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Washington State Department of Transportation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WSDOT

3.08 out of 5
195 Ratings
7 years ago, Dookie 2x
Add CarPlay support & Remove Ads!
This App would be more helpful if it supported use in CarPlay. Considering it’s illegal to use a mobile device/phone while driving in WA it’s entrapment that this app doesn’t support use through a car’s onboard systems. Most cars from Hondas to Fords to Toyotas and Audi and Volvo are just a few major brands that support CarPlay now. CarPlay support would make using this type of app safer AND legal while driving!
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5 months ago, heijamie
Want to see chain/up areas...
Well you can't. You can click on individual passes and see what conditions are. And you can see traffic speeds. But you don't know will I need to chain up with 4wd at all, 10 miles out, 25 miles out? how cool would it be to just see a live map layer of chain up areas under different conditons for cars and trucks. How nice would it be for state patrol to know drivers who start from most anywhere in WA will arrive with full knowledge where chain up/off will happen? And guess what, California where it doesn't even snow in most areas, does this so well on web and app. C'mon WDOT, do better! In response to WADOT: with all due respect: consider for just a moment the time and money spent by DOT and delayed drivers because of lack of timely chain information in one place for all state highways. They consider how widespread adoption is of mobile phones, and finally how good mobile services is along all WA state highways. It is not so hard to deploy tools that update real time chain up requirements for big rigs and passenger vehicles on all WA highways. Please take this under consideration to improve safety and efficiency of state roads.
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5 years ago, Cairo67
Very useful but not perfect
I live in the islands, commute to work on another island and use this app several times a week. When ferries are running on time, it’s very useful. When service is disrupted, the app becomes less useful. I agree with other reviewers that real time updates are needed. Also, the booth workers in Anacortes claim that the app is not reliable as far as quotas, which also seems like a gap that needs to be mended. The app still is very useful for making or altering reservations on the go, or checking to see how much space is left on the ferry you’re gunning for. Having the local numbers for ferry landings is a good back up as is knowing how to interpret Vessel Watch. The more fluent you become in “ferry”, the more useful the app becomes.
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2 years ago, blotzperson
Pass updates not timely
I really only use the app and the website both to check the pas conditions since that’s what affects me most - my daily commute right now depends on the status of Snoqualmie pass. I’ve realized that the app is sometimes hours late updating compared to the website which itself is usually updated after the AM radio station. I totally understand there being a little delay, but honestly for me this makes the app useless. Twice in the last two weeks I’ve left the house with the app and website saying pass is open and when I arrive less than 20 minutes later I find out it was closed all along.
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10 months ago, BStols
Poor coordination and titles
I will be going to Seattle and the islands in a couple weeks and using the Ferries. I found the main Home Screen counterintuitive. I did buy tickets but then it took me awhile to find them. Once I did (again through the purchase ticket link) it only showed the transaction in the title, note the ferry route. So confusing. Also, the ticketing and Reservations are on different sites and require different login information. Seems this should be all on the same site. Finally, once the ticket is purchased, it should be downloadable to the Apple Wallet.
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2 years ago, kormoc
Scam ads :(
This app has been very useful for those of us that use the ferry system daily, but I just can’t rate this as anything above the minimum due to the inclusion of ads into the app. The bottom bar of the app is used for displaying critical information on the main screen, but sub screens display ads in that same space. I just had an ad show up that indicated a critical notification from Washington state and when I tapped it, it wanted me to pay money to get the info. It was a total scam targeting Washington state citizens made possible by washington state giving the space to the scammers. There is no reason a publicly funded app should have ads included and it’s a disservice to the citizens to have them no longer able to trust the content displayed in the official Washington state apps. The ads must be removed so we can trust the app again. This is not acceptable.
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6 years ago, tank8188
Awesome App
I cannot speak on half of this app’s intended use. I use it primarily for ferry information (which has always been accurate and up-to-date for me). It gives schedules and availability, as well as a link to their site to reserve a ferry (if that terminal supports reservations). For me, this is an excellent app and I encourage others to try it as well!
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2 years ago, guslucas22
Needs work…
I use the ferry system daily for my work and home life. I used to be able to use the ferry related webpages for good information at the various terminals. But, much of the webpage information has been in flux and not working for a while. Had to get this app… very cumbersome to have to load and reload the information in order to know what’s happening for my departures and arrivals… app needs help in being user friendly.
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4 years ago, Thoregard
Online tickets difficult
WSDOT wants us to buy ferry tickets online so as not to pass cash or credit cards but the app is very cumbersome for this. Tickets need to go to the wallet but you can’t do that. The app logs you out very quickly and it takes forever to get back in and navigate to your ticket. And no, in 2020 I don’t want to print out a pdf ticket.
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6 years ago, WVBirdieGirl
Best App Ever!
This app is awesome! I only wish I'd have known about it sooner so I could've had it for longer. Used it on a friend's phone while on a trip and was excited to get back and put it on my phone. Really easy to use. I love the favorites feature. Five stars!
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3 years ago, brizone
Don't bother
This app doesn't do any more than show you Google traffic and provide some potentially useful - if inconsistent - features for ferry riders. They have an area for express Lane status, but as of this morning that hasn't been updated in two weeks. WSDOT is obviously just phoning in a performance on this one. Just when I think they can't get any worse, WSDOT demonstrates that their continuing slide into that black hole of ineptitude isn't over yet.
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6 years ago, gin n' tronix
Needs late ferry info
It shouldn't be hard to see when the boat arrived on vessel watch. Knowing the boat is at the dock doesn't tell you if you have a chance to make it before it departs and whether to hurry or take your time. Please add this feature! The boat is rarely on time and this would be invaluable information for us bike and walk on passengers who have to look at the cameras, check email inbox, etc.
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6 years ago, Legend45
Update this so users can report potholes.
This app would really be helpful if we could drop a pin to report potholes. Also if it would state if you were the first or the hundredth person to report it at that location.
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6 years ago, Redflippa
Quality Dev Support
Been using this app for a while to look into schedules and the dev has actively been developing data that the app offers. Nice to see continued development of the platform and helps for the average commuter by having info all in one place.
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6 months ago, campyguy
Helpful resource for Washington residents
Thanks for this app, from a Clark county resident, I wish that Oregon had a similar resource aside from its Tripcheck website. Still wishing for a paid ad free option to free up a little bit of space at the bottom of the screen.
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4 years ago, JustinBla1
Love this so much helps out so so so much!! Been using it a lot lately and it’s magnificent! The bottom reader where you swipe to see updates on collisions and stuff is by far my favorite part! Also, the ferry’s thank you guys!
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6 years ago, G-Blues
Need better updates
If you assume they update their reports every 10-15 minutes you’d be wrong. For instance I looked at the pass report this morning and it said it was closed. The report was posted at 6:28am. At 4:00pm it still showed it closed (same 6:28am time), although the pass had been open for hours. How hard can it be to have real-time updates?
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4 years ago, PESYES
Ferries are awful
Washington State Ferries are awful organization. Ferries are not on time, reservations are super hard to make and they will lie about it. It happened several times that i see available time for ferry and when put my card and name info to make reservation the browsers will say ‘’can’t reach site at the moment’’ and when i try again (10 seconds after) it says the time i wanted is not available...
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2 years ago, HAVRGN
New version terrible
Too many clicks and unstable. Cameras difficult to see and get to. Old version was much better and more useful. Wash dot website travel new version also crap please consider some improvements to work more like the older versions which was a much better user experience
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2 years ago, nindy g
Ferry updates
I’ve had pretty bad experiences with my alerts and ferry updates but today was the worse. I get a notification saying my ferry is 40 minutes late. I’m thinking ok. Do I want to wait or take the fast ferry to Bremerton. I’m glad I asked the gentleman at the ferry ticket window is it late? No he replies it’s boarding now. Right as I board I get another notification it’s 60 minutes behind. Yes, I used vessel watch. I’ve been doing this commute for 7 years. It showed the boat that was “late” sitting in Bremerton. Apparently one boat swapped out for another. I didn’t get a notification for that Your updates/alert system is horrible.
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3 years ago, Seatacco
Why the ads?
The app is nice and all but why are there third party ads in the app? Can someone explain? I thought I was paying taxes for it. This is the first time I see ads along a government service.
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3 years ago, Ranch Roper
Don’t rely on the number of spaces available! Totally inaccurate. Only thing the app is good for is checking the schedule. They manage to get that right. Though the ferries can’t keep up the schedule. Washington has a long way to go to improve the ferry system!
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4 years ago, Showtime1972
Weather for pass reports is the worse !!
I’m better off looking outside and just driving . Take Snoqualmie pass for example . The elevation is roughly 3000 ft . I’ve seen the forecast as snow level near 4500 feet with up to 2 inches of rain and 6 inches of snow !!! Whoever they use for weather you’d think they’d come with a more accurate forecast . If the snow level is 4500 there shouldn’t be any talk of snow in the forecast .
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5 years ago, Caroletgen
Great app but please fix!
Love this app and depend on it regularly. Lately it’s not working - telling me there’s no network connection for ferries but everything else works - please fix, developers!!!!
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6 years ago, We111222
Useful app
This app is especially useful if you’re on a road trip because there’s traffic info, border wait times and more
Show more
6 years ago, DrivingAboveTheInfluence
Why are there loot boxes on this app? I don’t have access to half of Washington until I spend $4.99 on loot boxes to unlock interstates and more?? Where is the pride an accomplishment in this.
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6 years ago, Catboatguy
Often not current ferry info
When the ferries are running temporary schedules, the departure times should be accurate on the app. They are not. True, the bulletins are there, but it would be best to have current, accurate info displayed everywhere in the app, particularly on the main schedule display page.
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7 years ago, Mattemaker
Very helpful
It gives a lot of information on the map that I don’t find in my regular maps. Thank you!
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5 months ago, Chad2251
Inaccurate reports
I commute over Snoqualmie Pass everyday, the status for closures is always delayed and will say that it is open when it is not. The cameras claim to be updated every 2 minutes but many will change the time on the screen but the image tamarind the same for hours.
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3 years ago, Tim Flug
Worse than useless
The “real time” data used for the ferry (spaces remaining, etc) is ALWAYS wrong. Only positive is look at the webcam to see traffic situation but if you aren’t super familiar with the area, just delete this app if you downloaded it for any ferry feature. Embarrassing that our tax dollars go to a garbage, horrific app in the tech hub we live in.
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6 months ago, kyles12678
It’s alright
I use this app all the time only to check train departures and arrive times, but the app sometimes crashes and doesn’t show me any times just a blank page which becomes very inconvenient for travel.
Show more
1 year ago, NicknameNate8
Getting worse
The website “interactive” traffic maps are completely indecipherable for dense areas with many close highways. The old segment maps were 100% better. Now there is an app full of scammy ads putting WA residents at risk. This was NOT the legislature’s intent. Stop making tools worse.
Show more
3 years ago, mattyc34
As useful as Shazam
This app would be far more useful if it gave correct information in real-time. Many times I have found myself stuck, delayed or ill prepared because the app wasn’t giving correct data about pass conditions. I plan early enough and depart only to find the pass is actually closed or chains required.
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11 months ago, EndymionNomad
2 Stars for Effort
This feels like an app from 20 years ago. It’s completely clunky, unintuitive, and mostly just redirects you to mobile web pages. And mobile web pages aren’t much better. Hire a legit design agency and do it right.
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5 years ago, SequimWA
iPhone app quit working
Used this app all the time until a few days ago, but now every time I try to use it, the app puts up an error message saying it can’t connect. Everything else on my phone works. Disappointing that WSDOT hasn’t fixed this issue yet.
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4 years ago, Thepunkinfart
Good Start
I’m not finding the rural traffic cameras in the Duvall and Carnation area. Would like a feature where the user could select the cameras they frequently access. Also, a road closure section (specifically for flood info) is my highest priority.
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5 years ago, Raspberrypopsicle
Navigating my mountain passes
I travel to Seattle and Issaquah and West on a regular basis and to crossing Washington this app is fantastic keep me informed and help me feel safe and prepared I wouldn’t want to travel without
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5 years ago, Kimjean13
Keeps crashing
Have used this app for years now to estimate my time to the office. For the last week anytime I try to click on Traffic Times, it crashes.
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7 years ago, Anne in DC
Doesn’t show complete ferry schedule
Only the future ferry trips are shown — not the complete schedule- so if you want to see the schedule for, let’s say, the full day, you have to go to the dot site online or look at the next day’s schedule. It’s really frustrating.
Show more
3 years ago, elicipter
Love it
Well designed. I can check the schedule and situation right on time.
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6 years ago, hanjarr5
Do not trust this app
Do not trust the car counter on the ferry times, it is completely inaccurate. I have had it say 40 spots and miss the ferry, I have also had it say no spots and make the ferry. Also it makes no adjustment if the ferries run behind (which is frequent). The vessel watch function is also different than the website.
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5 years ago, JetMech
Great App
I have been using this app for a while and it keeps getting better. This app saves me commuting time. Keep up the great work!
Show more
2 years ago, Rexuspeterdudebro
App is glitched
When I first downloaded the app I could look at schedules for future dates, maybe up to 5 days or so ahead. At some point, the app glitched and now only allows me to view the schedule for today. I can’t look at the schedule for tomorrow at all. Very useless unless it’s day of.
Show more
3 years ago, aj12345667
Flippin love this app
I love Washington. Thank you for making such a user friendly and useful service. Cheers!
Show more
2 years ago, Mirocal
Poor information but ad supported?
There is no info on planned closures (when, for how long). Don’t we pay enough tax to at least not see ads on a governmental app?
Show more
11 months ago, Wrldmac
In addition to giving mileposts of road work, stating the highway would help. Actually, who knows where the mileposts are?
Show more
4 years ago, kittitas
The WSDOT APP is Awesome! The features are great. And being able to turn particular counties off or on is fabulous. Keep up the good work.
Show more
5 years ago, Pandora15
Completely useless app. I just got stuck in a major traffic jam. Literally 30 minutes of getting no where before I was able to turn around and get out. Hours later the issue still exists. But is it on the app???? No, nada, zilch. As I said, completely useless.
Show more
2 years ago, toukow
Terrible for traffic
This was supposed to function in Apple products? Its simply terrible. If you can’t actually improve on the old, maybe you should leave it alone? Deleted.
Show more
1 year ago, RubiconF
Horrible Ferry Reservations Process
Honestly, any for profit business would be out of business releasing something this embarrassingly terrible. Why do you torture people like this? Are you really this bad or just completely incompetent???
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