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User Reviews for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

4.81 out of 5
141.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Boomersmother
Wyndham hotel app- easy to search and book
I've used this app for researching the Wyndham hotels I am a member with. We traveled across the USA for 2 months without planning ahead for destinations. We had a starting point, a date for my grandsons graduation as a target event and date to be at and a date to be home. It was so easy to look ahead while my husband drove, see how long to get somewhere based on how long he would drive that day and find a hotel associated with Wyndham by looking at the map on the app. I would look at reviews, price, description of what's in the area, hotel amenities and choose a room style, book and pay with my credit card all from the passenger seat of the car. When we got to the hotel, they had us in their system, verified who I was and check us in. Quick and easy. We didn't have any problems for 2 months except once. The room style we had chosen had a dripping faucet when we went in the room. We called the front desk and was told to come back and they would give us another room just a couple doors down. It was not a burden to move because I always check out the room before I unpack. I love the easy to understand way that this app allows me to book. Much easier than calling and hoping the clerk who answers, understands my information and types it in correctly. I can't blame anyone for misspelling my name or getting my payment information incorrect because I typed it in myself.
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4 years ago, CheyLitty
Wonderful Experience, Recommend
I am a traveler and have been up and down the entire East Coast in the past month. I have stayed at many hotels from super8 to La Quinta. For those complaining, I believe it is on them. You have to really look at the location of the hotel you are choosing. And if you choose the cheapest option then that is what you will get. You get what you pay for. Wyndham rewards offers a great program where you can build points up for discounted rates and for free stays. This has enabled me to be able to spend less money and get higher quality rooms. I have had issues with the super8 motel’s before and refuse to stay in them any longer. I wish they were not a part of Wyndham rewards. However, the quality of the rooms is not Wyndham rewards fault. As stated, for those reviews saying they got dirty rooms, check out the hotel first and make sure you’re not getting just the cheapest option. I now stay in only Days Inn and La Quinta hotels as they are both economical and clean. I’ve had no issues out of either one. I am a very devoted Wyndham customer and refuse to stay in any hotel that does not participate in the Wyndham rewards program. Being a traveler this program is perfect for me and I thank Wyndham for it! 10/10 would recommend!
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4 years ago, Lee Loki
Unsuccessful reservations and loss of original discounted price
Several times I have used the app and the reservation has not gone through. We’re not receiving a confirmation email for Wyndham after booking and using the checkout application on the website. I end up paying more because the reservation did not go through and therefore end up losing the original price and having to spend 2 to 3 hours on the phone. I feel that that diamond member reservations, because I am in Diamond member, should be able to add points and make reservations when the rewards department is not open. It is very inconvenient for people. And it is very alarming when you think you have a place to stay and then you don’t. The last time that this happened I ended up spending three days on the phone finally getting the rewards department on the last day. The The excessive time is not necessary and Deems is not very good customer service because the website is not working. Please improve the website so that reservations are at leased confirmed and secured at the time of completing the reservation on the website. Thank you so much. Again this is not the first time it’s happened. This has happened several times throughout 2018 and 2019. Thank you so much and I hope that you can improve the operations of The Wyndham website because it’s very Scary, concerning, excessively stressful and dis-tasteful because it happens at the last minute. Warm regards
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3 years ago, krikhet
Rewards app is so worth it
Once I downloaded the app & became a rewards member, I began to save an exponential amount of money on rooms. It’s also super simple & convenient way to search the various Wyndham chains for whatever area you’re needing a hotel at. The platform is extremely easy to use while still providing the user the ability to view pictures, ratings/reviews, amenities, ect... all on the same page. It’ll also list the type of rooms they offer (such as 2 full, 1 king, suite, ect...) with the price right below. With just one click, you can easily view what the final cost is going to come out to after taxes/fees. I particularly love this bc many sites will only show you the flat rate until you go through several pages & enter info, before you get the real total. Oh, & I’m like 1 night away from becoming a Diamond member (top tier) which offers the amazing perk which allows those who are of Diamond status to upgrade to a suite, for free, so long as there’s one available anyways. In addition to earning the set rate of points per stay, they always have other offers going on which allow you to earn those points easier/quicker/ or by participating with a partnership such as Door Dash.
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4 months ago, MyzzStep
LaQuinta Douglasville! I love it here!!!
This hotel is one of the very few in Douglasville GA that is actually worth the money ! It smells great, the staff are ALL so friendly and welcoming and polite professional and helpful! The place is very clean and smells clean and is up to date with the furniture and decor and all! The Little bitty tiny Dove soap was definitely a plus for me ! The breakfast has everything you could possibly want and is fresh hot and something for everyone no matter what your diet or mood or age is! The place is quiet and nearby plenty of stores to shop at as well as gas stations and many restaurants! It’s conveniently right off the exit of interstate 20 and there’s a park and other fun activities to enjoy nearby too! You can’t go wrong with this hotel when trying to decide! The rewards are definitely worth signing up to join so you can get free nights with each night you stay and the app is amazing, much better than that of the competitors of other hotel brands ! This is the most wonderful home away from home if you ask me I could stay kept away in my room here every day all day if I could, I love it here!
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5 months ago, ShawnS83
I have been homeless for three years with my family going motel motel from Moreno Valley to Hemet Riverside to San Jacinto and now San Bernardino I grew up in San Bernardino so I know how it is and yeah the homeless population here has skyrocketed tremendously and given that ran in the middle of San Bernardino this Days Inn on Highland is hands-down the best motel that I have been in I’ve had my vehicle broken into twice at different motels my work vehicle broken into and people offering my kids drugs and here I haven’t had none of those problems and the owner Sunny and his wife sorry I don’t remember your name but are some of the nicest hotel owners that we’ve come across so thank you very much and of course there’s people who are going to complain about things but nothings ever gonna be perfect and considering you have to make the best of it so thank you again and all of the other stuff you go above and beyond except for the lady at night but every apple tree has a bad apple lol thank you again Shawn and Heidi Sinclair
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2 months ago, andieaa
Depoe Bay Travellodge
Unfortunately, they’ve changed management once again. Every time I’ve gone, there’s someone new, & when they’re foreigners, it leave’s a lot to be desired in the communication aspect of thing’s. I’ve loved staying there for well over 9 + years, but the constant rollover of management is a bit unnerving, because they don’t know me at all. They’ve changed policies as well, & started by deducting the first night before I even get there. I’ve ALWAYS paid when I get there with no problem. I had to put up with someone upstairs walking across the floor above us like Big Foot until late, & then waking us up at 7am in the morning with the stomping. I was there to enjoy my mini vacation, not wake up because of an inconsiderate person. My companion & I are both disabled & retired, & when we got ready to check out, they had blocked off all the close-up parking, making us haul our belongings up the hill numerous times. It wasn’t particularly appreciated whatsoever. I’m booked again for September & I’m hoping there’s no more surprises & inconvenience, because I love staying there, going to sleep with the door open to the balcony, & listening to the buoy’s & wave’s crashing soothes my mind & soul. I booked a room on the top floor that has a fireplace for my next stay, in the hope’s that King Kong isn’t in the building. Consistency is what I truly appreciate, along with courtesy to guest’s.
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3 years ago, SoCal George
Wrongfully Charged and Customer Service is a Joke
I tried booking a room using this Wyndham Rewards app back in January and was notified on the app that it was currently undergoing maintenance. Not sure what this meant, I tried booking again. And again it said the booking could not be completed due to app maintenance. I finally left the app and booked online. A few weeks later I discovered that I was charged twice (full price) for the hotel room I tried to book through the app. I never saw a confirmation email and was never notified within the app that my booking request went through. I’ve called the apps costumer service and have been hung up on, given the runaround and have been told that it was my responsibility to cancel the bookings that I didn’t even know about. The costumer service agents clearly do not have care and are only concerned with the company’s bottom line. I’ve never felt this helpless when dealing with a customer service agency. It’s completely turned me off of Wyndham Rewards. I will be taking my business elsewhere. I recommend booking online. This app is faulty and you may be wrongfully charged. If this happens, good luck getting any resolution at all.
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2 years ago, Nightly Sleep
The reservation process is smooth BUT no option to include your pet during booking. Had to call customer service to confirm my cat could stay and the amount of the pet fee. This hotel is listed as pet friendly but the reservation process is lacking the process of including your pet as part of the family. Once about to complete the reservation for the room in the app the verbiage about pets is not committing BUT all other aspects are, e.g., like cancelations and such. If a pet family is checking in and the hotel rejects your pet there wouldn’t be anyway for the remaining portion of the family to stay in the hotel but would then be outside the cancellation window. This booking process should be revised to be inclusive of the entire family, human animals and pet animals, on the app so one wouldn’t have to call customer service to fully confirm the hotel’s commitment for one’s family.
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4 years ago, Dallas1020
La Quinta was WAY better
Sorry la Quinta sold to this group. Their customer service was amazing and the app was terrific. Wyndham is awful. Now that Wyndham is letting each hotel set the dog policy, and charge, it’s a nightmare to figure out if pet rooms are available and the cost. Customer service is a joke. I called to make a reservation and the gal put an old number on the reservation so it never showed up in the app. And she never added the dog. After multiple emails and calls, finally one said the gal put a closed account number on my reservation, but could they switch it to my actual number? NO! How can a customer service place not be able to add a customers account number on a reservation. Plus after every single call, they tried to upsell me on a bunch of things. So annoying! I’ve had to call each hotel on our driving trip individually to find out their dog policy and the charge. We were very loyal la Quinta members but no longer feel the same with Wyndham. We’re going to use up our points and go with a chain that actually has some customer service. If we’re paying extra to take our dog with us, would rather go with a group that appreciates its customers. We miss you La Quinta!
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6 months ago, 80Alababy
Wyndham great reward program, but
Wyndham’s reward program after I listen to the special discounted offer that they gave me on discounted rooms in 493 days day or three day four nights day. I’m sorry had me sign up for another rewards program loyalty member extra benefits package paid $100 for it and have not been able to sign into the account that they gave me with the concierge for any problems that I had like these and such other things like the $300 food credit that I was supposed to get 65 to 25% off all my hotel stays for a year and I have not been able to log into this but they took $100 of my money and since I have called and talk to them they have still not been able to help me get into my account know if they refunded my money so to me is definitely the by far the best rewards program around but you might want to watch which other deals. Did you sign into with them because they may be a little Jenkee
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2 years ago, Ssquard
Needs More Functionality
Unlike most Hotel Chain Apps Wyndham doesn’t provide basic features for frequent travelers. What’s missing: Saving regular search criteria like # of guests, pets, children, parking options, etc. this app not only requires setting these things when entering the app, you have to reset them if you decide to find a hotel in another city, like booking 2-3 stays on a trip. You can’t set hotel preferences like with other Hotels, like ground floor or upper floor, near elevator or away, elevator only due to physical limitations. Also lacks ability todo early checkin and chose a room, which we did get to do with La Quinta and with two other hotel chains. Finally, they often say you have to contact the actual hotel for availability of rooms for disability or pet needs. Unfortunately they don’t provide phone numbers for the actual hotel, instead you call their 800# and go through a few minute process to get the number because their central booking can’t answer the questions listed on the app.
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1 year ago, @aMuseMel
itself was amazing, with a perfect balance of soft but firm memory foam, with amazing comfy cloud pillows to match. We slept in late!! It was Luxurious with an A/C + Fan + Heater in-wall unit combo plus modernized dual black-out curtains. The bathroom toiletries & closet ironing board amenities were on point & updated. Throughly enjoyed the Huge Flatscreen TV with so many channels & cable streaming options. Outdoor Smoking Areas nearby the Rooms & easy safe Parking! The pool was opened & we had an amazing little area to do yoga & meditate in a refreshingly cleaned & quiet sanctuary area on the property. Pet-Friendly & convenience of Location was the reason we came the first time, but every thing I stated above is why we are returning this weekend again! Thanks to the all the sweet, diligent, & caring staff -- especially Josh & Cookie -- for providing "family" style customer service experience worth returning for!!
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4 years ago, peasmakr
Run, don't walk from this app
I am a member of every major hotel rewards program as I travel probably 100 nights a year for work. This is the only app that won't allow you to track future reservations in the mobile app. Some seem to show up while others don't. I've called the Days Inn Penn State three times now go give my rewards ninety for the reservation. Each time I accuse them of not entering it because it's not showing up in the app. This last time I had them read my rewards number to me from the reservation. Yep, they have it. But for some reason this stay won't show up in the app. I have a stay reserved at a microtel at mansfield Univ in May and it is showing up, however. I emailed customer service. They claim they will respond within 48 hrs. That was a week ago. No response. I called customer service. On hold to Chinese restaurant music for over 20 minutes. This app and this brand apparently could care less about the customer experience. I do my best to avoid their properties as a result. If they don't care enough to fix their app and customer service issues, I don't care to spend my or my company's money at their hotels.
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4 years ago, chrissrcc
Sleeping in my car cause of them
I join the rewards program they tell me if I stay in a motel for two days I’ll get the third free. The motel was awesome. I call the rewards find out what I got to do and after transferring me to the wrong people over for times hanging up on me, yelling me telling me the rewards program doesn’t manage the rewards and then a nice lady helping me out put me on hold for while to see what’s going on because she agree with me it disconnected call back now to get were closed call tomorrow to another nice lady today saying she understands but GREG her supervisor say to bad. It 1020am Sunday March 8 and noon i check and it’s not there problem even though they sold me on idea but I’m got to leave the motel Ca and sleep in my car at the park cause I didn’t save and go to different place I listen the Wyndham rewards. They are lied and I say if you too had a bad time I’m Calling the BBB, Turco files if you know San Diego’s it’s a news program that deal with crappy people
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7 months ago, Be better, Wyndham
Something internally wrong
This would be a great app. If not for the fact that just to get it to meet its basic functioning expectations I must reset my phone 2 to 3 times. No other app on my phone requires so much tedious dedication just to get the basic requirements done. Every single time I try to book a hotel I have to reset my phone 2 to 3 times. I use it quite often for work and it would be a good app if not for this terrible feature which only seems to happen from this one app. No other app, does this to me on my phone. I did try to give feedback as the developer requested by following the link. Unfortunately when using my phone, the website either takes me directly to the app bypassing the website, or I simply cannot find any feedback section for the app. Even when typing feedback in the Wyndham Search on the website help section, it comes up as a zero search results. If there is a way to give direct feedback, I don’t see that or it is certainly not obvious.
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1 year ago, M&MNorris
My husband and I spend a lot of times in motels, he works about 3 & a half hours from our home so motels become our home Monday thru Friday! So needless to say we are Wyndham diamond rewards customers and should get the perks that go with that, but we’ve never been given a room up-grade (even after asking numerous times at a Ramada, tried to get a late check out at a LaQuinta & they wanted to charge me for it!) I absolutely refuse to stay in a dirty motel room & let me say finding clean ones has been far & few between! I mean come on housekeeping..common sense says u need to wipe down the things everyone touches, the door knobs & lite switches, tv remotes, heater/ac units etc.) If only these motels would pay me for the cleaning I have to do, our rooms are always cleaner when we are leaving at the end of the week then they are when we got there!! So Wyndham if u are looking for a secret stayer to rate your motels, e-mail me! Some places need some serious help in that dept!
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2 years ago, Tyler C. Haggstrom
Opportunity For Guest, Staff, Rewards Impovenent
Hello, I am a Wyndham Rewards Dimond Member. I have been staying at Wyndham Hotels full-time since February. I have found the App to be a bit difficult to use & the point system rather misleading until getting into the ‘fine print’. Also, I had a few issues during my stay while in California. And upon attempting to resolve the matter I realized there is no way for hotel staff to interact directly with Wyndham Guest Reward Services. I feel that by opening up a channel of communication or at the very least a 24hr live-chat would be helpful for all parties involved. If hotel staff had an option to provide/request points on behalf of guests I feel this would create an environment for trust, positive communication, & guest retention-rate. If implemented correctly a system such as this could increase overall guest satisfaction, provide hotel staff with options for diplomatic conflict/miscommunication resolution, & led to additional guest bookings as satisfied customers continue to book via the App to redeem Wyndham Rewards Member bonuses. Thank you.
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2 years ago, FaithLin
Long time member
Wyndham have been a great source for us when we travel. We count on great service, and affordability and clean hotel stay. There are hotels that are not Wyndham standard, which I’ve been into but they make an effort to make it right. I wish they did better on that days Inn in Vegas. It was a filthy, and noisy, unable to rest stay We’ve all ever had! Specially we arrived almost midnight on our check in, exhausting, but still have a restless night, and we still had to pay for both rooms that were unacceptable rooms & stay. What a shame. For this establishment being under the Wyndham umbrella they should have quality check and control this location before putting them under Wyndham because this will ruin people’s perspective of Wyndham. That’s my piece of rant.
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4 years ago, RinMcG2626
We miss the old La Quinta.. Don’t bother with WR.
We started using La Quinta when I joined the military- made PCSing a dream with the kids and dog. Last night was our first stay with Wyndham Resorts La Quinta and first time using the app. Total garbage. Not only did the app give me the wrong estimated mileage to the hotel (app said seven miles, GPS said 25) but upon arriving at the hotel suddenly they didn’t have the room we booked through the app (two double beds for two adults and two children) so the front desk put us in a room with a king and told us she would bring a roll away bed. After about an hour and putting the kids into the king bed (it was after midnight at this point), we get a knock on the door to be told they only have roll away cribs. My five and three year old were NOT going to fit in that crib. So ended up trying to all sleep in the king size but my husband and I eventually took to the floor. We have never had an issue before with any La Quinta but last night was the absolute worst. And for over $150 to not be comfortable- that’s insane. We will be trying to get our money back.
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4 years ago, mgydcy
Only 2 stars
The Wyndham group and app are really having there problems. They can’t get these hotels together. Different hotels are all over the place in doing things. Another poor quality company buying some hotels that ran better by themselves. What were they thinking. How sad. I’m a Diamond member staying over 40 nights a year. Please take heed and don’t use Wyndham to start a new program. You will regret it, just go with another program. I am a member of 9 different programs. If you book two different stays at the same hotel with friends, you only get 1 stay credited. They don’t count it as two stays even though you paid for two rooms. If you book a room and stay three consecutive nights, you don’t get credited for three nights, you only get 1 night or 1 stay in the rewards program calculation. Quirky accounting, now you see it, then it’s gone. Do not trust this corporation.
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3 years ago, yayWyndham
Love the app updates
As I am a loyal wyndham member I also use choice privileges hotels and the only main difference in research in booking was the app. Wyndham has brought it up so there’s no need to switch back-and-forth except for the fact that Wyndham needs to have more hotel options in more locations so that you don’t have to go outside the brand. The fact that you can save hotels that’s all I was hoping for!So when you stay at a hotel and you love it you give it a heart and it’s in your list of favorites! If you are doing research and you are torn between a couple and want to save them you give them a heart and they are in your saved items! I love it thank you for bringing the app a new look and a new absolutely wonderful feature! I look forward to many more stays!
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2 years ago, phantom gray
This hotel is astonishing, remarkable and super clean. I’ve been living from one hotel to the next for the last 20 months due to a divorce filing. I’ve stayed in every hotel in 5 surrounding counties. Now! I said all that to say this. These guys are the coolest and the employees are super friendly and the women are extremely friendly and drop dead gorgeous. This place is the one. I been doing this for a while now. You can have all your hearts desires and wants. I strongly recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking for a place where you are a person who has a great vibe and friendly enough to get a hold of your surrounding. Check us out we’re located on 192 in Melbourne, fla Here is where you are reborn and spiritually reconnected with self and your higher power.
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2 years ago, Ctrobinson111
Sign up nightmare
I have no idea how the app works since it won’t let me sign up. I can’t just join because I already have an account apparently. I can’t do forgot my password because I never set up an account online according to the app. The only other option is to enter you member number, which I don’t have. I tried to use the site to contact them but you cannot do that without a manner number either. There is a phone number but I’m not going to call and sit on hold just for the right to do business with them. Update: they asked me to communicate with them about the problem but, again, I need to either call them or have a Member number to send a message. It’s like they don’t read these. I’m not calling you on the phone. If I need to make a call you have already failed. All I want led was to sign up which I cannot do without already knowing my supposed member number. Communicating with me afterwards without any solution at all just makes me more angry
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3 years ago, starzineyes
Good and quick, photos sometimes don’t tell the whole story
The app has been very good in most cases, quick and easy to get rooms on the fly. The only issue I have with it is that sometimes the photo show a really nice hotel, but when I get there it’s… Shall we say, less than really nice. In a couple of cases the place has been totally unacceptable (rundown building, dirty rooms, rough characters hanging out, seedy neighborhoods), so I always try to get same-day cancellation and get there before the window closes, just in case. This is true more of Super8 and Ramada inn. It’s not so much a problem with La Quinta or Days Inn, though the latter can sometimes be a lot rougher than the photos suggest. Overall a good app, handy to have for quick reservations.
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3 years ago, TMoney229
Has a lot to prove
I started using Wyndham Rewards again because it’s connected to Cesar rewards after writing them off .I come back seem to be somewhat liking it until today I had a bad experience finally my second customer service call three hours after the first bad experience made everything better I just understand that can be done the first time I just told the story that happened previously and they fixed it just like that so thank you for that customer service representative. Only thing is that I also put in to customer care issue with my status match and connection to my Cesar rewards account be connected to my Wyndham it has been 6-8 weeks and nothing but in the (2nd) good customer service call today they took as well so that something to prove it still good job.
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2 years ago, SeekingHim⬆️
Fix App Please
I just downloaded the app. It’s very glitchy. I went to the web to sign up because the app kept restarting. After I signed up answered all questions, I logged into the app. It keeps saying something is wrong. Happens more than 4 times then logs me in. It’s says hello and my name. I click to enroll in the special. It takes my Face ID several times and says somethings wrong. Logs me out and I start over. It tells me my password is wrong. I never change it because it is correct. I kept pressing submit and after 4 or 5 try’s it lets me in. I get to the security question and it does the same thing. I never alter the answer I just keep Submitting. It finally takes my answer and Face ID then logs me back out and sends me to the sign I’m page again for the entire process to begin again. So frustrating Update: The website is glitchy too. I log in, answer security question and it circle back to the login in. I’ve completed 3 times now. I give up.
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3 years ago, mr deeeeeem
Solid Travel App
I like the addition of the search function remembering your latest location entries. This is very handy when drilling down to a final decision where to stay when my final stopping destination is still up in the air. It means not having to type in the city over and over. I don’t like the new way the room prices are displayed. It’s less intuitive than before, but it’s not unmanageable. I just preferred the old look. It’s kind of a step forward on the front page but a step back on the property pages. I also really wish you’d allow a toggle between cash price and points without having to back all the way out and rerunning the search. At least the old look displayed both. Overall a great rewards program and a great app for booking, better than most, but still needs a couple tweaks.
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4 months ago, Fleetcomm
Wyndham Wins Hands Down
I’m not one to use credit cards for rewards or points but with Wyndham Hotels and their credit card it’s a win-win situation. I travel for work and there’s a Wyndham hotel is in almost every town. Ramada, Super 8, Days Inn, Comfort Suites, Travelodge, Howard Johnson, La Quinta & Baymont. I say the majority of these hotels are great. Being a member I simply open the Wyndham app, type in the town and you will get a list of all that’s available with the right price. I refuse to use sites like Booking & Priceline because if anything goes wrong it’s a hassle getting refunds which happens often for me. I go to a town for a job lasting a week and it ends in 3 days I simply go to the front desk and I get refunded with a new receipt. To me, WWW means “Win With Wyndham”
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1 year ago, Skillet8633
Wyndham app
The app is very helpful in locating and securing hotels. Any part of US. I don’t travel internationally. The downfall is that the privately owned hotels that fly under the Wyndham flag can make up rules as they go. I E. Deposits that are not specified online. Parking charges that are mandatory that are not expressed in hotel or motel descriptions. Overall the app is good. Wyndham should be more descriptive in these “hidden charges” or be made aware of the fact that these establishments are taking advantage of being able to enact these charges after the fact of reservation being made. I stay in hotel/motels routinely in my line of work. I’m a diamond member. As if that means anything. Beware of hidden charges that hotels can just spring on you at last minute.
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1 year ago, Frak!
From 5 Stars to Zero Stars
***Update after developer reply asking me to reach out again*** I contacted a customer service manager (Robin) and told her I was disappointed in the Diamond Rewards program and mentioned I was thinking about writing to their CEO. Her response? (Verbatim) “If you want to complain to the CEO, have at it. “ then hung up the phone on me. Btw. On two recent stays I wasn’t upgraded to a suite as entitled as a Diamond member. You people need to get it together. We’re Diamond Rewards members, the highest level and Wyndham promises to wow with exceptional service. We recently had a few booking and upgrade issues and needed to contact Diamond support exclusive phone number which basically is a run of the mill overseas call center with little in the way of actual skills of comprehension. You explain your situation and they read from a prepared script. You rephrase the question and they re-read the same prepared script which doesn’t even remotely address your situation. Speaking to other agents yielded similar results. There is no real interest in you as a customer, certainly not anything like the elite service they claim. We’ve been members for years and have noticed a steady decline. We also pay annually for the Wyndham Rewards credit card but this is our last year. We have about 100,000 points left and will use up our earned stays and then leave for good.
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1 year ago, SusanTheWebWalker
A little slow, but basically a good app
We booked a room but then realized we’d booked a regular room instead of an accessible room. Cancelled it and then tried to book the correct room, but the app said we didn’t have enough points. Had to wait quite some time till the app refunded our points and we could book the correct room. July 29, 2022 UPDATE: When it was the day of our reservation, I was unable to check in on line. The button is completely unresponsive. I called the hotel (La Quinta) and they apologized and said that they’ve heard this from many, many customers. Therefore, dear developers, please fix this bug quickly or you are going to have a multitude of upset members. Just sayin…
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5 years ago, DocMagi
Call center and frustration
The app could be useful but it routes you to a call center in India and that are worthless except for the occasional traveler. The app does not update you points quickly and you are unable to post reviews of the hotels. The hotel can have several rooms available but the app will say none. This appears to be because some hotels don’t want the call center bookings or to give out the rooms with points or a discount. If you run into issues google the hotel and just call the hotel directly it will save a lot of time and aggravation. It allows you to search for hotels well and provides nearby hotels when traveling. It’s a shame that the support is so poor and that we are directed to a silly call center to be given sales pitches and scripts. Even when you are in the higher levels the app routes you to the same worthless call center.
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5 months ago, 1234 zzzz
No good
I’m staying at the Wyndham in Indianapolis at 3850 Eagle Dr. I have a problem with the sink they tell me I have to wait till tomorrow morning that there’s nothing they could do. I asked for another room their reply was they don’t have any extra rooms available however I’m a smoker I go outside a lot I seen within the last three hours for people come in and make reservations in the hotel so once again, I don’t understand took a very long time for me to shave then wait I have to wash my face wait again to brush my teeth wow I guess there’s a first time for everything maybe I just find another hotel and become a member with them every nickname has been taken that’s not surprising they don’t want to review to go through every nickname I tried has been taken that’s not surprising so I guess this won’t go through
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1 year ago, PredatorDrone
Wyndham Hotels and Resort Review
I like being able to see hotels in the area I am searching on a map with points showing on the map so I know which I can afford and choose from. I like the add to calendar feature which adds the resort name, location and dates automatically. I have had some issues where the add to calendar through errors. Regards, Ruth Watson It would help if you could see the best deal allowed all in one place such as AARP, 60+, Wyndham member, book early, sometimes when searching each deal it is difficult or impossible to get back to the other options to search requiring you to get out of the app and back in to go from member price to AARP price as an example.
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2 years ago, sweetheart1900
Easy to book rooms but the policies and rewards system is hard to comprehend. There isn’t consistent material explaining the member level perks. Based off what one e read through the explanations each level members are offered As a blue, silver, gold, diamond, platinum (such as myself) find it inconvenient as a platinum level member that the COVID-19 pandemic seems more of an excuse than a reason for why at least half the member perks/rewards aren’t attainable currently. Also I almost never receive my points I’ve earned and even purchased with my debit card at the appropriate time needed for me to redeem them all.... this is frustrating. So although it’s easy to report a missing points issue with the app I’m not satisfied with the results or explanations I’m given and sometimes I don’t get the decency of being responded to at all.
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3 months ago, Turpentim
Roadtrip & Filters!
This summer, my family and I are moving from Atlanta, Georgia to the middle of British Columbia, Canada. We have two dogs. I’ll be driving a 26-foot moving truck and towing a car for a total driving time of 48 hours over the course of 7 days. Until finding this app, the notion of having to find 6 hotels that were both pet-friendly and accessible by truck was daunting to say the least. Thanks to the road-trip function on this app, coupled with filters for “traveling with pets” and “show hotels with truck parking” made this a piece of cake. Not only could I find hotels that suited me in each stop along the way, but I had MULTIPLE choices at each stop. Awesome!
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4 years ago, Chestywestygirl
Glitchy app - kicks me off and stalls
iPhone X user. I’ve had this issue on my previous phone as well. The app periodically kicks me out, and the app doesn’t allow me save the user name or account number, just the password. Unfortunately, I usually discover I’ve been logged out when I’m on the road and in need of a hotel for the night. Without fail, I’m forced to contact the customer service number - or I could log on using the website which makes the app pretty much obsolete. Other issues - reservations stalling while I haven’t a full signal. Both happened today requiring 2 customer service calls - 3 including the one that left me in limbo/forgotten. Also, when calling customer service they don’t let you off the phone until you get a sales pitch when you just want confirmation that your reservation is complete. The Sorting function often fails as well. I’ve never had issues with Priceline or other apps. For a frequent traveler that books about 60 hotel stays a year, the glitches make it unreliable as of late.. I’m a rewards member and I hope they fix the issues. When it works, it’s helpful but It should never take close to an hour to sort out and book a reservation. Hotel discounts seem to be requiring more and more reward points so they need to make the app more reliable if they want frequent travelers to be loyal.
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1 year ago, D5cad5ca
💯😍 Wyndham app ♾️
You must download and use this app to get hotel rooms I can promise you it will bring you amazing things and eternal bliss. The Wyndham app totally changed my life in such amazing ways. Like the simplicity to use it to book Wyndhams hotels makes me so happy and peaceful and i feel like even luckier somehow. Like I could win the lotto because of how awesome this app is to use. I mean I probably won’t but it makes me feel like I won $10 on a scratch off ticket that someone gave me to rub for them. It’s just like better than you could ever imagine. For example I booked a hotel room at the Ramada inn in S El Monte and it worked so easily and perfectly and I loved the room so much it.
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2 years ago, darthsydious
Worst customer service, broken app/website
I’ve been trying to redeem points for three months now. I’ve tried calling, tried emailing. The one time I got connected to someone, to her credit, she did try to help, but, surprise, the website wasn’t working, again. So I was told to keep trying. No surprise, that doesn’t work. I can’t redeem points in the shop or the app. You can only view the shop if you’re logged out, and you can only put something in your cart if you’re logged in. If you try and use the app, it loads a completely useless webpage where nothing is accessible. Clearing browser history, turning off VPN and accepting cookies don’t work. What is the point of a rewards program if nothing works? UPDATE: I called guest services and a very helpful and sweet lady was able to redeem the points for me. But if this is how I have to redeem points going forward I’m not thrilled about it.
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2 years ago, EnRange
Clean interface, still infuriating
Although the nice new interface is very clean, there’s still several things that need to be fixed. The first and most frustrating is that every single time I have to enter my corporate ID number in order to use my corporate ID rates. Why can’t it save that to my profile? Secondly, I frequently book multiple rooms, But it is impossible to book different room types under a single reservation. I can’t book one room as a king (for me and my wife for example), and then another room with twin beds. Choice hotels and other websites do this without a problem, why not Wyndham? I prefer functionality over beauty. Work on it! Update - over a year later, still the same! Annoying! It is bad for your business Choice does it better!
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2 years ago, dddddeeeeebbbbbb
Buying points to redeem
I find it amazing that I go to buy points and you have no problem taking my money but when the points aren't there do you think I encountered a problem getting them? Oh yea!! That to me is a major problem. I had to not use points and it cost me. You do not have any control how much a hotel charges anyone. So having points helps. You left me in the cold( really hot and muggy) with no way to get those points. Shame on you. Just read it takes 2-3 days for the point company to add the points. Really bad advertising. And on Monday I will dispute that charge and have it taken off. Tell that to your "point people ".
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5 years ago, la_filósofa_americana
The App is bad, the overseas customer service reps are worse!
I travel weekly and I use the app to book my stays at Wyndham brand properties. A couple of weeks ago I booked a room through the app and then, when I reserved, it changed my dates to one day before! This wasn’t a mistake on my part, because when I tried to book for another week it changed my dates again! I didn’t click reserve the second time because of the app’s mistake. To fix the mistake the first time I had to call Customer Service. It sent me to an overseas call center! The agents were slow and the whole process was a huge, time consuming inconvenience from beginning to end. Really, Wyndham, I will pay more per stay if it means I can speak to U.S. based customer service representatives who don’t use 1990s technology to fix a 21st century IT mistake made by your app developers. Long story short, book through the website! It won’t change your dates on there.
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4 years ago, FunStuff2
Travel Nurse, no problems here!
I’ve been using this app since the beginning of the year and have had zero issues. I’m able to reserve the room of my choice, use points if/when I want to, and see all of my previous stays with detailed point accumulation. Being a travel nurse I stay away from home about 1/2 the month, and at times the entire family comes with me. With this app I am able to easily search different areas, room types and hotel accommodations. The points take a week or so after my last stay to show up, but nonetheless they do show up. I’ve read the other reviews, maybe I’ve been lucky...Either way, I’d recommend giving it a try!
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2 years ago, ChristheCustomizersucks
Rewards system impossible to use
I was a member of the La Quinta rewards program but have not used it for quite awhile. Assuming that the account was wiped out in the Wyndham merger, I downloaded the Wyndham app and tried to register a new account. The system told me my email already had an account, so it prompted me to reset my password. That proved impossible with the automated system, however, because it did not recognize my phone number. Again following a prompt, I called a toll free number to speak to a live person. She also could not make the system work and so transferred me to another live person to assist in opening a new account. This person seemed to struggle with every street name and city name and phone number. Eventually I just gave up and booked online without using the app, hence the two star rating.
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2 years ago, emckennawe
Love Wyndham hotels!
Have been a Wyndham rewards member for 6+ years and always have a great experience with the hotels I’ve stayed at, the staff, and whenever I call customer service. This app has been so nice to be able to make a reservation/ and or cancel, see my rewards points, and to take advantage of other offers they have going on during that time! I’m able to doing anything and everything while on the app and will for ever only use Wyndham when planning vacations! (My only small dislike is the amount of points that are needed to earn a free night with most hotels. However, I’m not patient enough to wait that long!)
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1 year ago, bichinchloe1
Great, most of the time
I use this app all the time and most the time it’s great. However sometimes it gets a little glitchy like yesterday… no matter what I did it said that my request timed out and it would sign me out when I was trying to purchase points. It was highly annoying- I had to delete and reinstall the app on ALL my devices to get it to stop doing that. Because I tried to go from one device to the other and it still did the same thing. After all those times entering my credit card number, I think I memorized it on a positive note! So other than the occasional really annoying glitchy problems, most of the time this app is great.
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2 years ago, Bus Trav 17
Account NO Create
Can’t judge the app if you can’t create an account using the app. Poorly developed account setup - at least for the iPhone. I can create, I believe, an account - at least it says I did. But trying to then login, the results are, “Account cannot be confirmed. Please call.” I then tried creating the account online. But it appears the account was already created. But still unable to login to account. “Please call.” I then tried the option to recover account information. But to do so you must have account information. “Please call.” Not sure why the setup is even an option in this app. The app (as well as website) should just provide their phone number from the beginning. That seems to be the ultimate step to successfully create an account. (Haven’t called their number yet. Hopefully there are better results than this app.)
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1 year ago, dkstrine
App too glitchy
I travel for work each week and use this app constantly. The points add up quickly and I like being able to have my account up whenever I need to book a stay quickly. However, the app itself is way too glitchy. Constantly crashing, getting error messages each and every time I open up the my stays tab. I use this app on my personal and work phone and it’s the same on both. “Error while getting room details”. They need UX/UA consultants to come redesign the app and fix other issues as well such as a pet option to see if hotels are pet friendly. I’m finding when I press on different things the app is also very slow, and this is not an issue with connection or Wi-Fi.
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2 years ago, SW.83
Works for the most part except modifying reservation
I am beyond frustrated. The app for the most part works for making reservation, canceling reservation. haven’t gotten the chance to use the checkin functionality yet. But modifying reservation is very frustrating. Function wise I can work with it but the rate calculation is unfair. For example, when you have 3 nights reservation and you need to cancel one of them, instead of removing one of the night and adjust the total rate, the rate for the whole stay recalculates and causing us to pay more than what we should. seems like we are getting penalized for changing the stay. Please update the algorithm for canceling one or more nights so that it won’t recalculate the whole stay!
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