Wait Times for Disneyland

4.7 (1.4K)
15.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
VersaEdge Software, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wait Times for Disneyland

4.66 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
4 weeks ago, doreenb1963
Very helpful !
I was so happy to find this app. It made our trip to the Disney theme parks in Anaheim California so much easier. I really appreciate the people who put this app together and I looking forward to using it again on our next family vacation. Thank you Disney
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4 years ago, Juliejewls
Like this app
I like this app. It tells you if stuff are closed, it tells you the wait times. But one thing. I would give people a bit more information. But overall, I love it
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6 years ago, Natasha kiyana ramirez
Disneyland app
I think this is a good app so when I’m at Disneyland at can see the wait times for the rides and if the rides are to long u can go two a third ride but I don’t like how long they take to update it
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6 years ago, sydsport
I love Disneyland and I’m so glad you made this app. I like it because instead of going to the wait time for the ride you can just go on your phone.💩
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7 years ago, kellie e
Wait times
Don't match actual line... shows 25 min for haunted mansion but it's actually 1 hour
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6 years ago, tessabrooks#10
Disneyland games
So I think those is really useful but if it only came with a full premium game for all of your favorite rides or like the paint the night parade them song or the wonderful world world of color
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2 years ago, SocialButterflyReviewer
A Must for Disney
It’s super accurate and it works great!
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2 weeks ago, Cutie Patotie🍔🥰😍😘
Good app, super useful. however, if a ride has a seasonal change, such as Soarin around the world to Soarin ca, it just says it’s closed and doesn’t deliver wait time.
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6 years ago, Ssharp26
Must have for Disney!
We love using this app to see how long the wait times are!
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5 years ago, 1252@@
Wildly inaccurate
Does not show correct ride times, not even close. Was off by an entire hour on multiple rides. Completely disregarded the correct times I tried to report and ride closures. Not really helpful.
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6 years ago, HektikLyfe
They promise more reliable functionality but all you get is more obtrusive ads and they remove Apple Watch functionality. (The demand payment now for something they previously provided for free.) I’m using the Disneyland app for this instead now.
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5 years ago, GM reviews
Source dfloors zgkwu u the boys
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5 years ago, mini month
Wait times
Disneyland needs to up date times. Dumbo ride isn’t 20 minutes we are at 65 minutes. There is so many turns and twist on this line. Looks short but it isn’t
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3 months ago, 1840 E. Diego
Where’s Runaway Railroad
Why isn’t Runaway Railroads wait time listed?
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3 years ago, Cupcake2344
Not accurate re: closed attractions
For this reason, I am deleting
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9 years ago, Swut
Great app with kids
We went with 3 little kids (ages 6, 4, and 3) and this was fantastic. They wanted to see characters and it told us when and where each character currently was and where and when to find other characters in both parks. We could search by location or by the characters they wanted to see so that they got to see the ones they cared most about. In adition to wait times, it also let me tell in real-time if a ride closed so that we did not waste time going or deciding whether to wait. It also worked great when the ride reopened because we could instantly see it and see wehter there was a wait time.
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4 years ago, Delaney Phillips
Useless app. Never works.
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11 years ago, Geodeboy
Easy, fun awesomeness
I am so surprised by reviews saying "couldn't use" -- downloaded in the park (iPhone 5), and started using immediately. Like this WAY better than Lines & others we tried b/c it has the GPS sensor -- as you walk around the park, the display changes showing you rides NEAR YOU. So, you just look @ those, pick fun rides w/ reasonable wait times, and voila! STILL managed to walk a zillion miles in a day, but way less back-n-forth, "oh this line's too long" that we've had in the park in the past. The line estimates were very close, timed a couple for fun, and posted our wait times too. I'm super impressed, esp for a freebie! Thanks!!!
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13 years ago, TF95
Great App - Saves Time
This app is great. The ride times were always accurate to within 5 minutes. Updates to wait times were timely and accurate. We were ready to board Indiana Jones when it broke down. After 15 minutes the ride was officially shut down. By the time we walked out of the ride area, the app was already showing the ride status as closed. The GPS feature is great too helping decide where to go next - saving time. I figure this app saved us at least a couple of hours per day. Also, keeps the kid's arguments down. Instead of arguments over which ride to go to next, our three kids would ask " what does the app show for the next ride ?" All this and the app was free.
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10 years ago, kaydkay
Perfect app for a first timer to Disneyland
We took our first trip to Disney and wanted to make sure we got our money's worth since our trip was only 2 days. We rode every single ride at adventure park with the help of this app. At Disneyland it was also very helpful to know which fast pass to get based on the wait time. It made our trip so much more productive. It would be nice to know why some rides are closed and when they plan to reopen them. Highly recommend this app!!
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9 years ago, LAEars
Does the job
This app comes in handy even before you get to the park. Just by looking at the wait times you can gage how crowded it's going to be, which comes in handy if you have a pass and can go when you like. It can be inaccurate too so be forewarned. But the crowds at the park move like the tide so you have to let that go. It does tend to lose connection to its server and that can be frustrating when you're trying to make a decision on which ride to go for next. We noticed tonight that Pinocchio and Snow White are missing from Fantasy Land but Mr. Toad and Peter Pan are listed. Why, pray tell? I'm sure other rides are missing too but I've yet to look those up. All and all I'd say it's a good tool for the park.
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14 years ago, Liquisoft
Conceptually Flawed, but still serves a purpose
I visited Disneyland just today and thought I'd give this app a test run to see if it would help me avoid longer lines. I believe it did help a little bit in knowing which lines to try to avoid, but the app's data was never accurate. Here's why: it seems to rely 100% on other users of the app to input times, but because not everybody has the app it relies on times that are possibly outdated. If you're a good samaritan you might bother updating the times as you walk by, but it's not really to your benefit. Generally, the idea of having an app to tell you wait times is great, but in execution it fails. Hey, at least it's free!
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9 years ago, Joigirl1951
Good but not great
Usually has the right wait time at the parks. I have often seen though while there that they are very off. I think that there could be employees for the app checking pictures that people at the park send in so there can be faster updates and more accurate ones. Also a system where instead of a time or closed symbol when a park closes for the day the wait time for is should say park closed or something. And then start to reset at the scheduled opening time of that park. Other than my tips that hopefully the does what I need it to do and at a long day at Disney it helps a lot.
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9 years ago, Liztheavenger
Good app as long as you LOOK AT RECENT WAIT TIMES!!!
My boyfriend and I find this app pretty helpful overall. Yes, it's true that the times are not always accurate-- for complete accuracy you have to walk to the ride and look at the time there. Remember, this app is updated by USERS- not park staff, so it isn't fail safe or regulated, but by and large the times seem to be about right give or take 10 to 15 minutes. If anything, the wait tends to be shorter than the estimate, not longer, and who can complain about that? Just make sure you check RECENT WAIT TIMES so you know the estimate isn't from an hour ago.
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10 years ago, ashakham
Time Saver!
With only two days to get in all our fav rides, this truly was a time-saver. We were able to plan out which rides to go on first, when to "fast pass" a ride, and what ones we could ride while we waited for our favs. I only gave it 4 stars because I was limited to only seeing distance, and brief description. My friend bought the full app and was actually able to map out the directions. Definitely a must have app. Would be better if had more pictures and ratings of popularity of ride. But overall, I would recommend getting it.
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10 years ago, bullfrog101111
Worked great!
I've gone to Disney a few times and this app has consistently been correct on wait times. You can submit wait times. However because of this, some people will try to mess up the system by posting a ride is closed/open when it's not. Easiest way around this is to look at "recent wait times," which will tell the last 4 wait times. This is pretty handy. Don't forget to post accurate wait times! :)
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11 years ago, Musiciangirl06
Wouldn't go to Disneyland without it!
I remember having to walk to a favorite ride only to find out there was a 45 minute wait time, and going to another ride and coming back at another time when the line was shorter. So much walking! I've used this app and also the map app for two trips now to Disneyland and it has saved SO much walking (and the frustration of keeping track of the paper map). I wouldn't go to Disneyland without both of these apps!
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12 years ago, Tomsnut
This App is a MUST!!!!
My daughter & I just got back from Disneyland. This app was AWESOME!!!! We used it constantly and it was always correct and up-to-date. It even told us when Space Mtn reopened before the employee at the entrance knew, so we were first to enter! This app is so clear and easy to use. It doesn't list some rides, but those usually don't have long lines. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app to anyone heading to the Magic Kingdom!!
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10 years ago, Mamabeexo
So convenient! Great for Disney lovers!
I absolutely love this app! It is so convenient for annual pass holders, because you can judge how crowded/busy the park is from home, before you decide to go! It's also great for when you're at the park to see how long the wait times are for the rides you're headed to next. My one complaint, is that sometimes the wait times are pretty off (which doesn't happen that often).. I've tried to submit a new time to correct the wrong ones, and it never updates to my submission.
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9 years ago, Mirror Lover 18!!! :-)
Best app ever!!
Not only does the Disneyland wait times app tell me ALL the accurate wait times for the rides in each section of the park...it makes the whole experience at Disneyland so much better because it tells me about the wait times (when they are updated throughout the day) & it lets me know when a ride is closed which is perfect!! I highly recommend this app to anybody who loves going to Disneyland/California adventure.
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13 years ago, Outside living
Huge time saver and decision aid
The times were fairly accurate all the time. That means that critical number of users were updating the app data all the time. It saved us considerable amount of time and (needless walking). It is nice that you can add value by updating the wait times. The recent times feature helps in setting the right confidence level on the data. You simply got to have this app during your Disneyland visit.
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14 years ago, lola2271
Great for planning at Disneyland
This worked so well! i downloaded it at the park because another one I had downloaded wasn't working and I was surprised at how accurate all the times are! Obviously it would be nice to also know fast pass wait times as well but for a free app and everything I was amazed at how well it worked all day. It was fast to load too which is very important!
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12 years ago, Staub77
Really helpful
We had one day at Disneyland and this app helped make it productive. We were able to wait in shorter lines while we waited for our Fast Pass time. Because of this app we rode everything we wanted! The wait times were accurate and the GPS feature was really helpful for navigating around the park. Would give more than 5 stars, if I could!
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12 years ago, Bee L T
Highly Recommended!!
I'm the kind of person who gets these spasms of excitement for a Disney trip three weeks ahead of time. I like to check out the wait times so that I know what I should go on in the morning and then what I should go on in the evening. Not to memtion it gets me even more hyped up. I would recommend this to any fanatic (like myself) or to any 'three-month-ahead-of-time' planner (also like myself). 5 Stars all the way!!
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14 years ago, Listen to Listen
This app was so helpful when we took a trip to Disneyland! The times are always so accurate and we were able to save lots of time by choosing only the rides with a minimum wait time. No more walking across the entire park to find that the ride you wanted to go on is closed! Great app and it is FREE! Plus, we still check the wait times just for fun :) Very helpful!!!!
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13 years ago, Samantha Davies
Very useful!
When my family and I went to Disneyland and California adventure this last month it was extremely helpful an a great way to avoid lines and a great way to avoid closed rides. The only draw back for this app is sometimes the ride wait times that are given are sometimes shorter or longer. But over all the times were either a minute faster or slower. It was very very useful, especially traveling with little ones.
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12 years ago, The six of us!
We are on a six day Disney vacation and heard about this app on our second day from someone else in line. We downloaded it and it is awesome. We have used it to figure out where we want to go next to spend the least amount of time waiting in line. We have saved a ton of time already and still have 3 days to go. The wait times are fairly accurate. Great app!
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14 years ago, Mossfam
Does what it says well
We're at Disneyland a couple of times a month and this is very helpful. It's fairly accurate and the more people that get on it seems to get more accurate. I'm not sure what the pay version has but this works great. We've even hopped on when not at the park to check times which has changed when we go to the park - Wednesday and Sunday seem to be our favorite days as locals.
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9 years ago, Lover of Disney
Going to Disney land
Hi I am going to Disney land in June and my family and I were looking for an app on the App Store that would tell us all the wait times for Disney. I saw this app and I had to download it! This app will be a real help when we go so we don't have to walk all the way through the crowd of people to find out that the wait time is supper long. Thank you for inventing this app. It is a genius idea!!
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11 years ago, Hawnmama77
Don't go to Disney without it!
This app is great - it's relatively accurate, although sometimes the actual line time may be shorter. It is great to map out your day. We got on California screaming without wasting a fast pass in the middle of July because of this app. If the time is slightly off, you can submit the actual time to add to the average. Thank you!
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9 years ago, Travelqueen 21
Saves time
This is wonderful. It keeps you from running all over the park to find a line that is longer than you want to wait in. It lets you find a ride that has no wait and then you can choose to go there. Really helps in the decision-making and planning while in the park Check the times at the ride home from to verify time changed. They can sometimes be off. I love this app though.
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14 years ago, Disneyland vacationer
Not reliable
The app said a ride was closed and I was so glad to see that so not to waste time walking over to wait. But my son wanted to just see it even though it was supposed to be closed. Turned out it was actually opened. We would've missed out on the last ride of our vacation. This app can be better letting us know when rides are really closed or temporarily closed. It's like using a magic 8-ball. You want to believe and think it knows best, but don't know if it really knows the truth.
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14 years ago, BJM12344
Disneyland wait times
Great app. Used it constantly during 3 full days to avoid lines 3 year old couldn't tolerate and it worked like a charm. It relies on users updating wait times, so share the information when you get it. The times it reported were universally accurate. Gets a four only because it didn't include all the rides--just most of them. I'd get it again.
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13 years ago, GuardianD
Very good
Overall, very good and reliable. Only a handful or rides not listed (perhaps because this is a free app) so it would have been more helpful in that sense. I've used this twice now and it's helped us move through the park quickly. Towards the evening, a lot of the times were listed longer than the actual wait. Wish the wait included characters as well.
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8 years ago, Gsk926
This app made the trip planning easy
Found this app while on easy to Disney. It was like a blessing. Instead of randomly going to a big ride and waiting in line we could optimize for max rides in reasonable time. Also for first timer it gices idea of which rides to go. Combination if this and fast pass was the difference between awesome and ok trip.
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9 years ago, ThaGrizz
Great Crowdsourcing
I like being able to see when the latest wait times were submitted by ride and seeing the history of wait times by the last few hours. Very cool way of planning out your ride schedule to hit the most amount of rides in the least amount of time.
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12 years ago, Moosebuddy
Works great
I used this app on my last trip to Disneyland and couldn't believe how accurate it was. Every ride we checked had the same wait time as the app, with the exception of some of the more active rides like space mountain or star tours which are constantly changing. I highly recommend this app, especially cause its free ; )
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13 years ago, Jsmizl
Happiest place on earth
I love it here . My kids are so happy and standing in line for some of the rides isn't bad at all. The only down side is the food is very pricey . Also some of the merchandise very pricey I feel sry for the kids who can't buy any thing to take home with them . But over all I give. Disneyland 5 stars .
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9 years ago, Cuellar95
Made my trip fun and easy!
It was quite accurate and made my trip a lot more enjoyable by telling me how long id have to wait. I knew how long of a line I was getting into and could go back and forth from park to park and ride to ride with maximum fun! I love this app and can't wait to return! Will definitely use this app again!
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10 years ago, luvbug17
It's okay
I feel like the time are not accurate. I have a pass and live 30 miles away from Disneyland I will check the wait time and many times the wait times are listed less than the actual time. I will call many times before to verify the wait times and almost every time the wait times have been off at least 25-30 minutes. Since people create the times I feel like most of the time people will provide inaccurate times on purpose.
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