Wonder - AI Art Generator

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6 months ago
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User Reviews for Wonder - AI Art Generator

4.37 out of 5
43.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Crewman No.6
Fun, some bugs, amazing results
Wonder is a great name for this application. Once you get the hang of it, you can create what you are looking for… almost. There is a necessary randomness to the results, and this means that you might have a 99% perfect image, and that other 1% ruins the piece… Wonder would benefit from being able to use an existing image, and re rendering it with a secondary input, or perhaps re-rendering a troublesome region. A beautiful woman with 11 fingers on one hand just doesn’t do it for me. Wonder has a pretty hard time with the human body for obvious reasons if you think about it… extra limbs are one example. Missing limbs are another. Wonder produces and manages images in pairs… why this is, I don’t know. I like that it does two at a time, but after they are rendered, I do NOT like having to publish both images. Images should be treated individually after rendering. Wonder also forgets what prompt you gave it last if you have to restart. It should always populate the prompt with the last used prompt on start (to aid in crash recovery if nothing else) Finally, Wonder used to lock up pretty regularly… though it seems better lately. But all of that aside, it’s a brilliant tool capable of astounding results.
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1 year ago, superspeedysloth
Great but these things can make it so much better
I am not one of those bots. Just so you know reading this is accurate. I love this app it is amazing it is what I asked for and more. But one thing is the ads you have to watch before making them are the same ones over and over so one suggestion is more diversity in the ads for the people that don’t get premium. I will say with out premium it is still good I don’t have it and I have had the app for about two months and it is fun to jump in and create things when your bored like a cat with armor on. That is what is so good about it, it lets you be creative, but also not have to do the work of drawing it out but; however there is something that I would ask for is sometimes it creates something cool but not what I wanted and to click the recreate button it makes me watch an add again. The reason I clicked recreate is because what I got isn’t worth watching the ad. Also something that could be amazing is to post your works of art on a tab of the app to let others see them and download art other people made. That would be awesome and make it that much better the app is great but those things would make it so much better. Thank you for reading this 😃😃😃😀😀😀
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1 year ago, Lister1911
Too many AI issues and horrendous value
First, let’s talk about the ludicrous price of $5 a WEEK. I gave this a try, but it’s just not worth the cost, not even if it was $5 a month. And for $5 a week, I expect an AI that knows what to do with hands. Yep, hands completely overwhelm this app. Whether it’s seven or eight fingers, hands merged with objects, hands and fingers growing out of objects or other body parts, this AI falls flat on its face. For many poses, I couldn’t get hands to display in static poses where a person is just standing, performing no action, holding nothing. I was lucky if a normal, fully formed hand appeared on both arms. This can also happen with legs, arms, and feet, but the hands seem to be the worst. The censorship is also worth mentioning. I get that the developer doesn’t want to turn this into an adult picture creation app, but when words like sexy are blocked (no sexy spaceship for you), it’s a bit ridiculous. Create a version for kids if that’s what you’re after. If this was a $5 or even $10 lifetime app, I’d give it 4 stars with the expectation that it would likely improve to 5 stars. But for $5 a week, it’s not even close to ready for prime time. I gave it one star, but I think that’s being overly generous at this price. I cancelled my subscription and uninstalled. I’d love to see the data on how many subs they manage to retain, because once you use it, and the novelty wears off, I can’t imagine anyone buying long term subscriptions.
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5 months ago, Jaimz1972
My rating for Wonder
Wonder is a great app most of the time. I really enjoy using it. However, it does have some serious bugs. As another user posted, it has a hard time with the human body, extra fingers, sometimes missing limbs, and so forth. As in avid fan of superheroes, I like to create different versions of them. One of the things that really irks me above all else with this app, is that it thinks every superhero is Superman! No matter how detailed I may put in my prompt, it gives the superhero Superman's logo. I can say, "create a black superhero, with an all black costume, trimmed in white and red, and put the LETTER T on his chest", and it will give me 100 different variations of the black guy, all with the Superman crest on his chest! The only other superhero it seems to recognize is Batman. It does do very well with famous people, however. I can say, "create an image of Michael Jackson with dreadlocks", and the image will be perfect. The more famous the subject, the better the artwork. Creating original artwork is another story. It also does well with landscapes and things like that. Overall, I like the app. But it needs broader algorithms.....
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1 year ago, Cspain11
The Greatest Photo App Of Our Time
It's been a long time since I discovered a photo software that really blew me away, but this app is a gift from God. I've developed some mind-blowing artwork that I'm not convinced the human eye could have created. This has saved me time and money as a content creator. I adore it so much that I purchased a lifetime subscription and have received far more than my money's worth. I can't tell you how much I adore this app. This is, in my opinion, the greatest app of all time. Many artists will be out of work as a result of this. Please, developers, provide more designs and allow us to add photos as some other apps do. I'm curious to see how far this software will push the boundaries of creativity. I've always wanted to be able to draw, but now I don't have to because the software does it for me. The only little flaw I've noticed is that it occasionally struggles with hands, causing fingers to be crooked or adding an extra arm or twisted fingers. Overall, it's done some wonderful work, and I don't want to complain, but if it could just adjust it a little bit, I'd say this software is perfect. I often play on it for hours.
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8 months ago, dhfjgofnsnag
Aspect Ratio Parameters got a Terrible Update
You used to be able to use a picture of a certain aspect ratio as an input image and select a completely different aspect ratio to generate images in your desired aspect ratio. Now the app forces you to use the exact same input image ratio as the input image, or else you have to resize the input image. A big pop up appears on the screen stating “Ratios are different!” This is the screen where you are forced to conform to the same aspect ratio of the input image you’re only trying to use as a reference photo, or else the app forces you to shrink down and cut off parts of your input image. This screen has always popped up before but it never forced you to do anything, so why all of a sudden does it limit you now? Ruined it for me and many others. It wasn’t always like that either, so I don’t know why on Earth they would have a absolutely great and useful feature only to suddenly remove it for what seems like no reason. Definitely made the ai, the app, and the whole experience way more limiting and overall inferior to the other ai apps on the market. I’d rather pay $20 a week for a different app then continue to work with an app that has developers making novice decisions and changing professional features for obsolete features. Really disappointed in Wonder.
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1 month ago, Jesus4u
App seems to have some issues now
I’d be happy to give this app a five star as I have used it for the last year. I went ahead and paid the $30 for lifetime pro and things were working flawlessly (except for the occasional lag/freeze) but upon upgrading my phone and redownloading the app — I still have “pro”, but now the developers seemed to want more money so have instituted a credit system 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ The idea is that you get 50 credits that reset daily (each credit gives you two pictures)… but of course, nothing is currently resetting. I’ve already ordered the 200 credits for an additional $6.99 because I do a lot of art (trial and error too, I guess!) and my subscription just renewed but I’m very disappointed in the direction they’ve gone with this. FYI, if you’re using the server over on Discord, please be patient with those who are working on tickets due to a growing volume of complaints about this — they’re trying their best and it’s volunteer run. Developers— I’d be happy to change the rating at some point if this gets fixed.
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7 months ago, PhillipIsa
Another hastily put together app cashing in on a trend
Everytime someone innovates somewhere as is the case with AI generated art or AI chatbots a bunch of low effort apps jump on the trend and try to bring whatever it is into the App Store and turn it into a subscription based service. It’s no different here. You open the app and are immediately plastered with pretty graphics and animations from the menu, while being blasted with requests to pay for a “premium” subscription in order to use a worse version of what is already free on your browser. But that’s fine, whatever, you can’t hate companies for trying to make money. But if you don’t sign up for premium, then good luck getting anything to load thanks to the ads, the ads that come up are sexualized, always 30 seconds long and you can never click away the little “X” without being taken to the App Store. I wasn’t able to generate a single image on the app despite using it for almost 10 minutes because if I would miss the little “X” above the ad (that’s always hidden behind a timer and always one hidden amongst 3 different “fake X’s”). What infuriates me the most is how many apps do this. Why can’t I just pay $5 one time and get to use the app? Why is everything monthly? Am I getting old? Get off my lawn.
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10 months ago, Dezboi
Just incredible, good detail, great style variations
Please add Native iPad support instead of simply up scaling for iPad *** update: now you can export HD images!!! Absolutely awesome!!! *** This is my favorite of the AI generated art apps I use. I have paid for my subscription to this (and a few other of the better AI art apps). It’s worth it. Great detail, good resolution (not great but fairly good). The art styles are mostly unique from each other, little duplication of styles. The facial portraits are amazing. At first I was convinced facial portraits were being pulled straight from other sources, but these are truly original. The output resolution of images is fairly good. I was able to export and print out an AI landscape at 20x30 and there was no graininess one might expect from an image blown up that size. Occasionally, there are awkward looking subjects, especially on body parts, with additional limbs or body parts or faces or not-quite-right heads. As a writer, it’s great to be able to visualize the scenes I write about. Also have used Dream AI (thumbs up), Proleap (thumbs up), DaVinci (thumbs down)
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2 months ago, KRD2011
REALLY good app now, especially with a text generator involved, but I have a few more ideas that could enhance the game. 1: AI sound generator. There are tons of AI sound generating apps everywhere, and I hope you follow suit. As an artist and a music designer, this would be revolutionary. 2: Better results as to what you really want, if that object isn’t available for art generation. As AI advances, there needs to be a way for the user to fulfill their personal desires if that object or character can’t be drawn. Select images of that character/object from your library, then associate it with a certain prompt by typing in a word or phrase that goes with the images selected next to them. Make sure to be able to put the word or phrase in quotation marks, so if the name of what you want is already the name of an object, you can distinguish the thing you want from the actual thing. Doing this will create variations of the most occurring thing in the selected images if asked to generate them. More images selected means better results!
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8 months ago, Samsan The Original
What happened?
Had the app for a few months, created some wonderful looking artwork. Then yesterday everything looks like bad Ecchi/anime art from DeviantArt. Hope y’all fix it. Was one of the best until the change. Edit: Had to delete. Prompts seemed to only confused the AI, bad and unusable art was generated and it looked terrible. For the first few months it generated some amazing and beautiful work and literally overnight it crapped out like something fierce. Deleted the app, cancelled my subscription. Sad to see Wonder AI implode. I really enjoyed it and hoped that it would fix itself. It was improving, but I don’t recommend anymore. Edit: Revisited and found it had greatly improved. Then two days ago, April 3, the Add Photo feature majorly crapped out. Five steps forward, three steps back. The two option images are often the same, blacked out, or a green static-TV mess of spacial data. It no longer picks up underlying color or form, and so using it to influence the new image is practically useless. However, considering what it was before, it’s a huge improvement. Just fix the Add Photo feature pre-April 3 and you’re golden.
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1 year ago, icantwait48
My New Favorite Wallpaper App!
I’m so addicted to this “game” (is it technically a game?) It’s laughable how the computer generates people since it often adds an extra pair of arms or indistinguishable fingers. ONE COMPLAINT though: I’m surprised that the minimum age requirement is 4 years when the women sometimes are drawn completely nude, top to bottom. I’m no prude, but perhaps rethink this age requirement to 18 for the impressionable children whose parents wouldn’t be happy to find such images on their devices or set a mature setting for those of us who are actual adults… REVIEW UPDATE: Ever since the recent app update, the “save” and “refresh” buttons are dangerously close together, whereas before the update, they were on opposite sides of the screen. I’ve missed out on a lot of good paintings because of the confusion. Another suggestion: Can we have a page where we can view our results like a “history” page? Actually, this may also resolve the previous issue I mentioned. It’d just be nice to be able to go back in case I change my mind about an image.
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1 year ago, Nether Explorer
I have not purchased the full version, just experimented with the free version for about a week. Here’s everything of note. The ai handles complexity very poorly, and seems to only understand the most basic of descriptions. The ai also seems to not be able to understand any character that is not human, and attempts to either put a human face or a helmet on a character. It also fails to do any character that is not humanoid. The only exception ive found is that the ai sometimes manages to put animal faces over a human body. The ai struggles to put two things together, for example the ai cant seem to understand “x character resting at a campfire” it will simply do the character or it will do a fire. Sometimes in the same picture but not well. The only thing that it does do well is picturing characters in different art styles. It does well with characters such as master chief, a knight, or a human star wars character. It does poorly with acharacter who can appear in multiple genders. (Such as commander Shepard from mass effect) because it fails to understand what gender you want, if you specify it will just produce nightmare fuel. All in all, not completely awful, but pretty bad.
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1 year ago, GalinMcMahon
Very promising!
I usually use midjourney which makes great images but there are several drawbacks with MJ that I don’t see with Wonder: Discord heavy-handed censorship, web-based UI (vs app which is much better), crazy low price, ease of use, very fast renders. This app has so much potential but is not quite ready for paid status. A few drawbacks: faces are very very muddy, bodies are frequently backwards or entirely abstract, there is only 1 aspect ratio (as far as I can tell), details are not great yet, unnecessary censorship, it has a hard time following prompts (ie several attempts to create 1 space ship always makes full fleets of ships with planets and stars or will go to an extreme close up.) If you are new to AI art, this app is a great place to start. Hopefully it gets developed to the point where it produces results like dall-e or MJ with the simplicity of an app. But having used those, it’s hard to accept the quality of these images as of today. I very much hope to come across this app again in the future and will sub without hesitation once it gets some upgrades. Please keep it up, devs. You are on to something.
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1 year ago, LexiSivet
A quality app
Considering the endless number of phrases which one can come up with out of the blue, let alone through auto correct and voice to text, not to mention Google translate, there is a myriad of potential images one can come up with and no one will be exactly the same. The pros, there’s an endless amount of options when it comes to coming up with things for the app to create. And the cons, if you don’t buy the product you do have to wait a couple extra seconds in order to see the end result. This weight is only about 15 to 20 seconds longer than if you were to have the purchase version. Additional cons include that certain genres are somewhat predictable, The app does not always understand what you’re trying to get across and so it requires some clever word manipulation in order to get a closer result to what you were looking for. All that said, if you enjoy seeing your thoughts brought to life in front of your eyes in ways you could not have expected or imagined, and this is a good app for you.
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7 months ago, Mary Pippin
Great . . . But I Have Concerns
Alright, here’s the gist of it: I made what I thought would be a one-time purchase. Unfortunately, after the implementation of the photo-to-art feature, you have to separately purchase different packages to “art-ify” photos (as opposed to randomly generate them from scratch). I don’t doubt the dev needs funding to run this kind of app, but my concern is the “quality” of the photos. Say I buy a set amount of photo generations, what happens if they come out looking like an X-Men mutant? Do I get my money back? Do I get a re-try? The regular generation is great, but . . . it’s still AI. You get hands and limbs that look straight out of an SCP Foundation horror story. What is to stop the AI from doing the same thing to my reference photos—only this time I have to dole out money for a set amount of results rather than a single down-payment for countless tries? I would absolutely pay one more fee for the photo feature, but I can’t help in turn my nose up at the prospect of paying multiple times for the mutilation of photos all the while losing money for each attempt. I wish they would explain this feature a little more. Other than that, I really do like this app. The AI is finicky, but most of the results are wonderful for template/reference drawing. I really REALLY hope they don’t start charging for every individual feature here forward. That’s not what I initially paid for.
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12 months ago, 367ghu
Love it but…
Edit- What happened? I paid for a lifetime subscription and I tried to generate a new avatar and it said I have to pay for it now? I get it it’s expensive to generate theses AIs..but if I already pay for a subscription I would appreciate a free avatar. It used to be free and now it’s no longer an option. Could you offer the $10 option to subscribers for free one time? I would really like an avatar like Lensi offers, but I paid for this app. Thanks! I do love this app, I ve been using it to help with getting out of my painting artist block. I do not print or call theses images my own, but it’s visually satisfying some of the images it can create. Helps me with lighting and shading. BUT - Please help with the new avatar function. Mine does not look anything like me. I have tried to retake my photos and no improvement. Also, I had to delete my app to retake the pictures. Any help would be great! **bought the year subscription because it’s cheaper than therapy ❤️
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5 months ago, MAC SQL
Cash grab first, AI Art Generator second
This app would be great were it not be for the overwhelming amount of money grabbing schemes at every corner. Want to use the app at all? Then you are forced to sign up for the membership, while still only being limited to 50 times you may generate art a day. Of course if you run out of those you could always buy more credits, which is a little ridiculous seeing as people already have to pay a monthly minimum to use the app. You would think having membership would give you access to all the features, but you’re wrong again. If you want to use one of the features they try throwing in your face with pop ups all the time, (Avatar AI Art) You’ll need to buy additional separate credits to even use it, on top of the subscription you need to pay to even use the app! Business practice like this makes me really sad because the app actually does produce intricate and detailed AI art, just for it all to be gate kept by greedy developers. I’ll stick to the many free AI Art generators online that won’t charge me at every corner for just trying to breathe, thanks 👍
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1 year ago, 757 Mike D
Most user friendly AI Art creation program
I’ve used several different AI Art creating programs and this one is by far the most user friendly and provides really good end results even without a great working knowledge of these types of applications. The newly added paint styles make it even easier to target the look you’re going for and I’m especially appreciative that it doesn’t restrict the more adult themed subject matter as others do and gives you free range to create Art free of censors. As I mostly create art with figures, sometimes the program adds extra limbs or has the body contorted in an unnatural way, especially fingers, that ruins the end result. I’m hopeful that with more time and fine tuning the program will continue to improve in this area. Aside from that minor gripe I would suggest this program to anyone looking to venture into the world of AI create Art. For price, ease of use and end results you can’t do better than this.
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1 year ago, wetcircuit
AI Art made Easy
I can’t put down this app! I’m a visual artist and Wonder AI has made text-to-image prompting enjoyable. Of course I’ve downloaded Stable Diffusion and tried it at home, but Wonder is faster and easier (albeit lacking many functions of the full software). The tradeoff for speed and simplicity, is you’ll need to work on your prompts to achieve what you want, and need a large vocabulary and an understanding of English grammar rules. But if you’re the type who enjoys working out the ‘word puzzle’ of getting closer and closer to your desired image, the unlimited subscription is for you! Lot’s of people have silly (magical-thinking) ideas of how the AI works. All you’re doing is sending text-prompts to a cloud server and downloading jpegs. There’s no AI on your phone and you’re not ‘training’ it – all that work has already been done. It’s no different to using a search engine or scrolling tumbler to find images, but with the AI you are co-creating (with the AI supplying a random element of surprise), and saving the ones you like! Obviously AI is not perfect (or actually ‘intelligent’) so a percentage of the images will have extra limbs, extra heads sprouting from the scalp, and octo-fingers... Search online for tips and tricks to get better faces and photo-quality images. I purchased lifetime, and since then Wonder has added more features including uploading a reference image and 2x upscaling.
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4 months ago, Mary 2315
Can’t handle abstraction
Ok if you want a pic with a person or animal in it, but if you put in something abstract that requires no person or animal to be present you will usually get an animal or person in the picture. So if I put in “single flame floating in the air against a blue sky” almost all the pictures have people in them or sea of fire. I just want what I said. Quite frustrating. Often they are silly cartoon characters or the same face of a woman over and over again. I wish you could tell it, “hey, don’t put any people or animals in this pic, just give the abstract idea I am asking for.” Then it would really be useful. Currently it’s pretty good if you want something with a person in it. But it will be the same person over and over unless you put in a photo. Then you will just get some variation on the photo you input rather than using the photo in the idea you suggest. It completely ignores some requests once you input a photo… it just runs with the photo. It’s a lot of fun, but not ready for serious creation.
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4 months ago, Agent 7-2
So close to being perfect! (Free)
Wonder is super close to being perfect for free users, the photos turn out amazing, and there is only one major thing I’d change. Pro: With my experience, the photos turn out amazing! Like when I think of a general idea, and enter the prompts, the photos turns out really good. Con(s): There is limits to how much you can do a day, you get 5 generations a day (with ads), each generation comes with 2 photos, so you’re getting 10 photos a day, you can change that if you pay some money, either a weekly subscription, or pay once. $30 for the one time payment. The payment does offer some nice stuff, No ads, no limit a day, Some premium content, but I’m just here to create pictures, I don’t want to spend money. What I think would be nice, maybe raise the limit of how much a person can generate a day, 10 photos seems like a lot, but that’s only 5 generations, with ads included. Im perfectly fine with watching an ad to generate stuff, I just I wish I could generate more daily, like either 10 generations (20 photos), or maybe just give unlimited generations, we are already watching ads. Now it makes sense on why you’d want to have a limit, becuase it makes us want more, maybe enough to spend money, but it just gets annoying. 10 generations a day seems like it would be nice.
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7 months ago, Rich in DE
Amazing! … and come on grrrr
Create some startling images. Also create some that are what happened there. Pay for the Pro version it is just tons of fun….. for hours. What needs buffing? Some times you get a world class image and it has a messed up eye ball or arm… something that destroys the entire image. Could we get a re-render button in order to fix the images fatal flaw? Also, some times the app creates side by side images, it’s a tad surprising when it shows up but fun. Here’s the issue, one side of the image will be a total foul up and the other side will be a masterpiece. Please give us the ability to keep the masterpiece and dispose of the bad side…. And do a re-render if needed. Something else. Could the text window be expandable? My fingers are huge and my eyes crappy, and I would like to see my entire description at one time. Keep up the good work on the coolest app available!
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1 year ago, Maxfield B.
A Mixed Experience
This is fun and addictive piece of software. The result can be dazzling. The final pieces that a user arrives at can be incredible with my only major complaints being that it may breaks bones, add arms & legs, disjoint the body, mess up hands and feet, mesh bodies together in distorted ways and totally make a face grotesque and/or place the face sideways. Otherwise, Having to watch the 30-40 second commercial for 2 renders is annoying but maybe acceptable of software that is FREE. I liked Wonder enough to pay for the lifetime upgrade. Then, my problems began. The program locked up usually when it was cued to render. This never happened to me in the Free version. This freezing of the screen happened so often I have totally lost count. I had to shut down my iPad Pro to totally off to reboot the program and use it until it would eventually lock up again. I requested and received a refund. If this software gets updated and improves, I will be paying customer, it has tremendous potential.
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8 months ago, NationDesign
Interesting, but needs more work
This app doesn’t search millions of images on the web It creates images from your photo library. And, it struggles with seed photos too. Like many artists it struggles with feet and hands. Extra limbs are creepy NOT Art. To be fair, most AI struggles with wildlife images—so does Wonder AI—and that’s even with photo seed prompts. I had fun trying to recreate some of the Ad photos even using supplied prompts. I doubt they are really AI paintings as this app struggles with simple instructions. And, my experience got worse AFTER I purchased the app. The user interface is extremely cluttered and doesn’t inspire creativity. Prompts seem to become cached—Edit Prompts do NOT refresh on the Home Screen—and I have to quit and restart from scratch often. The Feedback option isn’t real time to help improve your current results. Sometimes the app just does what it wants: sometimes it’s really fun to explore, but it can also be annoying or frustrating too. RESULTS MAY VARY!
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3 months ago, Godus101
Downhill Updates
This app used to be the best and only app where I could create characters that would be different sizes, features, and something amazing or imaginative. But that was back when I first got it months ago. Now, its a fraction of what it used to be. Even with picture references, it’ll completely ignore any description you input and generate some generic art of what it thinks you man. For example, input any picture of a man and it’ll make them some basic muscular man despite asking for something else completely, same going for woman. I could insert a reference picture of a very large fat man and instead of using the picture as a reference and making the art relatively similar, boom, muscles everywhere. It’s sucked out everything that used to make this app the go to for imagination and creativity. It’s irritating too that this could take up to 30 seconds sometimes too only to get these disappointing results. I don’t know what happened between then and now but please, fix this.
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1 year ago, Broskerbb
Solid Enough
From an AI Art Gen standpoint, I’d rate it at a perfect mid. It’s definitely far from anything you could get using a computers GPU, but it definitely works. If I had to ask a few things - Improvements on human limbs. Not really faces, as that could be dangerous for too many reasons to list, fingers and hands seem to get molded together, like someone took clay and smashed it with their palm. It’s fine, makes for some laughs here and there, but just a recommendation. It said you have to pay for more styles (20+), but just seems to come with all of them anyway? I bought their “Pro” version, to skip ads, and nothing really changed besides the ads being skipped. Not really faster, or more styles, mostly just skipping ads. Which, is nice, but for $30, could just be a little more. All in all, good, well rounded application for fun use, even if only a few times.
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1 year ago, Some LIGHT SKINNED Lady
Horrible job making portraits of my black family
I have used friendly photos of my husband and it was a nice decent photo. He has no tattoos and his smile was perfect. Then I loaded up a prompt about smooth skin, big dreamy eyes etc., and in return i get this photo of a scary looking man with tattoos all over his face and neck, crooked teeth and evil eyes. I am utterly and completely offended. Then i decided to use my baby’s photo and your AI photo results turned him into a monster with sharp teeth and evil eyes. Then i took a look at all your other prompt suggestions and noticed that all of them were pictures of light skinned people. Not a single black person was advertised in your selection of offered prompt inspirations. I feel offended, this is racism, and not all black people are scary looking. What makes you think black babies are evil!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME
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9 months ago, A person out there...
I have seen a lot of good reviews on this app but I don’t know. I don’t think it’s all that great maybe I was just not being detailed enough when I typed in what I wanted but the ads made it look so easy but it’s not… I typed in cute girl wearing pink rollerblades in the blue crop top and the picture that came out was so weird. It was awful the art that I always end up Getting is terrible. It doesn’t look anything like I typed in and it’s just not good. in the ads it makes it look like you don’t have to be detailed at all. You can just type in something simple and it’ll come up with that, but it doesn’t work. you have to be extremely detailed for it to actually work. And if I wanted something like that, I’ll just go search it up. I want to be able to just type in something simple and get exactly what I wanted but noooo, the art I got it was honestly creepy, and I’m not paying for that five dollars a week’s so yeah I’m good I honestly wouldn’t recommend this app to anybody.🤮😯🫤😑
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1 year ago, Ice_Girl468
Amazing art but has an ad problem
Listen, the art is amazing and has lots of style, however it’s creating the art that I have a problem with, it’s because in order to creat an Al generated art, you need to watch an ad every time you’re going to create something. I feel like this is not necessary, but I understand that companies need to advertise other apps to make money, that’s fine. However, it doesn’t feel right when you need to force people into watching an ad in order to create AI art. So my point is that I think instead of forcing people into watching an ad every time, I think ads can be shown once every 5 AI arts are made. That way you don’t force people into watching an ad every time they are going to create an AI generated art, and you can advertise other apps to also get money at the same time. All and all, beautiful art work, but just tone down the ads a bit it can get annoying and can ruin the app.
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10 months ago, MMOHQ
Went from almost perfect to perfect!
Alright so my only two complaints were minor but finally resolved! First, the animate feature was loud and unskippable, but they fixed that finally. Second, and more importantly to me, I wrote in with a suggestion for aspect ratios and heard nothing...until they finally added it, and it is AMAZING! This app already did a great job, but now you can basically make custom phone or PC wallpapers with the right aspect ratio and a bit of work to find that perfect image. I've already made one that hands-down made it to being my main wallpaper and several friends online all are considering using it too. 11/10, and love that you can just outright butethe premium rather than stuck with a subscription; that's a huge difference that makes this app simply better.
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5 months ago, Bigbadb25318
Absolutely destroyed.
This app use to be at the forefront of what apps were capable of doing with “ai art”. While it’s always been a step behind it’s desktop counterparts due to processing limitations, it was always pretty good and entertaining. As it’s progressed I’ve noticed it had gotten to a point of being VERY good for a little while and then something shifted. And suddenly it frequently couldn’t process your requests due to an unknown error, or worse it doesn’t respond to your prompts at all.. You can add all the details you want, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s completely irrelevant how much specific detail you put in your prompt Wonder is just going to pick and choose what it uses and what it wants to ignore. Both of these problems have made this app almost unusable for the purposes I use it. And on top of all that when you try to email and contact developers to raise your concerns you’re left with crickets. As a payed lifetime member, I still hold out for the future of this app but as of right now it’s absolutely destroyed.
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1 year ago, Chilled flames
Something happened
I don’t know when it happened but wonder got simplified and it doesn’t even do nearly as many cool things as it used to I’m not sure if they got in trouble and had to shrink it down but it’s not the same as when I left the five start review I mean the update didn’t even get explained for old users and now you can’t use your own photos? Disappointed and dissatisfied I paid for the yearly and now I feel like I’m not getting my moneys worth. (Edit) why did you take away so many art styles? Why can we longer use our own images? This is not what we were promised when we pay the 30$ a year this is unacceptable if there were gonna be this many drastic changes then there should have been some warning because the way you guys just up and downgraded is disappointing. You guys had something really good going here I don’t know if it’s cause of money or some other reason but what you did to your users is not okay you guys swindled us.
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1 year ago, SuperGirl280
Good app
The main reasons why this app is so good is the fact that the AI can create such accurate depictions of certain phrases. Usually, its not all over the place, and rarely (for me) is the anatomy weird. However, there are a few issues relating to that. This app would be 10x better if the limit for the free version was removed, and we could just keep watching ads. If we think logically, anyone who cannot pay for the premium wouldn’t buy the premium version, and would just stop using the app for the day. However, ad revenue will keep flowing in if the developers were to make it so we just keep watching ads, right? Most people would find loopholes in the limit, so it’s not a wise decision. However, I love this app. It’s easy to use, and hard to believe that most of the output is actually made by an AI. Nonetheless, everything has its pros and cons.
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6 months ago, PikuruChan
I'm sorry but, this kinda annoys me.
Hi, I just wanted to let you know about some problems that ive been facing and it just is annoying. Like how I create something and a ad pops up, and it kinda wastes your time? Like this is what I'm trying to say; the image wasn't worth the time of some ad. And the same ads keep showing up. This is a incredible app, it just needs some work. I'm not trying to be like those spoiled people who just want things to be perfect and think the world revolves around them, and something else; for people who don't have the premium thing there are limits of much you can create. Why? And when I recreated a picture, it still wasn't worth it. And about the limit, I recreated something and still wasn't worth the wait. And I wanted to create another one, but its the limit. These things for me are really annoying and make me want to delete the app. I hope there are updates in the future. Thank you for taking your time reading this. ❤
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11 months ago, County Copper
This is the first app I’ve ever typed a review on which should say this day in age it takes a lot for to make me go to the effort to write a review considering how many apps on average people go through in the lifetime of their smartphone. I downloaded this app because the add I saw actually looked pretty cool and thought it could generate some pretty top notch memes. But me being me and my curios self decided to push the limits on what you could generate. This app is rated for ages “4+”. I just preformed a list of explicit searches just for curiosity sake and got returns for everything. This app is definitely not for ages 4+ if this content is not moderated or filtered, which it certainly does not appear to be. I can only imagine the list illegal content this app would be able to generate by the hundreds. This app should be rated 18+ at least and have way more moderation or warnings for parents at the absolute very least. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen for this app developer and I hope they catch on before the have to open their checkbook.
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1 year ago, e.n.d_point
It’s amazing
The complaints I could have regarding the app are small compared to how perfect this ai is. I will point out though that the anime style is lacking at times. In particular, any renderings of human beings get completely mangled in the anime category. This is far less problematic for some of the other styles, but you will have models with more than two arms or double jointed necks or other oddities. With a little touch up, they are exactly what I’m looking for. Getting two renders per ad is really not much of a bother as every ad is only 15 to 30 seconds long. I was sad that there is a daily limit, but honestly it’s only a minor inconvenience at best. Strangely enough though, I’ve noticed the “Novelistic” style will only draw people even when the prompt is something like “tree hit by lightning” or “boat in a lake.”
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12 months ago, lhfdcbjfv hfbjhg
I love A.I. 💋🔥❗️
A. I. Is learning so fast, I think it’s a hard way for you too babe I love love you babe lol lol love you love love you too love love miss love love it lol lol I’m going on a walk right lol I’m going on a shower lol I’m sorry about that but I’m sorry about your attitude I just woke you lol lol I just got home from church I got to go to church today I got a call from my church I was going on to my moms house lol I’m going on lol I’m sorry babe I just woke you lol lol I just got home from church I got to go to church today I got a call from church I got a phone number from the office I was told I would need help with that stuff I got you a lot to mail it lol I’m going to do my hair lol I’m going on lol I’m sorry babe lol I’m going on a shower lol lol I just woke you lol lol I just got home and I’m heading back home from my shower lol I’m going on my bed lol lol love you love miss you
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1 year ago, Great graphics too
Amazing! But there’s one major problem.
This app is by far the best on the market! I couldn’t afford to pay the subscription every month so I bought the one time $30 purchase. I fully recommend buying the subscription because it’s definitely worth it! There’s only one problem I really have with the app: the downloading process. It gets stuck while loading. This happens mainly while pressing the first download icon. You’ll have to leave the app completely and loose not only the presets but the photo too. I’ve lot one too many pictures to that one. If it doesn’t happen on the first icon then it will happen when you press the second icon. It doesn’t happen every time but when it does it’s a major set back. I hope this finds you well, developers and I hope this gets fixed soon. Billmont
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1 year ago, RoSealey
Started at 5 star, now disappoints…
When I discovered Wonder, images were generated in groups of 4, usually fairly quickly, with jaw-dropping results in beautiful high resolution portrait mode images. I waited to buy a subscription, hoping that when I did, I’d get a pro-level raise in results. So I bought into the app. More styles arrived, and I loved working with Wonder. Then this week…the app lost abstractions. Quality took a dive. Images are low resolution in a square format. In comparing previous saved images, the app has clearly become a poor relative of the previous version. Wonder app designers have taken subscribers money, but not their complaints or wishes for improvements. Please, Wonder app designers, return Abstractions, continue adding styles, give us vertical format rectangular images in high reservation, generate in quads, not doubles, and give those of us who support you with subscriptions a quality result again!
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1 year ago, MooreMattySpanks
So far, it’s pretty neat app!!
The only thing that’s bothersome is I typed in just the word “success” and the image created was something out of this world that was machine based and unlike anything that any human would even consider being along the lines of any kind of human success. Unless your an all out cyborg-ed alternate that has a whole completely different 🫣perspective, and (understanding) of the way this world functions and just the over-all morality of living human life as we know it. Kinda freaky, what AI considers success.. Unless there from the base of creation, generation, the true understandings of very important key words are not completely (understood). But overall the app is very interesting and creative, but again better understandings of basis gives better understanding of Trace’s😉and which side of the spectrum it’s provided takes too..😇Very cool, but very scary..
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6 months ago, chillywillystyle
Rip off
This is the problem with the NEW modernized business strategy… customer wants unlimited access, customer buys unlimited access… business says “hmm, they’re using that unlimited access they bought, I bet we could restrict that unlimited access & CHARGE them for more LIMITED access! Because the service they bought, we can just pretend that never happened!! It’s fricken brilliant!” This is the flaw in subscription based services, they charge the rules to the game mid game. 50 images a day to a paid PRO user is a lot less than unlimited. I guess if the business plan is to get people to use the app less, you’ll have no problem achieving that… especially when there’s a slew of other apps that do just as good & honor their customers. Geez, maybe after 50 renders have the occasional add?
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11 months ago, Kindra
Fun AI - but needs some improvements
First of all, I have to say I’m very impressed by Wonder and it’s art AI is the best in the App Store as of 2022 hands down. That said, there’s definitely need for improvement in the accuracy of the ai and ability to train it to adapt to inputs. Notably it would be amazing to have the ability to add 2 or more images together to have the AI merge the two based on the parameters specified - for example “illustration of a mouse riding on the back of a turtle in novelistic style” - using a user provided image of a mouse and a turtle. This would create so many possibilities for us as users and honestly as a paid premium subscriber almost seems like it should already be a feature. But as stated I really like this app and it’s helped me with storyboarding my creative writing so it’s well worth it imo.
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8 months ago, Slcsteph
Needs a lot of improvement
First, the couple option is a mess. Once you’ve spent too much money trying to get it to learn to do one partner right then it starts messing up the other, so you’re always left with one of you looking like a complete stranger for a whopping 90%-99% of the pictures…how that happens when you’ve supplied several photos it was previously doing well with, I don’t know. I got maybe one decent batch, but it still was a bit off. I’m not going to waste more on it. Also, film universe or whatever it’s called basically just uses game of throne characters regardless what you look like. There’s no part of you in that section and I’m embarrassed to say how many times I tried. Second, even the word prompt is lame. You type “cat eating a galaxy” and you get a cat sitting in front of a galaxy. You’re lucky to get more than two keywords fulfilled. So, the options are there but the ai is a dunce at the moment.
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1 year ago, nicknamesarelameass
Ok, clunky, spams to turn on notifications.
Paid for pro-version. Would be really 2.5 stars. Every 1-2 uses it asks to turn on notifications which is super annoying. NO. I’ll turn on notifications if I want. Quit prompting me for an app I paid for. Only generates 2 options per prompt and you have to swip those. Would be better with 9-12 generations per prompt and then thumb nails. Also would be great to “mix” the prompt themes to create unique output. Lastly save process needs to be streamlined. Just make it a single tap if I give the app access to pics I should have to tap 3x to save something. Update: more thoughts as I use it. Really missing useful and efficient functionality. It should save your prompts if you have an account. Or at least the last 25 or something. Why does it drop my print after time away. Like refining a prompt. App open. Stop using app (not closing) for 2 hrs open app again, old prompt is gone. It should retain your last prompt unless you close the app. The repeated, incessant, pop up asking to turn on notifications has gone past annoying is enraging. I can’t even seeing this app being updated so often that notifications would even be useful. FIX THIS. If I publish one of the two images, and tap back arrow, it takes me back to prompt so I lose the other image?? What if I like, and want to publish, both???
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1 year ago, toadnow
They actually listen to feedback!
I changed my original review from 3 stars to 5 stars. I left a review (listed below) asking to add more options like aspect ratios, and they did! Wow thanks for listening, it means a lot. Not many developers listen to feedback. Switching this app to a 5 star for sure! Old review: This app is almost perfect, I think it generates the most beautiful images of all the other ones, however they’re lacking options and adjustments. I would like to have landscape wide angle images with options for different aspect ratios. I wish they could do that. I will change my review to five stars as soon as this option is added. Great app, beautiful images, just needs more options and the ability to change aspect ratios.
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1 year ago, meep the prince of azreath
One of the Best Free A.I Art Generates Available
For a Free Art generator, Wonder has Performed very well in most cases, with a deformation every now in then, which happens with all A.I Art generators. This would mostly only happen if some of the things you were asking it to create had “overlapping” words or was very complex. It’s interface is simple and easy to use with first typing a prompt, then pick a filter, with nice art creation times around 9-14 seconds, which is great considering it creates 2 at the same time. Overall Its been a joy in my experience with it and if that wasn’t enough, so far I seen no Ads. Hopefully it remains that way or that might ruin the joy of being able to just watch Art be created in quick succession. Hopefully you give it try
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10 months ago, Murals By JoJo
Artist tool
As an Artist, I was very concerned at how quickly and easily the Ai was able to generate multiple artistic images. So much so, I feel like In the near future, the human created art in itself, will be eclipsed. Whereas, I do think this will happen, if not already... I find this tool to be just that... a tool to help take my personal art further. It’s broadened my horizons. It’s taken my thought and showed me a clear pathway on how to turn them into actual art. I love it! I fear it but I love it! Anyone and everyone can create beautiful masterpieces. Yes it’s not perfect, thank God... but it is getting closer and closer. I wish I could work full time creating art through and with Ai. As a team, I feel we could be unstoppable. With practice, you will find amazing results.
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6 months ago, Wesmankj52
Great app could use a few improvements.
TLDR at end. This app has been my first experience with AI generated pictures and it has been really fun to use. To picture an image in your mind and have an AI program recreate that image is really cool. If there are just a few improvements I’d like to see that would make the app far more enjoyable and easy to use. -The first would be to add a DARK MODE to this app. The bright white light from the app can be very blinding at times, especially at night. -Allowing you to see more than two generated images at a time. This would give more options to find the best image and less time clicking and waiting 6 seconds or so. -Making your published/saved images easier to organize. The use of FOLDERS to organize the different types of images would be really helpful. Also being able to download several images to your device at a time would be really helpful. All in all I really enjoy this app and I hope the devs take my ideas into consideration. I feel like it would make the app much more enjoyable to use and smoother to navigate. TLDR: Great app! Add dark mode, more generated images at a time, and folders for organizing your pictures.
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12 months ago, Captonics
Borderline unusable for free.
The app might as well cost the 2.99 needed for a subscription, because I couldn’t use this app for more than five minutes with the given features. The AI website I normally use has been down; so I’ve been searching for alternatives, and this one was the most disappointing. To make a single image you need to watch a 30+ second long ad, which might not sound that bad, but it’s incredibly boring if you’re trying to make multiple images. From the few images I did make, I was unhappy with the results. I put in an anime-styled character and chose the anime filter, and it somehow came out more realistic than when I put it in. Maybe that’s what some people want, but not me. I’m sure with some more testing and messing around I could find desirable results, but it’s not worth waiting. This was just my experience as a free user, if you’re willing to buy a subscription it may be better, but I wouldn’t recommend.
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