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User Reviews for ZARA

4.81 out of 5
248.2K Ratings
6 years ago, LYNJU27
The best most stylist clothing for everyone
My go-to for office, evening. Lazy days, gifts for family and my husband, all under one roof!! Be a little different, change it up with a funky jacket that makes a great piece from computer work to computing the tip at your favorite after work watering hole!! Delicious fabrics, standout tops and bottoms for all ages and the absolute best accessories at great prices so your outfit is a stand out in any crowd in any City. Be aware, there’s gonna be big compliments, envy at your stylish choices and no age agenda!! I’ve been the recipient for years without fail, even in the courtroom (my professional career lands me there) and I’m always in proper but attractively outfits! It doesn’t take a personal shopper, it doesn’t take a huge bank account and it almost doesn’t take a fashionista eye to make you look fabulous!! It just takes some trying on for a good fit, some professional assistance, if needed, from Zara’s well trained and highly competent , not pushy, sales staff and you’re out the door with NOT a ‘whole NEW you’ but a well clothed person who’s got great style!!! I am a major clothes horse who’s budget is working class caliber but Zara makes you look runway ready for any occasion from the tips of your toes with great shoes to the top of your head with accessories!! Who said designer chic has to break the bank, not with a Zaraein your side!!🥰🥰
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2 years ago, LOCQUEEN143
Just Right
I am a small waisted curvy hip and got a nice size desired Derrière. XXL is the perfect fit for My shape without having to tailor my pants, I love how smooth and comfortable all the styles of available. Most of the dresses I choose are size Large and Mediums depending on the type of fabric used. Then let’s speak of the blazers , oh honey! Aren’t those beauties truth as to where I get stopped all the time and asked where, did I luck up and find such fashionable treasures. Zara is a one of a kind unique fun high quality wonderland for my type of desired looks. What I also, admire and appreciate is the return policy and fast turnaround time of being refunded for items. I can personally guarantee you that even if you return an item(s) then you definitely will be a repeat customer and find something else you love. Can everyone give a really Big shout out to Zara for the “ VaVa-Voom” more to love curvy sizes because my physique ranges fluctuate at times from 12-20 depending on if I work out or decide not (because that’s my business lol) to and I need my Zara no matter what size I am. Happy shopping everyone.
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3 years ago, Odom, E.
First time shopping. I’d rate Zero stars if it were possible.
Although a bit pricey for their basic designs, I was willing to take a chance on their clothing so I did. I sent the item back for an exchange of a smaller size because the SM & XS runs big. There were strands of loose threading in a tailored blazer that cost $89. I expected a much cleaner stitch. The fit of the item ultimately did not work for me. So I returned the item properly like the instructions indicated: Zara first ask to verify order number and tracking number, understandable protocol. Although the item was mailed and delivered last week: I still get the explanation of “the item is still in the drop off location… Can you provide proof of delivery for additional information to be reviewed by the relevant team”? Why is there need for additional proof of delivery if I provided a tracking number which indicates the exact item? That’s not my problem or my fault of where it still is. I was Only required to return the item so I did! And it feels like I’m being penalized. Eventually, a refund is processed but do I have to experience hassle first before a refund is initiated? The chat system is horrible. You get a better response talking to the automated robot than the person/representative. When Zara is in error there’s no apology, effort, nothing. This will be my first and last time shopping here. Their rating doesn’t even deserve my one star. My initial rating was Zero for overall poor.
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5 years ago, Wolfie25242
I put in a large order and needed to change the shipping address so I called Zara. The representative told me that my order had been cancelled and that I would need to wait 24 hours and then put everything back in my shopping cart as a new order. What an inconvenience. I asked her if there was any way they could just put the order through again and she said they could not because they wanted to keep my cc info private. In the meantime, she manually changed my shipping address to the correct one. I waited 24 hours and put in a new order. I saw other things I liked, so I modified the order. Upon submitting it, I saw that the shipping info was still incorrect. I called again. I spoke to a different rep who confirmed that the first order had been cancelled and that my shipping info would be updated. That evening I got an email saying the wrong order (first order) was being sent to the wrong address!! How can this be? This time I contacted them via chat. The rep tells me there is nothing they can do and apologized for the misguided info. Now I have to pay for 2 orders. One is being shipped to the wrong address so I will have to find a way to retrieve it and then pay to have it shipped back and hope for a refund. When I asked for contact info of management, we conveniently were disconnected. Such horrible service!! Buyer beware! I will never order online from Zara again and have to pay for there mistakes in time and money.
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2 years ago, Francj091
Customer Service Lacked
My review isn’t per say about the App but more so about the customer service I received from an item I ordered through the app. On 12/6 I ordered a bomber jacket with the anticipation ship date of 12/8 to 12/14. Here comes 12/23 with me expecting to receive an item I ordered well in advance come to find out they had an issue with processing at that time and Gin (male) told me they would re-issue a new item to be shipped to me. I inquired about expedited shipping and it’s not something they do at Zara, I asked to speak to supervisor again that’s not something to do with ZARA. So come 12/28 I have to call back because I never received this email I was told I would get to inquire about an item that I found out today from Kimberly was out of stock as of 12/23 when I called. So basically from both reps there is absolutely nothing they can do outside of a refund when I had ordered this item it was full price now out of stock and when I called on 12/23 it was out of stock but I wasn’t informed it was out of stock not even a coupon, a gift card, or replace the item when it comes in stock, nothing no empathy at all for their lack of due diligence and inconvenience this caused me. I just recently started shopping at Zara and I realize if you’re not in the store the customer service lacks on the online platform. That’s not a brand I want to give my money to.
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3 years ago, Pocahontess
Disgusting customer service
Corporate Representative, I just returned home from going to the Zara Norwalk, Connecticut location in the Sono Collection Mall. I bought a pair of shorts and crop tank top. I went to the Yard House restaurant to eat and try on my clothing and then realized I did not have my receipt in my bag as expected. I returned to the store at 5:00p, 1 hour and a half after purchase to retrieve a receipt from register and refund my purchase. As soon as the manager saw me she said she can’t help me and that I have to follow up with customer service. I then asked her if there are any other options. She said no. She said the register can not go back to previous transactions and asked me to leave. I was completely insulted and surprised. Tracy, the manager is a white woman and the experience felt extremely biased and racist. I tried to remain reasonable & patient hoping she would be helpful. This was after an hour long wait on line. My sister was extremely upset and intervene. I can not believe your establishment hires racist managers who would treat me this way. I returned only 1 hour and a half after purchasing and they did not supply a receipt. I even provided my sister’s receipt so they would see the register and time we were there. I live far away from a Zara location. I drove from Bridgeport to Norwalk and will not be returning. I need assistance and resolution
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2 months ago, Aya__4
This app is more tedious and tricky than it needs to be. The design is of the all is beautiful and the products are nice. However, ZARA needs to do a better job of updating stocks that are available in store. I used the app to look up a specific product in my size and saw multiple stores that had the said size in stock, I commuted to the nearest Zara store which was an hour and minutes away from me. When I got there I told the item was NOT in stock and they did not have anything else that was on my size. I could not purchase something else because I needed that specific item and was pressed for time. So I wasted an hour and minutes commuting there just for them not to have it. Another thing, why when placing an order for pickup, there is no way to change the billing address? If I’m buying something for someone and I set it for pickup, it automatically uses my address and billing info, so the only person who can collect that item would be me. And finally, There is no way of deleting/moving your address on the app. I’ve googled, went through the app and there is absolutely NO WAY of removing an address from the address book, which is very and annoying. In order to remove my address I had to delete my account and make a new one.
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4 years ago, MitaAldana
An update of this app was made, erasing part of my address. I have had a real battle between couriers and Zara to rescue my orders (I would have canceled them, but Zara takes a month to return money). Before the update my orders had no problem been delivered, that is because since I opened my account I provided the right address in my profile info. But because of the error due to the update, it has been a nightmare trying to get my orders placed after the update!! Zara has a terrible online service to costumer if they have to deal with more than one order. I placed a total of 6. Si funny that I just got an email from the service to costumer telling me to update my address and also tells me how... I am a professional in technologies for 25 years, and know when errors emerge, but never did I, or my team throw the blame to the user. Zara didn’t recognize a bit of their mistake. Their personnel online is rude. They should at least hire adults to deal with costumer, seems lime your dealing with teenagers,poorly trained, and seems like only programmers do the technology work.
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2 years ago, Emme2&4
So surprised at Zara this season…..
I am an avid Zara shopper. I check the website daily, and through this past holiday season and the wonderful sales, I purchased several times per week. However, once the warm weather styles showed up I found myself buying less and less. When I do buy, I’m returning much of my order. I have always counted on Zara for unique pieces. I love the prices, quality has been adequate, and I have pieces that look couture when styled correctly. But something happened recently. C’mon with the slits/slashes/cuts all over and colors not found in nature. What’s with the Shein/Forever21 styles and colors?????? Ive heard the same complaints from other Zara loyalists and the internet is full of comments about Zara’s weird offerings. Also, I don’t have to recount many beautiful items brought to offer with “Coming Soon”, but never showing up. I am empathetic with companies suffering from supply chain issues at this time. But I honestly feel like the great items couldn’t be made, your buyers went into a factory producing cheap, ugly garbage, and are trying hard to pass it off as fashion worth considering. Again, c’mon guys. You are way better than most of the junk on your site right now. I have written when your drops left me breathless and giddy. I have also purchased gorgeous pieces and I’m not afraid to spend some money. So I’m hoping that once you clear out this season Zara will get back on track. Lots of us are hoping….. Thanks for listening.
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3 years ago, Beccslee
Easiest shopping experience!
Love this app! Best feature is the “match with” section beneath each selected item. If you click on a top and it’s shown with cute pants, those pants will be listed below if they are still available. Love that function! Super super easy returns - best business model, because the free return policy encourages me to buy more, without fear or stress. Very very intuitive design. The only thing that is less straightforward is the exchange process. It took me some digging to figure out that I wasn’t being charged twice during an exchange. Perhaps a note on the exchange receipt that says “amount charged if exchanged item is not received...” Would be a bit more clear. Also less (or no) repetition of pieces within a section would be better for me, as I like to look through all the dresses, for instance, and may not be able to get through them all because it takes such a long time due to repeated item listings. Hope this helps, great work!!!
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5 years ago, you asked how i feel
Lots to improve (basics really but
Nothing but absolutely nothing on your site is easy or intuitive. Your categories make no sense - new, sale, collection, editorial, rspt, random circle images on top with some kind of categories - there is no explanation and I have no idea what and why there is a difference. Basically even looking through every tab I still don’t have a good grasp on what to buy and where and what you really sell. No clue why you show collection, no clue why and what editorial means but I can’t find it or buy it. Even if you ask for the system to send you an email for merchandise that’s not available it takes months for the merchandise to arrive if at all. Very poorly run branding and merchandising by your teams. Brand you have to continue to establish in consumers brain without frustration. Get them interact in regular basis and deliver on the promises you are making (even the visual promise.) You basically let me down every time I shop the site.
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5 years ago, SSMT6
Worst customer service.
I tried to return a pair of shoes that my daughter didn’t wear for a second because they were too small. They emailed me saying they weren’t in good condition to return. I was so confused because I sent them back in the same condition they were delivered to me! The customer service people gave me a run around and then I spoke to supposedly “the highest manager there is (her name is Tumerick N)” and she was completely unhelpful and rude. I spend a LOT of money at Zara on my kids, myself and my husband every year and it makes me not want to shop at the store anymore. I am so frustrated at the way they’ve treated me. To top it off... when I did receive my item back in the mail it was NOT the item I had sent in. The shoes I tried to return were brand new and never worn. These shoes were very worn and it bad condition. When I called to tell them this they pretty much said I was lying about the whole thing. Isn’t supposed to be the costumer is always right?? I was going to just take the hit and maybe give these shoes to a friend who has a little girl but these are not the shoes I had originally. I have told several friends about this incident and they don’t want to shop at Zara anymore either. Terrible, horrible costumer service.
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3 years ago, vame15
Awful customer service
I placed an order and it seemed like it went through, i went to check for a confirmation/order email but i never received one, i went to check on my zara account and it appeared as if i had never purchased the item. On my bank account it said i was charged for the order so i contacted them via chat and 1 agent stopped answering me mid conversation, i reconnected and another agent said that i could not be charged till the order was shipped and that it appeared on my account that i never purchased the item , i explained that that was the reason i was contacting them , because i was charged but my order was no where to be found, he kept repeating that i never placed anything. They basically labeled me as a lair ,so i asked if it was okay if i sent a screenshot of the transaction because they didn’t believe me and he kept repeating that there was no way i could be charged , i asked if i could send proof again and he said yes and while i was taking the photo of the transaction, the chat was disconnected! Instead of helping me out they labeled me as a lair even though i had proof! I was super nice as well because i understand errors happen but they just didn’t seem to believe me :(
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8 months ago, Patrick_1955
I’m Impressed, Great Company
I bought a pair of men’s jeans in a color that’s not readily available and a nicer-than-normal “stone” color t-shirt to complete the ensemble. I spoke to this woman at Costco and complemented her outfit palette. Basically it was a pair of very pale pink jeans and gray t with white white superstars, very unisex. I’ve always like nice clothes and when I see something I like, I try to make it mine. I got the Zara shipment super fast. The packaging was simple and very earth friendly recyclable. The clothes weren’t thrown into the ubiquitous plastic bag, but laid gracefully, ensconced in tissue. Just opening the package was pleasing. The jeans are high quality, exactly the tone I wanted, not fey but still pink. The t-shirt is a little lighter than I wanted but beautiful and dressy enough to wear with the jeans to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I’m impressed. BTW, I’m 67 and married to the same woman for 37 years with two grown kids. Style knows no age!🍸😀
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3 years ago, skye927
Zara ...nice stuff HORRIBLE APP
I've been an H&M shopper and recently discovered Zara. The stuff is nice but pricey and usually h&m has sales I see none on Zara BUT the annoying thing is the website/app! Ease of use ? Nope it's up and down it's not side to side ehh no it's dark which is cool but it's just not easy to use :( then I went i to a chat with someone for help and lost them too quick!? I hate real life shopping but I may have to do real life shopping as this website stinks and the pics kinda stink too!! They spend. Too much time putting models in weird poses with the clothes buttoned crumpled BBB lifted up etx and I can't see the dress for ex, just plain straight facing me so I can examine how it fits sizing etc I don't see reviews listed either which is VERY IMp it gives me an idea of how things will fit !? H&M has reviews with how things will fit this Zara site app doesnt so because of that it is highly unlikely I'll spend my money here ! And why are all and I mean a lot of Zara clothes sold on eBay new with tags but 10 to 15 higher and shipping ten $ more than everything thing else. ?? Sneaky not transparent about clothes bad app website horribly designed not verbally thought out !
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3 years ago, Bexyjay
Pros and cons
The thing I love most about this app is that you can walk around the store, scan the pieces that you want, order them online and not even wait in the long lines at the stores. The worst part about this app is the fact that you can’t reach customer service. At this time I am trying to chat with customer service through their chat about a missing item from my order- and if you step away for two seconds- the chat times out. You have to request a chat again! And keep waiting! I’ve had a hard time reaching customer service. I just called on the phone about this package... they say their lines are busy and to try again! As if people have all day to just continue to try to contact Zara about an issue with an order. Why can’t I just email support and wait to hear back from them? Why is this so difficult? You should make returning and reaching out to customer service about an issue an an order just as easy as you make ordering I’m extremely frustrated at this time.
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2 years ago, Fudixhsndjbx
Could use some improvements
I’ve been shopping at Zara for the past decade but sometimes the best deals are online so I’ve used this app on and off for about a few years. One big issue is that the search feature doesn’t always show the products you’re looking for. Super annoying when you’re trying to buy an item that just went on sale and you know is about to sell out. Another issue is the chat bot, my recent online purchase was never delivered and I had to file a claim three times with the chat bot because the first few times the app would just delete the conversation when my phone went idle. So frustrating. The third time I think it was an actual person messaging me but I never got a confirmation email so I called the number instead. Highly recommend calling them because it was actually quicker and they sent me the return invoice. Due to supply chain issues and the my criticisms of the app I won’t be buying anything from Zara on this app or online anymore.
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5 years ago, JanRCtz
Worst customer service
I’ve been a loyal customer of Zara since 2008. I love their style and clothes. But lately, their service became so crappy. I ordered last December some stuff for my New Years event. I’ve waited for more than 10 days for my order to arrive. But I didn’t unfortunately I didn’t get it. I tried calling their customer service and they just told me that I’ll be getting a response or call back from them to resolve the issue. But no reply from them. I still tried contacting them with patience but I just get the same spiels that I think they practiced. After several weeks of trying and nagging them, they finally processed a refund. But I had to wait for another 14 days. After resolving the issue, since I love Zara so much, I tried to order again but I sent to the store to make sure that I’m actually getting my stuff. They sent me an email that it was sent out To the store already. After more than 10 days, they said that my order was affected by slight delay. I tried to be patience and called the customer service again. And all I got from them was the same spiels and dialogue. And luckily, after almost a month, i still don’t have my order.
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3 years ago, demibee4
nice app and store, could use a few improvements
i love the store, and i also love how quick the shipping and delivery is. one issue i have is that the model sizes aren’t available. unless i just don’t know where they are, it’s crucial that we can see what size the model is wearing so we know which size to buy. secondly, why aren’t all of the items of clothing that the models are wearing featured in the “buy this look” section? i wanted to buy a whole outfit that a model had on but i couldn’t find the top ANYWHERE. i searched the whole website, used reverse image search, and even contacted the zara instagram team because i wanted to know where i could find it. if it had been featured, i would’ve bought the entire outfit and you guys would’ve had more money. lastly, i hate that the screen on our devices gets really bright when looking at the tracking screen for our purchases. there’s absolutely no need for that.
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4 years ago, Courtnyanalise
Great app. Great clothes. I buy all my baby clothes from ZARA now! Top notch things but very inexpensive! So unbelievably cute and I love the feature where they pair the clothes with other items that they sell. That feature always gives me great ideas on how to dress my cutie pie! Although, I do wish they paired more of their items to more clothes because sometimes it only pairs an item to a shirt but i'd like to see the whole outfit (if you know what I mean) I literally want to buy everything. They come out with new clothes all the time which I really just LOVE! Super unique and fun! Definitely recommend the app. It never crashes and it's easy to navigate and browse through. I love their main menu because it's easy to find what you're looking for in a jiffy! They never ever bore me! ZARA. is. so. cool!
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4 years ago, Ellaaa29
Dear Zara, Do Better!!
I am so appalled and disappointed by this company. As a long time loyal customer who orders religiously in store and online, I am now reconsidering my feelings and future purchases towards this company after my experience today. For some reason, on my last order they did not include my street number in the shipping info resulting in the courier returning the package back to the company. Not only did the courier confirm they reached out to Zara in a total span of 5 days asking them to update my address so that they can try to redeliver but they never bothered contacting me or even sending an email saying my order was canceled. They just went ahead and did it. Therefore, I called their customer service only to be consistently hung up on and for them to rudely tell me that they could not resend or reroute my package back to me and that if I still wanted the items in my order I would have to place the order again. Meanwhile EVERY SINGLE item in my package is now SOLD OUT or no longer on the website. This is so upsetting. A monkey can do a better job than Zara’s customer service reps.
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3 years ago, Lippstadt NRW
Great products, app needs work
Unfortunately, ordering has been very difficult. Especially when stock is low and you’ve put something in your cart, which is then sold out before you can pay. Instead of it being deleted out and proceeding with the rest of the purchase, you also have to edit it out before you can pay. In addition, the app often doesn’t work well - it’s difficult to get to the section you want to shop in - be it kids, home, etc. And often you cannot navigate at all. Last, I recently made a purchase and my bank showed that it was approved with the secure purchasing process. Since the package never arrived, I checked my purchase in the app. The purchase was not recorded. Even though my bank approved it, so far at least the card has not been billed. I really enjoy shopping at Zara, because the quality of their kids and home products has been great so far - but the process is anything but enjoyable.
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2 years ago, Ma dad did it for me!
Love the Clothes… Hate the In-Store Experience
The only store we have is at International Mall in Tampa; I have been in the store 4-5 times in last three months, love the clothes but every single time, I leave completely astounded at how rude the staff is- like nothing I have ever encountered. Twice, I have been in line; one register open so I go up and have my items rung up to have the nasty cashier tell me they don’t take cash at that register- no signage at all anywhere and it was the only one open but this is my fault? I said well I’m paying in cash and she looks me in the eye with a scowl and the most sarcastic tone and says, you really don’t have a card?? I almost walked out, but I’d stayed while the manager came as the cashier rolled her eyes like a two year old- the manager wasn’t all that much better, like I ruined their day because I should know even though there are no signs any where saying which registers take cash… Thank God for online shopping because life is too short to deal with that mess..
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3 years ago, vendelal
App experience is not good
I understand Zara is trying to be edgy and brand coherent but the way their website and app are developed it just makes it harder to navigate. On the website the images are laid out in a way that makes you question whether everything loaded or not because there are white spaces everywhere. They’ll also have random pictures with clothing that aren’t clickable, and then when you eventually find the item those images with actual people wearing them aren’t included. The way you scroll down to see more images of items in the app is not intuitive, and I accidentally swipe left or right all the time and end up navigating away to another item. The information included in the descriptions, such as materials or size of models etc is inconsistent and generally not helpful. I like store specific apps generally. I think the apps have better experiences than websites and it’s nice to have it all in one place. But I’m deleting Zara’s app because it’s the opposite.
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4 years ago, ariana28
Terrible online return policy, useless customer service.
The 24/7 chat is COMPLETELY USELESS! It says “wait until we contact an agent for you”, 2 minutes later is closed due to “inactivity”, so you never get to speak with anyone. Also if you get out of the chat, everything gets deleted so you have to write everything all over. The 30 day return policy is not the same as in stores, if you pass the 30 days you are stuck with your item because they wont even give you a store credit. This sounded reasonable at first until my order actually arrived 2 weeks after it was shipped (when it was supposed to be 5 days) and they told me that the 30 days started the moment the item was shipped. I went 2 weeks after it was delivered to return it but for them it was too late. They get to be late and punish the customer by keeping their money. So you can come to stores with an item from 5 years ago and, as long as you have the receipt they will give you at least a store credit, but not for an online order that was 2 weeks late (for them). Nonsense!
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2 years ago, Maria Ir
My Zara account got hack!!
Before ordering from the Zara app, I would suggest you think twice. I purchased four separate items through the Zara app. I waited three weeks for it to come, and it was supposedly delivered yet in a location that I have no clue of. My account on Zara was hacked. The address that was in my account was across the pond. That location where my items were sent is a state I have never been to (Maryland. I don’t even know anyone from that state. And to top it off, the person on my account name; I don’t even have a friend or family who has that name. I called Zara, and they said it must have been a system error, but how could that happen. They are taking forever to return my money. On one of the orders, they refused to give me my money because they believed there weren’t any issues. Seriously this is very upsetting. It’s been almost a month and this issue is not fix. Never again will I purchase from the Zara app ever again. The worst customer service. I am going to have to report them to the business bureau.
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3 years ago, fix-thedamnthing
Recent functionality of this app is very poor
I don’t know what you’ve all done to this app but the functionality of it is terrible all the sudden. 1. I can’t add something to favorites without opening the page, clicking the flag and then going back. I used to be able to add without opening the page itself. 2. Can’t take something out of favorites either without opening the page to un- check the box. Both of these are awkward, annoying and completely waste peoples time. 3 what’s with all the EMPTY WHITE SPACE all the sudden? Page loads and I’m looking at absolutely NOTHING sitting there waiting and thinking maybe the page hasn’t loaded yet.. nope! Just empty space that Zara wants you to scroll away from in order to find their products. Why??? 4. More white space and empty grids with no photos when I hit the back button after clicking on a page to look at an item. Description and price is there but you guessed it, no photo! This one is even worse because all the products just disappear suddenly and I have to scroll up…and then scroll back down and hope that the photos load again. This is super annoying if you want to look at multiple items (which I assume that you do in fact want customers to do). Whoever is responsible for these awful changes please consider correcting them so more people don’t delete this miserable app. the the interface is just horrible.
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5 years ago, Ggggggggggghhhhhhh
OMG luv item it's available! Next click sorry gone!
I was shopping online, as I always do . After putting several items in my cart , totaling over 600$ usd . I'm ready to check out and half the items I put in my cart less than 15 min ago were now out of stock! What is this like something you see on a game show ! you have to throw everything you can in the cart & check out real fast ! Before someone else gets it. Not my style , I enjoy shopping, I don't want to get nervous & feel if I don't check out fast it may be gone. Maybe for others but can be very frustrating. I'm sure ZARA can give their clients some time without being afraid the client that has a item in the basket mite change there mind. It's supposed to be a fun shopping experience not made to have a consumer's blood pressure blow through the roof! It givedcit that Marshalls , TJMax feel . Don't blink a eye or it's in someone else's cart. I thought Zara was a few steps above. Don't get me wrong I love the those others stores, but I expect a good grab & get!! I get my war paint on and I'm ready for action'!!
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3 years ago, nana of girls only!
Training of CSR
Being a senior and on SS and money not abundant, I called prior to making the purchases that I did to be sure there was an extended return policy due to COVID and WAS told yes 60days! Please refresh any CSR to be sure of the third party policies. I would not have ordered due to the recipient visiting in Illinois and living in CA. Her trip here would coincide with her return to CA one day after the 30 day policy but thought she had the 60 day policy that we were told was valid. WHEN my daughter tried to exchange NOT asking for a refund but exchange the items, she was told no she was one day past the 30 day policy......she proceeded to explain her mother had called and was told by a misinformed CSR she had 60 days to return only to be rudely told to read their policy..... I called your line to explain what we were told and again told nothing could be done.......obviously you have lost two customers, which overall is not a loss to your large company....but will tell as many as we can of our experience to warn them of such poor customer service especially during the pandemic. Cathy Cloney
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4 years ago, marsballs
Shipping service
Zara a few years ago was an amazing store to shop from. Particularly from online you would get your items super fast and the customer services was great too. Now they take more than 8 days to send any information on your order. I order June 24 it’s July 2 and still no information. My order, just says being prepared on the app. On the order confirmation it said Expected by July 3rd. I have come to realize it most certainly won’t since that’s tomorrow and I still have no information on it. When I called customer service the poor guy thought I had just order it yesterday, even they don’t have there information right. He then told me that my item had been sold out but they had found one “just for me” and that maybe that’s why it was taking longer.. well hopefully it isn’t a crappy one since it’s “the last one”. So Beware buying online, Zara is not that store we used to love shopping online from. You are better of just going to the store.
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3 years ago, Pia Klausner
Very poor check-out process
I tried to purchase more than 20 items at a time at 8:00 pm on the 1st day of summer sale with your app. During my check-out I was told some of them were already sold out so I had to delete them to finish my shopping. However you didn’t tell me which one was sold out at all !! So I had to find out by myself & it took around 5 minutes. Then during finding out & deleting them another one became sold out. I had to do the same process again then another one became sold out. Again & again !! Can you believe the situation ? I started my shopping before 8:00 & finished 8:30. I was really quick to choose & proceeded to check out but just because you didn’t tell me the sold out details I couldn’t check out for 30 minutes !! If only you let me know which one was sold out I wasn’t bothered at all. And the biggest issue is I couldn’t purchase what I truly wanted. I certainly put my favorites to the shopping cart but during finding out the sold out ones someone else already bought them. I lost lots of items in my cart. That was terribly sad & disappointed. Actually I had the totally same experience at the winter sale last December but I had a hope you fixed the problem already. Shopping should be fun & no stress. I understand your situation caused by the pandemic but please try to improve your check-out process or system ASAP for the customers. We really need it. Thank you.
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2 years ago, eleanor2345
Terrible App Deaign
I have had a horrible experience using the Zara website- it so difficult to navigate! I downloaded the app thinking “surely the app will have better usability!” I was wrong. Somehow Zara managed to create the most frustrating, inaccessible, unpleasant app. It’s almost as though Zara wants to make your online shopping experience impossible and frustrating. Hot Tip: hire new designers and focus on usability over aesthetics. The font and button sizes are too small, navigation and sliding from one item to another is so confusing and frustrating. Your designers need to TEST the app for usability before releasing. Your digital products might look cool but I can guarantee you lose customers because of the horrible user experience. You are a fast fashion company not an exclusive high end designer. You don’t need to have your products emulate the exclusive and brutalist style high end brands use. Also I never write app reviews but for this app I needed to because it is laughable how terrible the app is.
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3 years ago, Schmile113
Zara has the worst customer service, I believe they chat with multiple people at a time and they can’t keep up with who’s concern/issue is who’s. It is really frustrating when you have to repeat the whole situation again. They you asked them for help to fix the issue and there answer is “we can’t do that. We don’t have a way” you ask for a manager to help and they say “we don’t have managers to help” then if you are waiting on the to get back to you the chat box will go inactive and you can’t go back to talking to them, so you have to start with another brand new inept customer service rep. Also, Zara’s cloths quality has gone down so much. The last three order one skirt had a hole on the side, like the stitching came off, a white linen dress was sent with make up on it, and the latest dress I received had literally holes in it, for full priced items? No way! I don’t think I will continue to shop at Zara. This company doesn’t really care for its customers.
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4 years ago, leahkirsten
Just no
Every time I try to place an order through the app it declines it because my account is automatically hooked up to an old credit card that had to be canceled because it was stolen. It then obviously declines the card/ cancels the order and then freezes my account for days. I have tried three different times now to make a purchase.. I called Zara and spoke with a rep who told me it was an error on my end and that I had entered credit card information incorrectly but in one to three days someone will call me back to confirm the order. Never happened. I even called my bank to see if the charges went through or if there was anything wrong with my card and they said they saw that the transaction had attempted processing but that it must be a problem with the Zara website. So now I wait three more days for my account to unfreeze so I can attempt my order AGAIN. This is very irritating on its own but additionally, every time I go to re order, multiple items I originally intended to purchase are out of stock.
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5 years ago, PheobeX
Worst customer service experience
Very shady. They don’t send written confirmation or email communication. You would have to explain yourself about the same issue every time you call. Bought a black pants & it turned into brown spotted pants after dry clean for the fist time! I never even wore it. The dry cleaning shop said it was a manufacture defect. They never had this issue before in their 20yrs of dry cleaning business. Contacted Zara and I was told to send photos but there’s no email address to send. I had to download the app in order to send photos via chat. After the chat session was over I couldn’t save our conversation. At the end they emailed me to call them, didn’t say anything else. When I call I had to explain myself again...Zara said it wasn’t their fault, not a manufacture defect. Escalated the issue and the result was the same, not their fault. Throughout the whole process they refused to send me any written communication. They have zero customer service!!! I’ve been a Zara customer for many years. I would not shop at Zara anymore.
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5 years ago, reni_gj
I did a purchase on jun 29. Since i’m leaving this Wednesday. I’m going in vacation. I did the purchase 11 days before. During the process i selected standard delivery option because it showed me that “is expected on July 2”. After I completed my purchase zara send me an email that says is on top of the email excepted on july 4 and on the bottom of email it says delivery from friday 5 july to Thursday 11 july. They send me an email yesterday that the order is on the way. When i tracked my order it shows me that they just created the label but your order in sot on way yet. I wish i will receive my package before i leave on Wednesday. If not, just like that not opened yet i will return in the same day that it comes, with my cousin help because of course i will be out of the country. I’m extremely upset how zara lies people about the shipping. If i knew that the package will be this late i would select express shipping option. Such a liar. I will not order anymore from zara. I’m leaving this review just to warn people. Ridiculous how they lied me!
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3 years ago, H. Lynn
Horrible returns and no customer service
They make it almost impossible to make a return and getting ahold of an actual personal that works for customer service is impossible. I ordered a pair of clogs in size 9, they sent me black ankle boots in size 6 1/2 as well as a damaged pair of pants with a missing button. Online customer service that introduces itself as a person is robot and will not help you, no one in store including managers will help you. I’m still waiting on a return label from days ago for the wrong pair of shoes they sent me and damaged pants. The in store manager in dallas told me there was nothing she could do for me even though Zara sent me the wrong pair of shoes and damaged pants and sent us home with those those products after hours of attempts online trying to return. Then she informed me that both of my items were no longer available in my size and she couldn’t offer me anything. Unbelievable. Never experienced ZERO customer service like this anywhere!
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5 years ago, Particularle
Your customers deserve better.
Zara literally has the worst customer service. Since they’re a high in demand brand they don’t have to rectify this. Don’t ever have a problem with an order and think you can call customer service for help, because they will not offer help. They might as well get rid of that department altogether. Unfortunately for me, there is no physical Zara store located where I live. So I have to use the website/app to get their pieces. Their site platform is not the best. It’s often difficult to find certain pieces. Everyone complains about this. Zara has made a few tweaks with allowing you to save items for “buy later” or “wish list”. This helps. Zara also needs to either lower prices, or increase the quality for some of their pieces. In all honesty, many of the items aren’t really worth the price point, but the fashion sense is so on point. Which is probably why this will not be rectified. My best advice is to wait and get things on sale.
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4 years ago, Msvicsecret
Did not refund me
I sent back items for return in October 2019, and was sent back the same items in June 2020 saying that it was overdue and was not going to get a refund. I should have checked for my refund but I trusted that I would get a refund when I sent it. I called Zara customer service and all the lady said was they could not do anything about it that they just follow their warehouse orders. I even asked for their manager or supervisor and she said the same thing. There was no point in calling them and expect them to put customers first. Very disappointed in their reaction to my problem. I might not shop as often at this brand or not at all after what happened and I do shop pretty often online especially during these times.
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3 years ago, Cristina_Brooklyn
I have been a loyal Zara customer for years both online and and in store. During my pregnancy, I was looking for dresses and made an online purchased for one. A few days later I received the notification that it was delivered. I immediately went outside and saw there was no delivery made. I called customer service and they told me it was delivered to a CA address (I live in NY), which left me completely confused. I went into my online account to see the address and realized it was shipped to a friend’s address. I had sent out a gift to her for newborn SIX YEARS AGO. I called them back and asked why it was sent there and they said I had selected the address. I told them my address has always been the only address that is on my checkout, why all of a sudden would that old address make it’s way into my default address? They told me I was responsible for the dress. I called my friend and she said she has not lived there in four years. I called them back and asked if they can request a pick up tag and they told me no. I asked to speak to a manager as I believe there was some type of glitch and they ignored my request. They left me no choice but to dispute the charge with my bank. Zara then took the liberty to block me from my online account like I am some criminal even though they never took a second to consider my experience. I will never shop at ZARA again.
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3 years ago, mischalourdes
Needs work - not user friendly for those who like to build carts across several days
Cart items don’t preserve- spends hours building cart hundreds of hundreds of dollars and it clears - no energy to go back and source all the items very frustrating. Made purchases in past where it says there was problem with the order No order confirmation. So I Went back to reorder them, then received both orders over $1k spend and they ship from different DC’s weeks apart so returning in store was a giant hassle. Wish they’d work on the app experience. I also find it weird the pdp images swipe down instead of left to right I constantly try to swipe right to view more product images and it brings me to new product - weird UI. Take a note from H&M app - be able to favorite - preserve carts over days / weeks etc. navigating across categories is difficult from landing page too. Awkward.
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4 years ago, Revolution009
Modern and sleek
This app is been one of easiest apps to maneuver around. It’s simplistic and has a clean and sleek feel to it. It reminds me of how it feels to walk into an actual Zara store. I love the fact that you can easily access your online purchases history and how you can keep track of your order and your invoice . Only criticism would be that the thumbnails are sometimes too sensitive and when you are scrolling down with your finger and tap to scroll up/down it selects whatever item is there, when all you wanted was to scroll up/down. I don’t know if that makes any sense haha extremely happy with the quality of the items as well but this is not a review on that only the app just thought I’d mention it :)
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5 months ago, the little bart
This place as soon as you walk in, it feels like heaven. but its not. First thing, the place is so luxurious and clean, but as soon as you walk into the changing rooms, that changes. The changing rooms have mirrors all around it, and due to that I have seen MANY people changing on ACCIDENT. I’m sure they have seen me changing too. and the curtains don’t even close? There’s always a huge gap. No wonder people put gum on there for it to stick. Secondly, the prices are wayyy to high for the quality of their clothing. Every single pair of pants I’ve bought from their, have ripped. The fabric is also so thin, it doesn’t make you warm at all. The prices too are crazy high, I’ve bought a pair of pants for like 35 dollars and the next day, ripped. I’d honestly rather shop on SHEIN. Other than that, Their workers are very kind and generous and The place is also so clean and big. Anyway please fix your store 🫶🫶
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6 months ago, Sad about Zara
The worst customer service at Zara
I bought a shirt online and sent it back the next day after seeing the color in person. They sent it back to me a month later and said it wasn’t returnable because I wore it. I didn’t even try it on because the shirt color washed me out. So they sent it to me that way. I tried calling customer service and they kept saying a manager would call me back. No one ever did. Then I would get an email that they tried calling me. There wasn’t a missed call and this happened 3 different times. I never spoke to a did manager. I used to order from Zara but I was so mad about this. On top of them selling me something that wasn’t returnable (which I still don’t understand. Because I didn’t see a stain and it was obvious this shirt was new with the fold marks), you can’t actually speak to a manager or get any answers. They just repeated the same thing over and over. Awful service.
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4 years ago, lanikegirl
Poor Clothing Quality
I’ve been shopping at Zara for many years. It was always my go to spot for my everyday style and their price point i felt was relative to the quality of their goods. Recently I’ve been severely disappointed in the quality of their clothing. I’ve purchased several pairs of pants/jeans that were ruined upon their first wash. After my last purchase where I experienced this issue I reached out to customer service to request that they either replace the item or refund the cost. I followed their care instructions on the item and from their website. Mind you their instructions are very abstract and simple. They prolonged their response for several weeks and their customer service was inconsistent and unhelpful. In the end they did not acknowledge the issue at all and refused to either refund or replace. I will no longer be supporting Zara products. The quality of their clothes is not worth their price or hassle to figure out proper cleaning.
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6 years ago, Migucoco
Zara thank you for making me look good
I am a mom who just decided to get rid of old wardrobe in one shot cut my hair shirt and modern. I needed a change in my life tired of the old and repeated. I went in the net found that Zara was shipping it had great reviews and that’s when I decided to try it out and trying out I mean buy a new wardrobe. Today, I shop on the app and the store and I love my new look. I would I have dropped 10 years of my look and I could never be happier. My only recommendation is to Zara IT team. When I search in this app always don’t see all your current items and this is something that would make my buying experience easier. Also, love for you to offer a credit card for purchases.
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3 years ago, mysticmomto3
Too hard to follow
After reviewing their app (and site), I have to think, “What was going through their heads?” The format/layout makes it so completely difficult to see the clothing items. Half the photos are from some bizarre angle and others just stupid…a model falling in a pool??. I know I would purchase from Zara but keep finding myself leaving my cart and going to other sites and apps that are easier to follow. I want to see the clothes presented nicely, not on zombie models that look like they just rolled out of bed, haven’t eaten in a year and then stuck their finger in a light socket. Walking around town I have never seen anyone looking like their models, which makes it more difficult to imagine myself in their clothes. I think they have some cute apparel, but I wouldn’t know because to this day I haven’t purchased something off their site. And that’s sad because I pretty much do all my shopping on line.
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5 months ago, Loretta Appiah
Package was never received
If there was a zero star, I would choose it. Zara customer service is the worst. I bought an item to be shipped to my apartment, the shipping carrier agent (optima overnight) claimed they delivered the package to my front door but we were home all day and nothing came. When Zara customer service was contacted on the issue, they sent a picture of the package laying somewhere outside of the building ( not my front door nor the lobby). Meanwhile this building has concierge who receives packages for tenants. When Zara customer services was contacted on the issue, Mar (the person I spoke to) was so rude, unprofessional and unethical. Claiming that once the shipping carrier says its delivered, they can’t do anything about it. This is the second time this has happened to me. And I’m never ordering anything from them again. It’s about time they train their customer service staff to be competent to deal with situations like this.
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2 years ago, keekstride
Returning is a nightmare
They have changed their return process into a hellscape of difficulty and frustration. I had lengthy unintelligible conversation via chat (in which I was disconnected by zara prior to resolvng issues)and I was told I must go to the post office to return. However, after reviewng the form sent via email (why not have the label etc available in the zara app?) I saw in the form that I could print the label on a usps website page for label making. However the link included in zara's document didnt work. Tried 20 times via multiple devices and browsers- didn't work. I told the rep about this and he proceeded to tell me to try again and then disconnected. Guess I'm going to the post office. 1.5 hrs to reach this archaic return procedure result. Sidebar- I just heard in the news that companies are tryng to make returns more difficult bc they have too much inventory. Well done, Zara. Never ordering from them agan.
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5 years ago, jbird1818
Eighteen thumbs down
If I could rate this no stars, I would. I was trying to make a purchase during the recent sale and the app crashed. I was in the checkout where you enter your card info. I kept reloading it and when it finally began working again, they would no longer honor the sale price. I reached out to customer service via chat option and the representative said varying “standard procedure” phrases like, “I would recommend subscribing to the newsletter” and “there was no order made before the sale”. That’s my point, I couldn’t make my order before the app crashed. I don’t see how Zara failing to keep up with traffic on the app and it crashing would be my fault, but according to them it is. Also, I’ve been shopping with them for quite some time and spent a lot of money, so one would think that they would want to honor the sale price. Zara does not care about their customers. Boo to Zara. Eighteen thumbs down. Shop with companies that care.
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