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Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
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3 months ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Winn-Dixie

4.63 out of 5
27.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Trinity grimme
I wanna Winn!!
Dixie is literally a hunger saver for my family pushing end of month. As I shop throughout the month using my digital coupons and point multipliers I stack my point savings until end of months dooms day bill paying week and with the points I earned I am able to buy food for my family to help get through the week. They have the best rewards program and I’m always anxiously checking my app to see if I have a bonus 20x,30x or even sometimes(although not enough times)a 40x points multiplier!!! It absolutely makes for a happy shopping trip when I know I get 40x the points at checkout! THANK YOU Winn Dixie! And p.s…….. I want to Winn😉!
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1 year ago, FlaDebbie
For me, only one thing is missing…
I use this app all the time and like a lot of people I will save up my points to either use for the holidays or when cash is low in the checking account. I love the fact that there is a shopping list because it automatically tells me, with most items which aisle it’s in. I’m not sure if I’m able to assign an aisle for an item that I locate in case the app didn’t assign an aisle or not, as I’m still getting used to using the app. However, the ONE most important addition to this app that I would like to see would be in the shopping list view, it would show you either the price of each item, give you the ability to add the price, and above all a running total where you can actually add your local sales tax amount. With the cost of everything these days IMPERATIVE to know how much we are spending as we are spending it. Please consider adding this to the app as this will make your app a five star perfect app for me and help me stay on top of my food budget each month.
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3 years ago, alysa kaitlyn
App update
I work at Winn Dixie and I have a lot of my customers telling me that the app is not letting them do the mystery bonus, another issue is a lot of them including myself don’t know how to use the mystery bonus because it just says “active or deactivated” but what do they do after? Do we just input are phone numbers on the pin pad at check out and will be applied? Also their is nothing to tell us when the points expire. Now in store where having a big issue with the coupons that print out after the receipt that say “ $12 off $40 or $20 off $100 etc” a lot of them don’t work and I know they tell us to have them activate it in the app but when they go and try to do that it doesn’t show. & when you scan any of the coupons it says “ not active in your store” Please make updates to your app, a lot of the customers are upset and frustrated because they don’t understand this new update and coupon issue.
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2 years ago, nickname.doCreate
Needs a lot of work
Flyer view may be helpful on a laptop screen. On a phone, a list view with categories usually makes more sense. There should be over a dozen categories. and BOGOs should be one. In the shopping list, categories should be automatically assigned — The user should not have to do that — and they should be listed in order of aisle number, to make shopping efficient. Each shopping list item should show, right at list level, if it’s a BOGO and how much is being saved. It should not be necessary to descend through multiple levels of detail to get that information. On entering the shopping list, if there are expired sale items in it, the user should be given the opportunity to be reminded of it and to indicate if their removal is desired. Perhaps, even offer the user to view only those items and to individually choose which should be removed.
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10 months ago, Should've been warned
Catch up!! Add features offered on website!!
I like that I can review and add all available coupons easily, but the app is seriously slow with lots of delays and doesn’t include features that are offered on the Winn Dixie website. There is no “Add to Cart” on the app, which makes using the app almost pointless! I clip coupons when I have time throughout the week and I add items to my list throughout the week, but it doesn’t do me any good if I want to create an order for pick up or delivery. In that case, I can only use the website, which means I have to go back and forth between the website and app to see which items I have clipped a coupon for and/or added to my list, and add everything (again) to an order on the website. Because of this, I keep my list in Publix and usually go there, even though it is farther away and more expensive, because the Winn Dixie app doesn’t have the same features.
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1 year ago, Tyler swervin
The app from good to bad
I’ve used this app for roughly a year and a half now. In the beginning it worked wonderfully and I had no problems or complaints but as of the past 3 months whenever I open my app it will not load and the word error pops up on the bottom of my screen. I know it is not my internet connection nor my phone that is the problem as I can open every single other app with no problem. But it rarely works correctly now and even when it does work it only lasts a minute or two before the app turns white and the error message pops up at the bottom of it. I cannot see my points anymore, it will not let me select point boosters or load them anymore as well as when I click on the weekly fliers it will simply exit itself from the flyer and bring me back to the option of the weekly, in store, and alcohol flyers. What once worked so good and helped me save so much no longer works well for me.
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1 year ago, MonBe1316
Used to be amazing
After the last couple of updates, this app has had nothing but problems for me. It constantly can’t connect to either my wallet, the coupons, or the weekly ads, or it just doesn’t show my points correctly at all. from what I understand from what the store associates have told me, the entire Rewards system primarily runs off this app. I’ve had it twice where I have put in my phone number in the store and have had problems. It either didn’t give me points at all or it said that I had no rewards points when it showed on the app that I have them just moments before I checked out. I even tried deleting the app and re-downloading it to see if that would help. It helped for, oh, about a day. it’s honestly getting really annoying.
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5 months ago, SavyRes
For the most part, it’s pretty good
The app is pretty good. For starters, you can see your reward points, how much you’ve saved etc. Then you can also make your shopping list and mark certain items as your favorite. My only problem is that I’d love if I were able to make an online order using the app. As a mother on the go, it would just make it easier. It’s just not convenient right now; to put in an order, it directs you to open a browser, sign in (takes longer if you don’t remember passwords) then to go through multiple pages to find every item you need. If the long process was eliminated, I’d have an online order every other week but other than that, the app is good.
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4 days ago, Shakweekwee
Someone confiscated my number
I realized it after they had stolen my points, about $50 each time. They are from another city and shop at another grocery not Winn Dixie. I have spoken to customer service 3xs. Now my profile says am G…. Fake with wrong email and phone. I am using a different number but now even though my receipt says I am getting points it has remained at $1.77. Should I delete my account and start again. The manager at my store gave me a gift card but I shop there almost daily and don’t know what to do at this point. I gave 5 stars because my WD does a great job!
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3 years ago, Sir Alexander The Gamer
Winn Dixie is the best
You have plenty of choices for grocery stores here in the Jacksonville area. There are organic stores, there are budget stores, there are small mom and pop stores. None of them offer you the value or the rewards programs that Winn Dixie has! My store is the one on county road 210. It’s always super clean, the staff is friendly and helpful. The pizza and wing bar is simply the best for a quick lunch. I shop here once a week, and at the end of every month I usually have about $30 in free groceries thanks to the rewards program!
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4 months ago, jsmylez
App accessibility for those who use voiceover
I was able to use this app one time. It seemed very accessible at the time. Now the app is unusable with VoiceOver and even with the feature that APPLE has put in place for screen recognition. The app does not allow a voice over user to navigate scroll click or understand text on the screen. I really liked this app when it worked, but now I can’t even use it. I have to sometimes open Uber Eats to figure out what I want from Winn-Dixie, and then tell someone to go get it for me because I can’t, do it on my own from the app anymore. Also, the website is just as bad. I have never gone on a website to an app that I couldn’t use. Usually if the app is an accessible, the website is accessible, but in this case it wasn’t. Please fix! Thank you I appreciate it.
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2 years ago, Bill in Mobile, Al
Too hard to get and use.
I have had a Winn Dixie card for years, then they decided that all cards had to be replaced. Got a new card, and now have money on card that I can’t redeem because I am told that I must get the app. I called the number on my card, and tried to update my phone number and get the app. I was told on phone that I must download the app, but they would update my phone number on the phone. Next i went to store, and neither my old number nor my new phone number would work. Went home and tried to download the app. It did not recognize either old or new phone number, and it asked for my credit card info. I am FED UP WITH WINN DIXIE, SE GROCERS, And the whole lot!!!!!! They still have my $14 in bonus points that I cannot use!!!!! Going to shop at Walmart now. - Bill Carpenter in Mobile, Alabama.
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3 years ago, Swt. Pea
❤️The savings
I love using this app because it’s very easy to use and the points add up fast giving even more savings at the check out. It also has coupons for diff depts that you can choose if it is something you normally buy and it’s even better if the item is on sale. You have the option of letting the points add and I save up my points sometimes for times when my money may be running short and it ends up paying for most of my groceries for that week. Once you start using this app and see your savings, you will be glad you have found this app to help save money. Very very easy to use! 🥰
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1 year ago, demi69
Mostly great app
This app is user friendly. I appreciate that I can easily order my groceries from anywhere. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it does not allow you to use your points when shopping curbside. You have to scan the barcode at the cash register if you want to use your points. For a busy mom/career woman, I don’t have time to go into the store to shop most of the time. Many of my points have expired because I was not able to use them in time. If they are going to offer pickup service, it only makes sense to allow shoppers to use their points when using the app for this service.
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11 months ago, Storm trooper s.w.a.t
Winn Dixie App
This site is awful. They want you to make a list of the items you want but you don’t know where to go from there!! Can’t find an add to cart anywhere!!! Plus pop up adds from Winn Dixie are constantly popping up!!!! Very frustrating. Also when you shop online they don’t tell you they are using Door Dash employees to fill your order. They have a pic fee and a pick up fee and want you to leave a tip!!! Most items are overpriced in the first place, sad sad sad all the way around. I will not be using them for pick up or delivery. Oh and I live 2 miles away from a WInn Dixie and they want 9.00 plus for delivery plus a tip and of course a pic fee( that’s for someone to pick up your product and put it in a cart). Target, Sams Club, and Walmart has them beat all the way around!!!!
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2 years ago, SuzyCN
New Rule???
I’m anxious to see how this updated App works. I do enjoy shopping at Winn…Staff is ALWAYS kind and helpful except for only one account…was when I was told last week by a female employee as she hurriedly walked by me while I was at the meat counter, “Sorry, but I cannot allow you to have your pet in here!” That hit me very unexpected and sadly because that is the very first time I have ever been told that in your store which is a big deal for me. I have a small toy poodle, well behaved and quiet. Did this suddenly become a new store rule? Walmart allows dogs. If I can’t have my pup with me, I may have to choose Walmart as my #1 Grocery Store.
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3 years ago, DLD9268
Does Not Work
Asks for email address and password, then takes you to a screen to create a password. I tried using the password entered on the previous screen as well as a new password and nothing happens when you click submit. And no, I do not want to call some number and speak to customer service, I am just trying to get my elderly mother logged in so she can claim her rewards she gets emails about - they don’t seem to work either. You click “activate offer” in the email and it takes you to her account, but the offers never appear anywhere. If the app design is so convoluted that it requires someone to call customer service, just to get logged in, then there is a major flaw that needs fo be addressed. I am not a technology challenged senior citizen either.
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3 years ago, CC Lenny
Good app when working
I enjoy using it , however it seems to be down when I need it most. Which is when I am shopping. Thank it is a connection issue while in store. I shop at WD for about 90% of our seafood and fish. Only place I can afford frankly. There scallops are as good as we have had anywhere. Wonderful surprise. Simply thow out in cold water with a little salt for 40 minutes. Then drain them real good, into the grips med high heat. Half butter half good olive oil and garlic. Finishe with dry white wine of your choice, about 3/4 cup. Will reduce. Put over your favorite pasta. Cheers
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3 years ago, OOJOSA1
I’ve had this app for years with no issues . Now I can’t get it to open. Crash is not the word I’d use. It just don’t work! Whatever you did to this app now it just starts to open the red check mark comes up for a fraction of a second and then it just closes out . Oh it’s still there behind the scenes but if I bring it to the front it removes itself again over and over. I deleted it and got a new copy it continues to do the same thing . I’ve check all the setting in the app and on my phone nothing is doing this but the app. Please fix this as I lose all the things that give me reason to shop at win Dixie it not the closest of stores to go too. But the app save me money, without it I get no bonus points or see the coupons or adds. Fix it please!
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1 year ago, Nikilish
Much better BUT
I’ve used this app since it was first available. It’s so much better, and has developed nicely. BUT…. 1. Still very slow. Long pauses after adding or searching an item. 2. Weekly ad items that are added to my shopping list are added as GENERIC. I have to go back and search each added item individually so they will fall into the correct isle. Huge time waster. 3. Search is really limited and narrow. I have to guess at how the item is labeled in the app. Sometimes, i am forced to add items as GENERIC because item isn’t listed in the search. 🌻
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1 year ago, Jeffallmccar
Worst App Ever
The Winn-Dixie app has not worked in at least four weeks. It is not record my points. It’s not giving me credit for points I have earned. Now it’s not even letting me see my own profile or name or phone number or anything. This app does not even work 50% of the time. Not to mention you only get 20 times the points or 40 times the points when you haven’t been shopping at Winn-Dixie for more than 30 to 45 days. Other than that the app does not offer very many perks and very many points at all. You literally have to spend thousands of dollars to get a measly five dollars in points. There is no update for the app. This app is not automatically updated. Customers of Winn-Dixie are completely left in the dark.
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1 year ago, Tmhanson1
Needs work!!
I love that I can create a shopping list on the app because it tells me which aisle the food is on in the order the aisles are in the store. But it is SO slow and glitchy trying to add new items to the list. It also gets worse as you’re using the app to make your list until I have to restart the whole app. It also just won’t load my acct info (points, bonuses, balance, etc) at all or it crashes. I don’t know how it has such a high rating. It’s so very frustrating and time consuming to use the shopping list feature. I’m using a fully updated iPhone 14, so I know it’s not that. I’ve even tried deleting the app and adding it back.
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2 years ago, MaryyyMC
Has a flaw
So far my experience with the app has not been the best I have tried to change my login credentials as well as personal information as I’ve gotten married and information has changed however every time I try to edit the information in the app it tells me that I need to log into another area and then it tells me that my login is incorrect even though I’ve changed my password three times and it lets me log into the app however not into whatever website it sends me to. This is very frustrating. I also tried calling the phone number and it just gives a busy tone every time. Other than that the app looks good.
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3 years ago, amigadeltaco
Get organized before entering the store
You can buy what you need and double it to share the joy with someone else in need. You can also save for the months to come. Wait until the BOGOS get activated and buy one or two , use the manufacturers coupons , and look for the electronic coupons in the App, activate the deals .. it is like a game that gives and gives more every time you set a foot inside the store! Teach your children to use it and have a lot of fun.
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2 years ago, livew4l
Was working fine til update
I had to create a whole new account to use the app because I couldn't connect my existing acct. NBD, only lost a few cents, but finally I was able to use digital coupons again! Fast forward to today. I typically avoid updates because they tend to break things, but I got sucked into this one by the prospect of digital receipts. Guess what broke? DIGITAL COUPONS. 🤦‍♀️ Adding looks ok for a second, then "failed to activate coupon". Also giving huge side-eye to Apple for making it so difficult and unintuitive to check for abysmal reviews before accepting an update!
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3 years ago, ms anselmo
Love to shop at WD
This is a the only store I enjoy shopping because it’s always neat and clean. It has everything I need and everyone is so helpful. The ladies in the Deli are friendly and quick to serve you. Ms. Carol always has a kind word to say and makes my shopping a nice experience. I’m in Winn Dixie at least three to four times a week and always enjoy my shopping. The Pharmacy ladies will help me find what I am looking for and the checkout and staff are friendly. I’m a 79 year old lady and love Winn Dixie.
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4 years ago, Jacob McCandless
Well, I’ll be. Writing a review is never my first thought after being satisfied or unsatisfied with a product or service. So this review is considered special in my book. Oh Winn-Dixie, such a sweet tune you sing in my heart. From the farm fresh produce to the top choice cuts of 100% angus beef (I tend to splurge on the T-Bone, my wife is happy with chuck). As far as the app goes, my shopping experience just became a thousand times more enjoyable and ACCESSIBLE!!! I huge thank you to the WD team for making this Covid world a little easier on a southern gentleman like myself. CHEERS!!🍻
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3 years ago, maggie155
Always a public person but not now
I always went to Publix because I always thought it was the best value and quality I have learned by going to Winn-Dixie that the quality is just as good the variety is good and your southern grocers products are very good like garbage bags and plastic wrap aluminum foil I never thought in my life I would ever buy any kind of store brand Products but now I religiously look at your circular each week and shop at Winn-Dixie as much as a shop at Publix
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1 year ago, Captain of None
What has happened?
The latest update was supposed to fix the showing of accumulated points,however, it has totally destroyed the app. I have tried multiple times to use the app, it will not let me log in. At this point it is useless. Up until now I have been well pleased with the app. Gone from a five to one star. Did the uninstall, reinstall. It appears to have fixed my problem. Back to a five.
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3 years ago, GRIN-N-BEAR IT
Logging in…
I haven’t been able to open my app the last 2 times I’ve been in the store! It’s sooo frustrating! And not being able to use my multipliers or bonus. I do like to give my number at the end of my order and watch the yellow bars popping up with specials and lowering my final total! Now that’s exciting to me!! Seems like the last 2 times I’ve missed out on mystery bonus because it wouldn’t open!😕
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1 year ago, mad lady 2.0
Too many glitches
I have had this app for a while and it has been one big problem after another. It takes a while to load up and you loose your clipped coupons and points. It would be good if it actually work for more than a week or two before it glitches
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3 years ago, LizB_123!
Check your receipts
How many times I’ve been burnt by Winn Dixie. Missing offers, incorrect shelf tag prices, activated coupons not coming off the total. It’s my fault that I keep shopping there on occasion. And try and figure out the receipts? What a mess! Even the cashiers can’t figure them out. SE grocers company, please take a cue from Publix receipts...they are clean, organized and easy to read. I know exactly what I’ve paid for each item. They don’t mess around with bonus points and scanning cards. Easy and efficient. Until things improve, I’ll continue to seek out the majority of my weekly shopping elsewhere.
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3 months ago, THE Bob Cramer
Turn off coupon printout
App works fine, just would like to be able to turn OFF the automatic coupons that printout after checking out. I use the paperless (email) receipt option but there is no way to turn off the coupons. Especially when I use self-checkout, the assistant always run around “don’t you want your receipt?”. I pay & go, the assistant has to go around and throw away all the coupons that still come out.
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2 years ago, SuperCelebrity
When It Works, It’s Great
I like using this app in order to shop for groceries and to check my rewards points. However, the app can be buggy and not allow me in every time I open it, sometimes showing no points, no stores nearby, and more. I just got a new phone and no matter how many times I try to change my password or try to log in, it goes back to the home screen where I can see nothing but it asking me to log in or ‘sign up.’ If it weren’t for these issues, it would easily get 5 stars.
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8 months ago, Drew039
Can’t Ever Sign In
This app will never let me sign in to be able to use it. Even after updating the app, I put in the verifier that it sends my phone and it loads in a never-ending loop. If I didn’t rate this app 1 star I would be lying. I would rate it 0 stars if I could (I can’t even use the app, there’s no point to even have it on my phone). I’m gonna delete it. Maybe one day I’ll check it again, but if it doesn’t work when that day comes I’ll delete it again. What a shame. I’m shaking my head at the people who “work” on this app. Must be nice to not actually have to work and fix something at work and still get paid for it
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2 years ago, Sick of ya!
Unfair to those who cannot use apps.
Some elderly people are only able to use their phones except to call or answer & maybe take photos. My husband is one of those people. I am handicapped & can no longer do the shopping. Therefore, he does the shopping & has no idea how to do much beyond what I stated. Publix allows you to have the cashier enter your phone #. Therefore, I am able to select what sales items or BOGO’S we want & they are rung up at check-out. We are looking at shopping Publix exclusively. My husband would prefer Winn Dixie, but in this economy, it is becoming a necessity.
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1 year ago, Joan3r1995
Needs some attention
Its good overall but if i type in something basic like chocolate it wont pull up everything that has to do with it it will only pop up things with that word. Also if you add things to your list from the sales ad it will put it in generic items and wont tell you where they are which is the main reason i use this app to make shopping faster. I even typed in hamburger meat and only hamburger helper popped up, typed in burger and like seasonings popped up that was it.
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3 years ago, G. Nesiba
Problems with account set up and access!
I’m a new customer and new rewards member. I signed up in store and wanted to register per the app. I haven’t been able to log in or set up an account for weeks. I keep getting an error message at the end of the set up process. I’ve also tried to register on the Winn Dixie site from my phone. The site did not recognize my information although I signed up in store. I tried setting up a new account, but it would never finish registering. I hope the problem(s) get fixed soon. It would be nice to view my account and actually reap the benefits of being a member.
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3 years ago, Tom3.1415926
Much to Do Yet
When I left the South in 1994 iand Winn Dixie with it, Winn Dixie was my store of choice. Schmierkase Cottage Cheese and .69 Half gallons of Ice Milk were among my favorites. WD offered themselves as "The Beef People". Twenty seven years later, they still have gteat Cottage Cheese, just not Schmierkase and that Cheap Ice Milk (which was VERY close to Vanilla Ice Cream was scuttled by politicians making deals in back rooms filled with cigar smoke. it was replaced by Ice Cream nine times more expensive. I took an extensive walk through my local WD after moving to Florida in 2021 and didn't find a lot of products that interest me very much. Maybe it's the supply chain breakdown, but I don't see many of the products from major suppliers like Jimmy Dean for example that I have enjoyed for the last ten or more years elsewhere. "Such is life in the big city", although I actually live closer to the boondocks.
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3 years ago, SaintFlorian
Better, but still needs work
Being able to make a shopping list and add items from the weekly ad are welcome features added back in, but this app still lags far behind Publix’s. There’s no way to look up specific items or where to find them in the stores, which would be a big help. Could also use a saved payment option, especially to help with contactless checkout. Looking forward to more improvements.
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12 months ago, Bunnylady61
Difficult to use
I have many apps on my phone & this one is by far one of the most difficult ones to use. When I shared my frustration with the staff in the store yesterday 3 of them told me they all have issues with it, also, and asked that I follow up. I had saved the coupon for $10 off if you spent $75 but it didn’t come up & wouldn’t show anywhere, so there went that “bargain”. In this day & age there’s no reason for an app to not be more user friendly than this one is. I’ll just need to do more of my shopping at Publix, where I’ve never had an issue with their app.
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2 years ago, mad C.M.
Going back to Publix -Winn-Dixie more money less less points
Since inflation hit I spend way more in store -as expected but the only reason I drove across town to here rather than Publix (less than a 1/4 mile from my home) is the reward points I buy the same amount of food spend more but the points system went way down I don’t get any barely spent almost 500$ and Got less than 0.1% point reward also never gives the 5and 10 points credit that’s offered on promotion I do activate it but never get it. I’ve gone back to Publix for the last month and will continue to .
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1 month ago, PO'ed in Tampa
The search function doesn’t work for iPhones
Ever since I installed this app, the search function where you are supposed to be able to locate items in a Winn Dixie store has not worked. It does not allow me to enter anything in the search bar. I have reported this many times to SE Grocers but their IT folks have never reached out to me. I have bombarded their customer support people and they finally admitted that the app support team has told them that they have discovered that this function doesn’t work for iPhones! They have no estimate as to when if ever this will be fixed
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8 months ago, sjdududb
Useless app
App never really works. When having to log in…it takes you to the internet browser then it kicks you off entirely. Can’t really log in through the app. It’s often freezing up so u can’t really use it. You guys really should invest in better technology. It’s pretty useless to be honest. It’s more of a headache to use the app than it does any good. I’d just continue to use the internet browser since it won’t slow me down. I hate to restart the whole app everytime is has a glitch. One of the worse apps I’ve ever used. Not worth even downloading you’ll get frustrated.
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9 months ago, Jai Chi
Updates and it still crashes
I do admit that the app is very useful for keeping track of points, multipliers and I’m able to look at the store add from home. But we’ve recently just had an update and I couldn’t even see what it was if I wanted to. Myself and many other customers have had the issue where we’ll open the app, see the logo for 5 seconds, then it crashes.
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3 years ago, cheesegeek
Horribly buggy
Just installed the app. When I enter in my phone number - which works just fine at checkout - it tells me there’s an issue and to contact customer service. I try entering my email address. It tells me it’s not valid. I quit the app. Try again. Same issue. I try again later and it suddenly recognizes my phone number. I go to create an account. Get to the screen to submit my password. I click on the “sibmit” button and nothing happens. I go back a screen and return to the password page. Same issue. I don’t know if I will ever get logged in. Frustrating.
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9 months ago, dhaney94
Started out great, now too faulty
The app was great when I downloaded it about a year ago. Multipliers for points, digital coupons that get added by simply clicking a button and weekly ads easily accessed. I was able to collect over $50 worth of free groceries this year! Now everytime I attempt to use the app it will not load. I can’t even see what’s on sale for the week. Please fix these bugs so I can continue to plan my grocery shopping easily!
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2 months ago, B_M29
Miss the old rewards
The app is just ok. I started using it because you received more rewards and points from using the app. The search option is hit or miss. The app shows where you can look at the BOGO items for the week but that doesn’t work all the time. Winn Dixie now changed their reward program and instead of getting 20%-30% back in points (sometimes even higher) it’s now 2%-7%. I mainly shopped at Winn Dixie because of the reward program but have started shopping at other stores.
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1 year ago, Sealie4545
What’s Happening?
I use to love this app but lately it has been so unreliable. More often than not it doesn’t load properly so I can’t see my points or the weekly ad. On the occasion when I can access the ad I am often unable to create my shopping list from selecting items from the ad to add to my list because it won’t do anything when I click on the item. I don’t understand why there are so many problems with this app now. This never happens to me on the Publix app or the Costco app. What is going on?
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1 year ago, StreamLinkSober
So unreliable
I only chose to go to Winn Dixie because of the points, I’ve bypassed shopping there so many times because the app isn’t working or down. It’s so frustrating when they’ve done an update and you try to log in and it tells you your password is wrong, you change it, and it still tells you it’s wrong. If the app multiplyers aren’t there I choose to go to Publix instead for a better shopping experience if I’m not getting rewards. The app rating really reeks of asking employees to log in and rate it 5* with all the employees identifying themselves in the reviews.
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