WatchBox - Collecting Together

4.7 (6.3K)
55.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
WBQ Group
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for WatchBox - Collecting Together

4.71 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
7 years ago, RonnieDJ1965
An app for the real WIS
There are so few apps out there that satisfy my addiction to horological news, trends and time pieces. This app covers the different brands and news with beautiful pictures and the best of articles from numerous other websites in one concise format. It is my 'go to' source for my daily fix of horological information. Well done.
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3 years ago, Citiuser5
Can no longer use the app
I’ve been using the app for years, but for the last week, I haven’t been able to use it. When I open the app, I see the framework of the window, but the content does not load. Yes, I have a working internet connection. I have deleted the app today and reinstalled it. Now, I can’t get passed the login or getting started screen. Trying to log in, shows a Jason error in line with the u/p credentials. Using the Forgot My Password link, doesn’t allow me to enter an email address. When I type it, nothing shows on the screen. If I try to use the app by selecting Getting Started, I cannot select a country, language or currency. The overlay is grey with nothing to select, except Done at the bottom right corner. So I can’t get passed this screen. Thank you.
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2 years ago, PeterGibbons
Requires log in
There are apps that are legitimately useless and cannot function without a properly signed in user. This app is not one of those apps but it still won’t let you past the login screen unless you sign in. This is frequently indicative of ulterior motives such as marketing and tracking under the guise of providing extra features like remote syncing and personalization (which should not act as a gatekeeper in this case). That is why I’m taking 2 stars off the rating (the app works but is unusable for a subset of users, myself included).
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6 months ago, Soret333
Nice app but frustrating to track wishlist watches
I’ve bought multiple watches and 1916 company is great. App doesn’t live up to the service. Every time a watch is sold it should come off wishlist or mark as sold on wishlist. To click on it and have a not available is so frustrating. Also scrolling doesn’t save position when looking at wishlist. Goes back to top and have to find position again!! Part of the fun is to track many watches. It you track more than 5 it is a SUPER frustrating experience.
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6 years ago, Sohl
Account sign-in doesn’t really work
The app won’t let you sign into an existing account for the first time. The features clearly intend that capability, but login times out every time. So you’re forced to go through the LENGTHY onboarding experience, even if you made an account on their site. Frustrating. Also, the features that allow you to curate your own collection online are nice, but better in theory than in practice. The images are rough in the feature for some reason, too.
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4 years ago, FishyPapa
Nice app but could better
This app is nice as an accompaniment to the website but there’s no way (that I’ve found) to purchase from the app itself. With both the app and website, they only way to save a watch and come back to it is add to the cart. You’d think it would be simple to be able to click on something and have it added to a wishlist or something similar.
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1 year ago, Дима Dima
Buggy app
The app looses scrolling and filtering. Filtering is just almost nonexistent. Example Brand selection does not effect model choice. You would think that model should have only models for the brand(s) you selected. But no it displays models from all brands. I have not tried other filters. But this i would think is the most usable. I usually just use website. The app also crashes sometimes.
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5 years ago, all nics are taken
Biased for luxury watch owners
This is a cool app, but all the data, images resources are included only fot luxury brands. If you want to add your Seiko or Tissot watches to your digital collection, you’re on your own to dig up info and images. On the other hand if you own Rolexes and such then this app is perfect for you with a full database at your disposal. I wish the app designers thought a little more highly of the 99 percent of us who love watches but cannot afford to spend multiple thousands of dollars on them. Add the data for Tissot, Seiko, Orient, etc please.
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4 years ago, bjcomix1
Glitchy app doesn’t work properly
I entered about 30 of my own watches into the system and was happy with the functionality of the app at the time. However, last week when I attempted to ad another of my watches another watch appeared in its place. I tried re-entering the same watch and again the same thing happened. Then, to make matters worse, my entire record of watches was deleted and I was back to a start screen. I contacted the developer about this and have not received a reply. This was a good app that is currently worthless to me.
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3 years ago, One-of-Them
Not worth the trouble
This app seems like a great idea on paper, but the entire app is so buggy and temperamental it's almost impossible to use. When adding watches, it doesn't recognize Bulova, Citizen, or Casio Oceanus as valid watch brands. There is no way to delete photos of your watches except to delete the entire watch profile and start over, the search function always comes back with "nothing found". Its a great idea, and the website works quite well, but the app needs some major renovation before it is actually useful.
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2 years ago, Rkgoebel
New & Improved App
Significantly improved app with ability to add favorite brands, wish list, watch box, and grail watch. Love the ability to watch all of the reviews and new show content produced right from the app. So happy to see the new version!
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2 years ago, mcparker05
Shameful for a massive company
This app is slow, unresponsive, not intuitive, frequently crashes, has trouble loading the most basic of watch pages then will lose its place if you—god forbid—click a watch then want to return to where you were browsing. This is now an app that has been updated several times and is still plagued with the same trash issues. Figure it out.
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6 years ago, Alex Gragg
The only suggestion I have is to add more Invicta watches to the app. For people who are not the 1% it would be nice to have watches that other people can afford. A watch is a watch doesn’t matter what brand it is. Other than that, AMAZING app.
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3 years ago, JCAL1283
Same issues that most other people are experiencing. Watches aren’t recognized when searching to add to watch collection, and most watches are out of stock(extremely limited selection). Requested a quote to sell a watch and waited a week. Submission was never reviewed even though the website states that all watches are reviewed and a quote is given within 1 business day. Also, it seems that you are unable to delete your account. Purchased my new watch in Chrono24 instead. Deleting app
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7 years ago, Butlerbank
Great Idea but Needs Work
The news and industry updates are nice and although the Watch Box is a great idea, it needs more work. I've left questions in the Feedback section with no reply. I complete all information for even a current watch model from a recognized brand but no value is assigned due to a "lack of information." Today, one watch that had a value assigned showed up with no value? Hopefully it will improve over time.
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2 years ago, halston77
Basically garbage
This app is kind of a joke. It logs you out constantly, then when you log back in, you see that whatever you had saved previously is ALL deleted. After 3-4 incidents like this, I just got sick and tired of having to create a new account a d start all over almost EVERY SINGLE TIME the app was opened up. I have way better things to do with my time…
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6 years ago, Gfbabbitt
Not very useful currently
I have an account through the web platform, so I thought it would be straightforward to continue with the app. Not so, unfortunately. Unable to log in with my already-established account, and I was unable to find documentation to guide me to get my account working properly on the app. I will say that I think this one is not yet ready for prime time and I will check back for further developments.
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7 years ago, Bourbonbiker
News & toys, yes. Keeping up with you, no.
The app is mainly watch news focused, and it does it well. If you search, you’ll also get great info. However, if you have favorites, forget about ever being able to find them again. If you want to search in a similar fashion to their website, forget it. The app is frustrating and really need more focus on sales and personalization than news.
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1 year ago,
Glitches when viewing photos of your collection
There's a glitch that's been around for multiple versions of this app. If you click into a photo of a watch in your collection, you cannot close out of the photo. You have to quit the app and relaunch.
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2 years ago, WillTx
Frustrating- Deleted content
It’s frustrating enough to have to login after an update but all my data in my watch box was gone. I started to re-add it but decided not too after all. Was a decent app to track your collection and window shop.
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6 years ago, SheikR
As a smalltime watch collector like say it’s finally nice to have an app like this, it’s the small things that matters like to say thank you to whoever thought and put the work into creating this app.
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5 years ago, ramsey atallah
Bad execution on a good app idea
The apps “library” of watches is shockingly incomplete, requiring many watches including modern rolexes to be manually entered. There are also certain pages that for some reason don’t have a back or cancel button, so you have to exit the app and return to the home page. Only reason it’s not 1 Star is that conceptually this is a good idea, the execution is very bad though.
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12 months ago, Dspvend
App keeps crashing on my iPhone 14 pro max
App loads but then crashes when you try to log in
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5 years ago, traps1971
Good but could be better
Really enjoy the app but you guys need to start expanding some of your brand coverage. And even some of the more popular vintage watches you have never done any evaluation on. Overall pretty good could be great with some refinements
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1 year ago, Tiger4402
Great App for staying up to date
The app is helpful for doing watch research and staying up to date on industry news.
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1 year ago, Promiceus
Time to learn some geography
Hey guys it looks like you should fix your geography knowledge as my country is missing from the list and I can’t even finish the registration process. Cyprus is one of the oldest territory to host humans and part culture cradle (as extension of Greece pf course, not competing with Africa of course) and part pf EU. I understand that us people rarely know anything outside us, but YOU guys could do better.
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7 years ago, pokerknight
Fantastic app except for the crashes
Love the information I find here and I could spend hours browsing looking for the next watch to buy...or I would if I didn't get a random crash and have to start my search all over again.
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5 years ago, Ethan Hen
Great watch platform
Found lot of information through the app, buying first VC watch through the website.
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6 years ago, Rappido
A little awkward to navigate the site at first and I’m still not sure if I got it yet but great information when found.
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5 years ago, The guy in CA
It’s fun
I wish there were more watch brands to put on my wishlist. I like the new watch articles that I can search through to stay updated/catch up on watch related things :).
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6 years ago, KTopherG
Well designed
The app is well designed and easy to use. Interesting articles, always from a trusted source.
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4 years ago, Scams85
App won’t open
2 stars is generous because for the short amount of time the app worked, I loved it. I tap the app, see the WatchBox opening screen and then it auto closes out on me before it even gets to the login screen. Yes, I restarted my phone and yes I deleted and downloaded the app again.
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6 years ago, Jlros 11
Review of app
First rate app for the watch buyer and collector with good watch reviews and substantial product for the watch buyer to review for purchase. Good data on the secondary market. Must download if into watches.
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2 years ago, Piggymouth
Used to love this app
Then they changed everything. The collection part used to be so easy and useful and now it’s trash. Replaced all but 3 of mine with a random JLC or some other brand I don’t have. No longer has numerous options it had. There was no other app like it and not it’s like every other app. Super bummed.
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3 years ago, RanchoPerro
“Whoops! Looks like something went wrong!”
I got this error message when I try to submit feedback on a couple of glaring problems with this app. My wife has an older Rolex which is not supported by this app nor is the ability to customize it for the fact that it’s an older watch. For example, her watch is an older Air King which originally came with the white dial. The only Air King in the app is the new style with the black dial and there’s no way to change it. When I tried to submit feedback, it just kept telling me that “something went wrong“. This app is definitely not ready.
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1 year ago, Notaphilic
What’s the point?
I seriously don’t understand the point of this app. It’s difficult to do a straight up search of the Watchbox inventory and it’s “collecting” features are so thin as to be non-existent. Also, I can’t have my iPad turned 180 degrees and still use this app? What?
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7 years ago, G Money George
It's just okay. . . . Good Articles
Can't add other watches to collection after entering the first watch. The "+" sign in the upper right hand corner doesn't work. Not all brands are available to be placed in a collection, either. Makes this a an excellent concept, however it needs real work to be complete.
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4 years ago, Mike Lastnamewitheld
Glitch in shopping component makes overall usability poor.
The shopping component of the app has an infinite scroll function that doesn't work properly and it keeps repeating the same watches over and over. It makes shopping for watches an exercise in frustration.
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5 years ago, CarreraFan
Great valuation tools for a collection
I love that I can keep all of my pieces together in one place to track their values. I appreciate having a visual representation of the ‘state’ of my collection.
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7 years ago, Rb51155
Informative and easy to navigate . I would not buy with out using the important reference
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6 years ago, DaddiesBarbieDoll
Luxury is only a click away with this app
Level up and get you some
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2 years ago, puncakery
Watchbox app
Great app! Very simple UI I can buy watches, keep track of my own, and talk to my client advisor super easy!
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4 years ago, Greekshorty
Filters in shop do not work
Looking to purchase a watch however I am looking for specific complications and brands. The filters always come back with zero results. Example- when in shop with all results a Breitling is one of the first results. I then refine my search by only breitling and I get 0 results.
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6 years ago, roco1971
Watch buying
CQ was so knowledgeable about the watches and spent time just answering questions. He made it so easy I bought 2!
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4 years ago, papiatj
Really cool idea for an app but such a bummer it’s mostly geared toward luxury watch collectors. It couldn’t even find my Tissot watch to add to my collection. Really? Ok. Wish it was more aimed at the common man watch enthusiast/collector who isn’t exactly dropping 10k on watches just yet.
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5 years ago, Nestobjj
This is the most comprehensive and intricate app and company for watch enthusiasts and collectors. Really nothing even comes close
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9 months ago, ..drbo..
I click on a watch I like and it freezes and doesn’t load. Downloaded the update and it continues to fail. Literally defeats the purpose of the entire ap if I can’t click on a watch and see details. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, WunderBro
Was Good until they required login/account
I’ve used this app for a long time. But when they changed it and required me to create an account…nope. Not how you’re going to keep my business and definitely not how you’ll ever win it. See ya!
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5 years ago, Rolex99337
Best watch app in the world!
A must have app for the watch fan! Great content and much much more! Just awesome! Can’t enjoy watches without WatchBox!
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5 years ago, Dameinjj
Awesome always the best watches in stock at the best prices and 100% Authentic. Great service from all employees on the phone and messaging. Thank you
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