Whole Foods Market

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Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Whole Foods Market

2.25 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
1 year ago, 3GS iPhone user
Wastes time
When you do a search and click on an item for more info, leaving that item takes you back to the very start of the category list and you have to scroll down all over again. So annoying. Also they appear to change prices upwards so often that the same item is listed multiple times with different prices. ( though this helps you to see how much they raise prices, often over 10%). Example: a fruit shows on the sale page as $7.99 on sale for 6.66 but on a produce search it is $8.99. So it just went up a dollar? Also, try searching for non food items like toilet tissue and it can’t be found. And there is no category for that kind of product. Considering they mark things up beyond everywhere else you’d think they could afford a better app.
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4 years ago, Rissahoo
Write a better description for this app
As of this time, the short description for this app is “Get the most out of every shopping trip.” That’s a sweeping promise, and it’s understandable that people who are looking to save time, not money (a major target audience for Whole Foods) would be miffed to download the app and find that it’s useless for them. I’m looking for an app that will let me minimize my in-store time during the COVID epidemic - thanks to all the negative reviews, I looked at the reviews before downloading and know this doesn’t have the functionality I need. But I’ve apparently downloaded it in the past, which means it would take less time for the marketers to fix this than the time I, personally, have already spent figuring out that their idea of “get the most out of every shopping trip” is very limited compared to mine. The app for Aldi does basically the same thing as this one and is rated 4.8 stars, because the short description accurately describes what the app does. Years worth of negative reviews, and Whole Foods still hasn’t made this simple fix?!
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3 years ago, Evelyn Rosenthal
They broke the sales browser
Until recently if you wanted to browse sale items you could do it logically, by category—the way a store is set up and people shop. Now, if you only want to see what’s on sale in frozen foods or beverages or produce or whatever you have to endlessly scroll through items of every category, frozen waffles next to protein powder next to canned tuna, etc. And every flavor of every brand that’s on sale—yogurt, juice, ice cream, etc.—has a separate entry, making the list even longer and things harder to find. Would be nice if there was one entry for an item, with flavor/variety choices in a drop-down or list you could choose from once you select the item. Please at least restore the search by categories for sale items. Otherwise, it’s useless.
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11 months ago, BL on iPhone
The worst app on the market
I love Whole Foods stores but not this app or it's website. The search engine is for whole fools. In many cases it simple couldn't locate its popular items in the store database. Sometimes you're browsing the weekly ads and found something you're instructed in, but it won't let you read the product details. Then if you go to the search box and enter the item name, full or partial, it gives item not found! Here's a perfect example. The store carries 365 brand breaded fish squares. You type in "breaded fish squares" or only "fish squares" in the box. It will show 0 results for "Breaded Fish Squares" Oh, snap! We can’t seem to find this product. We can help. Check your spelling, refine your search or explore popular items below. I literally copied the product name and it wants me to check my spelling. Really? Can you believe that?
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2 years ago, Davidjkeys
Potential but not great
I think the biggest criticism is just communication between the app and the store. I use the app mostly to place orders at the deli ahead of time, for a sandwich or whatever. The first time I used the app, it was flawless: Ordered an HOUR ahead of time, skipped the line, picked up the order, and walked out. 100% of all uses after that 1st time went like this: Placed the order through the app an hour ahead of time, received the notification the order was ready, went to the pick up counter… no order at the pick up area. Went to the store’s customer service area (had a 10 min line). They sent me to the deli, (which often has a 15min lonnnng line). The deli, after the wait advises me they forgot, and will make it. My experience is using the app takes way, way longer than just going to store and ordering it. The store doesn’t accept feedback about the app, the app doesn’t accept feedback about the store. It’s also worth mentioning even though there is a designated “pick up” area, it’s never, never used. You must grab a numbered ticket, wait in line, and then get it. Totally a first-world problem, but makes the app completely useless.
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2 years ago, abbeylite
Better List
The app has a terrible rating and no developer responses, so clearly they don’t care and this will be ignored lol. But what I use any grocery store app for is to search products, add them to a list, and load coupons if they’re available. Every other store app I’ve used will show the brand and picture of the specific item I added on the list, and you can sort the list to group items by location in the store or by department. I like to remember what the item looks like, what the brand is, and where it is in the particular store I’ve selected in the app. This makes life easier and makes sense. So basically I’ll only frequent Whole Foods to get specific items I can’t get elsewhere so that I’m not wandering around for triple the time looking for things.
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4 years ago, paolo011
Needs additional features
I would like to see your Whole Foods app be able to track purchases and have digital receipts from in-store shopping. If you are a Prime member, you scan your phone or enter your mobile number at checkout in the store. That means they should be able to link your account to your purchases. I know other grocery chains are starting to offer this feature. In addition to helping you keep a log of what you buy in case you can’t remember something you really liked, having a way to digitally view your receipts would be a good way to offer a paperless checkout process. You can choose to either get a paper receipt or just a digital copy would be added to your account. That would cut down on the amount of receipt paper WF uses and reduce their carbon footprint.
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5 years ago, Qwaeszdxcftgvhyubnjimklop
2013 style grocery app
You can pull up your prime barcode. You can view some sales. That is all. Half a decade ago, I might’ve not wanted more out of a grocery store app. These days, I’m used to shopping at Target, Walmart, and H-E-B. They all have apps that let me make shopping lists, check whether items are in stock at a given location, check prices for each item, AND view a map of the given location to see which aisle each item is located!! Whole Foods is dreadful, because I just end up wandering around their unnumbered aisles, hoping to stumble into the correct one. I prefer certainty and efficiency. I love the selection, and prefer the quality I can find at Whole Foods, but wow do they make it difficult. I mean the whole brand has this holier than thou vibe, and I get it: maybe I should let myself feel a bit superior for taking care of my body and the planet with my purchasing decisions, but I’m gonna be totally honest... GROCERIES ARE A CHORE, AND I DONT LIKE LINGERING ON CHORES. Please add some more functionality to this app.
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3 years ago, Odiedog52
Delivery = No Prime Deals
I’m a big fan of Whole Foods. During the pandemic, I had a good sized order from them each week and 99% of my groceries came from them via delivery. Then Prime Deals and sales on proteins were all limited to in store only. The nearest Whole Foods to me is 25 minutes away. As a result, I’ve gone from a weekly order totaling well over $1,000 a month to $0. It is not convenient for me to spend an hour driving plus a good hour spent in the cramped Sacramento store, all while still in a pandemic. And let’s be honest, delivery is super convenient and keeps the lines shorter and aisles less busy in the store. It’s a win-win for everyone. Love WF but I feel I’m being punished for taking advantage of delivery and it just doesn’t make sense for me to shop there if I’m not eligible for their sales as long time prime member and WF shopper.
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2 years ago, Keeker06
Pics on shopping list
I don’t understand all the complaints about this app. There are so many that say the app crashes and has to be un- and reinstalled. I guess I’ve been lucky, but I’m sure now that I’ve said it I’ve jinxed myself… lol Anyway, one of the things I’d really like to see is the pics of the items be included on the shopping list. I know the 2 stores I frequent pretty well but at times I am looking for a new item and being able to see/show the picture of what I’m looking for is very helpful.
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2 years ago, Angry in PA
Can’t delete all checked items at once
When I am done shopping in the store I like to clear the checked off items out of my shopping list on the Whole Foods app. The WF app only allows you to clear off items one at a time which is extremely time consuming and frustrating. Other stores such as Costco and Wegmans have features that allow you to clear out all checked off items at once. Both of those apps clearly say Delete All Checked Items. WF needs to add that feature to their app. It’s the only thing I hate about the app.
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2 years ago, Killian, Ph.D.
Useless app for finding items in store
My wife and I have tried on several occasions to use this app to find what specific items are in the three stores that are next to us. In our frustrations I have decided to give them a phone call to determine if there is something I can do to use the app better since we were not getting anywhere. Calling them was also useless and a waste of time and all I heard was thank you for calling us. At this point downloading this app is a waste of time if you’re trying to get information about products in your local store and they don’t even wish to correct the problem with Feedback.
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6 years ago, Mll625
Does what it’s supposed to do
Scan the barcode for deals at Whole Foods. I appreciate its minimalism because I don’t need or want the extra features people are requesting (and giving 1-star reviews owing to the absence of), especially since they would require memory and processing power from my phone. If you need an app to help you find the app, write a grocery list for you and order your groceries, download those. This doesn’t do that and I don’t want it to.
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5 years ago, Swapply
I second the 2013 style app review
The previous review had my lol! Totally agree - especially the chores part. I don’t want to be food shopping, I want get this done and get the H E double hockey sticks up on outta here - all due respect, it IS lovely store and all. :) I got logged in, scrolled through the prime deals and then was trying to figure out how to get to the other features. Then I was like ok is there ANOTHER app I’m supposed to use? The apps for Sprouts, and Safeway, and Fry’s all let me actually shop and place my order for pickup or delivery in the app. That’s what I’m trying see happen here. Come on guys, what gives?
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11 months ago, Allie_Kayy
Just ok
I wish this Whole Foods app had a favorites option to use like other grocery store apps do. The favorites option would allow you to add all of your favorite items ….and each week, if they are on sale, you can see which items are on sale by simply clicking on the favorites tab. Also, not every item in the store shows up on the app with pictures and product information. I feel that this app could be so much better with a few simple additions.
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3 years ago, sunnyatl
Not practical
This is not a practical or helpful as far as my shopping list goes. After I pick items to be added to my shopping list, it takes me a long time to find what’s what. There’s no longer an image, and the item description i’m not the same. I wish it was more like the Publix app, where it has the picture of the item and name/description, and it’s separated into aisle locations (which changes depending on the store you set up as your home store), and also all the expired sale items can be removed from the shopping list with one click. This app just made me realize how great the Publix app was.
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5 years ago, Wsckky
Works great for weekly sales
Love Wholefoods but hate it’s regular high prices. Don’t shop there except for items on sale. Use it to check for weekly deals before heading to the stores for my shopping. Don’t need to make a trip there if I don’t see something on sale that I would buy. Works great for my purpose. Those reviewers expecting this App to give you a price in everyone item the store stocks is simply unrealistic. It’s not online shopping -lol.
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1 year ago, Syren22
Cannot find the simplest things
Cannot find the simplest things on here, but I can find them on the Sprouts app in their store. I am certain Whole Foods carries these items, but the app is not doing the store justice. I have apps for all stores in my area, so I can check availability and pricing. Saves me money to just go to the next store a couple blocks away, snd it is five dollars cheaper. But every time I try WF app, it says it isn’t available. Goats milk isn’t available? I hope they update this app to be more efficient for their store. In the meantime if I can’t find it offered by WF I won’t be making the trip to their location.
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5 years ago, paripassu
Basic info
It’s good for just seeing what’s on sale. However, the app from other grocery stores allow you to search an item to check out the price and see if it’s in stock. I have to use instacart to see what the price is at my local Whole Foods. Furthermore, I use the apps to compare grocery prices, and see who’s selling it for less. The price difference between Whole Foods and the other markets can be from .10¢ to several dollars unless WFs is having a sale, and even then it might still be higher.
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3 years ago, awdhd31
Lacks Item Location Feature
The Whole Foods location near me is large and can get confusing locating items. So I thought this app would help me locate items. However it doesn’t. It doesn’t provide an aisle for any of the items so it serves barely any help to customers except for the picture and name of the product. Other than that, the app is very neat and the pictures are very detailed. However I’m disappointed it doesn’t provide item locations like literally every other grocery app :(
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5 years ago, Rhigftjdk
Poor design
Shop at Wholes Foods once, leave your email address and you’ll get all emails the you need for sales and deals. What I really hoped I’d get from the app was the ability to browse the store and easily make up a shopping list. What I got was the totally useless and frustrating ability to add groups of items (only a few at a time) to a separate column and select from it. They are said, by who’s are said ,by who’s opinion, to be grouped by what’s most common. The groupings make no sense and there is no way to know how many groups you’ll have to add to finally find everything needed. And to make matters worse, the groups are not alphabetized which means scrolling up and down the ever-increasing column to add a new item if it’s missed when first presented. Clever way to force browsing the aisles even on the web I guess. Thumbs down.
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5 years ago, Djsjdhehdh
I went to the Whole foods online site in hopes that I could brows items and add things to my cart. You cant. So I downloaded the app, thinking it'd have more functionality; it doesnt. Its the exact same thing as the website. All you can do is BROWSE. Actually, you cant search items on the app, so its WORSE than the website. Whats the point of the app? I want to be able to search items also with seeing deals, read details about the items, add things to cart or wishlist and even scan things if I need to. Is WholeFoods too superior to make a decent, functional online experience?
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4 years ago, jacq087
Good enough
I already have a shopping list app I like (that lets you sort by store, btw), so I don’t need or want this app to get bloated like my other grocery & drugstore apps. I like that it shows Prime-specific deals, but it’d be nice if they showed the regular sales, too. If the developers add that plus a sale/coupon clipping feature, instead of the weak shopping list the haters whined for, then this app can get 5 stars. Please keep this app as small as possible!
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5 years ago, Keith141
Very underwhelming.
If there was a way to filter according to my food preference, which would be really nice, most all prime deals and sales would disappear. Also how can I make a list of what I want to buy if I can’t look through what’s available at the store including prices? Finally, there’s multiple Whole Foods I could travel to, so knowing what different things are available at nearby stores would be fantastic as well. I don’t want to settle for one thing when I can get the exact product I want elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Sarah7891334
The app never scans
Unfortunately, every time I try to use the app to scan for discounts etc, the cashier has to get involved with trying to scan it. It’s particularly frustrating when they’re trying to get me to continue to try to scan a bunch of times and ask the same questions “is it a screen cap/photo?”, “do you have the in-store Wi-Fi connected?”. I don’t know if it’s worth the extra few minutes trying to trouble shoot tech probs with the cashier.
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5 years ago, JerseyViolet
Extremely Limited Functionality
I have several apps for other grocery chains that have much more functionality than this app. There’s no ability to make a list and see what prices the store might be charging for certain items. Sprouts, Wegmans, and even Target will show me the prices I’ll pay for my pantry staples, produce, and other items. So what if I get a 10% discount for being a Prime member? Doesn’t seem worth it if I can’t see if my budget allows me to shop there. Might be time to cancel my Prime membership.
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5 years ago, Sweet Corgi
Who did they consult when creating this app?
I am “thirding” the first reviewer. This is basically useless other than seeing the sales which the old app did. Some suggestions: *Very important to be able to group like items: produce, meats, deli, etc etc *Then- Be able to add the Savings items you click on to its category. If it doesn’t do it automatically, then at least give us the option to drag and drop it to its category. *Be able to add a comment to the item on the list-size, whatever. *Yes Please! Store Layout! My DH does most of the grocery shopping and I give him a list with items grouped around that particular store layout. No one has the time or patience to be zig zagging all over. Love Whole Foods- but go back to the drawing board or wherever apps are made, haha, and consult with some humans who SHOP!
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2 years ago, sjsifbfyhbdb
Kind of crappy app
Doesn’t load all sale items, have to keep hitting load more. If you look at a sale item and then try to go back to all sale items have to “load more” over and over to get back to where you were. When items are added to your list they aren’t linked anyway to descriptions on the items and usually don’t even have the specific item name, just some generic name listed. An embarrassment as an app.
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5 years ago, Ag_F
No browsing
Hello Whole Foods, I love your store no question about it. Would like to offer an app recommendation. Can you please update your app and let customers browse all your items that you have stocked at each individual store? I really dislike the fact that if I cook and need an ingredient I actually have to call WF’s and wait on the line while the product is either being looked up or searched for. Otherwise I’d rate you higher.
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4 years ago, UMReb
I stopped fumbling through the terrible app specifically to come write this review. Whomever is responsible for this app should lose their job, their home, and their kids should be forced to go to public school in Chicago or Atlanta. It’s like they tried to make it useless. And THEN with the account linkage to AMAZON...it is literally a constant loop asking you to verify your phone number and when you do it, it takes you to a screen that tells you it is not linked. Fire this person. Immediately. Yesterday. Undoubtedly a millennial that wants UBI. Absurd.
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1 year ago, Hansola1
Worst of All my Apps
The WF App is beyond terrible. It is useless. If one goes to the product search bar and puts the name of a product or even the brand for example, Yerba Mate or Steaz or Oatley yogurt or psyllium, etc., that one knows WF carries, the name of the product shows up but when one clicks on it, one gets a message, “Oh Snap! We don’t seem to have that product,” which is not the case. I have showed this error message to customer service at 2 different WF. They have no explanation. And are not about to bring it to anyone’s attention.
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2 years ago, Hubby111
Not linked to your store properly.
I downloaded the app to pre-order some pizzas from my local Whole Foods that I planned to pick up. They always have a deal at the store, two pizzas for $29. In short, the prices on the app are different from the prices at the store, the sales on the app are different from the sales at the store. There should be some way that the app links to the actual store one is shopping at. Otherwise it’s no better than any app where you order online and have it delivered.
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3 years ago, bjbb22
Store policy for employees not to wear political gear.
I support you 100%!!!! I will do more shopping and support your store policies. I work for a State municipality and we can not support any political views on the job. Keep up the good work!!! Employees who disrespect and disregard these rules of conduct should be put on notice!!! DO NOT CAVE!!!! DO NOT COMPLY!!!! Thank you!!! I will shop there more!!!!
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5 years ago, curlytop06
Not worth the space on you phone
There is no search function. They only tell you what’s on sale, and even then it’s only about 10- 15 products. I’m not able to find out if my local store has the products I want. The only option I have for that is ‘find more in the store.’ There is also no shopping list function. The only thing this app is good for is the barcode, and even then you can just put your phone number in at checkout. I wouldn’t even waste the time to download it.
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6 months ago, valianthare
Worst App UX/UI any major company
I honestly can’t use this. Searching for anything it’s a joke. I go to the meat department and look up what I think is the meat department and then discover in other departments there are meets I haven’t seen so they’re not all together. I go to the dairy department, to butter and there is a list of links none of which is active. You can’t see the butter you can’t read about the butter you don’t know how much salt is in the butter. It’s ridiculous and the ab is like this throughout. I’m ditching it now.
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3 years ago, Pzn11220
Please improve!
Well I finally understand all the negative reviews. At least there’s a list feature. However, please make the added items ‘clickable’ to direct me to product page for more info/pricing/item location etc. How is this so hard? So essentially you’d have to go back and search for the items again. How time consuming. I have Sprouts, Kroger & H‑E‑B apps and they pretty much have everything you can think of. You would think a place like Whole Foods would at least do the same if not better.
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4 months ago, Joey Mac
Nothing works. Tried to select a payment option up front as the app suggests. Nothing Happened. Skipped over and tried to order a Made to Order Pizza (Which is the reason I downloaded the app). Tried to set my store choice which is in Delray Beach, and it keeps defaulting to Lamar, Texas, no matter how many times I tried. Then tried to just pull up the pizza menu. When I selected me to order pizza, it just keeps taking me to a page that says not available. Very frustrating
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4 years ago, Hajslockndneh
Uhhh it gives small coupon absolutely nothing more
So apparently the main feature of this app is to be able to make a grocery list, the exact same process as writing one down on any piece of paper or even identical to text typing your grocery list on your own, except done inside of this pointless application. I was trying to just simply BROWSE THEIR PRODUCTS and not even THAT was seemingly possible. It honestly is a real pickle trying to figure out what they paid anyone to make such a worthless app to do
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6 years ago, balaned
Whole Foods App Needs Work
The Whole Foods app is terrible. I downloaded it so I look look for specific products. But the app does not even have a search button. I looked for it but could not find it. The app forces you to look at products that are features whether or not you like them or not, or whether or not they are good or healthy for you. There is no way to go to any category of products. Poor job on the app. I’m deleting it and do not recommend it. Don’t waste your time downloading it like I did.
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5 years ago, Yabbadabba2
Not user friendly
Outmoded shopping list app that doesn’t even let you search for items to add to the list! Instead you have to scroll and scroll and scroll through lists of items and hope the developers included the thing. I tried to find balsamic vinegar but the closest I got after interminable scrolling was vinegar. I guess you need to remember whether you wanted distilled, red wine, balsamic etc. how dumb to not include a search function and have only broad categories. I much prefer my Shopper app!
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3 years ago, Norton3166
Aisle items are located
I would like to see the app indicate which aisle items are located in the store. Targets app does this and it’s very helpful! Also, very annoying that most nicknames I put in are taken. Why can’t there be multiple of the same nicknames. It’s just a review not a login or any proprietary information. 🙄
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5 years ago, Brenton07
No Apple Watch compatibility
I don’t have complaints about store related features, the app does what it is designed to do just fine. But my biggest complaint is no Apple Watch compatibility. I find that if I’m checking out with alcohol, I’m constantly fumbling for my phone to scan for prime deals and my wallet to grab my ID. If the scanning function was loaded onto my watch, I could have my ID ready, scan with my watch, then pay.
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6 years ago, ombieZ
Works great
The app logs in without issue and does what is advertised. I don’t understand the other reviews. Seems like they have an agenda. I don’t want shopping list included in this app. I hate how people have this expectation that one app should do everything. That’s why we have crappy apps.
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5 months ago, SFZiggy
How is it possible a company with so many engineers paid so much can make such an awful app. It’s almost impressive how little most features work. I’ve signed in maybe half a dozen times and it just doesn’t seem to want to recognize that, instead throws some random error message on the screen with x’s that aren’t clickable. I know it’s silly to get upset over something like a grocery store app but wow this kind of got me going.
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6 years ago, travelqqq
Love to see notifications on selected items prices/deals
It would be great to have notifications on price drops/deals on prior purchases or selected/favorites items. Deals on prior purchased items is the way to drawn traffic and increased revenues, also customers are alerted on their favorite items. Double benefit..
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2 years ago, buddy124455
Wow… for a store that is so high quality and pays attention to detail, I didn’t expect the app to be so disappointing… there’s many features missing. It’s only showing me a limited amount of sale items and deals, which is a bummer. I hate spending hours at Whole Foods trying to figure out what to buy. The app needs to have more features for the consumer to be able to identify unique finds, sale items and more.
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2 years ago, Desharri
detractor from shopping here
1. give me the aisle of the product. Help is impossible to find consistently so let me help myself. 2. Search is exact eg Kevins won’t find Kevin’s. I want relevant items close to my search. 3. Let me pay with the app. This has saved me at another chain the couple time each year I forget my wallet
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2 years ago, Charrliez
Works for discount not Payment
The app says it works for payment but it in very select stores. The attendants at Whole Foods will tell you that directly so I did not actually try to pay with it. Thankful for the discount but don’t advertise something in fine print when someone is shopping, say it with a big banner.
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5 years ago, SR Jacobson
Unable to Even Log In
I’ve had significant issues being able to even log into the app. When I use my password, it says it’s incorrect even though I’m able to use it in Safari to log in. This isn’t a new issue. Had the problem a few months back and deleted the app. I redownloaded thinking the bug was fixed, but it’s not. I would also like to point out that while it’s connected to the iPhone password manager, it doesn’t populate the fields.
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3 months ago, CNSISAPOS
Conclusion: designed by engineers who don’t want you to shop
Seriously? Is there a more irritating version you can update to that would not even perform its most basic function of a supermarket app? Showing the various prices of products, plus any discounts is seemingly an unimportant aspect of shopping at Whole Foods. And maybe here lies the actual reason of not showing prices: if you have to ask or know; you can’t afford it.
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