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Zola, Inc.
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11 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Zola

4.91 out of 5
68.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Miraj Lee Saxton
Everything you need to plan a wedding
This wedding app is the best and only wedding app you need. From your registry to building your guest list, making invitations with your guest address automatically filled out if you want right on the envelope for you. You can easily build a wedding website for your wedding and share. And can set and manage your budget. You can even search for vendors for everything you would need for a wedding. It makes planning so easy and organized. And you can easily make changes right from your phone. The app itself is free. And you can buy things from the app like save the dates, invitations, thank you cards and so forth. This is the best and only app you will need to help make planning your big day seem almost effortless. There is nothing else better in the market or more easy to use. And no hidden weekly charges like other crazy apps. Get this you will be so happy you did.
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3 weeks ago, PrevUszer
Zola’s Hidden Secrets
On the surface, Zola appears to be a perfect app for weddings. It wasn’t until after my wedding occurred, that I started realizing the endless flaws. First off, the recently removed the phone number so you have to only go through email for customer service which takes days-weeks to get an issue resolved. Secondly when you get cash in your gifts, you can only use those and these Zola store which generally tends to have overpriced items or items that are delayed or damaged when they arrive. For the last 2 to 3 years, they have been using the excuse of delay shipment from Covid. Recently when I went to go use one of my gift cards that I cashed out the gift card from Zola was invalid. Also, when you are creating a registry, you can’t enter other registries and link them easily through Zola instead, they favor you using their overpriced wish list on their website in order for them to have higher price margins and make a better buck instead of “saving you money” with false “sales” that are still higher priced than other stores. If I had to do my wedding again, the only thing I would change is never using Zola or recommending it to anyone ever again.
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4 years ago, Benj_J
Sexist and patronizing
We were happy with the app until it came time for people to RSVP on their phones. We were with my grandparents and were helping them navigate the site and when they got to the page it simply said my grandfather’s name “and guest”. We then had someone else check and sure enough the maid of honor wasn’t on the first page of the mobile RSVP it was her husband that we don’t know very well “and guest”. After calling to see what was going on they said there was nothing they could do it’s simply how the mobile app works and both names appear when you look at it on a computer “so don’t worry about it most people won’t see it that way”. As anyone reading this will know that’s not true. Most people these days will only see the website on the mobile platform thus the website is sexist. Also don’t order save the dates from them it took twice the expected time and when I called to have them resent they told me they would do it and expedite them and then never did. Luckily I tracked down the original lost package and we got them... 2 weeks too late to hand them out to people when we saw them in person causing us to spend extra on postage. And that is why I would not recommend using them.
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4 years ago, HollsDA
Amazing company
Zola has been amazing from the start. They make a wedding website easy to create. It’s a great way to get info out to guests! We also love the registry aspect of Zola. They organize all household items you may need, making it effortless to cover all the bases and get good quality products. Zola also gives the option of creating funds your guests can contribute to. This was great for our honeymoon! They are understanding and are very customer friendly with replacements, returns, and exchanges. They have a gift tracker where you can choose when to ship gifts and when to transfer funds. This also documents who gave you what item and makes for an easy thank you note list. We created our guest list on Zola and it helped alphabetize and keep addresses in order. There is a way to export this into an excel spreadsheet too! It has too many neat features to count, but this company is fantastic and this is a great app!
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2 years ago, mclaug4
Definitely use theknot or any other wedding service
Zola is absolute garbage. I’ve never used something more frustrating. There registry is absolutely terrible and they claim it’s what makes them standout. I received multiple of the same gifts from the registry, a few of them I even got three sets of. When I told them about it they said it was my guests fault because although they went back to Zola and entered their order number on the registry they didn’t then confirm the order on an email that was sent to them so the item went back on my registry….this is way too many steps for people. And I would still get emails from Zola saying that the item was purchased and then it would show up with no note and I would have no idea who got it for me because since they didn’t confirm via email Zola erased all trace of it. But I also purchased a few items through the registry and never confirmed them via email and they marked as purchased on the registry so there is no consistency. Theknot doesn’t even make guests go back and enter your order number, USE THE KNOT!!!! I also had issues with transferring my honeymoon funds and group gifting. The list goes on.
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3 years ago, Sorel97
Registry format is annoyjng...it's all marketing
Zola has been super helpful while planning my wedding and I really like how helpful the app has been at keeping everything organized, BUT I Absolutely Hate that because we are not doing our registry through Zola, it puts actual registry at the bottom of the page in a darker and smaller print so that it is hard for our guests to find the link. The apps marketing is pushy and I feel like our guests are getting bombarded with Zola adds especiallywith our superlink and website. I honestly wish we had made a website with another platform. I get that they are using the platform as a marketing and sales tactic to get people to use all their stuff because that's how they make their money, but it's I don't want my whole wedding tk be an advertisement. I would recommend maybe the planning and organizing part of this app but definitely not the website if you are planning on using other registries besides Zola(which by the way, you can get the same things at the cheaper price by going through the stores themselves).
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5 years ago, brightportrait
Needs a couple more aspects
Zola is INCREDIBLE, do not get me wrong. I love almost everything about it: it’s easy, convenient, beautiful, and offers A LOT when it comes to planning a wedding. But, there are a few things missing. 1. Zola, please please please, regarding the registry options, there needs to be a way to “favorite” items- an option to save products we potentially want to add to our registry. Also the fact that new items are added so often. I want my registry public, but there a few items I’m not 100% set on because better options may be available at a later date. 2. “Groups” or “Categories”- There are many people who have multiple wedding events, for example, a bridal shower. Bridal Showers tend to have a specific theme for gifts, or, it’s common for a bride to want items for her shower, but she may not want these items to be obviously known to the entire guest list.
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4 months ago, sofia hernandez bedereu
Zola deletes reviews upon request from vendor
Zola values vendor relationships more than customer relationships. I left a negative review on my photographer who was very unprofessional, I went with her because she had 5 stars on Zola but after my experience with her I was very confused why she didn't have more negative reviews. I left a review and I checked back a few months later and it was removed without any notice over email or anything, I contacted Zola and they asked for proof of payment and a contract with my photographer which I sent and they said they would keep up the post. A couple weeks later I decide to check and it's gone again, checked my email and no notice of my review taken down, so they just simply went against their word to please a vendor, I imagine to keep vendor relations positive. It's very sneaky bc they know most people will delete the Zola app after their wedding is over and reviews are placed, so they lied and left it up for a week or two and then took it down to please the vendor. Don't go off any Zola recommendations at all they are not honest!! Hope this review doesn't get taken down lol
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4 years ago, BelljarFairy
Invaluable Resource
What a relief it has been to have Zola as a companion on this wedding planning journey!! I’m my own wedding planner so Zola is truly an invaluable resource for me. I have a relatively small budget and the Zola platform has supported me in feeling like “I got this!” The private Zola Facebook group has been really lovely for the connection and advice with other brides-to-be. I love the app, very user friendly, and the added features of the website covers all the bases. It’s been incredibly helpful to use the Checklist, have the registry all in one place (including items I have chosen that are not in the Zola store). I love the honeymoon fund and that there’s the option to have guests donate to charities. I highly recommend this platform to anyone — both brides and grooms! The app is great way to get the future husbands involved in the planning process and communication with guests. Thanks!
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1 year ago, mike defcon
Messaging System Inconsistent
I have learned from some of my wedding guests have not received our digital Save The Dates nor any communication. We used the app feature that allows you to send mass text messages to all your guests with one send. However, it seems to be inconsistent as some of our guests have reported not receiving anything at all from us, despite the app saying that the message was successfully delivered. I have contacted ZOLA support about this and they have admitted that they are aware of the issue with messages not being consistent as T-MOBILE users may not receive any messages. I was furious when I learned that ZOLA knew of the issue all long and failed to warn anyone about it. Imagine the implications that could have caused if we didn’t catch the inconsistency early! It seems that ZOLA has no plans to rectify the issue nor warn customers about it. We ended up having to manually text each guest individually one at a time as we couldn’t rely on ZOLA’s messaging feature.
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5 years ago, Color Guru
One, two, three!
It’s that easy. I was so stressed with everything that I had to do for my up coming wedding. I knew I really didn’t want to write out all the invitations again like I did for my engagement party. Zola’s web service has everything! Their registry is the best and they don’t discriminate, if you have an existing registry though a different provider like I do, they have a spot on their site where you can add your existing registry to your wedding website. Yes I realize this is a review for the app and I’m mostly talking about what you can find on their website but the app is super helpful too. You can edit your guest list, make changes to you website, add things to your Zola registry, and create events. This platform is completely seamless from app to website and back again. Wonderfully design and completely user friendly!
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5 years ago, Heaven94606
Not Impressed
I expected more from this app and certainly better performance. The app and desktop either don’t align timely or at all. The filter on the Guest List doesn’t function logically. When you select what you want to filter on in the app, it initially applies the criteria, then reverts back to what it was before you can view the results. The other experience is you filter, the results show numerous guests for that criteria. But when you make a selection the filter removes the criteria and you have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Other things like re-ordering events functions differently on desktop vs app. It’s kind of annoying. Also, the jpeg images sizing is terrible. Can’t fit images to scale, and pics uploaded to the photo page are cut off. Everybody knows what I look like but my fiancé is a mystery. Update: the guest list filter is below even basic. Why have a child guest option but not provide the ability to filter on children?! Zola didn’t think couples would want to know the difference for menu/drink costs?? Duh
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3 years ago, ZqueenZ
Pretty good...except
I don’t think I’ve ever written a review before, but maybe my take will help someone else. Overall, good and flexible. Our 7-month engagement turned into a 5-month engagement because of covid, plus our reception venue changed last minute, and our Zola wedding website was easy to adjust those details on. Registry seemed easy for everyone to navigate, and all our gift were packaged well. They were pretty good about keeping in contact via email as well. However. Early in our engagement we got the email that a guest had purchased a KitchenAid mixer for us (big yay). We were pretty firmly set on one specific color, so when Zola kept emailing us that our color was backordered and would give us new prospective shipping dates or offer to switch to another color instead, we were okay with waiting. Fast forward 5 months, and their email was suddenly no longer that the product was backordered, but instead out of stock permanently. And while they refunded us and gave us a 15% discount on our next offer, somehow their price for the same mixer (in a different color) was now higher than when we originally received it...and the 15% discount didn’t apply to that brand. I know everything else was fine, but the ol’ bait-and-switch really left a sour taste in our mouths.
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5 years ago, autumn hōseki
Registry Made Easy
I’m not one to write reviews, but I thought I should bc this app just made registering so easy. My fiancé and I are very young, so we wanted to find a way to request cash for our wedding without being rude. With Zola, I was able to set up accounts for our honeymoon, new home, and new puppy for our guests to contribute to. There is also a “hide amount” option so we didn’t have to ask for a specific amount of money, which was really relieving. I know people WANT to help us out financially, but it’s still weird asking people for money. It was really nice to be able to do so in a non-pushy, polite way. I started setting up our registry maybe 40 min ago and already have one of the gifts purchased for us. It was super easy and pretty fun.
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1 month ago, vnabk
Can be useful but be wary of its issues
I would say that Zola helped overall with it’s free wedding website option and registry — but it came with some frustrations. The registry has lots of options for products, cash funds (they do charge a processing fee, understandable just something to know), and the ability to link to other registries. Using our wedding website almost all guest were able to RSVP (we had a few issues, I will attribute those to user error.) Some reasons it is not 5 stars: - Tracking gifts that are not from the Zola registry is a clunky, multi-step process that I can only figure out how to do on mobile and not desktop. ALSO when I export the thank-you list, the gifts that were entered manually do not show up! - The FAQs section of the website: we wanted to add a photo map explaining directions, but there was not an option to add photos in that section of the site. - If you order paper products, be wary of the estimated delivery times. I ordered my place cards 6 days before my wedding (risky I know) but with rush shipping they gave me a delivery day 2 days before wedding. They ended up showing up 5 days *after* the wedding. After I emailed Zola offered me a credit covering the cost of shipping, which does nothing to recover the cost and the stress.
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5 years ago, owener89
Glitches and limitations
I love that Zola is a completely inclusive platform for weddings but there are frustrating issues! In order to allow our single friends to bring a guest, we added an unknown guest option to their RSVP. All of those people ended up having issues RSVPing. The form will not allow them to just decline for a guest without adding a name. They all had to end up typing “no guest” or “no one” into the name field if they weren’t bringing anyone. It’s pretty awkward. Another very frustrating issue is the registry. I was not happy with the layout of the Zola registry for our honeymoon so I made a travelers joy registry. When I tried to incorporate that into our Zola registry it’s basically hidden. There is a small button that says “other registries” and guests have to click on that to see it. They set it up assuming you will use Zola registry which is annoying. I don’t like the lack of flexibility.
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3 years ago, DesertAnubis
Use Your Own Registry
The checklist was what brought me to Zola, and the website building was what sold me. This site helped tremendously with setting things up, and as wedding planners go, it’s great. HOWEVER, I would highly recommend NOT picking ANYTHING from their store to put on your registry. We did, and several of the items failed to ship, with a notice of “we don’t carry that anymore” and “here are some store credits instead!” Their selection is poor, and when we finally settled on a replacement and ordered it, it too ended up not shipping with a “sorry we don’t carry that anymore.” I tried to ask for a refund, but all they would give us were store credits. Which never expire. For a store with a minimal selection. I get it; supply lines all across the world are having problems. But that is no excuse for keeping our money when you literally keep failing to deliver. Please just give us our money back so we can spend it somewhere else.
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4 years ago, Cassidy Chambers
Best wedding tool ever.
I started my wedding planning journey on another popular wedding website, it was okay. I came to Zola for my registry, and realized all the things I could do on here. Our wedding website is spectacular and so easy to navigate. The rsvp part for our guests is so simple, and the ability to export our guest list has made the hardest part not so hard at all. I’ve been receiving all our gifts from our Zola registry, and they ship so quick. One of the gifts I had issues with and Zola customer service was INCREDIBLE. I cannot say enough great things about Zola. This has been my go-to tool for my wedding. No matter how big or small your wedding is, you need Zola. They should be paying me for how much I refer al my bride friends to this lol
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6 years ago, niasaran
I absolutely LOVE this site!!! Everything is all in one place that is accessible from either the phone app or online. They give you a checklist that is extremely helpful for keeping you on target as you plan your wedding. Also, the registry is here as well so you don't have to you to another store spending hours just to pick out what you would like. That templates are great with a wide variety of choices, easy to personalize, and they even have invitations that you can buy for a very inexpensive price, which some can even match the theme of your website (depending on which the2nd you picked). This site is amazing and has literally reduced a great deal of stress for me! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE OVER ANY OTHER!!!!! Thank you ZOLA!!!
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1 year ago, abrow28
I downloaded this app because I thought it seemed like a great way to keep the guest list organized, send out digital save-the-dates, and receive guest addresses easily. I am so disappointed and I regret the decision to use this app. The digital save-the-dates look like spam in the text messages so the majority of the people I sent them to didn’t respond…and I don’t blame them because it didn’t look like something you should ever click. On top of that, now I receive dozens of junk emails every day even after clicking “unsubscribe” and this is the only new thing I have given my email to. I’m also worried that the few people who did provide their information are going to suffer from junk emails because I didn’t know until after the fact that this app requests the email from the guests as well. I’m usually so careful with whom I give my information to and this was a huge mistake.
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2 years ago, Mccurls
Exceptional customer service
I placed an order for 200 Save the Date cards and 200 pre-addressed envelopes on Wed Nov 23rd (the night before Thanksgiving) and didn’t expect to see the delivery until next week. I was so shocked to find the delivery three days later when I came back from traveling! The cards are exactly what I ordered and I am happy to see extra unaddressed envelopes in case I need these. I did pay a rush fee because I’m delayed with sending these out for my wedding but Zola went above and beyond on the speed of delivery. Please give bonuses to all of the employees who worked over the holiday weekend to get my order out.
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5 years ago, annamconnelly
Do NOT use Zola!!
You are so much better registering at Target, C&B, Walmart, etc. Zola has so many sketchy issues. To name the 2 bigs ones... **1** They make you wait 5 days to to cash out any honeymoon funds - this appears to be a blatant way for them to collect interest on your money, while veiling it behind a quest for security (when is the last time your bank said they were keeping your money for 5 days to make sure it’s “secure”?). **2** Their 20% discount for items left unpurchased? It applies to almost nothing. Truly. Nothing. I read through the entire list of exclusions and was meticulous about what I chose... yet after the fact, when we add to our cart, “excluded from promo” is all we see. We are getting a discount on nothing. If I could do it over again, I would choose ANY other registry. Zola is a scam with great branding and they will continue enticing brides and grooms with their 20% discount that applies to... say it with me... nothing.
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3 years ago, els271
Would have been 5 stars
I absolutely loved working with Zola and using it for our website and everything it seems super easy and very convenient when we were dealing with it! And then it came to getting our gifts from the registry and long story short we still haven’t gotten our gifts. It’s October and our stuff should’ve been shipped late April if not early May I have contacted them many times and I’ve gotten no help at all whatsoever I don’t want to cancel my order because this is what we’ve been wanting for quite some time yet I keep getting notifications that our gifts are on back order yet many other stores have it on the shelves but there’s no way of getting that money back unless you use Zola credits and that’s the last thing I want to do at this point is use Zola for anything!
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5 years ago, DOE, JANE MS
I was so excited to use this because they offer so many different things from so many different places....however I didn’t realize they are like a middle man* My family and friends have had such a hard time with customer service as well as myself. My family and friends told me that they ordered things weeks in advance for my bridal shower and it said that it would arrive between certain dates. Needless to say the decided to cancel thing they had ordered because it still didn’t ship on time. I to had problems...being the bride and notifying Zola that I had received damaged merchandise you would think I might get a better feedback but no still waiting. After still not receiving a response after five days emailed again and am still waiting. I wouldn’t recommend this to any bride to use as a registry. It’s sad because I do like their concept and their app is so user friendly.
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6 months ago, Ashb6170
App is Buggy and the registry is awful
We were gifted several items from our registry that we really needed. However, when we went to ship them, Zola said many of them they were out of stock or gave us a ship date literally months away. We asked if we could just have the money instead so we could buy the items elsewhere (they are in stock elsewhere) and they said no, they could only give us Zola credit. Why would we want Zola credit if you don’t have the item we want? The app is also super buggy. I couldn’t believe how hard it was just to copy and paste an email address in. Gmail includes extraneous info at the beginning that needed to be cut. Zola has a weird buggy that makes it almost impossible to delete characters at the beginning of a line. The cursor automatically moves to the end of the line. Very annoying.
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6 years ago, NatShear
Awkward clunky experience
So far I am loving the selection on Zola and that everything is in one place... but my issue is with the awkwardness when someone purchased me a gift! Unless someone gets a gift shipped directly to themselves (such as someone who wants to personally wrap it and give it to me), other gifts purchased have to be released to ship by ME. This is awkward and unfortunate because it means that all of my gifts that I’ll be receiving at my shower from those who couldn’t attend, are already known to me because I had to see them and approve them to be shipped. Guests can’t just buy something and have it shipped to my address on file - I have to release the shipment. It makes no sense and totally takes the fun out of it! I hope Zola comes up with another solution because it’s disappointing to know many of my gifts before receiving them.
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3 weeks ago, jessthespidermanfan
Seating Chart Update
ummmm $15 to make a seating chart?? are you kidding me?? I’ve been using zola for almost a year to plan my wedding coming up in August. they’ve just now added a seating chart feature but they don’t tell you that after you create your floor plan and your first table, you can’t continue unless you PAY FIFTEEN DOLLARS? I get it, I really do but cmon seriously? THIS is what the editor’s choice app wants me to pay for? not the thousand of other great features that are much more valuable than a seating chart? confusing. they totally would have got me if it was like $5 or less! anyways. great app, but try to make your own seating chart elsewhere to avoid a pretty big fee for a wedding planning app!
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4 years ago, Birds! Birds! Birds!
Ridiculously easy to use but...
If I had to choose one thing to pick on, it would be their inability to print non-Latin text, i.e. Polish characters, Cyrillic, etc. Sure, it’ll look fine in the preview but when you receive the actual product you’ll find that those characters are outright missing with not even a space where they were so you could just write them in. Kind of annoying to spend money on an incomplete product. It would be nice to at least give an obvious warning somewhere in the ordering process. Otherwise, I love this app and it made my life so much easier.
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3 years ago, lizbethques
App is broken
App is broken and logged me out ... which has Never happened before. Now it won’t let me back in! My password did not change! The website allows me on it but what’s the point I wanted to use this app.... I have brought this up to them a dozen times and they ignore it and are rude. Tell me oh you’re locked out bc you tried the wrong password before that — actually, if you read my email correctly, I was locked out way before that and the error message told me to contact support. Then I changed my password and tried the new changed password enough times that the app locked me out. Now every time I want to log in - ONLINE ONLY BC I HAVE 0 ACCESS TO THE APP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE COULD CARE LESS- I have to reset my password to log in. Every. Single. Time. These people don’t care. And they don’t have the knowledge to fix actual technical issues
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4 years ago, Jill B-C
A couple improvements
I really really liked my experience with building a registry at Zola. It has an easy to read layout and design so most people could navigate through it. Some things that need improvement is that if guests purchase gifts to ship to your house, even if they were paid for, Zola does not put these items aside and they could still sell out. It was so disappointing and such a big deal to us that our family may not get to give some gifts they specifically picked out. Especially after it was paid for. Another thing I would recommend is when something goes out to stock to put an estimated date it will come back. Overall I would use Zola again but these are some things I would tell other people to be mindful of.
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2 years ago, lmacd007
Up charges EVERYTHING!
I started my registry on Zola and went to add a ninja foodi. They were charging $330 when bed bath and beyond (and everywhere else) was charging $199. When I reached out to them to do the price match the response I got was “we’ll honor it if you order it full price in the next 48 hours then we’ll refund you money” NO NO NO!!!!! After looking at numerous other items on my registry and noticing they were charging anywhere from $3 to $130 more I decided to move my registry elsewhere. I will NEVER support this company. Up charging like that is done in bad taste and the response I got was appalling. I URGE everyone who has a registry through them to take a look at prices elsewhere on the internet. I’ve moved on to crate and barrel and bed bath and beyond and couldn’t be happier. And also deleted my entire Zola account. Not just the registry.
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6 years ago, legaltea
Makes planning simple!
Love the app! It is easy to use - even for my not so tech savvy family members. I can add things from physical stores that they can go to as well. I especially love the blender feature that made making a registry so much fun! Getting to build it, adding our own personal memos and categories made it our own and it didn’t feel as awkward. The group gifting feature was also a cool bonus! The only thing I wish Zola did that it doesn’t yet is create a printable guest list. Sometimes it is nice to have a physical copy and it certainly comes in handy when addressing invitations!
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5 years ago, JRGrammas
Happy customer
The Zola app is very easy to use. It’s a great place to start out for an overwhelmed bride like myself. The list are so helpful to start. I’ve edited my list serval times and have had my fiancé add items too with ease. Adding outside options is easy too! I’ve added cash funds for various items as well. All easy. Reviving items off the registry has been a breeze. Easy to change the address for when my fiancé wants things delivered to his office and then switch back to mine. The only thing I didn’t realize with the group gifting option is that if the gift isn’t fully funded then your only options is to use the money as Zola store credits.
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5 years ago, future Mrs. click 14
Couldn’t imagine my wedding planning without Zola
I truly couldn’t even imagine what wedding planning was like before Zola. Wedding planning is already crazy enough but this app has helped relieve so much stress! We use the online RSVPs and it is been so fun and easy to use! Anytime I get a gift, a new guest RSVPs, anything like that, my phone alerts me to let me know and I get so excited every time! Everyone loves our wedding website and it has all the information anyone needs on it! I would 100% preach Zola to any and everybody getting married! They’ll be a happier bride in the end :)
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4 months ago, No Pause?
Hard to Navigate
After some trial and error, there are a couple things that could make this app easier to use. The contact collector doesn’t allow them to add their guest/spouse without adding the contact twice. This caused a major headache when getting the invites sent out as I didn’t realize the spouses had to be individually added. I had to go back in an add them all before I could print the invites, and even then, it only printed the first person. Which also caused issues with people thinking only they were invited and not their spouse. These are the only issues I had with the app.
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5 years ago, lifeofkat
Constantly going out of stock on things on my registry has been really disappointing. Multiple family members have commented on this. This makes me think bed bath and beyond or crate and barrel would have been a more consistent and reliable registry. Furthermore, your tendency to discontinue items is really frustrating. People are engaged for 1-2 years now. Your product should be consistent for most of that time. Especially if you see that the product is already on many people’s registry. I don’t know...just not feeling that happiest with my decision. Especially since your prices are already more expensive than other options, and now I don’t feel ZOLA is reliable.
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5 years ago, ITMAV
Great before, definitely not now
The app worked wonderfully in the lead up to our wedding, but that seems a distant memory now. At every turn, they have made it increasingly difficult to cash out the funds from our registry. At first, we simply had to enter our bank info; then it mysteriously disappeared, BUT we were offered the chance to convert the funds to Zola credit. So we re-entered, only to now be asked (why now and not all along? great question) for a picture of a driver’s license. This process has repeated itself too many times to count and all the while, they continue to push us toward store credit instead of allowing us to access our money. Unethical at best...
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2 years ago, Jesterfeild
Please Avoid Zola
Please do not use Zola for your wedding website or registry. Although everything looks great initially, many features are incomplete or do not work. The registry was almost impossible for our guests to navigate, and took multiple days to update once items were added or bought - we received duplicates of various items. You have to manually go in and remove “Zola gift card” from your registry, and have to be very careful not to redeem cash gifts as Zola gift cards (always the bold first option). Very limited options when it came to pulling in registries from other stores. We’re currently struggling to redeem our cash gifts, as their website/app are continually marking our transfers as incomplete. Has been nothing but a headache for us.
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2 years ago, junebride1234
Don’t use Zola for registry!!!
I like the idea of using Zola as we were able to pick items from a variety of places. But I had issues with Zola so frequently it became such a headache and I wish we would have registered elsewhere. When Items where out of stock and not expected to ship until December of this year (6 months after wedding) the cancellation process was a hassle I had to follow up with theirs customer service team multiple times with no reply for weeks. My aunt had purchased something for my bridal shower through the registry and they didn’t ship to her and she struggled with the same issues connecting to customer service. Would not recommend at all due to long shipping/delivery wait time and VERY POOR customer service care!
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6 years ago, ammunson
Highly recommend
I tried a couple other wedding planning apps before Zola, and this exceeded my expectations. When using the other apps, I felt like I was being pushed toward specific vendors to purchase more “stuff” for the wedding. It didn’t seem to be focused on my wedding at all; rather, like I was being pressured to have a cookie-cutter event. Zola is intuitive/user-friendly, and provides ALL the information needed in one place. I especially liked the interactive interface and personalization options for the website, registry, and checklist. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, carol irene
Been Pretty Awesome, Just a Couple of Problems
I have really enjoyed using Zola overall. I just love getting a notification when a guest submits an RSVP. It’s been so much fun building a wedding website. A couple of areas I’ve had a bit of trouble with: I’ve had a couple of guests vanish from my guest list...that I know of. Luckily I just happened to be looking for their names when I noticed they were gone. Noticed before their invitations arrived. Maybe my hand accidentally swiped across delete. I would think it should be harder to erase guests by accident. I’ve also almost kept another few people off my list because I didn’t click the specific event they’re invited to. So I fill out their name, address, and click on “definitely invited” but somehow didn’t click on the name of my event/wedding which is the ONLY event I’ve got going on. Overall a positive experience but brides will need to double- or triple-check to make sure guests are accounted for on the correct list.
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9 months ago, BluedogRed
Incredibly well designed app
I can't say enough good things about the Zola app. It has been super helpful in planning our wedding. And it’s free! From creating our wedding website to managing our guest list, online RSVPs (including meal choice), seating chart (still in beta), import/export data capabilities, Zola has streamlined the entire process. The user-friendly interface and customizable features make it a joy to use. Thanks to Zola, our wedding planning experience has been stress-free and enjoyable. Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, toomanynamestakenfrom me
Fixable Bug?
Opened the app made an account. Opened the app again after linking fiancé’s account - you know so we could both work on our wedding? Bug Detected: upon clicking “log in” was prompted to fill in my info. I did so successfully! And then Was railroaded to fill out all info as if creating a new account. So I restarted the app. Did not fix. Uninstalled/reinstalled - did not fix. Instead I filled out all the info again and when completing the final step it tells me I already have an account. 🙄 Only option is to start over. I guess I’ll try with a different email! I’ve seen and used the app and it’s great would like to give 5/5 except now… my app doesn’t work lol. Help!!!!
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2 years ago, JimmyGoodVibes
App issues and no communication
The app logged me out on its own, I assume after an update? But I noticed when my countdown widget went blank. I had to log in and when I did, all my information was erased. It reset and deleted everything. Guest list deleted, my edited invites to order were deleted, previous orders were no longer there. I can’t get my website back that I sent out on my save the dates. I’ve emailed contact support a few times to see if they can help and I’ve received no response at all via email or by phone. I can’t even reach anyone by phone, it ask to leave a voicemail any time of of day I call. Horrible. I loved the site up until this.
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2 years ago, Nicktay30
No Honeymoon
This app is really great and I really enjoyed using it to help in planning of my registry and in getting information from my guests. The only downside is you don’t get out for your honeymoon because they won’t respond. They’ll tell you they’ll send some thing out and somebody will contact you and you’ll hear no response. Plan your honeymoon yourself because you can’t get the help from this app. I’ve requested at least three times for somebody to get back to me and nothing
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2 years ago, ndjcienfj
All my info got erased
I got got app and was so excited to use it, I had my guest list, their addresses, my wedding website and honeymoon fund all set up and ready to do. Someone tried hacking into it once but I updated my password and thought that was the end of it. I checked my account a few days and literally everything was gone! My guest list was deleted, my website I spent hours working on was erased, and so was my honeymoon fund! The $10 that was in it is gone too. I am beyond upset and feel so defeated after all that time I spent working on it, all for nothing! I contacted Zola to see if they can get my info back, all I get is ignored emails I she sent them and no one will help or even cares. I will never use this again!
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2 years ago, Mrs. Dr. Medeiros
Marriage life day 1
As I lay in bed replaying all the wonderful memories from my wedding last night, I am overwhelmed with such a immense sense of gratitude. Everything came together just as planned. I truly couldn’t have organized everything as well as I did without the help of Zola. I can’t say enough good things about this app. From website design, to invitations, to an easy to use registry, to a personalized timeline and checklist for me to follow, Zola has helped with every aspect of planning a wedding for me. Thank you team ZOLA !
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2 years ago, treelim13
Widget not displaying properly
I like the overall app and the design. It’s functional and it’s nice to have notifications when someone RSVPs or sends a gift through the registry. The widget though for some reason is not displaying properly anymore on my iPhone which is a bummer because I liked the countdown. Not sure if it’s on my end or theirs or maybe even the newest Apple iOS update. I tried the usual methods (deleting, restarting, etc. etc.) but it hasn’t worked. I also wish you could view your seating chart on the app.
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8 months ago, DenverCA
Like the website and the phone app, but not compatible with iPad
My fiancé and I love using Zola for our wedding website and registry. We created our website months ago and had been very pleased with everything. The reason for the 3 stars is the iPad version of the app. We have a separate keyboard resulting us in using the iPad horizontally 99% of the time. The Zola app does not rotate, thus making our keypad useless, unless we want to attempt to type while reading sideways. I ended up deleting the app off the iPad, but very frustrating since the app stated it was compatible with this iPad.
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4 days ago, OhNoMo1991
Please fix your site
Getting frustrated by being locked out of my account for no reason, changed the password three times now and still can’t get into my account. We have time sensitive information we need to get to for our vendors and this is making things absolutely frustrating. This should be the least of my issues on a site I’m suppose be securing all the details of our biggest day on… this is both on the site and Mobile app. Very upsetting. We are really stressed and hope to not miss out on important aspects of our day because we can’t get to our messages in a timely manner.
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