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User Reviews for WestJet

2.78 out of 5
218 Ratings
5 years ago, Eudidhhsifieh
Ok, but can’t get boarding passes
The app just refuse to let me have my boarding pass on my phone like every competitor does, there’s a place for it but it tells me I have to go to the counter despite having checked in. I give it a few stars since at least it let me complete check in, in the past it would not even let me check in. I tried to change seats post check in and it won’t let me, despite not having boarding passes.
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6 years ago, no more wj
Down Hill
I used to love West Jet but they have gone downhill fast. Last 2 flights were horrible from the time I checked in I upgraded to plus. Printed my boarding pass the day before...all good. I get to airport and wait in line to get my baggage ticket from kiosk. Go to self serve baggage scan. Wait in line. It doesn’t work. Wait for help. CSR takes me to a different line. Wait. They reprint my boarding pass. I get my bag checked. Look at my boarding pass and they changed my seat. I immediately try to get help. Everyone sends me to a different line-to wait. They finally tell me to go through and gate agent will help. By the time gate agent arrives they sold my seat. She said she would refund my upgrade cost. I showed her that I’ve had my boarding pass for almost 24 hours so why can’t you refund they last person that bought it. She said I just can’t. Really. I’m not the one that changed it. So. I’m getting ready to board now and not in plus seating. How does that work? An employee must have got my seat. No customer service anymore. This was totally unfair.
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2 years ago, abetafoto
Terrible Airline, Terrible App
Booking a flight that’s operated by another airline is a nightmare. You can’t check-in and get your boarding pass through the app because none of the information has been properly received and loaded by Westjet. The app (and the website) just stalls forever. Only way you’ll check-in successfully is in person at the airport. Once you do have your ticket and try to load in your itinerary in the app, good luck trying to get to any other menu. Can’t change your flight, can’t change your seats, etc. because those pages won’t load. Only pages that load are the purchase-required areas such as the menu (go figure). Avoid this app and this airline if you can.
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5 years ago, ILoveSxS
Worked great
When I got this app I was really worried that I wouldn’t check in or that it wouldn’t work cause the reviews but surprisingly it worked just fine! I was able to check in, I was able to watch movies on the app too. It worked perfectly! Advice to others: When trying to check in or trying to go back into the check in after checking in, tap the button multiple times to have the check in load up.
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6 months ago, MysteryMan25
Dreadful app. Had to change my password in order to log in.
This app is amongst the worst that I’ve used. I had previously created a WestJet account on the desktop website, but when I tried to sign in via the app it would not work. Logging in and out via the website worked (consistently), but the app did not. I tried with both my email and my rewards number, but neither worked. Ultimately I had to change my password before the app would let me log in. If it matters, my password had special characters in it and I was using LastPass. Please fix!
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2 years ago, SKSPlinker
TSA PreChek
At what point does WestJet get the PreChek to work through the app? Nothing like the nasty surprise of getting turned back by executing, and directed into a long line because the benefits I pay for somehow get left off my boarding pass by WestJet. Thanks a lot guys.
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6 years ago, Concerned Realist
An attempt was made
Absolutely horrible. You know what most people love, it’s inputting all of their info in twice and this app delivers!! First, you log all of your important info into the WestJet website, then you do it all over again on their app. What a terrific deal. Because it’s not like the westjet app and the westjet airline are the same company. And it’s not like I spent time building my profile on the website that could easily be imported to the app, which westjet promotes through email spam. I’m glad this app exists, since I’m a male and it’s the closest thing to an abortion that I can have.
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10 months ago, Rsbcubed
Onboard Entertainment
We downloaded the app just before boarding because we read it was needed for Onboard entertainment. Worked great. Since you can use your own earbuds, I might even prefer it to the normal seat back built in screens.
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6 months ago, Mike648673(5855
The WORST Airline App out There
I fly every weekend and have flown on many airlines. None of which had apps as annoying to use as this one. It took me 10 minutes just to check in to my flight. Any time you click something, it takes a minimum of 30 seconds to get to that page. Absolutely horrible experience and I will never fly WestJet again just because of this.
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2 years ago, brnskn01
Digital boarding pass not available
I booked my flight to Toronto through Delta. Since it was being operated by Westjet, Delta sent me there to check in. I downloaded my boarding pass to my apple wallet but I guess it didn’t save. Tried to obtain it in the app and there’s no option to retrieve my boarding pass, which is inconvenient.
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8 months ago, Perfect Goss
Horrible app, horrible customer service
Honestly one of the worst airline apps I’ve ever used. It’s also nearly impossible to get anyone on the line for anything. I tired getting my boarding pass/getting checked in for my flight for 3 days without any success. Will definitely avoid this airline in the future
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9 months ago, 4ranks
Nothing worse than being unable to check in before a trip
“Check-in not completed We could not complete check-in, please try again later. If the issue persists, you will need to check in at the airport, please do not call. Ensure you leave yourself extra time at the airport.”
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2 years ago, Cathy Cathy 1946
Couldn’t connect to movies in the plane
Flight attendant told me I had to update the App but can’t see how to do that.😥
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5 months ago, jennifer-lucy van fossen
Delta does not work with WestJet
We tried to use this app and the Delta app to check in but couldn’t. They do not communicate and we had to get a paper boarding pass. WestJet managed to mess that up too and even the paper boarding pass didn’t work for our connecting flight. Avoid this mess.
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4 years ago, AlexandreRbcqt
After checkin and creating an account, I never received or access the boarding pass. I completely missed my flight as no one was at the counter to help and, cherry on the cake, i receive a call 20min before departure to ask me if I was still flying with them because i was fully checked in?? NEVER This app and airline are a scam please stay away from it.
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2 years ago, pkjones58
Not a modern app
WestJet needs to do better. Checkin is clunky at best. And I can’t see my seat selection for upcoming flights until I check in, which can only happen 24 hours before flight. Pretty useless at that stage.
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6 years ago, MrsBrownie2254
Can’t Check In
I should be able to check in now that my flight is about 19 hours from now but it will not let me. The check in button is grayed out so I tried to check in on the website and my Departure airport isn’t even an option on the list! What the heck?
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8 months ago, Dan74729
Poor functionality
Doesn’t reliably upload passport, doesn’t reliably fetch tickets for apple wallet. It’s a bit like the mobile developers forgot they were building for mobile.
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5 months ago, wtangofoxtrot
Did not sync trips from account t and no applepay
Had to manually add my trips into the app even though they were on my account in the website. Payments requires me to provide them my CC info, no apple pay support like American carriers provide.
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1 year ago, Nameless Matt
Slow app that fails to work
Takes a long time to load pages before consistently failing to let me check in, and forces me to re-enter the same data it should already have every time
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11 months ago, JRRrrrrrrrrhuhugguyguuyg
72 megabytes of failure
Pretty sure there’s nothing to this app but an error message after to put in your booking reference. Westjet needs to hire someone to actually build this app. An app like this would be real helpful for checking into Westjet flights! Someday….
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3 months ago, Play On 04
Can’t change seats
I mean, just look at the rating for this app. Two stars is laughable. That’s all you need to know about them. The app won’t let me change seats. Yes, I’m trying to give them MORE money and they won’t let me. Laughably bad
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1 year ago, bro i dont need a nickname
Can’t Log In
I cannot log in to the app. Reset my password multiple times and know I’m putting it in correctly. I can log in just fine on the browser but the app simply doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, Andy284827
Please avoid
Terrible company. Their delays caused us to miss our connecting flights, which of course meant that we had to stay at the airport for a night. They denied liability and declined to cover any of our additional expenses for lodging or subsequent flights
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4 months ago, westjetappsucks
Worst airline app
I think you have to be an idiot to her hired as an app developer at West Jet. What a poorly written app. The product team should be ashamed of building an app like this and should quit and find jobs they are better at
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6 years ago, DH 1234
Trouble with it
All I get is one page telling me what it does but I can’t get a next page to add my information
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5 years ago, RedheadChronicles
This app is the worst. Not only can I not check into my flight, which is less than 24 hours from now, but on the website, my departure city isn’t even listed! This is stupid!
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8 months ago, elizabethjane25
No live gate updates
The app will not update your boarding pass or notify you of gate changes. I had two flights and both gates were wrong
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2 years ago, lgeller11
Good enough for me!
I think this app is pretty good to be honest
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2 years ago, seanmcb
Worst airline app
It never works!! You can’t get your boarding passes. You can’t book a flight without it saying sorry this app can’t help you. Rural in this day and age.
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2 years ago, 2021 frustrated
Can’t even register!
The Check boxes don’t work so unable to register😖
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7 years ago, S2DH
Free Movies, but Can't Close App &a Continue Watching
Description says it all. Free movies are nice in the app. Features for tracking your flight is also great! But for the WestJet connect entertainment, the app is pretty poor. Every time I close the app, and re-open it when watching a movie I get the spinning wheel of death until I force close the app, re-open it, re-navigate to what I was watching, then even more annoyingly the app doesn't remember your place in the movie/show and I have to carefully navigate to the place I was in the show before I closed the app. In this day and age, it's kind of startlingly bad. I'm fairly confident my friends could write a more robust reliable app feature in a matter of days than WestJet connect.
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12 months ago, Woooorst app
worst airline app I’ve ever seen
10 second latency to do anything, random errors processing payments / getting boarding passes. All leads to massive lines at the airport
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1 year ago, TnyBko99
Will not accept Reservation Number
I could not check in on the app using my reservation number. The app would only allow letters and not digits. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND CHECK IN ON A BROWNSER.
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2 years ago, Always Slackin
A joke!
Third time in a year the app won’t function like a proper travel app. I’d choose another airline if possible
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4 years ago, Laura NOLA
Unable to save boarding pass on phone or save as a pdf to email.
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6 years ago, Frustrated22xxx
Maybe West Jet is just a bad airline
Can’t do much of anything with this app. Then again, the website is pretty bad, too. Can’t do much with that, either.
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5 years ago, myearshurt
Worst airline app
Can’t check in on line, can’t reset a password, pass your way you will save time and avoid frustration!
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3 years ago, Charles1000001
Forget using if you are flying to Canada
Won’t provide a boarding pass if you are flying International. It will give false error notices.
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1 month ago, Yan Ouy
Useless app
It didn’t display boarding pass 3 year ago, and as of 2024, still doesn’t.
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10 months ago, The lord of the memes
Airline customer support is horrible
Have a problem? Bummer
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5 years ago, Happy2000
Probably need to start over
Jumbled UI. Lack of focus. Check out the Delta app, start there, and work your way up...
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5 years ago, annoyed417
Check in doesn’t work
Online check in doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Quinnykid
Pay for gates at LGA
Got in on time and had to wait 45 minutes for a gate. Just lost all of my company’s travel business. RIDICULOUS!!
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12 months ago, Frisco da dog
Check in
Probably worst airline app. But hey, it’s Canadian & likely cost $50M to develop by a group of woke diverse employees. Who needs performance?
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5 years ago, Lucas Geller
To WestJet.
I love your airline!and the app and I love WestJet encore.
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8 months ago, Joegjgv
Illogical UX
Not sure the creators of this app have used this app.
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2 months ago, vObjection
worst company ever
rude customer service every interaction and has lost my luggage 4 times
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4 years ago, mcpe dud
i want WiFi Canadian losers
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8 years ago, Hamster traveler
Entertainment did not work
The entertainment function of this app--the whole reason my son, daughter, and I downloaded it on our different devices (iPhone 5, iPod 5, iPhone 6s) DID NOT WORK. We got a list of movies/tv shows with descriptions, but none of them would play. The flight attendant said it was working for some people and not others. She had no further advice or suggestions. Bummer, because there looked like some great entertainment on there. To quote my 13-year-old, "this app is crap."
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