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User Reviews for zTrip

1.89 out of 5
235 Ratings
7 months ago, BrandyLovesRunning
The app is very much like other ride apps however this one crashes a lot. I just moved back to the states and had to use this app to get a ride to work, I opened the notification telling me what ride number I had and when I clicked the notification open it constantly crashed. I have no idea when the ride will be here nor the ride number to look for. This is fabulous…
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1 year ago, willie aniton
Needed to get home from surgery
I had been hospitalized for three days and I had a ride from my son but the hospital didn’t have their stuff together and my son had to leave. I explained to them I wanted to go home but my ride was gone for the day. Eventually they came up with the idea that they call me a cab and give me a voucher. I waited and waited. Three hours pass and I decided to call the taxi service to find out what happened. I was told someone else took my ride, which didn’t make sense to me. Why didn’t they ask if it was me. I got angry and told them to send another one to pick me up. An hour passes and nothing. So I called back and was told they had to check to see if anything was available. What!! I told them what they needed to do and now. I waited and waited at the designated area in the hospital. Another half hour and they pulled up asking was I the client they were looking for. After that was established I got In my ride and was told by the driver that he just got the order and came right away. I appreciated that and he got me home safe and sound but the route he took was the long way there. If I were paying for it, I would have insisted the shorter way. Since I didn’t I said nothing but thought I see what you’re doing. I’m a little curious how much he put on the voucher. Don’t get me wrong it was a pleasant ride, that’s why I did tip him when I got home. I appreciated the fact that he waited until I got in the house safely.
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2 years ago, StrongerHarderFaster
Some kinks to work out…
The booking process is similar to Uber or Lyft, though the app could use some polishing up… I’ve been using them, at the recommendation of a friend, here and there over the past few months. My opinions thus far: PROS: You can pay with cash. Adjusting your trip is much easier than alternative apps. Pricing is reasonable. When it works, it works well. I’ve had success stories where I went from ordering the ride to sitting in the car and on my way in LESS than 2 minutes. This is, however, a rarity. CONS: The service is unreliable at best. I find myself waiting for a driver to be assigned to my trip more often than not. Sometimes a driver is never assigned to my trip, and I end up finding alternative means of transportation. This is, of course, after wasting a half hour to an hour getting the ride setup and waiting for a driver. I absolutely cannot depend on this service whatsoever.
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7 months ago, KG8571
Better than Uber
More cost effective and they let you pay either in vehicle app and/or by cash. Uber makes you pay before your ride even comes leaving you no way to reach customer service if something happens and they cancel on you . Which has happened to me more than once because the driver went to the wrong building to get me and then left when I didn’t come out. Driver did not even call me to ask where I was. Z trip always calls and I don’t have to pay until I reach my destination. AND I can pay in cash !!!!!!! Drivers have always been polite and considerate. Waaaaaay better than Uber!!!
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3 years ago, kidding me to no end
This Company is a Joke!! With A capitol “J”
I can’t even rightly give them 1 star, but it was my only option. We scheduled them to pick up a group of 10 to shuttle us to an event and pick us up and they didn’t show up on time nor with enough vehicles. We schedule two vehicles and only one showed up……30 minutes late to boot. And not only did they not show up to pick us up to drive us to the event, they failed to come pick us up at the conclusion of then event. This company is completely undependable and should be ashamed to call themselves anything but a fraud. You will be stranded if you chose to use this company. Don’t book anything with this company unless you want to be looking for an alternative to get you to your destination. We had to bargain our way to find a way home because they left us standed in the middle of nowhere….literally.
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3 years ago, Jenie Lou
The app is worse than useless
I tried it twice. The first time I requested a pick up at a later time, but this information didn’t make it to the driver, who showed up a half an hour early. The second time I tried it, the driver was sent to the drop off location to pick up the passenger. in both cases after I submitted my request, the screen on the app just kept going and going saying that they were looking for a driver. In both instances I called the company to see if the problem was with the app. In both cases the the ride had been booked but the app didn’t tell me that it had. It would really be best for everyone if they just remove this app until they can actually make it work. it’s frustrating for the passengers for the drivers and I’m sure the company is losing money because of this awful app.
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2 years ago, Bolleman48
Left a 80 yr old women, with no ride home.
So my 80 yr old, wheelchair bound mother books a ride days in advance. (With the handy capable van).Driver shows up late for the pick up. Can’t hardly speak English. Then never shows to pick her back up. Called customer service. And like every other customer service hotline in this country. She couldn’t understand the women on the other end of the line. In the end “We’re looking for a driver ma’am”. As she waited in the cold on the curb……. There is no accountability!!! We canceled all further rides. Funny thing was…. They didn’t show the other three rides that were booked last week! Don’t bother with these folks! It’s expensive and poor customer service, with no answers. They’ll show up late and then forget to come get you. Meantime they’ll clean out your wallet for 50 dollar ride 3 miles.
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1 year ago, Biscuitoffme
Want a ride? Skip ztrip.
This is the absolute worst rideshare service and app out there. I waited 30 minutes for a ride and the app was still trying to get a ride. I wanted to try it out because I see alot of them around town but they don’t seem to be readily available. On top of that the app doesn’t allow for me to see the menu properly not choose options on the white text menu. You have to see the weirdness of the app to believe it.
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3 years ago, keeks1384
Should be renamed “ do I feel it giving you a ride”
I’m not even giving them the satisfaction of calling them a business or a company and I’m amazed they able to pretend that they are. You book a ride and think you have transportation on the way and nobody ever shows up. If you dare call “customer service” which is really just people that have no idea what they are doing they will tell you they are sending a car and again no one will show. From the person that owns this building to the people that you talk to and the people that accept your ride request and then just cancel it without even letting the customer know SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!!!! Do not download this app or use zTrip
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2 years ago, Jonny Truant
DO NOT USE!!!! Worst company ever. Booked a ride days in advance. Ride was for 11:30am. Waited and waited and waited finally after a half hour I called they said the dispatcher will list it as urgent. Waited another half hour called again and they said still no one has accepted the ride. What is the point of a reservation if you don’t keep the reservation? You can take one but can’t keep it(Seinfeld). Ended up missing our appointment and had to reschedule. Talked to customer service and all they kept saying is our arrival times are not guaranteed. I get that for maybe 10-15 minutes but an hour??? Spoke with a Carla and her supervisor Chad and both were no help. DO NOT USE THIS GARBAGE COMPANY!
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3 years ago, LifeTurns
Do not ignore the warnings of others
We requested a driver. We got a phone call confirming our request. At the time of the pickup the app changed status to “we’re busy, hang tight we’re trying to find a driver” and no one ever showed. We finally gave up, found other transportation and barely arrived on time. The only reason we made it is because we gave ourselves plenty of margin and had a backup plan because of the untrustworthiness of this company based on other reviews. Don’t count on them to show up, and have a backup plan. Or save yourself some trouble and just go with the backup plan.
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3 months ago, MQCarpenter
This app gets the job done but it isn’t pretty
ZTrip is a very reasonably priced service, many times half what you would pay for an Uber. The review should be about the app, not the service. Let’s put it this way, don’t complain about a Walmart priced experience and expect Nordstrom. This app is not pretty or intuitive but you can make reservations and track your driver details. That is it. It works.
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2 years ago, mikeososo
Terrible company
Absolutely terrible service. Twice I tried to use them to help my father get to appointments. The first time they were late so I called and they told me his pickup time wasn’t for 2 hours even though the reservation receipt said the correct time. He missed his very important doctors appointment. The second time booking was for a wheelchair accessible vehicle. 15 minutes after the time he was supposed to get picked up they weren’t even able to tell me if a driver was in the vicinity. This company will not last much longer and rightfully so.
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9 months ago, Casperdaghost2022
ZTrip highly recommend
This is a great way to get around town at any time of the day or night! They are friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for your service! Wish they had more drivers but they are worth the wait. Definitely should use them! Thanks again!
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2 years ago, Yoditsgs
Didn’t show up
I had scheduled a wheelchair accessible vehicle over a week ahead of time just to avoid the situation that we ended up in. When I opened to app it showed that my rides too and from the venue were scheduled, but it just kept spinning and stated that they were “too busy and trying to find a driver.” Had I waited until the last minute to schedule a ride I could understand this happening, but having previously scheduled it, I assumed we would actually be picked up. We almost missed our concert!
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1 year ago, Patrick pizza
Add to app
I like the app. The only issue is that they should add a picture of the driver next to the driver name. Every time I book, There is no picture of the driver. It helps when they add it on there as well as a notification when the driver is trying to call you. Also, they should add the type of car, size, and color of the car that the customer will get.
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2 years ago, AngMar1120
Don’t Use!
This is a horrible company and not user friendly. Phone numbers on the website are incorrect. If you book in advance, you will not be notified if your ride is not picked up. You’ll be waiting, then call the contact number and then be told they don’t service your area and give you a new phone number you have to memorize on the spot. They have no answer as to why notifications are not sent and are extremely unhelpful.
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8 months ago, Broken/Huuge
App Doesn’t Work!
This app has had issues now for a few years, there has been no updates in 2 years. Last week it just quit working all together. I even deleted and reinstalled still doesn’t work. How can a company work if its tools aren’t working properly. Sad since zTrip is way better than Uber in prices, as well as the drivers all have to have background checks. Wish y’all would fix the app!!
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7 months ago, M Radcliffe
App doesn’t work properly
I reserved a ride. Upon arriving the app wouldn’t stay open so I could pay in app. It opened, said good morning & then closed. I had to use credit card to pay. Not the 2st time happening. Also some drivers don’t know how to use credit card system.
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1 year ago, fffgjjyrssnjkf
App is trash
Waited almost 30mins then the app just cancelled my ride without me knowing had to rebook and same thing happen after it asked me on a call did I still need the pickup Ztrip need to work on they technology side of the business maybe it would improve a customer experience zero/ 5 stars if I could. Terrible experience I’ll rather just catch a Uber or the bus instead of playing with my luck waiting on a ride with them
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3 years ago, smc2021
Worthless!!! Ride didn’t show twice
A group of us booked 2 rides in advance and neither one showed. We were abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Customer service is either an automated “we’re finding you a ride, call back in 10 mins” or if you actually get someone they are not interested in helping at all. If I could give a -100 star rating, I would. So disappointed. Don’t rely on this service.
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1 year ago, Casimah Locke
Dale was my driver
I had a flat tire after work today & needed to get home. I booked the ride at 5:50 am & was picked up at the 7:04 am the ride was 12 minutes total ride was $26 even I tipped him $8 dollars he was very polite & caring
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2 years ago, Blobfishthechef
This company is great for helping you get fired
Do you have trust issues, a fear of abandonment? Well, this service won’t help! I have to use this service to get to work, and trust me when I say, this is the worst excuse for a business to ever exist. I’ve given my schedule in advance, and not a single time have they shown up on time. I’m terrified of learning to drive, but this service has made me realize that anything is better.
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3 years ago, Rather take the bus
Ridiculously bad!
Don’t use the scheduling option— my cab never showed up. Customer service appears to be outsourced and is very incompetent. I even have many complaints about their complaints department!! The drivers are independently owned and evidently have the option to cancel a trip without any notification. If you want to get somewhere on time, don’t use this service. I would recommend Uber, Lyft, or even a horse and buggy over this “business”.
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7 months ago, Horrible Service Again
Bad app, bad drivers
The app continually crashes, so I have to keep deleting and reinstalling. That’s the most frustrating part. There is no way to rate individual drivers with the exception of a “smily face” or “frowny face”. How immature and elementary is that? The drivers, with one specific exception are rude, play loud music, and are continually on their phones with personal call. Just a good idea, but executed so poorly that it makes me want to take public transportation.
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12 months ago, Kelly Picci
Incredibly rude drivers
I called for a ride and the driver was “5 min” for over 20min. He called me and asked “if I was actually ready to be picked up” after we had been waiting for about 10min. When I called back to see if he was on his way about 15min later he screamed at me and said “I know who you are and where you are going. If you don’t want my ride just cancel it. I don’t want to pick you up anyway”
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2 years ago, Airforcemomsc
No show
I reserved 3 days in advance and received an email that I had transportation reserved, then received a text 20 min before trip that it was accepted, then 5 min later a text that trip had been completed. (I had not been picked up!!!)I had a flight to catch and no way to get to the airport! This infuriates me! Every time I come to ABQ I have difficulty getting to the airport at an early hour. I will not use ZTrip ever again!
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3 years ago, Guy412412
Don’t waste your time with the company
Ordered 3 XL vehicles over a month before I needed them to shuttle wedding guests back to a hotel. I thought surely that would be enough time to coordinate transportation. Only 1 of the 3 vehicles showed up and was over 45 minutes late. Driver called multiple times to try to find the address but failed repeatedly due to inability to speak English. Worst experience I’ve ever had, with any business that I’ve transacted with.
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3 years ago, Tyrieal
Worst experience. Don’t even bother. Took forever to find the driver. Then the driver cancelled on me and doesn’t even let me know the app doesn’t update or change when the driver change so I spent 30 mins watching this other guy drive around down and go to the area I need to go to. I call and he tells me he is no longer my driver for “safety reasons” and that they called a cab for me.
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3 years ago, fulteom
Booked trip didn’t show
Had a trip booked a week out. Early morning trip. Logged into the app that morning close to departure time, got a notification saying drivers busy, searching for a nearby ride. I had a flight to catch, no room for this unacceptable customer service. Ended up driving myself and paying for parking, a real let-down.
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3 months ago, Budlight12458292
Having to wait 5 hours
I legit waited 5 hours and nobody ever booked me for a ride how can you call yourself a taxi service and not even pick up your customers kinda pathetic honestly especially me being and the navy and have no other form of transportation makes me really mad definitely won’t book another ride that’s for sure!!!!
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3 years ago, Kitri04
They want to keep their business?
I’m not sure if they want to keep their business. They always advertised like use local taxi, but how can I use it if you don’t show up on time? They didn’t even give any notice to me, just didn’t show up. What about my time? I don’t understand why they have a reservation menu if they don’t show up.
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8 months ago, GildedRabbits
Too many issues
The app crashes without warning and won't reopen. There's also the issue of not being able to double book unless you call in.
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8 months ago, jasmine2089
I need help logging in
I used a different email address when i signed up for ztrip can we reset the email address and password? Same phone number.
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5 months ago, Cody Heard
Absolutely ridiculous and they wonder how Lyft and Uber are beating them? Hmm maybe because they actually come when requested and are 120% faster showing up. Oh let’s not forget they give discounts when in the wrong and Ztrip. Nope. Ztrip is obviously from the hood. And more expensive… what do you have to offer over Uber and Lyft? It’s a joke. This is my last priority ride. SMH
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3 years ago, Pricelessraw
Very reliable service for when you need to get somewhere quick
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3 years ago, zerodark
All the trouble of a cab, repackaged
This is Yellow Cab, etc, rebranded. But instead of trying to be more like Uber and Lyft, the two companies absolutely murdering the taxi business over the last decade, they decided to continue using 20th-century methods and procedures for 21st-century transportation. If you want to ride in a smelly vehicle with a terrible driver who has not been background checked or a drug screened, this is definitely the company for you.
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1 year ago, Jones@202
Do not book with this company, it is a Joke… I’m taking about waiting and waiting for the ride to show up. Yes we got pick up but the dispatcher claimed it was only one driver in my area, we waited for 2 hours, I eventually had to call a family members to com pick us up….Do not call this company it is a major Fraud……and I will be call the bank.
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3 years ago, jpcrifasi
Left us stranded twice!
We booked with ZRide for a ride to and from an event. We ordered two vehicles to the event. One showed up 30 mins late. On the return trip they no-showed altogether. We had to catch a ride back from a separate cab service altogether. No concern or care from the company. Do not use this company! They will leave you stranded.
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3 years ago, Theodore Israel
When nobody’s driving on uber or lyft
This is a great option when all the snobby drivers on uber and lyft are completely occupied or just not working.
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1 year ago, K20236366
Very helpful and kind
My driver was very helpful and kind. I got to my destination safely. I am currently waiting for my return trip.
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2 years ago, Geoff Phoxwhurthee
Can never showed up. Just get an Uber
Booked a ride online through their website. Had a confirmation number and everything. Cab never showed up. Never got a call saying there was a problem or anything. Tried using the app despite the red flags. Ended up taking an Uber. Just take an Uber.
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3 years ago, Mrshockedatthiscrap
Dont bother booking ahead because it doesn’t matter. Booked a cab to the airport two days in advance and it waited until they were already late to let me know noone was coming. Deleting the app now never to be used again. If you are flying please do not use. You will miss your flight.
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2 years ago, annkimer
Bad business
Call to have a friend brought to my house driver never showed up! Call to see what was going on because friend was still waiting. Was told the driver picked up the wrong passenger!!! What!!!??? Had to wait almost an hour before my friend was picked up will never use ztrip again
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3 years ago, BoricuaMI
Last letter of the alphabet for a reason!
Called for a pick up at 8:59pm, I called to get an ETA at 10:52pm, at 11:02pm the order was placed again without me saying anything! At 12:19am driver calls and asks if I still needed a ride?!!! I don’t understand how you can bid on contracts and not have drivers ready to work!? YOU ARE NOT: Yellow Cab, Uber, Checkered Taxi or Lyft!
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3 years ago, K1tten420
I scheduled a trip almost 3 weeks in advance. The morning of, a driver never showed….and then I got a notification almost an hour after the passenger needed to be picked up that there was no driver available. Maybe communicate better so people can make other arrangements.
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1 year ago, Welp69
Unable to create an account . Some reason I can type any other phone number but mine . I get to the last digit and it won’t even show it on the screen. Unable to move forward in account making . Need a ride here in a few hours to the airport . SMH .
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9 months ago, ECDTurner
Total garbage
At the time I’m posting this, the last time this app was updated was 2 years ago. I think it’s safe to assume they’ve pretty much abandoned it, considering how crappy it is. I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve successfully gotten a cab via this app. It’s over……..
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11 months ago, Dave84501
Up charging and poor coverage
Lead to this app by super shuttle in Colorado Springs. Poor coverage and drivers taking long way around saying “faster” not consistent with Google maps or Apple Maps estimates. This allowed a 30% up charge. Even with pre booking their is not coverage in COS for early am flights.
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3 years ago, ava ll
Horrible app
The app will schedule you a driver without notifying that you actually have one. That’s if you’ll even get a driver scheduled. The app is nonfunctional, and when you pay in app, the price always ends up being double what you’re told it will be. In comparison to Uber, Ztrip is a laughingstock.
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