Yen Press

2.2 (84)
43.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hachette Book Group, Inc.
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yen Press

2.18 out of 5
84 Ratings
2 years ago, Kylie180
Needs to update pls 😬
Dear Developer, Pls update your app Because some users are complaining about this…now I’m not being mean or anything but Whenever you have the chance…pls update it cus it tells me that the “developer needs to update it” So pls fix your app, Thanks :) (Also love the app but Pls update it whenever you have the chance, bye :))
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10 years ago, Jonathan Oyama
Slow downloads for Great Collection
I have mixed feelings about Yen's app. I love the collection of manga--I still think Yen's library has more variety than Viz. However, the app is incredibly slow. The load times slowed down ever since the upgrade to version 2.0. On top of this, the app cannot change its orientation. The layout looks ugly. Worst of all, each volume takes forever to download. I would have deleted this app if it didn't have Bamboo Blade, K-On and Fullmetal Alchemist in the library. I sincerely hope that the developers make some massive improvements in the near future.
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9 years ago, Josh 135357
Worst manga reader on the iOS.
While I appreciate the nice selection of manga offered by yen press, it doesn't really matter when I'm unable to read any of them. The app crashes constantly, and is so slow on the few occasions it actually opens that it's basically unusable. I prefer to buy manga when possible to support the industry, but I will no longer do so with yen press as long as their app is in its current state. Seriously, go download viz media and dark horse comics as their apps actually work. Leave this one alone until they release a big patch to fix all their problems.
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9 years ago, D'BlackLady
Love the App but it crashes all the time
I been using this app for a month it's pretty cool because I like my manga digital(no space in my house for so many books)but it's been crashing a lot and think that I share the same with everyone that every download takes forever and if you lock the Ipad o switch to another app the download pauses, it's a pain to be waiting. Pleaaaaaaassssssss fix this app I want to keep reading my fave manga.
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10 years ago, edrazen
Do not buy manga with this app!
The app takes a long time to load and crashes often. Manga volumes that I’ve purchased have disappeared, and when I try to download them again from the archive, I get a message telling me that it is unable to download because the server certificate is invalid. If you want to buy digital titles from Yen Press, buy them through the iBooks store instead, I may need to re-buy the issues that I can no longer download, which really ticks me off.
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7 years ago, Mizuki Bloodlust
Don't Download This App
I only got this app to read Kakegurui. When I bought the 1st volume it didn't download. I keep closing the app and re-downloading the manga, but I keep getting this error saying it's unable to download. After getting fed up, I sent a message to the company for a refund. I still have not received a refund and it's been over a month since I sent that message. Don't download or buy anything from this app or you'll lose your money.
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10 years ago, H4llowQueen
Don't buy manga on this app..
When I first downloaded this app, it worked ok but it was very slow. When I purchased a volume of a manga, the app would not open back up. I even tried restarting my system and that did not work. So I had to delete the app and download it again just to open it, only to find out that the volume I just purchased was not available to read.. It's a shame because this app has a lot of good manga...
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9 years ago, TenshiNekogirl
Hope To See An Update Soon
I enjoy the manga Yen Press gets, but their app still has many improvements to go. Things I would like to see: 1) Have a sort/search option available in the store portion to find a series. From what I can see and navigate within the app, the only search option is in your personal library. Otherwise, you will have to constantly scroll looking for a particular volume of a series. And the way they are listed I believe is from newest to oldest. 2) Please work on the app to make it run more smoothly. Still run into crashes every so often.
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7 years ago, Cryptid9
Needs to be updated
As the review title says, this app is in need of a major update. It is really great to be able to read all of these stories and whatnot, but it is really annoying to have to use a system that hasn't improved for nearly three years.
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10 years ago, SKY MINE
Love the app but
I love the app a lot but it crashes a lot and It has a lot of really good books would recommend this app and I wish they would update it and fix the crash problem.
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3 years ago, Eef unus
Plz update your app!!!!
Hey so I wanted to download this app so I can read maximum ride but it says that you the developer need to update it in order to match with my iOS, so if you could update your app that would be great
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6 years ago, madman31
This app hasn’t been updated in eons. Books that I have paid for will not re-upload after they have been archived. There are landscape/portrait orientation issues that make the app virtually unusable. If you want to buy Yen books, do it on comixology. I’m going to bite the bullet and rebuy them on comixology, as this app just isn’t worth the effort.
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3 years ago, chillwitthehomies
I haven’t even used the app because I can’t it wasn’t updated in a while so it’s not able to be used on my phone since the app itself isn’t updated and I’m kinda mad bc I want to read this one series
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3 years ago, RoselynKitsune
I have loved reading on the app but now I cannot even get on the app to read any of my books. Update this app please.
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4 years ago, BrianaCelest
So Bad
The yen press app is completely inferior to the biz media app and is missing hundreds of titles they should be carrying. I was expecting more of a monthly subscription for the entire library of manga like the Viz App but was sadly mistaken. I would love for yen press to fix these issues and layouts and would be more than willing to come back and pay!
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6 years ago, sengokunoakuma
Fix bugs PLEASE
This app has not been updated in so long that I have just about given up on it. It auto rotates itself to be portrait oriented despite having rotation locked in landscape mode, downloads are VERY slow, and the keyboard glitches all the time. Cant see the entire app on my ipad due to these glitches.
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8 years ago, Jollygamer123
Absolute garbage...
Terrible loads glitches out all the time purchases don't work half the time. Super slow and terrible quality releases. But because of their menoploy on translation rights you have to buy from them if you want to read your favorite novels and manga. Better to learn Japanese then support this garbage.
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8 years ago, EdNick93
Almost Excelent...
Excellent selection of a wide variety of colorful titles. However, desperately need to be updated. System keeps crashing, and downloaded previews keep disappearing from library!
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3 years ago, Forsake yourself
App hasn’t been updated in 6 years
It’s safe to say that they have abandoned this app. The layout and UI still function like it was meant for an iPhone 4 and doesn’t work on modern devices. You’re better off buying the physical copies if you’re a fan of their library.
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7 years ago, Christian Parillo
Great content but you can't read it
I bought a manga from Yen press and it got deleted. When I go to download it again it brings me to read it except it's a blank screen. And when I hit the button to go back and check the download it crashes on me
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9 years ago, Icarus-x
1 Year
It's been 1 year since the last update, the catalogue is rarely updated, & there is no web interface. If Yen Press is not even going to try, then it should just let its licenses lapse so competitors with a qualified ecosystem may cater to customers needs.
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3 years ago, poooehfxhzujwjs
It’s been 7 YEARS from the last update it isn’t compatible for iPhone anymore. There are multiple manga I cannot read because of this
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10 months ago, Booitseva
Good I guess
I’m assuming that this is a great app but I don’t like how to download it you have to have a certain version of IOS
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3 years ago, AFW0815
Please update the app!!
I’m a huge fan of Yen Press. I do prefer physical copies, but sometimes I can’t afford to pay exorbitant amounts of money for OOP copies so I want to buy digital and an app is the best way to do that. I hate using a browser on my phone for manga. Please get on this, Yen Press.
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10 years ago, Paradox AKA the MOB
Its AWSOME but...
I am so desparte to read the rest of the Maximum Ride: The Manga But it costs and i want to read it now plus im broke
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9 years ago, wikkiwikki
This app looks like it was designed for a flip phone. No categorization? Search? The content fills up about 1/4 of my screen. Horrible experience. With a name like Yen Press/Hachette - how the hell does your UI look this bad!?!? Bring your content up to 2015!!
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12 months ago, chaemix
Doesnt work with Iphone 14
Doesnt work on iphone 14. It says “developer needs to update in order to work on my iphone 14” its a shame as they’re taking over “honey lemon soda” and I cant even read it on the app.
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8 years ago, JEB Bacon
Update plz
Would be 5 stars if it was updated
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8 years ago, Reinhart77
yay, i can't access any of my past purchases anymore on this app!!! wonder if it's an ios 10 issue? well, not the first time i haven't been able to access my stuff here before.
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9 years ago, OtakuKatsu
Not useful
There are plenty of options but there is no search function and the app crashes constantly.
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9 years ago, misterfrearsears
Come on, Yen Press/Hachette, you guys can do better than this. This app is barely usable, hard to browse, and regularly crashes. And that's very discouraging for a company with so many great series.
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1 year ago, Galvatron27
Someone update this
I love the app and all but someone update this please
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7 years ago, README!!!!!!
Zero if I could
I don't like it because you have to pay for the books plus I could probably get it in a public library
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10 years ago, Gregory skeels
Slow, but still worth it.
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4 years ago, clover mango
I like manga it’s awesome I’ve been looking for an app like this . :3
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3 years ago, _A!den_
Don’t even use but it’s still here?
I never used Yen Press, so I decided to delete it but it’s still here. Don’t recommend the app.
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11 months ago, Laura Ruan
Hi, please update this!! I can’t download it and I really wanted to read Maximum Ride and With and Wizards!
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7 years ago, Anthony. Jordan
I would love to spend oodles of money in this app but it keeps crashing. This app has potential to be as good as the VIZ app but they don't seem to care.
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3 years ago, Autumn1300
Update the app for IOS
I’m not even able to get into the app so how am I supposed to read on this app?
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4 years ago, SelectedStories
App is totally broken
It just doesn’t work. Can’t they hire some one to refurbish this app. Once upon a time it used to work…
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9 years ago, Marcoz087
great app but
this is a great app but i only got it for the devil is a part timer and they didnt have it ill just have to carry the books with me
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3 years ago, Koolyago6
It doesn’t work
It doesn’t work on the newest iOS version
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12 years ago, skitten410
Buyer Beware – Difficult to restore purchased content
I could go on about all the other things previous reviewers have mentioned, the books that are $3-4 higher in price than similar apps, the general bugginess, the poor selection and infrequent updating of titles, etc. What really bothers me, and the reason I gave the app 2 stars, is the complete lack of customer service, as well as the difficulty in restoring previously purchased content. After having to reinstall the app, I found myself unable to access my books. Clicking the “Report a Problem” link in my iTunes account page (which used to let you send a complaint directly to Apple), resulted only in sending me again and again to the iTunes Support landing page. Repeated attempts to resolve the issue, both through the in-app feedback, and Hachette's customer service page, were ignored, with not even a form email to show that my complaints were received. I finally restored an old version of the app from backup, which restored my content. However, while I now have the books I've already paid for, I have to restore all my other settings/content. Had I not purchased multiple items in-app, I wouldn't have bothered. I highly doubt I'll be purchasing any other titles through the app. It's just not worth the money, especially when you can buy a hard copy for a few dollars more, one that you know won't be a hassle every time you want to read.
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4 years ago, #Readers23🎭
You have to pay to read the books. The add in the paper copy of Maximum ride said they were all free so this app is a scam DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!
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3 years ago, seapuncake
Can’t even open the app now
This app feels like it’s been abandoned.
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2 years ago, Kacoodori
This app needs to be updated for me to use it which is awkward
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3 years ago, keemshit
please update the app
please update :(
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2 years ago, Pixel.88
update the app please!!!
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9 years ago, Brianna.g.
Nope don't download
Bad app
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12 years ago, thedegeneric
Image Quality Issues on Retina Displays
My biggest complaint about this app is the poor image quality of the manga. The quality issues are especially apparent on retina display iPads. There is a lot of anti-aliasing around text and drawn lines that makes the details seem very jagged and not smooth at all. My eyes fatigue after awhile from reading the text which seems out of focus. For an app which is primarily used for reading this is a big problem. Other competing manga apps such as Viz do not have a retina ready app, but there image quality scales well enough, so there is no loss of quality and every thing looks smooth. Yen press, please consider increasing the image quality of your manga, so it is more readable.
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