Williams Sonoma Registry

4.7 (2.7K)
97.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Williams Sonoma Registry

4.66 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Hadasah Esther
Need to accommodate seniors who are handicap
I just visited your store next to Central Market Austin. A happy place to visit. Made some purchases but can not stay too long since I have trouble walking. I used to stroll the shopping cart to help me walk. You should provide small shopping cart to use by the customers. Your store is one of the happy place to visit when I am depressed but now I have to take it out from the list. Not a handicaps friendly.
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4 months ago, Vbmegs
App could use some updates
My fiancé and I used the app to register for our registry in store this weekend. We found the app and process to be incredibly inefficient. We experienced serious lags after scanning items and waiting for them to show up on the app. We logged into the store Wi-Fi in case it was our connection and it was not the connection, the store had a great Wi-Fi connection. Outside of the lags in adding the items, we found the app to be clunky because we started searching for items instead of scanning them because of the lag in having them appear and once we searched, we had to click on each item and then scroll down to add it to our cart or the registry and the app screen kept moving and the item would end up in the cart instead of the registry. This entire process took so much longer than it should have. The store employees even told us the app was not user friendly and we found that to be absolutely true. I would recommend building your registry completely online and not using the scanning feature in store. The website can be searched easily and I find that the bestseller list for registries, as well as other categories and filter/sorting functions were helpful.
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4 months ago, pieisgood
User friendly
This app is very user friendly but much different than the registry page on the actual Williams Sonoma (WS) website. Some gifts on my registry don’t show up in the app but do on the website. Also there are no notifications in the app for backordered items or items no longer sold at WS. The gift tracker on the app is blank most of the time. I had an issue with two items that were purchased, the check mark was not added to the item photo in my list after it was purchased so I had to remove them from my registry so I did not receive duplicates. This app needs a really good update to match the website. It is also very slow to pull up the full item details while browsing.
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4 months ago, mc72637
Does NOT work well
I’m trying to do my wedding registry and have had a terrible time trying to login into and add to my registry. I started in pottery barn where it took them about 20 minutes to create the registry for me. I walked away with TWO registries having been created. Later, when I went to Williams Sonoma, there was no way to add to the registry. They told me I had to have the separate app for Williams Sonoma. However, that didn’t work. Because I couldn’t and still can’t login to my registry no t he other app. Every other major store brand has an easy toggle where you can switch between their different brands, and purchase altogether. Not so with pottery barn and Williams Sonoma. I would have saved over an hour if I had just been able to do this the old school way with a scanner. Very frustrating experience.
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1 year ago, Smart Albums, Please!
Needs to work on their tech
I have been repeatedly disappointed by the Williams Sonoma app. It was extremely slow when trying to scan items in the store (we had 2 devices going and still regularly waited for them to load when alternating between them). I also struggled to link my registry to The Knot and had to work with tech support through both groups. My friend purchased an item, but the wrong thing was added to her cart. She thought she got the issue resolved, but then the incorrect item was delivered. The latest glitch is that the app simultaneously thinks our date has passed (you have unlocked 20% off) and said we were 90 days out - both when we were actually 60 days out. I like the WS products, but their technology is painful to use and deal with.
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12 months ago, MobileDeA
Open Door
Usually the door is open and the PEOPLE inside make you feel at home! Courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and never pushy! First stop for shopping needs.
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2 years ago, whatever hesus
Registry could be better/easier
I enjoy this app and think it’s super easy to be able add things to the registry but there should be an easier way to track gifts that have been purchased. Not all of my gifts that have been purchased show who bought them, which makes it difficult when writing thank you notes. Crate and barrel has a thank you note tracker that is amazing so helpful. It would be a great addition to this app.
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2 months ago, Margaret Crowell
This app is constantly temporarily unavailable
I downloaded this app to keep track with my wedding registry. Firstly, when I sign in to check my registry, it says my account is temporarily unavailable(which lasts from three to several days). Sometimes when I’m even signed in it’ll tell me my registry is temporarily unavailable. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it didn’t fix a thing. Be warned: this app is 5/10 times unreliable. Better off using the website.
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1 year ago, Luke & Lolly
Needs work
Why do I have to go to the website to get item descriptions? once the registry is complete, you get 10% off remaining items but you still have to go on the full website to get the 10% off. The app also sent me a 20% off offer twice that didn’t work and then WilliamsSonoma would no offer it too me. it also does not show who bought every item only sometimes. Making it very hard to figure out who bought what.
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1 year ago, laj1928746823894576
Registry on the App doesn’t show product descriptions
When you click on an item “view full detail” the page still does not give a product description/summary or show dimensions/care info. How can you shop for items if you don’t know the material, care instructions or size. This is a major app error. The website on my laptop shows all the details but the App does not for any product. It’s impossible to actually show using the app.
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1 year ago, Nikolyzer
Registry and Gift Tracker Unusable
Over 4 stars?!? What bots are leaving these fake reviews? App is completely busted. We've received 4 duplicates and I'm afraid it won't end there. The registry is bugged, wrong photos shown on products, wrong photos shown on gift tracker, gift tracker can't handle if one person buys multiple items. Tracker and registry can't handle backordered, so multiple guests can buy the same gift. Customer support confirmed "registry is having some issues, many costumers have complained". Have fun calling, complaining, returning and having awkward conversations with your guests and guessing the product when writing thank you notes. Horrid horrid experience. The worst app i've used in a decade. Cannot believe this is in such shambles in 2022 hahaha embarrassing
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3 months ago, lindslovesmusic
This app used to be great, but has significant problems. One of the issues is that the app sits there forever when you click the button to add an item to your registry, and never actually adds it. I tried to contact WS support to see if anything could be addressed but you have to actually call their customer service support line. Waste of time.
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9 months ago, Flair7777
Worst customer service
When a product is out of stock, don’t list it for sale and then have the order pending delivery for over a month before letting the customer know. When you refund a customer and tell them you can only return the payment using the methods used during purchase, do that, don’t mix the payment using various methods…. Expecting the customer to track it down.
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5 months ago, WonderWoman 77
Super Croissants ‼️
Wish I could take a picture ‼️🙆🏼‍♀️ they proofed overnight-and naked up huge-just like New York ‼️💝🥰
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2 years ago, scej.b4
Needs work
This app freezes too often. It also logs you off. You used to be able to see their other stores like Pottery Barn and now you cant. I also dont like that they turned it into a registry. I will see how it works out.
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1 month ago, 12234455 nikki
Awful and it takes forever to receive your order
I love their products however the online shopping experience is awful and it takes forever to receive your order. I dread shopping on their website.
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2 years ago, Prerana R
Features from last version were better
The new update does not allow toggling between William Sonoma, Pottery Barn and West Elm. It was better when there was one app to access all three stores. Also, the new version is focused only on registry, instead of regular online shopping.
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2 years ago, McDouglas79
Ruined the app
I don’t need a wedding registry. But I like having my favorite item list for shopping ease. Now that’s gone. App freezes and crashes. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. And if you do “fix” it, at least make sure it works.
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4 months ago, mikeyzeeeee
Can’t even sign in on the app.
Was in store yesterday and tried creating a registry. Online it works. The app doesn’t work. The lady who works there had to create us a new account and still wouldn’t work. Solely the app not working. Zero stars for the app
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2 years ago, Munisa-_76
Love it.
I can’t without
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1 year ago, jjjjj bean
Doesn’t work in store
The app constantly freezes. The scan feature doesn’t work at all. We tried registering at 2 stores and neither store’s Wi-Fi’s supported the app. Horrible and frustrating experience.
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12 months ago, Greasenosed Eggs
Can’t login
App won’t let my fiancée or myself to log in. We can use the web browser, but not the app. Very annoying at our appointment, where we had to manually add each item
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11 months ago, Jacquie Mancher
Scanner doesn’t work
Every time we can an item it pulls up a blank page and we have to manually enter the skew. Very frustrating experience.
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11 months ago, scoobysnack1996
Glitchy and slow. Very frustrating while building my wedding registry. Considering just cutting William Sonoma off from registry and just doing target which is very user friendly for registries.
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2 years ago, Jay13tav
Simply does not work
Downloaded the app to manage registry. Constantly freezes, doesn’t refresh, or allow me to scroll down.
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2 years ago, Customer2837
App does not work well. It crashes all of the time and it will not log me in. It’s extremely frustrating
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9 months ago, gyjndssgj
Do not recommend
So bad! Would never recommend this app or west elm or PotteryBarn. Clunky, slow and lacking in connectivity with the knot. In store staff do not know how to use the app either.
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2 years ago, jokampi
The app freezes wayyy too often. And then logs me out. Needs to be updated
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2 years ago, Eftychia1
Website crashes
The has crashed several times
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2 years ago, Lonestarner
Impossible to use
Deleted my registry multiple times. This and the pottery barn app do not work at all as intended. List of complaints too long to type.
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4 years ago, Rekayla Denisha
Great app but...
This is a great app, but every time I log in, and out of the app. It always seems to never recognize my email, or password so I always have to go to the website, & change it back to my original password, then delete the app, then reinstall it, & put my information back in.
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2 years ago, Jillirp
Full of glitches
The app is extremely glitchy, especially the gift tracker portion which, to me, is the most important part.
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2 days ago, Avakitty🐥🐥12
App glitch
I am constantly erasing and downloading the app because I am not able to open the registry I created. Now, I am unable to download the William Sonoma app….
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4 months ago, MUSH4014
Not able to log in
Created our wedding registry outside of the app, and it looks like we can’t use it.
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2 years ago, scouty52
Only for Weddings
This App is limited to wedding registry’s Not useful now. I had several items in my “Favorites “ list and that disappeared. I am deleting this App.
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2 years ago, acd1998
needs to be updated nothing on the app will load at the moment
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2 years ago, KK456
Not working properly
It is not working for me half the times
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2 years ago, g3tout
Hate new app
I used to love shopping online through this app until it became a registry!
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2 years ago, Kimberly Newt
What if I just want to shop?
The new app is for “registering” but I am not a bride…so how do I just get to the app that I can shop from?
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1 year ago, Cm7942
Poor coverage about Products that I recently purchased
Returns woman spoke to manager plus supervisor Not understanding
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2 months ago, Hot Rachel in Texas
Delivered to wrong address due to wrong address on shipping label
Can’t seven get delivered to correct address
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2 years ago, laphil2
Wedding Registry Focus Bad Idea
This app is crap! Won’t be using it or my credit card.
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2 years ago, PixelRogue
Classy products and trashy corporate support. Buyer beware of card fraud...
Went to use our merchandise gift card only to be shocked it had a zero balance. Card never left our house, never been used. Few days prior to the card was liquidated in an online order pick-up in store in Conoga Park California. We live on the East Cost. Williams Sonoma continues to tell us to pound sand, impossible for someone to have both the gift card number and pin. Case closed, unable to communicate with loss prevention, fraud etc. Treatment from Williams Sonoma on the matter has been clear, terse and rude. Not our problem - contact the police and file a report WS is treating us like the criminal, refusing to even as much as cooperate let alone support or take some ownership - refusing to view video footage of pickup, share information about the order - zero. They are saying we essentially made the purchase and at the same time refusing us our right to associated purchase details. Folks need to be aware how corporate treats its customers. Unacceptable.
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5 years ago, ChelsieCCK
Very convenient, bring back filters
The app is super easy to use but you should add a way to make items completed without having to take them off the registry if you buy something yourself or someone buys something and doesn’t mark it as part of your registry. Being back filter functions so you can look at your own registry based on fulfilled items. There’s got to be a better way to finish your items after the wedding between what is available at a store near you vs. what you have to buy online. That was an actual nightmare.
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4 years ago, kamills10
Great for registries
This has been super helpful when building our wedding registry! However the one thing that could be better would be a more seamless transition between brands for The One registry. You have to log in multiple times within the app when you are switching between brands. Also, users should be able to stay signed in to their registry (think about how social media apps keep you logged in) instead of having to re-enter your info every time you open the app.
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5 years ago, AzLibster
WS, you’re better than this.
Unlike most here, or so it seems, I installed the app not for a registry, but just because I thought it would be easier to browse for myself when shopping for housewares or the WS furniture line. It functions basically the same as the mobile version of the site, however any time I open a specific item read the details and look at images, there is no way to go back. Why is there no back feature when shopping anywhere on the app? This is such a basic feature of online shopping and not having it makes zero sense. WS, you are better than this.
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3 years ago, Lady from Texas
I suddenly started having issues. Everytime I click on the shopping cart, it dumps me from the app. I can’t pay for what I want. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve tried everything other than reinstalling the app.
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6 years ago, NYCchgoLA
Could’ve been 5 Star is the app...
-Would be better if you could designate which items are “Need” and which ones are “Want.” -Alerted you to when an item has been bought. -Had the option to track gifts being sent to you. So you just pray the box gets to you and no one steals it from your front porch.
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5 years ago, grangergirl360
Ruined it.
This app used to be so helpful by showing my my registry, letting me easily scan, and telling me how many gifts are purchased and days left until my wedding. They took away all of that with the new update. Now scanning takes forever and just redirects to the mobile website, when I scan the selections all get erased so I have to reselect size and color, and it logs me out all the time! I hate this new update and I will no longer be using this app. They should seriously consider taking a look at crate and barrels app. It’s great.
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4 years ago, tallholl4718
Never recognizes email or pw
This app is awful. My login will work and then log me out for no reason. When I try to log back in it tells me to call support. When I change my PW it still doesnt recognize my login. I then have to delete the app from my phone and redownload it, then finally Login with my credentials to have it work for a few hours. In the past 3 days I’ve had to do this 6-7 times. Also when you use the scanner it force quits the app sometimes altogether. Get it together WS!!
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