Wizz Air - Book Flights

4.7 (13.1K)
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Wizz Air Hungary Ltd.
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wizz Air - Book Flights

4.73 out of 5
13.1K Ratings
5 years ago, vividwu
Great App
I’m not sure why this app has such mediocre reviews- it is SO HELPFUL. First of all, it is very easy to use (at least on my iPhone). The layout is simple and I was able to easily find my booking here, even though I booked through a different site. They also give a timeline of when you should get to the airport, check in, etc and offer transportation options. The mobile/online check in and boarding passes make everything so simple. I wish every airline had an app like this!
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2 weeks ago, Poor Airline service
Poor App. Very poor customer service
My husband and I took a round trip from Rome to Paris. 19 May - 26 May 2024. The App sent notifications to check in and we could not get anywhere with the site to actually check in. We were unable to get boarding passes. This was not a problem in Rome- when we checked into the desk at the airport, they gave us paper boarding passes. However, in Paris for the return trip - we still could not get the app to function for boarding passes and they charged us 80 euros for paper boarding passes. Not only that!!!! They made us take a transfer shuttle to a different terminal at the airport to get the passes. The counter desk for help at the new terminal was unmarked. - NO signage or directions! and we had to ask multiple times to get to the right counter. Then pay for a boarding pass and take the shuttle back to the right terminal to board. This process was unacceptable and there were many people on our flight with the same problem. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Never!!! Never will we fly Wizz air again!!!! Nancy McEvers- Anderson John Anderson
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1 month ago, Pan Peti
First time I am dealing with Wizz Air, but it looks like the company is trying very hard to discourage me from flying with them. I guess they don't need any money. My first disappointment came when I have tried to book a trip on the website. The website kept arbitrary changing my travel dates and didn't let me choose the dates I have wanted, even though according to third party websites there were available flights on that date. Then I thought I will try it on this app. In order to do that one needs to register. I have filled out the registration form but it wants me to confirm my email address. However the confirmation email doesn't come. I have double checked my email and my junk folders but there's nothing. This is the worst outfit I have ever dealt with.
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12 months ago, Jonosprings
No Apple Pay in this the year 2023 AD. Date selector doesn't allow you to pick a date in the future when selecting the passport issue date but the date selector prompts you left to right to select the day, month, year. So it ends up spinning around to a date you did not select if your issue date day or month as later than the current date. It’s also unclear if you are required to scan your passport with your camera or if it’s simply a tool you can optionally use. We’ve all been there trying to scan a passport with your phone, trying to get the lighting right, keep all your fingers out of they way. Such a struggle.
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6 months ago, DaMartian
Worst Customer Service Ever
Where to start? - Wizz was not capable to change the contact email for over 10years after countless attempts. - You can’t contact Wizz via email - The chat bot is horrible, it leads you to a dead end most of times. - When finally you can get an actual agent, they don’t even read your problem, but copy paste generic trouble shooting from the FAQ and then they disconnect the chat without asking if it solved your problem. Then you need to go for 10mins again to get another agent, but doesn’t matter what you write (even asking NOT to copy the same FAQ) they send you the same useless troubleshooting list again. - They are not trained, can not solve the most basic issues, and they lack of any foundational customer service skills. - So last option you have is to call the high rate number where they make you wait (and pay sometimes more than the cost of sour actual ticket) HORRIBLE experience. Question if a company this size can afford such a ridiculous customer service, or ignoring their clients’ problems is part of their business strategy?!
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11 months ago, P1lare
Unfairly charge for every possible thing
First time ever I was charged extra a lot of money for not checking online. Which I was trying to do but on purpose they are closing way ahead of time. And you have to run back and forth across entire airport to pay the bill, there absolutely no help or compassion from any workers. I was among many others on the same flight in that situation. This time I went through this online checking ant it is confusing, document scan doesn’t work, it is not showing sports baggage I paid for but I’m not paying an extra dime to this company. Even if they will try to seat my 2 year old 20 rows apart as they did before. Worst airline and the airline app ever.
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10 months ago, planecrashdreams
If you do, it usually tells you once you register, that it’s “too late to check-in,” even if you’re very early to your flight. They then direct you to pay an approximate $60USD fee simply because you didn’t know and downloaded the app and registered and check-in is closed on the app. The desks won’t check you in without you paying the fee after that, even when they’re checking other people in for your same flight. Only because they didn’t register for the app. There is absolutely no signage to explain this. And the airline staff were completely unsympathetic. A rip off for honest people trying to save money on inexpensive flights.
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5 years ago, ::n3o::
Download; save yourselves the ₿€$¥ for a good meal
Simple. Checks you in, gives you a digital boarding pass, make modifications to your itinerary & gives info about flight with some additional bells and whistles of side bookings. Lots better alternatives to the savvy. But gets the job done to check you in to save time & money, which can be better spent such as a night at a wonderful restaurant with your partner. They'll appreciate you 🖖
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6 months ago, Riley1567
Massively disappointed
It is hard to begin a review when I have so many complaints from my first time traveling with Wizz Air. Suffice it to say that deception, astronomical checked bag fees, separating two legs of the trip so that it counts as a whole new flight even though it is a layover, and a suffocating check in process are just an introduction to the complaints. For just one checked bag that weighs a measly 6 Kg we are paying $228 USD and must get the bag on a layover and recheck it. The cost of my wife’s ticket is $265. Outrageous! Literally, we check in one bag of 6kg and we pay this much. I have flown over 2,200,000 miles in my lifetime and have never been as shocked and deeply disappointed in an airline.
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3 years ago, ACos91
App is seriously flawed
My friends and I were traveling as a group from Luton to Italy. One of my friends checked in and when we arrived at the air port Wizz Air representatives stated that he did not check in and charged him, his wife, and his son around £100 to fly. Myself and another one of my friends checked a bag in coming back from Italy. However, once we arrived at the airport the representatives informed us that our bags were not checked in. I was charged £35 and my bank statements showed me that I paid for the original check in. I was charged twice for my bag. I would advise everyone not to use this app as you will get unexpected charges.
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1 year ago, jajajakddvj
Too expensive luggage fee
Please note that I find your luggage cost way too expensive. If added to the cost of the ticket, the final price of my seat is exactly the same as if I am traveling via regular air line. You are not a low-cost company when the luggage is included.
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6 years ago, Matyas B.
It’s working perfectly fine for me
Note: I purchased the flight from a computer (I didn’t try it from the app), but after that my flight was visible in the app, I could check in without any problems (48 hrs before the flight), I could download my mobile boarding pass and add it to my IOS wallet. At the airport I never had any issues with my mobile boarding passes, if you have this ready, you won’t pay any extra fees.
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5 months ago, goldennat7
Predatory Business
The app works great. However it will display Online Check-in Included when you search your flight. This does NOT mean they included online check in for you and you are required to pay a €50 fee at the airport for not doing so and they lock you out within 3 hours of your flight. When I asked about it, customer service said this just means it is included that you have the ability to check in online yourself. The wording is predatory and I hope they change it to be more clear of what is “included”
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10 months ago, вамзвонили
Complicated and costly
Absolutely worst customer flow. Instead of making it simple to check in, you are forced to register, make numerous steps, or download the app, where every time you leave the app, you have to start the whole process from the beginning. Set aside you cannot checkin without paying extra: either at the airport or online, where there is just no option to checkin without choosing the seat (paid service). If you make customers to pay for every step, at least make it easy, not diffucult.
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5 years ago, Lv bar Eric
Don’t book on app
This is a great site for telling you when to buy tickets but if you book thru the app all your flights will be messed up ... my connecting flight in London was all wrong not because of the airline the fault was with hopper same on my next flight with Wizz would not let me online check in and cost me a extra $40 and delayed my check in process Never Never book on Hoper web site or app I learned the hard way!!
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5 years ago, andreeabubbles
Worst airline you will ever fly on
Absolutely terrible, I don’t even know where to begin. You cannot download you pass only off of the app. You will have to PAY to be seated next to the person you’re flying with, even if you are a club member, book off the same account and are a priority flyer. Absolutely unacceptable, additionally when you try to contact them you have to pay and they do not answer emails promptly at all. By all means avoid flying with this airline even if they are cheap. Terrible service. Worst I have ever flown with and I frequently fly (1-2 times a month)
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9 months ago, JerryG:)
The price changed in the final stage of checkin
I consider it as a unfair trick changing the price of added baggage in the last step when costumer enters his/her credit card data. I experienced it several times and had to wait another hour until I got the same amount at the end of the payment as at the beginning.
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11 months ago, California Registered Nurse
Not disability friendly
This app does not allow you to enter your passport information or any disability information. All of our airline applications in the US have this function as well as disability rights. I have been traveling as a disabled person in Europe and it appears as disabled and disabled person are not a high list priority ANYWHERE.
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1 year ago, olazin
Great Airline I travel in June
I loved the app, it was easy to use and efficient! I got my favorite sit on the isle, with more leg room! I wish staff would ask when they bring the food, as last time they forgot to feed me! All in all good experience, as stewards speak in three languages! #drolgalazin
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1 year ago, Angry + Annoyed
App glitches often
The app fails regularly. The app frequently states I am off-line when I am clearly on line, preventing me from accessing services and even checking-on. Needs quality control improvement.
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1 month ago, long time rf user
Unusable after purchasing tickets
This app is for purchasing tickets only. This app does not even show you the flights you booked on it. No past bookings, no upcoming bookings, no boarding passes, no nothing. After you purchase tickets using the app, you have yo manually go to Bookings and add the booking you just made manually by using the booking conformation they sent you in email. Boarding cards / passes are also not in there. This app is for purchasing tickets only.
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1 year ago, Allison211
The app can glitch at times and not accept Wizz air credits to the flight cost. I was not able to get through to any customer service agent or find a solution. I had to pay the difference and now still have a credit that I can’t use when asking for help at the ticket counter, they said you need to call but no one answered when I called or the number didn’t work (Italian help desk).
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1 year ago, Klopommmm
Awful app
App sign out you all the time. Password reset only works via the web site. Emails with password recovery deliver in 15-20 minutes. To check-in they ask to scan your passport and the scanner works like 1 time in 4-5 tries. In Abu Dhabi they ask to print (!!!) travel documents in paper. Wizz air does that to collect more money from passengers who won’t be able to do it. Especially from old people and people who are now familiar with smartphones and internet.
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1 year ago, AiresLibre
Wizziwyg (yes, not always)
The first time the app would not go past the passport page which cost us 90 euros at check-in. Always take a screenshot if the app has a glitch, it could save you a lot of money!
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5 years ago, almostenthused
I haven’t even flown with Wizz yet, but if my experience with their app is any indication as to the what it will be like then I am not looking forward to it. When I think about the functionality of a mobile airline application, the most basic function possible is online check-in. Literally the only reason I got the app in the first place. This app couldn't even pull up my booking - it just times out repeatedly. Hope your planes work better than your app does, Wizz.
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6 years ago, Dpre45
Terrible app
Does not work at all on my iPad - continually crashes. On iPhone it took many many tries before boarding pass would actually appear on the screen. Then does not save boarding pass to Wallet. Difficult to figure out how to check in when you don’t want to purchase a seat or baggage. And this doesn’t take into account all the issues mentioned by previous reviewers. This app is the least likely to win a user friendly award.
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4 days ago, PJD1912
Document scanner
Document scanner is not friendly and keeps giving Error , quite frustrating
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6 years ago, Teda777
Prices, Service, App
WizzAir app: Amateurish setup! Could be so much better. WizzAir flights: during so called “high season” just as expensive (if not more) than major airlines! WizzAir in-flight service: You’ll be greeted with friendly smile and garbage filled seat pockets! They don’t stop selling various crap during almost ENTIRE flight! I joined “the members club” to save $10 on each ticket but they charged me €37 for onsite “check-in”! In this time and age, when check-in takes few seconds! Your little hand-bag may or may not be allowed inside the plane, even if it fits the measurements. Pay extra €8 to make sure it won’t get checked inside the cargo compartment for later claim. Unlike major airlines you’ll have No merci on even slightest miscalculation on your luggage weight!
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1 year ago, shshhdjdjdjdjdjjd
Everything was easy
Wizzair app so easy to use and it shows all details required till boarding procedures. I heard that sometimes there’s delays on thier flights , i hope not.
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11 months ago, errinchin
I had a flight delayed for two hours and twenty minutes. They gave meal vouchers for delayed flights. They made the announcement to collect the meal voucher and the meal, when I arrived at the desk there was no one to give the vouchers. When I finally received my voucher there was only one restaurant available and it was closing in 10 minutes and there were 3 hotdogs and a few salads left (not much choice and not very tasty).
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12 months ago, Nshsshejjsbbdbd
I have made a mistake few days ago using tickets . I have put wrong days to travel and I have realize that few minutes later and I want to change the day and your company wizzair have charged me 85 euro for each ticket in total I have paid 170 euro just because I made simple mistake and few minutes later I sorted but paying 170 € extra . So I’m not happy at all
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7 months ago, subzero753
Most convenient and comfortable airline app
Easy to book, modify and check in, user friendly and accessible app. Love it!
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6 years ago, Oxygene8
Worst airline in the world, app almost as bad
The app doesn’t work properly. When I try to get the boarding card into the wallet it says: “Something bad happened” Yeah, it’s obvious something bad happened: I had to book wizz air. That’s as bad as it gets, but why can’t the wallet app access the boarding card? Only airline that struggles with this. Tickets are expensive (more expensive now that regular non low fare airlines) but the service provided is aweful. App terrible. Amateurs
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2 years ago, Lafur1977
Bad app. Horrible company.
Slow app. Complicated and unintuitive. The airline however is worse. Don’t fly with Wizz, both flights delayed. Couldn’t check in online had to pay 75 euro. And was told I was standby to get on the flight - because it was full - even though I had a ticket. “Someone always doesn’t show up, don’t worry” ok, I made it but what if everyone had shown up? Never again!
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11 months ago, narine2000
Boarding card
It is tricky and not clear how to get a boarding pass/card. The application does not provide clear information. The online check in provides a card which states This is not a boarding pass, see the wizz air counter. But at the airport the wizz air charges for the boarding pass. Please explain how not to get charged for boarding pass.
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9 months ago, Wizz on Wizz
Wizz air is a complete disaster. Avoid at all cost. $50 per passenger if you didn’t check-in an arbitrary 3 or 4 hours prior to arrival at airport. I say 3 OR 4 hours prior because different places say different times. This is regardless if the flight is delayed, which it almost certainly will be. Also there’s a service fee for paying the late check in.
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1 month ago, Yane U.
Check in
Hello. I am giving a 1 star review because they charged me 50€ for a check in. Ok I did not check in online but why would the check in at the counter service be 50€. I have traveled a lot in my life and have never seen anything like this. This is stupid. So disappointed. It is my first time flying with them and will be the last.
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9 months ago, Ara Gemil
The worst airline in existence
Do not EVER USE THIS AIRLINE. If you ever have a problem, you will never ever get in touch with anyone no matter how long you try and what you do. You will get notification that you flight is delayed but you flight will leave at another time and you will never get a refund. The worst possible airline I’m existence. Do not make that mistake
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1 year ago, Marwansf
Adding privilege pass to other passengers
I have privilege pass which is identified by the app but there is no option to add it for the other passengers individually.
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10 months ago, Mirgen
Keep asking passport data again and again
Unlike other companies, they keep asking passport data every time. I wish they saved the data like the other companies…
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4 days ago, Máté z Chicago
Always hidden fees
Checked in the night before as always It said check-in complete The following morning it said system error but didn’t notify me until 2hrs50 min before the flight After the 3 hr minimum before a flight to online check in To print a boarding pass was 51 dollars because I did not screen shot the error page What’s the point of a budget airline in that case I could have added a whole carry on for that price Next time I’ll pay the extra dollar and fly vueling Second time being disappointed Likely the last Warsaw airport to Nice France
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2 years ago, cat9003
The worst flying company… They all the time cancel or changing the schedule. I lost so much many because of them. So unprofessional.
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1 year ago, Aeonica
Broken and frustrating
Wouldn’t let me check into my flight because my “gender didn’t match my passport”. Change gender in profile? Doesn’t matter. In fact, nothing I did mattered, because the app was broken. Had to check in through the website before it worked. Thanks for the headache.
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10 months ago, Ramble soul
So far my experience with Wizz air has been very positive And I will continue to enjoy your airline
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2 years ago, Johnson4o
Worst airline app by the worst airline, no surprises there
The app doesn’t even let you add your boarding pass to wallet. What year is this software stuck in that it thinks I need to print a boarding card?? Truly a miserable experience having to fly with Wizz, nothing makes me wish I was rich more than the desire to avoid this company.
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5 years ago, gunnimar
Continuously improving
Quick and easy selection of flights and amenities. Very easy to use.
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7 months ago, Customer RockB
Constant App “Error” Messages
This app has not let me save my booking to my profile. It keeps giving an error. When I tried to scan passports, it does the same thing. I’ve tried at different times and dates. Please fix this.
Show more
2 years ago, steve2788123123
Full of bugs
Without knowing statistics i am sure web traffic is decreasing and mobile app traffic is increasing.. just do not understand why you do not invest on your mobile app and you make our life hard.. its full of bugs.. even when choosing DoB during registration there is bug
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1 year ago, Shabtaiws
Best low cost ever!
I’ve been flying with wizz air since it’s inception. If u know the rules you can enjoy flying with them.
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5 years ago, Ganesh🔐
Worse airline
I never got email saying I need to check in online. I got airport 2 hours early, check in line was long and by the time I was help it was 1hr 37min left for flight. I get there to check in and they were like I have to pay $60 because check in close and I needed to do it online. This is my first and last for Wizz airline
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