WSF Puget Sound Ferry Schedule

1.7 (32)
2.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Richard Joffray
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.2 or later
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User Reviews for WSF Puget Sound Ferry Schedule

1.72 out of 5
32 Ratings
8 months ago, MaryMc
Won't download schedule updates
This app used to work fine. Now, it won't download the new schedules--it keeps telling me I'm not connected to the internet. I am--I checked. I also tried switching wi-fi networks, turning off wi-fi and using cellular data (which I made sure was turned on), and deleting this app and installing it again. My phone is less than a year old and I have the latest iOS. The problem isn't on my end.
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7 years ago, skagjk
losing functionality
The description for this app says that it "includes ferry times". When I purchased this app back in 2009, it actually did include the scheduled time that the ferry would arrive at its destination. It seems to have lost that information in 2016, and now only repeats the departure time as the the arrival time. I tried to go to the Developer website to leave a note, but iTunes link doesn't work. Not auspicious! To the Developer: Please just fix the app to do what it used to do.
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6 years ago, markswells
Inaccurate - not actively maintained
I've missed the boat a couple of times now because the app doesn't always prompt you to download a new schedule. Sitting in line now because, while I got here in plenty of time for the 10:35 as it said on the app, I did not make the 10:20 which was the actual departure time. I know this is a free app, and the developer really gets nothing for it, but if it's not currently being maintained, please just pull it from the App Store.
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7 years ago, aubseve
Good app but...
It's nice to have an app specifically for the ferries, as I commute to work everyday. There is a big bug that clearly has not been fixed and other people obviously have noticed it too. The departure and arrival time are the same. And sometimes it's not updated as I get on a boat that I thought was, say, Puyallup but happened to be Elwha, and the app didn't state that.
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4 years ago, threeponyherd
The ferry times just aren’t updated enough.
Semi regularly let’s us down. Like right now. Ferry was at 4:40 PM and this App said 4:50. Schedule was perfectly downloaded. Can’t really trust the times on this app. I always have to double check it against another app so what’s the point?
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5 years ago, fallingsky
Used to be good,but not anymore
I’ve had this app for a number of years and it was helpful and reliable up until a few years ago. Since then schedules became in accurate and misleading. As an islander dependent on the ferry system for my connection to the mainland, I have been inconvenienced by the errors too many times to give it more than one star. Time to find another app!
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4 years ago, BI ferry commuter
No longer accurate
Use this app at your own risk! The schedules don’t seem to be accurate anymore! Even though you get prompted to download updated schedules regularly, the times don’t seem to be in sync with the real schedule. This app was last updated two years ago, so I assume the developer is no longer working on this app.
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3 years ago, iclarkso
Better Options
I’ve been using this app for a while. It is cartoony, poorly labeled, and useage isn’t organized very well or intuitively. Try FerryFriends.
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7 years ago, Scrabbler267
Hmmm, fixed what bug?
Just updated expecting the arrival time issue would be fixed. Seems like a simple one that reviewers have been pointing out for a while. NW Ferry anyone?
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1 year ago, Mark Tuh-deen
Crashing now
Consistently crashing when loading after opening the app. (iOS 15.5, iPhone X) I haven’t seen an update in a while, and there seems to be no presence of the developers website any longer.
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6 years ago, Jwd925
Used to be a good app, lately it has not stayed current, even after doing the update it seems to revert to wrong schedule. Just missed a flight due to no ferry at the time the app said. that's a problem..
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4 months ago, HoneyBadgerDontGiveASheet
I want a REFUND!!
I paid money for this app, so I expect it to work forever! I need to know the fairy schedule for today and the app won’t even open. It crashes every freaking time! Give me my money back!!!
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4 years ago, Artichokex
Despite downloading the current schedules before referencing, I just missed a ferry due to incorrect information on this app. Now I have to wait 45 minutes for the next one and will be late getting to the airport! YOU HAD ONE JOB! Deleting this app now.
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4 years ago, Gamejunkie357
Inaccurate info
I updated the app the night before and it was still wrong. Get WSDOT from the App Store and you won’t be stressed about missing a flight while sitting on Bainbridge. Avoid or delete this pig
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7 years ago, kds2itunes
Was Great--Needs Fixing
This application used to be great. Easy to use, quick to respond, and updated frequently. Lately, though, it is inaccurate. The route I ride most now has the weekend schedule listed for weekdays, and vice versa. I've never had any problems with it crashing, but the one thing you want an app like this to do is to have the right times for the next sailing or two when you pull it up. I'm sad to say this app no longer meets that basic test.
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1 year ago, SeattleJake
App doesn’t load on current apple OS
I am running 15.4.1 on a iPhone 13. This app will not load. No error message it just stops and returns to the apple page.
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6 years ago, DanPl
Times often wrong. Used to be great.
Once a great application. The author doesn't seem to be updating the schedules anymore. Don't buy until this is resolved.
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5 years ago, 566543234677654333
Use to be reliable
This app use to be up to date but it seems that their is nobody behind the wheel on this app
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1 year ago, bethisgreen
It won’t load on my iPhone 12.
It won’t load…rebooted. Same result. Gah!
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6 years ago, Bob Bitchen
I USED TO like it
Doesn’t work, as in it isn’t updating seasonal schedules. Use the official WSDOT app instead.
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3 years ago, WhidbeyWSF
Not official
This is not the official app of Washington State Ferries. Use at own risk.
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14 years ago, Air kevin
Great schedule app.
I've been using this app for awhile (ok, depending on this app) and just grabbed the latest update. The author has really been working on this. This is still the best way to look up Puget Sound ferry schedules on the fly without a lot of fuss. I especially like the recent addition of a "reverse schedule" button to quickly show the time of departure from either direction on a run. The cameras that show how many cars are waiting at the terminal are nice, too. Very stable for me, and no crashes. I'm running iPhone operating system 3.0 which the author says is required. Maybe this has been the problem a few other reviewers have been having?
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12 years ago, KingCoPM
Now 5 stars!
I have been using this app since shortly after its debut and have always enjoyed it but held back my joy due a couple glaring shortcomings. Now they have been addressed and I can easily give it 5 stars! The primary issue was always the same day only view. If I was planning my Saturday AM trip on Friday night, the app was worthless. That has been fixed! I am also pleased with the new layout and was pleasantly surprised by the "reverse" button that allows you to quickly see the opposite run on your usual route without going back to the beginning. Add to that the instant access to all the camera views of the currently selected route and push alerts for selected runs... Wow! The app had started continually crashing after I upgraded to the 4s, but after I deleted and reloaded it seems very stable again. Thank you for a great app. I highly recommend it to any of my fellow boat riders!
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15 years ago, Drew™
WSF Schedule
Now, we all know that WSF is never on time but this app is very useful and well-designed. I am now taking down my 5 star rating as I had before. I'm saddened that you decided to charge $1.99 for the winter schedule. Now I'm just going to go to the wsf site, navigate to the run I always go on and put a link to that page on my home screen. I know you put a lot of work into making this app but it's something that I can't justify paying $1.99 for.
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14 years ago, ballardSJI
No Arrival Times
I usually don't give an app I paid for this low a rating, but to forget something so fundamental as arrival times associated with departures is crazy-incompetent. Yes, with a simple ferry run like Edmonds-Kingston just the departure is most of the story, but the SJIs are different. Ferries skip islands and later ferries can have earlier arrivals depending on what islands they stop at along the way. Picking a ferry requires the departure, arrival, and stops along the way. Also, missing other fundamentals such as "reverse" schedule when on a future date. For a paid app, this one is a hoax. We are visiting the SJI quite often, and I still have to have the printed schedule with me because this app has so many holes.
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13 years ago, FerryRider44
No arrival times???--UPDATE
Update on new version. HUGE improvement. Includes arrival times, realtime data and complete alert messages. Great recovery. (original review below) I must have missed something. Is there really no arrival times in this app. Also, the vessel watch feature does not show anything close to real time data. I have much better luck using the WSDOT ferry website for free. This app is verging on useless.
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14 years ago, mullmann
nice app for ferry riders
I got this app now two weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I know some ferry sailings by heart, however there are moments when I am really happy to quickly double check when I travel at an unusual time for me. But the best feature for me are the ferry web-cams, it is great to easily pull them up and find out if I should hurry up or just take the next ferry.
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7 years ago, IslandDogPNW
Update: Still Unreliable and times Inaccurate
Sailing and arrival times not at all accurate. How can sailing and arrival be the exact same time? Is the developer reading these reviews? Hello? How can an app that is meant to be available to save time, provide valuable information be so poor and inaccurate. Updates don't update and when they do you simply can't rely on the data. Shame on the developers who cause damage by making people think the data is fact when the reality is fiction that caused me (and dozens of others) to show up for sail times when the ferry simply wasn't running.
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11 years ago, jc517b
Good solid app - feature request
Living on an island, depending on ferries - I depend on this app and for the most part - it fulfills is purpose. I do have one enhancement request - on the Vessels GPS map screen - it would be great if the app retains the view I select (Change View) as the default - pain in the but* to select the same option every time - even if I already have it selected and just want to refresh the screen.
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11 years ago, JESSICAR2000
Good but needs improvement
This app has made many improvements, but is not accurate. When a sailing is cancelled it shouldn't show as an option. The listing of which boat is sailing at which time is hit and miss as far as accuracy. It matters which vessel I ride. If you aren't going to have accurate information, it should not be listed. Washington state ferries is constantly moving vessels throughout the year due to repairs, maintenance, and schedule changes... Both scheduled and emergency.
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15 years ago, Steve DeWalt
Thank you so much for this app. I had thought that there should be an app for the ferry schedule. A suggestion though. It would be really nice to know from which port the boat is originating. Is it originating from southworth or from Fauntleroy? That will help users determine how much space there is for vehicles on that run. Great application though. :-)
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13 years ago, Rained out
Throw out the paper schedule
With this app, you will always have the current schedule in your pocket, rather than an out-of-date paper schedule in your glove box. Easy to update the seasonal changes. It even tracks the actual location of the ferry. Pretty cool and very useful.
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7 years ago, caryw
One star is probably A little dramatic but as I sit in the ferry line for a boat that is not in existence it makes me a little upset. Someone needs to double check the ferry schedules and remove the weekend only runs from the weekday schedule. So I arrived in our early for a boat that I thought was going to be here. There's another one coming… unfortunately it means I'm going to be late for an appointment in Seattle. Thanks! Completely useless now that I have to double check the availability of a boat that I plan on taking with the actual Washington state ferry schedule…
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9 years ago, Quinn824
Used to be great, but...
This app could use a lot of work. Back when the iphone 3G was new, it was a fantastic app, but nowadays there are better options. One thing that bothers me in particular is having to pay for an app and still have to see ads once I open it up. The developer has clearly abandoned this; it hasn't even been updated for the larger screens on the iphone 5. Don't bother with this one.
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14 years ago, Seattle_climber
Almost perfect!
This app is super handy, especially the ease of choosing the arrival and departure ferries. The loading area cams are really nice too. This would be a perfect 5 if they added three things: an option for checking the ticket prices, adding transit times, and adding the notes from the wsf sched, such as which of the southworth-Fauntleroy ferries are direct.
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14 years ago, seatactom
Very handy.
One-time charge for this application; no charge for updates as suggested by another reviewer. (I've heard back from the developer personally). Great application to quickly find the next ferry departure near you. No more carrying paper schedules that get out if date.
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14 years ago, Scott43
Did the updates change the program?
This app is very handy, and I use it every time I use the ferries. However, it seems to crash a lot since the recent update, and I keep getting "Loads foot passengers only" on boats for which I know this is not true. I use the Vashon boats. I also tried taking it off and putting it back on--still happens.
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14 years ago, GemmaonVashon
Don't leave home without it!
By far my most used and favorite app. Updated regularly and helpful alerts let you know when there is a problem with a ferry or dock. A must have for anyone who uses the WA state ferry system.
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15 years ago, DeMusicMan
Very Very Nice App
Well done. So thrilled to see this app. I'm a frequent use of WSF and now the need to carry paper or log on to internet to get schedule is no more. On top of the usefulness, the app creator has also made an app that functions with the greatest of ease. Again, Well Done!
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14 years ago, Chelan 1
WSF Puget Sound Ferry Schdule
A truly useful app, much easier to use than the State Ferry Schedule. Clear, logical selections of depart and arrive locations, updated with current and future schedule changes. Worth the price, especially for occasional or first time Washington State Ferry riders.
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13 years ago, Gengis Jon
Awesome app!
If you use the ferry system with any regularity you'll wonder how you lived without this app. Does a great job of pushing up-to-the second updates for our Bainbridge Island route. Check the cams to see if lines are building.
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13 years ago, skseattle
Good app for any ferry rider.
It's informative and easy to use. Even has cool extras like technical vessel information. One thing I don't like. There are advertisements. I paid for this app and it's still using excessive resources to load ads. Not cool. If it were free I wouldn't care. If it weren't for that I'd give it a higher rating.
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8 years ago, 8Way
Works reliably
Why does it need access to the phones camera? Feature request: It'd be great if the app used the phone's gps to determine which direction to display route times. Ie if I'm on Vashon, displaying the faunt-vash times is nearly always wrong. I can't count the number of times I have looked at the wrong, reverse route schedule. At least display a warning, maybe gently flash or make "reverse" red to indicate you are looking at a reverse route. A feature to scan Wave-2-go cards with the camera phone to check remaining rides would be an excellent addition.
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10 years ago, ScottSSA
Well worth $2
I am someone that takes Ferries multiple times a month in Washington and this app hands down is the best. Alerts about ferries out of service and to see the cameras... makes this the best one to go with.
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15 years ago, Roaming Timber
Simple and Great
This app works great. It gives you the ferry schedule, lets you know of any alerts and even supplies data on the vessel you will be traveling on. This is a must for any washington state ferry user.
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13 years ago, iralph13
WSF Schedule ap
This is an awesome ap! It has everything you need to plan a trip on the ferry. It even goes so far as to give the specs on the ferry you are using. I think this is one of those very useful and necessary aps available.
Show more
15 years ago, Mr. Isom
Almost a perfect 5!
This is a must have app for anyone living (or planning a trip to) western Washington. It would help out tremendously if it included crossing / arival times. I need to arrange transportation on the "other side" and don't always know how long the sailing time is.
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7 years ago, Brad Augustine
Not sure what happened
This has been the best ferry schedule app for years until the Fall Schedule started on September 17, 2016. I am assuming it is no longer supported. I would certainly pay money for this app going forward.
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15 years ago, Flookie
Well done but could you add a way to look ahead at weekend schedules? The early morning weekend schedule is different from weekday and there is no way to access this ahead of time to plan.
Show more
12 years ago, CommuterUser
Updated version works great!
I dont know what the other reviewer is talking about. If you have problems with this version, I assure you that an uninstall and reinstall fixes it.
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