WiFi Around - Nearby Hotspots

4.5 (2.5K)
87.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chengdu Meiji Tuwen Co. LTD
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for WiFi Around - Nearby Hotspots

4.53 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Biabia_04
Awesome sauce
I really like this app a lot compared they others iv tried in the past, the fact that u can access so much for free is super awesome n iv also noticed the network booster actually does work quit swell if I might say, n I just love the fact that it does multiple diff. Things other then just Wi-Fi finder the booster the security check the speed test all awesome sauce!! I really thought it was cool to that u can actually go in n choose which network n c the diff. Speeds , never found another that does that!so thx creators u rock!keep up the great work!!
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2 years ago, Kristy_949
Okay App
I've kept on my phone for a few weeks although I'm not too sure if it's doing what it says. It's supposed to analyze the network. The speed test is accurate. As far as making sure it's secure I don't know if it will protect my device if need be. I also can't tell if it actually boosts the signal and so on. I do know my contacts are constantly accessed by an unknown Apple developer and it's not protecting from that or any of the other midnight activities documented in my privacy report
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3 years ago, Curecidp
Excellent App
I am very pleased with this app and all its capabilities. It’s user friendly, explains the results, and it actually increased my WiFi speed to 89%! It’s an app that no one should be without. I can’t believe it’s free! I have tried many, many of these type apps to try and figure out why my WiFi is so slow. This one diagnosed my WiFi, made some suggestions that I followed and BAM! My internet is flying! Thanks to the developers for creating this great app that actually works! I won’t be without it!
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4 months ago, tattedlilshorty4u
Finally I have WiFi
I have been staying at a hotel and their Wi-Fi net work has been on the blitz so I’ve been using my spectrum mobile data for Internet after downloading WiFii Around. I am now able to pick up the hotels Wi-Fi because only androids were able to bypass it however, if you had an iPhone, there was no bypass until downloading WiFi Around.I highly recommend downloading this app!
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3 years ago, rocknitmyway
So far so great!
Definitely helped with the signal boost and more. Very happy with the protection, too! Just learning how to use this stuff and this app actually explains what it is that they are running/doing and then how to fix if an issue arises! Thank you for making it easy for us older folks that are just now learning what everything is and why it is important to do and have!!!
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1 year ago, grizzly bur
Love it
Thank you AT&T for stepping up your game. I’ve used every major cell company since I was hacked and robed. So I’d say it’s safe to say I know a thing or too about a thing or two. I’m still waiting to get back a couple emails and have several lawsuits to go thru. BUT HANDS DOWN BEST CELL PHONE COMPANY IVE USED. And if I get back the rest of my money. I will be boosting you on my influencer site thank you i really appreciate it
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5 years ago, oneillsden
Free isn’t always cheap
Nope, just cause it was free doesn’t mean it’s a cheaply made app. Quite the contrary. I’ve tried many of these WiFi apps, both free and paid ones...of my own money, I don’t get paid for this fun...and this one, WiFi Around is just as good, and even better than some of its rivals. If you’re reading this, than I HIGHLY RECOMMEND downloading now. You can’t be disappointed. And if you’re not reading this...why not?
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12 months ago, JamieElonna
I like this one!
So I was looking for this type of app the other day and I ended up downloading a whole bunch of them to just find one I like. While the other ones didn’t make the cut, I’m still using this app. It does what I was looking for. I definitely recommend it! Try it for yourself, I think you would agree.
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4 weeks ago, John Goodin
Something is off with Speed Test
It’s only showing me “Fusion Connect” test servers. So that means for all of the test servers that Speed Test uses it’s got me down to just “3”. Yesterday it tried to connect me to the “Fusion Connect” test server out of “Dallas, Texas”, and today it was trying to get me connected to the test server out of “New York City”. I thought I’d get smart and select my own favorite server manually only to discover it was only listing the three “Fusion Connect” servers in the USA. So the problem most likely lies with the servers themselves and not the client.
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4 years ago, LexP305
Great app to analyze WiFi
If you connect frequently to an unsecured network, I would use this app to verify the network. Don’t trust a network just because it’s at a reputable business. It’s very easy to spoof a WiFi & clone it. You click on it and the Hack could be very well sitting in the building or parking lot, grabbing all the good stuff he needs to make your like miserable later on.
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3 years ago, Staceecheyenne
It really does work!
I downloaded this because the WiFi at my house is really crappy, I even have a network extender to boost connection to other sections of my house. This app does come in handy if I ever need to perform internet speed tests. Now the “signal boost” it really does boost it! It improved my internet about 10-15 mbps.
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2 years ago, SuperReviewLady
Good boost in Signal
Download you will use the analyzers daily, I do. However, use with caution because each test clicked on will bring up a service that you may not want to purchase, stay clear of the third party apps as you run your test. Unless you need or want to purchase app.
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4 years ago, Coley2uOnly1Me
Works perfectly!
Increases my connection on wifi 85% better than what I had with my connections. I can boost my signal up if my wifi spots are not fast enough. To be free it’s better than a lot of the wifi signal boost apps. Try for yourself to find out if you get a better signal connection on the wifi spots you use. Good Luck!
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4 years ago, gatorbait960608
Legit love this app and it's totally free.
They don't have alot of reviews yet on this app, so I'm assuming it's really new because there's no way this thing isn't loaded with four and five stars. They show love on this as a free app. I haven't used it as a paid app yet but I'm going to upgrade the version because I can only imagine what it'll be like with the paid version. Highly recommend you guys download this app. Go Gators 🧡🐊💙
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10 months ago, JWtheOne
Great signal booster!
I have been using this app for about a year now and it is so great for boosting your cellular signal a few percent when you’re out of your network area and need a little more cellular reception to get back on track. Don’t miss out on the blessings this free app has to offer!
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3 years ago, RetiredTowerDog01
Signal reception
WiFi Around has been very helpful for bringing me a much better signal. I live in the woods and up until now my data collection rate was 18% on a good day. This morning it was 27% and it is currently 45% !! The update reminders are also a good thing. If I don’t see it in writing, I tend to be forgetful. That’s what happens when you reach your 60s. Thanks WFA!! Jon Zerick Alabama
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3 years ago, ddavis2319
Rather impressive actually!
App always picks up my surrounding connections, gives my WiFi the boost it needs to function when the signal is weak & a couple other pretty cool things. I am surprisingly impressed with this app and plan on making it one of my “necessary” apps.
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3 years ago, Mike Beers
I’m impressed by this app. Not a huge jump in wifi but the boost came in handy. I like the fact I can ping websites to know if I have an absolute connection. Not in a place where I can explore its full potential but it’s the best thing to come along.
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2 years ago, RFP 76
Service out of service for two weeks.
The bill was not reduce on penny. How can you bill for service when your service is not available. The technician came and disconnected all the cables and left because he did not know where each cable should be connected. It took me two days to find were each cable should be connected. They are the only company in town so you can jump to another company. It is a sad customer service.
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2 years ago, KvnsTrn
I found this while looking for the hacker on my phone , turns out to be so ok, it just don't show anything you can use to find out who, what,where they are while they know where you are. Search around for more...
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1 month ago, Owletta67
Pretty great
So I’ve been using this for about a month now and it really does work the thing I like the most is the performance enhancement feature anyways long story short it works and I encourage you to try it ☺️
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5 years ago, aquatune
Great so far
Just downloaded as I am having issues with comcast infinity they are supposed to provide hotspot access all over. It just wont work on my iPhone despite a hour wth a tier 2 level support.... this has confirmed I am able to use it on my iPad now to ge to tier three....
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3 years ago, Tdbradley
WiFi around.
I really like this app, I’ve had problems with my neighbor for a long time. He’s been in my devices and routers for years. Now I can see what devices are on my Network. Thank you WiFi around.
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8 months ago, mylaika1
Good app for wifi info
This is a very good solid app for wifi maintenance and information. It has a lot of extra features to test speed, connections, and what is attached to your network.
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2 years ago, phutdoc912
I actually use two or three WiFi testers. This one is my favorite. Oh, no reward for me for a review. Just responding to a pop up request. There are quite a few ads but it’s the price I pay for using the free app. It’s very fast. A good app.
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2 years ago, Narrtleisrer
Just Get This One. All you need
Easy. Helpful. Not over run with ads. I use this more than any others I’ve had including paid apps. ThAnks for an actual great, free, usable app. Don’t see em as often as we should.
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3 years ago, No Sprint
Good information
This is our first time using the app today and we find it to be well designed and functional. User interface, the most critical facet of any app, is top-notch. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, Joyce Albert-Bright
Always works
Every time I boost my network connection, or do the speed test, it always adds 5-7 points. The network search most of the time, gives me 2-3 options.
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1 week ago, BootStrap1776
Familiar with the dynamics and use of the type of tools but first time opening this specific program. Seems to be lacking common admin features but we’ll see what you offer and hopefully increase the rating
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2 years ago, Roadstar777
Show me the bars
The app works great!! I work Security so I’m out at different sites with hard to connect wi-fi with that said this app will enhance your signal being able to connect. Thank you
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10 months ago, GamerX6948
Don’t have access to free internet
I been using this app for 5 months but then today it stop giving me free access to internet. Please fix it so I can put it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, MrMole 602e21
Newbie here
Easy to install. Gives a rating of the WiFi strength. I was in a weak zone and there was the option to make it better. Boosted six point, however cell phone did not recall the boost after I had moved on and then returned. May have to create a link to map of house?
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3 years ago, Jerle T
Only because I don’t understand it fully
See unlike Instabridge I don’t understand this app fully my 1st time it seemed very easy I don’t know what happened after that I don’t know if it’s just me yet or is it the app so for now I give it 4 stars.
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2 years ago, bailey boo 8/15/19
Dont know yet———
So far I like - I’m still real fresh into using this app-and still trying to see what all it does and what it will do- to see if it will work for me and what I need it to…
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2 years ago, toomanytaken
Great little app
Has a number of features to tune WiFi network connections and check to see if network is secure.
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2 years ago, beware 12365
Allow ways to get rid of ads
Ads pop up and cannot get rid of them sometime the ads are cleverly made so clicking to shut actually opens the ad. This makes the app unusable depending on which ads pop up. I know you have to sell ads but come on? This is a little too much don’t you think ?
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3 years ago, fab u la
two thumbs up my piehole
very good. my wifi was 0 the app cleaned up my useless wifi firmware t 87% still not fixed but this app did more to help me with my iphone7 wifi issues than 6 calls t my stupid idiot carrier Trakfone i know im a loser Trakfone is rhe effen WORST
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4 years ago, Daniel Coveney
Handy quick check
I use it to support an RV Wi-fi network to help confirm our access points are transmitting at expected levels and to run speed tests through the access points. Handy free tool.
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4 months ago, cojack575
Thank you!
It’s. I’ve to have good app for free, mostly. I’m in a tight spot and looking for work so travelling to different places and looking for work this is a plus. Thank y’all very much!!
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2 years ago, pnutgalery
Great tool
Easy to use and helpful, ads are a little annoying is the only issue I have with The app. It’s nice to have everything in one spot.n
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4 years ago, tester from hell
App gets it done
WiFi around makes it easy to quickly check your WiFi speed. For example Morris Broadband claims they increased my internet speed at no cost. I was easily able to verify that this is not the case at my house.
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4 years ago, della.p
User friendly app
My first time using this app has been so far a stress-less experience. I feel comfortable navigating through different features without feeling anxious. Big boost in Wi-Fi signal.
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1 year ago, Fen69Moon
Best Wi-Fi app
Wow! I’m impressed with this app! It’s the best free Wi-Fi app available and I’m really happy with the quality and the functionality of the features. I highly recommend this app for download.
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2 years ago, Philly5244
Fast easy
It checks everything best app around for checking your internet
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3 years ago, Fitz3631
Residential application
It’s help me understand my WiFi. I have less frustration with slow downs because I am able to know here the bottleneck seems be at. The app is very helpful to me!
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1 year ago, chipfleck
The best
I finally found a Wi-Fi testing app that works good. Now if I could upgrade it so the adds go away. I think this app is good enough to pay for.
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5 years ago, Rass.
Worked fine right out of the box.
No problems with this app it worked right away right out of the box A++++.
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8 months ago, Billgt99
Very handy
I do IT and this has been very helpful while troubleshooting WiFi network issues .
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5 months ago, decifjsh
This app made it easy for me too walk round without no internet but now I have internet connection
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8 months ago, Flatlin3⚡️⚡️
Excellent job on making this ap as great as it is.
This ap is excellent and is what it says it is I highly recommend to all.
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