Wait Times for Disney World

4.7 (4K)
55.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
VersaEdge Software, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wait Times for Disney World

4.71 out of 5
4K Ratings
7 years ago, Jenn8655
Really works
My family has used this app for three different trips to Disney, and it’s almost always dead on. I didn’t believe it would work when I downloaded it the first time, but I was pleasantly surprised by its accuracy. I wouldn’t go without it now.
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6 years ago, Hgbbvhchfffhbfdfffgvbhbhbb
Kinda accurate
I have the my Disney experience app and the wait times on that app are exactly what they are. Sometimes in this app they can be off a little. Like one time you said that the tower of terror was a 110 minute wait when it was actually only 65 minutes. I will continue to help your app by reporting the wait times that are wrong and I will continue to use your app. I hope that you will watch this more carefully because this app is A GOOD APP.
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2 months ago, AD990
Super handy
Super handy. Times are quite accurate +/- 10 minutes, which is about Disney’s level of accuracy outside the rides. It’d be cool if this app could show historical averages to help with planning.
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7 years ago, Janmof
Excellent tool to plan your visit. Usually find that wait time is a bit less, it helps lay out your day and take advantage of occasional slack periods on your favorite rides!
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4 months ago, Stitch LOVER!!!
I love this app, it works lovely, but anyone who is like me likes to see the map, this app is great, but I don’t use it a lot, I use the other one, but if you don’t like to see the map, then I would recommend this app to you
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4 months ago, Jen161627
So much easier to use than the my Disney experience app
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6 years ago, tr3286
Not accurate
These wait times are not accurate. We walked halfway across the park to learn that a wait time was 60 minutes instead of the 15 on the app. I tried to update times at the entrance to some rides and it wouldn’t take the update. I’ll stick with the Disney app from now on.
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2 years ago, Kerryfilly
Not very accurate
This app tries to be accurate but the wait times are hard to predict with the lightning lanes. A line that was supposed to only take 55min actually took an hour and a half. Not enjoyable at all. Nothing magical about that.
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6 months ago, felicia tran
I recommend the app to anyone who needs it for their planned trips to Disney World!!
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5 years ago, Dlh1970
Was better before update
I liked the app better when the attractions were arrange by land. Alphabetical makes it longer to navigate when you are in the parks.
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6 years ago, annierobdkd
About this app
It is very helpful but I don’t like the adds at all that is what I gave it a 9 I bet this app could improve
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6 years ago, Gardenstate Girl
Get My Disney Experience instead!
I am at Disney World now and this app is not accurate on the wait times at all! For example, there is over a 3 hour wait right now for Avatar, and this app said it was a 60 minute wait. The Disney staff said to get My Disney Experience instead.
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6 years ago, Blackcurb
Very accurate
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6 years ago, knarskie
Wait times are 5 - 10 more than listed
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6 years ago, aschlef
Worth the 1 hour wait. Flying with the banshees was unbelievable.
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7 years ago, supaspat
Ride wait times are terrible
They need to revamp the amount paid to enter the park you may be lucky to get on every ride it’s over crowded definitely not the happiest place on earth
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7 years ago, Loyal caller
Not accurate
Spent slot of time Walking around to attractions to find out the time as wrong. Very frustrating
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6 years ago, ratherbeatdisney
Must have
Soooooo helpful. A must have.
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6 years ago, Kated71
Typically accurate
Title says it all.
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6 years ago, D Chi 02
Love this
Love Disney
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7 years ago, Duhn_l
Epcot Patron
This app is not accurate for Frozen in Epcot. Wait time of 120+ minutes was reported as 80 and went down to 65, despite the time increasing.
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5 years ago, gotesak
Waste of money
Spent $8 and it won’t open
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4 years ago, Beth-eeyore
i love thsi app
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14 years ago, UserNameNotAvailable
Awesome app! Worked like a charm!
This was a FABULOUS app to have on our recent visit to WDW. Very accurate, helped us plan our days when we'd already hit the main rides we'd wanted to ride. (Tip: You MUST understand and use the FastPass system and read up on which rides "sell out" the FastPasses for the day early; for example, if you're traveling with kids and want to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride at Hollywood Studios, you need to get to the park before opening, squeeze your way as far forward and to the right as you can get, and make a beeline for the ride as soon as they let you in. Even then, you'll end up waiting about 30 minutes in the FastPass line (we send my husband to wait and we all saw the Ariel show), but then you have a few hours until your FastPass time comes up and you can almost walk right in, past all of the hundreds of people who are waiting in an hour or more long line without FastPasses. We were able to ride 2-3 times this way without waiting longer than about 20 minutes.)
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11 years ago, Efficient Momma
We loved this app! Went to Magic Kingdom with our 4 yr old, 9 yr old and a couple extra adults. One who is a 50 something with RA. This helped a ton when figuring when and were too go on rides! When considering bathroom breaks, rests and eating this app really helped us keep organized along the way! We also noticed (as did a few other ride goers) that the wait times on the app were more accurate then the line postings. We will definitely be using this again next time! Only thing I suggest for Disney is to please put in some restrooms along the way for the bigger ride waits. You can't expect little kids to wait in line 1+ plus hours and not have to potty! Other then that, another great disney trip!
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14 years ago, Nickisis
My favorite app
I just spent the last 10 minutes laying in bed looking at the ocean, talking to my wife about different rides and their wait times throughout the day. This app is amazing, people actually update with times ( and accurately ). Love being able to see a record of the last 6 updates, would love to have even more access to the history ( even a way to see last years crowds for a date, be able to see an entire days worth of crowds, but that's more for us geeks and not the real time use of this application). I check and use this app even when not in the parks because I am a Disney nut!
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9 years ago, DisneyWorldisawesome555
Highly recommend!
It is great to download this app before your trip to check out the approximate wait times you will be encountering. It is usually accurate and has a few cool features such as the last time there was a wait time submission and how for away you are from a ride. Also, you can star your favorite rides, so if you only have a few favorite rides you want to check wait times for, that cool feature is a plus. It thoroughly describes every single ride, along with a height requirement. Lastly, it lets you know if a FastPass is available for that ride. Overall a great app.
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14 years ago, AHodges64
Accurate times makes it easy to plan your day on the fly
Great app. Just spent a week at Disney and found the ride times to be fairly accurate. So you're waiting in line at Dumbo and the crowd around you is starting to build. You're debating between hitting either Buzz Lightyear or Thunder Mountain Railroad one last time before lunch. Just whip out the WDW app and find out that Buzz is up to 45 min while Thunder Mountain is only 15 min. The only way it could be better is if it had some sort of display for the current fast pass return times.
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15 years ago, Woaaa!
A Good start, could be better
Fantastic user interface - developers thought through how to make this app easy to use (for those checking wait-times & for those reporting their waits). That it for the good part. Unfortunately it lets ANYONE post wait-times, which makes the info PARTLY unreliable. I could be sitting in Anaheim CA (home of DisneyLand, not WDW) and post times for WDW (in FL) - and my posts are accepted. This is WRONG. The app should let you post ONLY if you're in/near WDW in FL - it should require your GPS coordinates (it can get it automatically if you let it scan your location). At least then, there's a reasonable chance you know the real wait-times shown at the rides (I know... this won't stop nasty folks at the parks from posting wrong info) - but it'll lessen the abuse. We were at the WDW parks last week & found this app was correct ONLY sometimes -- not good enough to rely on it. That's why it wasn't very useful, couldn't trust the times it showed. Another possible improvement is to let you pick the rides you want to see (using prefixed checkboxes) so it's easier to find what you need. Good concept, marginal execution.
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11 years ago, haylieday
Disney world wait time :D
Wow this app is amazing!!! If your planning a trip to walt disney world, I HIGHLY suggest this app. I am going to Walt Disney World in 3 weeks and I downloaded this wonderful app so I may use it when the time comes at the park, but I use it even now just to get a look at what to expect and what times would be best to ride which ride. This app is an amazing tool and handy for every family planning to take a trip to the park. Big or small, every family deserves an unforgettable vacation at Walt Disney World and this app helps and makes it 10 times better!!!!
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13 years ago, mikewash
Disney world waits
I use Disney world wait times when I am at Disney world to see how long the lines are and make plans about what rides to ride first. I usually ride the ones with the longest waits first because they are going to longer if you wait until the afternoon. The best to go is in the mornings because the lines are really short, And late at night. Once I went to the park for extra magic and the lines were really short it closed at 3 in the morning o was not tired.
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11 years ago, Cdaytona
Great app
I've been using this app (along with a few others this company offers like Disney menus) for quote some time and it is fantastic! Simple, easy and fast, puts key information right at your fingertips. Just downloaded Disney's official app, what a disappointment. This app far out performs Disney's. this is accurate, up-to-the minute times. Just needs fast pass return times AND fast pass distribution times. A must have for any first time Disney visitor or the most seasoned visitor.
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13 years ago, Jeremy Cowper
Worth the free download!
I come to Disney at least every couple of years and this trip was the first time that I had this app. It was pretty awesome actually, the wait times were pretty accurate (within 5-10 min of the actual time) .. It saved my family the effort of walking all the way to the other side of the park to find the ride we were wanting to ride had an 80 minute wait. I was not disappointed at all. It was updated often and I'm actually surprised that it was free! :)
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13 years ago, ACTGBMG
Saves time!
App was very helpful when deciding which park or part of a park to go to next. I used it several times thru our 4 days at Disney. Wait times were typically pretty accurate based on what the rides showed when we got to them. It was easy to avoid getting the kids hopes up just to find out a line was too long. Only had that problem at character signings since most of those don't post wait times.
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11 years ago, ErikOlson1970
Wait times and more!
Fantastic, quick interface for finding current ride times. Would love to know more about how the data is being populated (e.g., last updated, number of entries in a given period of time) within the app itself. Maybe just a time stamp next to each attraction, since they may not be updated simultaneously. This app literally takes hours off your cumulative standby wait times!
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12 years ago, ua2014
Very convenient and helpful!
I bought another app like this and I still had to subscribe to their website in order to view the wait times of the most popular rides. This one is very useful and FREE! You don't have to walk all the way across the park to find that your favorite ride's wait time is over an hour. You can check your phone and plan to ride when the wait time has gone down. Check out their other app, WDW Dining, for menus from most of the Disney's dining locations.
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13 years ago, Big-JohnK
Definitely Worth the Price!
In all seriousness, we're annual passholders and often use this app to decide which attraction to go to... It's crowd-sourced, so it isn't always right on, but it's usually within five minutes. It would be nice if the rides at an attraction all "closed" when the park closes for the night. Magic Hours really aren't crowded, so the app is sort of useless after the public goes home. Good app that I will definitely upgrade if we keep our passes at renewal.
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12 years ago, I like bunnies
Shut up! It's great!
I don't know what all these people are talking about, this app is great is shows me just what I want to know. Yes, I do know that the makers should update it, add my personal favorite The Country Bears, and many of the other shows in Disney. Since my family and I are going to Disney next month I am sure that this app shall come in handy, while we are at our resort and want to know the waits if we wanted to know how long the wait was if we wanted to get a quick ride on Splash Mountain by taking the monorail. I do understand the other viewers point of view, but you have to look at the app as a whole. It has all the waits, even of the ones that are no longer there( -.- ). It has every park, and even the rides in The World Showcase, which I rarely see. Good-bye! :D
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13 years ago, Kc Stang
1st Disney trip
This app helped my family so much on our first trip to Disney. One day we were there Kali River Rapids closed down for a period of time due to mechanical problems. All day we checked the wait times to see if it reopened. We were able to enjoy the rest of the park and when the ride opened back we were notified and got to ride one of our favorite rides! Thanks wait times!!
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11 years ago, Ohbreezi
Good app
It's a good app. It's as accurate as anything can be. While waiting for other riders (a wait that started out at 50 minutes), the wait time on this ride changed 3 times! Since times are constantly changing, it's hard for any app to be 100% unless someone sits outside each ride and just updates every 5 minutes. I also like the description of each ride and the wait history!
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11 years ago, GatorDan15
Best of
I found (in almost every case) that this was the most accurate app for WDW wait times. The official wait times, which are used for the official app, are frequently off. This app simply uses user times. The interface is in no way spectacular, but that is perfectly fine by me. This app is simple, easy to navigate, and accurate. If all you need is wait times, this is the app.
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14 years ago, Brrnady
Great for free app !
Don't pay for the other free apps out there ! All the wait time apps are based on user imput and most people are using this free one ! I have 2 other paid for apps to get wait times and this one is the most up to date with user imput. Would have given five stars but you have to go through 2 screens to find out when a time was last updated and would like to see a place for fast pass return times.
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14 years ago, Wishes 1971
Good App
Just returned from a vist to WDW, and this was very helpful. App was easy to use, and helpful in determining our next destination. My only concern was the wait times seemed to be more reflective of season/park load than user input. I typically found the actual wait time to be about 1/2 of what the initial screen showed. The "recent times" page was beneficial, as you can alway see what the most recent posts were. All in all, pretty good app.
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12 years ago, Heymeon
Very Helpful
This app was very helpful during our vacation. It answers the "go or don't go?" question. It was mostly accurate, but I did see a few cases where the time was off by a bit, so I submitted an accurate update. I hope everyone is honest with it, and not submitting bogus times to keep people away from their favorite rides.
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8 years ago, Disney Magic Fan
Spot on
I first downloaded this app in May,16' while at Walt Disney World. Right from the start, the times were almost 100% accurate. This app helped me get more out of my visit to the parks. I mainly used this app at Magic Kingdom and I was pretty amazed at how well and accurate it was. I recommend this app to anyone going to Disney. The more people that use it, the more accurate it will be. Good job guys.
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13 years ago, notalison
Great app.
I've been to Disney World six times and just came back from a trip today. We used this app to plan ahead (everyone who's a regular at Disney knows planning is key) and it was accurate for the majority of the time, and when it wasn't it was only off by five to ten minutes. I'd reccomend this app to anyone interested in saving a lot of time and energy in the 94 degree Florida heat.
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14 years ago, DisneyWVRN
Worked GREAT
I have had this for several months but just used it at Disney for the last 3 days and I really LOVE it. It has kept me from walking all the way to a ride just to find a long wait. I can look and plan on the go. It has been very accurate for the most part. A good feature may be to add if all fast passes are gone but LOVE it anyway. It gives the Disney feeling from home too ;)
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12 years ago, Hayleyfox
Amazing! But here's an idea...
This is an amazing app, don't get me wrong. But, I think adding which fastpass times are available for each ride would make it perfecto. I don't know if this is possible for the app or not, I'm just making a suggestion that would improve the app even though it is already spectacular.
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8 years ago, 48$:354)&?5)8;8,557)7&
Wait times at Animal Kingdom
We waited in three separate lines totaling 2 hours or more. Twice the ride broke down before we could ride and we had to leave the attraction. This is unacceptable, no matter the day. You need to limit the number of people allowed each day or add more attractions or both. We have been to your parks many many times. This has been a big disappointment The newer fast pass system does not work efficiently either. If you're not familiar with the park or have a mobile device it is very difficult to maneuver New is not always better
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12 years ago, Funny footy
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love this app!!!!!!!!!😍😍
I'm in Disney right now and it helps soooooooooooo much!😍😍😍 everyone should get it bcuz if your on one side of the park and you don't eat to go to the other side just to see if it's a long line or it's even closed! It's soooo helpful to everyone!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❕❕❕❕🌈🌈🍔🎂🎂🎂😃😃🍦😍💝🎀🌺🌺🌺😃🍦🍦🍦🍦🍔🌈🇺🇸☀🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉📀💿📀💿📀💿📀💿🔔🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎇🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱⚾⚽🏀🏈🎾🏈🏀⚾🎾🎱🎱🎱💰🎨🎨🍻🍺🍰🍎🍊🍉🍓🍅🍆🍧🎂🎂🎂🍰🍎🍊🍉🍓🍓🍅🍆🍰🎂🍎🍧🍊🍉🍎🍓✈✈✈✈✈✈✈
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