Walmart Overnight Parking

4.3 (191)
19.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Allstays LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Walmart Overnight Parking

4.32 out of 5
191 Ratings
6 years ago, ke4mrc
Realistic rating is 4.7. Would give it a 5 IF it was still in the “old” format (but will admit the new one works well too) and all the GPS coordinates took you to the store. Have found a few where the coordinates bring you close but in one case was significantly off. Very Glad the app is available though and we use it all the time. Without it I don’t know if Walmart would stay in business because we definitely support everyone we stay in and when traveling we stay in “Americas’ Number One Camping spot” 3 to 5 nights a week (generally) and ALWAYS ASK, even if the app comments say it’s OK. Eric & Carol ‘99 Safari Trek
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6 years ago, Lanesgame
Love this app!
Traveled 14 months, 17,000 Miles through 36 states. Stayed at 60 (!) Walmarts! This app was an essential tool for our travels. Cannot express properly how much money this saved and enabled us to have our trip of a lifetime. Found only 1 Walmart that I disagreed with the reviews and was never turned away from spending the night. Even a couple of locations that had No Overnight Parking posted said it was actually ok. Make sure you check at the desk, spend a couple of bucks and remember that you’re not camping, just spending the night. Be respectful of being in a commercial parking area and we can keep this great traveling aid going! Get the app!
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7 years ago, Ozzie Rules
Excellent tool
Excellent tool for the Rver who stays at Walmart. Traveled from Pa to Ca and back for 3 weeks. App was very useful during the traveling part of our trip. Use your common sense and call the stores before you arrive. Every store we stayed at were very friendly and welcomed us if it was ok too. Treat the stores and people with respect this privilege of free overnight RV parking will last for our grandkids and longer.
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4 years ago, Wildheart
Couldn’t be more thankful for this app!
As a fulltime nomad on a tiny budget, I travel long distances a LOT but don’t have much to spend for camping spots. Especially on my snowbirding runs between the east coast and the desert Southwest, I’m usually just passing through and don’t need hookups or want to hassle with or pay for a campground. I just need a place to sleep and maybe grab something to eat before getting back on the road. This app is perfect for finding RV-friendly Walmart parking lots to do that in. Especially now that some bigger cities are becoming very RV unfriendly! Just a great app. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Handlebar Mustache man
Walmart driver
I love this app and use it almost daily! Even though I'm a Walmart driver, we are not supplied with sufficient information on store locations. I refuse to sleep in truck stops and rest areas, so this app in addition to store info we are supplied with, I can plan my trips and utilize my workday before taking my DOT break. Some cities have local ordinances, and even WM drivers aren't allowed to break at those stores, ironic huh?! Thank you for this great app! 5 stars from this driver.
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3 years ago, Eldora14
10 Stars
This app is a must have for anyone who travels long distance and needs an overnight along the way. If I could give 10 stars, I would. There is no issue in this app worth reporting for 2 reasons: 1- the information is user generated, therefore is as good as the user; and, 2- the developer is responsive to feedback and suggestions and improvements are made accordingly. Everything one needs to know about potential stopovers is at your fingertips.
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6 years ago, U will not get away with it
Upgrade is Awful
I loved using this app until this new upgrade, but now it is awful!! I know that there is getting used to new upgrades, but this is something I don’t want to get use to!! I copy the address and paste into my notes to keep track of where we have been and for future reference however, with the upgrade, I can longer do that because the ability to highlight does not work!! It is cut off and can it be moved right and left or up and down!! Please fix, ASAP I am traveling and this is an inconvenience!!
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6 years ago, LessieK
Life saver
Really helpful and accurate when we've been traveling long hours and need a place to park overnight. Be sure to go in to store and ask manager for permission and where you should park. As long as everyone is respectful this will continue to be a service to RVers.
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6 years ago, ChazToz
Full Time RVer Loves this app
This is great for searching for Walmarts along your route of travel. It provides a map showing Walmart locations. I use the phone number listed to call the store manager to enquire about overnight parking. Most are very helpful and offer advice on parking locations and safety. I highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, St3ph3
All Stay App & Walmart Parking
I easy access to Walmart parking for big trucks and RVs lots of room that’s a room for trucks cars RVs huge parking lot really nice car/truck wash also do yourself the only problem I see is I have a reefer truck so the reflectors on and off all night if it’s too close to our visa probably disturb so so‘s
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5 years ago, Bshinck
Excellent overnight!
The lot is very large, we didn’t feel crowded, even with the many RV’s and trucks parking there. It was very quiet, even with a few generators purring away. We felt very safe, there was excellent lighting. There was plenty of room for our slide outs to be extended. We will stay there again!
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5 years ago, Trekman51
Wonderful Overnight Option
We generally stay at truck stops due to the fact we’re pulling a jeep behind our RV. A friend suggested Walmart being RV friendly and we were pleasantly surprised by the space available, how quiet it was, and, of course, the convenient access to Walmart.
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2 years ago, greenolynn
Cross country
We Left San Diego in our RV camper truck headed towards North Carolina to visit friends. This app helped find free overnight parking in Walmarts along Hwy 40. We were gamed to find RV parks along the way, but this app was so useful and saved us $$. Thanks. Updated app when we did use Walmart lots
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5 years ago, AVRMLAA
Appreciative beyond words!
Our very first night of being on the road we found a friendly Walmart in GA. June 2018 We have stayed at several and this year we are headed north than west and this ap and Walmart are our lifesavers. Thank you so much for your offering guidance and hospitality!
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5 years ago, 26z3sailedawayxn5p
Best Travel App I Own
Always stay in Walmarts when in the move in my Winnebago Navion. This app is absolutely perfect. Everything I could hope for in what it offers. I use it always and contribute my experiences every time. If there were 6 stars I would rate it so.
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6 years ago, Cloverdale Grandma
App Works Great- But Wal-Marts Don’t
Just downloaded the App and started using today. The App has been good for giving me a place where I can report the Wal-Marts that you can no longer stay at. I guess they no longer need the business of truckers or campers. Since WalMart is no longer a welcoming place, the App has limited use. Especially since you have to pay for it!
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6 years ago, DarcyCathy
California to Mtn Rushmore back towards Yellowstone
I love this app! Ever since we bought an RV (March 2016) I downloaded all the apps that would apply to our RV trips. This by far has helped us find ONP in areas we would never think to stop. We have slept in many Super Walmarts parking lots :). Thank you!
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6 years ago, Liseandrea
Excellent tool for rv travellers
If you stop at Walmark for the night when traveling, you need this. You get all the updated information on the Walmarts welcoming. Where toark, and the feedback from previous experiences. Informations is accurate 99% of the time.
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6 years ago, cappy55
walmart shopping
great way to find awalmart,i very rarely overnight,but i do most of my shopping at walmart,sams club,i usually call to makesure theres room for 75ft of truck and trlr,this the app works great
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2 weeks ago, cwMacPhail
Super useful
I’ve used this for years. Super useful. Walmart camping is not glamorous, but so handy. No reservation or late check-in hassles. Bathrooms, drinking water, WiFi, groceries. They are always welcoming. Please take time to post a parking report.
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4 years ago, skippys trips
Our stays
We have recently started using this app and we are thrilled with the comments and suggestions. So as of today it’s a 5 star for us. Traveled from Tampa Florida to Anchorage Alaska & back again, this app was the best.
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3 years ago, corn cob18013
A must have app if you travel
We travel in a motorhome end it all stays is our main travel app for locating Walmarts and campgrounds. It fills our need 100% of the time.
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2 years ago, Tesla Doug
Very Good App
We have used this app reliably for 3 years and it’s an excellent guide to overnight parking at Walmart’s. Never had it let us down or give bad information.
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1 year ago, myarot
Needs updating
Most reviews are old .. not sure if people are not making comments or it’s need updating .. I have not found one recommendation for 2023… most are over a year old ..
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6 years ago, N27GZ
Great app
Use this all the time when we are on the road in the Rv. Walmart’s are the simplist overnite stay. The comments are most valuable. We have never been asked to leave.
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2 years ago, Pcfan43
ON parking
Have relied extensively on this app over the years and have never been disappointed.
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5 years ago, Jarsh14
My favorite!
We have used this app on every trip we take. It is accurate. You’ll be glad you have it !
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2 years ago, Heath Holley
Ugh! I’m a moron…
Why did I spend $2.99 on this app when the regular AllStays app has the exact same info? 🤦🏻‍♂️
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1 year ago, jcsdrobe
Great app
Using it for se real years and it is so helpful. Asking traveling much easier. Thank you
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1 year ago, SmithWesson44mag
Outdated information
Most of what I saw was years old. Walmart camping is hit or miss from the information given in this app so you really need to call each store individually to find out if camping is allowed. Any map app will show Walmart and give the phone number.
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6 years ago, Dr.JoMaMa
Working real well for us.
Great locator, store information and driving instructions. A real helpful app for travelers.
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3 years ago, JanaHoward
Allstays Walmart
I love this app it’s very very helpful We’ve been using it for about 10 years it’s always great!
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5 years ago, carrie1070
I’m sorry I purchased this app...
Waste of money. It seems that all reviews of stores in my path are from before 2018. A another discontented reviewer commented, save your money and just call the store. For the cost, it is a very limited app.
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3 years ago, senior campet
Out of date
Information is outdated. Latest report on some locations dated 2014
Show more
5 years ago, jernaught
Nothing but a store list where users can leave comments. Most comments say “you can’t stay here.” So very little help . Better off saving $2.99 and using Yelp for free ....
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6 years ago, Cookieg123
Walmart is the best for one night stay.
Show more
7 years ago, jjinsd
Just a map of Walmart locations
I'd say 90% of the user comments say No OverNight Parking. No way to filter those out and find a place you can park
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6 years ago, fubdp
If you just want to find your nearest Walmart store get this app. Don’t even bother if you’re looking for a place to stay overnight.
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8 years ago, gdanny83
Very helpful for RVers
This app has been a godsend for us in finding a place to spend a night. However, I'm finding more locations with no reviews or years-old reviews. I have submitted info on locations but have not seen any of them published. And I would really like to find out more about trees and curbs in the lots. That said, we always consult the app along our way. At least it has a phone number we can call for permission.
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5 years ago, idsebby
Useless app all it does is show you where Walmart’s are?? You can then add your comments about that wall-mart. What a rip off
Show more
6 years ago, floridarvingwoman
Save your $3
Basically a list of Walmarts. Possible overnight parking specified. Stick with just calling the store
Show more
5 years ago, Pubgwontupdate
Not worth the money
All of the reviews are from 2017 or older not helpful at all
Show more
7 years ago, Straight Shooter 38sc
Staying at Wal-Mart
I travel in a class B and boondock while covering a lot of miles. This is perfect for that use. I choose the city I expect to stop in, then the store in area best suited for me that allows camping. Rather than use the turn by turn locator I enter the address in my Garmin GPS saving air time and freeing phone for other use. We are not traveling with kids so if we do something in a city, we may drive a few hours at the end of a day, knowing we have a place picked to stop. I have found no errors or problems to date. Wal-Mart has been very convenient for picking up things too. I use this app daily while traveling and highly recommend it.
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10 years ago, drummergurl
Really good!
I use this app to help us find a place to crash for the night when we're traveling and can't afford a hotel. I'm not sure if the filters are 100% accurate, especially when figuring out if store is 24 hours (few are not). I find some of the "possible parking" options vague on the user reviews since laws change and such so sometimes you still have to call to be certain. Even so, it's much easier to find locations here than scrolling through lists online which aren't location specific to where you are that very minute.
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9 years ago, Gardnmom
Great App!
Wonderful app. The "i" button on each location is great with information for calling ahead and getting ok to stay and where the store prefers that you park. Comments from users that have stayed at a location or spoken with management are helpful in deciding whether to stay at a location or not (for example we avoid ones with notes about panhandlers in the parking lot). Different symbol for locations which definitely do not allow overnite parking is helpful in planning and not wasting a call to that location. Highly recommend this app.
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10 years ago, Lisa and Mark
Can't RV Without This App
Our family has been traveling by RV for nearly 10 years. We drive from the east coast out west every year. In the early years, we stayed at truck stops along the way, but found them way too noisy. We like that Walmarts are so convenient and most allow overnight parking. This app helps take the guesswork out of where we can stay. We know how far it is between stores and which ones don't allow parking at all. The user updates help inform us which ones are friendly, noisy, busy, etc. We can't RV without this app. Thanks!
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10 years ago, Walmartjunkie3591
Walmart Parking manual
We bought this Walmart store locator to use when we went cross country last year. We parked at a different Walmart every night and went cross country without paying a camping fee! This might sound lame, but if you just want to park your camper without setting it up, this is the answer. You can get your dinner at Walmart like we did and it's just an easy thing to do. I reccommend this inexpensive Walmart finder for anyone who wants to stay overnight without paying or setting up!
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14 years ago, Willbarr
Great app
We were ready for our first Wal-Mart overnight stop, after many years of camping. I used the app to plan ahead, found a store about where we wanted to stop for the night, asked permission at the store, and there we were. I particularly liked the detailed map and the moving dot showing where our vehicle was at all times.
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10 years ago, Papa's RV
Don't Leave Home Without It!
No, really. If travel as much as we do and boondock along the way this app is INDISPENSABLE!!! Accurate, easy to use and packed with all the information you need to have a restful nights sleep without the camping fees. Be sure to follow the Walmart rules and ask the manager if you can park, it's good manners...and don't forget to buy something when you're there!
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7 years ago, Renee D
Very welcoming- love the app!
3/3/17 We stayed at the Dothan Walmart in a class A 39 ft motorhome and towing. I called the store prior to arriving and the clerk was very friendly and said its fine for Rv's to stay the night and guided us to park at the far end near pizza hut and the gas station. She said the no parking signs are for the trucks..We shopped as a thank-you. And i love this app, i have found it to be very helpful! Thank you!
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