Wait Times: Universal Orlando

4.6 (687)
15.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
VersaEdge Software, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wait Times: Universal Orlando

4.59 out of 5
687 Ratings
5 years ago, Ceecee102
Great estimate
This app is a great estimate of how the ride times are looking. It may not be accurate 100% of the time, but it’s always pretty close!
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6 years ago, Q-R-U
Not a Universal app
I was wondering why all the wait times were so off until I questioned one of the Universal staff. This app is not an official Universal app, the park’s wait times are clocked by staff members (those are the times you see outside the rides and on the Universal app) which are pretty accurate within like 5 min. Really annoyed I spent money on this app seeing as though the times were sometimes off by double +. Such. A. Waste.
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10 years ago, Miaconrad100
Love it
I really love this app because it accurately tells you the wait times of all the rides in the parks, which gets updated constantly. It gives you a range of minutes between 0 and 120+ minutes. It also tells you if rides are closed. For the new Harry potter's diagon alley, it is helpful to see when is the best time in the week since it is new and a popular ride. This app is always handy and. There is a free and paid version. The free version is the one I got and is just as helpful as the paid version. It has all the details and has all the rides you need to know about. It updates every couple minutes for the best and most accurate results. I would recommend it too tourists or even every day floridians. I have used it a couple times and check on it sometimes to see the best days to go to the parks.
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6 years ago, Fire3658
Just read
Well I can’t say anything because it’s for Orlando and not Hollywood so I’m guessing it’s accurate but I don’t know. They should make one for Hollywood
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6 years ago, CaitiAML
I downloaded this app and the official Universal app. The wait time given on this app were extremely incorrect all day.
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6 years ago, robertoky
Wait times inaccurate
The wait times are very wrong on this app.
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13 years ago, sandy-a
is this the line for Harry potter ride
going to universal during spring break was a disaster, the only saving grace was this app. I was mocked by my family before hand but once we arrived they wouldn't head off to another ride with out saying what's the wait time. lol I'm back home In nj and I still like to see the wait time for Harry potter lol accurate with I'n 5-10 minutes
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9 years ago, Op mike
Worked Well
Overall I thought this app worked well. The wait times were mostly accurate and when they were off it was only by 5 or 10 minutes. I'll probably buy the upgraded app next time to have the park map handy.
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10 years ago, -JesusFreak-
Good, but...
The app is definitely useful, but for some reason it doesn't trust my wait time submissions. I was at the parks yesterday and Dudley Do-Right closed, but every time I reported a "closed" wait time, the app would revert back to "5 minutes". This can be pretty annoying if you see on the app that the ride has a wait time but is actually closed. Other than that, it does usually have good ballpark estimates of wait times.
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10 years ago, WampajarredTripole
Nice app helps make in-park decisions for you
At the park and not sure what to do next? This will make your decision for you! Take a glance at (nearly) current wait times and go to your next choice of ride with the shortest wait time! Downfalls: wait times are user-updated, so anyone (including you) may put incorrect wait times (please don't do this.) Also, app is very slow or completely inconsistent about updating ride closures.
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10 years ago, IIHyperHaleyII
THIS IS NOT, I REPEAT NOTTTT AN APP OWNED BY UNIVERSAL OR COMCAST! Please stop getting mad at us saying "well the app says it's 15 minute wait, why is it really 75?!" -.- maybe because universal does NOT have a time app. If your ok with slow updates and not accurate times posted by OTHER guests then this is an app for you. If you want to know the REAL wait times of rides. GO TO GUEST SERVICE AREAS OR AS ANYONE AT GREETER OF RIDE! Every hour we call base and tell them out wait time, not only that but everytime we update it, we call them again. PLUS there are radios! Easy to ask wait times for ya! Stop getting upset from this app, please and Ty :)
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9 years ago, Kbitner
Useful app
The wait times and descriptions are dry helpful. My favorite feature is the ability to favorite rides and see only a list of the rides you care about across both parks. The wait times can be a bit off but they were always in the right ballpark. If a ride closes it can take a few minutes to catch up but that is understandable for a free app.
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10 years ago, Kjg421
Pretty accurate!
Used this app a few times and have to say that the wait times are pretty accurate, we went on the Simpsons ride and the time was only off by 5 mins! Very useful when looking to get on rides quick to get through the parks!
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10 years ago, David Ammerman
This info is very helpful so you can decide where or which ride/activity you want to do next. But, it is not helping if they didn't give update when the ride is closed temporary due to the weather. We went to the Rip Ripe Rocket & closed, even though the rain was stop. So it will be helpful if they put that in the wait time info.
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8 years ago, Team Strain
Simple and effective
The app is limited to just the information you need to obtain while deciding on which ride to take next .... Simple and efficient. Used it continuously instead of other apps because we just wanted to know what we should hit next!!
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12 years ago, theheils
Good app, easy to use
This app relies on user input to be most effective so whenever I could, I reported wait times. It seemed pretty accurate on the am, within 5-1in of posted time but was often a 20-60 min difference at night. Overall a good easy to use app used as a general guide to decide where to go next.
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11 years ago, saint0wen
Ride times were quite accurate. Loved the GPS system that showed what direction the closest rides are in. Only knock is that this app could have a more appealing interface. But otherwise very solid.
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12 years ago, I look better than you
I recommend...
I just visited Universal and Islands of Adventure last week. I used this app both days and found the wait times to be pretty accurate (within 10 mins of the actual time). If Universal doesn't get its own app by the time I go bck, I will def use this app again and would recommend it 2 anyone.
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9 years ago, Appreviewer948
Better then nothing...
This app is okay, it's not that accurate at telling the wait times, but it generally gets within 15 minutes Of the actual wait time. I wish universal would make there own app that we could use... Oh wait they did! I'll use that one!!!
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12 years ago, Jdfuycguf
Very useful. Found myself checking app multiple times a day. Even though I had an express pass, app helped me gauge general crowd at ride. It doesn't have wait times for all rides or shows. Dow example ollivanders at potter land isn't listed. Overall very helpful!
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7 years ago, Frustrated x 2
Not accurate
The wait times are not accurate to the app. When you walk up to the ride, the posted wait time is longer than what is said in the app. And the actual wait time is closer to the posted wait time, than what the app suggests. I've tried reporting wait times several times, but they don't register. I'm wondering if this app is rigged by Universal to entice you to visit the park??? This review will probably get kicked to the back as well....
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7 years ago, DocDS
Works pretty good
I don't know if they use averages or what, BUT it seems that the ride times are slightly longer than what you experience. Which I suppose is a good thing if you prepare for a longer period of time and actually get something less. Otherwise, it does a good job.
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7 years ago, Gumsdoc
Makes your visit more productive!
A very helpful app that can save you a lot of time and help you plan your day (or next move) at Universal. Times on this app tended to be a little more accurate than the Universal app.
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12 years ago, 3494pooperscooper
The Best
I really like this app and it was a great resource when we were down at Universal obviously, but I think what would make it better would be to have a Express Pass wait time option as well. :)
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11 years ago, mjcolon
Could be better.. But still really good
It was pretty well made overall but sometimes people submit times way to high. And you can also submit as many times as you want, so that means people can mess with the wait times.. But besides that it's a great app!
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10 years ago, Wafflehouse51
Great app
I wasn't sure how many people used this app, but I found it to be pretty accurate. It really helped to gage to lines of the rides. It's easy to use and just as nice a mousewait. Definitely try it if you are visiting universal studios.
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8 years ago, I❤️️universal
Good app
The app works great and is an easy way to check all of the wait lines at the park. The times are user submitted, however, they are usually close to correct. They are not constantly updated but usually you get a good idea of what the wait will be on a ride.
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13 years ago, NickSRT
Add function
App is good, but please add a simple button that lets you choose if the time you ate reporting is for Regular line, Fast Pass(Express), or Single rider. I think that is why I see a big discrepancy in the recent reports ranging from 90 minutes to 35 minutes just minutes later. THIS WOULD BE A HUGE HELP!
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8 years ago, UniversalFan
I like this app. Easier to use and more simple than some of the other more complicated versions. It straight up gives u the basics: ride name and wait time. That's all I need/want, no frills.
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11 years ago, Songson72
Great app!
Love the "Near Me" option and the ability to only view my Favorites. One other thing would make this app perfect ...the option to view any list by wait time. That would help you minimize your wait time AND ride everything you want.
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12 years ago, Peachnorange
Good app 4 decision making
We use this app every time we are here. Nice to get an idea of wait times before we walk 1/2 way across the park. Would love to see show & parade times to but this is wait time only. Has both parks which is nice to see before we park hop.
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9 years ago, stgause
Simple, accurate and helpful
Easy to use. Useful features. Wait times are slightly more current and accurate than Universals app. Thus better reflect realtime conditions.
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12 years ago, cherribom1
Helpful app!
Great app! Wait times were mostly accurate within 15 mins give or take at most. It totally helped plan my day throughout the parks and was free!
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11 years ago, Bradfam4
Great App
The times on the app are more accurate than the times at the ride entrance. Being able to submit your time is a nice feature.
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8 years ago, Doc Block in Florida
Very helpful app
Very helpful and usually accurate wait times ( even more accurate sometimes than the official universal app)
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12 years ago, Carrillitos
Universal Studios
Great app! We checked it constantly throughout the day to plan our time out better. A bit off on waiting times but still very helpful.
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12 years ago, Undersea890
I'm addicted to wait times!!!! At home I have an amusement park & I make wait times for the rides!!!! I love Disney and universal, because I know the rides & the reasonable wait time, so I can ooo and ahhh if they different!!!!!! :)
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9 years ago, Jamrapcienski
In the Ballpark
Gives a good idea of ride times and peak hours for those rides. I always refer to this when prepping for the park and when I'm there. Not perfect but makes walking through the entire park a bit more strategic.
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7 years ago, MakinMocha
Times slightly off
The wait times were list a bit longer than the actual wait time. Not bad at all. It was more accurate then the park's app.
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7 years ago, StuPitt
Where's Jimmy Fallon Ride?
Considering it is a newer ride and has longer line it would be helpful to have this ride included. Other than that it is a pretty good app. Nice to have before and during park visit.
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9 years ago, Katie dea
This app is so accurate and it helps always! Even if you are not at Universal Studios, you can plan on what rides to hit during not so busy times😃
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11 years ago, Jillyb66
Pretty accurate with wait times. Downloaded the undercover tourist app too, but this app was most accurate. This is pretty much all it gives you and a brief description if the ride/attraction. Not all rides/ attractions listed. Do it.
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11 years ago, lugriba
Easy to use, simple..... Keep it that way !!!!
Easy to use, simple..... Keep it that way !!!! It gives you the info you need. Please update more often and send notifications when is closed.
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8 years ago, Lindamarymatt
Great app! Wait times seem to be correct at all times . Highly recommend this app for times and map of the park
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10 years ago, Caisulli
Wish it had ride reviews
Cool to have wait times and they were accurate relative to each other, but all times should be multiplied by 1.5. I wish we could review the rides in the ap. I could have saved a lot of wasted time on rides I didn't like.
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9 years ago, Drawsome070684
Very Helpful!
My family used this for our trip and the times are truly accurate.
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11 years ago, Emma15317
Awesome App!
The times were very accurate and we used this both days at both parks to determine which rides to go on!
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10 years ago, Chrissy10879
Basic guideline only
I'm using this now and the wait times shown are different from the signs at the park, even after several minutes. This is best as a guide for comparing one ride against the next, but the times aren't exact.
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11 years ago, 2748563$49
You should totally download this application because it really helps knowing the rides time ahead of time,so go ahead guys download this! -Signed Random Person=(^_^)=
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10 years ago, MissAshley385
Decent but not always accurate
Wait times are not always accurate but close to actual times. Also noticed that some attractions were closed due to repairs and show as operational on the app.
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