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User Reviews for Yamibuy: Asian Grocery & Goods

4.88 out of 5
42.9K Ratings
4 years ago, jackiejackie017
The customer service is great!!
Normally I never write a review for an app, but Yamibuy’s customer service is just extraordinary! My package did not arrive and when I asked for a refund I was expecting some push back or delay as is the case with a lot of other companies right now given the Covid. However, the refund came back in just 2 business days. They are really putting the customers first. I would recommend this app to all my friends even if they don’t usually buy Asian foods, the experience is simply great! Keep it up Yamibuy!
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2 years ago, Zardi Dalristein
Unsafe! Do not use Yamibuy to protect yourself!
My account was compromised. Someone tried to place unauthorized order with a stolen credit card. I canceled that order and immediately contact the Customer Service, and changed my password and unbound all social media. Several minutes later, the same guy placed the order AGAIN! I changed my password to a 20 digits random combination of mixed-case letters, numbers and symbols pattern. And no more than 5 minutes, a third order was placed. This means that there are security breaches which allowed the thieves entering your account without password or any other barriers. Half day had passed and the Yamibuy did not give me any answer or reply. They just let this happening again and again and again. It is me myself managed to contact the people who was also fooled by the thief and was asking the thief to place orders, to cancel the orders. Additionally, I did some research and found that this kind of incidents can be traced back to 2017, so 5 years passed, and their security is not improved a little. They don't even have a 2-step verification which is almost used in any online shopping apps. This is very irresponsible and disrespectful to their customers. You can use tons of other better app to purchase same or higher quality asian products. Please drop out with this den of thieves and protect yourself!
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2 years ago, Graceeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
SCAM! They will take the money and products will never arrive.
For the record, I do believe they are sending the products out. But I live in SoCal and they deliver your order using 7-Hr Express. I received my first order just fine. Then the second and the third never arrived, on which I spent $140. They NEVER arrived. Driver will take a picture of the order in the locker but leave the locker empty or s/he will take a picture of random boxes in the mail room and mark them as delivered. When I contacted customer service, they kept saying…”but the picture!!” So what are you saying, that I am lying about never getting what I PAID for? Maybe you will have better experience if you’re out of state, but don’t be surprised if the driver keeps all your stuff if you live in SoCal. And customer service won’t help you because “..the picture!!” They will also SAY they will email you with follow-up. They won’t. You won’t hear from them. I reported Yami to my credit card company and deleted the app.
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5 months ago, Eshcaine
Shipping/delivery company OnTrac is terrible
Dear Yami please find another company to deliver your packages. OnTrac is terrible. Sent a package to my business and they never tried to deliver during business hours (during the day during the week). Only tried to deliver at night or on Saturday. Sent a package to my home and it’s delivered hours before I would ever get home from work to get it. Which means it would sit in the sun or rain and get ruined - or stolen. I’m STILL waiting on delivery of the first box to my business address. Really hard to have confidence in ordering from Yami if there is no way you can be sure the package will actually get to you. What has arrived was in great condition and exactly as advertised by Yami. It’s a shame it’s not backed up by reliable shipping services. I would give 2.5 stars if I could.
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2 years ago, 沚水星萌
Delivery & Customer service
Update: the delivery is sooooo slow, too slow to forbear. The delivery won’t take photo to show that the package is delivered, either. Also, the customer service held shorter hours when it’s not national/local holidays, so I have to wait longer before I report my progress with attempts to contact the shipping company. Now TEN DAYS have passed since I bought the food and I receive nothing. Does it always take more than that long to safely ship food, without losing them, between two NEIGHBORING states? Original: My package was said to be delivered yesterday but I didn’t see it anywhere. The customer service replied to my question really fast and offered a few practical solutions. The overall experience is fair with the food and services, except that a lot of delicious food are usually out of stock. 补货快点儿安排!快补货!补货!货!
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2 years ago, Master Alice
They send you expired food
I bought a lot of Japanese snacks. Most of them were Japanese but some were Korean or Chinese knock offs. So they false advertise. Also the expiration date on some items are like 6 months in the past and they claim these are production dates. If those are production dates I have some items that are from the future. Customer service will reject return claims even if it’s an expired item for less than 3 dollars. I would be careful of shopping here. I’m going to stick to other sites, even the BBB has this place rated a F. This should of been a clear indicator of not giving them business. Key take away: -A lot of expired food or close to expiring food -poor customer service, will not help to correct their wrong -false advertisement of saying “Japanese” when it’s some are knock off from china/Korea. -food comes looking nasty. -they use fedex(not a fan) -Quick delivery
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3 months ago, Jryri_ZH
So terrible! Force me switch to HongMall and never use this terrible Yami!
Yami is so worse! They sell my personal information which make me get insulted all the time, someone even doing sexual harassment through message because Yami illegally sell my personal info. And I try to buy something from it. But turns out they use the East Coast storehouse but without noticing me that I should switch the storehouse selection since I change the address which make me unable to get my stuff on time. If I am using HongMall, they will definitely not doing that and tell me the storehouse problem. And agent let me to contact the delivery for stopping delivery, and definitely it failed. And the delivery company end my chat as they wish and acting to arrogant. So does the Yami agent, never being responsible to their worst UI system ever !
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4 years ago, Xtc.pill
My first order with them was great, but my second order is where they cheated me. I ordered strawberry milk tea that’s $5.99 per pack. I ordered 6 packs and they only sent me 1. They didn’t refund my money for the other 5 that they didn’t send. You can’t call customer service because no one answers. You can do a live chat because there’s always a que, and they always just end the chat anyways, and they don’t seem to respond to emails. Sad because what I thought was great, and recommended to family and friends is not what I thought. Now I have to tell them all to delete the app.
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11 months ago, SRong333
Worst customer Service
There were 4 days that I didn’t receive any delivery information updated after the web page showed they already sent the package. They said that the cause was FedEx because they lost the package (fedex showed that they are still waiting for the package). Then they told me that FedEx found it, but I saw FedEx just received the package. They are a group of liars, and trying to make other people take the blame. It has been almost 10 days, and the pending delivery date is still not updated. They just told me to correct my contact information. I don’t understand what they are doing, they are trying to let me take the responsibility now. My information is correct and I’ve used it a lot of times. Run!
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4 years ago, ontheway20
Wonderful products but some issue with the latest app update
First of all, Yami is definitely a five-star service!!! Love the products I bought from Yami! However, I’ve been encountering issues since I updated the app last week — all the banner ads and top selling list on the landing page won’t return any content after clicking but just blank pages. Hope it can be fixed in the next update soon!
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3 years ago, WatchOSuser
Customer service sometimes doesn’t come through
Yes. I’m leaving this review because I just had a terrible experience with customer service and am very upset. Overall, Yami has been my life saver for many times as a Chinese living abroad. Oftentimes, there customer service is good. But there had been repeated problems regarding payment authorization that just adds a lot of unnecessary steps and frustration. On top of that, the customer service was very unhelpful and got a bit argumentative when I was providing the feedback. So use at your own discretion. Overall I’d recommend but can’t give 5 stars.
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4 years ago, ycyyy:)
Getting worse and worse...
One year ago it’s my favorite shopping app. Now they just keep advertising adding benefits and etc., while the available item in the app decreased significantly to even blank in some categories (and there were tons of items to buy before) I purchased gift card but found there’s nothing to add into my cart. Waiting for months until one of my wish list to be back to stock and ended up all others added before in the cart become unavailable, which means never be able to reach the free shipping limit as long as I purchase either tons (20+) of the same item (and wait for it to be expire or something) or buy something I don’t want. Shame on the business development team.
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3 years ago, iuuyrr
Well Packaged, Good Quality
Prices are very reasonable and shipping is very fast. Items go out of stock very fast though but I understand how popular yamibuy has gotten. I especially appreciate how much care goes into packaging and shipping. I have purchased from here several times and each time my items arrive perfectly without damage. This means a lot to me because I shop online a lot and can’t say the same about other businesses.
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4 years ago, lurenfen
Be aware of their scam discount
Right now they are having a 20% off discount if you order through their app. It is a disgusting scam that lure you to download their app. They will send you an e-mail say your payment info failed their system verification once you complete your order. They ask a photo of your credit and passport/drivers license in order to verify your payment or your order will be cancelled. I bet most people would choose to not send them such private information and let the order get cancelled. That's exactly what yamibuy want. Lure people download their app so they can send you push notification and collect your data on the background without even willing to give that 20% discount.
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2 years ago, Jen & Landon
A little disappointing
There is definitely really good customer service but I just made my first (and only) order and despite the advertising I’ve seen about fast delivery, it took a week for them to ship it. Once I did receive my order, there were a couple of items that were expired and others I had to use quicker than I would normally have, if I’d actually have gone to an Asian market. I thought this would be a convenient experience but I’ll drive to get my groceries. It’s a nice idea though.
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4 years ago, Josnsisnsbs
Such a easy and reliable shopping app!
I ordered from them and the whole process was super smooth and easy. Shipping was super fast too. How quick they are to assist any problems you have shows they really care about their customers! The app is also super easy to navigate and use, making shopping at ease. Definitely recommend this shopping app!
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4 years ago, militaryman1977
Great app
I am sitting in the states thinking about Korea a lot and the local Korean market here is small. The app has things that I love and want to have as it brings me a little of love from a great country that I soar to two years in. Thanks for the updates as I am going to expand my buying in the app and start looking into other things besides energy Drinks. But it’s a great app and I am glad I found it.
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2 years ago, Faith by hearing!
I like the site I downloaded the app, but I noticed …
I noticed that your price are higher than if I order on the online as a guess! What is up with that ! 🥺 on line as a guess are cheaper that if you purchase on the app So I am willing to shop more often if your shopping cost was more lowered the site has great selection and the more people know about your great price the best it is for your business, so far I have tell my sister and friends about you guys, but I hope your shipping price gets better😜
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5 years ago, Charlottequeen
Love the authentic
I love how easy to navigate the website. And you could really find a lot of authentic Chinese food/snacks on it. The shipping is quite fast and carefully packaged. The only thing that confused me is the different stores and it’s not free shipping with over $49 anymore. That something will just slow down my shopping circle. Otherwise I would have keep ordering on there.
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2 years ago, Travo--998
Great stuff
I’ve used yami a few times now and I have to say it’s been good every time. The shipping can be a little slow but that’s not their fault. I highly recommend. Just make sure you look into each individual item you get because something’s are a bit smaller than it seems.
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6 years ago, rebecw
The app is really easy to use and do online shopping. It has lots of great stuff from Asian countries including Japan, Korea, etc. and the shipping service is really fast( I live in SoCal and it does same day delivery, free shipping over $49). I can buy stuff from Japan , Korea , Taiwan one stop without going to mitsuwa, hmart and ranch 99, saves me lots of time. And their customer service is very efficient and responsive.
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3 years ago, Soko Mari
Love Yam!
I wish I would have discovered Yamibuy earlier, but after I moved from a larger city to a small town in a different state it has been a lifesaver. It’s the only way for me to have access to Japanese and Korean food,beauty etc, since I have no availability to Asian stores or market in my current location. So it’s a necessity for me!
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4 years ago, ucantstopmewritingreview
The return is nearly impossible
It’s only an okay platform to buy the things you have tried before and found on this platform. For new things to try, if you buy and don’t like cause it doesn’t work on you, they don’t accept returns unless it’s definitely broken and defective. And plus, they also block reviews and control what review shows and what not on most of the Yami direct sell products so you can’t complain on there or see others complaints for lots of products. I would suggest to only buy things you know and can’t easily find them elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Chengzizhy
Life saver!
Only way to get Asian food and cosmetics if you live in a small town which is 4 hours away from any Asian market. The date on the Asian food is usually date of manufacture, so they are not expired. I have received one expired item from 50 orders and they refund quickly after I sent the picture.
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4 years ago, Z-ComiX
Surprisingly good!
I thought this app would have overpriced products or just he some sort of scam, but it’s got a lot of good options if you are looking for Asian goodies. I look for items fulfilled by Yamibuy for the best value and free shipping over a certain price. I’m honestly thankful for this app for how easy it makes it to find some of the ramen and instant noodles I like!
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2 years ago, Smash414
Great first experience!!
Yesterday, was my first time buying something on Yami. Placed the order around 12pm and received it today at 2:30pm. I seen a lot of reviews with bad experiences, but I wanted to give it a try anyways and I’m glad I did! I will definitely be buying more stuff from them again.
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3 years ago, Ynotehhh
Fake referral program.
This company does a fake referral program where if your friends invite you to register, you both receive $5 on your next purchases. My friend and I tried it for 45 mins and it just doesn’t work. You don’t have to do these improperly executed promotions if you can’t deliver, stay honest. Update: just tried unsubscribing from their email, and as of April 11th, 2021, their spam email does not contain a functional “click here to unsubscribe”. Two red flags in a row for a new user, stay away from this company if you care about honest business practices.
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2 years ago, yioyttu
Do not download and don’t use their service!
I downloaded the app and placed my first order yesterday. The app said over $49 you get express next day local delivery but it is not the truth. My order EST delivery is today but did not receive my order. I contacted customer service and they said because the warehouse workloads is overloaded so your order is being delay and they cannot provide a new EST delivery day because the driver already left the warehouse and not coming back today. This company is not legit and trying to scam customers.
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2 years ago, dbfjsebkisfhgfiuse
Bad return service
I bought something and it comes with a defect. I ask consumer service to refund what I paid for but the solution given was to refund into my Yamibuy account. In addition, it only refunded 12% of what I originally paid for. So why bother even contacting costumer service? I only like to use Yamibuy for a wide range of Asian stuff but other than that it’s not really user friendly. Takes quite a while to arrive and poor service.
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6 years ago, Starbay
Wont let me buy
The best app I've found since MEMEBOX. It gets two stars until I can make a purchase on it Update: customer service helped me almost immediately with my dilemma and I was able to put my purchase through. I received my package two days later and I can't be more satisfied. I am so happy I found yamibuy!
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3 years ago, tasha.0912
More product, better quality than 99 ranch
No more need to go to any supermarket for my favorite Asian food! Yamibuy has taken my heart away! Live in LA, order in the morning get my package in the afternoon. Next time I need to order my dinner from Yamibuy in the morning together with chocolates and chips.
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4 years ago, JBoogie802
Beware Of Possible Identity Theft
Ordered a few things off their website and was prompted to download their app to get the discounts that were advertised. I provided my credit card information at check out and the order was pending. This is where it gets sketchy...an hour later I received an email from asking for me to “ Please provide the picture of your payment card and your ID/Driver license or Passport.” I promptly ask them to cancel my order because I was definitely not sending that sensitive information over. Please beware.
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4 years ago, 1936468netflixisbetter
I can’t live without Yamibuy anymore!!
I moved to U.S for 7 years and I still miss the food in China everyday. Yamibuy has the best selection of food and skin care products. They have very friendly customer service representatives whenever you need them. Highly recommended for everyone who loves real Chinese food!
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3 years ago, DLP3230
Overpriced items shipped by ground
Things are always expensive. Price is almost always higher than what you pay for at a local grocery store. Shipping is always slow. Perishable food stays on the road for at least one week. Plus handling time. I don’t get my stuff under 10 days. Ok I’m spoiled with free 2 day shipping. But cmon. It may not be a big deal in winter. But in summer, shouldn't there be something done differently? Ain’t you the biggest fastest growing Asian-centric online retailer in North America? Too disappointing.
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4 years ago, Meat Cleaver Bobbie
I added things to my cart to price match another store before I submitted my payment and it CHARGED MY CARD ! WITHOUT SUBMITTING MY ORDER ... called customer service and said need an order number to assist me . I had to repeat over and over again that I did not have one because I never submitted the order . I actually checked the reviews and people claimed they never received their items so , I deleted the app. Only to find I was charged this morning.... RIDICULOUS. Since , the payment is pending I have to wait 24 hours to call back
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3 years ago, CrispyCinnaBlunt
Very good
Customer service works really well to help you even locate your item. It takes a long while to deliver, but that’s because it comes from a different country most of the time and it’s understandable.
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3 years ago, Peachesweetie
Really recommend
I started to love this website at the first time I saw it. Good quality good deal. I can easy to find a lot of hot trendy food here and not need to ask my mom help me send from the other place. Have times and saved money. I love it . I wish i can give them 10 stars out of 5.
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1 year ago, bennygato
Abusing notification
Only can turn off all notification in system setting. In app there is no way we can select what notification to receive so it push garbage marketing ads everyday. To be more specific, I only want to receive “back in stock” notification but as long as I turn on that notification, it pushes random ads to my phone every day and there is no way to select what push notifications I want to receive.
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3 years ago, chubbyjohnnnnnnnny
Great selection of snacks!
I normally go to Japanese grocery stores to buy snacks. But after a friend of mine recommended Yamibuy to me, i found out that Yamibuy carries so many great products with a better price. They even have plenty of seasonal limited edition products which are really hard to find here in the states.
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3 years ago, Roro726
Outstanding Experience of Fresh Foods Delivery
I bought fresh foods from yamibuy during quarantine. The delivery service looks good. I received a text once it starts shipping then received a text when it arrived. The package seems try best to keep frozen veggies from icebaging. Love the fresh food delivery. A lot of asian vegetable choices. Recommend.
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2 years ago, Rayvenbird
Absolutely Fantastic
This store is unreal. It’s so amazing very reasonable prices when you join you get $5 discount and it’s just a really good app 100% recommended. Thank you for your hard work to the people running this app, I’m glad I found it💕
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3 years ago, Legrinoterme
This is it!
This is my go to place for anything Asian from Japanese snacks to kitchen gadgets and Korean masks. Yamibuy has it all!!! Love that they ships from the US. Wide variety, super fast plus FREE shipping, and easy returns, what else could I ask for. If you like Asian snacks and Korean masks like me, look no further, this is it!
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4 years ago, Daniellez
They don’t allow me to give zero stars
So yamibuy currently is working with Good Fortune Supermarket to deliver fresh groceries. It was a nice idea at the beginning I thought. However, I ordered 13 packs of different meats and other foods. They only delivered 4 meats and 2 taros, and those meat has gone bad and smelled stink! I thrown them away after I took pictures. Until now, Yamibuy haven’t refund my money back for those 4 stinky meats! I was gonna post about this on their app, yamibuy deleted my post and still not refunding me. Shame on you!
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3 years ago, 良子579
Easy to use! Best UX
The app is really easy to use!! Whenever I have some questions about my orders, I can just start a live chat with the customer service by clicking a button next to my order! No need to run into tedious post-sale procedure anymore!
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4 years ago, Elinayana
Taste fresh
It’s my first time purchase, I bought bread , instant noodle and some snacks. Package is clean and nice inside and outside. This is the most important. Bread taste fresh and soft, nothing like sit there for a long time. It’s really good experience for first time shopping. Thanks, keep working , keep providing good food.
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2 years ago, Becca£Bear
Love everything Asian?
I love Asian food, i don’t eat it a lot but when i do its really hard to find it in American stores. There are Asian markets in my state but several hours away. This app really gives me a large variety that it makes shopping for Asian food and snacks easier!
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2 years ago, RoryLives
Happy as can be
Coming from a very mixed food household and living in a place where some of my favorites are hard to find this makes me so happy to shop and have my favorites shipped to my door!
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3 years ago, phillyb19692
Awesome site
I always look for different ramen locally but this site u can get everything and anything my daughter told me about it! Great app easy to use and lots of choices! Definitely a 5 star
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1 year ago, ber_vvv
Why do I need to waste my time?
The first time when I placed an order, it sent an email to ask me to send a photo of my bank card to verify. And then ask me to provide the transaction screenshot from my bank app. It’s stupid and annoying since you don’t have any reason but treat me like a suspect. It’s your duty to verify with bank, with any third party data source, rather than wasting my time and not any reimbursement.
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4 years ago, Sage1212
No Customer Service AT ALL
I placed my order online but didn’t received any thing for one month. I tried to contact them but no one answered the call for 30 min and the online chat kept me waiting for 1 hour without any response. Do not mention the email, three days, no reply at all. I’ll move next month, it means I spent $100 for nothing but bad service on Yami Buy! DO NOT USE IT! They don’t even have money to pay for customer service now
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