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User Reviews for Weigel's

4.81 out of 5
654 Ratings
9 months ago, JR22APP
App doesn’t work
Can’t get new app to work. Useless app because it does not work. I’ve not been able to purchase gas with it. Getting my gas at Food City and Murphy’s now.
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4 weeks ago, Black Car 03
Store picks
When I go to the app to put gas and put it in the when I go to pump gas the app will not let me pick the store that I want it keeps on putting me on one store I hope you can see this because I cannot see a thing Mark like I am doing something store that I won’t it will not accept that store it keeps putting my app to the same store I don’t know what this app is getting this or not because it’s just lines going across and not printing any print at all
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10 months ago, The_Cookie_Thief
Freebies aren’t working
With the new update came the password change which is fine. But now I can’t get my free items. It’s happened 2 weeks in a row now that I’ve scanned the free item and scanned my app card and it said that my account wasn’t found or was unknown? So I used both my phone numbers and it just wouldn’t take the price off. I’ve heard this has happened to multiple people and we can’t find a way to fix it. If we are able to use my phone number (which means my card is active) then why can’t I have my free items?
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3 months ago, KiraMelody
Burden of an App
I’ve never had an app or business ever charge me a return fee, and this return fee is double the amount of gas I got. Now it’s been a week and they still haven’t fixed the issue even after I paid the fee. Three weeks of gas money down the drain for a scamming CheckRedi debt company attached to them. The app only saved me from going inside. It’s been deleted, I’m no longer using it. I rather deal with social anxiety over possibly paying another return fee.
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8 months ago, Pupmom2003
My Password cannot be updated
I have tried for several months to update my password. I get the message to enter my email and I will be notified what to do. I have done this numerous times, and I have yet to get an email. I have contacted Weigel’s headquarters and nothing I have been told to do works. I would love to be getting my rewards, especially credit for buying milk. I would love for someone at Weigel’s to contact me and help me with this.
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11 months ago, ORNL member
New App
The new app is ok, not super intuitive. The pay at the pump tab needs to either be on the dashboard or at the top of the app, I shouldn’t have to scroll to get to a payment option. It should be really easy for me to give you my money, lol. That being said, I absolutely love Weigel’s. It’s not just my favorite local gas station, it’s my favorite gas station period!
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4 months ago, Good stuff#21
Great customer service..
The workers are friendly and helpful at this location.
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8 months ago, Jeff92k7
Forced login that doesn’t work
I used to have my rewards card in the app, but they changed it to force people to log in a couple months ago. No matter how many times I reset my password, the app won’t log me in. The app REFUSES to let you see your reward card without the forced login that doesn’t work. This app is worthless. I’ll start buying gas elsewhere.
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2 months ago, Good Leaver 1
Great but update missed 1 thing
I love the app but older version had an easy way to view history. This needs to be added as a feature on this version.
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5 months ago, CasualReviewer007
Can’t redeem rewards
Surprised it’s been months and rewards redemption still hasn’t been fixed. Have had to pay for three donuts because the reward on my account just won’t redeem. Doesn’t matter if I use my physical card or phone number. I like Weigel’s, but end up going to Casey’s because their rewards and app actually work.
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2 months ago, thatdude1965
You took our store out why we need you back please come back !
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1 week ago, Winetaster60
Easy to use
Love the app and Weigle’s location in Kingsport!
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11 months ago, Mr. Spartan man
Won’t let me log in anymore
Ok, so this new update made me change my password, so after when I did that, the app wouldn’t take the verification codes that the automated system sent me via text message, now it won’t take my phone number!
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9 months ago, Travis0223
Points rewards are unusable
The points you earn from scanning your card are worthless. You can use them to redeem rewards but the rewards can’t be used. For example the free donut never redeems.
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8 months ago, Blaine2736
Love it
Huge fan of the deals the app has, love Weigels!
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11 months ago, JasontheReviewer
Cannot Login
Tried 5 times to reset password, and have received no email to do so. Cannot use the app.
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2 weeks ago, Acker152
App works well
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4 months ago, burtwmn
Ice Tea
No Ice at this store - would be nice to start it back up
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11 months ago, MrMattBoss
Great App
Super helpful and easy to use.
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5 years ago, buylocalinknox
Pay for in store purchases with so
With the Weigel’s card I could pay for in store purchase and purchase gas at the pump. With the ap I can only purchase at the pump. Can you link in store purchases to the ap as well?
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11 months ago, =8v)~
I knew Chris Weigel years ago. Super nice guy, but this app has never worked. I want to support the Weigels, but getting into this app is impossible. Super nice stores. Shame.
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11 months ago, Turtle1974!!
New app
Since the update the app is useless It won’t load.
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8 years ago, KBaity
An Okay Rewards Card App
With the new update, the option to pay in store has been removed. So now, you can use the app for two things: instead of physically paying with your Weigels card at the pump, you can use the app, and when you buy milk or other things, it holds your rewards card. Unfortunately, there are a lot better apps that hold your rewards card. I don't understand taking the pay in store with the app option away. It was a great way to not have to bring a wallet, a purse, or anything in besides your phone, which is tied to your card. I wish this feature would be put back in. Until then, this is just a brand-specific loyalty card holder.
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4 years ago, ssickle
Clunky UI that’s hard to use
The UI of this app is very dated and clunky. You can’t sign up for mobile pay with the digital card in the app, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for, and overall everything just looks dated. The 7 cent discount is nice, but the hassle of going through the app doesn’t always make it worthwhile (it’s often faster to just swipe my card). Overall it’s not bad, but now where close a 5 start app.
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5 years ago, CourtneyPay
Issue Resolved
There used to be an issue with the new store on Clinton Highway, but I contacted Weigel’s via their website and they fixed the app issue very quickly. Love the app, works great everywhere I go now.
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4 years ago, tnsilverwings5472
I had a problem with my card but as soon as I notified Weigel’s they cleared it up and now I can use my card and get my rewards and gas at a discount. Thank you Weigel’s.
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6 years ago, Killingmesmalls
Worked perfectly
I left my wallet at home so used the app and it worked perfectly.
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1 year ago, CorvusChild
It's 2022, PLEASE catch up!
I downloaded this app to make my experience more seamless and easier to get rewards, but within ten minutes I deleted it! I've never been so frustrated trying to set up an app just to get a discount for gas. I'm floored that such a prolific local company has one of the most unusable apps ever.
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2 years ago, Lowndes5333
No apple Wallet support
Nice ideal but doesn’t support ios 15. Very hard to get fuel with it. Might as well just use a debit/credit card then go thru the hassle to save(?) on your gasoline. No upgrade since 2013, now 2022. Keep up.
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1 year ago, Goob12321
Weigels rewards are a scam
My card is registered, always has been. Suddenly I don’t get the deals anymore. Even after showing the clerk the deal in the app and scanning my card, it didn’t reduce the price nor would the clerk alter the price to abide by the deal.
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2 years ago, Denmeister1969
Unintuitive and clunky
I would love to pay at the pump with the app but figuring out how to add a payment card to do so seems impossible. Rewards and Mobile Pay don’t seem to actually be related either.
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7 years ago, Joe+Joe/2
Mobile Pay never works
Always get error 210 at every location when trying to activate pump and the attendants are clueless. Had one today who didn't even know the app existed. I am missing out on the club price. Very unhappy. Big step backwards, weigels...
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4 years ago, Suze-q
The clerk at our new Weigel's told my husband to download the app and sign up on line for rewards and fuel discount. She did not give him a card. I got a "card" online but the card number I was issued shows up as invalid on the same app that issued it. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, WEIGEL'S, PLEASE! I am deleting the app.
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6 years ago, mikewalker1218
The only reason I downloaded it was for mobile pay and it has only worked one time out 10 try's. It gets the error everyone else is talking about. At this stage it's a worthless app!
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8 years ago, MWCarver72
Not worthy apps
I cannot pull my payment history, I cannot do much on this app. Such a waste if I cannot pull anything on this app. I know you can update this and make this useful app and fix the payment history. Thank you
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2 years ago, Armyguy63b
They want you to register your bank account through them that is unacceptable and they do not need to know personally identifiable information to offer a Gas discount.
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3 years ago, Mr. Corby
Useful informational discounted products in-app and the best convenience store coffee in East Tennessee, but, the app is controversial with the cash register system and product scanners in Weigel’s and Weigel’s corporate refuse an upgrade so that every time the in-app mobile Weigel’s ID card is presented there is controversy.
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4 years ago, Doveyjunk
Couldn’t even register via app
App crashes every time I add a password which is the second field of 15ish to register. Use a modern auth solution like OAUTH and utilize social logins which most use now. You shouldn’t be managing identities. Not your sweet spot.
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2 years ago, sfshine089
Can’t do anything
Won’t let you sign in or sign up, says error for everything and pops up with a weird encrypted message. Please fix.
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5 years ago, hearley77
I have tried to register my bank information for several months and it always tells me the card number is invalid
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8 years ago, lcraigjackson
Doesn't work!!!
I really got used to using this app and then it quit working right before the iOS9 update came out. It hasn't worked since. Can you please fix it?
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2 years ago, Cloud.9
Can’t link my card
The app won’t let me link my card. I’m the only user for my card.
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6 years ago, Leppard1
Works about half the time!
App is a great idea, but as it is now, it's worthless!! Get some real app developers to help make it work.
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3 years ago, BooBooNikki
Don’t understand why a fuel app would not have the fuel prices.
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4 years ago, reviewer1963
Exxon/Mobile App much better
Flawed in design and execution.
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7 years ago, BLM122
I matter
Black and yellow lives matter #chingching #myblingbling
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6 years ago, Techsmart 2
No use in downloading, it has ever worked for me.
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5 years ago, sucksbadddd
Gas discount is misleading.
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11 months ago, 2024TrumpDesantis
From 5 stars to 1!
I really enjoyed the app for a brief two weeks, before I had to update it. Now I can’t even look at my rewards, offers, or get my mobile bar code unless the location is on in settings. Worse update ever. Makes me not what to even stop by there now. Fix your app!!!!!
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7 years ago, TSBOR
Doesn't work
Tried using this ap at least 10 times at different locations for mobile pay and it never worked. Always gives error code 210.
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