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User Reviews for Warby Parker

4.87 out of 5
289.8K Ratings
5 years ago, charleerose03
Amazing service and product
I started my experience with Warby Parker through the at home try on since we don’t have a store close to us. I didn’t fall in love with any of the frames the first two at home try ons so I decided to do the quiz to find my style. The quiz was a huge help!!! I had five new styles coming to me and they shipped so fast!!! I fell in love with 4 of the styles!!! I had finally found styles I loved and that looked great on me but now had to narrow down my choice to just one... I found the one I loved the most and proceeded with the ordering process. Ordering was so easy! I had done some of the stuff beforehand such as getting my prescription added to my account and getting my pd measured. The communication with Warby Parker far exceeded my expectations- they were extremely fast in responding to emails and questions. They truly helped me get what I needed. After receiving my order, they immediately emailed suggesting the higher index lenses and quickly updated my order to match what I agreed to for the order. My order shipped within a few days and I received my glasses about a week later!!! Extremely fast service, amazing customer service (that is truly hard to find now a days) and super cute options!!! I will definitely be recommending Warby Parker to everyone and using them again for my next pair of glasses!!! Thank you Warby Parker- you guys are amazing and have a new customer for life now!!!!
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2 years ago, Single black male
Customer Service!!
I don’t often write reviews but I felt this was deserving. I’ve gotten glasses from Warby Parker since I was a junior in high school and I’m now a year away from being 30. I got my 1st pair before they had brick and mortar stores. I’ve always loved their unique frames and price point. I have also only upgraded my frames due to vanity and not because they broke. I wear glasses 80% of the year so my glasses get thoroughly beat up. I’ve never broken a pair. I had a seizure (while wearing my glasses) and cracked my head open but my glasses still held up! Ok so now the real review :) This is in regards to their customer service. I recently called to pay to upgrade shipping to expedited. None of my cards were going through and it was clear there was a problem on their end. Instead of the rep asking me to call another time/day, she did a courtesy upgrade so I didn’t even end up paying for it. I wish I remembered her name! She was awesome! I also love their new replacement policy. Formally, they’d replace the lenses for free but now they replace the entire frames once during a 2 year period. It might be a year, but regardless, this is an example of really treating customers properly. I’m a Warby Parker Stan for life. I always suggest them to anyone who asks me about glasses. And I always get compliments on my glasses!
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3 years ago, New Forever Customer
New forever customer
Well, Warby Parker, you’ve really done it. I’m 50 years old and have worn glasses since I was 4. After numerous eye surgeries, my lens prescription is strong, and my whole life I’ve struggled to find glasses, always paying no less than $500 a pair. After all these years I found my way to Warby Parker and I’m wondering where you’ve been all my life. As a working sole parent of two, I struggle to find time to take care of chores for myself, like buying new glasses. One download of the WP app, I set a filter and a few virtual try ons, I found a frame that makes me feel as if I look the way that I feel on the inside….a still-fabulous fashion forward artist hippy who loves a fresh new idea like WP that’s well-executed and no nonsense. The process was absolutely seamless; I even tried a box of 5 runners up at home so I can pick my second pair since the price point makes multiple pairs an option…how fun! The fact that WP gives a pair to someone in need for every pair I buy will surely keep me coming back for more. You found the perfect formula to disrupt and reinvent a broken system, and you are breathing life into all of us who have ever wished that getting new glasses was fun, easy and affordable. Thank you WP! Well done! P.S: And you can bet I’m coming back for my contact lenses!
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3 years ago, TN-Michelle
I Love Warby Parker!!!
I was so upset bc I went to my eye doctor as it was time for new glasses.. I got my eye exam and when it came time to pick out my frames, not only were the frames way over priced the associate followed me around making me feel very rushed, I hurried and picked out some glasses I was not 100% happy with (which was my fault for saying yes) but my anxiety was kicking in and I just wanted to get out of there, so I picked up my glasses and felt so ugly in them.I am so use to only wearing contacts but since I’ve moved to TN I am unable to wear them bc my allergies are just to bad.. I searched and searched online researching each site and remembered seeing a tv commercial for Warby Parker, so I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did, the 5 pair free home try on, was so easy and was at my house within a week at the most, I was super excited when I found a pair that I fell in love with, the next day I was back on the site ordering the pair I liked and within days DAYS!! I had my glasses at HALF the cost of the pair I got from my eye doctors office that I used my insurance on.. they are very comfortable and I will definitely be ordering more as I liked almost every pair in my free home try on box.. Thank You so much Warby Parker u really made a horrible situation a lot easier!!
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2 years ago, MyDog'sNameIsKiedis
Couldn’t help with style
When you order a box of try on frames, there’s a number in which you can text photos to get personalized style assistance. All of my frames looked hideous on me, mostly due to my incredibly narrow face (I ordered all narrow or extra narrow frames.) While the person who replied to my text was kind and helpful and I gave 5 stars to, the only style advice I got was (paraphrase) “visit your local store.” Which, for my location, involves a two hour round trip drive in the hellscape of Austin traffic and a parking situation that would make even CBD vapers break down in frustration and cry in their cars. Not exactly what the mail-in try before you buy customer wants to deal with. I gave that rep a 5/5 because he responded to my humor and probably took a look at my face and realized there’s nothing he could offer me. So he gets full credit. Warby Parker, however, failed this rep and this customer. While I do have an unusually narrow face (an actually quite pretty one, I might add) it would seem like a frames maker of this caliber could be more helpful in treating what I’ll call “special cases.” Especially as it’s fairly well documented that eyes set close together equals more attractiveness. I’m 40, so I’m not tooting my own horn, but I’m advocating for all the “woke” (?) generation of cool people who also have narrow face syndrome. Help them! Help me find stylish reading glasses!
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6 years ago, HannahhtimS
Great customer service!
I love the idea of the home try-on, which led me to Warby Parker in the first place, because I find that most glasses I’ve had prior didn’t look that great on me and would get scratched easily. I chose a pair that I adored and ordered them a few weeks after. It was a pretty hefty price for me personally, especially with the special lenses I needed that were an extra $25, but worth every single penny. They came fairly quick and I adjusted to my prescription immediately. They send the glasses in a very nice and sturdy case packed in an equally nice box, and an effective cleansing cloth. My lenses became scratched about a month after having them (100% my fault btw!) and WP has a one year no scratch guarantee where they will replace your lenses for FREE. This saved me a ton of trouble (and $$$) and they were very polite in running me through the process. I sent them in, they took about 8 business days to replace the lenses, and shipping back to me took only 2 days! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Warby Parker until just this year, I wish I would have known about them during my preteen/teenage years when I was super embarrassed about the fact that I needed glasses lol. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my frames and I’ve recommended them to multiple friends and family members. Would 100% buy from again!
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3 years ago, Mighty Power
Does not work the way it should
I paid to get a new prescription again since it had been 2 years. I waited 5 days for my new glasses to find out the did not fit property. When I showed up they were able to fix the fit to fit better but then after a couple of days in I’m noticing I am not able to read like my previous glasses only look at things from far away as good as my previous pair.. I called and waited on the phone for a while and I was told to stop by the store and they would take care of me, I got to the store the next day waited around an hour they told me the glasses were made to the prescription. That I needed to see the optician again but the only available time they had was in a week so, now I need to wait a week to see the optician and then another five days to get them remade.. this doesn’t make any sense to me, I should’ve just walked into the closest shop and they would’ve gotten things done for me the same day..I tried to save time and money by doing online/app and I’m ending up spending more time and money to fix so far it’s my third time coming, having to get to the store waiting and counting. This is such a waste of time and money and lost lunch hours. Honestly I cannot recommend doing this
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3 years ago, Ben Morrow
Exceptional service!
My glasses were about 7 years old (and 2 prescriptions out of date) when my toddler got ahold of them. Time for new ones! I used the Warby Parker app to virtually try on enough options to pair it down to 5 favorites to try out with the at home try on. They came quick and my wife and I were impressed with the quality for the price. We had a tough time just picking one pair because they all looked pretty darn good. But after a couple days there was a clear favorite and I order it on a Wednesday night. The next morning I had a message saying they needed one more measurement that wasn’t on my prescription but could be done with the app. I did the measurement twice just to confirm the results and when the numbers matches I get confident it would do. That was Thursday morning. Before lunch that very day I got another message saying that my new glasses had shipped. Are you kidding me?! That was insanely fast. Today is Saturday and they were in my mailbox, securely packaged and waiting. By my count that’s 2 1/2 days from placing the order to have them in my hand. With free shipping and not requesting and sort of rush or special treatment. That’s simply outstanding! And to top it off, they look awesome. Well done Warby Parker. Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, Cara_Celeste
Great Service, Great Product
My journey with WP started at my local eye doctor where I found a pair of designer frames that I desperately wanted. However, I was not willing to fork out the $500+ to purchase said frames. I recalled Warby Parker from tv commercials (I’m in marketing, so I take note of these things), and decided to check it out. Within a few minutes, I had found an almost identical pair of frames to the designer ones and decided to go for it. Customer service was top-notch and very responsive. I had an issue getting my eye doctor to send over my prescription (I’m sure they knew they were losing out on a $500 sale), but the WP team stayed on top of it and made it happen. Once WP had my prescription and PD, the glasses shipped within a few hours and I had them in just a couple of days. The frames (Finch) are perfect - exactly what I was looking for if not better. I’ll be stopping by my local store to get them adjusted a bit as they are slightly loose, but overall I couldn’t be happier with the experience or product. It’s great to have a place to go to find a variety of frames at reasonable prices. I used to buy my frames maybe once every 8-10 years due to price. I now plan to have an array of frames to change up my look throughout the year. Thanks, WP!
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4 years ago, DevChrisWhite
Amazing Service and Quality Glasses!
My experience with Warby Parker has been nothing short of amazing. I ordered the try at home lenses and found my perfect pair the first day I tried all 5 frames. I ordered a pair of glasses that day and sent back the try on lenses. I received an email, stating they were missing my PD results so I called customer service and the rep was absolutely amazing and so helpful. I had actually uploaded the PD results along with my prescription and she updated the system and had me off the phone in less than 10 minutes. My prescription pair shipped and delivered in less than a week, even with COVID shipping delays. When I received my glasses, I was blown away by the packaging and the quality of the frame and lenses. Warby Parker has a customer for life. I haven’t visited one of their retail stores, due to COVID 19, but I am excited to go in and order my next pair to get in person service. I’m sure it will be even better then ordering online! Side note, I had to order new glasses because I had ordered some glasses from a small brand on Instagram 2 months ago and they broke within a week. I have no doubt my Warby Parker glasses will last me a long time. This experience has been amazing from beginning to finish. Well done Warby Parker! Well done!
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4 years ago, Cctsourakis
I had high hopes...
This transaction was doomed from the beginning. I got a new progressive prescription because I hate putting on and taking off my glasses all day long. I selected a beautiful pair of glasses and they arrived just as the pandemic hit. They were painful and gave me a horrible headache. I called customer service and they said I would need an in-store adjustment. No stores would be open for quite a while. No problem, they said. After storing them for nearly two months, I called customer service to ask which location would be available for the adjustment. Tampa. A 45 minute drive in the pouring rain. I had asked if I needed an appointment. Not a problem! Walk right in, they said. We get there within 10 minutes of opening and we were told it was a 40 minute wait. I was told that I could exchange my glasses for another pair if I wanted. No, ma’am. We aren’t accepting exchanges, they said. I paid $345 for these glasses and I just wanted to be done with them. The associates were all kind but woefully out of sync with one another. Finally, the senior of the staff at the Tampa location took the glasses and issued a credit back to my card. I wanted to love Warby Parker. Really, I did. I tried on about 30 pairs virtually during quarantine so I would be prepared for the day I could get glasses that both fit and worked. This experience left a terrible taste in my mouth. We will be going back to my optometrist’s office for my progressives.
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6 years ago, LaurenIsSilly
Loved my first experience, onto round two!
I initially heard about Warby Parker through social media. I was interested, but I don’t like ordering clothing or accessories online especially at such a discounted rate. I had my yearly optometrist appointment at a local glasses store and was told that just to get my lenses replaced in my old glasses it would be $160 WHICH is not in my budget. I turned to Warby Parker and found out I could order a box of frames to try on for free, so I did! I received the package about a week and a half later which I don’t consider too bad; especially for an individually tailored box. I tried on all the frames and decided on a pair that I loved. If I had one complaint about anything it would be that the try on frames seemed cheaply made, but the glasses that I ended up purchasing seemed to be fairly high quality for the price. Shipping the box of try on frames took longer than I expected, but that probably has more to do with our postal service. I took a picture of my prescription and ordered my glasses very easily, they got to me in about a week and I was super happy with them! UNFORTUNATELY I being a young naive 21 year old lost them in a bar, never to be seen again.. I already ordered my second try on box and am excited to find a new pair I love!
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1 year ago, Ychocolate2
Great service!
My husband and I had a great experience in Warby Parker in Over the Rhine. We went in to look for single vision prescription glasses to add to my recently bought progressive lenses from another vendor. I had looked at frames online, but I decided to try them on in person. The clerk was very informative and not pushy. She let me look on my own but offered suggestions as needed. She was honest about the cost of adding extra features to the lenses. She reminded us of the current sale, and I ended up getting prescription sunglasses too! The checkout process was smooth. The only strange thing was that I didn’t have my prescription with me because I hadn’t planned to go to the store when I left home for another reason. I thought that I would receive an email that told me how to send my prescription, and I did get an email, but it was basically a review of my order. I also got one welcoming me to Warby Parker and telling me about the app. I downloaded the app, and then I found a place to send my prescription. If I hadn’t done that, I guess I would have had to call the company. Once I found the place for my prescription, the process was easy and went smoothly. I’d definitely recommend Warby Parker!
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4 years ago, Penny Lane NY
Disappointed and dissatisfied
The product has been fine and I’ve ordered glasses from them before. My review is based on my experience with their customer service. I ordered two pairs of glasses and was supposed to get the multiple pair discount. Someone canceled my original order when I agreed to updated to the higher index lenses. I emailed them in regards to the discount and I was told I cancelled the order and they were re-done separately. However, I could still get the discount. I re- priced the two on the app and sent the screen shot of what it comes out to on the app for both pairs with the updated lenses. I have gone back and forth with them multiple times both on text and email because they kept refunding me random amounts that were not the correct amount of the discount. Multiple emails regarding the correct amount and each time they gave me a little bit more but not the correct amount. I was then told that the amount reflected on the website was incorrect and they would not honor it and they were sorry for the multiple mistakes on their end. I checked today and the second pair I ordered was completely cancelled and nowhere to be found in my history. I’m extremely disappointed and dissatisfied as this was a simple mistake that could’ve been handled right from the start and not have to escalate. The glasses themselves have always been fine and I’ve never had an issue with them before.
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3 years ago, edmface
Awesome Experience- FAST Shipping
I don’t usually write reviews BUT Warby Parker is the exception. I’m really impressed with the service and quality of WP. This was my first time using them and first time ever buying eyeglasses with prescription, they made the whole process really easy and stress free. So, for starters you are able to choose your favorites to try at home, not all of them are available but I was able to find a lucky winner. The try at home kits always arrived on time, less than a week and had all the information you needed to know to return them as a label is provided to ship back after 5 days with you. So here is were I was EVEN more impressed. After choosing my lucky winner frame, it was time to order it with my prescription. I placed my order at 8:30PM on Thursday, and uploaded a picture of my prescription. After the order was placed within minutes the app digitally saved my prescription and remembered my next appointment for my check up, that’s awesome. NOW the thing is, I woke up next day with an email from WP telling me they already shipped my glasses and expected to be delivered today Monday. I received my order in less than 5 days and I can’t be happier with the results. Thank you WP.
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4 years ago, crc832
Poor quality and customer service
I’ve purchased a pair of glasses and sunglasses from this company in hopes I found an alternative to the other companies. The coating on my glasses lenses are wearing off and it happened a little after the one year cutoff so now I’m stuck with glasses that are hard to see out of. Went to a store to ask about getting them fixed or replaced and they said I could pay to get them fixed but I would have to send them in and be without them for 2 weeks. Can’t really go without them. Bought a pair of sunglasses as well and I had to take them back in every week or so to get reshaped because they would never hold shape and didn’t fit my head because of it. I tried to fix them once myself because I was tired of going in and they broke. I probably got to wear them a handful of times because they never kept the shape. Contacted the company and they said I was out of warranty and next time bring them in to get shaped. But at least they gave me a $10 credit towards my next order. Really let down by this company. It’s unfortunate. *Update to previous review left... Customer service got in touch with me and helped me solve all my issues. Top notch customer says a lot about a company.
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4 years ago, meltedgirl
Favorite Glasses of All Time
Hi. I’ve worn glasses/contacts all of my life so I’ve owned dozens and dozens of pairs of glasses in my 62 years of being a visually challenged human. The old routine of finding a pair of glasses after an eye exam at ones doctor’s office in a short period of time with a staff member hovering and helping you try different frames has always yielded so-so results. They were functional. Maybe a little cute. But still just another a pair of glasses I didn’t like wearing. With Warby Parker, I scoured the site with all the frames and shapes and colors and went through 2 boxes of try-ons. I favorited a few but then when I found the Percey frame in the ice blue color, I had found a pair that I loved. The process was easy. The online staff were helpful. The prescription with the progressives were perfect. I also got the lenses that darken so I could use them as sunglasses too. I normally don’t wear my glasses except for when I take my contacts out. Since I love these glasses so much, I haven’t worn my contacts for several days now. With the pandemic happening this made getting new glasses so safe and easy. I highly recommend Warby Parker and also love that they help people by giving a pair of glasses for each pair sold. Great company. Happy customer.
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4 months ago, Aggravatedx2
Worse contact purchase experience!
After 6 emails, 4 phone calls and about 5 hours of frustration the only thing I have is over 800 dollars pending on my credit card and apparently NO contacts on the way! Made an order for 4 boxes this morning, uploaded prescription ( have same prescription for both eyes) paid for order and was good. About 2 hours later received an email that I ordered wrong and order was updated to match my prescription. I immediately called and that was not true, as someone on Warby Parker and inputted my prescription wrong. Was told order would be corrected. Approximately 30 minutes later get an email that order is on the way, with again the WRONG contacts. I call again, this time was told can’t cancel order as it already shipped but was sent a return label to return the incorrect contacts and a new order was created for correct contacts. About 30 mins later get an email stating again the order was changed due to prescription issue, call again and was reassured everything was in the right track. Approximately 2 hours later receive a phone call from Warby Parker to tell me that all orders are canceled and would I like to reorder again! So now I have no contacts on the way and over 800 dollars pending on my credit card! Also have the eyeglass try ons headed to my home but not sure that I want to do business with Warby Parker as this has been an huge headache!
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5 years ago, Cameo'sVaio
Holy Crap! Amazing!
I have been hearing about WP’s forever, especially from my pretend BFF Gayle King who I watch every morning on CBS This Morning. Actually, I had read about them and their philanthropic promise, just like Bombas socks, back when they started. Ok, now on to the Warby’s. I was extremely skeptical (like I am with everything) but decided to give them a shot after I had already used my insurance on an rx pair of spendy designer glasses that I ended up not liking. I had to pay out of pocket for a second pair but didn’t want to pay a ton. I decided to turn to WP. I was amazed at their home try on option. I picked out a pair from the 5 I had checked out and received them a bit later (it took longer due to an issue of my rx). I purchased the extra, foldable case, which I didn’t need but has come in handy for other things. I finally received my glasses. Not only did I love them, I’m trying to decide which pair I want next! For the first time I will have rx sunglasses for the same price as regular sunglasses! I just used their virtual try on option and have found three new pairs I MUST HAVE!!! I can’t recommend these enough! Oh, and the case your glasses come with is amazing! Very nice, solid and more than adequate! Thank you Warby Parker!
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1 year ago, rhdhdbdvhssv
I absolutely adore Warby Parker! Since joining the spectacle gang recently you guys have made the process so easy and enjoyable. I love the style options, the at home try on and everything you guys do to cater to your customers. I dreaded the thought of needing to wear glasses! I have a slender face and prior to finding WP I was limited to child’s frames for the best fit. Thank you for changing that! Narrow and Extra Narrow —insert chefs kiss—I felt the need to visit my local store to see if there were additional options for the frame I liked in my try on kit. Lucky for me Daniel was working -not only did he help me explore those frames but also went the extra mile to show me other options. What I liked most about that process was Daniels honesty in what did and don’t work for me. Taking the time to listen to my goals for my new “look” and eloquently leading me to making confident decisions about this new extension of my personality and look. Please extend a very grateful thank you to Daniel with the highest level of employee recognition you provide. He is an incredible extension of the Warby Parker brand beyond its digital presence. Thank you Daniel and thank you Warby Parker. WP Fan 4L -Rachael
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3 years ago, Barb-Salina KS
Best progressive glasses EVER!
I'm 58 years old...I've had prescription glasses ever since I was 18 years old. I have to say every couple years when I had my new glasses I always had to go back to the offices that I got the glasses from to have them fixed or sent back to the lab. Everything that could possibly go wrong always went wrong. 🥺 July 2021...I just went to a new Doctor and got my glasses and my sunglasses from that doctor's office...Yet again the glasses did not fit right and the prescription wasn't lined up correctly. Everything that could go wrong went wrong again. I kept seeing advertisements about Warby Parker so I decided to put in an order for glasses to see if this was just the wrong situation yet again . I ordered five pairs of frames just to see which frame I liked the best. I sent in my order in 10 days later I got my glasses. Woo Hoo!!!!! 👓 I honestly believe throughout my entire life, this was the best pair of glasses I have ever received. Folks, if you've had situations like I have where nothing seems to work out regarding new glasses PLEASE take some time and try out Warby Parker. These folks are awesome and they do the best job I have ever seen. 😃😁👍🏼
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4 years ago, Brooklyn Haley
Confidence= Through the roof!
After being an avid contact wearer for almost 10 years, I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye and my eyes were no longer able to handle wearing contacts. Transitioning to wearing glasses full time was very difficult for me to do, as I didn’t feel like “myself” with this new look. I tried 2 different pairs of frames that I received through my office, however, both pairs gave me difficulties. One pair was way too tight, causing me to have migraines within an hour of use, while the other pair was so loose (even after being tightened about 8 different times) to the point of slipping completely off my face from simply bending down. I decided to give Warby Parker a try after seeing many ads about it. I was hesitant to order a pair without trying them on and seeing how they feel and look first, so I utilized the 5 free try on trial prior to ordering. I fell in love with the narrow Percy pair, and ordered a prescription blue light pair within a week of returning the free trial. I have not had a single headache, for they fit me like they were made for me. I plan to order another pair in a different color very soon! Thank you so much Warby Parker, for not only the confidence, but the comfort as well!
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5 years ago, KRpodcast
Hats off to Warby Parker
Not only do I love my new glasses, but Warby Parker customer service went way above and beyond to get them to me. My glasses arrived late and significantly damaged by USPS, which was a challenge since I was leaving for Japan for 4 months the very next day. Within minutes of calling Warby Parker customer service, a very friendly representative had come up with multiple solutions to make sure a replacement pair was in my hands as soon as possible at no additional cost to me. Despite the fact that Warby Parker doesn’t usually ship internationally, the customer service team made sure my replacement glasses were sent to their office so they could personally forward them to me in the tiny rural town of Nanyo, Japan where I would be for the next several months. Every representative I interacted with throughout the process was incredibly detail oriented, positive, and seemed empowered to come up with creative solutions. I always hate when I call a customer service line and they have to ask 5 different managers for approval to do something that seems like the obvious solution. This team was quick to think outside the box and offer a solution tailored to my unique situation. Truly impressed by Warby Parker!
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5 years ago, Meme23579
Amazing app!
This app is incredible. Warby Parker as a website is already very convenient and well-organized, offering a wide range of affordable frames with lots of tips and helpful advice scattered throughout the site, and this app lets you access is all very intuitively. Ok that sounded like I’m some PR guy for the company but no honestly I just love them haha. One of my favorite things about this app is the camera try-on feature. It uses your iPhone’s facial scanning cameras or whatever to let you try the frames in real time. And this is by far the best implementation of this feature I have ever seen. The glasses load quickly and follow your face with almost no lag. Comparing different glasses on your face is as easy as swiping left or right on the main catalog or through your favorites and you can get a great idea of how they will look like in real life from all angles. Absolutely amazing and also just kinda fun if I’m being honest. I would 100% recommend this app. Even if you don’t end up buying from here, the camera try-on feature as well as Warby Parker’s free 5-pair 5-day home try-on service are hands the most convenient way to get a good idea of what glasses will look good on you and will fit you.
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6 years ago, Lokking SHARP
The BEST experience purchasing prescription glasses that I‘ve ever had in the 12 years since my eyes decided they were getting old and needed help to see clearly. Sarah is the consummate professional with a healthy dose of charm and easy-going friendliness. When I noticed she had the Lily frames on (the very frames at the top of my “favorites” list), I asked her where I could find them to try on. Sadly, they didn’t have any in their store, but she immediately offered to let me try her Lily’s on and even took a picture of me with them on so I could see how great they looked. Then, when I asked about how they looked with the transition feature, Sarah said, “let’ s step outside so you can see for yourself.” Now that’s customer service! I was measured for my progressive lens by her AND their optician to ensure a perfect alignment. Oh, and not only did I pay less out-of-pocket for these higher quality frames and lens with anti-glare and anti scratch coatings than at my doctor’s place, I am getting money back from my insurance company, even with Warby Parker being out-of-network! I will definitely be bringing my mother and my daughter here next month to get their new glasses (I may splurge on a spare pair for myself, too)!
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5 years ago, (kr)85
3 weeks no order received
I placed an order through Warby Parker close to 3 weeks ago. After my first order I received a notification about 5 days later that my order was shipped along with tracking information. After paying for expedited shipping I realized the shipment wasn’t on its way. Concurrently, Warby Parker sent me an email indicating they don’t see the package information and it may be “lost” they immediately placed a new order anticipating the package may never get to me. I contacted UPS they said the company simply printed a shipping label and no package was actually dropped at UPS which is extremely deceptive on Warby Parker’s end. I then contacted them because my order was to arrive tomorrow and I didn’t see tracking info and explained I needed my glasses ASAP and 3 weeks is absurd they went ahead and started a refund but that doesn’t exactly resolve my issue I have no glasses and they apparently made them twice! So why not just send them it’s all because they were dishonest since my first order they didn’t get it right or on time and it’s all been at the expense of my time. Customers beware! Track your shipments and check with UPS their lack of accountability for failing to get my glasses completed in a timely fashion is outrageous to add insult to injury they tried blaming UPS but they couldn’t the second time and resorted to issuing a refund and again I have nothing 3 weeks later but some interest charges on my credit card!
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3 years ago, Bree olson
Surprisingly Amazing Experience
I am hard to please and admit with shame I have spent over 1k on glasses of all types before. The Warby Parker commercials got to me. I started seeing floaters and for anyone that has them you know how annoying they are so I thought about getting sunglasses but ones that had more of a regular glass frame. I had never shopped online before so the only name I could think of was Warby Parker. I got on the app and then I realized that they have transition lenses which I never saw the purpose of but with my floaters that makes perfect sense. I got them and at first they did not work indoors as my house is very bright, I have huge windows everywhere but after a while for whatever reason the glasses started to work inside and now if I look out the window I can do it without pain or as bad of floaters and also in style. I also have a big round fat face and usually glasses that look big on other people don’t look big on meSo being able to try them on the app was nice and also them analyzing my face shape for the glasses was great! I can’t recommend them enough and the return policy is wonderful so you don’t have anything to lose.
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4 years ago, tmkagst00
I love the frames that I purchased from Warby Parker. The ability to try them on prior to purchasing them was extremely important! I have had many disappointing experiences ordering stuff online when there was no way to try on items before purchase. I did experience a couple of issues with Warby Parker, however. First, I had an extremely difficult time trying to get the pupillary distance measured using my phone’s camera. This issue delayed finalizing my order. Even though I had to retake the photo more time than I could count, there was an agent readily available via text to assist me so that certainly helped my frustration, and kept me as a customer. Secondly, my glasses seemed to fit perfectly for the first few days. Shortly after, I realized that the arms of my frames are too long! This has caused them to be quite loose, and they constantly slide down my nose. It might be worthwhile for them to add a way to measure the distance between one’s nose bridge to the back of one’s ears. I certainly have no suggestions as to how this would work, but when it comes to glasses, one size does not fit all. I was very pleased with all of the other aspects of the product and service. I just need to see if I can get my frames re-sized or something.
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4 years ago, amayes805
Never going back!!
This company is by far, hands down the best option for getting glasses. Whether they are prescription or non prescription! I have a really strong prescription for near-sightedness and I’m very picky about the styles I wear also. I ordered the 5-pair try on at home kit from Warby Parker. I found the pair of glasses I liked and a pair of prescription sunglasses I liked also. I went to my primary eye doctor, which I obtained my updated prescription from, went onto the Warby Parker website after my appointment and ordered the 2 pairs I originally fell weak for. Within a week and a half I had ordered the pairs of glasses AND received them in the mail!!!! It was so quick! Not like waiting 2 weeks for my previous orders over the last 10 years from my eye doctors office. I tried both pairs on when receiving them and I am IN LOVE. I am in utter disbelief that I haven’t came across this company sooner! You can’t go wrong with Warby Parker glasses and I would 100% recommend to everyone who wears glasses, whether they are prescription or not! It was easy, quick, and the glasses they provide are unique, cute, and there’s a pair for any kind of style you prefer. Very impressed to say the least! Thank you WP!!!
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6 years ago, Natakjdhh
WP’s biggest fan
Warby has done so much for me. The try-on 5 for free has been a LIFE SAVER. I have literally ordered the try-on’s of 5 frames, FIVE times! It’s helped me discover what frames look absolutely terrible for my face shape and what is super cute! WP offers such a variety of spunky or classy glasses! Both being totally versatile with every outfit in your closet! I have ordered two pairs of prescription glasses from WP and I LOVE both! The best part is, if you need to update your prescription, (but don’t want to purchase new frames) they will put in new lenses for only $50!! What a steal! Not only do you get prescription lenses and a quality frame, they include all the extras too! For example, scratch and glare resistant coating for FREE. I have purchase glasses similar to WP before from a different vendor before I discovered WP on Pinterest, and I ended up spending over $400 just to get what WP adds to your glasses FOR FREE. Bottom line, I have never encountered a more accommodating company and I HIGHLY suggest you at least try them out! I mean, what’s the pain of ordering 5 pairs of try-on frames, for free, with no shipping cost either way? Hope you get an easy and efficient experience that I have (and will continue to have)!
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3 years ago, goomyb
I have a high prescription and have struggled to find quality glasses. I am so so glad that I found Warby Parker!! The app is easy to use and I love that I can measure my PD and just immediately add it to my order. I used the “Try at home” feature and really appreciated the option to physically try 5 different pairs in the comfort of my home. Not only that, the return process was super simple! The virtual try-on option in the app is also excellent. Really made choosing frames easy and fun! There were some issues getting my prescription from the doctor, however the folks at WP were ON IT! They kept following up, kept me updated on the status, and even upgraded my shipping to priority due to the inconvenience. I wish I could remember the names of everyone I spoke to, but Adam, Chloe, Rebecca, and all the other individuals I interacted with were outstanding!!! To cap off this entire experience, I just received the BEST pair of glasses I’ve ever owned. They are cute, sturdy, fit perfectly, and the prescription is dead on. I could not be happier! I will ONLY buy glasses from Warby Parker in the future, as they are simply the best.
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4 years ago, obedoyan
Warby Fan for Life!
I fell in love with Warby Parker from the first moment I set foot in a showroom. When I first found out I would need glasses, I went into a Warby Parker to scope out options. I was helped by an associate who was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and who made my shopping experience feel effortless. From then on, I recommended Warby Parker (citing the team’s confidence and knowledge in their product) to everyone I knew! Now, many years and many frames later, I am still thrilled with the customer service and product I receive from Warby Parker. I recently moved across states and was ecstatic to find that the associates here are just as helpful, thoughtful, and enjoyable to work with as they have been in other locations. Today I spoke with a customer service associate over the phone to handle an insurance adjustment and found it to be one of the best experiences I’ve had in this type of situation. She was expedient, handled my issue without a hitch, and provided lovely conversation while she worked. It’s so rare to find a company where the team all seem to love their work, everyone provides stellar customer service, and the product is reliably fantastic! Well done Warby!
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1 year ago, lelugraves
Wonderful company
I started my Warby Parker journey going in to a location because a couple of family members had found they really liked the product. I am lucky enough to live in between two locations so I went in and got a new eye exam. I am a big baby when it comes to getting my eyes examined and the doctor was wonderful and it has been the best prescription I have actually gotten. I did need progressives and when I first put them on standing up I almost got sick, when I put them on sitting down it was better. The first day I wore them just a little bit when I was out and around but I found my eyes actually felt better wearing them. The customer service has been above board. I just ordered a pair of sunglasses because I don’t feel the transition lenses are dark enough for my eyes but I also live in a place where it’s extremely sunny. I’m sure the tiny is fine for many other people and I know my eyes are tender from migraines but having said that so far I haven’t had a migraine due to my glasses. I’m an extremely happy customer and definitely recommend them.
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5 years ago, carlile2011
Super happy with these glasses!
I’ve known about Warby Parker for years from my friends ordering home tryons and frames. When I came time for me to get computer glasses, I looked in a couple of places online but none of the frames made me feel as good or as interesting as WPs. My home try on was timely, but I ended up going to the store because I’m indecisive and couldn’t try on all the frames I wanted to see at home. (I ended up getting frames from my home tryon anyway - go figure). The PD measurement tool is amazing, the submission of prescription info was easy, all around a really good process. Only pain points: not all frames available for home tryon and that’s a bummer. I had frames in my cart that were unavailable minutes later, presumably because they ran out of display frames to send out. When I went to order, I wasn’t able to add some special lens options (blue light filtering) and had to contact customer support to add it once I had ordered. Also, I inexplicably did not received any email updates about my order after contacting support - I had to track it via the app. So that could be improved. Great job, Warby Parker! Thanks for working hard to provide fashionable frames for pretty much anyone, with a reasonable price!
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4 years ago, m patricia
Didn’t Work Out For Me
Sadly, I can’t give a good review. First, Warby Parker couldn’t get ahold of my prescription from my doctor for some reason and weeks passed until they emailed to tell me that. I emailed my doctor and received my prescription the same day. Forwarded that to Warby Parker...more weeks passed and did not hear from them. I emailed them only to be told they never received the prescription from me due to “changing systems.” I emailed it again, then received my glasses shortly after (months after starting the process). Excited after waiting so long, I put the glasses on only to find out I could not see out of them. Felt like I was looking through a fish lens, and they were blurry all around the edge of the lens. I called and was told to go to a Warby Parker store. I went and had someone adjust the frames and check the prescription. I was told the prescription was correct and maybe I needed to get “used to them.” I wore them for days to really give it a try and the truth is something is simply wrong, I cannot see clearly out of them. I am out the money and hoping my eye doctor can fix the lenses because I really do like the frames. The people I worked with through Warby Parker we’re kind, hence the 2 stars. However, this process was not smooth, not easy, and I’m left with glasses that are useless sitting in a drawer.
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2 years ago, jh A+
A pleasure.
They not only do what they say, they follow up by doing what you would hope! I purchased a pair of prescription trifocal sunglasses with their app. I paid for expedited shipping. I wanted them for a trip and didn’t take the time to try them on at home first. When they came I regretted not choosing the he wider frame. I called and immediately spoke to a very pleasant and helpful rep. She had the replacement set sent priority at no additional charge and they made it in time for the trip! I was told to try out both pair then simply place a provided return label on the box with the pair I did not choose then drop it off in the mailbox. I waited till I came back from my trip to be sure and sent back the smaller set. It’s great to be able to look at styles by width. It’s been about two months and i’m very happy with the sunglasses but more so with the experience. I’m going to update my daily glasses now and just picked 5 pair to be sent to try on at home for free. Unfortunately they do not take my vision insurance but they are very efficient at providing the info needed to be reimbursed quickly.
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1 year ago, Kaitlyn596
Excellent idea and executed well
I have always purchased my glasses in store or at my eye Dr.,but a coworker recently told me about ordering glasses online. With a quick Google search of “try on glasses at home”, Warby Parker came up as the first result. I was immediately prompted on the page to put together my home try on kit of 5 pairs of glasses. There are filters in which you can narrow your search by shape, color, fit, material, etc. I chose my 5 pairs and they were delivered to my house in less than a week. I liked a few of the pairs and colors, but wanted to change some sizes and colors. I returned the box, free shipping included, and put together another try on box for free. Again at my house in less than a week and I found the pair I liked in this box. I ordered the glasses and sent in my prescription. $95 total. For frames, lenses, glasses case, and shipping. An incredibly good deal. The glasses arrived today and they fit well, look nice, and came in a high quality, hard, magnetic case. I will probably order another pair for back up as the process is so easy, user friendly, and affordable.
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2 years ago, validreview
App needs a lot of work..
the virtual try on is nice. Ordering the glasses I wanted to try on was a breeze. And the glasses themselves are great I love their glasses/sunglasses. BUT app needs a lot of work. When you place an order you can track it under your “orders” and you can see it has been shipped. Once shipped you get 5 business days for trial. Why isn’t there any updates past “shipped” status or any countdown? “Congrats order is delivered! you have X amount of days before you need to return”.. “if you would like an extra day to decide, click here” Also, there should be a button in my order to officially buy a new pair from the package of my trial. But no, instead you have to go back and search all over again for the pair you like.. then add what size you like. Which in my opinion leaves room for error. There should be a button under each pair so you can add it right to your cart to buy. Maybe even an option to say no I don’t like this pair so that the app can help you find more pairs that go with your specific style. These are just my suggestions on how to improve the app and make it more user friendly. Honestly, shocked these ideas aren’t already implemented. Overall, app needs a lot of work to become more user friendly.
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2 years ago, Summer_wind90
I’ll never buy anything else (another brand) again!
I am not one to leave negative reviews but I am one to go out of my way to write a good one (spread the joy, pay it forward, you know?) Warby Parkers app virtual try on made is SUPER easy to pick a few frames to try. I selected 5 and took full advantage of the at home try on for 5 days... it took only one because my husband and office all chose one frame the following day! I sent them back with the provided label and poof! They were gone and with NO effort on my part. To be fair, mail picks up at my office so I simply took them to work with me. I logged back into the app and ordered my glasses!! I was also STOKED to see that they offer blue light protection. I stare at a computer screen all day and this will certainly come in handy! After I ordered I signed up for text updates and there goes Warby Parker again! Under promise and over deliver!!! It took a week to receive my order!!! 4 whole days ahead of schedule!!!! Yes!!!! With how slow the mail has been, this was certainly the icing on an absolutely delicious cake! Warby Parker, thank you!
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2 years ago, ewsarina
Amazing service. Good app. Accurate virtual try on.
I found Warby Parker through an youtuber being sponsored & they mentioned an at-home-try-on. I was interested! I took the quiz and ordered mine (since i didn't really like my current ones), the shipping was pretty fast, came when it said it was going to! I found a pair i really liked :). I will be ordering them soon, since a person I emailed has mentioned I can call my doctor and get my prescription emailed to me, or I can go into their office and ask for my prescription to be printed out so i can apply it to my Warby account, or I can email my prescription to Warby Parker so they can apply it to my account for me (their replies were pretty fast!) I downloaded this app yesterday to try the virtual-try-on glasses feature for the glasses that i liked in person. The virtual-try-on was really accurate actually! I will be recommending this to friends ^^ I'm glad something like this exists since eye doctor places, like mine, only allow you to choose your frames once, and most of the time they don't have ones you'll like!
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5 years ago, Kashmirlzep
Incredibly frustrating
The only easy part has been ordering the try at home glasses. Even delivery was wishy washy. I should have known better. I started the process of ordering prescription sunglasses, which, btw, are NOT $95. The commercial is misleading. It’s the next day and I still can’t get them the information they require. I ordered the sunglasses I chose and was never given the option to enter my prescription information. They said I could email it, so I did. Then they had me use the “PD Tool” to measure my pupillary distance. Well, the tool did not work, I tried at least three times and I kept receiving rejection emails. I’m on hold right, trying to talk to someone because now they PD Tool link isn’t active AND I can no longer get into the app. It says “Rate Limit Exceeded”. What does that mean?? Oh and the “chat” option is a joke. I sent a message yesterday afternoon while I was going through all of this and didn’t get a response (which was a scripted response) until this morning! I just sent another message a few minutes ago, and nothing yet. So much for “chatting”. Anyway, I finally get someone on the phone just now and the young lady was very helpful and nice and oh, guess what, she was able to magically read my PD! We are good to go. We’ll see how the rest of the process goes. This is why I I purchase my glasses with my eye doctor. Peace of mind.
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1 year ago, hwicks i
While the customer service is excellent, the issues I have had with my glasses are very frustrating. 1. First pair received had a very loose lens that felt like it was going to pop out every time I put them on/ cleaned them. 2. Got a second pair in exchange and I was having trouble with vision. I spoke to a rep and after 2 minutes consulting with an optician, they said the width I had chosen was too large and causing distortion in my vision. While I know I was the one who selected the width at purchase, my issue is that they hauled production and emailed me encouraging the high-index lenses for optimal glasses, but did not say anything about the width being incorrect for my pupillary distance—the only difference of the two was changing to high index was an additional fee of $50. 3. Third pair came the correct size for my vision to improve, but with the same issue as #1–lens is nearly falling out each time I put them on/clean them. I was told they will send me a new one but I do not want to wait another 2 weeks for another pair that might have the same issue. Again, customer service is very helpful and easy to talk to, but this is ridiculous that I have gone through 3 pairs of glasses and they are still not good. This is my last pair through WP
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5 years ago, paceface2000
UX needs some help
Filling out shipping address during the checkout process got stuck. After I filled in my info I tapped continue. When nothing happened and no message appeared telling me something was incomplete I looked over my info and realized my phone number was incomplete. I fixed my phone number and tapped continue...still nothing happened and no error message. I tapped the back arrow and tried checking out again and none of my information was saved. This is frustrating. I made it through filling out address and payment, then got to the cart review screen. It appeared my cart had only on pair of glasses in it - it should have had five. There was a single pair of glasses pictured, and no list of items in my order. More frustration. I tapped the back arrows again to make sure I had 5 pairs of glasses selected. I did. I tried checking out again. And again, none of my info was saved. In frustration I entered my info again. I got back to the review order page and tried swiping the picture of the frames. This worked, I was able to see each frame after swiping several times. With an app experience like this I’m interested to see how the rest of my experience ordering my prescription goes with a company that is trying to make this process easy and convenient.
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4 years ago, AliJ27
I am wildly impressed with my Warby Parker experience! It was the simplest and fastest process I’ve ever completed. I’m seriously blown away. First, I love the virtual try on. You don’t have to give the app access to your camera or upload a picture, just look at your camera and try on unlimited pairs of glasses virtually! Once I had a better sense of what styles I liked, I ordered 5 pairs to try on at home. They took a week to arrive. I immediately tried them on, found a pair I loved, resealed the box for send back and ordered my glasses. This whole process took about 15 minutes. I ordered my glasses on Monday and on Wednesday I was asked to take a photo of myself to measure my pupillary distance which I completed right way. Super easy. My glasses were shipped on Thursday and were expected to be delivered on Monday. They were in my mailbox on Saturday morning! My expectations have been far exceeded and I saved over $200 on what my eye doctor quoted to put lenses in frames I already owned. For $95 I got everything. Wow! A truly impressive business model that others should take note of. Seamless process from start to end! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Doxy Girl
Can’t believe my eyes
I was a skeptic. I’ve been wearing glasses for 35 years and have a relatively strong Rx. I use my glasses as back ups to contacts, and my Rx hadn’t changed too much, so it’s been years since I’ve bought new glasses. My last pair of glasses cost over $500, and I couldn’t justify that much money for back up glasses. It was time now, though, my Rx needed to be updated. When I found Warby Parker I thought, “how is it possible I can order frames I like, with high index lenses, so inexpensively?” I should note that my eye doctor wanted $160 for the exact same high index lenses as Warby Parker, and their most recent quote was well over $500...again. Anyway, I knew what I wanted and took a chance on Warby Parker. They arrived in about 3 business days. I was cautiously optimistic, like many of you, I’ve been let down before. When they arrived, I dove right in, mostly expecting something to be slightly amiss. Needless to say, I was equally shocked and thrilled! They look great and fit great - right out of the box! The high index lenses were perfect, they don’t stick out of the frame at all. Well done, Warby Parker. Well done.
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4 years ago, T-Qwop
Virtual Try On Not Actually Included & Home Try On Doesn’t Have All Styles
As someone whose supported Warby Parker for many years, I’m very disappointed that the app does Virtual Try On for people who have the more recent iPhones/phones, when it should be catering to people everyone, no matter how old your phone is. Ironically the Virtual Try On is supposed to help people who either don’t have a store nearby or cannot really afford to invest in the new styles every season, so trying on a couple of pairs to see what you can invest in for the long run is more practical. It still irks me that the Home Try On doesn’t include all the styles, since they exclude the newest collections from being tried on. How do you expect me or anyone to want to purchase the new collection when I can’t even try it? What about busy people who can make that investment in new styles every season who can’t make that time to get to a store every so often? The app isn’t as amazing as just using the site, since the only incentive is just the Virtual Try On, so if you have an older iPhone/phone, don’t download the app. Save your space for something actually worth the download. I used to refer Warby Parker to everyone because of the Virtual Try On, but this app, was not worth telling anyone about. Really disappointed.
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4 years ago, jsjnmejensjbsjsn
Love it! 🥸
I heard about Warby Parker when my mom and I saw a commercial about them on TV. I was curious about it, and was also conveniently looking for new frames, so I downloaded the app. I thought it was pretty cool that you could virtually try on their glasses (which are tailored to your face), have your face measured for glasses, and have 5 frames shipped to you (all for free) to pick out frames you like! I did the home-try on, and loved everything about it. My frames came in early, the packaging was beautiful, and I was overall very excited. I found the frames that I liked and bought them yesterday. They will be shipping soon! I am surprised myself, because I am usually very picky when it comes to frames and can NEVER find something I like, but with WP, all of the frames were so gorgeous that I could not decide which of the 5 frames I liked most! I could go on and on about other features of the app that are really cool, but I’d be here all day. I would just say to get the app to see for yourself! Overall I am very happy with my discovery, and recommended WP to all my friends and family. Go on and download it! 😁
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1 year ago, Xinfrancisco
Honest review
My family have been a customer of Warby Parker Westfield branch for years. I always feel Westfield employees are welcoming, helpful and you never feels rushed . When a new branch opened up at Menlo Mall i was happy because its only 15 minutes away from me instead of Westfield which takes me almost 30 minutes. When i entered the place i wax greeted and assisted very well. I was in and out 30 minutes. When i got my eyeglasses i went back to have it fitted because it was too loose. The lady i guess who is in charge of adjustments was just so much in a rush that i told her what i wanted for the fit and she has to tell me next time to get another kind of glasses so I don’t have a problem on the nose area. Mind you she was there when i went first day to choose my eyeglasses. I told her it was too tight gave it back to her and came back too loose. Gave it back to her and came back and i said perfect and then she just turned away. She didn’t even wipe my glasses with all her fingerprints on it. Mind you in Westfield they even spray and clean before trying them on again and again. I didn’t feel the kind of customer service they give in Westfield branch. Such a shame that a mall branch is like that. And she is the most important person because the fitting of glasses is very important.
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5 years ago, happy649
Mix Up
This was my first experience with Warby Parker and I had heard about it through friends. I thought the process of completing the “test” and getting a variety of frames was great, as I am one who gets overwhelmed with too many choices. I selected 5 frames for my home try on, received them quickly, and selected a frame that I really liked. When I purchased my glasses and received them in the mail, I was disappointed to find that the pair I had received was not the pair I had tried on and loved, and it appeared that the bag my try on frames must have been mis-labeled. I went back to my profile to try to determine which lenses I had tried on and loved, and called to exchange my glasses for the correct pair. I was able to narrow down my frame from my 5 try-on pairs, and called customer service, who was very helpful in coordinating the exchange. My replacement frames arrived, and I was again disappointed to see that once again, these were not the original frames I had tried on and loved. I will keep the current pair I received because I am tired of the exchange process, and can only assume that the pair I loved was placed in my try-on box by mistake, mislabeled, and therefor not showing up on my profile. I am hesitant to try this process again because of this mix up.
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5 years ago, Scamper Muffin
Corte Madera store Manager not interested in customer experience
I took my glasses by the Corte Madera store for adjustment. My experience in that store was so different from my experience in your other stores. I was greeted by a nice enough young man who appeared to be a newbie. I told him what I needed and he said that he would get someone to help. All the while the store manager was on a conference call behind the counter. After 10 minutes and no help, the same young man came up to me and asked if there was something else that I needed. I told him that I had never received help. He apologized and said they were short staffed, then went to check with the store manager. He was still on the call, listening to what the young man said and then acting not only disgusted, but dismissive said to me (as I stood watching him), you can come back here, but I am on a very important conference call. I was definitely not happy and I am sure that my tone conveyed that as a I said that I had purchased my glasses from WP and just needed an adjustment. He said he knew they were from WP and that I didn’t need to be rude. While he did a fine job with the adjustment, his customer service skills were not stellar. That experience definitely steers me away from that store, and it is such a convenient location.
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