WiFi Map: Travel eSIM, Offline

4.6 (30.2K)
337.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
WiFi Map LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WiFi Map: Travel eSIM, Offline

4.58 out of 5
30.2K Ratings
3 years ago, mblitch
App is convenient and finally has the features it claims to have.
Edit: the offline feature was missing for a long time, even though it was a touted feature. It has been added, so I wanted to update my review of the app to reflect that. As it stands now, app does what it states, which is a cloud-sourcing database of WiFi connections. It is convenient to make connections and can prefill passwords when a WiFi in the database is recognized. I continue to contribute access points when possible and have found the app is useful and convenient. I’ve contributed over two dozen WiFi points, and paid for a membership specifically to get access to offline hotspot data and it is not available. Even though the app description lists it as a feature, when I attempt to access it, a message pops up saying it will be available on the ‘next update’, yet The app has been updated 5 times since I paid and still it is unavailable. The app description should be accurate, but it is currently blatantly lying. I want my money back for a paid feature that is being falsely advertised.
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1 year ago, kid Wiz33
Great app and service and life saving if you neeed some WiFi in a bind or just want some free interwevs regardless of how you got to that point or not fantastic app and best yet you share enough undiscovered WiFi spot locations visas to the human eye you can slowly unlock the paid version of the app best one out there I think because it has its own e-sim , VPN go from free to paid just by actively assisting its own community what more can you ask for other then a rewards or point system to be a bit more engaging I see tons of potential or include a step by step e-sim tethering vpn guide for one time all access internet no matter where you at could honestly save lives literally keep it up fully support 5/5 you have the model core idea of what others try to be
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2 years ago, Kyle Lombardino
This app is amazing!! One thing that would make it even better…
This app has probably became one of my favorite apps on my phone! I travel a lot and sometimes abroad so wifi is essential when traveling. The convenience on opening the app and finding the closest wifi hotspot is amazing… However, a useful thing that has more uses than you would think, would be to have a search bar and you can search a certain location or wifi name and see all the results. For example, if I searched up “Chick-fil-a,” it would show me all the chick-fil-a wifi hotspot locations on the app. That would make it so useful!! Thanks for making a great app - Kyle
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9 months ago, teddybear3846
The only WiFi app that really works!
I have tried other WiFi finder apps, and this one was the only one that worked due to the fact that finding WiFi enabled hotspots was quick, easy, and the maps actually worked! The only things that I don’t like about this app were the ads and they really got on my nerves, and it keeps on telling me to subscribe to the addition services that I can get, and I cannot afford them at this time!
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11 months ago, SuziBars
Thanks for the amazing app 😋
WiFi Map is the ultimate companion for every traveler! It consolidates numerous useful features into one convenient app, eliminating the need for multiple cluttered apps. The addition of offline maps is a game-changer, allowing me to access detailed maps even without an internet connection. A heartfelt thank you to the team for this incredible app that has made my travels smoother and more enjoyable. WiFi Map is a must-have for any globetrotter!
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1 year ago, curtis.tokyo
The best of its kind
Have been using (and contributing to) WiFi Map for a handful of years now, and really can’t say enough good things about it. Had several similar apps on my phone before (to “field test” which was more useful when on the road), and over time have deleted all the others. For reference, I live / work overseas and am basing my comments on years traveling throughout Asia (and to a lesser extent Europe). Hope this review helps other travelers.
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11 months ago, iCrusader
#1 Travel App - must have!🥇🏆🌎
WiFi Map is a true lifesaver for global travelers like me! The eSIM integration eliminates the hassle of local SIM cards and expensive roaming. From cafes to airports, finding Wi-Fi hotspots is effortless with its user-friendly interface. And the free VPN feature adds an extra layer of security to my browsing. With offline maps and the ability to save favorite networks, WiFi Map has become my ultimate Wi-Fi companion. Highly recommended! 🔥
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11 months ago, Nicole 2000 US
Best app ever! 🤤
I can confidently say that WiFi Map has made staying connected in multiple countries a breeze! The easy-to-use interface and outstanding eSIM support have simplified my travel experience like never before. 👉 However, I would love to see Japan support added, as it currently requires using other eSIM providers. Nonetheless, WiFi Map remains my go-to app for seamless connectivity wherever I go. Keep up the great work! 🔥
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2 years ago, Zayn Maatouk
Very useful app, most of the times…
I downloaded this app thinking it would be very useful for when i cant find wifi connection which happens to me a lot, it was quite useful the first time i used it at a nearby coffee shop, until the next day i came by another coffee shop and looked for the wifi password on your app only to find that the app kept crashing for some reason. I went home and tried to restart the phone and even re-install the app, but nothing seemed to work. This disappointed me very much that day and i hope you find a reason for why this happened and a solution to it. Thank you
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6 months ago, Anonymous😏😏😏
My review:
So, My experience was AMAZING. WiFi Map has helped me in a bunch of ways: saving cell data, access global eSIM anywhere (mostly), and to even earn rewards just by participating and being part of the WiFi Map community. By being a user of WiFi Map, I got free eSIM to use anytime I want! Therefore, WiFi Map gave me an extremely smooth experience, and also gave me cashback and free in-app data!
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7 months ago, MelvinDiggsIsChillin
ESIM works well in Paris, France.
Just finished a vacation in Paris, France. I got reliable coverage with the Global eSIM. Data was LTE only, and mainly connected to the Bouygues Telecom network. I used data for Google Maps, WiFi Calling, Google searching/web browsing, and uploading photos on Instagram. The data worked well for those tasks. I recommend WiFi Map if you’re visiting Paris.
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2 years ago, BenMcMahon
Great App— or Was
This used to be the gold standard for finding WiFi. But the developers took the app offline for a few years to update it, which is great— the new app is amazing. But in the meantime they lost all the users. Traveling the world and almost all the data is 3 years old, and only very sparse updates. Not sure how they can lure the users back- but might be worth ditching this app to find where everyone went while the devs were on hiatus. Life lesson: don’t take your platform offline for 2 years at the height of usage. People will _not_ come back.
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2 weeks ago, Shalala1010
Happy user since 2016!
Since the end of 2016, I have rarely paid for network cell service (besides eSIM to have upon landing). It’s all thanks to this app. When I download the passwords for a new city I usually have about a 75% chance of finding a decent network right upon arrival. I’m bummed that this is no longer free but I understand. These days I’ll purchase an eSIM just for the arrival, but once I’m settled I basically just rely on WiFiMap. I haven’t tried WiFiMap’s eSIM service yet. This app has made my life easier many times over. I use the free version and LOVE that I have access to free VPN. I’m obsessed and tell every traveler I know about this app. Thanks WiFi map Devs!
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3 months ago, Rainy day01
The app is free, but…
Yes, the WiFi map feature is free. In order to access it, click the x button when it asks you to upgrade to the pro or premium or whatever version it shows you when you first download the app. Otherwise, the app is great!
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1 year ago, HVFF1438
It’s been really cool to see all the work that a community of users has put into something like this. The fact the app hosts a Wi-Fi hotspot map, VPN service, AND even a global eSIM is pretty epic! Yearly membership with all the bells and whistles with none of the ads is only $35/yr so that too is super well worth it.
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1 year ago, Violet .S
I’ve been using this for over a year- helps all over the world!
Hey so- I’ve been using this for over a year - and it helps all over the world! I found wifi on my trip to Portugal, Lisbon, Spain, Mexico, and in airports and subways and in a cabin in the woods using this wifi app!
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4 years ago, My nickname got stolen 7x
It Works So Well
Ngl this worked so well and I actually got WiFi on these tough times 😞. This app doesn’t provide WiFi it tells you places that have WiFi near you like your neighbors WiFi. It also provides passwords 😁.
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10 months ago, Wikisz
> great app. don’t expect wifi pws for free in every place.
of course it all depends where you live. My experience has been mostly positive. I’m a rewards earner so I have added many locations and pws to earn a VIP status and have earned benefits from doing that. I recommend you to either buy or earn benefits too.
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7 months ago, tommy the girl
It’s been helping me a lot
It’s been helping me a ton, my only wish is that for the app, you could add a translator to, for example, translate English into Russia, or something like that. Just trying to put some constructive criticism out. Thanks for the app, it’s helped me a lot.
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2 months ago, OGDoctorCrypto
Definitely don’t regret it :)
Great app. Directs you to free wifi and the passcodes that people have contributed over time. Love it. Contribute your connections or other that aren't yet listed, and you'll be able to access the premium features!
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11 months ago, King Harold 13
Next Level Wifi!
Wifi Map has made it very easy for me to navigate and go different places without having to worry about draining my cellular data. Highly recommend to users!
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1 year ago, errorunry_xx
Pretty good 👍🏻
It’s really good for traveling and etc. maybe I can use it as a magic trick 🤔 because it shows the hotspot password. Also, I figured out how to get rid of ads without paying. but I wasn’t telling how so it doesn’t get patched. Pretty good app
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1 year ago, Jackson2355
Really great
Shows WiFi and how fast that WiFi is, and helps show you how close to the WiFi you need to be to get on the WiFi, which can help explain why it’s not working if it isn’t. Very good, at least for me.
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1 year ago, maxpowers211
Favorite Wifi Finder
I am often always trying to find public wifi from my car so this app has been a blessing. I couldn't ask for something better.
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1 year ago, studio3d
Useful for Travel to Foreign Countries
When you’re traveling to a country where you don’t have mobile Internet, this app is fantastic. It will get you online without having to search or ask for Wifi passwords or deal with language barriers to do so.
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5 months ago, Xrfr8
More people need to use this and help it grow!
This is awesome to find free or open wifi in some areas, but more people need to join and share wifi details to make it awesome! Has got me out of a spot here and there!!
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3 years ago, ladyjo_11
Doesn’t work free version.
I just downloaded this App. Walking around with cellular data off. Searched around me - not ONE of the hotspots they had showed up on my list or if it did saying “no password”, inevitably it was required. UPDATE. Developer contacted me to upgrade app to PRO. Hasn’t happened yet :( but I appreciate the gesture. Will keep posted.
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2 years ago, bsbdhshjsjsjzbzhz
Its okay... but
I love it! But one thing... i got this in iphone 6 plus, and when i go to school it doesn't connect to the internet (im in reading central middle school) and when I tried to get it it said i need to pay. I dont have that much money, but keep doing what your doing ^^
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3 years ago, xSirBlazex
Very Useful (especially in natural disasters)
Just rode out a category 4 hurricane ida in New Orleans and had to evacuate. Having this app was great so I could find WiFi and start calling people when my service went out.
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1 month ago, True Vet
Not effective
I’ve reached out to customer service and although they’ve tried to fix and said it should work after “fixing” it doesn’t. The Wi-Fi keeps toggling off and that’s not something you’d want and then realize after an hour or two you were never connected. I was very optimistic upon subscribing for the VPN. The rest of the app works great.
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1 month ago, Lord of Nightmeare
Honest Review
I downloaded this app thinking it might be cool to see if it is real even though I did not think it would be and I was surprised that it was. I love the extra functions it has.
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2 years ago, whydolneedanickname
WiFi Map
Great app for finding WiFi’s that have been added to the huge data base. It is not a hacking app, but strictly a way of finding free WiFi’s; some with passwords and some without.
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3 weeks ago, Doge Greyjoy
Good until it isn’t
Please fix the overwriting of the password “connect with WiFi map” option in settings and not giving me a manual option to override the WiFi map. When it’s wrong it’s frustrating to not be able to enter the correct password without deleting the app and restarting the phone
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2 years ago, Fluffy Pengu
Amazing App
Innovative idea and great encouraging rewards! Every time that you add a WiFi network, speed test, etc. you get points which can be used to get benefits like VPN, offline maps, and more.
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2 years ago, Erast1977
Great trip toolkit and easy to use eSim
I was visiting in Israel and for four euros got one gig of data within five seconds sitting in a coffee shop. Your app is great. Kudos to the product managers and to the cool interface. Good Luck and keep up the good work
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7 months ago, 💎ღⱠłⱠ₦ØⱠł❤乂
There are some wifi on my location but I can’t find them so please make sure to find them all
Check the app
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4 months ago, YoRaptor1
I love it
I normally don’t write reviews, but this app is actually amazing and I would totally recommend it whether you have a cellular data plan or not it’s amazing
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11 months ago, StarsNotSquares
Oh, the ads!
If you can find what you need in 8-10 seconds, this seems helpful. However, I was literally screaming at the screen in frustration because the ads are so frequent that I couldn’t get the address written down before another popped up.
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2 years ago, Riptide360
Screwed over contributors that built the database
The submit review button asks if you like the app and you have to say yes to write this. The database of WiFi hotspots was built on the backs of longtime contributors who now have to pay monthly for the privilege. This app’s ability to crowd source updated wifi access points and passwords is going to suffer. Trust and goodwill are precious things. Think twice before using this app.
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3 years ago, 98eagle
Incompatible with the iPod Touch
EDIT: I’ve been informed by the developer team that the iPod Touch is unsupported. However, this is not documented anywhere I can see, and the error message I get is unhelpful. ———————— Totally worthless to me. I just wanted a map of available WiFi networks. I downloaded the app, and all I get is a screen saying “a critical error occurred.”
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4 years ago, RBDSR1
It’s NOT as advertised
The application does work. - NOT worth a subscription !!!! The app does not really provide you with anything new - it only indicated previously found locations, and it is really not functional to the degree of keeping things updated so it’s nothing more than a dead app - it does not do anything once it has the locations indicated - It is NOT fully baked!!!!
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3 years ago, DJ_Out_Law
It registered my wifi password automatically to the map and no way to delete it
Its automatically saving your own wifi password to the map for everyone to see it, its forcing me to delete it first then change my own wifi password to keep it secure and its impossible to remove it from the map
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1 year ago, berz7777777
Great App
This is a wonderful app. Find WiFi and get rewarded fir helping others use WiFi for putting them on the map. Very easy & intuitive to use.
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1 year ago, MJ1187_23
Wi-Fi Map is amazing!
I love this app so I try and download any Wi-Fi’s that I find available. Sometimes it really comes in clutch for me when I need it most download and help add to Wi-Fi net work now, please!
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4 years ago, Cats Rule 4
Excellent app
When I need WiFi, I open this app. When is the offline map feature coming out in the US?
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10 months ago, gusterbrown
A good app but with its pros and cons
So the app is really good for getting wifi passwords for places. But it has so many ads and that is why it gets a 4 star. But I still think the app is very much worth it for wifi passwords.
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1 year ago, vickalia
My iPhone can already let me know the closest available wifi and whether I need a password or not. When I do come upon an open wifi this app tells me to walk to the location when I’m already there and won’t allow me to do the speed test or documentation because it insists on my walking to it when I’m there.
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3 years ago, Shadab Ahmadi
There are 4 WiFis near us, of course, in our 10 meters, unless any of these are shown on the map, unless it shows a very far distance, can you tell me why?
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2 years ago, TheMrAndrew
Dev if you see this please fix that when I delete the app it will not be hidden in my phone and still use my location thank you
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2 years ago, Insured5333
App serves no purpose
Not sure what you are paying for with this app on the Pro version. Even the free version shows no reason one should rely on this application. If you are looking for wifimap hotspots better resources exist for more secure locations and if you want Esim plans, go with a provider that owns significant telecommunications infrastructure. The VPN option is also a poor deal as well.
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