Zara Home

4.7 (11.1K)
100.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zara Home

4.73 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Milwaukee Will
Quality Offerings
Although initially I did not get this app because of all the negative reviews but then one day when I came across the app again I decided to read the reviews in which I found the reviews were not about the quality of the products or fair prices of which I assumed they would be but rather the negative reviews were about the app. Now that I have learned that everyone does not write a review directed to the intent of the app I no longer discount any particular app that has negative reviews until I learn where the negative reviews are actually being directed. With that said, I have found that the items from Zara Home are quality products, that are described accurately, and offered at a fair price.
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1 year ago, Contented Cow
Unique and QualityItems
To find a special gift for a friend or especially a grand child, the portfolio of choices to gift are remarkable and some I have never seen here where I live. Perfect gift, wooden toy coffee maker, for a little child who enjoys serving and being just like her mom preparing coffee! Quite an extensive and vivid imagination manifested while playing with her own coffee maker! 👍🏽 Great toy!
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6 years ago, RikiSantaFe
AWFUL! impossible to order! Ripoff!
Ordering is impossible. 1)Sale announced to start 8:00 pm EST, which is 6:00 pm MST, my time zone. ALL other retailers, including Zara, allowed me to order at the announced time. Which is fair since I get to order at the same time as shoppers on the EAST Coast. But NOT Zara home!! Web site wouldn’t load, probably due to overload of shoppers. Or was deliberately out of order! Web site FINALLY came up at 7:50! Does no one, not a single executive at Zara Home, understand time zones? 2)Didn’t give me the advertised discount of 30% off entire site! When site finally loaded, it charged the list price for all sale items - and refused to give me the clearly advertised discount of 30% off entire site! What a rip off! Im calling tomorrow to get the promised discount.
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2 years ago, zara man senior
Can be more user friendly
I really like the product line you present yet the app can be tiresome. You must choose a new filter when you go from depts. An example is when you change from “recommended to low to high price” - and go from bathroom to living room etc. You must re-select the filter each time you go from dept to dept. also if I recall, you were able to continue through the store by pushing up the app towards the top of the screen. You do not seem to be able to do so any longer and you must go back out and select the dept you desire.
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4 years ago, akahhhhh
Can’t delete item add to a cart
This is the very first time that I use it. After I added 5 items to the cart, I was trying to delete one, but it failed. Also, I can’t add any more item to my cart. I’ve tried many times and it’s really frustrating that it doesn’t work. I’ll switch back to use website then.
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3 years ago, Smurfml
Worst App and App’s chat ever
I was trying to reach someone with the App’s chat but it seems impossible. I think it’s a fake chat. I tried at least 5 times, nobody answered, the chat disappeared any single time, then suddenly a message appeared saying “please wait” but nothing happened and the message disappeared again. Trash chat. Then I tried to change my forgotten password, I got an email with a link to change it. Unfortunately the link doesn’t link you anywhere but the main page of the App!?? Where to change the password is still a mystery. Trash App.
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6 years ago, Happy Violet
Not very user friendly
I have purchased glasses from the app and it does not give the option of choosing quantities which with glasses is most often the case It also has a maximum amount of glasses I can purchase so I need to go online twice and make two separate purchases as well as paying for two shipments
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6 years ago, KatNery
Love it, some improvement suggestions
I love Zara Home. My recommendations would be to make bigger sizes for kids Pyjamas, homewear and slippers. As well as having some more interesting glass and table ware collections. I stopped buying them because when things break it is impossible to restock the items. Which is a shame.
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2 years ago, ZsaZsa Amore
Not user friendly
The help phone number is automated and tells you to fill out a form then hangs up. The form I filled out twice; when I was able to chat text they couldn’t see / find the prior forms I filled out. I went to look at my order to tell the chat person specifics and the chat literally disappeared without anyway to get back to it! So frustrating and very disappointing for such a huge company. The person I did chat with was friendly but the app is NOT user friendly and I am tech savvy.
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5 years ago, arlinajsk
App never worked for as long as I used it
Every tine when I tried adding an item to bag I get some red warning generic error and nothing is added. I thought I didn’t update my app so I did but still the same error! I so want to buy something every time but it NEVER WORKED. I use the Zara app all the time and never had a problem so what’s up with Zara home???? Also something is never in stock is having 20% off tonight. But it keeps saying coming soon and I never get notified. Why put things on sale but they are not in stock?!
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4 years ago, Lucierne
Versátil and fácil de usar
Easy transactions, I just wish they would have more variety in children items. Sometimes they present a whole scenario but mostly half the items are not available online and you wish you could buy it. But App overall works great.
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3 years ago, Dani Burrell
Stole money
I placed an order on the App and it said there was an error with the transaction. I then tried again thinking I didn’t put in the correct info. Says error again. I see that my debit card was charged twice but I did not receive any confirmation from Zara. I then called Zara and they had no recollection of the purchase being made. I have been on hrs of phone calls with Zara and Chase trying to get my money back. Still have not resolved my issue.
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2 years ago, phorme2
Impossible to order online
Hi I tried to purchase items over the phone and they told me they don’t take phone orders: is this true? I just had surgery and it would have made ordering much easier, if I was able to order over the phone. I signed into my account but could not see how to order online.
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4 years ago, FeryalF
Changing country is hard
Overall, the app is good except that when I want to change the country I have to uninstall the app and install it again.
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2 years ago, Capital kakadi
Incompetent App Developers
The app is definitely unfinished. So much money and they couldn’t find a competent dev team to make this work? 1) Half the products won’t load they details (kitchen trash can) other times 2) I will type an items and it won’t be able to find it in the search engine but only when going manually. 3) you have to log in every and each time you terminate the app…. Come on, these are rookie mistakes!
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3 years ago, Marianasmv
Lots of broken details
The fact you can’t use the same account as other Zara apps and web pages means you need to re-enter all your info and have yet another password The payment flow erases your details if you change screens which many times you have to do if you are using a digital payment method. The payment flow crashed twice I was unable to pay despite correct payment info. Search is iffy and not great at finding what you are looking for. It’s hard to find matching items like the sheets for a given duvet set. Hard to search by materials. Descriptions are too basic. I.e. doesn’t tell you if sheets are soft or crisp, for cool or warm weather.
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5 years ago, B.Estelle
Faulty website and terrible customer service
I’ve never had a business so actively try to refuse a sale. Both the app website had so many glitches after repeated attempts to get it fixed and 3 calls to customer service, they wouldn’t even take my order over the phone and simply said sorry, I guess you can’t place the order. Beyond frustrated and shocked at how badly ZaraHome is not interested in business or satisfactory customer service.
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1 year ago, Nailaalmuhairi
Bad experience
I made an order and tried to expedite the delivery, and all i got is please wait for the delivery , the chat agent was not flexible not helpful didnt give any alternative solution, and when i tried to collect the package instead of delivering it to me or at least transfer the order to any branch , the agent said he cant change the delivery policy if the order is made, i cancelled the order because i got no other option!!!
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5 years ago, Jussss3
You can’t checkout
I tried to checking out and it’s beyond cumbersome. I emailed the support team about registering for a new account because on an IPhone X, you cannot register as an individual. When I click the fields to enter information, the keyboard doesn’t pop up. So they emailed me back basically providing no help and told me it’s fine. I finally hit ‘save’ on the upper right corner and I got validation errors - FINALLY - so I could enter my info to register. I registered and began my checkout only to get stuck AGAIN. After you select shipping and add in you address - nothing happens. There is no button to continue or do anything. So you just go in a loop. YOU GUYS NEED TO HIRE A PROPER UX AND QA PERSON! I can only bet that they are losing sales and customers from this.
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6 months ago, Hayleypnoel
Love the product selection!
While the product selection is lovely, it takes approximately 3 to 5 months to receive shipment. I wish Zara would ship to the US faster. However, I will continue to shop regardless ! :-)
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6 years ago, Ice latte
Easy & simple
The app was easy to use. It’s my first time using the app and all my order were done without any problem. Thanks for making it easy. Looking forward to receive my delivery now!!
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6 years ago, Me n him app
Like it
Easy to shop but needs a little more organized. You shouldn’t have to type items you’re looking for!! It should be all pajamas for women or kids and like little girl dresses!! Make it easy to find please..
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4 years ago, Irene_Kr
Friendly user experience
I love this app not only because Zara Home has well-designed products, but this app is also easy to navigate through!
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1 year ago, JosephP007
Beautiful App, Awkward Functionality
The application is designed beautifully. The aesthetics are phenomenal how they exhibit the products is gorgeous, but the functionality is in the user friendliness is way off. There’s a huge learning curve in using this app not saying that one cannot overcome it, but it goes hand-in-hand with how it was designed based off of aesthetics alone.
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5 years ago, MeiganA
Problem with shipping and billing addresses
The shipping and billing address is not clear on the app and needs to be fixed. I purchased something to send to my brother but the billing address was my home. There was never a clear spot for both. I hope this works out okay but I’m already anticipating a problem.
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6 years ago, DCherylSmith
Beautiful products, but website not very fluid or intuitive to navigate. Love what they have to sell, but do not enjoy shopping on their website. Just not great ease of use.
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4 years ago, yadinyin
Paid for order and was told I didn’t
I recently paid for an order and the status was always pending. I contacted Zara and said they would check and contact me about it it has been over a week and still nothing. Not even a refund. I try contacting by phone and the have hung up on me both times. The app has many issues and not recommended with AliPay and WeChat Pay. Zero stars if I could
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5 years ago, small crocodile
Have been trying to use this app for two days and it freezes and every time I want to edit my cart, gives me an error.
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3 years ago, rikikiisland
Still Needs Improvement
App is hard to use. Some products are nice but photos are too edited and deceptive. Bought a table but quality looks worse than in photo…return is tricky.
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6 years ago, no time for jokes
Mr mike
The App is not easy to navigate accross depts. The descriptions of the merchandise could be better. For example, what is included when description says “pajamas”? Lastly, the pictures of items do not focus on the item instead, appear to feature the model wearing the item. I like the merchandise I have purchased. The items are high in quality and towels wash nicely. I always look forward to your sales! Thanks
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2 years ago, darzzee
Your web site is beautiful and so easy to order from! Eagerly awaiting my order
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2 years ago, ubhbub
If I could give a minus star, I would.
Once again was trying to order from your app in China but again I can not finish my payment because it asks me again and again to veryify my identity in a never-ending loop . This is been going on for so many month now and I am getting so frustrated and feed up with your store.
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4 years ago, Nale Nale
Add quantity
It would be great, if when you select something and put it in the basket, you can also add more of the same items directly in the bin.
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2 years ago, AK July 2020
Inaccurate delivery dates and not much customer support
Items bought on app are not showed whether shipping from inside or outside the uae and they easily miss delivery window. The customer chat seems to be isolated as the agents do not have visibility to your purchase history or who you are and have no visibility on your purchase delivery details
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4 years ago, patricia st
Great until you request a return. Then it will not let you chose a delivery option. You cannot continue without that. So you then need to contact Zara. Wait for them to return your email and return label, which is not always promptly This has happened repeatedly for me even after informing them of the problem. Otherwise five star
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2 years ago, christelisland
Need to work out kinks
This app really gave me the run around trying to set it up. Then when I was finally able to set it up and make a purchase, it wouldn’t accept my address and I had to use a drop off point?!?!?!? Too ridiculous and hoping things go smoother now. I just spent a stupid amount on candles….
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2 years ago, chryssMs
Lousy service
It is not the first time i buy something where not only the delivery date is already ridiculous ( 3-4 weeks ) but also its way passed the delivery date and the item has bot been shipped yet with zero email or update or whatever given. Its zara not a personalised decorative made to measure order
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3 years ago, MARZ LÉON
Zara home always has the most incredible pieces. The app is easy to shop on too
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4 years ago, BLJChicago
Terrible experience
No favorites. Freezes. Unusual and unfriendly browsing of products. Useless pictures. Makes you work too hard for too little payoff. Study wayfair and upgrade your experience. Your products look very intriguing, but it lost my interest after four screen freeze and restart attempts. Too bad. Delete.
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4 years ago, nonoms
My opinion
It was the worst app I ever communicate with , i talk with the zara home chat and the agent answer was so bad , she or he didn’t give me any answer, and at the end she closed the chat while i was talking with them , I ordered on 4th of May and they said you will receive your order on 9th of May and we’re now on 2nd of June and I didn’t receive my order
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3 years ago, Mouzoun
Will not allow me to ship through the app
Every time I enter my address, it says it’s an address that does not exist. So I have to go on their website to purchase anything.
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2 years ago, mubarakalsaad
5 star
One of my best app. Everyday I use it even if I don’t get anything but i like to use it.
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2 years ago, jessbejarano
Love how beautifully designed and easy to use. One of my favorite apps!
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4 years ago, ach8h
Not great
The up and down scrolling to see multiple product photos isn’t intuitive. There’s also no option to add my gift card to purchase
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4 years ago, kukuruza2018
Great website
Very easy and convenient web site to use/buy! Really enjoyed it!
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5 years ago, musefan13
Good Shopping experience
I have always liked Zara Home . Good collection and very decent price . Absolute value for money. Way to go !!
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2 years ago, Shaylay167890365
App will just shutdown without warning. All past purchases from a month ago aren’t showing. Shopping from website has proven to have better results.
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6 years ago, George Chorianopoulos
I cant order
So many problems to order
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5 years ago, The Ramon's
Zara Sale
I appreciate the messages when products go on sale and we love the designs.
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3 years ago, crush311
Stop supporting this brand
This brand is guilty of many human rights violations. I’ve been saying boycott Zara for years bc they’ve been using Uyghur labor. Muslim people in concentration camps are being forced to make these clothes. But now with Palestine, it just adds on to how problematic zara is. This business needs to go bankrupt and disappear:
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