Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later

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Zip Co US, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later

4.92 out of 5
528.3K Ratings
3 months ago, Jodibone
ZIP has saved me more than any other
I’ve been w/ZIP for years! This is the #1 app!! I have referred ZIP to Friends/Family more than Any app out there. One friend didn’t believe me thinking it was all too Good to be true. She had said “I cant get anything! I don’t have bad credit.. I just don't have Any credit” I told her Credit has nothing to do w/ ZIP app, long as you have a reoccurring deposit to pay back. I was so confident I told her “IF ZIP won’t pay then ‘I’ will pay for your order” {yea then I 😬 🙏 awaiting for ZIP reply} Thank God once again ZIP did Not let me down! My friend was approved😃 There’s one thing to be careful of IF you’re paid Monthly vs. Bi-Weekly~ ZIP automatically Withdrawals their payments every 2weeks {ZIP gives a Schedule w/ the dates of payments for your Agreement} In my case~ on payday I make (2) payments or I pay all Installments in FULL. This actually helps my Credit. After you pay back 4 or 5 purchases on time~ZIP increases your loan! This is a Great feature I dont think any other app {sezzle, afterpay etc} has w/incentives like this.. Don’t forget to Download your ZIP card to Apple Pay! I was hours away from home & realized my Grand daughter obviously played/hid my Debit cards because not 1 was in my Wallet😳😓 I had to use my ZIP card in my Apple Wallet to buy Gas to get us home🙏 Another time I used my ZIP to pay for a Prescription that was way too expensive. Thank You ZIP for saving my 🍑 more than I can count!!
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3 years ago, krj1083
When I first saw this app (opportunity) I was just ‘window shopping’ online at Famous Footwear. Was thinking I really can’t afford to buy new shoes, but OMG these are so cute lol… anyway I seen the quad pay option thought at first it was a scam or a hoax something like that. when I went to check out I crossed my fingers and prayed to god that I was not getting ready to lose every penny in my account?.!? When it went through just fine took off my card exactly what it said it would and everything since the night I discovered this app has been just fine no surprise withdrawals on my account I was like thank you Jesus!!! and I have shopped again at Wal-Mart online. I feel this app is amazing and with everything that has went on the past 2 years it can really help a lot of people out there that may be having financial problems right now. I am embarrassed to have to say this but I actually had to use it to get some groceries through Wal-Mart online. But if it wasn’t for finding this app and being able to do that last week i may not have ate for a few days… So bless you whoever created this app you have no idea how much you are probably helping a lot of people feed their families. As well as I’m sure this app will make it possible for them to have wonderful holidays this year as well!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!! Sincerely, Krista
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4 years ago, A1TSD
It’s okay...
I love being able to have the ability to purchase online things in payments without it going against your credit. However, I do not like the refund process and I think it should be revised. I purchased an order through a website & used Quadpay. The package said it was delivered but was never delivered (at least not to me). I filed a dispute for merchandise never received with the merchant, carrier, & my bank. I tried to with Quadpay but they told me they can’t stop the payments because they have to wait on the merchant to advise them to process a refund. However, I knew the merchant wasn’t going to do that because it shows as delivered in their system & the carriers. The merchant eventually came back to me and said they are closing my claim because it shows as delivered and quadpay will not process my refund. So I am just going to have to go through my bank. I feel like me going through my bank could have all been avoided if quadpay had additional refund options for those who do not receive their merchandise. I understand it’s a safety precaution for those people who do scam but for us people who are truly innocent and did not receive our merchandise, it is a bummer. I have to jump through hoops to get my money returned. I dont feel I should pay for products never received. Packages are mis-delivered and/or stolen unfortunately...overall good app & love the simplicity. Just wish there were additional refund options & not just up to the merchant....
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9 months ago, txjamie
Zip is Legit!
If you are familiar with this app and the avenues, it gives you to purchase the things that you like the most from the vendors you love them most. The payment plans in the agreements are feasible and easy to understand and use I give kudos to the developers of this app and the company for making this app user-friendly and not a lot of jargon to absorb in the financing area. But there was one thing I could point out though, Zip does a hard inquiry on your credit score. And that information is what they use to give you the right credit amount within their app to use for yourself . there’s pros and cons to everything. On the upside, Zip does remain transparent throughout the whole purchase process. What you see is what you get. And Zip is a very good job of making that happen and helping you get what you want, evidently their platform works, and as you can see from the array of major retailers, you get to choose from they have established a great relationships with Zip for your enjoyment and benefit while shopping made easy . Especially take this into consideration in the next couple months when the holiday season is in full swing this will be my number one app to go to for my gifts, sweets, and stocking stuffers to keep my gifts, discreet, and the surprises and smiles, even bigger or Christmas Day. Get the app it’s worth it.
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3 years ago, see you later space cowboy
Quad Pay: get it now, pay it later
I was super hesitant to use QuadPay at first, because I’ve seen so many other apps like this one throw hidden fees at you that take more from you then what you pay for the items you want to buy. However I finally decided to try QuadPay out, and let me say I was not disappointed!!! I bought a GoPro hero 8 along with all the appliances that I would need to go with it. What’s beautiful about QuadPay is that you say how much you want to spend, then you pay the first payment on what you will spend all together. So say I spend 400 dollars, my first charge will be 100 dollars, and I get to go pick up my GoPro at the store along with everything I needed with it. Here’s where QuadPay becomes the leading company that lets you buy the things you want. You pay QuadPay every 2 weeks!!! This gives you time to make the money you need to pay off your purchases. QuadPay is upfront and has no hidden strings, you pay for what you get, no bogus interest rates that take more from you. Now I will say this, if you are late in a payment you will get charged a late fee on top of what you still owe, so be sure you have the money you need to get the items you want, so you don’t get late fees. Overall I’ll be doing my shopping with QuadPay from now on, there’s no going back!
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4 years ago, Can't find an available one
So far so good..
I’ve completed and paid off one purchase so far and transaction and payments went smoothly. I’ve recently used the app again for another purchase however I was being indecisive and was browsing the site and re-arranged 2 times before I finalized and completed the purchase. The 2 times I entered amount for purchase while debating went through and now my checking account has 3 separated pending transactions for payments. The first 2 that I was debating and the 3rd one I actually completed the purchase. The FAQs state the 2 will drop off however it makes me nervous and I’ll have to follow up to ensure they reverse. I think your account shouldn’t be charged the 1st payment until you actually finalize the purchase instead of when you enter the estimated amount of the purchase. Also, you are provided a set limit of funds available with no options to request an increase. I understand this isn’t a credit card but I feel like if you’ve completed payment of orders then you should have an option to request a small limit increase. Or perhaps it should automatically increase a little after every completed order payoff. Other then that it’s convenient and I appreciate being able to make purchases on payment without having my credit score impacted via credit card utilization percentages. I’ll revise my review if the pending charges aren’t reversed and dropped off.
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1 year ago, $Money Bagz$
Terrible customer service!
Been a customer with them for about 2 years + and suddenly they canceled me for filing a dispute with a merchant I used through them then hit me with a Experian page and message saying “unfortunately we can’t approve you for access to Zip today” as if they suddenly do credit checks which I don’t remember them doing. How can’t y’all approve me for something I’ve been a customer of for more than 2 years?! I never received my item so why is that my fault and I still have to pay for something I didn’t receive?! Besides that I been reaching out to customer support numerous times trying to see if there’s anyway I can get my account back now that the dispute is done and haven’t heard anything back. All I got was a support agent telling me about my dispute and when I asked for further explanation he just stopped replying. Yet I still have to pay my other orders which is fine, but if I’m gonna continue getting billed and getting emails about when my zip pay is due then at least let me have my account back so I can continue service with you guys! Trust me I have Klarna and Afterpay as well but they don’t offer the wide variety of merchants Zip does. I sent out a follow up email to customer support and still nothing smh.
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3 years ago, tisa622
I thought that I would love QuadPay but nope. I got a one time use virtual card and honestly forgot that it was a one time use card. I know my mistake, i used it for a 71 cent purchase just to make sure all was ok. Me totally forgetting the one time use tried to use it again and of course it was declined. I called customer service to inform them of my mistake so I can make the purchase for the balance that I had but they put a hold on my card and of course charged my account the whole 26$ fee. Which would have been fine if I used the amount that I requested from QuadPay. After several calls and emails, no results not even another virtual card so I could make another purchase since I never used the amount that was allotted to me. They got a payment and I got nothing. I will continue to call and email until things are straightened out. Customer service didn’t know how to help and kept telling me to use the virtual card and I tried to tell them that it was a one time use card and I would need another card to proceed. She didn’t get what I was saying. So while I appreciate the 4 split payments. It shouldn’t be that hard to refund a customer’s money especially when only 71 cent was used out of 100$. Someone please help. Melissa
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4 years ago, mother2dragontwinz
Whoot whoot, I love it!!!!!
I am a new mom, and let me tell you babies require a lot. I have had to make quite a few adjustments. Much of the time it has been financially. I have had to decide against getting the necessities of life for ‘me’. I had wish lists and loaded shopping carts on various websites, “Window shopping”, and hoping. Remembering the words of Kevin Hart, “I would, but the way that my bank account is set up...” lol. Then when I desperately needed a pair of pants that fit after having the babies. I began checking online clearance. I was so discouraged, and about to skip the first family gathering with everyone in three years since my grandmother passed. She was the only one that could get us all to come together from across the nation. I was on the Fashion Nova site and was given QuadPay as an option of payment. I was instantly relieved. I began to see advertisements for other businesses. I felt totally liberated. A forth payment up front was a lot easier for me. The app and service is hassle free thank goodness. It notifies you of your next payment status and when your due. I have had four or so orders from two servicers. I plan to use a third/Apple in a couple weeks. It’s been awesome, worry free, and hassle free so far. Thank you so much!!!!!
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3 years ago, Rosty123456789
App is so unreliable!
Most times I make a purchase with this app, I encounter a problem. The app says you can just report the return, but about half the time, I have to get in touch with customer service to get it processed. My last purchase through this app didn’t even break up the cost into payments - it just put the whole amount on my card. The order went through with the vendor… I just paid for all of it at once. I am still sending emails back and forth with customer service on that one because how do I do a partial return if the app says the purchase wasn’t completed. The purchase I made before that with Zip (Quadpay) somehow charged me for a cart that I had abandoned a few days before instead of what I had literally just purchased. It was bizarre - my bank account reflected the cost of the purchase from the abandoned cart while Zip (Quadpay) charged me for the purchase I actually made that day. The cost of the abandoned cart was more expensive than what I actually bought. Sound confusing? It is a time consuming experience trying to explain all of this over email to customer service… These things were all worked out through customer service, but it takes time and writing paragraphs and sending screenshots. I may keep this app because sometimes I just can’t make a purchase without splitting it up, and customer service will fix things, but it is truly a headache.
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5 years ago, Lcalcrazee
Easy & effective payment method
I am a huge fan of all of these alternative method options (afterpay, sezzle & now quadpay) in today’s world, the primary consumer is burdened by overwhelming student loans and often times pays more towards that balance per month than they do for a mortgage or car payment, so it’s a relief to have options for large purchases. I like that quadpay has a vast variety of top retailers available to use their program with, but it does not come without a cost (hence the 4 stars) the only reason that QP didn’t get 5 stars is due to the $1 fee on each scheduled payment. Afterpay/sezzle does not do this, but they link directly to ones credit or debit card vs. quad pay which utilizes an interim unique credit card number specific to your account/transaction & QP has a lot more “mainstream” retailers than its competitors, so I can see how the $1 would be justified but it does seem a bit steep. I’d recommend trying to get the retailers to foot some of that $1/scheduled payment as they will almost certainly see some incremental sales volume, as a direct result of being listed on QPs site, especially as QP grows in popularity. Even $.50/scheduled payment seems much more reasonable. Just a thought! Either way- very efficient and effective, quick - easy to use and little information collected. Great job overall!
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4 years ago, Sleepy Lori
Easy to shop. Easy to checkout! Thank you!
Hi, I ordered from Target. I’m glad you have everyday store chains to shop from. Cyber Monday sales I had to compare who had the best tablet deals. I have a 6 yr old tablet my 4 yr old granddaughter uses everyday. It’s getting to the end of it’s life. I want to watch something bigger than my iPhone sometimes. Mamaw don’t get to watch Roku channels or the news because some little one thinks the remote is hers lol. So I bought us each a tablet and a few other things. The tablets were such a good deal! I had to push copy the Pay with QuadPay button a few times. I think it said I already had a card registered. The last time I pushed and copied it went through smoothly.I think it was because I already had my bank debit card registered. I shop at Target a handful of times a year. It’s an hour away so I only have Walmart around here. It’s nice to see different things. The only bad thing is getting me out of the store lol! I stay at home most of the time. I know most everyone is on a budget. Christmas is coming. I know QuadPay is a great way to get the things you need if you have can’t pay a large lump sum up front. If your struggling give them a try! Thank you QuadPay and Merry Christmas!🎄☃️🎅🏼
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4 years ago, JRnWV
It’s so EZ...
When I saw the ads for this app honestly at first I was skeptical. Then when I was approved almost immediately for $200 limit just answering a handful of simple non invasive questions I was even more sketch. I needed a new PS4 controller and GameStop was an approved store. I was almost broke that week and thought I’d have to wait a whole couple weeks just to jump on the PS4. Well I got some trade ins together and landed in GameStop and the two employees were completely unaware of any program like QuadPay and made me feel really nervous that I was wasting my time. Finally after explaining what it was again they called another store to see what they said and they totally backed QuadPay and I up. Now neither myself nor the two seasonals had any experience with how it was gonna work or what to do. You just follow the instructions after they give you a total, get in your QuadPay app and select the store you are out and it will ask you to type in the total amount due. Seconds later it shows you yours amount due today then the other 3 installments. Never have I ever got to do the tap thing to pay using my phone but I did with this purchase and it absolutely worked like a dream. Great stuff, alright back to my gaming.
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2 years ago, jessm98034
Predatory Lending Services
Update: This app continues to get worse and Zip is about as predatory as lenders can be. Had a loan payment due on 6/28 and everything seemed fine. Until I get an email on 6/29 stating that my loan is now in default and that I’m being charged $7 in late fees on a $17 charge because it was one day late. If Zip had sent me an email when the payment didn’t go through I could have corrected it, instead they waited until the next day to notify me that the payment hadn’t gone through and that I was being charged extra because it was over 24 hours late. Previous: Can’t even use the app because of some sort of recent glitch where it won’t allow me to request a new virtual card. It keeps trying to make me use a card that was assigned and used a week ago and has no balance left. Can’t cancel the card, can’t request a new one, basically can’t use the service. Customer service is useless as well. They have two options: Live Chat and send a message, live chat takes 24+ hours to get a response, and if you don’t respond in 5 minutes after waiting 24 hours, they close the ticket. If you use the email feature, you’ll never hear back. It’s been 3 days now since I’ve tried getting this fixed and it’s clearly not something they care about. Just deleting the app, there’s too many competitors out there that offer a service that actually works.
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5 years ago, Mol090909
Fraudulent App
I’ve spent around $1000 total this year through this app, so far, and have been enjoying its flexibility up until now. I tried to order through Sephora 5 days ago and kept receiving an error message after submitting the order - then quadpay charged me for my first payment of $48 - normally you can cancel a transaction however the app has very limited options and it wasn’t appearing. It’s been 5 days and I have only received automated responses and two times they sent the same response - proving you can’t talk to an actual person. Therefore no one is reading what I’m actually saying in my message. So now I am currently stuck with paying $200 for items that I will not be receiving as they were never properly ordered or processed through Sephora. I have recently received a message stating that I need to go through Sephora to resolve this however neither my beauty insider account or their info proves that an order was processed because of the error with payment - and since quadpay does not have actual people responding to you - I don’t see this being resolved unless I cancel my card and claim fraudulent on their part because that’s what this is beginning to feel like. BEWARE THIS APP. If something goes wrong or there is a glitch on their part they will NOT help you - and keep your money! Check the better business bureaus website as there are many other people struggling with their complete lack of customer service!!
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4 years ago, HoolioNashty
Absolutely AWESOME!!
Quad pay is absolutely AWESOME!! They have literally been such a blessing to my family and I and have allowed us to have a bit of financial freedom to pay for EVERYTHING! My budget is super stressed being in nursing school, a mom of three teenagers and with what’s going on in the US right now. I have been so stressed trying to figure out how to pay for bills, food and Christmas coming up. I accidentally came across Quadpay one night while I was in tears searching on Google on places that were like “buy now pay later”. I read the reviews, read what Quadpay was all about and gave it a chance. I signed up and was instantly approved for an extremely generous credit! Seriously, it was so easy to sign up, get verified and start using my Quadpay card! Y’all, I can’t stress enough how easy their entire process is and you can use it every store known to man. Because of Quadpay, I have been able to give my kids an amazing Christmas, buy things for my home I need and all on all with minimum payments. I know a lot of us are struggling right now and need a little help and a little hope. Quadpay is it and they sure are a blessing in a time of need. I am forever greatful and will always be a Quadpay lover 💗
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5 years ago, C. saathoff
Poor service
This app would be great if it worked the way it was intended to. I initially use QuadPay for a purchase with primitive and everything went great. I downloaded the app signed up for the card and was on the waiting list. While on the list I used QuadPay through primitive again with no issues. I was able to pay both off no problems. Once I was approved for the QuadPay card I had issues tried to make a purchase at Under Armour and the payment only processed for part of the purchase amount. I couldn’t get the QuadPay app to work so I called Under Armour and canceled the order. They said they will issue the refund. The 3 days Under Armour said it would take for the refund to issue passed and I got an email saying it was issued successfully. QuadPay hasn’t issued my refund for the initial payment, my card was taken away and I was put back on the waiting list. I tried to use the automated messaging system to solve the issue but that didn’t happen. I was prompted to send an email for further support, so I did. It has been almost a week with no response, or refund. Also the QuadPay app now says I’m denied the card and must try again In 30 days. This is unbelievable 4 payed off purchases through this company and one currently open, but they take the card and say I’m denied? I don’t get it. I really did like this company and the app the ability to use it anywhere is great, but now I don’t know if I will even try to use it again.
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4 years ago, sierranoels
One of the best 4 way payments plan apps
The thing about QuadPay is your not paying interest the payment for whatever you are buying is literally just split in 4 payments every 2 weeks they put the money up front for your purchase but your basically paying back QuadPay if 4 payments. It’s easy just type which item you’d like to shop for and did I mention they have a lot of different stores, stores I didn’t even know about. What I normally do is go to the search page type in “makeup” so many stores with different prices from ulta and Sephora have cheaper prices with the same products. I would of never known without QuadPay. Did I mention every time you spend the amount of money you spend determines the amount you’ll be preapproved for so if you spend 250, ounces it’s all paid up it will go into your pre approved for another purchase. This is a great tool for those trying to get multiple gifts for Christmas and don’t want to spend a lot of only have enough for some at once it’s perfect. Also awesome for moms I have a son and I’m always looking for different clothes and toys and this app has it all. Try it out you definitely won’t regret it. It’s worth it‼️‼️‼️‼️
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4 years ago, Rellie Rellz
Easy cash flow
Ok so I read about quad pay online. I applied and initially I was told I could not be approved and I should check back at another time. About 3 months later I randomly checked and I had a limit. So I put it to use. I made my first purchase on Fashionnova. It was so cool to pay for something in bi weekly installments interest free. As I paid that installment off, my limit increased. I am on my fourth purchase and it has been a great help to not have to put out all my money at once. I recently made a purchase at Ikea instore. I tried using the quad pay apple pay but it declined and said I had to make a request in the app first. I did that step but then it showed me the card number to be typed in along with an exp date and CVV number. When I clicked on the apple pay button again which I assumed would then allow me to make the purchase it didnt work 😕. But the ikea rep allowed me to type my card info in on the keypad so the purchase was complete. Please update the app to allow me to switch back over to apple pay once I make the request for my in-store purchase. The button is there but it does not work. Overall, a great app to use!
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4 years ago, 13_Akane_13
Pretty neat app
QuadPay is actually the second app I’ve used to make split payments on purchases. I have found that there are actually a number of these that I’d never heard of until now. Anyway, I do like this one better than the other one I had used because of the card you can use. Most of these programs have certain businesses they’re affiliated with that you can purchase from which can be limiting if the place you want to shop from isn’t on the list. I’m assuming that you need to make a purchase through an affiliated company and pay it off before they give you a card balance but once they do, you can request a certain amount (up to the amount they’ll allow. Right now I have 200 I can spend) that you want to use for a purchase and they will create temporary credit card information that you can use anywhere that takes Visa or Amex. They charge a few dollars fee and then you just pay off your balance over the next six weeks like normal. I like to shop from some less mainstream shops so this is great. I was able to buy from YesStyle using my quadpay balance and now I’m super excited just thinking about the different places I want to buy from.
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5 years ago, GameOverGreggy2222222222
Best app hands down
I was buying some new shoes online and when I went to checkout I say QuadPay as an option. Click on it to see what it was and when I read that it splits your payment into four equal installments (interest free). I said sure I’ll give this a try. So right off the bat QuadPay pays for your purchase in full and you pay QuadPay the first installment. Got my new shoes in the mail a couple days later and paid off the installments when scheduled. I believe they’re every two weeks but I can’t remember. The nice part is you also don’t have to wait for the scheduled date to pay. So if by the second payment you want to pay the rest off then you can. QuadPay works with returns too, now I haven’t done that but I believe they get the full refund and then refund you whatever you paid so far. Last thing, this app allows you to use QuadPay anywhere, you just open the app and type in the website you want to go to and at check out there’s a banner at the bottom of the app that says “pay with QuadPay”. You just click that and type in how much everything is plus tax and shipping. And then QuadPay generates a Visa card number and everything for you.
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5 years ago, ReallyNoReallyComeOnNow
Guys...Come on...
READ BEFORE YOU SIGN UP!! Found this app and from the reviews and info supplied above it seemed like it could be a good thing to try, especially with the holidays around the corner. I downloaded and signed up with my personal info in the most recent version of the app. Even went so far as to add a payment method and awaited the “you’re account is ready to use now shop!” Like it exclaims with payments. But, I received instead a message saying, “due to the popularity of the app, we can’t accept you currently, but keep an eye out and we’ll send you an email when you can join...or feel free to try and retry in a month or so.” First reaction is “whaaaa? ok” then more like “okay so you enticed me to simply sign up and get started today” only to slap me with a “hey! Isn’t it great?! were super popular at the moment so we can’t have you in the club but thanks for signing up with your details...maybe soon we’ll have a spot..maybe a month. Up to you to check back. Yay us!” Guys...come on. I get the trending join or waitlist for early access marketing and even the classic old Facebook invite only tactics that some are still clinging to..but, not disclosing anything in the details above saying something about it? Even the same semi pompous gloat message would do. Well hopefully this will reach a few would be applicants ahead of time to save them the dumbfounded expression I had moments ago.
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1 month ago, tynmarie
This app has been fine in a pinch, for the last 4 months. But then I ordered items from Beis for vacay. Ended up buying the items in different colors from Nordstrom and received in 2 days. The items ordered though zip didn’t show up until the day after I got home, so we don’t need this stuff. And this is where everything turned bad: spoke to multiple people, they all claim the can’t look up order numbers. They can see everything else about you though, except when you need your money back. Emailed back and forth with Beis who can’t help because they aren’t even partnered with zip and don’t really know what it is. So now I’m stuck with these items. Oh and the best part is after my last call where I told the condescending worker that sounded like she was stuffed in a janitorial closet with 4 other people squished next to her, all telling customers “I’m sorry I cannot help you” (yes I actually heard it multiple times and was confused) that I don’t believe any legit company would be able to access everything else about the order including date, time, shipping company etc, but not a simple order number, I received texts stating I haven’t made payments and late fees are accrued. Mind you it’s all auto paid from my bank. So even though you may be in a pinch and really need to buy something, avoid this app. Just use Afterpay or ApplePay Later.
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5 years ago, one happy customer pleased
So I downloaded this app and used it when they first got started. So here was my experience I went online to purchase some Ugg’s that were about $250 I went directly to the UGG site upon checkout it asked if I wanted to use quad pay at the time I knew nothing about the app but what I did know was that I would be able to break my payments up into 4 installments. Now I was like surly there’s a catch or watch I end up getting charged something extra down the road it just seemed too good to be true. Well my purchase came in the mail and I was able to do the four installment payments. It was smooth and easy. So recently I wanted to order some items for pick up at Walmart and I noticed quad pay has expanded to a bunch of stores and Walmart was one so I tried it again! I really like this app and it is smooth easy and convenient. I’m still learning it but they have it where you can use it in the store they have it like a Visa card attached to it (I’m sure I didn’t explain that part right but you have your own Visa card with the account when using it in the store) if I could give this a 10 I would. Don’t just take my word for it give it a try!
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5 years ago, irithomas
Amazing APP!! 👏🏽👏🏽
I first used QuadPay when I was going to order some Silicon rings for my husband and I on Enso Rings and it gave me the option to do installment payments. My total wasn’t much (about $80) but I thought to myself that doing 4 payments of $20 every paycheck, since they charge biweekly, was barely going to be noticeable coming out of my account. I did have doubts though. Like if my order would wait to ship until after the installments where all made and how well QuadPay communicated with the merchant but my order came so quickly and I had no issues. Not to mention that if QuadPay hadn’t sent me reminders through text and email a few days before each payment, I wouldn’t have even noticed they charged my account! It’s wonderful. I’ve placed two different orders since then. I did notice that if I spend too long on a website before putting in the payment information, I get an error message when I check out. That’s the only thing I could complain about but it’s really such a small inconvenience compared to how great this app is overall. It’s like a much safer credit card with no interest. I’m very impressed.
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2 years ago, BasicWoman972
Convenient Christmas
I definitely wanted to leave this review Zip started out with problems couldn’t get it to work they finally got it fixed to do with you purchases paid ahead of time I’m Leica merchants dream pair I pay ahead of time pay it off early go onto the next purchase. Then started giving me problems where both my phone numbers were connected to somebody else’s account. Took a while to get that corrected it wasn’t until I was completely locked out of my own phones but one of the agents said well can’t you get access to another phone number? What?!! What?!! I pay a phone bill every month so someone can use my numbers?! instead of removing my numbers from somebody else’s account. Now… conveniently I can’t make purchases at all …because they saw a “suspicious activity” (haven’t done anything different other than what they’ve advised me) to do and I can’t utilize Zip for Christmas so yeah how convenient is that?!!! my account is under review for suspicious activity huh… haven’t done anything it a sagging thing !!!…but I can’t use it either! so just too bad pretty much that’s what they’re saying. After this huge stunt …I’ll pay off my debts and shake the dust off my feet. People in my household won’t get gifts for Christmas they will have to wait. Zip doesn’t care!! Well I don’t care how many people turn away because of my review!!
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4 years ago, jaduhhhhh
Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!!!
So I’ve been using QuadPay for a couple years now. I’ve never had problems with QuadPay until just recently, customer service has been giving me the run around. The app was always easy to navigate and very convenient UNTIL I was locked out of my account for no apparent reason. I always pay my installments on time and everything. They locked me out of my account and I needed to access it so I could update my payment method. I was originally using a different debit card for a past purchase but I’ve recently switched to a different bank that I now use as my primary bank account. All I needed was access to my account to switch my cards. The previous card I used had little to no funds available because I stopped using that account HOWEVER QuadPay CONTINUED to withdraw my installments and every transaction I was charged $30 overdraft fee from my bank. I have been emailing and chatting back and forth with customer service for 1 month now in regards to this issue. They will not give me access to my account to change my payment methods and I’m still being charged. They have done NOTHING and they keep lying saying they will forward my info to their imaginary “internal team” ( THAT DOES NOT EXIST ) I hate this app now and once I get my account resolved I’ll never use them again.
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4 years ago, shawneeic1999
Don’t waste Your Time...
I got QuadPay a few days ago and was excited to try it out. I followed the directions and linked my debit card and set everything up. Ready to do some shopping I had an available balance to use of $250. After picking my wife out a Yeti cup for $37...there’s a minimum $35 order, I went through everything as directed and placed the order using the virtual one time visa number they supplied. It didn’t go through. It would just say “in progress” which QuadPay explains is what it says when there’s a problem. You then have to cancel and confirm. The $250 was returned to full amount HOWEVER my bank account was charged the first payment. Under the impression I did something wrong, I tried again carefully following what I needed to do. Again “in progress”, again it was cancelled and Again my bank account was charged. This App doesn’t appear to work well at all except when it comes to charging your own bank account. I wanted to discuss with someone but there is NO PHONE NUMBER for customer service. They will only chat with you and after sending several messages and trying to navigate their customer service-free site, I deleted it. I read several reviews after of people who are constantly being charged for orders that they were cancelled. Good Luck...there is no way to speak to ANYONE. How this app got 4.9 out of 5 is beyond me. Shawn
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3 years ago, verysadunhappycustomer
Bad customer service/ False information
I’m a new user to this app and I’m very unhappy. I started up the app with it saying that I have $325 available, made a purchase for $304 to buy an Apple Watch. Payment goes through according to QuadPay, QuadPay takes the first of 5 payments to pay back for the Apple Watch from my personal account of $77. I then received a email from Apple saying that the payment wasn’t processed that there was an error. So after emailing QuadPay numerous times and not receiving the results or response I need to resolve my issue I decided to contact Apple customer service who told me that there was a remaining balance, that QuadPay only authorized $300 for my account and that I would have to contact them to get this resolved because the card won’t let them charge anymore and I can’t pay out of pocket the remaining balance. This really disappointed me for even giving this app a chance, you can’t call anyone to speak and the email customer service is the worst! I wish I can receive some help but I’m not looking forward to it, my gift is ruined!
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3 years ago, Beautyful702
Not happy at all!
Let’s see.. I thought I made a 52$ purchase to test it out first the Order so called went through and took the first out of 4 payments out of my bank account here we are two days later I receive a text said that my 52$ was declined do to the card only had 25$ and I need to requested a new one..I did get another item as well but apparently every single time you make or want to make a purchase you have to put in how much your going to spend before you spend it like why can’t I just buy stuff and pay it back like all the other ones. Yet because the first order wasn’t shipped it didn’t ask me to create another virtual card it so much they don’t explain it’s to many circles to go around to use it. It says it will not take out what you do use yet it charged me and then said it was declined after wards I don’t like it!!! I only wanted to use QuadPay because the have better places to shop the Afterpay that’s why I gave two stars the process of this is to much of a run around now I have to figure out how to get my money back do they even have a live customer service because last I Check u have to email them and wait for a email back which I done before and still never received a reply a month later. Don’t waste ur time!
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3 years ago, Rylee23
Sorry Service
Sorry excuse of a company. I have tried to contact their customer support by phone four times this morning, nothing. I put in a different card to pay my payment, still received an error message. Spoke with someone last week about the issue and was sent an email as a follow up of what was discussed over the phone, and was told that the issue had been sent to their technical team to be resolved. Of course I had another payment due yesterday. Same ERROR MESSAGE. Same issue, no resolution! HOWEVER, they were quick to slap me with a LATE FEE for their technical issues! I even put in a different card, same issue! I have screens shots of the error message for both cards I used. I also have a screen shot of the message I sent their customer service this morning, in which I have to get a response. This is not a good look for their company and I have decided that I will NEVER USE THIS APP ANYMORE!!!!! This is the worst service ever and I see others are having the same issue with no RESPONSE from QUADPAY. Seems like a scam to me! APPLE, you need to be looking into reviews and investigating this APP too as you have other apps as of recently! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Do not use this app, as they have a lack of customer service and they have a lack of resolutions. Not happy with this company at all. If I could leave 0 stars I would. One star rating is too much!
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4 years ago, DBearden95
Enjoy it while it lasts.
I downloaded quadpay to try it out, I previously read a review before that mentioned my current issue which I probably should have listened to. I’ve used quad pay for almost 5 months now NO issues...until now one day out of the blue my virtual card disappears, error messages flying, or invalid virtual card pops up. Agent after agent has no idea why, one agent said “your card only appears when you make an purchase” which i was very clear i am still making a payment on items I purchased so thats way wrong. Then i was told my app wasn’t eligible and they were accepting accounts as they come like when you first sign up.. like WHAT? Im way mad by this point but was told “oh! You can go on your computer and shop at stores that use quadpay and order that way.. just not through your mobile app” how does that make since?? At this point you are probably wasting your time having this app, or just enjoy the fun while it lasts. I loved using this app for the convince that I don’t shop but at maybe 1 store in quadpay and the rest i used a one time card.
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5 years ago, jetaaaaaaa
I have been using QuadPay now for months. It has really helped me get items that I didn’t have money for right away. It helped me get presents for my fiancé’s birthday when I couldn’t afford to buy a gift. I am really happy with this app and I continue to use it all of the time. It’s super easy and divides the payments into 4 and every two weeks you make a payment towards it. I actually don’t even have to do anything it sends me a text always before the payment date to remind me and then when the payment date comes it automatically takes it from my account. So if you spend 100 dollars it’s gonna take 25 dollars that day and then another 25 dollars every two weeks. Super easy and makes everything super affordable. I have used it for bunch of things like buying furniture, buying gifts, buying clothing and shoes, buying a luggage set. I mean QuadPay saved me and made my life easier. I recommend it to everybody give it a try and you’ll see it’s awesome :). Just make sure you read the steps that are in the app before you make a purchase so that you do it correctly. Thanks QuadPay for everything you guys are awesome.
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2 years ago, Thisnicknameistaken😠☹️😠
Love it!!
I normally hate shopping because of the time you have to invest in it as well as the money. Zip takes all the anxiety out with clear terms and limits. I started with a small purchase just to test the waters but I plan on using the app/service to help align my monthly bills as much as possible because my due dates are literally all over the place throughout the month and I find myself spending more time managing my bills so I don’t miss due dates than I do actually enjoying the things I’m paying for! I know everyone says, “I never write reviews but…” and I’m going to say it too because I have only submitted a few reviews for apps/products and it was solely for the purpose of telling others to avoid whatever it was or how awful it was. I am not an authority on shopping or apps but I do know what a relief it is to have an app/service work EXACTLY the way it is supposed to work. Hopefully this review helps someone decide to try the app out because I am the type of person who will always read reviews from consumers if they are available.
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4 years ago, Raiderz1119
BBB rating is an F for a reason!
(The only reason you see 5 star reviews is because as soon as you try and make a purchase they text or email to enter to win $150 if you leave a review and screen shot it) I seen this app and thought I’d check it out. Read all the great reviews. I tried it got approved to use 200 I used 90 through Walmart. They charged me the 25% of the order and charged my card. Then I got an email from Walmart stating they delayed my order for “financial security” I then contacted QuadPay and they said they can process orders up to 7 days sometimes 13. We’ll you should have made that know, maybe make that a clear statement before people make purchases. It’s been 4 days my purchase was still open and hadn’t changed to processing or in progress so I contacted them once again. They said Walmart denied the transaction and he just stopped all further installments and issued a refund for my 25% and should be in my bank in 5-10 business day or 13 calendar days. So then I contact Walmart and they said they didn’t deny it they accepted the order but the financial institution did not approve the transaction. So they take the money and then don’t approve the transaction and then when you follow up days later to find out what’s going on they barely say the transaction was denied and they’ll start the refund now. No wonder your BBB rating is F.
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4 years ago, kittyV.
Not worth it
I got this app and wanted to us it on a merchant for an item I’d need for an event at the end of the year. Stock was limited but i didn’t have the money to pay to make sure I got my hands on it. While it was SUPER easy to sign up and I got an instant approval rate, the rest not so much. I went to the app to get my item. Hit “pay with Quad” entered the total and got my payment schedule. Awesome! When I get ready to check out, the card numbers have already gone through. The app decides to refresh and there’s no longer the card numbers. But it never actually gave me numbers either. And Every time you order something you get a new ghost card. I tried to just re-do the order and go for it again. Incomplete because my first order with that merchant is “still in progress” even though the stores checkout said otherwise. Then the app decided to charge my card FIVE times. And that trigger my bank to shut my account down for fraud. I contacted customer support when the app would also no longer accept my card even after the bank approved Quad to withdraw funds. Customer service is a JOKE. She told me to try it through different devices (laptop, tablet etc.) or a different search engine and private mode. Every time I asked to close the account I got no response. Upset, because I REALLY thought this would be THE app. Guess not 🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, Yaya203355
Please read this and spend your money elsewhere!!! This app offered Geico in their split payment services. I had a bill with Geico of $165. So I said why not. I went to Geico and used quadpay as my payment option. It went through, it was successful, and I received text confirmation of this. About a day later, I received a message saying that my order was not successful. I went to the QuadPay app and checked to see what was going on. They had double charged me literally! It went from $165 to $331. My payments went from $42 to $97! I was confused, and highly upset! This is where things get messy. I reached out to them over 3 times during their business hours and got no response! (To make thing sooo much better, they don’t have a phone number but only a chat bot until a real person can chat with you). So I tried again, and again, and again. Still no response. Till this very day, I still am out of $165 that has been stolen from me and now they are blatantly ignoring me. This is not the first time I’ve been ignored by them involving an important matter. The last time I had to be very rude, and threaten to get the local new involved for someone to help me. And it looks like this is what I will have to do again. PLEASE SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSE WHERE , SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU DONT HAVE TO HARASS AND BEG THE COMPANY TO DO THEIR JOB!
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4 years ago, LucyQ-C
Great App!!
I’ve used QuadPay before when purchasing from affiliated merchants websites. I was a bit apprehensive since I wasn’t too sure how it worked when a return was made. I’m known to change my mind often. Well sure enough I needed to make a return and the whole process was super simple. I recently made another purchase using QuadPay which prompted me to see if there was an app available to better keep track of my payments and purchases. I was happy to see there was so I downloaded the app and to my surprise the app functions even better than expected. It allows you to not only make purchase from the merchant affiliates which are clearly displayed within the app, it provides a credit in which can be used when purchasing from any site. Most can be easily searched in the search field provided, but if for whatever reason you cannot instantly find the site you are searching, there is a google search function that allows you to find any website. Overall very practical and and super convenient. Great concept. Makes purchasing and repayment very easy.
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4 years ago, AbbigailJoy
I ‘m so glad I found this app and QuadPay!
Where do I begin? Well. My first time using QuadPay on-line was so easy. It tells you what to do. First: go shopping. Browse the stores to find THAT pair of shoes, dress. Bedding, etc. then checkout with QuadPay. Using the app is so simple and fast. When you have the total for your purchase, enter the total on the app and it will okay your purchase. On your iPhone, it will say that you are using QuadPay. When you enter the payment information, choose “credit card” and your QuadPay account information is entered for you and it finishes the transaction with the seller and then QuadPay splits the total into four two-week interval, payments. All is done on-line. The first payment is due at purchase with the last three being set up to automatically be drawn from your bank at those given times. QuadPay sends the total amount of your purchase to the seller, seller confirms the sale and you are done. You also have the balance owed showing on your QuadPay account. So easy! Thank you, QuadPay! My life gust got easier!
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4 years ago, Get it to me
Love love love
So I shop on fashion nova and saw quad pay on the site. I was skeptical about QuadPay worried it was like rent a cent or other agency that charge a high interest rate, but the don’t. I was able to make my purchase and the payments were split into 4 payments, my items were shipped to me. I then downloaded the app where I was able to make my payments and add another card for payments. I do wish they allowed you to put extra money towards your purchase, like my four payments were 75 dollars, I wanted to put an extra 10-20 dollars but was only able to pay the due amount. After I finished paying off my purchase I had available balance that I was able to use for future purchases and I tried that out on the app. You go on to the quad pay app shop, the stores that accept quad pay are on there. You find the store you want shop online through the app and at checkout you can choose to use quad pay. Also you can get your items that day if you choose store pickup. I found my new best app and I’m telling everyone.
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1 year ago, jezzteen
Great App and Customer Service
I started using the app when it was still Quad Pay a few years ago to mostly make small purchases on clothing for work or expensive Sushi delivery. But as the years have gone by, I’ve used it for everything even an Airbnb vacation in Puerto Rico. I absolutely love it. I get frequent reminders about upcoming payments so it’s virtually impossible to forget. The platform is extremely user-friendly, and if there are any questions I have about payments that didn’t charge correctly, (Wayfair sends the order in segments, and often only charges for what is being shipped at the time) I am met with an extremely helpful and professional service representative. I’ve been paying on time for years and I have over $800 in credit I can spend and pay back in 4 installments. I love this app so much, I can’t stress enough how helpful it’s been for someone like me that makes under $50,000 a year. Can’t wait until on-time payments are reported to the credit bureau to help boost my FICO score.
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2 years ago, Alore057
Not the best app/customer service for returns
This app is honestly great if you’re in a bind and need an affordable payment plan that’s not like a credit card. The only downside is I’ve used Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna and Zip pay. Out of all these apps Zip pay was rated lowest on my list due to their return reported system. I had reported a return on something I purchased and so they moved my second payment date on top of the same day as my third payment instead of just shifting the timeline down altogether. I’ve done returns with the other apps and that is usually the standard. Once I reached out about it they said there’s nothing they could do and changed the timeline for a separate purchase I made which was completely unnecessary seeing as that’s the one I didn’t reach out about. All in all, after messaging around I was able to get it resolved. I would say they should just update the way they process returns. Klarna does good at just pausing the timeline of payments in its entirety until the refund is received which helps them figure out my new remaining balance. Something to think of.
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5 months ago, letmeusemtown
Not using this pay after app anymore
First I been with quad pay/zip pay for 3 years and always pay back early and never missed a payment or pay on time and my spending limit only increased 50 dollars and Besn stuck there for the longest time, second I’m noticing that they starting to charge for every little thing now, you have to spend 30 bucks first with most stores in order to Finace with them and now all the sudden if you wanna change the due date they add an extra 2 dollar charge to do that, nope. Klarna and after pay don’t do that so why would I sit here and start being charged for certain purchases such a a 4 dollar added fee to even use it??? It used to be no extra cost to Finace it and on top of that I have 2500 pay limit with after pay and klarna and had them the same time as zip and still can’t get more buying power even after having 100 percent history it’s still only 450, now yall wanna charge to change due dates, charge extra to make a purchase, and now I have to spend 30 bucks first? No longer user friendly anymore, they are getting greedy. plus the zip card that came on the mail is pointless if I have to open the app first and enter the amount first before I use the card. Done using them!
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5 years ago, Hovercraft king
Easy to use online but the store is a different story
I have used quadpay several times online but wanted to try using it in the store so I looked at the website to see which retailers accepted quadpay in store and found that finish line did, I proceeded to the store and picked out the item I wanted to purchase and made sure I was allowed to spend the amount which was $100; I was pre approved for up to $300. I went to the cashier and showed them the card number that quadpay had given me since there was no internet in the store available to add the card to Apple Pay, the Finish Line associate said that quadpay was only to be used online and not in stores even though I could show them on the app that it was eligible for in store use at finish line. Needless to say it was a failed transaction, I left upset. Maybe there needs to be some communication between quadpay and retailers and also there needs to be availability to download to Apple Pay prior to having to enter and amount so the download can occur before actually going in store because most retailers have sucky internet capabilities so download isn’t possible in store.
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3 years ago, reyen97
Best app ever used!!
I’m a new mom/young adult and currently in graduate school, let me tell youuuuu this app makes its so much easier to pay for things. No scam and no interest. At first, I was skeptical about it whenever I had seen it on Fashionnova but then I though “hmm let me give it a try” on this website called Painted Memory since I wanted to purchase something off their website for a sip and paint at home with my fiancé. Made it easier for me to purchase the item, no interest included, just broke it down for me in 4 installments. That easy! Also, i was surprised that the app gives an available balance too so if I don’t have the money they help you to purchase w.e you want at w.e website/store you use. Just tell them how much you’re expecting to pay and then boom they easily give you a quadpay card information to use and separate your purchase into 4 installments to pay back. Was able to purchase my fiancé a valentines gift I’ve been wanting to get him. Great app I’ve ever used!! Love it!!
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4 years ago, drakmonk
They will restrict your account for any reason
Afterpay is a better app to use. I didn’t have a great experience with this app. When I first created my account they never gave me a balance just a blank app asking me to check back later for a balance. Once I received my balance I made a few purchases from Walmart and another website. I made all my payments on time. I needed to update my payment information. Once I updated my payment information my account was immediately restricted without any good reasons. I contacted customer service before and after I updated my payment information but they didn’t respond back in a timely manner. A few days later I receive an email saying that they couldn’t verify my purchase or me as the user. My first time using this app was full of crap. The slightest purchase from anyplace can get your account restricted fast. All my payments were on time and paid in full!!! I’ve requested for my account to be deleted from their platform but apparently there is a waiting list for that to lol smh. This app is kind of iffy if I can’t delete my account that I can no longer use. I usually read reviews but quadpay popped up as a payment option right along with Afterpay from a different website. I should’ve just used Afterpay and I would have no issues.
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3 years ago, jazzie J's
Still pretty new
I’ve used QuadPay a few times and so far haven’t had any problems or issues. That being said the only thing that’s puzzling to me is that it gives you a set amount that your “allowed”. When you try to use it for another purchase after making a purchase elsewhere it’s saying that you have a order in process, not allowing you to make the purchase you want. Well I know that and need to use for something else, so I’m not understanding why I can’t make more than one purchase at a time. All my payments are on time and some are complete. I usually time purchases when I’m almost paying off another. This is the great thing about it I like you can make purchase and maintain a budget on spending only what you can afford. For me that’s how I use it, I know how much I can spend and afford to pay back in 4 payments. Another than that it’s been a real game changer for me I’m able to purchase items that I need and afford to pay for it.
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11 months ago, Agnlaze
Bad business
I’ve use this app for years and up until today. I have never experience like this before I placed the order online for service and the order initially went through after getting the message that my order was processed. I received a message that my order was declined and to go back and change it so I can get my spending power back upon doing that it would not allow me to get my spending power back. I messaged customer service and the only thing they could tell me what is the generic message of it may take up to 13 to 14 days I tried to get clarification and that’s all they kept saying although you’re speaking to a human supposedly it’s almost like you’re speaking to a robot because nobody can give you a definite answer. The funds were removed from my account, even though the order was not processed now I have to go without money for a order for something I need it because the app made a mistake. It processed the order without it being approved. I am currently contemplating fighting to serve my bank, as this is malpractice on their end and bad business for their company. 2 weeks later this had happened again and I will no longer be contributing to a scamming lying company
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4 years ago, JayKreutz
Great concept needs TLC.
I have actually had this app for around 3 months. My first purchase got denied when I tried to use it. It was not the money. I just paid in full. I wanted to see how well it worked. I wrote 3 emails to QuadPay. After the 3rd the response was “please review the support section. “ I gave it some time 3 months lol. I actually forgot I had it. You don’t have a physical card. Only cards similar to “on line gift cards” who’s numbers switch each time. I guess. I called to ask them about that. As you can imagine the phone message was “due to a high call volume we cannot take your call, please try back later”. I finally got it to work and tried to order something online. It worked to perfection! I don’t know why all of sudden it worked? I did nothing after the 3rd email lol. I went to use it again. Denied lol. we are. Honestly it’s a terrific idea! The game plan this company is wildly awesome! However, for me I am just going to let it grow as a company and come back to see if the customer service is fixed. Because, if I spend $500-$1000 or even $300 and something goes wrong...YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SPEAK TO ANYONE! I personally cannot deal with a place with NO customer service.
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4 years ago, Jessica1774838
Use to love the app
I started using quad pay December of 2019 when I brought Ugg’s for my girls. When I checked out and seen that option I said to myself why not. The Ugg’s arrived quick, and then I received a notification to download the quad pay app. I downloaded it, and received a message about waiting for approval because there was a waitlist. Then when my linked to the Ugg’s I just brought, and made my first installment I became eligible. I started making purchases, and I was in love with this app. I always paid earlier than the due date, and never missed a payment. Within the last few weeks I noticed that my available credit kept decreasing, and I haven’t been making any purchases. Of course they only have contact through email and live chat so it’s hard describing what the issue is with someone over a chat option verses speaking with someone over the phone. When I spoke with someone they stated that there has been an issue with multiple accounts decreasing the available credit, and their techs are working on it. This is week 4, and still no reply and my available credit is not where it is supposed to be. I use to love Quad Pay, but this really turning me away.
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