are very rude and difficult to talk to. This may also apply for Wag! customers in case of emergencies too.... Wag support is not there for their walkers incase ANYTHING happens beyond the walkers control. Example: a tire pops, an accedint, a overheated car...etc. If a walker needs to cancel because of any understandable reason, wag will not get your pup a cover for HOURS. This happened to one of the dogs I was scheduled to walk. My tire popped on the way there and I could NOT get ahold of wag support. That poor pup didn't get a cover for a very long time. I would've done anything to get transportation to walk him but unfortunately I was stuck....poor thing :( I've also heard horror stories of walkers showing us high/drunk and very late. So better hope that walker actually is good and shows up on time. The hiring process needs to be much stricter. Anybody can get in. Better off finding a neighbor to walk your dog for you or someone you truly trust.. If you like the app idea honestly try Rover you guys. It's much cheaper also. I want your pups to receive excellent service and I know personally from walking with wag that they may not receive that every single time. I got a new job I cant stand these people and the service they provide. Not worth it. A hit or miss with Wag. If you like that...go ahead and give it a shot.
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6 years ago, Moose's Moose
While the walking service seems to be legit and you can see within the app where your dog is via gps, the company loses all credibility and care for animals in their haphazard approach to dog sitting. If you love your animal, I highly recommend you look elsewhere for a company that cares for their well being as this one takes no accountability for the people they hire and let into your home. My story: After using the app for walking services on and off for over a year, I felt (wrongly) safe in using it to book an in-home sitter for my dog while I was out for a week. It was clear during the week and upon my arrival home that the sitter barely spent time with my poor dog during the time I was gone (while he wasn't supposed to be away for more than 3 hours at a time). He didn't stay overnight even though I booked that within the app. He also didn't follow the instructions I listed in the app about how to feed or take care of my dog leading to him being sick when I arrived back home. I also had to call Wag twice within the first couple days because I was receiving zero updates from the sitter. After inquiring with Wag while, all they could tell me was that their people were vetted and insured. They did nothing to check on whether the sitter was actually at my home and doing what he was hired for, and I'll never know just what kind of bad treatment my 10 yr old dog went through while I was gone.
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7 years ago, Nicolettena
Great idea! Bad execution through CS
Wag has a wonderful concept. In today's bustling times, I can see how the on demand walking services can be helpful. I feel as though the prices are affordable. The app itself is well constructed. You can follow the walker and the map, send pictures and updates, and if need be I took the Walker directly. So if the walk goes well and you have a good walker everything pays for itself. As a walker, i've seen a fair share of questionable walkers. I think the hiring process should be a little bit more hands-on. Maybe more in person interviews? There are people who have no professional pet care experience but have exceptional care compared to others and vice versa. it's hard to know if you have a good dog person employed without meeting and speaking to them versus throwing online tests their way. The company support for the walkers is bad. We need to contact them through call, they do have a negative tone of voice and seem as though you're wasting their time. They have delayed notifications about you requests for walking or boarding. Sometimes they are unclear through message about what you need to do or what they are doing. The updates are not frequent enough. I really do wish there was a better structure, because the app would be amazing for both the owners and walkers.
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6 years ago, Edward in La
Poor customer service
I had been using the service for quiet sometime. The service itself is great. However their ability to manage mistakes on behalf of wag is not. The last dog walker (July) I used them for lost my key fob and locked me out of my building in which I had to pay $305. I had to cancel a trip I had planned that weekend in addition to the time driving and frustration as I had to return from my trip to handle the issue. I reported the issue and the service rep ( trustee) called a couple days later and tried to help. They required that I spend time and that I pay it first before they reimburse me. Even though the incident was confirmed by the employee that lost my key . I asked them to communicate with the property manager as I don’t want to waste my time for someone else’s error as they can pay it directly. They didn’t want to. So I followed through their request and provided them proof. Trustee (Erika ) has put together a poor effort in getting this done in a reasonable amount of time. It’s been a lot longer than what anyone would expect for a simple reimbursement that is verifiable with documents I sent. They are waiting to confirm with the property manager ... although they didn’t want to call them in the first place when I asked them immediately after the incident. I’m mostly frustrated at the lack of urgency and empathy on wags behalf. They simply dropped the ball and don’t care. It’s infuriating
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1 year ago, spkurland
Why so difficult to receive endorsements?!?
I was recently approved as a pet caregiver - I passed the background check, was given access to the Wag Caregiver app, etc. I sent one friend an endorsement request last month which he was able to complete, but since then, anyone else I’ve requested endorsements from has been unable to leave one. The process forces the person/endorser to download this app, and makes them create their own pet parent profile. This is a problem in that several people I’ve sent requests to no longer have a pet; therefore, they are unable to create an account and send me an endorsement. In addition, many people are understandably wary about installing an app they’ve never heard of onto their mobile device. The app otherwise is easy enough to navigate but extremely frustrating at times also, and the Help/FAQ section has been decidedly unhelpful. There’s no way to contact (email or phone) Wag tech support, if such a department even exists. For the $50 I was forced to pay for the background check, the fact that I can’t even manage to receive an endorsement to enable me to start earning the trust of pet owners to take care of their pets. This becomes a vicious circle and I don’t see Wag trying to make it any easier for those of us new to the world of “professional” pet care.
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6 years ago, ISSY13
Horrible App design and even worse customer service
Hard to get in touch with walkers. Always messed up our schedule even though we had a reoccurring walk for almost 8 months at the same time everyday. Would take hours to find one-time scheduled and on demand walks. Customer Service never responded when we had problems with scheduling or a walker. The most recent example was when a walker never showed up. It said her number was no longer available. We waited two hours for a walk to be rescheduled. We just ended up using rover and they responded immediately. During the wait, we texted, emailed and called customer service. We were on hold for an hour. Once we decided we were done with Wag, we asked customer service to cancel all of our reoccurring walks. It’s been 3 days and they have been cancelled so we have to individually cancel each walk. While we were cancelling MONTHS of reoccurring walks, we kept telling the app that we cancelled because of a bad experience and to give us a call. We probably did this for 20 of the cancellations and no one ever called. I would not recommend this app to anyone. The customer service is never helpful. Often the first person we talk to has no idea what they are doing and then we have to wait to get transferred to someone else. We are now using rover. The customer service doesn’t seem to care. They don’t care about the walker, the owners or the dogs.
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6 years ago, Disgusted and Violated
We booked Wag for a sitting session for our two dogs on the recommendation of a friend who had used the service for daily walks. BIG mistake. Not only did we not receive updates on our dogs, we came home to urine and feces all over our apartment, dogs that clearly either weren’t fed or not fed enough (she never bothered to ask how much food they got), AND the sitter had helped herself to items in our fridge, watched DVDs from our collection, was in our bedroom looking through our personal belongings, and texted us at 9:15pm the first night there saying that she was going to crash on our pull out couch (which we never disclosed we had so there must have been some snooping involved). We specifically requested that the sitter not stay overnight and she persisted that she didn’t feel safe leaving to go home. It was 9:15 in LIC. No reason for that, and if you feel unsafe, don’t take the job. She claimed to have arrived at the apartment at 8pm so I’m not really sure why she was even still there close to 90 minutes later. I will be reporting this company to the BBB because they claim to background check their walkers, but don’t tell me you walked my dog at 9am and have me come home to a massive bodily fluid mess at 3pm. I felt violated and after a long weekend away, we ended up having to clean our entire apartment and strip our sheets since it seemed she was in our bed. SKEEZY. DON’T BOOK IF YOU LOVE YOUR PETS.
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6 years ago, Whenthedayisdone
Going downhill
I’ve been using Wag for at least a one and a half years. It’s been convenient for times when you’re in a pinch or new to stay are work longer. I love the gps feature which holds walkers accountable. With that being said, I’ve noticed recently that the quality of walkers has started to decline. My last walker didn’t even know how to put a simple harness on my dog and started the 30 minute clock when she entered my apartment ( took her about 10 minutes to get harness on) therefore my dog only got a 18 minute walk. Barely over half a mile. My dog is high energy and a fast walker so in 30 minutes It would be nice to get a mile. I mean people can walk a slow pace and do a mile in 15 minutes. Anyways another walker didn’t know what a belly band is. My older dog wears one so he doesn’t have accidents in the house. The walker let him out without taking it off! So he peed in it and had to sit in it the rest of the day. I think if people are doing this for a job, they should know how to put a harness on and recognize that a dog can’t pee while wearing a belly band. These are just a couple of experiences with my last 2 walkers. Wag is not cheap! I expect better service when taking care of people’s fur babies! I have started to contact my regular walker more often know because it seems just too frustrating to deal with Wag.
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6 years ago, Saraaaaduh
Review for WALKER APP
Okay I love wag. But I HATE the app!! Please fix the walker app! I always get “_____ wants you to walk ______...” alerts and every time I click them it says “walk already booked.” Or I’ll get “new walk tomorrow at 10am” notifications and click on them in half a second and it will say “walk already booked” or not show up at all. It’s extremely frustrating especially when I rely on these notifications so I don’t have to be inside the app at all times. I also have been having trouble with requesting walks. I will be with a dog owner and they will post a walk in front of me, I’ll click “request,” but it says “confirming” for minutes while on their end I never show up! THEN another walker will request that walk and my screen will still say “confirming” for hours or until I log out and log back in. This glitch prevents me from getting walks. I would really love these issues to be looked into further especially the notifications. I enjoy being a wag walker when the app works but I do not recommend it to people because of these major issues.
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6 years ago, awesomesauce89
From Frustrating to Terrifying
The app asked me to submit a review, which I thought would post here, but I think it just went directly to customer service, so rewriting here! I got three free walks for writing a recommendation for a friend, so I figured I’d use them to check out Wag. My walks were scheduled for 1:00am instead of 1:00pm, and there was no way to update the walks on the website, no way to get in touch with the walker, and nobody was answering the hotline. We finally just wrote “CANCEL” in as many fields on the profile that would actually update. The walker texted us close to 1:00am saying he was on his way over before noticing all of our desperate “cancel” messages on the profile. The last walk showed that the walker had taken my dog on a 3-mile walk to a busy tourist area. My dog is scared of cars and crowds, so I was freaking out! The walker wasn’t answering texts and I was considering leaving work to go look for them when the app said the walk was over and the walker answered my texts and explained that the GPS doesn’t work right for her. All walkers managed to enter the building at different points without using the front door call box, which the building management frowns upon and makes me nervous. TL;DR Crucial components of the app are buggy/not fleshed out enough, customer service is not responsive enough, and walkers may not be properly onboarded/trained.
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6 years ago, ash 7384
Don’t use this service ever.
My dog was lost after the walker did not clip the leash to the collar properly. Instead of trying to find the dog she simply walked back to my house stating that she thought he might “walk himself home”. I was working and got home as fast as I could and she was literally not trying to find my dog but sitting on the stoop. She stated that she didn’t use the harness nor chase after/ try to lure my dog in. I live in a very busy area of south Boston so the fact that she said the dog would walk home is truely unreal. Wag was no help saying they would put up signs if I didn’t find him. They never checked back in with me once I said the dog was found as I spent hours by myself looking. They immediately blocked me from seeing the walkers info and i was not even able to try and see where she may have lost him. The worst customer service i have ever seen. After speaking with many other dog moms at the park they have heard nothing but horror stories of people’s dogs getting lost hit, etc. The problem is the idiot walkers that simply pass an online test who are looking for a quick buck and clearly don’t care about the animals. The fact wag was not even sorry but stated i leave the walkers bag at another location so we didn’t have to meet face to face spoke volumes. Never use this as it may seem convenient but there is no accountability.
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6 years ago, JaclynXoX
I am a walker
So hard to get in touch with walkers support . Walked a pup and reported about a broken lock box I moved the key to another location because of it , I notified the owner regarding the issue.i contacted wag walkers support to make sure that the owner is aware and is clear about the issue as well as other future walkers in addition to requesting a new lock box. Long and behold the next night I get a call and a text at 2 am saying that a walk scheduled today did not happen (without even asking first). Apparently another walker had “started the walk” without having the dog on the leash and then ended the walk so the owner got charged without the walk actually happening. I had asked how do you not have a record who actually did the walk vs who does not...? What happens to the report cards? Evidently they do not have access to it, so there is no way of knowing if the walk actually happened or not AFTER “start walk” is clicked on . Just food for thought. If you’re a wag customer and you found a steady good walker through the app, do yourself a favor ask them to walk your pup privately and have them use a geo tracker or some sort to keep track of your pup. I think this gives you more information and security seemingly as wag themselves do not actually have access to the report cards as it turns out . I would not trust them with mine .
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4 months ago, ShopTillYouDrop😘
Used to be great but seems to be heading downhill
I used to use WAG a lot when I was in school and working full time to kinda offset managing 2 dogs alone unexpectedly. I never really had many problems until the last year. I had one person using another persons account to walk my dogs and only found out because I came home early. They then attempted to report my dog as unsafe which I appealed. The next incident I was leaving town and needed a sitter. Someone with great reviews agreed and I let her know that a friend would check in every couple of days because I haven’t used an overnight sitter in home before. She said this was weird and then waited until I was already out of state to cancel the service. I had to scramble to find someone to take care of my larger dog for over a week. Wag couldn’t find someone else and sent me the auto message saying I should request something sooner when this cancellation was not my fault. Lately Prices have also been a lot higher which I understand with inflation but what percentage is actually going to the person doing the service? I like it and will still use it with caution but there are some safety risks that I think are concerning.
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5 years ago, Chris88_NYC
Horrendous customer service and lack of accountability
Wag - during the Manhattan power outage on 7/13, it took 5 hours for my dog to get a walk as multiple walkers couldn’t do the job given the circumstances. I do not fully blame the walkers - but I absolutely blame the system in matching walkers, and I find the lack of accountability from the customer service team and the company to be among the worst I have experienced. I had to talk to over 4 reps and a supervisor to even get a walker who was willing to jog all the way from 14th st to midtown to take care of my dog when I had to rely on the app for a wedding and I was out of town. Major props to him. But to have to call multiple times, be put on hold for 30 minutes each time, and to have the walker say they’d arrive in 30 minutes to take over an hour to get there - can’t you guys match a closer provider? I was stressed out the entire wedding, and when I asked if I should uber back home to take care of my dog at 9pm - they said no, it’ll be taken care of. My dog got walked at MIDNIGHT. I asked them to come my ride home. They refused. I asked them what can they even do. Beyond finding another walker, nothing. It is clear they are not a pet or owner centric company. Their walkers are solid - but the policies in place are a complete farce and I’m extremely disappointed in how they handled the entire situation.
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5 years ago, KDubCO
Terrible Usability for Walkers
Wag! Walker here... This app/concept could be so much better for Walkers than it is. Starting with the worst offense: there was a period of time when I was receiving excellent reviews but no tips. I figured the owners weren’t aware that it was customary, but then some tips belatedly showed up in a payout WEEKS after the review (and theoretically the tip) had been left. I still don’t know if the other non-tippers were truly not tipping, or if the tips never made it thru. Less egregious (but still annoying) is how difficult the app makes it to be efficient. I set my notification radius to 2 miles, but 90% of the notifications I received were outside the radius. Made it a useless feature because I was either constantly looking at my phone to see which notifs were “valid”, or ignoring it altogether. Wag! couldn’t figure out why (all my settings were correct), so I decided to turn text notifications off and keep app notifications on... but you can’t do that in the app. I had to contact support and submit a form... it took 18 DAYS to “process” the form. Wag! takes a pretty big cut from each walk, which I knew going in and initially had no complaints. But for that big of a cut I expect a much more supportive and trustworthy platform.
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5 years ago, ex0ticcc
Terrible company for walkers
This is probably the worst pet care company I have ever had to deal with. They care absolutely nothing about their walkers and well it’s pretty unsafe for pet parents as well. As long as you can answer a few questions about leashes anyone is able to sign up for this bull crap. I was scheduled to walk two dogs and I was bitten by one of dogs before I could get a chance to step a second foot inside of the home. I STILL took care of the little dog even after being bitten 3 times by the big one and was still given a one star rating because the little dogs ate mushrooms out of the grass and got sick ( instructions stated to just take dogs in front yard of building where there is no fence ) the poor pup was only 5 months old. She then told me to leave the puppy tied up outside and she would get him ( which is terrible ) so i reached out to the next door neighbor ( who knew both her and the pup ) to ask if they could keep an eye out for him instead of leaving him outside in the cold. Wag! Has been on this investigation for a month and still no word back! They suspended my account w/o notice and has not gotten back to me or communicated with me what so ever. It took 2 weeks for them to send me a copy of the dogs immunization records. WORST PEICE OF CRAP COMPANY EVER bark and rover are better or leashes and litter boxes
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3 years ago, Bobsfan
Extremely dishonest
I used wag for walks before and the walkers are great! The company is dishonest though. I booked a sitting and when I set up the time and dates it told me it would be 78 dollars. I went through a few cancellations and changes of who would be sitting for my dog, but eventually was assigned someone who would be watching my dog. Apparently the person I chose last had set her own rate higher than the 78 dollars and the new charge was going to be 96 dollars. I was never made aware of this until the sitting was over and it asked if I wanted to tip. When I talked to customer service they were able to give me the credit on the app, but I still feel scammed out of my money. There was no obvious notification that there was a price increase. There was no button to confirm the price change. I was told that I should have paid attention to some walkers that set their price differently. Why would I be looking for that if I didn’t even know it was a possibility? I was under the assumption that all the people I was choosing between were 78 dollars because it had already told me it would be a total of 78! I guess I’ll be using my credit and getting one more walk and then never using wag again.
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6 years ago, Patton-Miranda
So disappointed
I have been using wag for a year and loved the walkers and customer service until recently. Early in the year I called customer service because we were dog sitting for a friend and I wanted to get two dogs walked instead of one. I called customer service and a human picked up on the first ring and made the change to my walk request. I attempted to do the same in October. After spending 10 minutes on hold, a surly rep made the change and blamed the companies expansion for the wait time. Even after all that, the walker texted me to ask if he was supposed to take both dogs- he never got the message. However, for every subsequent walk since October I have been charged for two dogs. I spent the morning texting with customer service because it is impossible to get through to talk to a person. They refunded the extra dog charge from multiple walks but was also unapologetic and again explained that company expansion was the reason for poor service. After wasting so much time trying to get refunded and clarifying that I only had one dog, I was charged for two dogs again today. I have been a loyal customer but Wag’s expansion is not my responsibility and I have no more patience for poor customer service. Fortunately I have many options for dog walking in NYC. I am closing my account today.
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5 years ago, raveachan
New to Wag!
Oh. My. Goodness. I was skeptical about using this app or Rover. I’m definitely a researcher (especially when it comes to my children and pets) and I saw some horror stories and stories about walkers who feel they aren’t paid enough. I wanted to try the app anyway because I could really use the help in the middle of the day when I’m at work. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi is 7 months old and has endless energy. We had our first walk today and I couldn’t be happier! He came back happy and worn out. Exactly what I want for him when I’m at work. My walker told me how long she’d been working for Wag and that she loves it. She says it’s the perfect part-time gig, but she has a full time job as well. I loved her attitude and energy. People need to understand that unfortunate things happen in every company and shouldn’t apply that to every situation and person! Shame on you guys for being so negative towards a service that genuinely helps some people (walkers and owners) out. Say something after you’ve created the perfect, incident free, 100% sent-from-God-himself-company.
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5 years ago, jeffstorm
I hate this service
Awful app and experience. I don’t want you choosing a walker with your algorithm. Even in 5 star reviews I see “ I was lucky enough to get the same walker” what?!? Lucky enough? You’re paying for a service. I want to choose the human being that will be in my home unattended and handling one of my most important part of my life, my dog. I really don’t understand how this app still exists. YOU choose my walker. For my convenience you match me up with some rando in your system. Sorry wag. Really bad and the reviews confirm what I think. People coming and going, no accountability. Walkers deciding a dog needed a RUN cause he was late. My dog needs you to do exactly what I freaking tell you. Not decide he needs a run cause your a moron who was late. Craziness. Back private people I can actually have a little accountability with. Oh and the app was a nightmare to navigate. Looking for a sitter and oh now your booked. Confirmed. So now I have to cancel? Oh ok. Cancelled. Really weak overall wag. Update: Most importantly recent news reports confirmed my suspicion on this review( I wrote while ago)about deaths of dogs in your care and then subsequent cover up or forced NDA to get the body of THIER dog. Gross corporate behavior. Incompetent walkers with a double digit IQ. Never using wag or rover ever ever ever. Support local businesses.
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4 years ago, Kathryn.2020
Slow Response-misleading
First off, there are so great walkers on the platform. Folks who take good care of my dog. I have an issue with the bad platform and their neglect in holding those non good walkers accountable. First, it’s rare that I get notifications when walkers have arrived or when the walk has been accepted. It’s not like Uber where it shows up on your main screen and tells you who is driving and when they will be there. Instead I rarely get notified, then I have to dig. Multiple times it won’t even show me who will be walking my dog. Additionally, what is extremely frustrating is the walkers ability to push out the walk as they are late. I understand having to drive to my house, but if someone accepts my walk for 2pm, they shouldn’t have the ability to say they will be there at 2:30, then 3:15, then 4pm, then 4:30. It’s so unfair to my dog who is sitting at home waiting to be walked. If you can’t make it to your appointment, let someone else walk. One time it was almost 4 hours they pushed out the walk time. It says I’ll be charged for canceling, but at that point I don’t need a walker. I’d be home. The app needs updating, and they need to hold their walkers stricter to times. I’m getting off and switching to a new app after this happened again today. Very frustrating
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6 years ago, RealAmericanHero5748
Wag! Is awful
This app is terrible. Their business plan is fundamentally flawed. They scheduled a time without having a dog-walker in place. I tried using the customer support feature by phone. I hear a lot about this app being summarized as uber for dog walking. Imagine if you ordered an Uber three and half hours ahead a time because you’re in desperate need a ride, then no one shows up. Now you try to call someone to get info as to why they never showed up, and after an hour and a half on the phone (over an hour of which I was on hold) they say “sorry” and give you a $10 credit (only after I asked for one!). What a joke! I’d be placed on hold again and again cause their “team members” are inadequate at making decisions. When I explained to them that they had scheduled a time and no one showed up, they were unapologetic in their tone. I was also told there are only 20 dog walkers for the entire city a Boston. That has to be a lie. As I mentioned before, when I asked for a credit, they offered $10... that doesn’t even cover the cost of me spending an hour and a half on the phone. If they had walked my dog for an hour and a half, they would’ve wanted $60. I will say the first time I used it, I had a walker by the name of Jorge. He was a professional! Other than that - Horrible!
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5 years ago, Jake_A_1989
Can’t rate higher after support experience
I was recommended this app by a friend for walking my pup when I need one off appointments (I work from home so I’m here most days). I schedule a walk and honestly I was a little apprehensive. My puppy has never so much at growled at another person, but on the other hand, no one has randomly walked into our apartment, taken him out of his crate and walked away with him. I reached out to my assigned walker just to provide background that he’s very young and has never had a walk like this with someone new and me not home. I reached out via the contact info they gave me, through the app and online. I even tried to talk to their “Walking Concierge” and was ignored. As of writing this I cancelled the walk yesterday (was able to get back myself) and have yet to hear back from anyone. I would love to support this app as much as anyone. It would be incredibly convenient. But if I can’t get them to reach back out within a day (I sent most of those messages over 24 hours before the walk) when I have a new puppy, new home and as a potential new customer, I just can’t support their business. My dog is a part of my family and I need a walker who at least pretends to understand that.
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6 years ago, Kerry V
I’ve been using WAG for over a year now and I LOVE it! There are just those times I’m running behind and can’t get home in time to get her out for a walk before there is an accident in the house. The app is so easy to use and I just go on and request an ASAP walk and I always get a very prompt response with an assigned walker. The lockbox makes it so easy to leave the dog inside and give the walker access to get her out and put her back in the house and lock the door again. I always get such fun report cards and love literally tracking them while they are walking to see where they are. My favorite is when I get a barking sound on my phone that lets me know she has gone to the bathroom 😂! And I recently just learned how invaluable WAG is (even for those of you who don’t think you’d ever need a dog walker) when I ended up in a cast and crutches and couldn’t walk the dog...WAG to the rescue! Seriously consider downloading this app and setting it up for those “emergency” moments you weren’t anticipating. You won’t regret it!
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1 year ago, Blue231d31
Misleading and not set up to prioritize walkers
What a joke this company has turned out to be and that joke is on me. It’s partly my bad because I used to pick up on demand walks from Rover back in the day and that was a dream. Steady stream of options. Now, Rover has changed their policy so that only clients can request you. So I was excited to try Wag! as they have on demand walks. The first walk I took though, the client didn’t give full access info and gave a wrong contact number. Wag! was helpful in getting me a cancellation amount but out of a $15 original payout I drove my car for, they gave me $5 for the trouble. Ok. Well I’m still in need of money amirite? We all got bills to pay. So I keep on this app but I realized quite quickly that when people requesting sitters send out requests, they can pool through at their own bias. You clicking request doesn’t actually guarantee you anything. Read the profile and don’t like what you say? Decline. Don’t like your rates because someone else offers a lower rate? Decline. Don’t waste your time with this company. It’s not practical if you need to actually make money.
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7 months ago, CarolinaQueen003
No no no no
This could be such a great app but it’s missing basic features and it creates a wildly frustrating user experience. I ask to select my service provider and instead the app books and confirms someone and when I go to cancel it’s telling me I owe a $5 fee because the booking has already been confirmed. By who?!?! Not me! I want to see a break down of the price since it’s wildly different than what was shown when I scheduled the service. I have no idea if what I’m being charged once a provider is selected is the total before or after a promo has been applied. You only see a price breakdown before you schedule the service. And I’ve already had a promo say it was being applied and then it wasn’t which resulted in customer service giving me a credit for my next service instead of a partial refund. And I spent at least an hour first trying to get the chat l it to direct me to a live agent (which never happened) and then I turned to combing Google results to figure out how to speak with a person. SO SO frustrating! Just let me consistently say yea or nay when a provider is assigned and let me see the breakdown of my pricing (discounts, tax, fees, etc) once the service provider is confirmed.
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4 years ago, @RCTHAT
Don’t work for this company and don’t hire them. Save yourself the trouble and stress that their lack of responsibility can give you. Here’s why. In the state of California, Wag states that they are not liable for any damages or injuries caused to and by the customer and the walker. They not only provide terrible service by not helping an injured walker who walked and allegedly got bitten by my dog, they also refuse to help me as the customer get information to help with a claim that is now filed against me and my renters insurance. The walker had to cover her medical bills without any help from Wag and now we are dealing with this claim and wag has not gotten back to us to help with any questions. They took 2 weeks and countless phone calls before getting back to us with an answer which was pretty much “we cannot help you and we will not cover any of the walkers medical bills. You will have to do this without our help.” THEY hire people but they take no responsibility for aiding them. To simplify this, if you’re a walker who care about your liability and you’re a dog owner who wants to make sure your dog and you are insured in the event of an accident, FIND ANOTHER COMPANY that is responsible and will provide detailed information regarding liability, insurance coverage and proper customer service!
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5 years ago, Master Gwendalyn
Terrible First Impression
My fiancé and I signed up for this hoping to get a friendly dog lover to let our dogs out to pee and play with them a little. I set up a time to have our first meet and greet this past Saturday, April 6, 2019. It was approved and we received details about Jason who was assigned to come. Couple days past not a big deal. Then Saturday morning came and we woke up to a text stating that our walker had cancelled and that someone else would be replaced. Our meet and greet was scheduled for 9 am and it was 8 am. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to know who was coming, what credentials do they have, how many walks have they done, what’s their rating, etc. But nothing. 8:30 comes, 8:45 comes, still nothing. 9:05 still nothing. So who were we waiting for? We had errands to run, things to do, it was a gorgeous day, we were not willing to sit around in the hopes that someone might decide to come over to Meet and Greet. AND if this is the first appointment, how are the rest going to go? We cannot afford to have people cancel on our pups. Then I reached out to customer service who did nothing but speak poor English and have little to no clue about the business. All in all! Very bad first impression! We will definitely not be using Wag! Thanks though!
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6 years ago, Ryan Keo Val
No communication between the booking system, customer reps and the Dog walkers
Aloha! I was introduced to WAG in September and booked my first free walk. Dog walker never showed up, it took about an hour after the appointment time for a representative to contact me and notify that they’re trying to get in touch with a dog walker. I live on O’ahu Hawaii and so the time difference was also a factor because the dispatch representatives are calling on eastern time. Another representative sends me a text saying that there are actually no dog walkers in my area. They just apologized and asked if I would like to book another one later, and I asked them “Why would I book another walk later when there are no dog walkers in my area?!” Keep in mind the walk was scheduled a week prior to the appointment, and no one thought to notify me that there are no dog walkers in my area yet I was able to book a null walk. This initial experience is terrible and pointless to be honest, thank you WAG for making the situation not so right :-) I do prefer Rover because there are actual dog walkers in my area and the dog walker took time to initially introduce her self to my furry Labrador so that they would get accustomed to each other. Fellow Locals on Hawaii, please use Rover! WAG is just useless on the islands. 👎🏼👎🏼Thumbs down WAG.
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5 years ago, 6 months pending
Walkers don’t show up
A month ago I booked a walker at 8 AM for 6 PM that night. Within 10 minutes somebody was confirmed. At noon they canceled so I knew Walker was confirmed. At 5:50 that night the second Walker canceled. I knew Walker was not found until after six. We finally got the dog walked after seven that night. I sent a complaint and never heard back. I decided tonight to give them one more try. I scheduled my walk at noon today and a walker was confirmed. Then at 4:30 this afternoon the walker canceled. A second walker was immediately booked. They were supposed to be here at 6:30 PM they canceled at 6:25. It is 645 and another walker still has not been confirmed. I want to cancel the walk but they want to charge me $10 because their walkers didn’t show up. Based on all the reviews on wag in the past few months the walkers don’t show up and wag doesn’t care. They paste the same response into every customer complaint to just call them. But if you read the other reviews the customer service either doesn’t answer the phone or the rude. Tonight just confirmed I will never use their service again. But I have to call them to delete my payment information. You should be able to delete all personal information via the app.
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5 years ago, Leonid9
Walkers (possibly) under influence and the worst customer support service
We went on an overnight trip and ordered a walker to walk our dog later at night and then in the morning. Our dog is a 5 pound Maltese dog who is not trained to be outside of the crate by himself. The clear instructions were to get him out of the crate, walk him and then put him back in the crate. The late night walker did exactly this. The girl that came in the morning (the second last minute substitution by Wag) came in and couldn’t properly articulate her reason to get access to our apartment which alerted the doorman. He sent a building porter with her to open the door. After porter opened the door (dog was justifiably barking at strangers in the apartment) she entered the apartment, went straight to the crate, opened it and then left the apartment saying to porter she didn’t feel comfortable walking the dog because he was barking at her. A 5 pound dog! She took the dog out and left. Needless to say the dog made a mess in the apartment and we had to ask or doorman to put him back to his crate only after the girl texted us with absolutely nonsensical texts and we had to call her back. Wag’s customer support is next level of “we don’t care” after DMV! It’s impossible to reach out to them or get any level of resolution.
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6 years ago, PureLunnerAngel98
Wag is amazing
I work for wag. I know that every dog is different ! I was reading the reviews and was surprised! I do admit it takes a while to get a hold of wag and that frustrating. I will give them credit though because when ever something came up like the information on the app being wrong, my car not working, not being able to access the house to walk the dog or if I accidentally accepted a walk they always work with me and help me out! I make sure to contact the owner when I’m on the way and send pictures updates through text as well as video updates through the app. I make sure I care for every dog I walk making sure they have food and water and clean up any mess they might have made. So while I know there is so flaw within the wag company it’s still a great company. Every walker must watch a video about proper handling and how to put a harness on as well as the best types of collars and harness we take multiple test that we have to pass and we have to pay to get a background check as well as be insured we are contracted and bonded and while some walks might not be that good their are tons of walkers that go above and beyond and truly love animals. I’m truly sorry that some of you didn’t get good service but I promise wag is great!
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6 years ago, GregTheDogWalker
WALKERS BEWARE: Wag makes you think there are tons of customers and opportunities to walk dogs and make extra cash. Guess what...AFTER they take your $30, you can see how many customers there really are. I live in San Francisco, where the app started, and there has never once been a client within 2 miles! On any given day, there are maybe 5 or 6 walks to be picked up in the entire city, so you better cross your fingers that it works for your schedule to drive across town at one of those times! It really only makes sense to become a wag walker if you live in a really central location and don’t have a job...because how else would you be available to actually walk one of these dogs. DOG OWNERS BEWARE: I am very experienced with dogs but when I signed up to be a walker, I was shocked to find that there is very minimal training with Wag. Nothing in person, just online quizzes that anyone could take and just cheat on. THEN, they charge walkers $30 just to sign up. So I guess, thanks to wag, anyone with $30 can just have your dog. I know this app is convenient but save yourself some worry (and money too) and just hire an independent walker who you know and trust. Much safer! Plus, then you’d be supporting them instead of a large tech corporation.
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6 years ago, soapyboys
As a Walker
I LOVE walking dogs!!!! It’s so rewarding, but if you are joining Wag only for the money you will be disappointed. The company takes 40% from your income as a private contractor and are often not available for support. Any time I’ve asked about how much to take out for taxes or ask any tax questions, they did not answer directly and instead gave a generic “here is a list of all our common questions and answers”. I even emailed the accounting email directly asking how much they take out for taxes and got the same response so I found out through google. They do provide $ for meals for shelter dogs though. I live in a bustling city so I have been able to make about $96 (like $50-60 with taxes taken out) a day which has been awesome! I love it! Just don’t expect much from the company. Communicate with the dog owners directly to get good reviews and tips (some owners do not even tip). I treat it as my own business by keeping good relationships with owners (its really easy to do when you love and are passionate about pet care). If you don’t have good work ethic and you are generally lazy in the workplace please don’t make us look bad and join Wag.
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5 years ago, Maggie62728292
Switched services after 2 years of using Wag
Wag! is a good service. I’ve almost always been happy with my walkers, the app functions pretty well, and I really like the GPS and report card features. I have used it for over two years, and for nearly a year used it every weekday while I was working a 9-5 job. But, god forbid you have a question or an issue (or an actual emergency...). The customer service is so terrible, it’s as if they’re trying to drive consumers away. If you text the “emergency” number, you will get a response about a half hour later from someone who can’t help you. They may shuffle you to someone in a different department (and after waiting another half hour to hear from them, they also can’t help you). But either way you definitely won’t be helped. The final straw was when the app malfunctioned and wouldn’t accept the credit card I had on file. I called my bank to make sure my card was fine (it was), and after trying to work it out with customer service for an hour, they insisted my card was invalid and that I was wrong. Well, Rover accepted my card with no problem so I will use that service from now on. I love my dog too much to take risks with an untrustworthy company.
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6 years ago, AngryWalker468943
Wag Walker.
I won’t even say the app is trash so much as it is the company that’s trash. When I started this company had barely any reviews and now they have thousands of five stars? Hard to believe it’s not faked. I was a dog walker with a ton of five star reviews in a location where you can’t get many walks to begin with. Customer service is terrible and if you’re in trouble don’t rely on them. You can’t take days off. It has to be an “emergency”. I once was asked why I was taking the day off and it angered me so much I straight up told them in detail about my bowel movements. Sometimes people get sick but apparently that doesn’t matter. This is a little thing though. What angered me most is getting bitten by someone’s untrained dog, and them pretending to look into it then doing nothing. These people literally don’t care about your well being. In the end I had to cancel two recurring walks because I’m literally moving out of the area and it angered them so they removed me from existence basically and I can’t even sign in because my email doesn’t exist. So much for continuing after my move. Please move over to a different service instead of these guys. I was already rehired by someone better so don’t be afraid walkers.
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