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User Reviews for Woot

4.8 out of 5
96.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Shadow7880
Great So Far!
I have only recently discovered Woot (unfortunately for me). I purchased an outdoor patio set with a table, 4 chairs plus an umbrella about a month ago at a price that was so much less than anywhere else I found. Was afraid the quality may not be good for the price but once it arrived (only a few days), I was pleasantly surprised. Good quality and actually came in colors I’d been searching for! I didn’t want the typical “brown/tan” shades since everything I have is more in the gray/black/white decor. Very happy with that purchase so have recently made another that should be here shortly. My only mistake is 2 other items I wanted, I didn’t order quickly enough and they sold out but I’ll be paying attention and hope they’ll return. Just maybe do your research on items you’re interested in. So far has been great for me.
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6 years ago, Freelancer122788
Missing The Old Woot
One of the greatest things I loved about woot was the simplicity of having just a few good deals that changed every day or every few days. That's what originally drew me to woot and to download the app; the excitement of checking the app almost daily to see what new interesting item was for sale or what new shirt design was available. While the most recent update is much better than the initial redesign (doesn't push the non daily deal items quite so hard), the woot app has lost it's novelty and excitement for me. It's become cluttered and there's too much scrolling to view the different deals and I can no longer see the details of each daily deal easily. I truly preferred being able to just swipe between the daily deals and if I wanted to see more detail for a specific daily deal I could then scroll down. Woot was/is great because of the daily deals for me, the redesign has taken away from that and makes it just a general shopping app. I used to check the woot app much more frequently, now it's rare that I'll check it, which is a shame because woot offers some great daily deals. Regarding Monkey Chat, I'm not sure how I feel about the look/icon of Monte & Mort now. It's slightly creepy, but I can't quite place my finger on why, my wife thinks it's because it's a stylized cartoon now. I'm hopeful things will improve though, woot does take into account it's customers and their opinions.
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4 years ago, ToolGuy
No iPad Landscape mode - portrait only
What can I say? I’ve bought quite a few items from Woot and the app is pretty entertaining — but I hardly ever use it. Why, you ask? Because it is a pain in the derrière to use it with an attached keyboard like Apple’s smart keyboard or any of countless third party alternatives. Like (I suspect) many others, I find it MUCH easier to type things like addresses and credit card numbers with a real keyboard as opposed to the touch screen type. But most external keyboards expect the iPad to be in Landscape mode so the app is unusable unless you are willing to tip your head sideways until it is resting on your shoulder. And I rarely ever remove the keyboard because it makes a convenient stand. Hey Woot/Amazon!! I know you have a bazillion programmers devoted to figuring out what I want even before I do, and then making it EASY for me to buy stuff. Why not show some of the same love to the Woot app? I know for a fact that if you made the Woot app as easy to browse (and go down rabbit holes in search of stuff I didn’t even know about) that I would buy a lot more stuff. And I’m pretty sure that other people would too.
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5 years ago, Upstate Downloader
WOOT! is goot
I been lookin’ at & orderin’ stuff from Woot! since B.A. (before Ama-“Mothership”-zon bought the Enterprise. I enjoy the free-wheelin’ ambiance; I don’t always read every monkeychat, but the format is familiar-friendly. The discussion forums, for the most part, seem to be peopled with observant, good-willed, mostly tech-savvy consumers who share their market research with humor. Occasionally a disgruntled shopper (with useful feedback), but as far as my experience goes, few trolls or shills. I was concerned that Mothership might change the “culture” but it feels as if Woot! may still be employing its droll writers, letting their English major literary gifts lie fallow until it’s time to bloom. And the deals, while not universally the best, aren’t bad.
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3 years ago, CherriRip
Everytime I get a really good deal here, I am thrilled! Although sometimes I get a little too excited & find so many things that by the time I go to checkout, one or two things may have already sold out, -which is my fault! But additionally I LOVE THE CHAT OFF TOPIC Blog or whatever it’s called. I have found friends on the Off Topic Chat room that had so much helpful information I have been struggling to find & needed other people’s experience & advice on things like bone broth to help heal my digestive issues. It has been a Life Saver!!! TY Woot!!! I LOVE U!!!🥰💓
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2 years ago, mcwillzz
False advertisement consistently, across item categories
Ordered a Dremel rotary tool kit that was refurbished. Kit was missing the promised accessories, and the dremel tool itself would only work on higher settings. Motor was clearly damaged and not replaced or fixed properly. Ordered another rotary tool, again it was missing all promised accessories and was sent in a cheap cardboard box. It was supposed to have its own carrying case, and much more. Just received my Apple Watch, which is promised to have over 85% battery life by the Woot product page. The one I received has a maximum capacity of 82%. Be skeptical of anything states in their product page, and verify you actually receive everything you order... I have had to contact support for returns/refunds on every single item I have ordered through Woot.
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5 years ago, Sdwrn1
Well Woot
I’ve had problems twice with Woot. Both times it was amazing deals that I was so happy to purchase as gifts. Both times I’ve received notifications that they’ve shipped incredibly fast and received notification it was delivered amazingly soon (which is not the norm) but I never received the product. One day I received notification that the product was delivered on porch but I was at home and no delivery. I’ve gotten reimbursed quickly without problem but I’m left not exactly trusting them as much as I used to.
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5 years ago, AngelSeu
Simple, quick, accurate; what more could I ask for?
Woot doesn’t always have what I need and I don’t always need what Woot is selling, but when I do buy something, I can count on it being a good price, the correct item will be delivered quickly and they stand behind what they ship. I’ve a couple of times that something showed up and there was something wrong (wrong color or the shipping company messed it up) and Woot shipped me another one with no questions asked. They are super easy to deal with.
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3 years ago, 46swans
Love the prices on WOOT!
I see stuff on Woot that I don’t normally see online much less buy as a rule. However the low prices sometimes makes me throw caution to the wind and buy it anyway. Oh well, I’m usually happy with my purchases but it’s good to know that I can exchange or get refunds on items that don’t work out. Buying on Woot makes me realize that I actually have a need for some merchandise that I never knew existed and never planned to buy. I guess Woots business model really does work!
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5 years ago, Am I there yet?
Pretty darn good
Great concept. Fantastic prices. Amazing customer service. I’m a regular user and have had nearly 100% great experiences. I just wish there was a search function. Ain’t nobody got time to browse every item in every category when I’m looking for something specific. The only thing missing is a search function. It sure would be nice to be able to search. A search bar would make this a 5-star. Did I mention it needs a search function? Hook us up, WOOT! Please....
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4 years ago, Twixton
Won’t Stay Open!
The app downloads fine to my iPad, you click on it and it takes a while to open up, then it asks you if you want to allow the app to send you alerts, and then the app just closes to the background. When you click on the app again it takes you to the loading front page but then it closes down again, repeat, repeat, repeat. This happened the exact same way on my iPhone X, I had to uninstall, reinstall a couple times before it worked properly. It still doesn’t work on my iPad, but it still sends me alerts on deals, but I can’t open the app.
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4 years ago, Redsky42
Needs improvements
Constantly having to sign back in, re-enter addresses and payment info., verifying identity. I get that it’s for safety/security but it’s frustrating because you miss out on deals that sell out before you can finish all of those things just to make the purchase. Navigating the app can be a pain as well - for instance, hitting the back button in a category shouldn’t take you all the way back out to main screen because then you have to navigate back to where you were looking each time. The top banner on the main page can be headache as it can scroll spasmodically.
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1 year ago, Felixmouse
Would give negative if I could
Never in my adult life have I seen such terrible customer service. I purchased a tv 3 weeks ago, you sent the tv in an unmarked box to a logistics company. The logistics company sent it to a local place. Local place denies it arrived, logistics company swears they sent it. Reason they can’t find the tv is it was buried under merchandise because YOU FAILED TO MARK THE PACKAGE FRAGILE OR TV. They assumed the tv was damaged and asked me if I wanted it anyways and of course I said no. While all of this is going on, I attempt to contact you multiple times for resolution on to find out you respond to CUSTOMER SERVICE CLAIMS ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS?!?!?! In your first response you say we can talk via phone and FAIL TO PROVIDE A PHONE NUMBER. No contact info is provided on Your site, or your app. When I do finally get phone numbers after googling, one is disconnected and the other is endlessly busy. Absolutely unacceptable. I will never buy anything from you again. And I caution anyone making a major purchase to avoid them at all costs. Absolute joke.
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4 years ago, Beck0955
Fun to see what’s available disappointing how much isn’t available
Every time when I check the app immediately after getting notifications all the deals that are really great are gone. Everything else would be an impulse purchase. It’s an observation I’ve also heard from friends that have and use the app. I believe those good deals were never really available. I believe Woot uses them as click bait. The user thinks “maybe if I check more often I can get one of those deals. In the mean time let’s look for something I had/have no intention of buying.” Better than Groupon though.
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4 years ago, Bostonstace
Woot App
I’ve had this app for several years now and it’s one of my top 3 apps! I order from Woot at least weekly and I have never been disappointed! The products are top notch and the pricing is ridiculously low! Selfishly, I hate to write such a glowing review because more people will be buying and I may miss out on great deals!! But Woot has been very good to me & their customer service are incredible! Do yourself a big favor and download this app!
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5 years ago, Thisguy73749261
Terrible UI Design
The redesign is nice looking graphically, but the App’s usability is extremely bad. For example, if you are looking at a particular product from a category - like a selection of MacBook Pros - and either swipe from the left or hit the back button to return to the previous page, you are taken back to the homepage with all the products listed instead of the list of just MacBooks that you were looking at before. It is simply frustrating. Woot has great deals and their humor is fantastic, but this this app needs some serious enhancements to the UI design.
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4 years ago, jansvan12
Forced into portrait mode app from iPad Landscape mode website
Had to delete the Woot app to avoid being forced to go to the portrait only mode app when selecting to view an item from the landscape mode website. It used to be an option to view an item in the app when using the website in the iPad. I downloaded the app to periodically check if it fixed the problem of not rotating to landscape. Now it forces you to go to the app, which is still portrait mode only, if you want to view anything. Since I use landscape view as it is a lot easier to view for me, switching to portrait for a single app is extremely inconvenient. Deleting the app resolved the problem.
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5 years ago, WV ~ Kimi
Crashes after Updating
Update: thank you Woot for fixing the issue & notifying me quickly! This app was great until I updated it this morning. Now when the app opens it never fully loads anything. After about 10 seconds of trying to load the app it kicks me off. It’s not my cell phone because it was updated months ago & I had no problems until I updated the app this morning. If not fixed by the end of the week I will delete this app & say good riddance.
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5 years ago, ShrinkDoc
App problems
I have tried ordering from your app recently and orders won’t process. I hit “place order” at the bottom of the screen, once I have confirmed my order and my payment info and address are entered, but the page simply reloads with the “place order” button back at the bottom. No error message and no additional information to complete. Please fix your buggy app. Also I have to hit buttons repeatedly to get any action from them. The app used to work well. Maybe it is the latest iOS update that affected your app but I have a shopping cart full and want my items!!!!!!
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4 years ago, RemarkableNow!
Some great deals, some not.
There are great deals, and one thing that I miss is searching for items. Probably on purpose so you end up looking at more merchandise trying to locate the one thing you glanced earlier. Not having that makes it hit or miss whether I buy, as I have to look through a lot of pages to scan for items. Time I don’t want to invest often.
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1 year ago, NotHappnin
Economic Necessity
Whether you are working or retired, shopping through this app will afford affordable purchases. If you have multiple responsibilities or/and have issues with walking through stores to “hunt” for specifics, look no further. You can always price search on line. But hurry! ‘Cauz if there are few items available here, you may miss out!❤️
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2 years ago, Bo.W99
Love the site/hate the log-in/ no search function
Why do I have to log-in every time I want to place an order ?? And if I do, why can’t I use facial recognition ??? Come in you monkeys !!! Get with the program !!!! PLUS, why isn’t there a search function on your website?? It would make finding things I’m looking for so, so much easier..Come on you retarded monkeys !!!
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1 year ago, Chevralot Duramax
Reason For Four Star
Woot is a fun, random, bargain hunting experience. They have it so you are experiencing all the items you can’t pass up as you stand in the grocery line. However, I really wish there was a search. Because, Ild like to go back and find the items that I saw but can’t remember where they were located and I don’t want to go thru the whole website all over again to find what I got excited about.
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5 years ago, Maggie and Sarah
Stocking 2 new Airbnb Rental with the Woot App
Thank you Woot for offering such great deals!! I have been outfitting 2 new condos for an Airbnb Vacation rental venture. I have purchased almost everything off Woot and in pairs.... 2 of everything!! My guest will love it !! I’m able to give them all the mid to higher end goodies and save!! Pots / Pans / Alexa items / Premium Bedding / Home Security...... you name it they have it 🙌. Happy Birthday and Cheers to all the folks you make this company great!!
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1 year ago, t man tom
Love woot, but need a search bar
I like this app I was just wondering if it’s possible to have a search bar added so we can actually search for stuff instead of just growing up and down through the pages besides that this is a great app I bought several things off of Woot. I love it. keep up the good work. Thank you. please add search bar.
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3 years ago, FullTimeTruckCamper
Wish there was a “search” feature
I love the app, and the items that are offered. However, I wish there was a search feature to specifically search for current products. Sometimes I’ve seen something earlier in the day, or particularly in the last day or so and I cannot remember where I saw it. A simple search feature would come in handy!
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1 year ago, Pleaseeeeeeee
Fraud/ Stay Away
Careful what you buy here. You have a short amount of time to cancel the order before “the gears start moving” and “it’s too late” regardless what hour or time of year you purchase. You’re then forced to wait almost 2 weeks to receive the merchandise, and when returned the label, almost always you will pay for a restocking fee or shipping fee. To top it off the product you mailed two weeks ago might arrive on your doorstep. Only to have the UPS driver already down driving off before you even have a chance to reject the merchandise……
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1 year ago, RandyB319
Some Good Deals, But No Search Function
Seems crazy that a shopping app wouldn’t have a search function, but that seems to be the case with the Woot app. I guess the want to make you scroll through all of their deals, but who has time for that? Some of the deals are deals, some not so much. Would be nice if that had a compare option for their various product offerings.
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3 years ago, Heaven Fant's
True savings to be had
So far I have bought a brand new iPhone 11 , beats headphones sport kind and now an Apple Watch 3 with gps+cellular and literally spent less than $900 on it all in total !!! Like the phone cost $850 at minimum and I got the bigger storage option so it normally is $950 the headphones are normally over $100 and the watch is normally over $250 I believe I’ve d S pent only $890
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3 years ago, CarnieMan900
Great App and Site Woot Woot
Very user friendly and great items offered. Even get email notifications when awesome items become available at great discounted prices. Always easy to work with love the variety of items that is offered through the website and the app works very well with the iPhone iOS. Would highly recommend woot woot for anyone that is an avid Amazonian.
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3 years ago, Jemphd
Fine, but
The app itself is not flawless, but quite good. My issue is that I’ve been using and recommending Woot from 3 months after the Carrollton, TX reseller opened. It grew in variety of offerings and was wonderful to try new wines. foods and a bargain bin hodgepodge. Since bought by AMZN, the variety has slowly narrowed and now seems to be the outlet store for the Warehouse. I have appreciated their response to C-19, and hope this may be a turn back to broader offerings. But I don’t reccomend it to friends anymore.
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2 years ago, greeneyes809
I love Woot! Great products, great prices!
Woot is the greatest! They have the best products for the best prices. And you never have to worry if something goes wrong, because they are great at working with you to make it all right! So you can shop worry free! Isn’t that the best! I love Woot! I would give them more than 5 stars if I could. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Hey! I can! And did! Woot gets 10 ⭐️s!
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2 years ago, geosa1161
Good stuff
You know I have been with woot for years. They have decent stuff at good prices. I have not ever gotten anything that I needed to return and the stuff that I got from them years ago still runs so not bad at all. I say they are great with good prices, good service and everything so far has gotten here fine. Good job folks. Have a happy holiday.
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2 years ago, J3always
love the products but dislike the app
The products featured on Woot are great. However, the sites are hard to navigate. Things that show up in my email disappear and then I cannot find them unless I go back to my email and access the item that way. The problem is that if I like more than one item, i have to keep going to my email to see the items. I don’t always know what category an item belongs under.
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2 years ago, kdrama fan
Things I Don’t Like About The Woot App
1. Portrait mode on a tablet serves no purpose. At least give us the ability to do landscape, manually, if not by default. 2. Page layout and presentation flow. The Woot website works nicely. It’s not perfect (no search function)but it works and is easy to navigate (hmm…landscape mode). 3. Portrait mode on a tablet serves no purpose. I like Woot. It’s one of the things I do every night before turning in. Fix these things and you’ve got a winner.
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5 years ago, Bsam33
Surprised with junk
I ordered from Woot and it was a “surprise” gift that was refurbed twice so it can’t be that old, right? Well I was wrong.. I received a product that was 5 generations old from the current and worth less than the $40 I spent on it. I wrote them an email and awaiting a response. I hope someone there actually gives a crap and fixes it or makes it right.
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5 years ago, Steph19671972
U just can’t find a better place to shop for deals....bought enuff stuff on this site to say everything is AMAZING and prices r even BETTER. Cheap shipping, GREAT products....what more could a shopper ask for??? Well, maybe a winning million dollar lottery ticket....so, I’ll keep my eye out for one of those on this site too! THANKS WOOT FOR NEVER LETTING ME DOWN...more than I can say for most of my family and DEF all of my friends!
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1 year ago, EZ John
OK most of the time
I shop on Woot about once a month and most items arrive as described. I was recently short changes on five out of six items on one order and my complaints fell on deaf ears. I guess the Woot folks are so busy around the water cooler they haven’t got time to pay attention to customer complaints. Disappointed m!! I have been been a woofer for the last 25 years!!
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5 years ago, jim first time user
Be humorously helpful
I know Woot! Is supposed to be quirky, light and funny, and we are aware that you move a lot of merchandise quickly. But instead of just warning us that stuff in our cart might sell out before we checkout (which we understand, you want our cash and commitment), why not do what some online retailers do AND TELL US HOW MUCH INVENTORY IS LEFT?!?! That would actually helpful.
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4 years ago, Lavender Kitten
Problems for over a year
Tried many times on this app or online, and when I go to pay the Woot site freezes and doesn’t process my prime free shipping. Frustrating when you want to pay for something and technical glitches make it impossible. They will refund the 6$ shipping but who wants to repeatedly juggle through emails and customer support for each order. This is an ongoing issue for many users. Just fix the site Woot we want to spend money with you, it’s never good business to make it hard for paying customers to pay you
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3 years ago, fairladyz32nissan
Worth a look!
Woot has saved me a couples times. I noticed my shoes were taking in water at work, and I knew I couldn’t afford to get a new pair. I figured I would check Woot to see if there were any deals. I got a pair of work boots and work shoes for over 60% off each! There are amazing savings on things you need, don’t need, and never even knew existed. Download Woot right now!
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3 years ago, Spoon MCS
Too slow and screwed me
I love the prices, but the app is too slow. It also just screwed me out of my free Prime shipping. This is not the first time that the app has screwed me in the middle of a purchase. I stopped using WOOT for a while because if these issues before. I thought things were fixed, but I guess that was only for a minor time period.
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3 years ago, Maad48
Search function
In my humble opinion, the addition of a search “button” would very much simplify and expedite the shopping experience. Also, how merchandise is grouped is quite puzzling. Jewelry is among the choices for outdoor gear. One last thing, it would be helpful if the selections in one’s basket didn’t disappear overnight.
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1 year ago, Mirajane2019
Always something!
Love the variety and always find something fun or useful. Especially like the tshirts; there are some really original designs, the quality is always good, and shipping is super fast. My only complaint is that the website won’t rotate to horizontal on the iPad. Annoying.
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4 years ago, Short fat mama
Good products but....
Why is it so difficult to check out on Woot? Every time I make a purchase I hit a glitch. This morning it took 6 attempts to complete my purchase ie cannot ship to a PO Box (guess what folks I don’t have a mail box because I am very rural and my drive way is 1/2 mile long ) I need to re-verify my card number then when I click on the link it loads for infinity so I quit and repeat the process again and again. Maybe it is time to delete the app!
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1 year ago, Ongroup
What a Bargain!
Checkout the deals, bargains, sells and more on some nice quality products. Today we need purchases and offers like these that have value with price savings at the same time for new items with brand names. Keep on helping to bring affordable pricing to the public and their families.
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1 year ago, Nicnack85
Woot woot!
I am obsessed! I try to visit daily. Great deals, fun games, amazing deals and intriguing conversation on the lot of forums. No doubt hours of entertainment. Woot offs are my favorite events after finding woot, but the chance to take home a BOC (Bag of Crap) makes any event they hold worth the fun and future entertainment to share with family and friends.
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3 years ago, Carmelatte
Great deals
Love to look through Woots deals. I have purchased several items and have always been pleased. Once I did receive an item that was damaged and had no problem with a refund. Customer service was easy to deal with and I got my refund quickly.
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6 years ago, Bammer56
Not a fan
I loved Woot and the ap was great, but I don't like the new look at all. I checked it every day in the past, but not anymore. It's too hard to find the daily deals. I even hate the redesign of the monkeys. Maybe my bank account will thank you, though, because I'm not likely to buy from your site as often as I once did.
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2 years ago, Sad trash
I gotta say this
I love the products the discounts the fast delivery the whole woot system is pretty awesome.. never a problem with returns or issues. They are always good to work with . I’ve come to enjoy seeing what’s they got up for sale .. thanks give them a try you won’t be disappointed.
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