Whatnot - Live Video Shopping

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Whatnot Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Whatnot - Live Video Shopping

4.77 out of 5
193.8K Ratings
4 years ago, TeeJay797
I have been waiting for an app like this for a while now. Since I started my collection, I’d been using the Funko app. However, their app is extremely buggy. Too much nonsense. My collection value fluctuates too often, which I understand value change, but it’s often due to Pops having a certain value, then all of the sudden the app shows that there is no data to determine a trending value, which I can’t understand, especially with Pops that have been Vaulted. Anyway, this app has made the experience of being a Pop collector that much better. From the giveaways, to the prices, to the available Pops, to finding the value of Pops you have, this app does it all and does it well. My only real complaint is that when I scroll through the lists of Pops at the main screen, when I hit the back button, it goes all the way back to the beginning of the list. Lol please fix this if it’s not an isolated incident with me. But all jokes aside, there is nothing much to be upset about with this app. They make the buying process easy and are very professional and trustworthy people. Thank you guys for developing this app, you have a lifelong user/customer/whatever you want to call me. Will be buying again soon. Keep up the good work.
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10 months ago, Jsmith74226
Love Whatnot, Dislike Selling
Let me start off by saying I love whatnot and have used it basically since launch. Purchasing things is easy and it’s easy to sell on. I prefer to sell things on Whatnot over other apps like EBay, Mercari. But what they do better is paying people. For example EBay you receive the funds as soon as it delivers or when you ship. And is an easy process that takes up to 20mins to get money delivered to your account. Mercari is a little more difficult with the waiting period for the customer to rate your items that could take up to 3 days but money is immediately available and sends to your account within mins. Whatnot on the other hand is a over complicated payout system that is not seller friendly. Not only do you have to wait for it to be delivered (which I will admit is fast) but you have to wait a minimum of 2 days to get the funds sent to Whatnot THEN you have to wait another hours-days to have the funds sent to you to use. So here an example. You sell something and you may not get the money for that item several days after delivery. It just takes away from the whole thing and bring the experience down a lot. I don’t get why it takes so long but for Whatnot to stand out from the other two top selling apps it needs to be more seller friendly.
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1 year ago, Juanita Melendez
Over all good experience minus the Whatnot scammers
Over all I liked whatnot especially for purchasing dead stock streetwear and sneakers. Auctions are the only kind of sellers I deal with now because there are a few decent and true sellers, HOWEVER I’ve learned to STAY AWAY from Mystery Box games and basically a non verifiable or promoted sellers. Even though whatnot claims there sellers are all authenticated on more then one occasion I purchased from a “Whatnot Verified seller” and have straight up be robbed. I never got my merchandise. I got so paranoid, I started recording every single streamers show I purchase from. I got cheated on sneakers I “won” in a mystery game I had to force the seller to send me the shoes and got some wack $40 pair of sneakers from Walmart when I was the second prize winner… also, two pop collectibles, and also two more mystery box purchases. Mystery box sellers always have a promotion that if you buy a slot they will send you a cancellation prize, this is up to a certain value just for playing the mystery game had you not won the 1st place prizes and long and BEHOLD, I’ve gotten LITERALLY non of these things. I contacted whatnots customer service, and all they say is to request a cancellation from the seller, when you request the cancellation, the seller can deny it, so even when they CLEARLY scammed you they can still deny your refund, and from that point you would have to bring it to your bank because what not won’t do anything about it.
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2 years ago, Mac₪
People on app are great, app after 7/26 update much better
* New update seems to have things running much smoother! Good job taking the reports/ feedback from users and solving the issues! * Changed to 5 stars after update! I really enjoy using the app to watch, purchase and spend time with the Funko collecting community. However these last updates have left the app unusable, infuriating, and leaves me nervous for my personal information security. At times the app will completely shutdown after latest two updates, app keeps asking me to log in or give them my payment information again and again. That doesn’t make me feel like they are securely storing it if they keep losing it when the app crashes. When watching shows the app can’t seem to handle the viewers on the platform and frequently freezes mid auction or kicks streamers off their own shows. Love this community and hope they work out the kinks in the app because it’s a shame when people can buy or sell without having to jump through a badly performing app. Hopefully this update from a few minutes ago fixes all the problems!
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6 months ago, xoooxxx
This community has had a bad rap recently due to scamming, and nothing is ever done about it. I myself have caught several streamers in the act and have reached out and these people continue to stream. It blows my mind when you send pictures and evidence of the scamming and the issue is never resolved and these people keep doing it it’s only hurting the platform to understand why nothing is ever done I think if you’re giving solid evidence of the scammers they should be banned immediately. This is hurting the platform. All the stuff is all over Reddit. I read it daily and I’m being criticized myself for being a seller on the platform. It’s hard for me to associate myself and my business if these things were fixed, this platform would be top-notch 100%, such a great idea just bad monitoring on myself would be interesting in policing the platform to get rid of these scammers when communicating back to others you keep it private, but the sellers are allowed to see who’s reported them makes no sense. It should be open both ways because then seller can just block the buyer and I understand that you guys are very good at refunding people but it does have good when you got people selling counterfeit cards, trim cards, resealed packs and booster boxes that’s been picked through oh over inflated prices I wish platform could fix these issues because it is a great tool way better than eBay
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1 month ago, 888222882282yay!
It would have been fantastic…
I think the app is a great concept that no other platform offers. I love that I can scroll through categories to find the things I like. I loved the Disney Pins category, but then it got merged into a general Disney category, which makes it hard to find what I am looking for. I am a little frustrated with the review process, I have left 5 star reviews for almost every order that I place, but when I gave one 3 star due to product quality (particularly smell) on multiple different orders from one seller I get blocked. It just doesn’t seem very ethical that by giving honest feedback I get banned from viewing shows. Even if it was the seller that blocked me, I was not longer able to view other people’s shows, too. I guess I don’t understand what I did wrong :( Makes me hesitant to review knowing it could result in me not being able to shop on the app. The giveaway process is also a little sketchy. I see the same dozen or so users winning every giveaway. Maybe they spent more money or are long time users, but I would have thought it would be a random selection tool for sellers to use. Sometimes I wonder why I bother entering because I know I won’t win.
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1 year ago, Regieein Cali
I would like to update my review of whatnot
About 5-6 months ago I wrote a review about whatnot. I don’t recall the exact stars I rated it at the time. However, I remember I wasn’t happy when writing the review. I suggested a safety net for bidders and vowed to not use it again until it was implemented so with that being said I didn’t rate it high, I’m sure. So, I was on whatnot a few weeks ago watching, because who doesn’t like to watch breaks? Anyways, I wondered about the new bidding button I saw on the lower right hand corner and so I touched it to see if it would accept my bid. And much to my surprise it did NOt!!! I had to hold and swipe all the way right in order to bid. This is GREAT!!! Thank you for the safety net whatnot!!! I appreciate it! Although, I’m not quite certain that it’s a complete fix to dropping the phone and accidentally bidding(I don’t want to try it lol) I think it’s a huge step in the right direction! And I have to commend you guys for that and so I am rating 5 stars today!!! Thanks Whatnot for looking out for your consumers and for the effort you out in to please us all! I will be using whatnot once again!!!
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2 years ago, Schpidah Man
Really Good App, but has an issue.
I got Whatnot back in late 2021, and it was just on my phone. I found the concept cool but never had any money to use on it. Then I ended up referring a friend. I checked my account months later and discovered I had $10. So last week I used it and bought a $30 funko pop for only $4 out of my own pocket. (I collect Pops.) The community is great and the bidding for all products and ways of getting it are great. Whatnot has become my number 1 way to grow my collection. One problem though. Whenever I use the app, even when I’m on the Home Screen, the scrolling lags and moves very blocky and choppy across the screen. This happens when I entered the app, when I exit a stream and return to my Home Screen, and even when I reset the app. Also, when I enter a stream, it takes about 30 seconds for my keyboard to stop lagging and actually allow me to type in real time. This happens EVERY TIME I OPEN THE KEYBOARD IN CHAT. Overall, using this app is a good experience, but the lag is terrible. The type pad lags, the Home Screen lags. It is all around an issue.
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2 years ago, itsJustJony
Whatnot still needs to get its things in order
Applied to be a seller on this app , the seller application process isn’t straight forward and what not employees seem to make mistakes and punish users for them . I applied with the intention to sell customized pressed on nails , I was approved . Then I get an email from WhatNot saying it was a mistake to approve me and that I don’t have enough inventory , business history , etc . So I did what any person would do and come up with a different strategy . I re applied for the movie category and this time was approved again . Except when I joined the onboarding session for some reason after it my account was still not live to sell . So I contacted the support team and they banned my account saying I tried to join an onboarding session without invitation (which is false) . So I sent them multiple screenshots of the invitation and inventory and I kept sending them emails , next thing you know the safety team is telling me I’m permanently banned for “harassment “ when I ask them who and how I’m harassing anyone for inquiring about a mistake they made they simply close the case and are not trying to be helpful . I have an eBay store and a top rated seller . Clearly this company has some stuff to work through and they aren’t very transparent . I was a great buyer and just wanted to try and sell on there too .
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2 years ago, Henry da pang
Platform good, but sellers obnoxious and crazy prices
This platform is so good, but it’s ruined by obnoxious loud used car salesmen type people. They’re always screaming at the top of their lungs pushing their crazy expensive breaks and saying how they can’t believe how low spots are going for. There’s like 2-3 buyers who keep bidding up spots and winning the majority of them. I’m talking about $500 spots and they’re winning 10 of them like nothing each break. They’re spending $50,000 a day easily, which is hard for me to believe. I’m suspecting they have friends who bid these up and then they get a cut and don’t really have to spend that much. I deleted this app, it’s too much and the skinny of money you spend you keep getting junk and your chances of hitting anything in group breaks are horrible compared to the money you’re spending. Better off breaking with established breakers who break whole cases than these dudes who keep stacking up those dumb “Sweat Boxes” that puke out $50 cards. Prepare to hear this over and over in loud volume “VALUE ON TOP OF VALUE!!!! THESE SPOTS SHOULD BE $1000 EASSSSYYYY!!!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING GUYS YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR IT!!!! I CANT BELIEVE HOW LOW THESE SPOTS ARE GOING!!! BIGGEST BREAK WE’VE EVER DOOOOOOONNNNNE” It wasn’t fun anymore listening to all that crap.
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2 years ago, gonziah
Game Changer
WhatNot is a game changer! It’s refreshing to be able to interact with the seller and others while bidding on items. As a Funko seller myself, I enjoy getting to curate shows and build reputation with frequent flyers. It is still new, but the WhatNot team is making every step in the right direction to listen to user feedback and make adjustments as needed. On top of that, the WhatNot support team is excellent! I’ve had to contact them on a few occasions and they are always so quick to help resolve the issue and they remain so friendly the entire time, it’s like talking to an old friend. I thoroughly enjoy this app and the direction in which it’s headed. The categories are growing to bring in a more diverse list of sellers and buyers, the community involvement is fun to be a part of, there are even subgroups that have formed on discord that are related to helping new sellers grow their profile. Overall very pleased with WhatNot. If you’re on the fence, what are you waiting for! Find a current WhatNot user, sign up with their link and get a free $10 credit to explore the platform. You’re welcome :)
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1 year ago, Cali_does_reviews
Sellers be my ops
The app is great, so I’m rating it a 5-star but when I signed up with my friends link it didn’t credit us the 10$ it promised after I made my first purchase nevertheless the app is still really well made and just has some minor bugs. I especially like the people who sell slabs for $1 on auction, but some of them seem emotionally attached to there items saying they are going to jump off a bridge if it doesn’t sell for 100$ etc. I also would like to say that many of the sellers try and hustle you by using fast paced tactics to get you to buy, often just lying about the price, I’ve gotten banned after I corrected that his items last comps were 230$ and not 800$. After I got banned the app accused me of not being a good community member which I find appalling since I’ve been nothing but kind to people. Even though I’ve had these problems with the app I can blame most of it on terrible sellers and not the app configuration if I was to recommend this app to someone I would say to be very careful on who you decide to do business with.
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3 years ago, kikicushy
Needs improvement ASAP
I’m loving this app but there are a lot of issues with it. The auctions don’t load live a lot of the time and we constantly have to close the app fully and re-enter so we can see the live auction. Also a BIG issue I have is that when I make an “offer” on a listing, it goes in the “offer” section of the “buying” tab and I can never click on it to see it, who is selling it or anything. Even when it’s been accepted and even shipped. I can never click on it. I don’t understand why there is a difference. I can see all that info in the other purchase section for other purchases that were bought outright or through the auction. This really needs to be fixed. I also find the rating system weird as you have to wait for it to show up. And if it does when you’re not ready to rate, you have close out of the window and wait a few days for the rating to pop again or the notification to click on. Other than that, it’s a great app and have had good seller/buyer experiences.
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3 years ago, Blondevil16
Needs work to be reliable
I’ve been an avid buyer and seller on this platform since it’s early days. I used to love using this app and saw it as my go-to for both buying and selling Funko Pops. However, my “inventory” consists of hundreds of listings that I have ZERO search functionality or management ability over. I have to manually scroll through almost 400 of my own listings on the app to find an item I listed. Typically, the app will glitch about halfway through and start repeating the beginning listings so I can never make it through everything. As a seller, I need a platform that makes cross-posting easy with the ability to update my listings easily. Sadly, this app is the opposite of that. If I can’t access my 300+ items, I can’t deliver with the integrity I strive for as a seller, and it also makes me weary as a buyer to purchase anything from a seller with a lot of listings for that very same reason. Overall, this app has great potential. But the fancy live auctioning features and talk of introducing chat features shouldn’t come at the cost of basic functionality like inventory searching or simple data exports. At the end of the day, it’s a good enough app, but not the trusty bread and butter go-to app that I had really hoped Logan and the team were striving for long term.
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5 months ago, Bubsisme2
Super sketchy
SUPER SKETCHY!!!!!!!!!Wanted to give zero stars but it would not let me!!This app is SUPER SKETCHY!!! They want you to go thru all these steps as in To Qualify to use their app. Which is all fine!! But when you Complete all the steps, they make you redo the steps which is to verify your Identity, after Identifying you have to take a Zoom meeting which is almost a whole hour long and then you have to sign up with Discord completely, USING Whatnots link that they send you. Now at the end of the hour long Whatnot Zoom there is Q&A where Questions were Will we be able to actually SELL after this and was answered with a Yes!! Immediately after!! So going further and fulfilling My end so as to become a ‘Seller’ on Whatnot I sign in and hit the ‘Sell’ button, AND IT STILL SAYS ‘UNDER REVIEW’! They want me to send my Info, all of it again!! Well I have resent my info 3 times!! Still cannot sell!! SO WHAT EXACTLY ARE THEY AT WHATNOT USING MY INFO FOR EXACTLY??!!! BECAUSE IT CERTAINLY ISNT SO THAT I CAN SELL ON THEIR APP!! I have emailed them several times. I actually recorded everything, including the Zoom meeting that I attend still NOTHING FROM THEM!! NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!! Sooooooo……My advise would be to be very cautious when considering using this app!!! seriously !! VERY SKETCHY!! And I have video and screenshots of everything!!
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3 years ago, Shaggy_Fk7
Great App .
This app has helped build my now ever growing collection of funko pops . Now that being said . I know that updates are necessary to keep up with the times . But too many changes at once chase issues . Here are a few examples of things I feel need to be brought back to visibility in the app. As well as things I think that should be added 1. The items for sales scroll bar that used to be in the home page .(this is a big one , because as of right now . Unless the person is following you and they happen to look at notifications , no one will know you’re selling something unless they do a search for something specific ) 2. When you go to someone’s profile you no longer see bio information . So if I want to reach someone I bought something from . I need to hope there user name matches their social media . 3. Some way to directly communicate with sellers or other member thru the app . I could go on an on . But let’s start with these . Otherwise . Love the app , love the community. Great job
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2 years ago, Beto209and
Not customer friendly app
I have spent thousands on this app and original I loved the idea. But recently many streamers have been just calling customer dil-dos and if you call them out on their customer service they don’t even send out the product you ordered. Then trying to look up recent purchases is very difficult because the page is constantly refreshing losing your place to look up old ordered. Also with some much I have purchased I can’t tell who sold me what. I have deleted the app since one of my last orders never came and tech support can’t help me out by looking my old orders. And with me not having a computer having to go back and forth on the phone app as it keeps losing my spot to look up my orders and not pictures of what I had paid for doesn’t give the customer any grounds to really fight back and get their money back. Also I have applied for months to stream and they approve other individuals who only have a few weeks on the app. Very upset
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3 years ago, LymanII
Great with flaws
This app is a great place to buy and sell Pops, even for non live users you can list 97% of what funko pops exist. Now let’s talk comics… this is a wonderful place to buy comics, the comic community is great! If you want to sell comics currently it’s only allowed with live auction, which after 6 weeks I have found if you aren’t a big social media account, you tuber or some major eBay comic seller you don’t get the live auctions and other applications from big names will go before you. I personally verified this with 2 big name you tubers that applied for whatnot after me and were selling live in no time. If you want to buy a comic I highly recommend this app, if you want to buy and sell a few funkos great place to go. If you want to sell a comic….or more than 1000+ books like me (30 year collection) this isn’t an easy place to move comics. Back to eBay and making listings for endless hours I guess. Not the best place here for selling comicsfor the common man.
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12 months ago, @UncleActRight
Quality control issues.
Pertaining to “Children’s collectibles” you have sellers who have no respect for the product even if considered collectible. When you confront them about their poor salesmanship they propose to say that clients need mental help if they are upset with the condition or value on the children’s products. They’re excuse for not handling anything with care and passion is that they believe no one should care about collectible cards even though it’s paying their way for much of what they do. The Pokémon card community is wildly inappropriate in many aspects. Whatnot has sellers smoking drugs, drinking alcohol, and messaging about drug use in the open chat forums. Only a small number of sellers are aware that thousands of kids a month might see their store and are appropriate on camera and in dialogue. The majority of sellers seem to be people who are not reliable and wouldn’t be able to get a job. They’re taking that low quality standard and have migrated to Pokémon cards to trap people with 185% up charged bountys on a single pack of cards. Whatnot you really need to make a children’s section of your site more children friendly at a minimum. You do you whatnot.
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11 months ago, David 12647
Twice in two months I managed to get great deals on buying baseball cards; with the seller canceling the order without any repercussions! So it’s a live auction you do not have time to research the cards. So often you will over bid a tad. ALL SALES ARE FINAL IF YOU ARE A BUYER! However if the seller doesn’t like the way the auction went they can cancel your order blatantly telling you through messages “hi you got to good a deal I’m canceling” What does whatnot do: we are sorry this is usual (is it when it happened to me twice within 60days!) we understand why you are frustrated! We can give you CREDIT (not even a refund in the card) for the value of the sale. We are letting are Trust and review teams know about it. So now basically eff off and be ready to be screwed in the future again Mr buyer! We are happy to collect more consignment fees from you in the future! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH IM GOING TO BECOME A SELLER ON THIS APP. Break some BASEBALL CARD CASES AND THEN THE GUY THAT GETS THE ONE IN A MILLION CARD; IM GOING TO CANCEL THE ORDER AND SELL IT ON EBAY! What does whatnot do to me? Nothing Update: seller still gets to keep selling on whatnot and they even got to post the disputed card on their whatnot store: LET THIS SERVE AS A WARNING TO ANYONE WANTING TO USE THIS APP TO BUY!
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7 months ago, Bfprincess
Needs more focus on other categories
I joined because my husband showed me the crafting/art/creator community. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive. It’s a great place to find items to create with, no matter what your art or skill is. Fabrics, ribbon, paper, beads, junk journals, tags, embellishments and more. However… there is not much of a buyer base. I would love if other categories are mentioned in the description of the app. Not everyone is interested in cards, estate sales or collections of items. I never would have joined by just reading the description as it is. There are many people interested in home decor, crafts, arts of all sorts, (crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, clay, journals, book making etc.). While I understand these other categories have higher sales, to be more well rounded and appealing to a greater audience, please don’t leave out the crafting/art community. We have many sellers, but no where near the buyers. (Something we just started is craft along classes. Buy a kit and create with us). Thank you and please follow Mixedmediagrl
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3 years ago, The Tee Ruth
Liked at first but..
I’ve already wrote a review on this app but I’m writing another as I grow more and more frustrated and disgusted with this app. I’ve applied multiple times to be a seller on this app and never get a legitimate response as to why I’m not getting approved. They ask for proof of sales, which I provided and have completed over 1,000 orders on PopShop live. They clearly favorite who they want to sell on this app and it’s a joke. A former friend of mine got approved within a month of applying and he is banned from eBay, PayPal, Mercari, and other sites. He used to go live with me on Instagram and he wouldn’t make nearly as much sales to be approved so quickly. They also approved another seller who was on PopShop and didn’t last two weeks because she couldn’t make sales. More than likely approved her because she is a girl. She also doesn’t know anything about cards or players besides what her boyfriend tells her. I’ve watched countless buyers get scammed or pay well over resale to end up getting screwed in the process. The approval system on this app is a joke. Majority of the sellers are cons. And it’s getting pathetic that legit sellers who are doing this for the community are on hold for whatever pathetic reasoning they have.
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2 years ago, Chiton Riverof blood.
Damaged book
There are some outstanding sellers on this app and some not so stellar. I tried to get my money back because I received a comic that wasn’t even dollar bin worthy with a store COA and signature attached to it. The book had some type of hard liquid across pages and on the back. Like, who graded this book an 8.0? What’s sad is that I’ve bought dozens of high end books from them which is confusing. Why rip someone off for $18 after they have purchased tons of slabs? The responses from whatnot were horrible. After several emails back and forth with whatnot months ago we agreed on them sending a return box which never came. This app is full of sellers trying to get rid of their “spine tick” and weathered inventory. They won’t tell you the flaws until after you bid and everything is labeled as a F/VF-NM. Pay $30 for a mystery box and get one pristine book worth maybe $10 and the rest are readers copies. If customer service would have followed through with what they promised, I may have given a 4-5 star review.
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9 months ago, Emilie10987
This is my favorite app
No I’m not one of those bots, I collect sneakers, this app has helped me grow my collection for so fast and cheap, the shipping is way cheaper than anything such as eBay. Half of the bad reviews are people that bought what they asked for and expected it magically to be in pitch perfect shape. Everything comes within a week for me I’ve never not received my items. Some of my items smelt like cigarette smoke. But the condition of the shoes were bad in the first place so that’s kinda what you expect. If your reading the reviews and come by mine. I’m being 100% truthful. My advice when using this app, stay away from the mystery wheel spins or mystery boxes because 100% of the time it’s a scam. Just stick to the 1 dollar auctions and you’ll be just fine. Also read the customer reviews on people that have bought stuff off of that seller. You can only rate the seller if you bought something off of them!! I hope this helped. HAPPY SPENDING!!
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1 week ago, Cdnorthwestbreaks
Amazing experience!
My Daughter and I have enjoyed doing cards together for years! I love the nostalgia of it, how it brings ya back and makes you feel like a kid one more time.. each pack and break, the dream card you happen to rip!!! For the love of the game, to Professional Athletes who allow us to be able to do something exhilarating, for generations to come. Everyone wake up! We’re freaking having some fun here! Join WhatNot app! Download it now and I promise, you won’t look back and think twice. This is the place/excellent platform for any level of streamer, new, years of experience and masters of the craft!!! Legends to the people!!! We need more great people to help us spread our wings and fly to freedom baby!!! to grow. Build yourself by respectfully engaging and grabbing the attention of each customer who walks into your chat room! Talk about sports all day with your friends, family, and really cool new people from all over!!! 😎😎😎
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1 year ago, Dmsello
(READ)Please allow visa gift cards v
complain: This app is literally perfect . i just wish prepaid gift cards of $60 and lower were allowed or that a prepaid gift cards wouldn’t decline once it’s at 50 dollars it’s really not cool having us load money for the app and not being able to spend it . This problem bugs me a lot because i already have enough problems with my normal bank card and i thought getting a visa would make things easier on the app but it didn’t . it’s kinda embarrassing having the card decline in a bid when you know the gift card still has money in it . Why i’m writing this review : Today someone was live with very good deals and my visa declined after a few auctions (it had 200 now it’s at 50, i don’t use my bank card because it has its problems too ) .i figured maybe i just need to stop using it for a bit but that didn’t work . i then went to a 7 11 to purchase another visa with 60 bucks i could spend on that stream alone because i was willing to get a gift card for just the stream and spend it all . i tried to add the payment method and it kept saying the card declined . :( i looked it up and other people had the same problem . i feel like i bought the visa for nothing and now i don’t know what to do with it . Other then that i really enjoy this app . the community is beautiful and it really makes me happy . some streamers you will relate to more then others but they're definitely all entertaining and have good deals .
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2 years ago, Fieryyyy
Honest WhatNot Review
I happened to stumble upon this app just by chance. I saw popshoplive and driplive.. so I googled apps like this? And WhatNot appeared into my life. WhatNot is not just an app but it’s a place to join a community and make friends who you talk to everyday. They could be or not a streamer and if not you add each other’s instagrams or Facebook. Spent months as a buyer on WhatNot till I decided to send in an application to stream. Almost half a year later and still no approval. A month later, I was approved and being a streamer, is being a part of WhatNot. I love how fun it is to build a following, seeing the same people pop onto your chat showing support, doing giveaways to give back to the community, etc. WhatNot SN: droxas Instagram: droxastcg There are so many steamers to tag but follow Lurk and follow everyone that Lurk is following. One of the best communities on WhatNot and Calilurk, Phillylurk, Saiyandab, and Lurk does Sunday Funday Giveaways every Sunday!
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2 years ago, yeeeeeeeerreeeerd
Worst customer service possible!
This could be a fun and enjoyable app if only it worked. It’s so buggy and trying to get a hold of someone from their support is awful. They tell you they fixed the problem and they don’t… Thats if they even respond to your email. Their support team is completely incompetent and utterly useless. When Whatnot sellers tell you how awful the app is and how much worse the support is it’s saying something. I’m on over my 20th email and not a single person knows what they are doing. They should add a customer support phone line so problems can be resolved on the spot. Overall, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on this app and I will say I’m very happy with the sellers I just wish they had an app where they were supported by the developers. Also, 11% of all sales goes to whatnot where they could use the funds to improve the app but instead they release pointless updates that have zero benefits to the users and buyers. Hope they figure their stuff out soon because I’ve started seeing sellers do private sales through the app to avoid the issues which ultimately costs whatnot their 11%.
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3 years ago, Cory Hyman aka Funkopolis
Potential to be the industry standard
I echo the same sentiments as in the other reviews about the genius of the built in PPG, real time values and everything we ever loved about Mercari, minus the fees, but there are a couple of developmental shortcomings. The biggest one is that there’s no validation for account creation. I accidentally entered my email incorrectly and was not able to update that part of my personal information to fetch the shipping label for my sales. The second would be the lack of a fail safe when listing with prices. I listed an item for sale for $0 and it was permitted to be published. Most selling apps have an algorithm that inform that the value just be greater than zero. As far as applying to be entered into the Beta live program, there is really no place to list credentials that would influence the developers decision other than asking if you have sold on WhatNot before. Consider it is less than 11 months old and there are collectors who have been active in the community for the past 5+ years with various experiences, it would benefit the developers and app to include those with commiserate experience and verifiable credibility in the collecting community. Other than that, I see this app being the model for online selling for Pops especially with some fine tuning and continued quality leadership in the way of its collector friendly offerings.
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2 years ago, B illz
Great, pick sellers carefully
DO NOT OVERPAY. ever! If a hobby box of 12 packs is $179 at brick and mortar stores, a whatnotn seller has no business selling packs for $25-30. You’re just giving them free money. Ridiculous. FOMO and gambling addiction and instant gratification. Forget that. Go buy the box and make your money back and some. I’ve had mostly positive experiences. Be sure you pick sellers who keep their prices similar to other auctions. If you’re watching an auction and see something of interest, cross reference it with another auction site to see if the sellers price is within reason. It’s too easy to get caught up and pay too much for something. Some sellers are just trying to make a buck and don’t know much about the hobby they’re involved in. Pronouncing all the names wrong, not knowing the hobby basics, prices way off, etc are big red flags. Also, when it comes to trading cards, breaks are like gambling. Stay away unless you just want to do it for fun.
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3 years ago, jasminina16
Stole my money
It’s my first time selling on this app. I sold an item over a week ago and it has been delivered a couple of days(almost a week). I finally decided to reach out to customer service and I received a notification and email the next day that it has been complete. The weird thing is my balance is zero but there’s a transaction of the money I should’ve received. Funny thing is I never physically selected the transfer button. I thought it transferred automatically so I checked my PayPal account and there are no transactions. I have no money in my account. I felt comfortable selling here because of the great reviews. I just want my money. If customer service can reach out to me about this situation, I will appreciate it Update: After I left a review, I received my money in my balance. I just don’t like that it’s connected to PayPal. It took weeks to get my money. I would have prefer it if I can link my debit card. Bottom line, I got my money 3 weeks after the item was delivered.
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8 months ago, EggOfficer
Whatnot Punishes their buyers
I was an avid buyer on whatnot for months, and over those months I accumulated a lot of things I was into and some things that over time i’ve grown out of. I recently applied to be a seller to try and get rid of those things. After a few days of my application being under review I was sent an email of my account being permanently terminated for an age violation. This was a shock to me as their app is targeted to users 17 and older, which believe it or not whatnot, still includes people that are 17 years of age. Marketing your app to 17 + yet banning the people who meet those requirements feels a bit brainless. I would understand if they declined my application due to me not being older than 18, but to permanently terminate my account feels unjust. I can’t continue to recommend or use an app that punishes young entrepreneurs who are just trying to make ends meet. I’d like to hopefully have this issue resolved, but for now my review remains. This app currently has no backbone for their buyers and ultimately customer service won’t be able to provide you a solution to your problems.
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2 years ago, Blitzilla
Surprisingly genius
I wanted to wait for a purchase I made to come in the mail before I reviewed. It’s very rare for a newer platform to come out that I think actually has legs. This app is great. Bought a few trading cards. The bidding aspect of the app can get a little addictive but it’s very fun and innovative! I like the unexpected community aspect of it. The cards I bought were great and arrived fast. I had a couple issues with pre-bidding where it was easy to delete the dollar sign and wouldn’t let you just submit a number without a dollar sign. But this was fixed after a day or so! I would love for it to be possible to hide the chat since sometimes because it can block the view of something a seller is showing. The button to like…flip the top and bottom portion of what the seller is showing is cool but not super intuitive. I wish there were a feature that you can decide to have the sound on or off when you get a FaceTime/call. Sometimes I’m on a long chill video chat and I want to check what the seller is doing but I can’t since the sound is off. Overall, very cool. Wonder what the future holds - if there will be more static options for people to choose from and not just the live video selling. Or maybe there is and I can’t find it haha. Cheers!
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2 years ago, Brezz33
Has potential but….
I’ve been using this app for over a month now and love the idea. I’ve spent several thousands of dollars on over 100 transactions. Do you think I should be able to get someone to answer my email within a week? Well they don’t! Now I just ran into a payment issue and haven’t been able to upload any credit card on their app and I’m not sure why. Hopefully they get back to me before Christmas so I can start buying again. It’s April so I would say I have a 50/50 chance. I’m just so frustrated that not one employee can take the time to look into my Now 2 issues. There are also issues with the bidding so be careful bidding. It might say bid $4 and when you press it, you might have bid $100. Since everyone bids at the last second it goes up extremely fast so make sure you watch before you bid. Custom bidding is the safest. Hopefully they will hire some employees and run this like a normal company. It will be sad if they ruin it.
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1 week ago, Tina Kristine
This platform enables dishonest sellers
Dishonest sellers are rampant on here but I continued searching for good sellers bc the customer support was so good… until it wasn’t. It turns out that when buyers report sellers for selling them damaged items, the BUYER gets a negative mark put on their account. I did not realize this until I reported damaged items I got (once again, ugh!) and WhatNot would not allow me to return the items. They acknowledged the items were damaged (stains & holes) but said I was not eligible for a return b/c I’ve received too many damaged items. Their system enables poor sellers & obviously the sellers know it! When I would contact sellers directly to report damaged items, most of them directed me to WhatNot support to make a claim. They know WhatNot will cover the cost without the seller being charged so there’s no incentive to sell quality items. That’s why there’s so much junk/damaged items are being sold on there. It was not my fault I was sold damaged items but I won’t be making any more purchases b/c I know I will not be treated fairly since I encountered too many dishonest sellers.
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2 years ago, Grinchy130
Trash app
The multi-point and multiple verification process is absurd. I didn’t have to verify so much an and so often with banks or the irs. This ridiculous process has left my account unusable. I tried to make another account but the incredibly flawed system says in can’t because my number is associated with another account. The so called customer support is a joke. The “live chat” isn’t even live, it’s a bot giving robo responses. When asked for contact you’re directed to emails (no phone number to call). Directed to jump through more hoops only to be left high and dry. I missed an important auction with one of a kind products, and missed the opportunity to win the free products during multiple giveaways. I couldn’t even use the chat without further verifications that were denied by this system. These were opportunities I can’t get back. The ONLY saving grace in this miserable experience is that I didn’t lose money on the app itself. I’d be demanding a refund if I did. I’d have given zero stars if it was an option, so they should consider themselves lucky to get the one.
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2 years ago, jjjackson120
Features missing from whatnot app
I have downloaded the app and I want to buy some things but only on the website for whatnot I can surely choose the preference to view items from low to high price starting with the lowest price. I don’t see this on the app. I would like to know on the app why the feature is not there for people to have preferences to choose that they either want to see new new items that have been posted or they want to see items first that are high priced to low priced or see items that are from low priced too high price and they’re basically is not that feature on the app so far that I see and it’s very frustrating. If I could find that or find out how to do that on the app I would buy something but it looks like I would have to be buying from the website instead of the app. That’s not really good when you don’t have the preference on the app because a lot of people want to see first the lowest priced items.
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2 years ago, Mhaley82
Terrible!! Don’t waste your time!
Suuuuper sketchy!! Beware! They make you enter your card info just to make even an offer!!! I went to make an offer on a Funko. The seller had posted a fake Funko and so I offered them $2.00 less then what was being asked as my kiddo doesn’t need a real Funko. The offer was cancelled within hours not declined just left as cancelled without explanation. So I was worried about the seller having my card info and decided to look into the sellers business name. I discovered this was a fake seller. Their website had zero legitimate information on the business and seemed to be a hack site. Their Instagram just had a bunch of fake funkos posted and they weren’t selling anything else on “what not app”. I alerted the company by opening a ticket. They claimed they couldn’t resolve this without an order and tracking number. Well I didn’t order anything and my complaint clearly stated I had only put in an offer. So they don’t care about a scammer using their platform which tells me they don’t care about protecting the consumers using their platform.
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1 year ago, Sweetmouth1$
First Time Whatnot Watcher
I recently sold my jewelry collection in the Vintage Jewelry Show on Sunday February 5th with Alison’s company ninetyninecentury and I had so much anxiety the day of the show. Well, I was surprised when we got going how really exciting the entirely three hours went. The people who joined in were so great and compliments of praise for me were uplifting making me comfortable the the entire show. Alison and I sold so much which made both of us so happy we decided to do it again. The shows I have watched in the coming days have been so interesting, I really didn’t know this existed I am thrilled at the prospects for the future and I am checking out other shows on Whatnot now. This app is great for business. I am glad I have joined the Whatnot Family. If you are in ANY business I suggest you try Whatnot and see your business boom.
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1 month ago, Givemethatshoe73
New sneakerhead at the young age of 51
First off THANK U SO MUCH since finding this app its not just a platform of people selling things on a live stream it’s people changing peoples lifes one stream at a time for me. When I found this app I was in a state of depression losing the fourth person close to me after doing 13 minutes of cpr on her anyhoot with this app and the help of people I’ve met on WHATNOT I was able to change my life around and I want to say thank u to all who helped and thanks to all who helped and didn’t even know it THANK U. Now I’m not good with technology so whoever made this a friendly user app I wish u nothing but the best. I had never purchased anything online till this app and if I can do it anyone can work this app and enjoy it as much as I do. TO ALL WHO WORK AT AND FOR WHATNOT I TRULY WISH U NOTHING BUT GREATNESS. Stay safe from givemethatshoe73
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3 years ago, db1236605
Read my review!
Difficult to connect to live stream. As a customer have to repeatedly enter and exit livestream to connect, view live listings. Within two months of purchasing have been overcharged for shipping, shipped damaged merchandise, shipped wrong comic books. Whatnot more focused on recruiting sellers than customer support/service satisfaction. If not true, why are these login issues still prevalent and customer satisfaction not five star priority. Be very selective when choosing a seller, don’t get caught up in a bidding war, lots of comic books available on internet, do your research before bidding/buying. Remember: No 100% refunds on whatnot once you bid, maybe a partial credit if something is wrong with your purchase, have to wait three days for customer service support response. This has been my experience with whatnot. Good luck
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4 years ago, Mitch90976512
Honest review!
I got this app when I first got in the “funko game”. It is very new but for a new app it runs great. Positive review first! 1. Really easy to navigate, they have a great search engine and it’s so simple to find, buy, and submit sales to the app. I have not sold any on here yet (which will bring me to the negative review portion) but it’s easy to do 2. The pop are decadently priced. Some of the best priced pops I’ve seen have been on here, also there are ridiculously priced pops because they are the only listing. 3. PURCHASED pops I’ve had are in AMAZING condition. The way they are shipped is insanely good, and they’ve all had protectors and have been kept nice and snug in the box. Shipping prices aren’t bad either. The bad: My only complaint is that people don’t buy pops here too much. At least not mine. I see a lot of pops here for a long time that go no where. That being said, the places that do sell them are the auctions they do, which have some grails for sure, but they sells pops there for WAY more than they’re worth. I think people just get catch up in the hype of it. Overall it’s a great app! UPDATE 9/12 I’m giving this app a five star because of the great customer service and understanding on their end. Fast response, empathy to a situation, and clear message is key to any great company! Love it.
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5 months ago, BestMamaEver
The best app ever!!
I was once a buyer and absolutely love the app! Definitely can get great deals on here! U can get cards under market value and even sealed product cheaper then in stores!! I see it everyday! I thought i have thousands of cards and im on everyday why not try and become a seller so i applied and within a week i was selling! Even as a brand new seller i am making pretty good money! The only bad thing i would say is be careful bidding because i have seen cards get from 1-50 in jus a couple seconds it happened to me tonite and i ended up paying for a 50$ card i didnt wanna pay more then 25$ for! But its ok i kno what can happen when bidding so i take the risk! I give this app A+++ and a 10 star ⭐️ if i could!! Thanks whatnot for allowing me to be part of this amazing community 🥰
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7 months ago, rsx91!
They look after themselves
The app is cool but they really controlling what you do and if they don’t like what you do .. they will band with no explanation lock you out your account and no proof of all the purchases you have made with app .. they will not give your money back and you can’t even contact seller because they block every type or access .. you will loose you money and your out of luck .. with no help from them .. they look after themselves and not consumers.. if your looking to sell and grow with this app try luck with some one else like tick tock or facebook marketplace.. whatcrap is not good high fess as seller .they have fake users and ally of bots and people trying to sell you things outside of platform and many free givy demands from people who don’t buy and just go on for free items . They love the down loads and let you look but won’t lets you buy or message people ones your block .. they love the user volume but won’t give you any other opportunity to buy even tho you spend over 13k in 4 months wacknot .
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2 years ago, Melinde
Newer Features Detract from the Experience
I joined Whatnot because a friend became a seller and have since met many wonderful people. Because of the people, I will continue to use Whatnot despite how frustrating it has become. New features (like swipe to change streams) detract from the experience and are frustrating. Even the new slider bid button (which is also annoying) causes users to change streams against their will! The ability to zoom in on products was taken away even though it was helpful, as was the ability to caption auctions. (Which is actually an accessibility issue.) Some of this could be easily resolved if users were given the ability to edit their preferences and toggle certain features on and off, but I don’t think anyone on the Whatnot development team has thought of that. If you watch longer streams the problems with the platform become more obvious and annoying. Who is suggesting some of these features? Are buyers and sellers even included in the process? As a frequent user, I’d be happy to join something like a feedback Discord (I know a seller Discord exists) and help to assess the actual functionality of features as they’re rolled out. (Or beta test then before they roll out, which would actually make more sense.) My guess is that others would also be willing to do something like this.
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2 years ago, Fuggffridfuykufrsrfnkhdvvn
Watch out, they didn’t honor their promotional credit
I signed up for the website because there was a recent $15 credit promotion in conjunction with a YouTuber I like. The promotion was advertised as $15 of store credit to use on whatever I wanted. I bought a couple cards on stream for about $20 all told, and was assured the credit would apply automatically. I checked after and it did not. Whatnot support is refusing to apply the credit. They want me to ask the original streamer to cancel the order and issue the refund instead of owning their own problem. Now I feel guilty to ask, because it’s essentially taking money away from the YouTuber that they thought they had. I am sure Whatnot knows this is how people will feel, and is hoping they’ll just give up and try to apply the credit again. Outside of being all but scammed, Whatnot has other issues. Its chat function broke for the streamer, and did for me as a viewer multiple tomes as well, and was never good about scrolling down to the bottom. The giveaway turned out to be app only, despite having a web client. There’s no good reason for it to be like that. The profile page offers vanishing little information. The rest of the app is fine, and its a neat idea. Overall its not a terrible app, but offering a promotion to get me to join and buy and then not honoring it when I so is completely unacceptable and I will not be back. I strongly urge you also look elsewhere.
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8 months ago, 123456hello12345
Tiny “X” button & need personal note system
Okay, overall this is the best auction app. First, I can’t get over how frustrating it is to “X” out of a window or a show. It’s so small and I can’t leave a room without numerous tries to press the button perfectly. I end up sending the seller hearts or other stuff because it is too hard to accurately press. Secondly, I would REALLY like WN to implement a personal note system for you to keep your own notes on both buyers/sellers. Personal preferences, fyi reminders you don’t want to forget, etc.. For example, I seriously need a way to remind myself a seller is a smoker without having to scroll through reviews to find one person who mentioned it in the past. After receiving packages with items that smell awful, I want a reminder for the future. I don’t want to block them or do something else publicly, but I need a way to protect myself and buying preferences.
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2 months ago, SJ10407
Good but could be refined a little more.
The app is great to use and I’ve used the customer service for help on a order that was late. Customer service was great. They helped out with my order. The bid option did not work. I could only bid using the custom bid and when you win something it gets clipped, but it doesn’t show your name on which item you won on the auction so I think that it should clip the whole thing with all the messages during the live stream and kind of show everything on it, that way, if you have a dispute between seller and buyer, it’ll be easy to tell what item they did end up receiving. for example, I bought a couple of Pokémon packs and pulled a SAR and an SR from a Japanese pack. When I went to review the clip of what I purchased, it was hard to tell which one I actually won unless you in that live stream.
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6 months ago, Ok cardi
Return and refunds need to be worked on
I went months buying multiple items from different sellers and loved everything I got before this happened. I bought multiple items from a seller on this app and she sent me someone else’s order , the package arrived and I realized it was not mine so I contacted whatnot and they let me know I had to return the items I was accidentally sent and also do it within a 7 day period I was going on vacation the next day and was unable to get it to a drop off location and honestly it was just a hassle to even do so, I shouldn’t have to return some thrifted crappy clothes that were way less expensive then what I had bought to get my money refunded and go OUT OF MY WAY with a short return period to do so, whatnot should have made the situation right but refunding me my money or giving me a longer period, even then it’s a hassle with a busy life to go out of my way to return them at a drop off location lol .
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1 year ago, youngzfresh
Missing package for WHATNOT authentication
The WhatNot team has told me they have not received my package from the seller. The tracking stats it as delivered to them on December 30th, 2022. Todays date is January 11th, 2023. They also emailed the seller stating it was going to them but the buyer (ME) has received the item so they released his payout, I have not received the item. The tracking legit says it was dropped off in there PO BOX, how can they say they have not received it? Terrible communication from them, giving both the buyer/seller the run around and false information. I honestly think this company is going downhill and they could honestly careless about peoples items. When stuff like this happens I should be getting a 30% extra refund. I don’t care about getting a refund because I bought this funk pop for a REASON. They should be contacting the post office or when they go and pick up items, but hey they rather give us the runaround and play games I guess. I really hope they find this package and stop PLAYING GAMES….
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