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User Reviews for WICShopper

4.82 out of 5
144.3K Ratings
5 years ago, niccole Ray
Talked about this with my worker
So I was in the wic office and was talking to my worker about knowing what we can and can’t buy and then went in after a month or two and come back to this app which helps others with wic find things in store that some stores neglected to put up so we know why we are shopping for this isn’t a negative review it’s a positive one and wish this was available when I had my younger children but still glad it is around and will continue to use as long as it’s around they should add more for the parents to do things like all things related to wic and parents of all ages to get more like classes online or through app in real time like cooking parenting and nursing as well for new parents breastfeeding and as well as going to school setting up wic appointments learning what some one needs to come new or Recertification and other things I can go on but I already said to much if they come up with all this I want credit lol but I’m a parent and love this app good job wic
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2 years ago, Sephora13
Needs more work
As much as would like to enjoy using my WIC APP man it’s stressful! The pictures don’t show! I always end up taking certain items out when getting to the cashier or at self checkout! I always end up spending so much time at the bread and milk area to see which is which. The pictures are the main problems for me. I don’t have the whole day to be checking codes and names of items before I can move on. And due to pictures issues not showing I get stressed out and tired! Also the formulas are very stressful to find. I mostly have to go to different stores to find the exact formulas! Like what if I didn’t have a car? Come on now! Please fix this issues. The only one that doesn’t give me a hard time is the the fruits and vegetables, I like the vegetable and fruits section due to the fact it shows you how much you got to spend and go for it. I wish it was like that for bread, milk and other stuffs instead of looking for codes, names, and trying to figure out which item is which. It will be a lot helpful if everything could be like the fruit and vegetable where it shows you how much you got to spend and go with your business. Please fix and update this app. It’s not easy. Thank you
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7 months ago, Worrior soldier
Best resource ever
This source has been the best for me and my husband, since we are expecting our first one and with low income. We had been struggling to find ways to get groceries that were desperately needed for us and I was lacking the stuff that I needed in me and for my baby so ever since we signed up with this program, it has been a blessing for us to get milk,veggies, juice and other things. Plus, this app has been great to scan barcodes to see if it is approved to get instead of struggling to figure out when things are labeled but not approved for the app which we do not know why but anyway, it has also been great to know how much benefits I have left, so I’m not struggling to keep up with receipts of how much I have left still learning a couple things from it but it has helped me in the long run.
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4 years ago, EmcLedLlc
I like the app, WIC not so much
I find the app really useful to do our shopping rather than the confusing guides WIC used to have. My complaints are with WIC: We had Kern County in Kern CANCEL our account when we moved to Nevada, which they were supposed to transfer. I hope someone loses their job over that. Next, many items I would expect WIC to cover are not or there are size limits which, in many grocery stores, make the process of buying food either impossible (out of stock or not stocked) or extremely difficult. WIC doesn’t cover teething snacks such as rice husks or gerber’s lil’ crunchies, which I’m currently having to buy on SNAP or out of pocket. Kinda defeats the purpose of the program, doesn’t it? Next I have serious issue with my daughter’s benefits not automatically adjusting for her age, which we had to provide proof of when we registered. Why are we being required to schedule a lengthy appointment (where we are required to watch videos we already covered in birthing classes so it’s a complete waste of our time) just to have her benefits updated for her age?! My daughter shouldn’t be at 6 months and having WIC benefits of formula and breastfeeding foods, it should have updated without us having to call to change it the day she turned 6 months! I shouldn’t have to rely on SNAP to get the items WIC should already authorize... I can buy $170 of formula at once but can’t buy $2.50 of teething snacks.
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4 years ago, xo_greengoddess
Love it!!
Honestly this app has helped me in so many ways! No more scrambling though those wic vouchers and or paperwork just to see which benefits you have available. This app makes it so easy, it shows all of the food items you are allowed to purchase for the month. It tracks your appointments, which I don’t know if anyone is like me but I am HORRIBLE with keeping track of when my next appointment is. It also, has the # and address for YOUR wic office so if you don’t have time to just google their number BAM it’s right there. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the fruit and veggie calculator- it’s kind-of tricky at first but once you get it down it’s awesome! There’s so many other things that this app has helped me with! I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do!
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4 years ago, akmamaaa
So MUCH easier!!!
I love this app so much more than the checks! I was always embarrassed to get in line with the checks because it took so long. I always felt I was fumbling trying to figure everything out and to do that while there was a line was soooo stressful. I actually ended up getting off of WIC for close to 2 years because I didn’t want to go through that again. This app & card changes everything!!! It makes it so much easier to track things & to check out, makes it so much simpler. WIC has helped me fill in the spots where we are running low on groceries but don’t get paid for awhile. Helps to supplement and get us though, thank you for getting the card & app WIC!!
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2 years ago, mrs.stark.mitchell
Good tool for moms
If you need the app chances are you’re a mom. It’s a likely bet you’ve done the struggle at the supermarket. In this case you know anything that can streamline your process and get you out that door quicker is everything. This app has some problems from time to time, like all apps. Usually it’s working properly to allow me to know if the item in my hand is covered and available. For me that’s the biggest struggle. That being said, WIC is a pain no matter how you do it. So never rely on just an app when you have a tired toddler or a cholicy infant. Check before you get in the store that your app works and that your benefits are accurate. I’ve never had a problem with mine not being accurate but please lol don’t get in a bind.
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4 years ago, Back By Popular Demand 83
App Update Issue
I’m glad that WIC has an app now compared to the checks which were used back then. It’s so much more convenient. I do however have an issue with the app itself. First of all, being a mom, there are too many things to keep track of or if you ran out of something and there is another refill coming up on the 1st of the month (and it’s like the 2nd or 3rd) the app/items don’t update quick enough. Therefore, you have to purchase things (such as baby formula which you desperately need) with your own money or someone else’s money. No matter how many times you hit the “update” icon at the top, it’s still stuck on the last items you bought. By the time you see/realize the replenished amount, your on the 3 or 4 day.
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2 years ago, Arr782
Great concept
It would have been really great if this app was available when I first used wic 14 years ago! I like how it tells us what is wic and what isn’t because not all stores post price range or stickers to say wic (or they fall off). One of the downfalls that I don’t like is when after you have shopped it doesn’t show what you’ve used in your benefits. Some may not keep the receipts of what’s remaining so it would be nice to see that her you bought your pound of cheese so that icon is greyed out or not there until next month. It just looks like it’s all still avail in the app but it’s not. I’m not sure what the use of the calculator is for but it’s handy at times if you don’t feel like adding lol. The app is a great concept and I know it’s new but can use a few tweaks.
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7 years ago, hick505
Time saver!
Instead of having to track what benefits were used and which ones are still available for my foster daughter, I am able to just open the app and it is very convenient!! I also live the ability to scan the food and the system telling me if it's covered or not. If it's not covered, it is supposed to tell me some suggestions … but this never works for me There is also a section where you can look up recipes. You can filter by the meal you would like to make. What I would find helpful here is if you could filter based upon the WIC benefit (i.e. Yogurt). That way if you have extra of one thing and want to use it you could find a healthy recipe.
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3 years ago, jaimeaka
The wic office here got me right I. When I started taking care of my 2 yr niece and 6 month old nephew. They set the appointment up and I went in got both kids checked out and the real nice ladies explained everything to me and showed me the app told me about it. People that are complaining on things wic can’t cover I just say be thankful for everything they do provide and there check ups are for your child’s healthy start of life so thank you all who work with wic of Iowa and every where I’m am great full for all the formula and other foods you provide and the other services you provide
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7 months ago, johnnie_beers
not happy at all
I thought it would be easy but today I tried to use Wic . I scanned barcodes and it kept saying not Wic approved . I scanned mostly all the milks , then it was saying couldn’t find products . Staying for 10 min for one row to scan is ridiculous. I’m 36 weeks pregnant to be scanning every single item , I didn’t realize it was this complicated. I would rather pick online , and buy then standing at every product scanning . You can’t even see a close picture of product and for most they don’t have picture . I entered numbers , it says product not found . I got very frustrated and left , paying out of pocket with money I don’t have . Didn’t grab much because I didn’t have money . I’m grateful to get free food but for pregnant women or mommy’s to be scanning every product and then nothing is approved or can’t find products is useless.
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2 years ago, Insidekitty83
Doesn’t do what it says on the box
According to the description, it’ll keep track of your appointments and also let you know what your current wic balance is… unless you live in Ohio. Apparently. It’s never shown me anything about my upcoming or past appointments for as long as I’ve used the app, and the time between accurate balance refreshes has become longer and longer until now it takes almost 3 weeks for purchases made when WIC reloads to show up as a balance change in the app. I made purchases nearly 2 weeks ago that aren’t showing up for this month, and last month the balance didn’t change until the “you should use the rest of your wic balance by the end of the month” pop-up message showed up. I don’t know why it’s broken, but it’s broken. Hopefully it’ll be fixed before the baby shows up…
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5 years ago, jazzy83
Needs major improvement!!!!
This app should have never launch in the state of PA. 1st I can’t even see what quantities of food I have on the app. There’s no way to register my card with the app. It only has a tab for cereal and vegetables amounts but not for the other foods. So basically I don’t have to run around with checks but I still have to run around with a piece of paper or receipts from my last shopping trip in order to remember what I need or if I still have available for my next trip. This is just more crap for steal storage space on my phone and clutter ones purse. I’m sure others can agree. This app right now has no benefit to PA WIC participants. Also my I add that no one gave a proper demonstration on how to use the app at the WIC office but that’s an other complaint. The website was very vague as well. Hope it improves.
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6 years ago, Annoyed WIC user
Help fix the app glitch!!
Since the update I cannot see available benefits! Before the update I had no issues and loved this app! Fix the glitch please! I did every thing I could possibly do to resolve it myself such as delete and add the card, and delete and add the app and nothing fixed the problem. *update* Was contacted about the problem and now it's fixed. Now I can view benefits. This app is incredibly useful. My only complaint is that I have trouble in most stores with loading speed and Sometimes it just won't load, but not sure that this issue could be fixed or that there can be an offline mode since that's the only way to access your info?
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7 years ago, pHutchinson88
A Lifesaver!!
Going to the grocery store to gather WIC items is usually such a headache. Between not knowing if you're "allowed" to get certain items, to your child(ren) being completely fed up with how long Mommy is taking in the grocery store. With this app, I am able to scan barcodes in the aisle, and verify if they are approved items. It cuts down checkout time, because I don't end up with any mistaken items. No more impatient people in line behind me, huffing and puffing because, "Oh God, it's a WIC person." 🙄 Thank you so much for this app!! It has saved my sanity, and prevented many people in line behind me from getting yelled at. lol
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7 months ago, l.dolinko210
Program issues
The program is great to help people in need, but it does become very complicated when something is simple as whole wheat pasta is never available in stores they don’t let you supplement you go to multiple stores you waste valuable time. I wish they would come up with a solution or an alternative for either a different brand or if they don’t have whole wheat that you can get regular pastabecause you’re not able to get it a good value of food goes to waste that a child could be benefiting from
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2 years ago, gyubvdthb
The idea of this app is great, but the functionality is not so much. I scan everything before putting it into my cart to make sure they are WIC-approved items but end up having to put most things back at checkout because they are not eligible- even though the app reflects differently. This is not only inconvenient but also embarrassing. Another issue has more to do with the benefits themselves. I've noticed specifically when scanning cereals that all of the sugar-loaded, chemical-filled cereals are covered, but the healthier options are not. I thought this was supposed to be a nutritional program? The size requirements are also ridiculous, especially with the current formula shortage. Why not be able to get a different sized item (ie larger can of formula) with an adjusted quantity?
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4 years ago, TeresaFenwick
This app is amazing!
As well as being a recipient of WIC, I also work at a grocery store. When the e-card first came out, there were some learning curves involved. I said to myself “there should be an app!” And looky here, there is! Best parts: - It shows which benefits you have remaining and when they expire - You can scan a product’s UPC and it will simply tell you yes or no if it qualifies - If the UPC doesn’t qualify and you think it should, per WIC guidelines, you can submit a form right from the app - When you only have a certain amount of a benefit left, it will only show items that fall within the parameters (I.e. if you only 12 oz cereal left, it’s only showing 12 oz options) - Click on a benefit and it will tell you which products are options Other nice features that I have yet to utilize: - recipes using items from benefits - produce calculator - farmers market locator - nutrition education I can’t say enough good things about this app. It is so helpful.
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3 weeks ago, Ju ma ca
WIC shopper
Why doesn’t EVERY STATE participate? When will ARKANSAS get on board and what can we do to push our state to participate to get the app? WIC is awful here. We are wasting food on our WIC CARFS. The shelf tags don’t match check out. Why when a Wslmart employee comes to “fix” all the items that said WIC on the shelf but not as we check out and they try to figure it out, each item will have a notation “WIC” next to that grocery item. If the CYSTOMER had that we could know as we go slo g and put these back or fix it. This process of check out takes forever!!!
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1 year ago, Raygurl01
Wic shopper
Love this app to death it not only helps with parents that have Wic know what they have on their WIC card. It also has a built-in scanner to scan product so you can see if your Wic take it or not. It has a calculator to calculate up what you have how much you have to spend and what you have already use so say like you got $15 in fruits and vegetables but you don’t know how to copulate all that up you can do it it updates every day when you use your WIC app so it won’t take that long to see if you’re missing anything
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5 years ago, Cece aka sugarfoot247
Poor App. I have suggestions...
I think that with the app you should be able to view what your personal items are that you are allowed to get. Not the allowable items (that’s there!) I think it should show sort of like what the checks showed just in a list...so that we know what we can get before we go to the store and get in line. Pregnant women get different items than children...so there should be a list of items that shows what to get and what’s left. Not a print out from the store.
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2 years ago, H E Thompson
Great app but could have some improvements.
A major improvement would be for us to have the ability to scan items as we put items in the cart and see that “pending deduction” or something as we shop and then see the final/official deduction after checkout as it currently does. That would be really helpful in keeping track whilst shopping vs finding out we have missed or grabbed something extra at checkout after we get the receipt. It would also help us make sure we’ve grabbed something that will be covered by our benefits.
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1 year ago, 12Ayreadhubffg
WIC Shopper
I absolutely love this app I think it is very helpful it breaks down every category and what you can buy and it shows how much you have left after you buy stuff and the best part is you can scan the product at the store and it will tell you if it’s a WIC item or not and I think it’s awesome that you can scan something and if it isn’t a WIC item you can put it in to see if it could become a WIC item which is awesome makes things 1 million times easier for us moms thank you so muc
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2 years ago, Another Happy Mm
Happy Mom
The WICShopper app makes it so much easier to get the most out of this valuable nutrition program without the confusion. Can’t remember what benefits you have left this month? Push a button! The list is updated in real time. Don’t know if a certain product is in your benefits package? Scan the barcode and find out! The goal is making sure growing babies and children are getting the nutrition they need to thrive, and this app makes it easier for parents and guardians to do just that.
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6 years ago, Easy/fun
Easy to use
Our foster baby started receiving WIC. So I downloaded this app to help me keep track of what benefits he has and what’s left. This way when I get to the store and remember I have to get him a few things I don’t have to stand around and think... hm what does he have available, I can simply take out my phone and open this app. Easy, convenient and helpful. There is just one feature I wish it had...and that’s a place where I put can look to see when the next appointment is. That would be helpful and not very hard to add I’m sure!
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6 years ago, This name was also taken.
Great app. Small improvement could make it better
First off let me start by saying this app simplifies the process and makes shopping much easier. The only thing that would make it better is if after you scan a barcode and push back it went to the Camera rather than to the menu. The way it is now you have to select to scan a barcode and then when you’re done go back to the main menu and select scan a barcode again which is tedious. Other than that amazing five stars
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7 years ago, SLB1214
Update ruined the app but new version works
The app was great until it needed to be "updated". Now all I get is a white screen. Nothing loads. Sounds like I'm not the only one with this issue. I even uninstalled it, and reinstalled it. It worked one time but now it's back to not working and just showing a white screen. Bring back the old version so I can use the app again! ***Update-- thank you for the new version! I can access the app again with no issues (at least so far). Thank you for fixing the problem!
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5 years ago, JA122416
Love the app!
But it needs a little improvement in my opinion. I love the app is a time saver, convenient, fast and easy to use but I would love it if you guys could add a section where it shows pictures of the things that are covered because sometimes it’s hard for me to find the stuff at the store by just the name maybe if I see the pictures it would be easier also instead of scanning every item I think it is and then not being it. Thanks though, I love the app and what it provides!
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6 years ago, 0live0yl
Fairly accurate app
I like this app for the most part. It's very easy to use, and makes wic shopping less tedious. I love having a debit card over the paper checks. However, there are a few things I don't like about this app. When I scan some items, they don't show up correctly. When I scan the baby cereal, it shows that 6 boxes are allowed when I know it's really only 3. Also eggs and some frozen juice from Smith's, and Smith's brand milk, when scanned say covered. However, when checking out, these items are not covered. I was told today that Smith's brand milk is never covered even though it's in this app as a wic allowed product.
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2 years ago, bdusijjdosks
Love idea but…
The app is great all together the recipes and it keeping track and everything is amazing, but I have ran into the issue of it saying I have no card or benefits when I did several times. I’ve told them ladies at the office and they basically told me yeah sometimes I hear the app acts up. Usually that’s not a huge issue but sometimes makes it inconvenient if I do not have the receipt to have to check with the cashier before hand. Other then that minor thing I love the app and wait to see the app improve and grow!
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5 years ago, Travel777
A Grandmother
I love using the WIC app! I really like to be able to see what I’ve already received and what I have left to redeem for the month. I can shop more efficiently because I can scan the items with the scanner to make sure they are covered by WIC and it tells me the quantity I can get as well. The Life Hacks and recipes are nice to have at your fingertips. Another important feature is that I can check the status of my benefits to see when I need to call and renew them. Thanks WIC! The app makes everything so much easier!
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5 years ago, Amandaa91
WIC app efficiency
Within the past few months I assume it has been under maintenance for better app guidance. When I first started using it in February versus September, so much changed and it has been even easier to use. Before, not many photos were available for guidance, now there are more photos. When I click on each item benefit tell tell me which ones are available, with a photo. That wasn’t shown before. App refreshes faster as well. I’m very happy with this app. It saves so much time for me.
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7 years ago, nynunes7
Not working with iOS 10- issues fixed
Updated review* since the issues have been fixed, I have been able to use the app. I love that I don't have to save my receipts as I can see all my benefits on the app. I can scan items that I am not sure I can get and not have issues at checkout! The app is great and I am glad that WIC took this route in creating a paperless system! Old review* I love the app, but it's not working with iOS 10. I don't save my receipts since I use the app, but now I don't know what I have left. 😞
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5 years ago, tiptoemoney
Thanks wic
From scheduling my appointment over phone to going in for appointment and talking with staff learning about the program and installing the wic app have all been successful I truly appreciate it the app is very much helpful and thoughtful I was on wic back in 2007 and it was paper voucher time has really changed in a good way I’m now 12weeks in first trimester it’s been a while lol but the current wic program has been so helpful and easy thanks to the app whole program and staff for all you guys do I truly appreciate it I give five stars lol
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3 years ago, Kama1234567&9
This thing is a lifesaver!! WIC is not the easiest to shop with. Sometimes your benefits are unclear. It’ll tell you that your able to buy cheese (1lb)… like what does that mean? Shredded cheese, square cheeses, block cheese, only cheese from the deli? etc. Well today I used this app for the first time and it helped out so much! I was able to scan the different bar codes on different foods throughout the store and it literally tells you what specific foods is allowed on your benefits. Amazing!
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6 years ago, Alegria Fam
So helpful and easy to use
This app is such a time saver and makes my shopping run smoother than ever. It allows me to scan items if they are not labeled wic approved at my local stores so that I can see if they are or not. Also keeps track of what you have available with just 1 click. Very helpful with pictures of the items that are available and what brands they could be. Thank you to the creators of this App for making my trips easier and faster with this App 💚🙌🏼
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4 years ago, worthj3
Great app. Makes shopping so much easier. One small suggestion with design, I often accidentally click the (x) instead of the back button. If I’m looking through recipes and press the (x) I’m all the way back to the beginning when all I really wanted was to see the next one. I realize it’s mostly my fault but I wonder if back and (x) switched spots? It wouldn’t be as annoying if the loading time was shorter. Overall, very useful, I appreciate the bar scanner so I don’t have to dig through my old folder in the middle of the store. Thanks
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6 years ago, Lorcinmomma
The App has totally made shopping for WIC items so easy I love this app and recommend it to anyone getting WIC. I recently got custody of my 3 year old nephew I didn’t even know if WIC would be available to him thank God It is available and thank Goodness for this app I hate to shop and went from 2 Children to 4 overnight my time to look at all the products and make sure they are WIC is basically none due to tantrums and breakdowns lol. All i do now is scan the item and it automatically lets me know if i can get it
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4 years ago, starlite4ever
Works good
I really enjoy the app. It helps to be able to scan items in before I go to check out to make sure they are approved. I can easily see what I have left to buy. I’ve been very happy with it. It’s a big change but once you get in the app and start using it, it’s very user friendly. There are helpful recipes available within the app using WIC foods too. Plus, I don’t have to to worry about loosing my WIC checks either. (That’s happened a few times too many)
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6 years ago, chelle25411
Love the WIC card
I have received Wic with my oldest when he was younger it was a pain to use the checks and if something wasn’t on the list then you would have to leave the line and or skip that item and not get all the products on the paper check! But now since the electronic card and the app I absolutely love this. It is an easy way to keep track of items not used and the fact you do t have to get everything in one trip like it was years ago!
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5 years ago, upset wic user
I totally don’t like it. It’s supposed to be simple and easy and updated to today’s technology. Most cashiers don’t know anything about it. Management don’t know anything either and told me to talk to my wic office. While the whole time I’m holding up the only line to check out and getting totally embarrassed just wanting to get my wic benefits. This happened more than once in my first month of trying to use wic. I’m showing everyone on the app and on my booklet the approved item. Management scanned item one said not a wic item but it is clearly approved on the app and book then scanned other item it said approved but tried to inform me since it doesn’t specifically say I can get lactose free I cannot get it.
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4 months ago, AllieKat406
I have been with the Wic program since my son was born and I tell you it is a true life saver! A lot of families wouldn’t be able to make it by without the help of WIC for their infants and kids. This app is so helpful because of you don’t know what you have left for Wic it’s so easy just to get on the app real quick and see and also you can scan barcodes to see if Wic allows items in the store you are unsure about
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1 year ago, M.onica.
Works well
Works well with letting you know what is WIC approved. Only complain is the “my benefits”portion doesn’t update after you’ve gone grocery shopping so you still have to keep your receipt to know what’s left, but now there’s nowhere to keep the benefit other than my camera roll. So I still have to search for it or ask customer service to see what I have remaining. Other than that love the ability to scan products at the store to check for wic approved items.
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6 years ago, EandM'sMomma
Using multiple WIC cards
This is app is awesome! I wish I would've known of it sooner. I have two children from foster care and so we have two cards. The ability to enter multiple cards is super convenient . The app is super easy to navigate. You can switch back and forth from one card to another in a snap. Also to be able scan products to see if they are accepted is a BIG bonus . This app cut shopping and time at the register in half! Two thumbs up!
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6 years ago, Carrie0376
Life saver
I wish I could give this app more stars. It is brilliantly organized and has so many helpful items. The food lists and photos of the food are very helpful. The recipes are easy to follow. It tracks my usage in real time. This app allows me to get the best use of my benefits. The app is also extremely user friendly. I have spent a good amount of time using the app both in the store and at home. I have yet to have any issues with functionality of the app.
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2 years ago, Jen-2927
Cool, but not so much
I like the app, but don’t like the fact that once I shop all the items, the app doesn’t refresh immediately. Even when I exit the program and re-open, it doesnt refresh. Just shows all my complete benefits. I don’t like that because me with my (mom-brain) I be thinking I have benefits left when I actually don’t. The other wic program I was in, in another state, would refresh immediately which I found so helpful. Other than that, I like the other features on it like the recipes, and Key enter UPC. Pretty cool.
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5 years ago, Jessiegirl16
So extremely easy to use!
The WIC app is one of the most user friendly apps out there. I’ve only been on WIC for two months and it can be confusing finding the exact products and sizes eligible. The barcode scanner is amazing! It’s showed me items that I wasn’t sure were eligible or not before going up to purchase my items. It’s so easy to use that even those who aren’t super tech savvy could easily navigate. If you have WIC, you have to have this app!
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4 years ago, mvcha
Easier and quicker than the old way
Love the new system that is being used compared to the old system. The WIC app is so helpful with helping me keep track of my benefits. I just discovered how to use the calculator when trying to figure out how much to get if each items. I love how there’s a new WIC approve list available just in case also. Great app and I honestly have no complaints. I just have to remember to get 1% Mille instead of 2% milk for my kids. 😆
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2 years ago, eiduwieipoeu
So amazing now!
This is my 3rd childAnd the last two are older. So I had to deal with the vouchers before the paper vouchers and those weren’t as easy at all. I love that this has the barcode feature to see if it’s Wic approved that’s awesome and I love that you can see everything and get it as you need it instead of having to get everything on that one voucher at a time. This is an amazing amazing update to the old Wic!!!
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