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User Reviews for Weis Markets

4.17 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
1 year ago, JoyEdS
Check out lines
Why is it that there are more self-checkout lines than cashiers at the Kutztown location? Many shoppers DO NOT like them. Why should I become a Weis employee and do the work for them? It is ok for people buying a few items and are in a hurry, but it is not for everyone. Today there was one regular cashier with a line of three full carts and I had ice cream and just a modest order. I again was forced to do self-checkout and I again had to get help because the machine thought I was finished when I wasn’t.So frustrating. Plus I was unable then to get cash from my debit card. Things are changing at this store and it is becoming less consumer friendly. I love the pharmacy here and get some good deals, but if this continues I will have to go elsewhere. I love the grocery stores that ask to help you take packages to your car and have cashiers that talk to you while checking out. This world is getting so impersonal and anti-social. Unfortunately Weis in Kutztown is following this pattern.
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3 years ago, Tymspeak
Glitches early, but got good customer service
I installed the app and used the option to sign in with Facebook. But when I tried to use the “My Weis” features, it demanded my card number but wouldn’t let me enter it. In using an iPhone and when I tried to enter the number the keyboard simply wouldn’t come up when I touched the field to enter the number. I signed up using my email address and was able to put in my number, but their system couldn’t verify it. I called customer service and a very nice employee sorted out the problem. I’m logged in and shopping now. So far, so good. Their shopping search function is much nicer than Food Lion’s.
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2 months ago, Online shopper Karen G
Online shopping
They have an amazing team from the shoppers that do the online shopping orders to customer service. If there was ever a problem or there is a product they are out of they contact you to see if you would like something else. The customer service is very friendly and also professional if there is any kind of issues they handle in a timely manner and are always willing to make your online or shopping experience easier. The pharmacy is also excellent I don’t need to contact them for refills they do it automatically for me. The whole staff at this Wei’s market and pharmacy are very helpful and kind and the store is always clean and well stocked.
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9 months ago, fraustypawz
Contact Weis
1/1/23 I was trying to search for a product at the Weis we sometimes shop at. No luck. Then their contact form wants you to select a Weis that you sopped at last. Not In alphabetical order! I’m not going to waste my time scrolling!!! The capchathingy not bringing up a pic. I checked not a robot and tried submitting several times. Didn’t budge! Just trying to pass along my experiences and to help with friendly suggestions. Wonder if they really care??? Does Weis not have aisle# to find item in store? was going to sign up for e coupons but the system says email in use. I know that!! It’s me. Why are current members getting hung up by the ecoupons then? Give us something to work with then. We don’t need to be stuck on ecoupons if you’re going to be like that! I might give more stars if Weis had aisle# to locate a specific item in selected store? If there is, I don’t know how to access it. I tried tapping on the food item but nothing happened. Some stores it works that way. It’s a nice store though on Enterprise but getting back out to street from parking lot on weekends is rough but that’s a whole nother thing for Martinsburg or Berkeley County Council/Dept of Highways.
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3 years ago, ImaginaryMusicLover
Can’t find what I’m trying to look for
I tried looking up to see if they had any azo tablets. The app says they carry it. So I go to the store and guess what? They actually don’t actually carry that item in their store. They only have the 2x more expensive gummy version of it. Despite the website saying that they carried both. It also happened with a lot of other items that I’ve wanted as well. It’s very misleading and leaves me frustrated in the process. It’s either they’ll list items they don’t carry or, the search results will give you absolutely no results. I go to search for anything with cranberry and it’s half & half of the two issues. The app never listed their cranberry supplements despite them having it. Only the calorie dense juices with tons of sugar were given to me as results for my search. Using this app is a real pain.
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9 months ago, Michael~N~Diane
A lot of good things in the app
There are a lot of good in the app but I sure wish you would update your search engine it’s terrible it hardly ever comes up right even when you put Weis Brand in the search now with that said I love all the e-coupons you can add to your card but it would be nice if they uploaded themselves but it is kinda nice picking and choosing! I also wish I could choose what store I want to order things from but it doesn’t really say what store has it in stock or doesn’t have in stock .. It is good but there are definitely some things that need improved thank you
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6 months ago, Dissatisfied # large
Can’t login to app. Doesn't allow “shop” feature. Will show circulars. Using ios 12.5.6 and app store listing states it will operate on ios 12 and above. Sad since older version worked fine. Doesn't seem to like vpn. Delivery option was a little awkward because the delivery service required a second login to the delivery service to provide driver tip. I’m less than 5 miles from store and they used to deliver when I used the old app, but they don't recognize my neighborhood as a deliverable location when using the website store. Not clear if it’s a change or error. Online site depressingly slow and unresponsive. Shame, I really like Weis and used them frequently. Now that I’m older and handicapped delivery has become essential. Hope the app works for you.
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9 months ago, cookie.hunter
Miserable app.
This app tries relentlessly to steer you into one of their “value add” processes (e.g. curbside). It very quickly devolves into an effort to figure out how to get the app to bypass needless, useless, boneheaded complexity. It’s not worth the effort. There are nearby alternatives doing a vastly better job of helping you thru your shopping … and skipping Weis pricing at the same time. Find another place with a decent app. Blame management for this drivel.
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3 years ago, LuzLuz43
Totally maddening and frustrating
I can’t believe this app even gets 2 stars! I have spent HOURS engaged with it, successfully finding only humor in how bad it is. 1. I filled out my first large shopping order—only to find I couldn’t submit it because I didn’t have an account. I thought I’d be able to create one as part of my first purchase checkout. Nope. Could you have told me that up front before I filled up my cart? 2. I tried multiple times to create an account. Never seemed to complete the process before freezing. But about a week later I got four emails letting me know my account was open. 3. Forget about trying to use this app on an iPhone. At least the three phones I tried. 4. Search results are laughable. Basic item searches show ‘no results’. Easily 50% of my searches got this reply. 5. I’ve set my preferred store location. About 7 times so far. And yet the app keeps showing a different store 70 miles away as my preferred location. I like the store. I like the associates in the store. I really would like to use the app and pick up my order to go, but Weis Markets seems intent on not making this possible. ...sigh...
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2 months ago, Wojo04
All through the pandemic and recently I have used the Weis app for online pickup. I just recently started using the Giant app for Giant direct and their app is WAY more user friendly. When I search for items in the Weis app, it is not very wise. It takes multiple searches to locate items. I suggest a revamp of the app and look at other examples to improve your customers application experience. Also, the fees and minimum purchase is not appealing to me. I love Weis, but I am thinking about going out of my way to use Giant more frequently due to the convenience and accessibility of their app.
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2 years ago, 5dhkfdhj
Awful, and frustrating. Standing in the store trying to get my coupons that I had previously saved and it said my session had expired. I thought the password was saved, but it wasn’t apparently, so I went through the normal “reset password“ dog and pony show… And guess what? It didn’t work. Three times I try to reset my password, three times it sent me an email, three times I clicked on the email and it took me right back to the login page asking for my password which I didn’t freaking know! I ended up leaving a cart full of groceries sitting there.. my time wasted their groceries wasted and frustration beyond belief. Guess I’ll just shop somewhere else.
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1 year ago, bremlar
Okay. But one change would make it great for me.
Okay. I don’t use any online ordering and I get that store inventories can change pretty quickly during the day, so I have no complaints on those accounts. It does pretty much everything I want it to do. EXCEPT… I would find it MUCH better if you could add your club card to your Apple Wallet. It would be much easier to pull up the digital version to scan at the register that way. That would change an app that is a solid 3 into a 4, maybe even a 4.5 for me.
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2 years ago, everest923
Worst app ever
I’ve tried multiple times to set up an account in this app and it won’t take my club card number even though I have no trouble with it at the store. So I tried creating a shopping list as a guest and they don’t have Quick Oats Oatmeal in the app even though I know Weis has their own brand. I like shopping at Weis but it certainly would be much more convenient if I could make a list, tell them which store I’ll be shopping in and have the app give me a route through the store to find my items. I like Weis Markets but your app needs A LOT of work.
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2 months ago, Julz-thomas
Love love Wei’s to go!!
Super fast and friendly service. They always pick the best produce and meats. The pick up guys are awesome. Super friendly and helpful staff. Because of this app, I can actually have a day off that I can enjoy instead of spending it in the grocery store. Very convenient for anyone working a full-time job or that has a busy lifestyle.
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2 years ago, MF025
Terrible App
First, why is it so hard to get to my card? It should be the easiest thing to get to. Instead I have to click through 3 of 4 screens to get to it. I can’t say for sure, though, because I can’t even get into it because it’s requiring my password for the 2nd time in 2 days. Sure - no big deal, because the iCloud Keychain should auto fill it, right? Nope - it doesn’t work with any of the password tools on my phone. Get it together, Weis! I should be able to access my card from the built in Wallet app. And you really need to fix this.
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2 months ago, Hugzprn@
Picking up my order weekly has become something that both my dogs and I look forward to. The staff that does my shopping are efficient and kind, especially Jennifer and Amy ♥️. We are very grateful for this service and the pleasant staff! Ilene Sladky
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2 years ago, The-Asset
So frustrating
This has to be one of the worst apps I attempt to use. You need it for e-coupons, but I can never get it to work. If you scan an e-coupon in the store, it opens your browser, not the app. If you try to browse e-coupons within the app, the coupon doesn’t show up. I always waste 10-15 min getting an employee to help (as they try to do it in the app and then give up), and then they have to manually enter a price reduction. Very frustrating! Makes me not want to shop at Weis!!
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4 months ago, Eliza217!
Terrible app
I would shop at Weis way more if there were more employees checking you out. I have kids and can’t take my eyes away to ring up the groceries. Thought I’d try the app for a pick up instead. This app is terrible! Guess it’s back to using the Walmart app for their grocery pick up instead. Their app is pretty awesome and easy to navigate. I’m disappointed because I’d so much rather buy from Weis but this app is useless and going into their store is too difficult with children.
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12 months ago, Kryspyx
Needed for digital coupons but doesn’t recognize shoppers club card
How ridiculous…I want to use a digital coupon, so I download the app and attempt to sign up for an app account. It asks for my name and the first 11 digits of my shoppers club card. Only problem is…it never recognizes my shoppers club card number, which works when used at the store or my phone number. Giant’s app far surpasses this waste of time, and so does the store…IMHO. Going to stick with Giant; they are much better all around.
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2 years ago, Candy Stranford
Horrible App
Lists things as available that aren’t, lists things as unavailable that are available. Doesn’t give correct search results, or often, any search results at all. Does not let you save stuff for later like Walmart or Weis. Doesn’t even deliver half the groceries sometimes that I’ve absolutely needed. Honestly Walmart is probably a much better deal. They accept ebt, anyway. Two thumbs way way down! Clearly run by people ego don’t know how to run a website/app.
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6 months ago, tyyttyyyggggh
Use to be my favorite
I have always been a huge advocate for Weis as a family store even as my wife wanted Walmart or Giant. I have lost patience with this convoluted points system. There are arbitrary dates assigned and no friendly reminders that they will vanish. Twice I lost over 1800 points. Now compound that with Sunoco stations hit or miss taking the card. Try calling into two stores and nobody answers the CS phone. Very disappointed .
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2 months ago, Stoneycreekgirl
Weis in Dallas (Memorial Highway) is the Best!
The online shopping staff is the best, most helpful crew you’ll ever find in this business. I have never seen such top-notch and thoughtful customer service like I’ve experienced at this Weis location. These people are amazing—give them all a raise!
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2 months ago, Lilyskater
Need to update the app.
The problem with this app. Is that if you enter an item in the search bar and it’s not exactly the way the list it, it can’t find it. It happens a lot.
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3 years ago, AJerMme
Requires Weis shopper card which can take 24h
This app richly deserves its 1.8 star rating. The shipping interface and poor search might be tolerable but when you go to check out you are forced through a signup process ... and if you don’t already have a Weis club number are forced to create one .. and the amazing bit is that when you sign up for one they note it may take up to 24 hours to even get it. Fail after fail. Way to make it hard on a new customer. Avoid if you can.
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3 years ago, thurmontmd
Being a rewards member you would think the price marked on the shelf is as stated! NOPE! now you need to download an app and scan a coupon, good luck scanning the coupon when half the barcode is missing on the shelf. So, you think you’re a genius and you log onto the app and search for the item that has the Ecoupon only to find out it’s not listed. After you give up on the spaghetti sauce that was a dollar off making at $2.99 you move on to the generic option. But make sure you read the fine print, you only get the sauce for $2.99 if you buy six of them! I despise the herd shopping at Walmart but they don’t play games with their prices. Oh, if you want to wear a mask you can but they really don’t enforce it in Thurmont
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2 years ago, whyelizabeth
Unquestionably the worst grocery app
I will say it’s maddening how bad both this app and the weis markets website are. I don’t know who they hired for coding or site building or whatever but they need to go back to school. It’s inaccurate to what’s in stock in the store. When I search for items it brings me to other items. I search for “frozen vegetables” and I get vegetarian meat substitutes. I search for “bread” and I get bread crumbs. I search for “steamable vegetables” I get Bissell cleaning liquid.
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2 months ago, maryannmcc
Could be simplier
The app is fairly clunky. I’d like to be able to see the sales, grab the coupons and instantly put it in my cart. That feature seems to be missing. I’d also like to be able to see suggestions that are on sale to something I recently picked… possibly an organic substitute?
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6 days ago, Jloyyyy
Love my local Weis
Honestly love my local Weis app helps with the busy lifestyle of working and coaching and parenting. Being able to do online pickup orders is a blessing. The app works perfectly and has not had a problem ( knock on wood)
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1 year ago, R22545
Worst store app I have seen
Trying to open the circulars. Gives me ONE item that’s on sale - cucumbers!! And when I click on that item the “regular” price that comes up is 20 cents cheaper!! Someone definitely isn’t doing their job to make sure this is up to date. Or easy to navigate!! I want the actual circular when I click on that option. I do NOT want a list of items that are on sale!!
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1 year ago, Treetree64
Terrible app!!
First of all why don't you display the weekly circular like it shows on the flyer? Go look at ShopRite's app and you will see what a pleasure it is to use & see everything that's on sale . Oh also check out their digital coupons how easy it is to load . You need to fix your search , it doesn't search ! Terrible app . I would go shop somewhere else since it is a nuisance to find anything.
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3 years ago, Marsha 21
Rude Cashier
While I know the importance of social distancing at this time, I was chastised by “Thomas” at the Ephrata store for being too close to the man in front of me. I told him I was behind the tape and the gentleman he was checking out agreed with me. That man told Thomas “you yelled at me too! “. He continued to argue with us. I left and went to self check out! Very disappointed! I have been going to this store for over 20 years. Have never had a person like him. He has no people skills!
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11 months ago, $'xxx
Makes my busy day less stressful…however…
Searching feature could use some tweaking! Not easy to find what you’re looking for. The ability to select items from previous orders (as the giant food app has) would really be appreciated!
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2 weeks ago, Oldwoman56
Latest update works well. Weis is an out of town every few month shopping. Wish we were closer. But is a look here first
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1 year ago, laomway
Can’t login or use app at all
I haven’t been able to login to the app for months. Can’t use it for my Weis card or use any coupons or see the weekly circular. The app just hangs when I open it and none of the links work. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app several times and it looks exactly the same with the red bar at the bottom hanging and not doing anything.
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1 year ago, Jami1253
App is unresponsive
I like to shop at Weis and feel I get good value on many items. However, there App is awful. I have deleted and reinstalled several times, made sure all the history was deleted and can never get the app to work nor can I log in on their browser. I brought this to customer service attention but so far no solution.
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2 months ago, whacodo
Pick up
I love the fact I can order online and pick my order up when it’s convenient for me
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2 months ago, Persavage
Life saving
The ability to use online ordering and pickup is fantastic. It not only saves time but helps me physically. No shortness of breath walking around. No leg pain! Thanks to Tiffiney.
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3 years ago, Hartleton Resident
Very Satisfied
Just as advertised, very friendly online shopper , received exactly what we ordered, produce was fresh . App was learning curve , but not bad . Will use again , definitely! Thank you Weis !
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7 months ago, maryland dreamer
Awful app
I struggle to get full page views when I try to view circulars; I only get item view….tried to see if a setting issue but I can’t find if there is. A pain to individually load coupons too as there is a delay when you tap it to “add”. Please, please please improve the app!!!
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4 days ago, Jeanetteht
App Update
Since you so kindly updated your app I’ve had nothing but trouble. Coupons that won’t “clip” and the app keeps crashing. We shouldn’t need these ridiculous apps in the 1st place in order to get the sales. Not everyone wants to hog up their phone with apps from all the stores they shop at just to save money. Signed sick. Of. It!
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1 year ago, Kel1957
I’m pretty sure they developed this app in the 90s and haven’t updated it since. I deleted that app after 10 minutes of trying to navigate thru their text based nonsense. The Shop menu option is a list of miscellaneous things that you would find in a department store. I’m pretty sure Weis is a food store. I think the Weis IT Department ride horses and buggies to work.
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3 years ago, shisvx
Frustrating to try and use
I downloaded the app while in the store to try and utilize their Ecoupons on my iPhone. After multiple attempts of trying to scan the coupon and speaking with customer service I finally gave up. I don’t know if this is only meant for tweenagers but it was incredibly frustrating to try and use for coupons at least.
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11 months ago, sirhuffalot
Seriously, they should get their money back from whoever developed this for them. Useless. Even store employees complain about it and the time they need to take to try and help consumers use it. I say try, because they dont know either. Maybe its a deliberate attempt to advertise special pricing via ecoupon and then not give consumer price.
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3 years ago, CantareBella
Not really effective
This app pretty much stinks. It’s not very user friendly, you need to log into this, to get to your grocery list, half the products don’t have pictures attached to them, which I like because it verifies my product. You’d save serious time by just going into the store and getting what you need and getting out. This app needs some serious work.
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2 years ago, Phil2.0000000
Cannot view out of stock/subs to orders online
Why can’t I view what was out of stock or substitutions given for my order? All I can see is the original quote and then what I was charged - today’s difference being $30. Obviously something will not arrive to my house, but I guess it will be a surprise when the order gets here?
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3 years ago, Doesn't Help with Alexa
Worst App I Ever Used
When searching for an item brand name isn’t an option. When I went to checkout, it said I had to sign in with current card but the space for the card number was grayed out so I tried to get a new card. After entering all of my info and going back to cart to try to check out again, it routed me back to the signup screen again.
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3 years ago, N1Sp
Search is worthless
I downloaded this app after seeing that a particular brand almond milk we like was available for less with an e-coupon. I tried finding it via their website with no luck so I downloaded the app thinking I’d have better luck. NOPE! The app is NO BETTER. I tried searching via the brand name, “almond milk” then “dairy”. Nope, still nothing. I like the store, but their ecoupon system is a JOKE!
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2 months ago, Baylee 01
Fast service
The curbside staff are wonderful!! Very friendly and efficient!! Order is brought out in a timely manner!
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3 years ago, Snoball_z
This app doesn’t work.
I just downloaded the Weis Market app, then tried to sign up to load e-coupons. My password was declined so I tried signing in with Facebook. The app would not let me enter my store card #. Then I tried changing my password, 3 times, and got an error message. Finally I tried signing in as a guest, but that doesn’t let you load coupons. Useless.
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3 years ago, Puck Chaser
Don’t bother with the search
Can’t find half the items I need. The search function is completely useless. Items that I know for a fact are in this store are not found with the search function. There is no way to purchase any canned goods. The categories make no sense whatsoever. No category for canned goods but a category for automotive??? Seriously???
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