West Elm

4.7 (1.7K)
167.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for West Elm

4.7 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
2 years ago, 🌻☮️
I Love ALL things West Elm ❤️
I went to the ATX downtown location and Megan was a pure joy to work with! She was so helpful, professional and went the extra mile when I shared with her a couple pictures and what I was hoping for and she “styled” me up! I went back to the office and LOVE it all! Thank you Megan! Kudos to YOU!!!!
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1 year ago, Star030710
Is this app only for creating registries??
I don’t understand this app, what if you don’t want to create a registry? I just want to browse and shop and purchase. I saved items to my favorites as a guest, now I don’t see where my favorite lists is??? But create a registry and add to registry is clearly the focus of this app. Was going to create a account but it tells me again- to create a registry. Does west elm have a regular app?? This is annoying. I mainly shop from my phone so it’s more difficult to use the desktop version, but I guess I will have to get on my laptop in order to have a user friendly experience here. Not every shopper is part of a registry!!
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5 years ago, Furntar
Can’t Login. Useless in Stores
I’ve had trouble logging into my account. When I login on the regular website, it works. However with this app your login won’t work. I deleted the app and reinstalled and it worked. But then it logged me out and I have the same problem again where it says my login information is incorrect. When I was able to login and I was at a west elm store to do my registry, it didn’t help that the majority of their products didn’t have a barcode to scan. So you have to manually search for the product by name, if it has a tag. If it doesn’t, then you’re browsing through all their products for the one you’re looking for.
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5 years ago, just tryna register
Not user friendly
I’m sorry but this is easily the worst registry system I’ve ever used. First of all, it assumes everyone that walks into their store has a smart phone that is capable of scanning barcodes. Second of all if you’re going to require that we use a smartphone, at least have WiFi that works in your store. It kept scanning one thing and registering another. And then once you scan it it acts like it will add it but it doesn’t. You have to go and tweak it and then add it. So we got a good ways through registering before we could tell it wasn’t adding stuff and had to start over. Why do I need to sign in every time I open the app? That’s 2002 crap.
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2 months ago, #RobloxFrvr
Misrepresents Shipping Times
Every time I order from West Elm, they quote a shipping time that’s WILDLY off the actual delivery date—like 2-3 weeks or 3-4 weeks out, which turns into 12-13 weeks (if even that, since many of my items still haven’t been delivered by even that twice-delayed window!). Sometimes, I select West Elm because of what’s promised to be quick ship times, so it feels like a deliberate bait and switch to me. Plus, I repeatedly input my order confirmation into the app to retrieve updated ship times and IT WON’T RETAIN THAT INFO. Totally annoying!!!
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4 years ago, AC1983
Terrible Experience
Was able to log in once at store, never again after - even with face ID. The one time I was able to log in — had to ask for help trying to identify barcodes and even the store employee had a hard time, to the point that we just had to go sit at her computer and manually search and add items. Now items on registry appear and disappear from availability. Beautiful furniture and products, terrible in store and web experience. Why make it so hard for me to give you my money?
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3 months ago, emmasdilems
Love the new update!
So much easier to shop than the mobile browser site.
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5 years ago, jimboo12739@2
if i could give zero stars...
This app has ruined my day twice now and if i could wish violence on an app this would be the one. i’m just confused why anyone thought it would be a good idea to group products so that scanning each item on your registry takes 6 minutes while you scroll through everything else in the collection.... It quit on me twice and i had to delete and redownload it. I don’t understand why meteorologists in alaska who predict the weather are going to jail and this app developer walks free.
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4 years ago, ss2020ss
Login credentials work on website fail on app
The west elm app does not authenticate my login credentials which always work on the west elm website. It forced me to update password. Once the password is updated, it let me log in. However, it automatically signed me off the app and the next time when I tried to log in, the new password no longer worked. Please fix the bug as soon as possible.
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2 years ago, harmlessbog
App crashes immediately when you hit “sign in,” every single time. After finding a way around the app crashing, I signed into my account and there was no trace of my registry I ALREADY CREATED on a desktop computer. Why can I not see my registry associated with the account that is signed in? I even searched for the registry using my name and date of wedding. ZERO results. Broken, useless app. Use a desktop.
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5 years ago, Jessica2019!
Worst ever!
If I had known how completely unfriendly this app is I would have NEVER registered at West Elm! Can’t scan items in the store to add to your registry, when I try to sign into the app on my phone I get a message saying user name or password is wrong but I can use the same login info on my laptop and get signed in no problem. App crashes all the time and drains your battery on your phone. So many cons and so much frustration!
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4 years ago, Squirrel no nut
Bad app
I’ve had trouble logging in to the app even though my login works fine on the website. The app also isn’t a true app. It seems like it just links me to the website and it runs very slow. Also, switching between the linked stores on the app is a hassle because it seems to automatically switch back to west elm even if I’m trying to use the registry in Pottery Barn or Williams and Sonoma
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4 weeks ago, Hooray for Chewy!
New furnishings
Just received a very nice side table! Great quality and easy to assemble! Will definitely order other furnishings from this company!
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3 months ago, luisluisg
View in room
Please add the “view in room” feature so we can have a better idea of how it will look in our homes. Would of bought paintings from west elm but don’t want to risk it
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2 years ago, Trickster712
Why do people hate this app???
West Elm is a very good furniture app. I dont get why some people in the reviews rate this 1 - 3 stars.⭐I used this app to shop for more furniture, and the furniture here is amazing.
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2 months ago, kbklein
APP is eh
Love west elm but their app needs work. Doesn’t update my cart so every time I go on the things I had in my cart are random and not what I put in before. It also shuts down randomly.
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2 years ago, Heyrachb
Unable to add items
This is the registry app? Why can’t I search for items in here and add them to my registry! I’m not sure of the point of this app taking up space if I can’t possibly figure out how to do something so simple.
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2 months ago, uncle piedmont
The MCM champ
Need to buy another house so I can buy more west elm furniture
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12 months ago, Patriot Grandmother
Not user friendly.
This app needs to be geared more towards everyday users,instead of being just a wedding registry. I’ve spent hours saving things I plan to buy but have a hard time even finding my favorites. Bedroom furniture should be in groups so you can find the pieces that go together. I absolutely love this store! West Elm is my favorite
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4 years ago, Karrie111111111111
clicking your cart quits the app
I love West Elm and wish they made it easier to shop, browse, and check out froM the app. Everytime I go to click my cart, the app quits. I have no updates and I’ve tried to delete and re-download. Nothing is working
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4 weeks ago, Tbird777000
Not intuitive
Why have smart search for address and not allow you to select and pre fill the fields? Trying to login and the error is generic. “There was a problem”. How about explain what the problem was rather than be generic? Worst app ever. I would expect better coming from west elm.
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2 years ago, tls2195
Update is terrible
Used to be able to toggle between West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. The latest update removed this feature. Also I can’t even access my registry on the app anymore - it says “registry not found”. The Pottery Barn app made the same update a few months back so now both apps are completely useless.
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1 year ago, LaurLaurStrom
Site will not load
I absolutely love the furniture made by west elm. I have been trying for over an hour to spend $1400 to order a bed and it will not load or I make all of my choices and it resets and disappears. The same is happening online. Not user friendly for my current needs.
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2 years ago, ClementineReviews
Doesn’t work
Unable to successfully set up accounts and registries. Not to mention only lets you create a registry for a wedding. It makes you go to their website on your browser to see favorites. It’s okay to look at things but over a worthless app
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2 years ago, Chelly_M
Order tracking is gone
Just a wedding registry app now instead of a useful app for the rest of us. Worthless. Why would you take a fully functional app and dumb it down? SI will be deleting which is a shame as I have used this so much in the past.
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2 months ago, Jeaniee_xo
Can’t add favorites!
I’ve tried to delete and uninstall app multiple times but I still can’t get my favorites to save, really unhelpful when trying to compare and shop!
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2 months ago, amamasse
Broken after update
After the most recent update, it just says ‘loading…’ and never loads. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Restarted my phone. The app is completely dead. :-(
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3 months ago, spooky-chloe
Ew! So many bugs 🦟🐜🪳
1. You open the app and the landing page has links to categories that do not work. 2. Crashes all. The. Time. (who’s flying this thing?) 3. Trying to login? Nope! - stay 4. Wanna spend your money and check out? - ERROR - ERROR - ERROR
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1 month ago, LexHearlt
West Elm developed an app! intermittent crashing I could do without :)
Glad West Elm *finally!* developed an app… However, the frequent crashing I could do without :)
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1 year ago, samii-kh
The app filters does not work
The app has a lot of bugs. Especially when trying filters! Not worth downloading. I ended up using the website.
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7 years ago, Crowley 13
Excellent new design!
This new version is fantastic. I downloaded the app before the update and it wasn't very user friendly. This update has made my life so much easier!
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4 years ago, Buzzy1579
App won’t let me login and says my information is “unrecognized.” Yet when I login on the regular site, it logs me in with no issue. I love their stuff but unfortunately won’t be able to use their registry since it’s so frustrating.
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4 years ago, mindycrary
Same problems for over 6 months now
Just read everything back to late 2019, app doesn’t recognize the login but it’s fine on a regular browser. FIX IT.
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2 months ago, oblu
No option for only transactional push notifications, and no promo push notifications. Nope. Deleted.
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3 months ago, knolaust
Doesn’t work with ad blockers or tracking disabled.
Don’t bother downloading if you have ad blockers running.
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3 years ago, liudaxingtx
Worst type of app ever. It is basically a web page open in its own portal
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4 years ago, Sakura Noona ~ Saranghe
Login does not work
The app doesn’t give descriptions anymore 😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, alyssaaaaaaaamc
no good
terrible for wedding registry. i can never get into mine.
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10 years ago, [e_g]
Can't Log In
I can login to our account in the store using their computers, I can log in to our account using my home computer. I have checked and rechecked the password but still, this ridiculous app refuses to let me use it, continually stating my account doesn't exist, or my password is incorrect. Awful app, best to take pictures of product in the store, log in on your computer at home and add them to your registry that way. Yes, that convoluted method is still more effective than attempting to use this app. Love West Elm with all my heart, but this surely is a department where further development is needed.
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10 years ago, MagMegMig
I love West Elm, but this app was a big disappointment. We had previously registered at Crate and Barrel, and their registry app was way more user friendly! A few of this apps issues: There is no option to search by item name or category, and a lot of product stickers in the store were on the bottom of the item, so you end up turning a lot of stuff over to find the tag, which is annoying with furniture. It also makes it impossible to register for a different color or size of product you have in front of you. We found that when we got home, about a third of the items we had scanned mysteriously did not show up on our registry list. Overall clunky interface and a scanner that takes forever.
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7 years ago, kymcdonald
Seamless Experience
I recently created a house warming registry and was happy to know that west elm has a gift registry. The app is super easy to navigate.
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9 years ago, zLin17
Needs help
If this app worked it would be great. Unfortunately, it is very slow, there's always issues signing in. So instead tried to use their mobile site and I wanted to add something to my registry and there was only a button to add to cart. Please make this app function properly or fix your mobile site ASAP. Everyone uses their phones to do everything now so try to keep up.
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9 years ago, Ktdid04
Less Than Perfect
Unfortunately, it sounds like this app has had problems for quite some time. The home screen has no image, there is still no feature to search by item name, and it's generally an unimpressive app. I agree that Crate and Barrel's app is way better! West Elm doesn't seem to be wedding registry friendly -- online and in person. Major bummer!
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9 years ago, Toree Double
Pointless app
Only meant for creating a registry but it won't let you even begin surfing or viewing items until you've added your personal info plus info like names and addresses for others, presumably so they can send you gifts. I'd like to view items before being forced into a registry.
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6 years ago, EDchi2018
Not Worth Downloading
Can only scan items in store, can’t search items on the app. Every time I tried to remove an item from my registry it never was actually removed. Had to log onto the desktop version each time anyway.
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7 years ago, Ajeas
Does not work to scan
90% of the items we scanned pop up that they are unavailable even though stores are fully stocked. We are unable to register at west elm because the app does not work. Crate and Barrel has a much more functional process
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9 years ago, AddictedtoDots
Can't log in and west elm doesn't support it
I read the awful reviews and proceeded anyway. I also could not log in. When I called customer service the very nice lady on the phone said "I have no idea"
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10 years ago, Swakjack
App hasn't worked in awhile...
It won't let you log-in or create an account and I've been trying for over a week to do so. I guess west elm doesn't care if we shop elsewhere.
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7 years ago, Grumpy Old Hepcat
Useless-no barcodes in store
It would be great to be able to create a registry by scanning items in store. Too bad the store doesn't put barcodes on the items. #BrickAndMortartFail
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8 years ago, Nikk61187
I can't even name how many issues I had this this app. Will not be registering with them after this experience, don't waste your time!
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