Word Swag - Cool Fonts

Graphics & Design
4.9 (108.6K)
250.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oringe Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Word Swag - Cool Fonts

4.85 out of 5
108.6K Ratings
6 years ago, NetworkMarketingProfessional
Love, but...
We need more/ new fonts and pictures! Pictures seem to come from a database which is rarely updated and search options are limited. There are times this app glitches and it won't let you choose a photo, other times its fine. One of the biggest issues I have with this app is the limitations on resizing the text after you've already filled it out. Instead of being able to pinch and grab and the text rearrange to fit the space, it just makes the text smaller or larger which means, for people like me, you have a challenge on your hands with long pieces. You have to go through and manually space, hope you don't touch the random phrases on the side and screw up everything you typed out. I love this app, but we need more variety! I maxed out my interests and ability to use the picgures/fonts at about 6 months on pro. Now unless there's some more variety added, I'll have to start using other apps :(
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4 years ago, Jennifer In Seattle
Excellent Customer Service for Glitch Complaint as of April 2020
UPDATE: I reached out to customer service and received a reply almost immediately with helpful suggestions on how to remedy this issue. After deleting the app and shutting down my phone to reboot, then reinstalling, it took care of the issue. Has been running smoothly for over a two months now. Last night the issue happened again, but I will repeat the suggestions and have confidence I can get help if needed. APRIL 2020: I LOVE this app so much that I’ve gone with the paid version for a little over a year. BUT the app freezes, deletes font, saves with phantom font images, and over all the performance has gone down DRAMATICALLY since last year. When My hard work gets deleted mid creation, it is the ultimate frustration. Additionally, if this app could also behave like Canva and allow me to keep my images saved to my profile THAT WOULD BE GOLDEN. Sometimes I need to go back and recreate an image from scratch if I need to change something and it is time consuming. Praying the WordSwagggers hear my plead for bug fixes or can suggest anything to help. I’m about to cancel my paid version unless something changes soon. On the positive side, this app is a quick way to create memes for my business that are beautiful and with a handful of nice fonts and images to boot! ***I am on a iPhone 6s and keep my app updated.
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1 month ago, Danielle d lolley
I love Word Swag.
I have been with word swag since they first rolled out the app. I want to update my review since it’s been many years. I love word swag and it’s one app I will continue to stand behind. It’s the only app out of many that have kept their word. By that I mean my updates have always been free. My in app purchases have always came back to me, and the app has always staid free for me since the day I bought it. That includes the new subscriptions plans every app has jumped on the bandwagon with. Word Swag has still staid free for me. I have had many apps in the past read all update features will be free to only been slapped with the subscription plan on a app I bought when they first came out. So word swag thank you for staying true to your word on us OG users. I love using word swag to make quotes for my social media or even for my iPhone photo widgets. I will continue to stand behind this app. ❤️ much love from a OG user.
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5 years ago, Mushin_Me
Great for personal and professional use!
Seriously loving this app! I like that the templates are quick and easy, so you can make cool-looking layouts without having to spend too much time. I use this to post about music releases and also for marketing events (for work), so this app works REALLY well for both personal and professional use. I mainly use fonts NINETEEN NINETEES for my music posts and September Issue and The Last Stretch for event marketing stuff, but most of them seem to work with my posts. I just get lazy scrolling through all the diff fonts TBH. BUT DONT’ STOP! KEEP ADDING MORE FONTS PLZ! I’m honestly okay with the pricing because I use it for both reasons. The fact that I can post professional-looking posts without hiring someone to design/ animate — I rather spend $5 a month, please! Also with the pro version you can remove the watermark, which is a definite must for business use. People who are complaining that it’s not free... honestly get over it. All digital platforms/apps require subscriptions now, especially if you want a quality product. I rather pay than have facebook gobble up another app, gathering more data about me than they already have and disguise their antics as a “cool new, free feature”! Also really great that you can have more layers of text now. GREAT IMPROVEMENT. Please keep updating and improving this app, and I’ll continue being loyal.
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4 years ago, surrr_uhh
Some suggestions...
Hey! As someone who’s used this app (&been paying for it) for a while now, I find it a little irritating that I don’t have an option to justify a post so longer font posts sometimes glitch & one line will be super long so then I end up hitting the dice feature a million times til it looks right. Also, if I am trying to put multiple lines of font, it sometimes capitalizes weird or won’t capitalize something I did capitalize or it will suddenly overload or something because if I put maybe five different font boxes on one graphic, it all the sudden will stop letting me drag them properly. For an app I pay for I’d prefer these things be more functional since some things I end up having to go to another app for. These are all minor issues that don’t keep me from using the app, but I have noticed it glitching more. Besides this, I really love the gold leaf font color & what fonts are available! Wish there were more options for fonts & stock backgrounds!
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7 years ago, CamillaaCooperr
LOVE THE APP but....
this app is great, don't get me wrong. the styles, colors, fonts, and quote generators are amazing!!! the only problem with this app is that it is a little overpriced and not worth the amount of money spent. 5.00 is a lot of money to spend on an app for adding text to a picture. if you are using this for a business, i would definitely recommend as it will provide you with many useful tools. however, if you want to use this for, like, one Instagram picture to get the perfect one, i would try something that doesn't hurt your wallet as much. also, the in app purchases (which of course i purchased on instinct but later regretted) are overpriced as well, at 3.00 for 3 extra font styles. also, the quote generator isn't the best of all time. besides those things, this app is great. the styles and fonts are amazing and are so fun to play around with. hope this review helped you out. sorry for the huge essay i just wrote but hopefully some of this information was helpful.
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6 years ago, Marilyn Mendez
You good but it could be better
I brought the app. But it could go much better. I would put more fonts. I use this tool and Typorama for my design editing. The fonts could have more color to choose from. I love the gold ones, the black with different shades. And shadow !! Please add shadow for the fonts. The resolution could get better like Typorama. No matter how big I put the words , the image looks great. In swag, the bigger the font is , the worse it looks. And the option to type, it has a few bugs and it most imposible to work 3 types of fonts. For example I wrote two sentences on the background... if I want to add another , it keeps clicking on the same one. Making it imposible to add more texts without clicking on the edited texts. Sometimes I have to start all over again. It’s frustrating. Other than at. I love the app. I just wish it could be better.
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6 years ago, eaGantt
A little disappointed
I have had this app for almost two years now and I use it for my business. It has been truly wonderful, and free. I have used it almost daily. I got a notification a while back telling me that I qualified for the FREE PRO VERSION since I was one of the originals or something like that. Last night I tried opening my app to edit a pic. Nothing but a black screen. So I updated the app. Nothing. I waited till this AM thinking there was a glitch... then I got a notification to update my iPhone. So I did. As soon as I got my phone back up and running, I went back to the word swag app, it was still the same. Black. Couldn’t access anything. I decided to delete the app and re-download it. IT FINALLY WORKS!! Yaaayyy!! And now I have to pay $5 plus tax a month for it...... total bummer! And that’s what is going to kill this rating. Do I think this app is worth charging for? Of course!! It’s an amazing app, but $5??? A month?? Def not!! Not sure how long I will keep this for that price. Also, I wish there was a way to get this resolved... it’s very disappointing.
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6 years ago, blue boobles
Feature request.
I love the app simple easy to use comes out great every time . One feature I’d like to see is the ability to draw a line and have the text follow that line. And the ability to mix fonts either of your choosing or if a random variety. I have the app called Pathon which does this nicely and has nice fonts as well I just hate switching between apps I don’t know if it’s possible I like your app for colors and features and think the ability to do this would be a bonus. Til then I’ll just switch between apps to curve my typography around and through objects. Ok I’ve used this app for awhile and love it obv got upgraded to pro version which I appreciate very much thankyou. So now new users have to pay 5$ a month to use it? Oh my I’m sorry I love the app it’s great but going to subscription based I don’t know. I understand the need to generate revenue but to be honest if it was that price I don’t think I would use it that’s really high. 60$ a year for an app? That’s absurd. Love the app once again not loving the new business model of subscriptions.
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6 years ago, Lyrics'_Listener
Quick, easy to use typography tool
Amazing, love this app. It doesn't provide a lot of control to design your own type but it has incredible presets for quick and easy art projects right on your phone. Update* I love this app still to this day. It’s my favorite application to create designs for my students and to watermark my artwork. However, I just opened the app to create an artsy watermark and most of the typefaces now require a subscription. I’m super bummed because the price of $5 a month reaches too deep for a recreational user such as myself. Aside from that, this is a 5 star app and easy to use! No typography training necessary. The subscription price is what’s bringing the rating down to 2 stars. Also, I’ve had the app for so long I can’t recall if the app was free with inside purchases. All I know is that it was my favorite typography app and now I’m not sure what I am going to do.
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6 years ago, This girl🎀
It’s the best investment you’ll make!
I’ve used and bought all the editing apps. I have tried Phonto (which I appreciate too), Rhonna (which can be nice), and every other app out there. But this app is incredible! It looks like each design is tailor made typography, when it really only took seconds for you make. If you are a blogger and you want to make your quotes look more uplifting, more refined, you’re a Sunday school teacher who wants to make cool handouts for her class, or you’re on a committee that has to make invitation posters—this is definitely for you! It’s such a versatile, easy to use app, and once you buy the app—all of the fonts are free. No additional purchases! To put this investment into perspective—This is like buying a happy-meal for you two-year old, except you will use it a lot longer! I speak with sincerely of heart, and out of personal experience. Every well-earned cent is worth buying this app. Five stars, because I genuinely love Word Swag, and I believe I’ll never stop using it! (The only improvement they could make is to bring back the re-swag feature. That was cool! Please think about this. Also, the new update looks seamless and classy. I love the interface. Thank you team! ♡)
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3 years ago, N.Gregory
New filter update 👎🏼👎🏼
I guess there’s been a new update to the app, and it’s totally changed the Image Filters. They look terrible now. Before you could use them and it didn’t really look like a filter was used, it just brightened the colors a bit and made my pictures look so nice! Whatever was updated with the filters is terrible now though. Especially with my 2 favorites (Sweet & Bowery). I used either of those to edit all my pics. The filters made the pics look so fresh and beautiful, without looking all gaudy and heavily filtered. Now the natural colors are filtered to look terrible, you can definitely tell the pics are filtered, and the pics look like they all have a fuzzy filter over them as well. I’m so disappointed, Bc after using this app for over 2 years it was definitely by far my favorite. Now I have to take the time to go through and find a different app that accommodates my needs Whatever update y’all did yo the filters, I wish you could undo it. :(
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7 years ago, Mike Self
Not bad, Not Great
This app certainly does some chops things. The included text formats and options look great. There are, however, a few key elements missing from the current version. First, the ability to add more than one block of text without having to save and "Re-Swag". Second, the ability to "save" a preset setting to apply to multiple photos. This is easy if you are doing them back to back, but a "user favorites" or saved templates feature would be beneficial to achieve the same result multiple times. Finally, I did not find the interface to be very intuitive. I eventually found settings to create what I wanted, but found myself searching several times for a formatting option that wasn't in plain sight. I also did not like the idea that some features were still "premium" to the app. I would rather pay a dollar or two more and have a full-featured version without in-app purchases. Three Stars.
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6 years ago, Emily Cooksey
I love, love, LOVE this app
I use this app for announcement slides at our church and it is amazing. I can’t speak highly enough about it. I especially love the new feature of being able to add multiple “layers” of text—I used to have to save a photo and re-enter it into the app to be able to add multiple layers so I love that we can do that now right within the same edit. The one thing I really wish I had was a way to automatically center text with the horizontal line. Sometimes I have to move text up or down on the image, but i still want it to be centered on the horizontal line, and eyeballing it takes some time sometimes. That would really be just a convenience thing—the app is awesome and that one little missing feature doesn’t keep me from using it at all.
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6 years ago, ojhurst
Just what I needed!
I have an eye for design and come up with a plethora of quotes daily but can’t for the life of me get started with a blank page, let alone do it on my phone! I really love the roll the Dice button and wished that it would rotate styles too, actually not sure what it is rotating. Anyways, I can essentially keep experimenting with different designs and then almost magically the right one jumps out at me! Would love if we could add the logo before saving to camera roll. Would also be cool if we could move some styles to a “never gonna use” folder for ease of navigation of frequently used styles...maybe the frequently used styles could bubble sort up to the beginning over time. Some companies pay for this kind of UX feedback ;) thanks again!
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7 years ago, AngelaT326
Loving this app!
I really love this app. I think it is wonderful. I use it for business and personal things as well. The only thing that I wish you would change would be the addition to another text. Because a lot of photos that I take are my personal photos and I would like to be able to get the credit of utilizing the photos that are mine by stating courtesy of me. And right now what I'm doing is going between this app and another app in order to apply another text. Overall I think it's a wonderful app I love the fonts I think they are perfect and the best above several that I have tried already. I just hope down the line you will be able to add a second text to the Photos you were working on. Thank you so much for a wonderful app!
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6 years ago, blue_fireball_eater
R.I.P. Word Swag
[Original review, one star] This is an app that I used once, maybe twice per month over the past year. It worked quite well during that time and offered a quick way to add quotes or lyrics to my photos. Now I can’t get it to grandfather me in, so it is completely useless for me. You’d have to use it much more frequently than I do to make it worth its subscription price. On the latest update at the time of this review (Oct 18, 2018). Edit (Dec 1, 2018): The app now recognizes me as a grandfathered pro user. It’s a very convenient app and I will continue to use it now that I’m no longer locked out. For the original price that I paid for it, I consider this a well-made app worthy of 5 stars.
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6 years ago, photofriends
Review of new WordSwag
I’ve been a user of WordSwag for more than a few years. I’m not sure if this happened due to an update, because I got a new phone & had to reinstall the app or if the company just got greedy, but all of a sudden, all of the fonts & colors I used to use suddenly are only available on the Pro version. And they have their watermark on it. In fact when I chose “no” as an option to trial their Pro version for a week, it would not let me progress to the free version until I accepted the free one week trial. I guess they are counting on me forgetting & paying the $4.99 a month to use their app which is outrageous. This was by far my favorite photo editing app bc of how user friendly it is but a $5 monthly fee is just plain ridiculous. I have recommended this app to hundreds of friends each year but NO MORE!
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5 years ago, Soy1920
Still the best!
I’ve tried a ton of apps over the past couple years and Word Swag is still my favorite! I find most other apps a little annoying to use because they require you to design every little thing and that takes a lot of time. With Word Swag I can get something beautiful and unique in just a few minutes. Plus the latest updates feel insta-fresh...! My only request is to maybe include Unsplash search built-in? Pixabay has a lot of images but I usually like Unsplash’s photos better. If I didn’t have to go to the Unsplash and website and then save from there that would be perfect! Thanks for listening!! ✌️
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4 years ago, 1939482957
Frustrating at best
I’ll start by saying how helpful WordSwag has been. It saves a ton of time compared to opening and editing content on a desktop platform, and has a great variety of fonts. Wish there were more, but I’ve been able to create many graphics on the go with this program. Downside - you can’t save any edits, content, or progress you’ve made to a graphic. If you need to revise anything, you have to restart from ground zero. Also, very frustrating that many times the text you’re in the process of editing will simply disappear. The same goes for background images - so many times I’ve been in the process of editing text and the edits I made to the background image will suddenly revert to the original image. Love the concept, but WordSwag has a lot of work left to do as an app. Also not a fan of the watermark the new version of the app leaves on images.
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5 years ago, Cabaround
What happened to Re-Swag?
I know now there is add text. But re-swag allowed me to add the all important missing feature...the drop shadow effect. Re-swag duplicated the text, font, style and size. Add text does not. Please add back re-swag or better yet, add drop shadow ability. A year later and still no way to emphasize the text, make it pop out like a drop shadow or stroke ability would do. I’m sorry the developer does not feel this basic feature is required… Update: The developer has listened and responded by making the plus button duplicate the text which lets me create the drop shadow once again to add pop! Thank you so much! Upgraded to 5 stars again!
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6 years ago, Lana Leslie
Love this App but...
I love this app and use it a lot however I originally thought this was free with in-app purchases not a sneaky subscription that appears on my credit card for $5 a month. You have to make sure with all these apps that it’s not a subscription. Sometimes you find the info at the very bottom of the description page which is also often worded in a way that is confusing. But hey my fault! I didn’t read and reread and triple check. I would have been happy to buy extra fonts and all of that as I app purchases but with the limited amount of options and it being a subscription service, it’s not worth the $5 a month. In three weeks my subscription ends and that’s okay. I’ll miss it but I just don’t think it’s worth it.
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5 years ago, EricFiveOh
Where do I start with my love for this app!!! At first I started using WordSwag to create all sorts of posts for Instagram and Facebook. Then I realized I could use it for more than that! I’ve been using this app to design stuff for my business which includes printed materials and stuff I sell in my online store! Some of my biz friends use it to even design their company logos… TIP#1: Learn. How. To. Use. Layers. It’s amazing what u can do with a few layers and different fonts. I even impress my designer friends too lol! TIP#2: Mix it up! Sometimes I use the same styles over and over again, but the developers keep it fresh by adding new styles - they keep up to date with the latest trends and I think they’re great!! MY ONLY GRIPE: I wish this app was a little cheaper but when I think about it, it’s totally worth the money esp. because I used to pay for Photoshop every month … that was expensive! Anyways LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP! Each update makes the app even better! THANK YOU to the awesome developers and I can’t wait to see what they do next. <3
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6 years ago, blueridgemtns09
Useful app but not without issues
I have used this app multiple times a week to create social media content. I enjoy the free photo feature and would love to see more backgrounds or the ability to create new ones. To me, this app has been worth the price! I do have a couple issues though: 1. Adding logos. There should be a better way to add a logo as another layer instead of having to save the photo first, then add a logo and save it again. 2. Incompatibility with the new iPhones. I just upgraded my phone and now I can’t even use the app because of the notch; it blocks the + sign to add another layer and you can’t even view the text you’re typing. PLEASE include this fix in your next update!!!
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5 years ago, Lil_nikkii
It might be good if it actually worked
Testing this out to see if it’s worth paying for pro. I finally got an image the way I wanted it which was extremely difficult due to the “try pro” button that they stuck in the middle of the image I was working on THE ENTIRE TIME. And every time you tap anywhere near it it brings up the free trial offer. This made it very difficult and frustrating to change or move the text around When I finally got the image I liked...there was absolutely no way to save it. I figured It was a glitch, so I exited the app and started over. The “save” in the top right corner was there when I would pick my background but would disappear every time on the add text page. Happened 3 or 4 times before I gave up. If they’re trying to push people into paying for the app this is not the way to do it. I’ll be deleting it.
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7 years ago, clpd76
No Tech Support!!!
I bought the full version and it worked great for about 2 weeks. Since then, I haven’t been able to generate text designs with a transparent background. The app will only produce designs with a white background and none of the very limited FAQs address this issue. I sent an email message to the “Tech Support” email link provided about a week ago. Haven’t heard a darn thing from them, not even a “We got your message and we’re working on it” response. I’m a little disappointed but think this app shows promise if the developer would actually provide tech support to its paying customers.
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7 years ago, PFunk42
Great time-saver
This app is great for creating quick, fairly nice-looking images on the fly. The ability to search for stock photos within the app is very helpful, though a bit limited. But you can use your own images as well, when stock just doesn't have what you need. (And seriously, what's with all the ceramic frogs?) I do REALLY wish there was an option to manipulate separate text boxes individually, without having to save and re-swag for every line. And it would be nice to choose the style features instead of rolling the dice and hoping one of them eventually gives me the combination I want. But for quick and dirty announcements, quotes, ads, etc., it works pretty well.
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6 years ago, Gaylerach
Worth Every Penny!
Friends, I use this app at least a dozen times a day for social media posting related to my direct selling business. Not even kidding - you will use this ALL OF THE TIME if you run your biz online. Don’t even hesitate to get it and use it every day. Thank you for being AMAZING, Word Swag!! Can’t wait for new fonts and colors to come out!! Would love to see more stock photo additions, too! The frogs are cute but I’m sure there’s more out there to pick up in the world of Getty Images, right?? I would pay for an “add on” pack any day of the week if we could have a larger stock image library to draw from! Consider it!! xox
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6 years ago, StrattonMama
Love this app! Wish it was a bit more customizable.
Really. I use this app a LOT! This most recent update that allows multiple text boxes to be added to a photo has solidified this as my app of choice when adding text to photos. I REEEEEEALLY wish I could customize the style options to put the ones I use most all at the front together. This last update did create a slight sizing issue with certain style formats that it didn’t have before. I sometimes need my text box just a little smaller but it won’t shrink certain ones enough... the same ones used to shrink more in a previous version. Fix those two things and I’d give it 5 stars every day of the week!
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6 years ago, Hotpacks
Crashes after one creation since update
I love the app and use it all the time for my social media post for my business. However, since the last update, I have to force close the app after creating one graphic. Whenever I start to create a second graphic, it’ll work to allow me to select an image, but then it won’t let me add or edit text. My workaround at the moment is to click the back arrow till it’s the beginning where I can select a different pic and then it works. I’ve heard other people having the same issue. I have the iPhone 7plus if that makes a difference
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5 years ago, @joi.knows.how
Great app with a few annoying flaws
I love this app and I’m not one to write reviews, but I’m hoping that the WS team will see this and address the issues. 1. When I’m editing everything looks great, then I save the image and it has random text in the bottom left corner. It’s not a watermark, I have the paid version. I end up having to crop my images to get the random text out of the frame. Annoying. 2. WHY IS THERE NO UNDO BUTTON?! Seems extremely basic and I don’t understand why this feature is unavailable. 3. Would love it if I could set defaults. I use the same couple of styles for my branding and would love to not have to scroll through every time. 4. There should be a save button and a download button. “Save” feels like you’re just making sure all the info is going to be saved and often I click it on accident before I’m ready to download. I end up with a ton of drafts saved bc of this. This is a great app that needs to focus WAY more on the user experience. I hope these issues will be address. Thank you!
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3 years ago, kreative one
I’m no content creator. But the tools & options on this app aid my imagination in the process
I was so excited to create with this app. For about 30 days I was able to use the app with ease. Then after that they faded to black. “Literally” when I open the app all I get is a black screen. It was also downloaded to my iPad but I was unable to access the pro subscription I pay for monthly. I am hoping that can remedy the situation or I want a refund for the 60 days I was charged for billing on an app that was temporarily available for all that it promised to deliver
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6 years ago, ScrappinMichele
My Go To App for Text on Photos
I’ve had this app for as long as I can remember. Back when it had only a few options. It has always been my go-to app for text on photos because it’s so easy. I use it for personal and business. Worth every penny especially if you use it for business. The only option I would like is to be able to pick which line of the text I want a certain color. I can sometimes get it close to what I want, but sometimes it just misses the mark and can change the whole vibe of the feel I’m going for.
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7 years ago, Kat6198
Like it but wish there was more
I have days where I love this app and it saves my life with time and ease. Then there are days where I want to do more with it and can't. I want to be able to add more text and use a different font without having to save and re-swag. Re-swag seems to have A LOT of glitches lately too. It saves differently than I designed sometimes. Making me spend more time. I want to change color of words within one font and I'd like more color choices too. It really is super handy and looks great when you get done tweaking. Overall I recommend it. Just hope for some improvements down the road.
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4 years ago, Arden Lilac
3 instead of 5 because...
Word Swag is great and all. The fonts are amazing and they offer backgrounds including transparent ones. However, I don’t have the pro version and I can’t pay for it. I know y’all have to make money somehow, but I just wish you guys could offer more free fonts. I also would appreciate it if the watermark would go away. Word Swag has so much potential and is very useful, but you guys are just blocking us from using it when you make us pay for the pro version for literally everything. The app is free, so at least half of the content should be free to those who can’t pay. If these things change, then I would totally consider giving it 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Cris Cam
Hands down the best app for making nice IG posts
I have been using this app since it started and the best thing was they recognised my loyalty and never charged me the new fees. That says a lot. It has some great fonts but could use more. It would be amazing if the colour palette could be updated to customise more colours in the fonts. This is my go to app for instagram posts I literally can’t find anything better. A few other functions would be great like adding two photos and having a saved logo for watermarking but other than that it’s really amazing.
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7 years ago, Katnip17
Good app, with some flaws
Pros: - There aren't any glitches. - The way of cropping pictures is convenient (it tells you what size is best for Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.). - There's some neat fonts - The way of placing a quote on a photo is easy and uncomplicated Cons: - I feel like for the price, you should get more fonts. I've paid for/unlocked everything, and I was expecting there to be more. There's only maybe 4-5 that I really use. I really hope they'll update it and make more fonts available. - You have to like their Facebook page to unlock one font. I hate when companies do that. I do it, but I always go and unlike the page immediately after. - I wish there were separate symbols and shapes you could add to your pictures. Like lines, ampersands, or geometric shapes. These are commonly included with other similar apps, and it's a pain to hop from app to app to finish one picture. - The premade quotes that you can select from are bizarre. I was expecting something cute or motivational but all of them are weird or are early 2000's jokes.
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7 years ago, Colorado Graduation Mom
Decent for Quick-n-Dirty
I like the App pretty well. What I do not like is how very difficult it is to make line breaks where you want. Frustrates the Hel/ out of me. Maybe in some tutorial it explains how to do; though I've viewed several. Still, when I need a quick message for my clothing site page- with few words, I go to Word Swag to get the job done FAST, and the product looks fairly professional. I'd love to see them add on new fonts for small amounts of $ like Over does. Maybe new backdrops too. Still, cannot beat the speed! Nice app for non graphic designers! EZ to use!
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7 years ago, Jarem Frye
Great app
Takes a lot of work off the laptop and puts it right on my mobile. Eliminates a lot of back and forth for making images on a computer and transferring it to mobile to upload to Instagram. Lost one star for withholding some styles and features for up sale perks. I'm fine with up sales, but including them as if I've already paid for them and then popping up interruptions to unlock a style by paying more only interrupts my flow in a moment when I'm not in buyer mode. Hurts productivity and makes me suspicious about giving more money if valuable productivity is going to continue being hampered.
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6 years ago, BeautyAndGlambyHope
So when I first started using WordSwag I was completely confused on how to use this app I’m still learning and it’s still kind of confusing but as I’m learning it’s getting better I think that this app is amazing and I love it I think that you guys should add some directions to it so that way somebody who is not very understanding of apps or computer stuff because let’s face it I can be kind of computer illiterate an app illiterate I think that would make this app even more better but so far I’m learning how to use it and I really really love it.
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7 years ago, Lnarie
I do appreciate adding the layers without saving but I don’t like that you can’t reswag after you add a logo. I also like the new colors and fonts! I paid about 7.99 for this app. In order to get really large font there’s an additional charge...honestly I do like this app, but I’ve found an app that has even more things and it’s free. You can add so much and they offer it right on the app. Like for stickers (logos) you can search right within the app and they offer additional font packages all you have to do is watch an add, I got time😎. WordSwag you’ve been great but now I’m thinking I paid way too much for this app.
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3 years ago, MoJoUp
App Crashes & kicks me out
5 times I meticulously get all the words lined up to make a sentence (pain in the #*@ since can’t do more then 2 words or it changes to italics) where I want them & go to choose the font color, when I click on the textured or other color I’m kicked out of the app! So frustrating! I’ve even tried rebooting iPhone XS Max Still crashes. Hope you can fix this soon as I otherwise love the app (oh & if you can get it so you can make complete sentences with same font size & kind (no changing some words to italics & ability to choose same font look for all letters I’d love that). Thank you!
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6 months ago, ojaiheather
I love this app!
I use this app ALL the time! I caption my photos, create memes, documents, proposals, and cards for every occasion. It’s super simple to use. I never have to worry about being assailed with intrusive pop-ups and extortionate redirects to become a paid subscriber for one feature I need, and an array that I don’t. God do we ALL hate that! Between this and my OLd sKooL photoshop, I publish my travelogues and am using this to annotate what I hope to be a very consequential dissemination on Homelessness.
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5 years ago, JoMakeupGirl17
Love the fonts, quotes & pictures, but not the monthly price
I downloaded this app a couple years ago, did not mind paying the money for it. It’s been a very helpful app, and I love how I can create things for my small business page. Recently I had issues with my Apple ID, and fraud on my card used for app purchases, so I had to create an entire new Apple ID. No big deal, but I downloaded this app and now its a monthly fee to get fonts I was already using? I’m really bummed, and again, didn’t mind paying the cost to download the app. I’m sorry, I just don’t think there should be a monthly fee.
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7 years ago, rinehaja
Great little app
This is a great little app for making all the fun quote graphics that you see on social. A couple of things I would like to see: 1) a way to save a template so I could apply all the same settings to other photos at once to make branding easy; 2) I want to be able to browse all pixabay images without having to search. Right now it only shows a page or so of images and that's it. 3) I want to be able to add a watermark before the image saves to my camera roll. No need to save 2 versions of the image to take up space on my phone.
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7 years ago, Heymikegrey
Great app w/ 1 exception
I would give it a 5 start review if only one thing! Don’t get me wrong the colors & fonts are great! But the border at the top of the bottom selection area is black. It’s really hard to adjust for the bottom of a black photo when it blends into the “STYLE COLOR IMAGE” header.... Word Swag I hope your actually reading these. Changing that to a slightly lighter shade of black... like a dark dark grey would help A LOT! Thanks for listening. I look forward to sharing this app with people creating business content which I think it’s best suited for. $5 is nothing for what this app offers!
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7 years ago, Jodeci's Mentor
Good app, better than others, hopefully with more to come in updates
Parts of this are great, and it is better than most everything else I saw in the App Store, but there is room for improvement. Hopefully future updates will reflect those improvements WITHOUT charging more for them. 4 stars because there were some styles locked even though the app wasn't free. I don't mind paying for the app, but I do mind paying and then immediately having to pay again if I want to access what I thought I was paying for in the first place.
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7 years ago, ellcore
It was great..
I got a new phone, so I had to reinstall all my apps. I had all the fonts open, unpaid for of course, and now basic ones I used everyday for almost a year I need to pay for. Seems a bit unreasonable considering I already paid $5 for the app. I get the developers have a business to run too, but seems a little much. The editing process is ridiculous. If I need to "reswag" something, I shouldn't need to have it saved automatically before adding more too it. Waste of time and space on my phone. I use it a lot for on the go type graphics I need, but it's quite obnoxious to deal with at times.
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6 years ago, TheNatster513
I love this app
I have been using this app for our church social media. It really helps you create beautiful text on top of word posts. This morning I woke up to find out that the app had been updated with a paid “pro” version of the app. I was very disappointed to see that I would now have to begin paying for the app. To my surprise, there was already an update allowing old users to continue using the app without a subscription. This is how you keep clients, thank you for a great app!
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3 years ago, Cleo Solaris
Another old favorite Paywalls me out of use.
This app was one of my favorite apps in the entire App Store for making Instagram posts - I was a Digital Art enthusiast and aspiring graphic design student in high school and college, and used this app all the time on my posts. When I finally updated the app again on my new phone after grandfathering the app in, I found that the app I had paid money for to use initially was now unusable except by paying a ridiculous weekly subscription. I wish legal action was cheaper or that there was some kind of recourse available to me - Tapping “restore” does nothing. I don’t make art anymore except with pen and paper now, because stuff like this makes me sick... Thank you for all the great years.
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