Zappos: Shop shoes & clothes

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Zappos IP, Inc.
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User Reviews for Zappos: Shop shoes & clothes

4.92 out of 5
663.5K Ratings
1 year ago, ms.sleepless
[shoe shopping for the soul]
Still is and always has been THE Greatest customer service experience I’ve ever had, especially with shoes. Having mild cerebral palsy has always made shoe shopping a laborious process and such a disappointment that I always put it off and probably have a sock collection that’s out of control! Having one foot only sorta a 9.5 foot and the other just enough larger that it’s uncomfortable. I am aware that most of us has one foot bigger than the other but it always felt more obvious because most of my friends are ~7. Styles always seem to sputter out around more fashion just enough to function as a shoe… that’s IF the company even DID half sizes that high… my little foot would walk out of my shoe. If I become sick or tired I end up dragging my foot…ruining either the tip or wearing down just the one heel….and I can’t even wear actual high heels. Those cute slip ons are slip offs and my flips only flop. It truly is exhausting and excruciating. I appreciate the returns are free, especially hassle free…I don’t buy shoes often still, but I always go through Zappos if possible! Oh, and one year they sent me an actual birthday card! I cried happy cries!! I am now anxiously awaiting my newest pick -hoping they will be perfect but even if they aren’t the shoes for me-I’m never anxious about it! Thank you, Zappos, I appreciate your existence and expertise! 🤍
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2 years ago, Galveston gal
Best Shoe Store Ever!
Throughout my life I have had to shop multiple shoe stores to find even one pair of shoes. And typically those shoes only “sort of” fit. But I needed something on my feet. I was blessed with a double-E width foot, so I was that girl that had to wear the dorky shoes while the others wore cute shoes. In those days (60’s) parents believed in putting kids in a well built shoe to give our feet the proper support you know! When Zappos hit the market I was elated! I could order shoes based on well written descriptions and customer reviews. And right from the start they delivered expeditiously. I even ordered 2-3 pairs at a time, knowing that most likely I would be sending 2 pairs back and occasionally all three. But that was just fine with Zappo’s. They made me feel appreciated and that it was okay to have wide feet! They wanted me to be happy with my shoes, that I mattered. This is one happy woman now! The selection of shoes is over the top amazing, ever since Zappo’s I actually have cute and well fitting shoes. Discovering Zappos literally changed my life. To all of you at Zappo’s , that comprise this service oriented, we care company, my hat is off to you! Thanks forever more. Patty
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4 years ago, sbtokarz
“Add to List” Banner Lag
When I add a product to one of my lists, the drop down confirmation banner that tells me what I just added to my list takes way too long to disappear - I counted 6 seconds. Once I’ve added an item to my list, I’m usually ready to move on and hit the “back” arrow to return to my search results, except I can’t do that until I’ve waited 6 seconds for the banner to go away. You can’t click or swipe it away, you just have to wait. It’s especially frustrating because the banner is a useless feature. I know that I added it to my list, I just did it; and when I clicked the heart icon on the product’s page, Zappo’s even prompted me to select which list I’d like to add the product to. Not once have I seen that banner drop down and said to myself, “oh no! I didn’t want that product saved in my list!” and then navigated to said list to remove said item. Even in the slim chance that I did add an item to a list that I didn’t want added (how often could this mistake really occur?), I would still end up seeing that item when reviewing my list later and would remove it then. The solution is the same and takes the same amount of time, with or without the banner. The only thing the banner prevents is my ability to return to the search to purchase or add more items to my lists... which seems counter-productive for both Zappos and the consumer.
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1 year ago, AHB549
Love Zappos
I purchase a lot of shoes and clothing from Zappos and have never had a bad experience. Great selection from the major brands, fair prices, amazing delivery speed, and effortless returns FOR 365 DAYS!. The app is effortless to use and the website makes it a breeze to go back and see how and when you ordered or returned items, to update personal and financial information, and to check on rewards points earned. Reimbursement for returns is extremely quick, the best I have encountered from any of the several companies that I order from routinely. Customer service is readily available by phone, chat, and e-mail. On the rare occasions I have needed to contact them they have been knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Having spent my working years as a research scientist I know you are supposed to discuss the pros and cons of everything. However, when it comes to Zappos I am hard pressed to identify any significant cons. Keep on your current path and I will continue to be a repeat customer.
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2 years ago, A2gretta
Love it!
My original review is below. Now I am wondering what on earth has happened to Zappos. It used to be that an order of several shoes would come in a large box two or three days after I placed it. Now the shoes dribble in over weeks. Shoes that I ordered NINE days ago have not even shipped. The last time I ordered shoes to try for a vacation they came too late. This time I thought I had compensated for the new (mystifying) slowness, but apparently not. While all other on-line stores sped up their responsiveness, Zappos seems to have become lax and indifferent. As a customer, I guess I'll have to become indifferent, too. Too bad. They had a wonderful game plan. Old review: I have hard-to-fit feet and love being to check out shoes in privacy. The easy return policy is wonderful. I appreciate being able to filter for wide shoes and to see alternative views. I know I end up buying more shoes than I would if I had to go in a store, have an employee run back and forth to fetch boxes from the back, but I also know that my shoes are more comfortable. That said, I have a wonderful shoe store in my area so I only look on line after I have visited it. They specialize in comfortable, healthy shoes, so for dress I am glad I have Zappos!
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5 years ago, richarddustin
Slick app. Incredibly helpful live chat service.
I didn’t realize that I still had my old address saved when I bought some shoes, until my package tracked to my old address :/ I logged onto the app to see what I could do about it, not knowing how to contact whoever lives there now. The app has a 24/7 live chat feature. I got connected to someone almost immediately, and they quickly worked to issue a new pair to my current address — that’s the kind of customer service you do when you care about keeping customers long term! I was also able to shop in the app while chatting with customer service. I had a notification about some shoes I’ve been waiting to be back in stock. I was shocked that I could go back and forth between shopping and chatting with no issues. Bought the new pair while the old pair situation was being worked out. While thing took less than 10 minutes. I don’t normally agree to review apps, but this experience warranted it!
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6 years ago, staay
LOVE is an understatement
I freaking love Zappos. They speak my love language. I am a serial: order the same item in three different sizes, and then take 6 months to return the other two that didn't fit. And Zappos is always there to accept my returns! Granted, the majority of the time, no return or exchange is needed. But I love knowing that they have AMAZING customer service and an amazing return policy. (Actually, it has gotten me in trouble with other online stores. I'll think I have PLENTY of time to make a decision and/or make a return/exchange, only to find out they have a TEN day return policy!) Needless to say, I only made that mistake once! I will forever be faithful to Zappos. (And one time, I placed an order and then quickly realized I ordered the wrong size. No big deal. I called them and within minutes everything was sorted out. They cancelled the wrong size and placed a new order for the new size.) Zappos forever has my heart. Die hard fan.
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6 years ago, be_lovely
Awesome app and company but app needs some tweaking
I love this app and a lot of its features. For one the ability to love items and add to lists, but one of the biggest irritants is after you add an item to a list the notification at top of screen stays there for a lot longer than it should which inhibits the ability to get out of the screen and back to shopping. It has an easy to use format, lots of search criteria features as well as videos of what the shoe or item actually looks like on or what features the item has which a lot of companies should take note of! But I ALWAYS have issues with video playback! I never had this issue until about a year ago so I’m not sure what happened. I’m on WiFi, have a good signal and edited as much on my phone as I could but still have the problem. This happens in multiple locations with different devices so I know it’s not my phone. Please fix this bc a frozen screen and the inability to play videos and frequent skips on a 60 second clip is very frustrating over time! Thanks Zappos!
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2 years ago, TeresaFW13
Zappos is the best
Started shopping for my shoes at Zappos about the same time I got my first desktop computer, I think in the 1990’s. Before that, I shopped at a nearby shoe store that carried more double wide shoes than any other local shoe store. But they didn’t have hiking boots or athletic shoes. Now all my shoes come from Zappos. Usually I just put in my size, 7WW or 7EE, and browse. Sometimes I’m looking for something more specific, like hiking boots. I finally discovered my favorite hiking boots, Merrell Moab 3 mid waterproof. They only come in wide, not double wide, but are more comfortable than several other pairs I have bought that were supposedly double wide. Lovely that I can return things that don’t fit just right, and it’s my own fault when I’ve decided to see if shoes would get more comfortable after being broken in, then didn’t. It is also a wonderful way to send shoes as a gift. Love you, Zappos!
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2 years ago, bullcat67
Zappos rocks!
This company has been my go to (first, for shoes but now everything else they offer)! Why? Because they ship in days or less and offer returns longer than anyone! Customer service can’t be beat! I accidentally had a package shipped to my moms address (since the last time I ordered, it was to go to her and then I didn’t check to see the default mailing address was changed to her) and my mom is out of town for three months! So, I called yesterday about the problem and the very nice representative told told me not to worry! She sent me the same item and it is scheduled to arrive today, at no extra cost! I am not sure if this treatment was given to me for being a “VIP” customer, but it makes me want to keep Zappos as my “go-to” for online ordering, that is for certain!!! If I had some extra money, I would buy stock in this company!
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6 years ago, Nelaskan
Too easy....dangerously easy to use
Zappos does it right! The selection of brands and styles, the layout of the app and their customer service make it a no brainer. I appreciate the little things other online stores miss - every shoe is pictured at all relevant angles, in high resolution. No more guessing how your shoes are going to look when you are wearing them, who ever looks at their own shoe from only a side profile?!?! They allow you to sort quickly and precisely, narrowing your selection from thousands to dozens with just a few quick qualifiers. Brilliant! Other sites try, but always fall short. While I may not be their prime demographic (more utilitarian than aficionado), but whenever I need new ones my first stop is always the Zappos app! And the free shipping!!! Seriously, who still offers that with EVERY purchase! Buy with confidence, but beware because you will be back.
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2 years ago, Lesliemak
Over the top service
I literally had a problem solved by a customer service rep at Zappos that was one for the books. My daughter had her heart set on a strappy pair of heels for a very special event and they were sold out everywhere. I had purchased shoes from Zappos previously and was aware they were high calibre service so I phoned them and told them they were out of the shoes, my daughter was panicked and time was running low. The customer service agent, who sounded more like a CEO type, said he would check their Canadian supply that might not show in the US version of shoe stock. What!? Low and behold he found the very shoe, size and color in Canada and sent it by FedEx to us in Los Ángeles. It was almost too good to be true!! And my daughter danced the night away with her fabulous strappy heels. Thank you, Zappos, for your more than excellent customer service!
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4 years ago, Dukies Dad
Why I Love Zappos!
This review is not about a particular item or product, it is however about what makes Zappos the best in customer service. The first introduction to a company is usually, for most of us, is customer service...Zappos is all about customer service! I’ve always respected Zappos for giving a much broader authority in decision making to rectify customer issues. I, for one, never understood why certain companies would have a customer service team that needed to “check with a supervisor” for the simplest of requests or concerns of a customer. I’ve thought on many occasions why don’t I just pass on the csr and just ask for a supervisor off the bat! Zappos invests the time, training and support to their team to enable them to give the best customer service and that leads to happy customers! Zappos is all about the Happiness factor... and it’s consistent. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Donna Land
Honestly, Zappos is the best website/ app I’ve ever used for shoes. I buy what I want receive it in a day or two max plus it’s free shipping every time. I’ve been with the company since I was about a Sophomore in high school now I’m 22 years old so a very long time. They give me discounts/ sales. You can try everything at home and if you don’t like it simply return it. I Also love that Zappos makes it sooo Easy to make a return. You’re order already comes with a return label and you simply put it over the other label and that’s it. I love that Everything is LEGIT ! Not fake or imitation. The customer service is Amazing like seriously. They treat you like your important and they want to make you happy and satisfied. One more thing lol there’s just a lot of great things about this company. Another thing tho is you get rewards for every 1$ you spend ! Now that’s great ! :D
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4 years ago, happjz
Fast, Reliable, Easy
I have been a Zappos customer for over 10 years. I love the speed and reliability of delivery, and returns are a breeze. I do not enjoy, nor do I have time for shopping. Since I am not great at going in to stores and being able to tell what a garment on a hanger will look like on a human, I love having the photos of clothing on models with views from all directions. In addition, I have a very difficult shoe size (9.5 narrow). While no style looks great in this size, I appreciate that I can quickly filter on my size and see a selection vs. finding a shoe I love, only to click through and find that they do not have my size. Finally, the customer reviews are usually very thoughtful and helpful and are critical to my purchase decision. Great concept, great service, fast and easy. I love Zappos!
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5 years ago, AlabamaworTley
This company blows my mind! I can literally order a pair of shoes at 8pm and they will still be on my door step the next day! They have wonderful customer service! Returns seriously cannot be easier! If u want to exchange they will ship them out that day! You don’t have to wait til u get a chance to send in the ones you want to return! They give u another 3 weeks to mail those off but u already have the ones u exchanged them for! They are so nice on the phone! I’ve ordered every pair of shoes my girls have gotten from here for the last 3 years! I’m such a sucker for great customer service I tell everyone about this company! They seriously cannot be beat! I love them so much but I know this sounds like a bogus review because what company is this great??? THIS ONE IS! Adding to my review and it’s now been 5 years of perfect service
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2 years ago, juliflyer
Best pricing, fast & free shipping online shoe shopping ever!
After more than at least a half-dozen purchases of shoes (I’m a shoe junky), I’ve yet to seek a return/refund. The shoes (assorted “tennis” shoes, I don’t play the game), but a LOT of booties, mostly heeled, have been worn indoors and out and still don’t show it. Well, except for their molding to my feet. I’m tall with what my mother used the term “pencil box” feet, just like hers. She’s gone now 😣🌹, but I still hear her voice in my head saying “you paid WHAT for those???” That’s moms for you.❤️. Mom? I still hear you, and will forever love you, my dear departed best friend. And yes, I paid THAT MUCH for my booties - you’ll LOVE them! Anyway, I’ve only needed to re-sole one pair, and they are my faves. Thanks 🙏 for letting me lament about my mom. She’s always and will always be my my best girlfriend. ~ juli 🙏😎🌈🌷
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3 years ago, love my bubble
20+ Years of Greatness!
I have been shopping Zappos for at least 20 years, maybe since it started. I have bought more shoes than I should admit (especially to my husband who is not a shoe fan) for myself and my boys. In my town there were so few options for boys’ durable, active, wide width shoes. Zappos was the only place I could find some, and we always did, and still do! I always tend to ‘need’ a shoe style that I currently don’t, and Zappos seems to have something I like. I have never had a problem with returns and in the one and only instance I had a problem with shipping, the staff at Zappos was so incredibly friendly and helpful, I could not have been taken care of better. I am a big fan and look forward to many more years of finding another perfect pair of shoes.....and another....and another.....!
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5 years ago, Beaugene
Order and returning is easy
To be honest it is nice to go into a store and buy a pair of shoes that are just perfect. It seems that it is getting more and more difficult to do. But with Zappos they have the selection and sizes so I can order what I like and decide at home what works. Returning for free with the click of a button and printing out a return label from my phone is a breeze. And no 30 day return policy! It’s a whole year to make decisions. Not just shoes, but swimsuits, winter coats, and clothes for my teenage boys (who hate shopping and Zappos’s makes it painless!) Thanks customers for all of the product reviews too. I count on reading many of those to make my decisions, but sometimes I just buy and decide on my own because of the great return policy. Thanks Zappos’s!
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5 years ago, how many nicknames must i try?
Almost perfect
I love the ease of shopping on the Zappos app. There are some limitations that are preventing me from giving it 5 stars. It would be great to have an option like “don’t show this again” when you don’t like an item based on reviews, description, etc. With so many product selections, I find myself getting confused and can’t remember if I looked at an item or not. I end up wasting a lot of time looking at the same shoes repeatedly. It would also be nice if the app would bookmark where you left off looking at search results. Again, with so many products, even setting multiple filters presents hundreds of search results that I don’t have time to go through in one sitting.
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3 years ago, jazmin4510
App is fine but Service has dropped off severely
I have been a loyal VIP customer for 20 years and would shop no where else for shoes. The processing and shipping was crazy fast usually being received the next day due to VIP perk of overnight shipping. Now I am reconsidering, it takes them 3+ days to process order and then they are not even honoring the overnight shipping but sending items via snail mail. They are still using the pandemic as an excuse but it has been a year and most online companies have found a way to return to normal and the ones that do not suffer the economic consequences as we have seen are going out of business, ie Ann Taylor, Brooks Brothers and I would hate to see Zappos on that list, it is sad since the selection is great but many times I can not wait a week or more for items. I will have to consider other vendors who will honor they promises.
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5 years ago, Fosterp92
A non-shopper’s dream app
Hate the process of shopping for shoes but not a cobbler yourself? Despair at the prospect of going to the mall and trying on clothes without being able to refer to the rest of your wardrobe? Annoyed at evaluating potential purchases without ready access to product specs or other customers’ feedback to consider? Then just get this app and make it your go-to resource for getting the items you need. The vast array of items (so much more than shoes, and from vendors/designers both familiar and fresh), the effective filters and search functions, and the useful pics and videos of products mean that you become a customer empowered to make informed — and occasionally inspired! — shopping decisions.
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6 years ago, Izababy
Best customer service!
I had an issue with a pair of shoes I had received. When I emailed to complain, I received an immediate response. I was at first afraid it wasn't going to be what I wanted to hear, but it was more than what I had expected. On top of accommodating my needs to have a pair of shoes in time for a little girls Christmas gift, I also received a courtesy certificate towards a future purchase. Even more so, when I went to make this new purchase, miss you certificate had expired, but as soon as I contacted customer service, they reissued it to me right away. Zappos customer service team is not only speedy and effective, they are also very friendly and personable! I recommend to all my friends use Zappos!
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5 years ago, Bnem1900
Amazing customer service and product selection!!
I purchased a pair of shoes 2 weeks ago for my son and it formed a hole. I inquired about the return policy and it was a no hassle return! I emailed them and got a response less than 30 minutes! To me that’s light speed because a lot of online shopping businesses do not reply right away like that. They refunded my card no questions asked! They even let me keep the defective shoes. We will be donating them. I’ve always enjoyed their 1 day shipping because I’m a busy mom of 4 and it’s hard for me to step into a mall so they have made my life much easier! I love their selection of products and superb customer service!!!
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4 years ago, juliusprokop
Back Again For A Reason
I’m ordering another pair of shoes for a very good reason. Zappos has customer service that is second to none! Had a problem with duck boots on my very first order with Zappos. They were making a squawking noise with each step taken, etc. One quick call & all was taken care of! The shoes that I just ordered were out of stock originally but signed up for an email reminder when available. It’s worth the wait to know that Zappos has your back! I’m just an old Wayne County, Mississippi country boy....not someone promoting this company. Where I come from we try to help folks & be a good neighbor. That’s the intent of my review....thanks again Zappos!
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3 years ago, Yesliketogame
Love Zappos but....
There’s one thing Zappos can do to make shopping on their app a lot easier: There should be a “back“ button on the shopping cart page so you can go right back to the page you were just viewing. It is maddening to go through all the filters and find a shoe you’re interested in, then quickly click on your car to be reminded what you have in it, then you can’t just go right back to the shoe you were just looking at! So that’s the *only* reason I have to give it 4/5 stars. Otherwise I love Zappos, been shopping there for years, and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so.
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3 years ago, Hauged
Need a “Save for Later”Option
Yes, I know you have a “favorites” option on this app, but when I load up my shopping cart and realize I spent too much money, I’d like to have the option right from my cart not to just delete the item but “save it for later”. As it is now from the shopping cart the only option I have now is to delete it and then maybe find it again later. This option would definitely add to yours sales on my end! Zappos is my favorite clothing/shoe company, please add this option to your app and the app will quickly become one of my favorites, too!
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2 years ago, pso61
The best place to shop!
Zappo’s is the best place to shop ever! They have so many different types of top level, brand name merchandise with competitive pricing and good sales. In addition to the competitive pricing and good sales, they offer additional coupons and incentives to people who join their site (no cost or commitment). But the best thing about shopping at Zappos is the customer service. If you join Zappos, you have up to 365 days to return an order. They are great about refunding your money and always so cheerful. If I have a choice of ordering from Zappos or another place, I’ll always order from Zappos.
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6 years ago, anjonah
Love Zappos but missing recommendations feature!
Love Zappos for same reasons as most others - best product images and bonus when there are videos (they are good and showcase the product well, unlike some other videos that are distracting due to the models lumbering around and offscreen for 2-4 seconds at a time -why?) Anyway the one thing I’ve noticed missing is the Similar Products or You May Also Like Feature. That is my favorite thing about the site and app - and it helps me shop more so you should reinstate it! I like finding new things; that feature made me spend waaay too much time on the app and it was useful to find cool things I wouldn’t have before. Please bring it back!
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2 years ago, BrookserthanYou
Best website and customer service
Zappos sets the standard. I can always talk to a human being if I have an issue with my order and it always gets corrected appropriately. I have never had an accounting issue with Zappos, they always refund promptly. Once I had a one-year-old and a three year old in my sisters wedding and I had to order and return shoes for them to walk down the aisle three separate times due to their foot growth before we actually settled on our final size. With two little boys and rapidly growing feet my life would be more challenging without this wonderful service.
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6 months ago, Matt554367
I had to delete the app to complete Zappos request
When I placed an order, I used an old saved credit card. I got an email saying that I needed to click through an update my credit card information because it was declined. However, when I clicked through, I got an error message in the app. The next day, I got the same email again, and when I clicked through, I was able to get into the interface to update the payment information, however, it would not access my saved credit card information on my iPhone. I could've gone down to my desk and found the credit card, but I had a better idea. I was able to resolve the problem by deleting the Zappos app, going back to the email and clicking on it, and updating my payment information in Safari.
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6 years ago, Upseedaisey
I love Zappo’s
I wear a size 11 M and I would spend a whole day trying to find a pair of shoes that fit me, and I would come with nothing. The stores may carry one size 11 and some have none. Then I discovered Zappo’s and my world changed. What could be easier than sitting at home ordering several pairs of shoes, trying them on in the comfort of your home, and if you love a pair...wonderful and return the ones you don’t like or that don’t fit. What could be easier. There is no shipping charge on your purchase or return. I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes in a store. Oh, and I forgot to say....they come the next day!!
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4 years ago, Enthused Shopper
Great Fun‼️
I actually ordered three pair of shoes!! Since I already have two new knees and am recovering from major back surgery now, shoes can make my day or break it. I also have a titanium rod in my back now and it has two cross bars too; I’m still having pain, but will press on! Something happened during surgery and my heart was damaged permanently. So, shoes make a difference! I have Algeria sandals that have three adjustable straps, and my knees and back feel much better! I wear strong compression stockings without toes, so sandals look good ‼️😎PS I just bought three pair of clogs! My foot grew from a lifetime 7 to a 10, and I’m going-on 63... enjoyed shopping immensely ❣️Mimi J.
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4 years ago, San Diegan Doreen
There is no online shopping comparable to Zappos. Years ago, when you first opened for business, I was enthralled. And, frankly, I was sure you could never last. Zappos, I apologize to you. I was wrong. Apparently, I wasn’t alone in thinking that you were the out of this world craziest and best shoe shopping palace in the world. I mean, whoever heard of free return shipping back then? And thousands (maybe millions) of shoes to choose from in your inventory. And how did you manage to deliver within 24 hrs? You were, and still are, amazing! P.S.: I had to enlarge my shoe closet because of you.
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4 years ago, pdk3rd
Customer Review
I’ve been a customer of Zappos for maybe 12 years? During that time, I’ve bought shoes for myself, my son, daughter, girlfriend and a few friends. I don’t believe I’ve purchased shoes from anywhere else during this timeframe. I’ve only ever had to call them once, regarding a return where I ordered the wrong size for my daughter, and the gentleman upgraded me to VIP status. I love it!!! Get my shoes the next day. I realize it’s a bit different now during these trying times, but it will get back to normal. Would not purchase shoes any where else.
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6 years ago, sister1120
Customer service
They have great customer service. I am a person who buys constantly from them because of the business I do. I did not realize you had to sign in and out every time to be eligible for your points. I kept wondering why I was only receiving a small amount when I know I have bought already 50 - 60 pairs of shoes from them. The nice gentleman on the phone explained to me how it worked and what I was doing wrong. He then proceeded to look over my account and ended up giving me some points. I thought that was really sweet because he did not have to do that. Cuddles to Zappos.
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6 years ago, Westchester10605
It's only Zappos for us!
When my two busy, energetic boys were little, I tried shoe shopping at department stores with them. Not only did the experience leave me frazzled, but often the stores didn't have the styles we wanted or the sizes we needed. Enter Zappos! A small investment in a shoe measuring device (or Brannock device) and we were in business. Zappos' selection is unparalleled, their free 1-day shipping unbeatable, and ordering through their app couldn't be easier. (My boys particularly enjoy watching Super Kitty fly into the shopping cart with their selections.) I haven't had to brave a department store in years. Thanks, Zappos!
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2 years ago, Flohrs
Best service!
I will forever be a Zappos fan! Taking care of the customer is priority and it shows. My husband ordered a pair of heels for me, which unfortunately didn’t fit. We did the exchange deal a few times and the shoe and my foot just weren’t meant to be. Not only did every single exchange happen flawlessly, but super quick; when the customer service rep we spoke to for the refund heard how much I loved them, she found them in another brand or store and ordered them and had them shipped to me! They fit perfectly! Thanks for making me a fan for life!
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5 years ago, Lmn1590
Best website ever
I shop online for just about everything. Shoes can be hard to shop online for but with Zappos they make everything so easy and everything comes so fast it’s perfect for ordering last minute gifts. If you need to exchange for a different size they ship the size you need out free (and fast) and they won’t even charge you twice unless you don’t send the first pair back within like 14 days. No other website does that I think it’s amazing. I would like to see some more coupons, promos etc but either way I will continue shopping at Zappos.
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6 years ago, Finglas-Man
Wondering if Zappos is going to give workshops on customer service. I think there’s a lot of internet companies that could use a couple of lessons. I’ve been using this company for a few years now and it’s one of- if not the best for shoes. I’ve had a couple of issues that were resolved in seconds of calling them. I’ve bought many pairs of shoes,boots, and Trainers. They've always arrived on time and the issues I had were from the Manufacturer’s defects not them. The last shoes were from sketchers and again no issues. Would recommend this company to anyone seeking shoes.
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2 years ago, Grani loves to shop
Best place to shop
I fell in love with Zappos years ago when I was on a quest for the perfect purse. I love their website where you can see your selections from every angle and on a real person. Ordering is so simple and so are returns, if necessary. Some other sites have misleading claims (i.e. materials/country of origin). I’ve never had items misrepresented. I took a vacation to Alaska and needed some hiking boots but didn’t know what size. I ordered the same boot in two sizes. It was so simple to return the size that didn’t fit. I have never had a bad shopping experience with Zappos!
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4 years ago, C4thyAk
Cross Country Customer for Years!
Zappos has been my go-to all-time fave shoe shopper for nearly 2 decades! From living in a remote island town in Alaska, to the East coast, reliable free shipping, quick returns and huge selection has kept me coming back again and again to shop for my husband, my (now grown!) kids and myself. There’s just no comparison and no other like them! Even tho I now live where I can shop, I still love the convenience of Zappos. Can’t believe how much of my order history they still have. Thanks, Zappos for many years of amazing service and for the years to come.
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1 month ago, Punch card Fan
It took me an hour to buy a pair of shoes
I have been buying shoes from Zappos for years and the customer service used to be amazing but today it was terrible. First I tried to use a Zappos gift card through the app and there was no way to enter it, so I reached out via text for assistance. I got an auto response saying that help was on its way, but no one ever answered - ever, not during the entire time I was trying to make the purchase. Finally I gave up and called. I was on the phone for over 15 minutes with someone who was nice but couldn’t figure out how to make the gift card work and then we were disconnected. I called back and the person was finally able to help me and the shoes were purchased but it should not have taken that long. I am disappointed
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4 months ago, Aqualunast
Out of stock but not reflected when purchase made.
My husband used Zappos for the first time ever to order me slippers for Christmas. He ordered them on December 16, Zappos took his money, the product was in stock in my size, and then on December 21 he realized he hadn’t gotten any shipping notification and called up, and found out that they wouldn’t be arriving until mid January. They were now out of stock, but Zappos did nothing to let him know of the change in status, and did nothing to make it better except offer him $20 on a future order. As if he’s ever going to use Zappos again. So not happy and totally unimpressed. In years past, I’ve always had good experiences with Zappos, but I haven’t ordered in a while, and in that time, apparently, their customer service has gone to the basement.
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4 years ago, cynsitty
Great Service
Great service- I haven’t used zappos in a long time. Today was a hard day, i woke up to two canceled orders from foot locker went thru hell and ended loosing both shoes due them selling out and canceling my order. Then I remembered ZAPPOS. Well here we are ZAPPOS HAS MADE MY DAYYYYY, yall saved me . I was able to log in all my account info was verified cause ived ordered so much over the years but also to know with in minutes that you guys are processing my order like im lit right now. Thank you zappos for being reliable and giving great service when others fail. I will continue to shop wit you foreva.........
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6 years ago, Craftygrrl
Great service!
I’ve used Zappos on & off for years. Usually thru the app.... so when I changed phones I no longer had access to the old email. The rep I spoke with was very very patient, considering my 3 year old grandson was interrupting every couple of minutes wanting me to play with him. Also I couldn’t remember which address they had, since we’ve moved a couple times in the last several years. She was awesome, waiting til I could find some paper with the most recent previous address. Then I was able to get back into my account & complete my order.
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2 years ago, Ggfhud
No Other Way to Buy Clothes
I have been using Zappos for over 15 years now and I would not shop any other way. If you know your size then why root through a bunch of stores only to find they are out of your size. I just log onto Zappos, put in my desired product and 99.9% of the time they have it and I get it in about a day or two at the most. And hey, even if you’re not sure of your size you can order a couple sizes because Zappos makes returning items so easy. You don’t even have to leave your house.
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4 years ago, good moxie
Anyone who thinks quality customer service is a thing of the past, be optimistic.
Customer service was outstanding. I was fortunate enough to speak with Kerry who showed so much patience with all my questions and was clearly knowledgeable as well as efficient. I would appreciate it if this could be reflected on her personnel records, as this is precisely the person any company would be lucky to have representing them. Zappos should be pleased. She even stayed longer than her shift to make sure she was thorough and that I, the customer was completely satisfied...all done with a smile.
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2 years ago, Llaggoon
Out of Stock Notification NOT Working
Shopping on my IPhone and would love to use the out of stock notification feature and it's not working. I can't favorite the shoe because it's out of stock so that kills the option of going back to look to see if it's in stock again unless I keep a running list of shoes I'd like to check on. I messaged an agent who told me to tell them what shoe I wanted to get notified about and the agent would set up the notification. Are you kidding me? With so many shoe sizes out of stock is that the best Zappos can do? Zappos does not show up in the notifications section of the iPhone settings. Please fix it. You're a great place to shop, but this makes me tire of using your site to shop.
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5 years ago, Stevemellor
Great app until now!
I had used the Zappos app to make several shoe and some clothing purchases over the past few years. Until now it was a really good app but as recently as two days ago the app is no longer working. I had made several shoe selections and placed them in the shopping cart. I went in the following day and my shopping cart was empty. I tried to pick the same shoes but I now receive error messages. I contacted Zappos on line and they said that they could see that my shopping cart had items in it but I still couldn't see it. I then logged off and on but I still couldn't see anything in the cart or purchase anything. I even deleted and reinstalled the app but same problem. Maybe I'll try again in a couple of months but for now the app is not working!
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