World of Hyatt

4.9 (199.2K)
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Last update
1 month ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for World of Hyatt

4.9 out of 5
199.2K Ratings
3 weeks ago, OrtizGonzalez+4
Seamless Booking Experience with World of Hyatt App: A Missed Opportunity for My Virginia Beach Trip
I recently utilized the World of Hyatt app to book accommodations for my trip to Virginia Beach, and I must say, the experience was incredibly smooth and convenient. The app's user-friendly interface made it easy to browse available properties, compare amenities, and make a reservation with just a few taps. Booking a hotel through the World of Hyatt app was a breeze, and I appreciated the seamless process that allowed me to secure my accommodations in just a few minutes. The app provided detailed information about the hotel, room options, and pricing, making it simple to find the perfect place to stay for my trip. While I was impressed with the ease of booking through the app, I was disappointed that my World of Hyatt card did not arrive in time to book this particular trip. I had been looking forward to taking advantage of the card's benefits and rewards, but hopefully it will arrive before I depart. Despite this setback, my overall experience with the World of Hyatt app was positive. The convenience and efficiency of booking accommodations through the app made the process stress-free and enjoyable. I look forward to utilizing the app for future travel plans and hopefully being able to fully enjoy the benefits of my World of Hyatt membership on my next adventure.
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2 years ago, famousdavis
Great app for a great hotel chain
I became a World of Hyatt member in 2016. I’ve used this app since then, and I love it. It’s easy to book travel, see my reservation stays, redeem points and my free night awards. It’s very intuitive to use. It makes it easy to begin either a chat session with Hyatt reservation people, or just call them. It’s easy to check-in or check-out or use a mobile key for hotels with that feature. It’s easy to see my loyalty points account balance, and fund the new points I got for spending on the Hyatt credit card. It’s easy to see my progress to become a Globalist (highest loyalty tier) for another year. And they keep improving the app, too! I sound like I work for Hyatt but I’m just a happy customer.
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5 months ago, 3 kids later
App needs fixing bugs
Overall the app is well done, organized and easy to use. There are just a few issues that need to be fixed to improve the user’s experience. First, some hotel have age restrictions as to what is considered a child and an adult. This information could be easily added to the hotel description. This would allow to make a reservation on the app and not be surprised when arriving at the hotel with additional charges. For example, if 12 years and older is considered adult, put it in the description. Second, the app seems to not allow you to select an age for your child as it is stuck on 1. Third, it would be lovely if you would fix the favorite option on the app. As of now, one can put hearts (make a hotel a favorite) but it will not be added to your list of favorites.
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3 years ago, Pyropat
Repeat Issue with Updates (UAT Needs Improvement)
I love the Hyatt brand and this app usually provides a top-notch experience. However, twice now in recent months when an update is pushed to fix bugs and improve the app, it removes existing bookings from being automatically viewable when looking at the Stays section of the app. One would think that after the last round of issues like this, that the developer would include this as part of their unit testing or user acceptance testing prior to pushing out the install to the masses and causing headache to guests that use the app. If it’s not currently included, I would highly recommend this be added to your pre-release testing that is conducted to ensure this type of experience isn’t continuing to be passed on to guests with every “enhancement/update” made to the app. This type of experience impacts the guest experience by causing frustration and generates operational and reputational risk for the brand. Thanks!
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3 years ago, iPad App Virgin
What happened? It was great up until a few days ago!
App has worked fine and enjoy using it for all things WOH! Now it won’t keep me signed in, every time I switch to another app, it kicks me out & it won’t save my settings. Worse off, I use to be able to use it for mobile key, now I have to go through all the sign in and takes so long before I can get into my room. It used to be that I open the app, it’s already signed in & I can simply click on mobile entry. It’s become so frustrating! Also, when I am making reservations, I do toggle back and forth between iphone calendar and WOH app… it used to work great, but now the app keeps saying session has ended and I have to sign back in all over again. Super frustrating! Please fix it or revert back to previous version. Not nearly as useful otherwise!
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2 years ago, $&@#}%%
Stops Working!!
The app is useless to make reservations, open doors, etc. When you first use it, it works fine. Then you get an error message. When you press on “contact” and then “chat” to talk to someone about my log-in issues, the app completely shuts down. It disappears. You open it and try again, and the same thing happens. Deleting and reinstalling the app does not help. To access your account, you have to get a one-time log-in to your email, which takes you to the World Wide Web. Meaning the APP does NOT work. I tried contacting Hyatt, and I was on hold for 30 minutes before giving up on talking to a person. Good luck with using this app!
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3 years ago, go doggie go
My all time favorite!
Hyatt House is my home away from home. As a travel nurse I stay 13 weeks at extended stay hotels for 9 months a year. The staff at Hyatt House in Aurora Colorado are like family. Barbi the head cook is welcoming knows quests by name and makes sure you have delicious hot food. Matt the hotel front desk clerk is awesome goes above and beyond making sure guests are having an awesome stay. Tommy the manager is a very special person, greets guest with a smile he will bend over backwards to make sure guests are comfortable. The whole team is wonderful “Glenn the bartender/ cook, Tree ( his nickname) in maintenance always has a smile on his face. Everyone from the housekeepers to management will ensure the guests have a fantastic experience.
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2 years ago, shaysquared
I’m trying to request points for a recent stay at the Hyatt Regency Miami. I happened to hit or touch the wrong hotel into the search box and Now IM STUCK. The page will not allow me to change the hotel and it stays stuck on some blank unresponsive page with Search on the top. This is my first time really using the app and it is a very irritating experience! Additionally, I’m very frustrated at not being able to get credit for my points! I love the Hyatt Brand and I was looking forward to booking future travel at Hyatt hotel but not if I can’t even count on the App to work!!! Please reach out!
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2 years ago, 93)46294$63
Inconsistent prices
I called the actual property and was given 1 rate. Then he transferred me to the reservations line who would not honor the price he just told me, instead gave me a much higher 2nd rate. The app has yet a 3rd rate. When I submitted the booking on the app, I got yet a 4th rate. When I called back to the property, he said there was no way for the property to take any reservations. I said just hold the room and I will pay when I get there. He said that is not possible, the only way is to call the reservations line or book it online. I even mentioned that we are reward members with this company, stayed at this same property for multiple days recently, and even brought a very large group to stay there—-yet there was no loyalty. It’s a sad day when a company gets so large they insist on automation, lose the personal touch, and can’t take simple walk-ins. Do better!
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3 years ago, Bob321467965
adding reservation to app
I learned about the app after my I checked into the hotel and saw the Chromecast option. I downloaded the app and attempted to add the reservation thinking this was a cool feature of the hotel. However, I received an error stating my reservation could not be added and to see the front desk. The front desk could not figure it out so I contacted member services. They said I would not be able to add the reservation or use Chromecast because I was already checked in (1st day of 3). The fact that you can’t add a reservation to the app or utilize offered services just because I am currently staying at the hotel is not good service. I am still paying for the reservation and room and should be able to use the hotel offerings. It’s like I’m being punished as a customer for Hyatt’s lack of marketing or proper app setup. Please correct this.
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3 years ago, johnnie929Mhertz
A joy and easy to use app
I have really enjoyed booking reservations and checking in via my Hyatt app. I always find enhancements to my reservation easy to find and select as well. However, lately, my reservations aren’t showing up on my app. I have two for example, one this week, and one at the end of the month, that don’t show up in upcoming. I can search for it, and find it on the app, but it won’t stay saved. I hope they fix this soon. Otherwise, I have nothing but stellar reviews on performance. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Dave P - Hyatt Forum
Missing Key Functionality
The app does not include key functionality such as cancel reservations, modify reservations, or checkout. If any of these are included, they are not intuitive at this time. These seem simple to add and improve convenience tremendously, especially when the “Text the Hotel” function seems to receive no response. Recently had an encounter where there was a checkout line in the morning, so I figured I’d checkout remotely. After attempting to checkout via the text function and calling several times through the day, I never talked to a person and was charged for the night (despite leaving by 6:30am). Improved app functionality similar to other major hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton would have made this a non-issue.
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1 year ago, Sherry9876
Great place
This hotel is the one where we stay every time we visit Augusta. The beds are great and the location is very convenient. Breakfast is adequate. It’s hot and nice that we don’t have to leave the hotel to get breakfast. All personnel that we’ve encountered have been friendly. Our only complaint is the TV programming provider is the worst and has changed from our previous visits. Even though Augusta is known for golf, we couldn’t get the Golf Channel. It was listed, but it would never come up. We sincerely hope this problem has been fixed. We complained when last there, but no one knew what to do or who to call.
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10 months ago, apersoniswhoiam
Credit Card Input Form Broken
I found a bug. When trying to use points, it will still ask for your credit card (CC) info. In my case, my CC already expired, so I had to enter a new one. But after entering a new one, the action button to continue and confirm the reservation was not responsive. So I cannot make a reservation. As a workaround, I had to enter the new CC info in my profile in advance and went through the whole booking process. Selecting the CC from the dropdown during reservation didn’t block me from continuing the reservation. I think there might be a bug with your CC validation logic in your reservation confirmation page that blocks the reservation.
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1 year ago, Jazzy Jslc
Annoyed at Best
I am very surprised to see how well this app has been rated and reviewed. Besides the constant technical issues, this app is completely basic and extremely lacks interactive use. There is no real digital platform transition with this app as most everything is directed to “Go to the front desk for assistance,” when that should be the main thing the app addresses. Having something like a chatbot or just something more streamlined where the user can handle their stay without having to go to the front desk to handle everything. The Digital key and check in process on this app is horrible and very spotty depending on what location you choose. Most of the time the Digital key crashes and I end up going to the front desk anyways, making this whole app useless.
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1 year ago, Hana Kaneshige
Occasionally Double Books - keep an eye on your bookings!
While booking through this app is fairly easy and convenient, and I enjoy Hyatt overall - be very aware of your bookings! I was double booked for a reservation, thought it was just a glitch on the screen (I.e showing up twice), but upon further inspection I was billed for a “no show”. Customer service has been supremely unhelpful in issuing a refund for the double booking, and when I checked in at the hotel no one mentioned the second reservation. I only discovered this glitch after catching another double booking this week (and realizing I needed to cancel it). Highly recommend checking kind all bookings - if you see it twice, cancel one of them.
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1 year ago, St.Florian7
First Time being members and using points
This was the first time using the Hyatt reward system and staying at a Hyatt. We are beyond pleased. The staff has been amazing and accommodating. The restaurant serves delicious food that is decently priced. If you get a chance try the Bahn Mi sandwich, if you like a little spice and a lot of flavor that is a great option. The parking situation was a bit hard to understand at first but after a couple of minutes and a wrong turn it became easy to see. We have had a great stay here and look forward to many more!
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2 years ago, dgp1
Hyatt are scammers
When you search for a room — specifically with the points option — they show you properties with prices in points to trick you, even for properties which have no award availability (but still available for $$$). Then when you tap the one you want (after transferring points to Hyatt, for instance) suddenly the “special rate” “is not available” for these dates and you can’t book that property with points at all. They know this and they don’t care. Do not give them your money, they are a garbage company.
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3 years ago, Dirtbikedude
Your app has 1 job and it doesn’t do it
I can’t understand who is in charge over there at Hyatt that works on this app but there’s literally 1 job that it has to do and it’s to show your bookings so you can check in. Ofcourse the one week I have a lot of travel booked, I can’t access it because the app developers didn’t test the one and only feature that brings in money for Hyatt. My message to Hyatt - find new app developers because you’re losing out on sales due to their incompetence.
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10 months ago, ScotteSki
New update has major flaw/UPDATED
Tried to book reservation but the Submit Reservation button doesn’t work. It appears that there should be a box to check to accept the cancellation and deposit policy, but there is no box. Using an iPhone 13 mini with current iOS. Very frustrated. UPDATE: 24 hours later, the Submit Reservation worked perfectly. I was able to make the reservation easily. Just frustrated that I spent so much time trying to get it to work the prior day. Closing the app. Restarting. Etc. nothing worked. The problem appears to be fixed.
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8 months ago, Shameless cheater
Big GLITCH involving HTEL RESERVATION bookkeeping!
There is a problem with reserving a room through this app. My confirmed reservation was mixed up between this app & the hotels database so I end up checking in at a different hotel at walk in rate at 2AM in the morning. I got the confirmation email & the hotel manager can see it on their computer for the correct date but it shows a different date when you first log in. Hotel managers will not take responsibility, reservation management will not take responsibility , and customer service definitely won’t take responsibility. I have all the emails showing my reservation as evidence but they just pass the bucks around sending me around talking to everybody. What a waste of time & NEVER AGAIN will I book at a HYATT hotel.
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3 years ago, 567agf
App needs common sense work
As a seasoned traveler who has millions of air miles and literally thousands of hotel stays at everything from high end (Waldorf Astoria, Mandarin Oriental Shanghai) to stays at podunk remote villages (“My Place” hotel in Ketchikan Alaska) I have booked my fair share of hotels. Hyatt used to be a favorite of mine with their old loyalty system when I frequented NYC and D.C. Lately, I have started to stay at Hyatts again. The app is clunky and makes it far too easy to double book rooms when trying to book. Asking about early check-in/late check out AFTER I have already booked is a huge mistake. I’m trying to give Hyatt a chance because they have nice properties. Make the app user friendly and intuitive (like Marriott’s and Hilton’s) and you’ll keep a customer.
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1 year ago, UniqueAirStream
Support does not help and the app does not work
App is still not working and support is no help, Currently this app does logs you out when ever you close the app and at random points while using the app. You then need to log back in because which takes while because you need to type your account number, last name, and password. The face ID feature also does not work. The Face ID animate like it was successful and still not login. Once they get this log in issues fixed this will be a great app. Member support also did not even attempt to troubleshoot. Reading the App Store reviews this seems to be a problem that has been going on for months now. Hopefully it will be fixed by the time you read this review.
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7 years ago, mrsalmingo
Easy to book but no updates if changes are made reservation
The app is great for navigating different hotels and options available. However, I have made several updates to the reservations (change from 1 king to 2 doubles and cancel 1 out of 2 rooms), but the information on the website/mobile app does not include the updates. Additionally, there are no email confirmations of the changes so it is difficult to have peace of mind that I will have the correct room and won't get charged for an additional room when I check-in. I did call to confirm the changes and they assured me it's in their system, but it would be nice to have updated information on their website and mobile app.
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6 months ago, Asonam
Best app - with one small flaw
World of Hyatt is no doubt the best hotel app out there. Hyatt itself is great with all its partner chains. I think a little more cash + points options would be great. One thing that has been going on since may be last one year or so- entering the age of child when booking. It's near impossible or you have to tap multiple times until you finally succeed. Not sure if I am the minority on this one- but for me this has been inconvenient. App still 5 stars tho.
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11 months ago, chrisymel
Not Ready for Prime Time
This app is just not functional compared to other hotel chain apps. I chose a room and filled in all of the information only for it to not respond when finally clicking the book button. It wouldn’t tell me why I couldn’t continue. It simply didn’t respond. I could click other things on the page, just couldn’t complete the booking. When I killed the app to go back and try again, this time I didn’t even get this far. After selecting my dates, when I clicked on the room to book, it was using todays date to book the room. I backed out and tried again only to get the same erroneous result. I give up. :/
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7 months ago, Hkim715
Easy and very handy
When I travel I can always relied on hyatt app to looking for hotel. hyatt has great loyalty program since I travel a lot I’ve been in globalist status for several years I’ve really enjoy the benefits like room upgrade, special member’s price and breakfast included also when I walk in to the room always nice surprise like fresh fruits or wine.... having Hyatt app one click you can find Hyatt near by no longer need other travel site. Really cool app to have.
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2 years ago, BryanRU
Critical Piece Not Working
Points Calendar function has not been working at all for at least the past few months. With the “peak/off peak” situation this is a big issue because I transfer points thinking I have enough based on the estimated per night, but then when going to book, it doesn’t allow. It’s because one or more of those nights are at a higher point rate. The only way to see this in advance is the Points Calendar which every time I click on it, no matter the property, I get “something went wrong”. This is a pretty critical piece to not be working.
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4 years ago, Juliet1121b
Wonderful hotel and amazing staff, checked in on a Sunday while visiting a sick uncle who happened to pass when we got here. The staff here at this hotel have been so kind! Outstanding front desk staff well I can’t say enough kind words about them and the Managment excellent overall if I could give 10* I would. I will be returning for all my future stays. I especially would like to thank Coleen who was so extremely kind and supportive. A big thank you.. you made our time here comforting. Thank you rm393💕🙌🙏🏻
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3 years ago, Mommy9887
Recent update is Terrible
1. Unable to see any of upcoming and past bookings. I can only log on to web portal to make reservation. Even After I made reservation, I still cannot see my bookings on the mobile app. 2. The first page only see the very top section. All the rest on the bottom sections are all blank. It used to have promotional content. What’s going on? Hyatt app used to be easy to use. Now it seems to have many errors.
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4 months ago, Clause-as in "Saintnick"
App Glitch
I bought an apple iPhone 15 pro , downloaded the app ( WORLD OF HYATT ) and proceeded to enter all my information… my membership number, name, email address and each time the icon get a GLITCH all my information is rejected. I tried changing my password, called customer support, removed the app from my screen and downloaded it again, checked all my settings associated with the app, tried adding facial recognition and NOTHING works, but when I called Hyatt to get help, my membership is active , my email is correct… all the information lines up on both ends.. except for the WORLD of HYATT app. It keeps popping up ( Error, try again). I’ve been trying for three days and no success.
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3 years ago, eliscorpio26
Best Hotel & Best App!!
This app is magnificent! You can book reservations, check in, check out, and use your mobile entry key when you forget that plastic key that you always forget in your room! 🥴. I’ve not had an issue with this app as they always seem to keep it working smoothly with any app updates it may need! Download this app and get everything you need from your favorite Hyatt hotels in your fingertips 📲
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4 years ago, Unhappy point counter
One of the best hospitality apps
Proof that Hyatt nails it with everything they do...I’m a lifetime Globalist (highest tier in their loyalty program) and this is why...they execute flawlessly...from the mobile app, to the html website, to the consistent experience across all their brands and exacting attention to detail. Great job here, team, with the latest upgrade, especially the “view my bill” feature...a huge time saver with expense reports. Nice work!
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2 months ago, McLovin' (an Irish R&B singer)
It's a great app except for when you search for rooms using points. When you do that, it shows you point values for rooms at hotels where there is NO availability for the dates you searched. You have to click on each hotel to see if there is actually any availability. This needs to be fixed ASAP. What good is the search if you show me 20 hotels that done have availability and I have to click on each to see that? I have asked several times for this to be fixed to no avail. It shouldn't be that hard. Only 2 stars until this is fixed.
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1 year ago, NoPennyForThoughts
Update: Fresh malfunction
Update: After 24 hours of failure to load, going off-property I turned off the app. Turned on again some hours later & upon return to Hyatt property and the App worked correctly. Reason for success unknown. The following event was observed after initial download/install/login: Download of app to old phone I had to reset. Login screen accepts all info (user # / name / pw) then spins a blue sun and is unresponsive. Remains open and running for 24 hours with no change in state.
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1 month ago, Walter F
Biggest Omission
The app is missing two of the biggest omissions that it could possibly have: The ability to filter by price, and the ability to display prices on the map. It’s hard to understand how these necessary and basic things have been ignored by the devs, especially when the website has these features already. Edit: Also, in the filter area, add the ability to filter by price and include a 2 sided slider to be able to remove all the extremely expensive and/or the extremely cheap hotels from the search results.
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3 years ago, 2019TracerGT
Still no iPad version?
It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the iPad was released and *still* there is no iPad version of the Hyatt app. Many of us prefer using apps on our iPad rather than our iPhone because they are (usually) easier to read and navigate and generally offer a richer experience. I’m amazed that a luxury brand like Hyatt still does not offer a native iPad version. Really? Come on and get with the times. The revenue you lost just today from people like me who abandoned their search for a Hyatt property out of frustration with their iPad experience would have paid for it!
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5 years ago, WashyFun
Doesn’t support your iPad being length-wise - want to use your keyboard? Too bad. App itself is average at best. High end hotel? Get your tech together. This is bush league. Except bush league these days is better than this. Anyone rating the iPad version 5 stars has literally used 0 other iPad travel apps and has a potato for a brain. More likely they work for Hyatt’s marketing team. It’s seriously pathetic that years into this game your iPad app still can’t handle someone having their iPad sideways. Marriott/SPG 10x easier to use. You should fire your entire mobile team if they don’t have a real iPad app together in 3 months.
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8 months ago, 818Pilot
Broken - can’t login
When people live on the road traveling they count on apps to work and when they don’t they often times move to your competitors app. If you’re going to update an app, here’s a little hint, beta test it first before releasing it and if you see tons of complaints of not being able to login, then realize that impacts your bottom line, and bonuses. Since I can’t use the app due to the incompetence of your dev team, I’m now booking on one of your competitors app that works. If I have time and think about it, I may check your app to see if it’s fixed but until then, consider it lost revenue
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1 year ago, sanfranmec
I am a Globalist and love Hyatt but this app has issues. Electronic key rarely works and the Apple wallet has never worked. Second time in the last year I have tried to use the app on the continent and it doesn't work. Keeps logging me out and I have to reset the password each time. Now even that doesn't work. And doesn't work with Apple passwords auto fill at all.
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2 years ago, Ken Oo
Love my World of Hyatt card and app
If you’re the person who likes to travel a lot for leisure or business, having this World of Hyatt visa card will make you happy. You will be rewarded with an annual comp stay which alone covers for the annual fees. The category 1-4 hotels you could use with your comp stay certificate are quite decent depending on the locations. Plus the Hyatt points are more valuable than say Marriott system and you could indulge in some of the finest hotels/resorts with your points around the world. Occasional seasonal promo offers have good values too and I take advantage when my schedule allows me to. The app itself (iOS version from my experience) is also flawless. Overall I’m a satisfied customer. :)
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10 months ago, 123jimmy
Constantly logged out
Update: recent updates seems to have fixed this issue for me. I use this app A LOT as a globalist. Ever since the latest update I get logged out every few hours. When logging back in, it takes several minutes for my information to sync up - reservations, past activity, etc. I never had issues prior to this, will update this review once things are fixed.
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3 years ago, Cackybell
Can no longer update app
I’m disappointed I can no longer use the app on my iPhone 6. You have to have the latest Hyatt update to use the App have to have iOS13 or above. My phone will only update to 12.5. App says you can use older versions but pop ups keep saying you have to update to newest version to use. It was such an inconvenience on my last stay.
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3 years ago, m2 k
Crappy app
For no reason I can no longer see my upcoming stays. It’s been 2 weeks since their last “update” to their app when this occurred. Obviously it’s not an update if the app no longer works. Their customer service tried to school me on how to use my own iPhone to fix the issue to no avail. I think I know how to use all the functions on my phone y’all! Guess what? None of your solutions worked. Still can’t see my upcoming stays. I have to laugh because when the app opens it says where to next? Evidently nowhere because I can’t see my upcoming stays so I guess I’ll be staying somewhere else!
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3 months ago, Bellfish
No longer works on iPhone 7!
This app refuses to run on my iPhone 7 unless I update to the latest app version — which is not supported on the iPhone 7. The response from the “Developer” states that this app is compatible with IOS 13 and higher. That is obviously not true, as I have IOS 15, and it won’t update or run on that version. Neither is it a “Service Provider” issue as they said. My only options are to spend $1000 or whatever the cost is for a new phone these days, or visit the Hyatt web site from my computer, which defeats the purpose of having a mobile web app.
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3 years ago, We love Safeway
We are happy to return to our favorite hotel
This is our favorite hotel The Hyatt House John Wayne, Irvine , CA. Ever since they opened we have stayed here many times. The hotel is very clean, very safe and the staff is the best! You are always greeted with a smile and they go out of their way to make your stay perfect. This is a Dog friendly hotel with a park adjacent to it. Where you can take your dog on walks! The pool is heated. We definitely recommend this hotel:)
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3 years ago, Michelle372813
Can’t use the app to check in for your first stay
I made a reservation at the hotel. Then I signed up for an account to try to checkin online. Nope, just an error message saying to contact the front desk. Okay well that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. Neat. They claim it’s to prevent fraud, but I had to provide my first & last name, email address, account number, and reservation number. What more would prove that I’m me? My birth certificate??? SSN? Also why not just say that in the error message instead of making me waste time trying to attach the reservation when it’s not even allowed? Useless app, stupid policy.
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3 years ago, Summerw1303
Perfect stay
I have absolutely zero complaints..!! From the moment I walked in to check-in i was greeted w a warm smile and friendly conversation..the room was perfect..cold fridge the air conditioner worked perfect..plenty of parking and the location is spot part is you don’t hear the roaring sound of the freeway..and Starbucks is in walking distance from the lobby..!! I will definitely be back
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1 year ago, Denver Pennsylvania customer
Worthless Rrwards
Booked a room for 7 nights. Wanted to use points for 1 of the nights. Was told that I couldn’t use points on the first night or the last night because room “not available with points. ( so much for “no blackout dates”). If I used the points for a midweek night, my room rate went up $50 per night. A few days later, I receive an email response to my rating that apologized and gave me a phone number to contact. I called the number and I was placed on hold for eight minutes. Finally someone came on and explained to me that basically, that’s the way it works.
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4 years ago, kim&bill
Excellent service at trying times (corona virus)
Jenni, Pam, Sonni & every staff member at the Hyatt Place downtown Greensboro has gone over & above with a skeleton crew keeping us safe & comfortable. We honestly couldn’t have picked a better hotel to stay at while we wait to move into this city. We have officially converted from Hilton to Hyatt’s!!!! We will definitely put our family members in this hotel when they come to visit! Thank you Hyatt!!!
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