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User Reviews for Zulily

4.85 out of 5
720.9K Ratings
4 years ago, rm2524
Shopping Zulily
I love shopping with Zulily. There is always unique and we'll priced items. From Home to Kid's Wear you can find it here. The sales are extraordinary and all the people I've had contact with have been polite and professional. I have bought a lot of items in almost all the different stores that I wear today. There is never a perfect senerio to any business all need to grow and change. Zulily does that by adding new items and informing you by email everyday about new sales. I really only have one complaint and that is their return policy. I like the option of receiving my credits back on the card instead of card credit. The reason I like it that way is that I have to wait for something to come in before you really know if you like it or if the measurements are correct. So if I don't or can't wear something I would be happy if it was returned to my card than making the sacrifice of paying for something I won't wear and have to pay twice for shipping to return it and I have no choice but to use my store credit. If the description were more exact and the reviews were there it would be easy to order correctly. And the option of store credit or back on my card should be my decision. I have talked to a few return personel that understand that logic so I have had it returned toy card a few times. Other than that the excitement of each days new items is great.
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5 years ago, AnesiaEstropez
You gotta understand the process- and speak up when something’s wrong
When I first ordered from Zulily I was frustrated because it felt like my items took a year to get to me. Finally in the app they have listed a “ship by” date section and when tracking packages (after they’ve shipped) it’s so easy to see where things are. I’ve ordered the majority of my Christmas presents from this site but also knew it would take a couple weeks to get to me. So I planned ahead so I would have them in time for Christmas. There are tons of great items but if you are last minute shopping this is not the site. I’ve got SO many great deals from Zulily and have always been satisfied with the products. I recently bought a coat off of them and immediately unpacked it, took the tags off and hung it up. Fast forward a few days and I go to wear it. I noticed two of the buttons were defective. Saddened, I emailed Zulily and sent pictures of the product and explained I had already thrown away the packaging and tags. I received a response in less than 12 hours on a Saturday! They treated me right and corrected the issue. I am beyond pleased with this site, app and customer service. 5 stars all the way!
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3 years ago, hezhaa
Love zulily. Hate their shipping.
I look on Zulily every single day. I’ve bought many things, from clothes and shoes to kitchen stuff. I’ve never had a problem with any of the physical stuff I’ve purchased. However, there seems to always be a problem when it comes to shipping. Most of the things I have bought ship through OnTrac. OnTrac is horrible. They have flat out LOST my package 3 times. Had to contact the seller for a refund. This time, my stuff was shipped through UPS and then transferred to the local post office for delivery. I’m currently tracking 2 of the same items, which I would think should have shipped together since they’re the same thing. One was supposed to be delivered yesterday and hasn’t showed up. The other is supposed to be delivered today, and the tracking hasn’t even moved. I love shopping through Zulily but they really need to dial in their shipping carriers. These shipping issues alone make me want to delete this app. Ive never had issues with my local post office or the UPS guy(I even bought them Christmas gifts) but for some reason when the items are ordered through Zulily, there’s an issue. Also... it’s beyond frustrating that there’s almost never an option to filter/sort the sizes in the bedding sales. That option is always grayed out. There’s rarely ever any Cal King sizes... but when there are, I have to click on every single item to see what sizes it comes in.
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6 years ago, MrsTomsko
App works...company? Not so much.
I am very disappointed. As this was my first order from Zulily, I was a bit skeptical of the lack of communication regarding my order status - every time I checked the status each item remained en route to Zulily (the windmill wall decor has remained there for many days) or preparing to ship. So I was sad to hear the nightstands had “missed their shipping send date”. When I just checked the status, they are marked as canceled without further information sent to me - the delayed email stated “If it turns out we're not able to ship out your goodies within the next 10 days, we'll cancel the items we’re unable to ship and issue you an automatic refund”. Well as of today they are canceled and, surprise!, no refund to my account. So now I’m left with no items and no refund. I ordered something else a few days ago while I was waiting and that has shipped, how is it that you could mess up one order so unbelievably bad, yet fulfill another so easily? Zulily has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I am regretting how much praise I gave your website to my friends and family. This is a poor way to do business and based off the amount of advertising I see for your company, you obviously have enough foolish customers like me to supplement your marketing funds. I will never shop with your “middle-man” company again, instead I will work directly with a manufacturer. At least they will follow through and stand behind what they type in an email.
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6 years ago, MB CT
Love the concept, hate no returns
I love/hate relationship shopping on Zulily. I like that the merchandise is slightly discounted and it's all right there in different categories and things that you love to shop for and some things you didn't even know you wanted. That being said I only gave it one star because the fact that you CANNOT RETURN ANYTHING and you are stuck with a wrong size is terrible. From now on I can only buy clothes and shoes from vendors that I recognize the names of, otherwise chances are you are getting something that is nowhere near the size that you ordered and you are stuck with it! After having to eat the cost of many dresses, pants and shirts, I finally learned my lesson and I'm not going to spend money on clothes and shoes from Zulily unless I recognize the brand and know what size I am in those brands. Even then, if you look at other sites for those brand name items, chances are you can find them for same price or less and you CAN return them on those sites if they don't fit correctly.
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4 years ago, Kenyaflier
Terrible return policy and Zulily monitors negative reviews and often takes them down
are no one star ratings. Zulily is a very difficult company to order from. They were horrible ordering Christmas items from. Several reviews coincided with my review. However I see those reviews have been deleted and all of the good reviews are still up. Pretty shady On the App Store's part or Zulily's part. I'm not sure which. I did all of my Christmas shopping through Zulily. I have a large family and I am now still trying to track down 20 Christmas items. This was not a shipping issue. This was Zulily's issue. They often under stock their items. And that's what happen with my items. they just weren't available. Zulily ran a promotion of guaranteed Christmas delivery. However if you didn't get your items by Christmas all you received from customer service was an apology. They did not compensate their customers appropriately. I have several items that I have not been refunded on. Buyer beware when ordering from this online company. The average wait time to receive a package is three weeks. I have waited up to six weeks. If you want to trust Zulily reviews you need to look at another website. Or search Zulily reviews and you will be able to pull up information very similar to my experience. Obviously this App Store is deleting negative comments.
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9 months ago, Yljespersen
App Is Great. Company is TERRIBLE
Zulily is a perfectly fine company assuming you get what you order. However, as a company they have virtually zero customer service. They will not refund products, even if they are at fault for the issue. The representative are rude and condescending. I ordered items and received an error message. My bank account was still charged. I emailed for assistance and received the standard “it may take 24 hrs”. After that I received another generic email stating there was a possible problem with a partner and to reset my password. No mention was made regarding the charges to my account. Upon calling I’m to customer service the rep advised me that fraud was suspected and I should change my information. I escalated the issue because I was very concerned that I had not been notified of any suspicion of fraud. Both the rep and the supervisor repeatedly advised “I’m so sorry for your trouble, but the email did advise you to change your password so it was addressed”. It was so perfect that it was clearly scripted. My simple issue over what I thought was a glitch in the programming, became a very concerning insight into how they mishandle suspected fraud by sidestepping the issue entirely. I will no longer be a zulily customer. This after being a very loyal customer since 2009.
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2 years ago, Bling Queen 65
Favorite Shopping Site;
I love, love, love my Zulily shopping site!! I would be lost without them! I buy all of my clothing, bedding, curtains, handbags or shoes, and even some of my hair products… I have had friends tell me to delete it because I am a habitual shopper and spend too much time and money on here but the bargains and the selection of products you can’t find anywhere else, I can buy here with a push of a button and I love that! Sometimes I do wait a while but other times a couple days. Either way the good out ways the bad! Great return policy and I have been with them for over 20 years… I have no need to go to the stores and wait in line or ponder over something I feel cost too much! Highly recommend them just understand some things take a lil longer to receive, depending on where it’s shipping from… Awesome site and so grateful during the COVID pandemic as it kept me from getting out or just keeping me busy… 💖
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5 years ago, Thecheesylittlerat
No complaints at all!!!
I live in a big city and it’s still hard to find a good selection of anything, especially clothing at affordable prices. I can always count on Zulily for whatever I’m looking for. With 2 small kids and a busy job, it’s a pain to visit multiple stores to find what I want. With Zuliliy, I can shop whenever I’d like. I’m always surprised to see the deals of the day are brands I buy and love... like Fiestaware, Marika, and Hanna Anderson. I often buy from Zulily when I find they’re cheaper than anyplace else I’ve been looking. The deals have been Their customer service is awesome. If I’ve ever had a problem with any item I’ve bought, they’ve been more than accommodating and solved my issue quickly. What’s also awesome is the free shipping they give you for a time after each purchase. If you’ve forgotten to add something to your cart, you can buy it without any additional shipping charge. I love Zulily and will continue to shop with them for many years to come.
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5 years ago, J.W.J.
Love Zulily
Have ordered so many products from Zulily for myself and as gifts. Love the selection of unique items. My only complaint is that more care is not taken when mailing jewelry. If the seller does not include a box with the purchase, the item is mailed in a small plastic bag and shipped in a large, thin, non-padded plastic bag. This small delicate item is sliding around the bag amongst other items being shipped. I have received either damaged or broken pieces of jewelry or they break after being worn, eg.a stone falls off. I did call once on a piece I believed to be defective and received a prompt refund. I was able to repair the other pieces. I am now reluctant to order jewelry from Zulily. Can’t understand why these pieces cannot be mailed in a small box in a smaller envelope. Otherwise, I love Zulily, am pleased with the ease of ordering, customer service and returning items (though I find the return fee a little on the high side). The delivery of other items I have not had a problem with.
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4 years ago, Leo Wolfe
Over all I love it.
I ordered clothes for my toddler off Zulily and they all shipped within a week or so of ordering. Very good prices. Very good quality clothes for sure. All the same fits on her as well which I was concerned they would fit differently from each other but I’m relieved they don’t. My only concern is one of the items I order took over 2 months to ship out. When I emailed support they said to check my orders through my app account. For 2 months it showed the order hadn’t even shipped to the Zulily warehouse. No later than a few days after emailing support did the order begin it’s transit and is finally en route for delivery. I was expecting a more helpful response from support since I had to contact them just to find out what’s up with this one item not being processed, but as long as I receive my order and it’s just as great as the rest of the order I’m very happy. I’ve recommended this app to other mothers I know and they have also had great shopping experiences and quality of their orders is just as great too.
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6 years ago, Tsumiyori
Started great, but now incredibly disappointing
No more Zulily for me. When they first launched, the brands and prices were actual deals. They had more payment options available. Sadly, now many of the name brands can be found cheaper elsewhere, with much MUCH faster shipping times. Items take far too long to arrive. Shipping times on my last few orders have taken nearly a month. Many items carried now are filler brands that no one has ever heard of, and sadly are just as sketchy as purchasing a “bargain” item from a China-based seller on ebay. Pictures do not always accurately reflect items for sale- colors and textures on items at arrival look much different than advertised. Size guides are not reliable at all. They didn’t used to charge for return shipping. They no longer accept Paypal. My last contact with Customer Service was frustrating and did not resolve my issue- after a few emails exchanged I expressed my frustration, which the the rep chose to ignore entirely and reply back with an email that did not match my concern nor address my previous email. Every order and interaction becomes more and more disappointing. I will no longer purchase through them and will be closing my account.
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3 years ago, organization freak!
Overall I like!
I love getting on the Zulily app just to window shop and sometimes I will order something. Just a couple of issues I’ve noticed. Shipping isn’t the greatest! I ordered some things for my classroom and it took about a month to get here and was worried I wouldn’t have it in time for school to start. I’ve just learned to be patient and try and order stuff that’s already ready to ship if possible and order early! I can deal with the shipping. If you need something right way though, this is not the store for you. My biggest thing that I wish they could add in the app is when you favorite something. I tend to favorite a ton of items in all different categories and sometimes it’s to much to load all of them on the page and I have to sift through all of them to see what I want to order that day. I can deal, but I wish there was a way you could add folders to the favorite section so that you could organize your favorites. I know TOTAL organization Freak! But it really does bother me.
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3 years ago, just gonna be honest
Never writes reviews
Let me start by saying that Zulily has never let me down. During the last year I have had the opportunity to online shop more than I have ever needed or wanted to in the past. With that being said, I have used other sites and experienced things like: sites selling items that were either knock-offs and/or of poor quality, sites with name brand items but they over promised on ship dates, never shipped or “lost in transit” 🙄, or “one of our customer service reps will contact you about your order.” .... then radio silence. I’m sure almost everyone has had at least one of these experiences. So this is why I’m writing my first review ever for Zulily. I have only ordered shoes and clothing so I can’t attest to bigger items but, I have always received exactly what I ordered, by the date promised, and have never had to contact customer support for any order I have placed. So in my book, Zulily has well earned my positive review!!
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3 months ago, Pittmane
Not as good as it used to be
If I had reviewed Zulily when I first got it (while pregnant with twins in 2009), I would have given it all the stars I could. Back then, they had a much smaller collection of high quality items to sell. I could pretty much be guaranteed of finding something each time I went on there. It was a FANTASTIC place to buy pretty maternity wear - above and beyond what you could find in brick and mortar stores. Lots of clothes, toys and books for kids. Now, you have to wade through tons of low-quality stuff that I could find at the closest Wal-Mart. Several of the brands that I used to “favorite” don’t appear there anymore (also - they buried the “favoriting” tool which was very handy to get notified when those items were back on the site). The worst, though, is the looooonnnnggg time it takes to get an item you order - sometimes WEEKS. I was sad to see the old Zulily get replaced by an online TJ Maxx (which wouldn’t, in itself, be a bad thing - but add in the inability to touch/feel the item in question and the slow shipping, and it makes it much less useful).
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5 years ago, BeachBound13
So disappointed in Zulily! I placed several orders with no issue, but I am done. If I could give negative stars, I would. I ordered a FitBit. I realized immediately after I ordered the incorrect one. Received two invoices from them. Emailed support to ask if I could change my mailing address, cancel my order and order the other Fitbit instead, and asked what the second invoice I received was about. The second invoice was for the incorrect amount. Two days later I got an email that my address was updated. WHAT ABOUT MY OTHER QUESTIONS?! I emailed again. Received a response the Fitbit I wanted was sold out. Well, no $&*#!!! It had been days since I made the request. WHAT ABOUT MY SECOND INVOICE?! We are now more than a week and FOUR EMAILS Into my questions. I have yet to receive a response about the invoice I received that matches no order I placed. If that amount posts to my account, I will be disputing the charge and filing a complaint. The customer service aspect is lacking. Don’t waste your money on this scam. Works great as long as you don’t have questions. TBD if they are planning on charging my account bogus charges. In case you cannot tell, I am livid over my experience with this sucky company.
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4 years ago, justarose56
Your apology
I just wish honesty would come first. You sent a message stating how sorry you were about a few orders I was unhappy with and give me a free gift of free shipping !! Activate and use before 7 days I was told. Tried to place an order but of-course there was no sign of Zulily honoring the so called apology gift. Only until I realize I had to place an order first, well, that is your normal business so of course after I placed my first order I get the pop up that tells me until Sunday night I have free shipping. Well , that is normal ! Certainly not honoring your email to me. Please tell me why bother - you know I’m a long time customer - I’d rather have never heard from you in the way of a gift of apology , then feel deceived only in another way once again. Please look at your customer service policies in place - before long we will be leaving. Sorry to vent ....just hate to love Zulily so much that I’m beginning to really dislike you.
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1 year ago, Edr Staffer
Come a long way!
When I first started ordering from Zulily years ago… It was a little harder to do returns. I am a very avid Zulily shopper and they are fabulous to deal with if you callThe customer service number. I have never had any luck getting my emails answer me therefore, I just talk to them in person.I love being notified when things that I wanted were out of stock! I do wish that you could always choose to get a credit with Zulily or a credit from your original payment method. Not everything I have ordered has been the quality I had hoped for, but if it's an issue of miss sizing or quality....customer service has been very good at taking my request to have my original payment method credited because I felt the return was not my fault! keep up the good work Zulily you get better and better every year! Very satisfied customer!
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3 years ago, Sxffd
Pay for return shipments & no refunds
Zulily is ok. I just wanted to give folks a heads up that you will pay for shipping to receive and return! On top of that, you will also only receive a store credit which is ridiculous. If you are shopping for brands that you are not aware of...then you will be at risk (I call it a triple risk)... you will pay $8 to ship...$8 to return...stuck with a store credit. If you are a shopaholic, you may go to Zulily for instance just to browse and may find interest in only a single item AND you may not plan to visit this site again since you have so many other stores to shop with...my point...why in the world do I want to be stuck with a store credit?!?!?!?! That means I have to keep this dumb store credit in the back of my mind and remember to use it. Too inconvenient for me! Not to mention I paid a total of $16 in shipping (to ship and to return)!!! It’s a new age Zulily...shipping should be free at the very least for returns...AND...a refund should be allowed back on the card the customer used. So if I order from Zulily...it will only be brands that I know to avoid the triple risk.
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6 years ago, sarge82485
Sizes can be off; takes forever to get your purchases
Several times I have ordered clothes using the sizing guide and my previous experience shopping on this site and the clothes are huge or much too tight when I try them on. They are also not returnable.... Also, there is never a guaranteed date you will receive you purchase. I’ve waited 6 weeks for something to come in! They completely missed Easter (which was the reason I was buying the items in the first place). No one was able tell me when the items would arrive and they would not cancel the order because it have “already shipped from the seller” but they were “unclear” on how long it would be before the items were delivered (2 more weeks by the way). I do love the style, prices, and selection but I hesitate to buy anything that I actually NEED (eg gifts, clothes for a certain occasion etc)
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4 years ago, Lise Becker
Almost like a quaint little side street boutique like in Provincetown at the Cape.
I buy regularly from Zulily and have spent probably close to or more than 1000$ on everything from kitchen items to art supplies Muck boots and clogs. A ton of tunics and long and Capri leggings. I bought my sons very high quality snowboarding jacket there. Just last week I scored a pair of just below the knee side zippered black boots with two small straps and buckles at the bottom for 9.98$. NO JOKE!! I have swimsuits and bras. Snowman garden flags. A unique but very effective pizza cutter. A stained glass owl. Clinique happy perfume. Beauty and hair products. Clogs, a poncho. An open cardigan sweater. An owl broach in gold. Many many other items and I have probably only had one maybe two issues but let me tell you - Zulily customer service is absolutely outstanding. I mean OUTSTANDING!! Never be afraid to shop here. Love this store- give them a shot. You won’t be sorry.
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5 years ago, playspaces
Unique products
This is a great site; great selection of products and many of these are unique. The best shopper is the shopper who is aware of the usual price for the products they like or would buy however. While not all product vendors inflate the normal/usual price of their products, there are some vendors who appear to definitely do this. Therefore some products may not actually be reduced priced. But the majority of items are. Customer Service is fabulous with this company. I have always been respectably and fairly treated by the company’s agents. Initially Zulily had a no return policy for their products and yes, there were items I bought that I would have liked to return and couldn’t. Later Zulily adjusted their return policy to where one could return most products for refund. The return policy has been changed once again to where a shopper may return most items but instead of a refund now, Zulily offers Zulily store credit towards future orders with them. It is best to have more than one item to return as the return fee you pay is relatively high but it covers the return of up to 5 items. All in all however, I have and continue to enjoy my shopping with Zulily. I love buying unique products especially for Christmas gifts. I have bought some really nice and quality products through Zilily.
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2 years ago, bubbers2u
Zulily has really gone down hill
I’ve had this app for awhile now and I had some initial good finds. That was back when their employees modeled the clothing and the overall vibe of the company seemed to be that of a progressive, well grounded company. Lately, the items I have bought have been very gawdy. The have a tiny, Barbie doll lady that is modeling most things, and the clothes are apparently as air brushed as the model. They look very little like the pictures to real life. I have 2 tops that I want to return. I had responded to an email, filling out a form for a return label. I received an email to say it was coming, and it never did. I sent an email asking for a return label again. I sent a 3rd email to complain about the lack of response, letting them know that the next step would be to spread the word about my experience. You know the rest. Maybe this is more of a reflection on the company as a whole rather than the app, but if the service the company provides doesn’t back up the app, there is no point in doing business with Zulily. Learn from my mistake.
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5 years ago, lyndasimmons
Customer Service
I have been shopping with Zuilily for the last year or more and I have had the best customer service I have ever had at any store or website!! They have always gone over and above, Every time I have ever called emailed or chatted with any one of them!!! I recommend this website to every single person I ever come in contact with. I worked in retail for over 30 years and I have been so impressed with each and every one of them!!!. I wish there was a way to make it known to the whole world how great the people are and how wonderful the website is .. along with the greatest merchandise, always high-quality and always backed a thousand percent. No matter where I shop this is always my first go to place. And I always, always find great Items and great selections.. all I can say, is I hope they’re always around!!! Thanks
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5 years ago, MTblueslover
Suddenly crashing often
Overall, i like this app. It is very easy to order. A bit too easy! :-D The app is suddenly crashing a lot since May 2018. I have the most recent push to an iphone 7s that has the most recent IOS 11.4, but the app was also crashing in 11.3 A more recent squeak i have is in tracking the last very-delayed item of a 3-item order. I was notified it shipped. I haven’t received it yet. The entire order is flagged as complete and dropped to the short list. i haven’t reviewed the items yet and it went to the short list. So i found the order and i try to track the package and the number given is not able to process at UPS or USPS. The carrier is UPS but the track # is more like they passed it off to USPS. Contrary to the above scenario, delivered and reviewed products should drop off the current order listings; complete with pics, etc. But the tag still reads to review the item and it has ben delivered. These should drop down to the short list. Too much repeat admin is a time drain, and these type of conveniences probably only apply to people who order frequently like me! Ha ha! Only the chronic instability of the app and the lack of being able to track my current package is real for heartburn. The other whining is just in respect to the unnecessary admin time. There are worse apps out there, so i think they’ve done a good job!
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2 years ago, pepper1914
Give commendation and acknowledge good companies
I recently read a review of Zulily from what I think came from a first time customer. I was taken aback at the negative comments. And it was for something very minor. I have been a customer for years and whenever I have a situation with a product in any shape or form, Zulily promptly corrected the error. There are no words for how great Customer service has treated me. Zulily has gone over and above in treating me as a valued customer. I remember when I started seeing the Zulily advertisements on television. I said OMG now everyone will know my hot shopping spot. Today I have to ‘rush shop’ because so many have joined the craz. The individual who blast the company is hardly worth mentioning. Zulily leadership I haven’t enough space to thank you and your awesome staff for all you do. Best,
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12 months ago, nakend eye
Thank you for knowing my shopping way! I usually shop and leave in my cart and comeback I been shop in this site for how many years now before covid for me it’s convenient I don’t need to go to the store and walk around. I am lazy so online is convenient for me perhaps they have carried signature brand that i like. quality items I would say sometimes I order jewelry’s and arrive damage ! I don’t bothered Returning it waste of my time for a few $! I throw it. I learn to carefully ordering items especially in plants, jewelry. I order few and arrive dried in a box so disappointed. But again i learn my mistakes not to order them even how beautiful they are in the pictures! I will say recommend shop clothes, shoes, very much the whole clothing brand. And I still like shopping in zulily!
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3 years ago, nogroceriesforme
Love Zulily- issue with app
I like shopping here but there’s an issue I can’t seem to resolve. If I have liked an item- by clicking on the heart- there’s no way to undo it. If you click on the heart again to “remove” it will show it’s no longer selected on that item, but as soon you go back, it shows it’s still favorited. I have baby or pregnant items I’m no longer interested in and there’s no way to get them removed. I also have hit the “X” to try to remove brands from my favorites. It will show it works, but as you go to another screen and then come back, they are back. It’s impossible to delete! At the same time, I get emails saying items on my waitlist are available, but when I log on my waitlist, those items aren’t on there (nor do I want them to be as they are items that no longer interest me). So be warned- If you favorite something, you will never be able to unfavorite and will keep getting emails about it!!
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5 years ago, chantlover
Wonderful website!
I only recently started shopping on Zulily, but I’d seen the ads often, and loved the clothes I saw! I can’t remember what finally made me try it, but it has been such a wonderful experience! I could not ask for anything better. I learned that one has to be patient, because the orders may not ship right away. It may be a few weeks before the order is received, but because of their bulk method of shipping, the costs are lower, and so far have been very affordable! I’ve bought several pairs of leggings that fit perfectly, along with several tunics that I love, and it has opened my world a little. Even my husband noticed and said I looked very fashionable!! Tonight I bought my first shoes through Zulily, and I’m a little nervous as I’m hard to fit, but if it’s the same experience I’ve had so far, I have nothing to be nervous about. Thank you, Zulily!! I feel pretty again!
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4 years ago, Spotdolly
Zulily Rocks!!!
I love this place. Most of the things I get from Z are excellent. People stop me in the street to ask “where did you get that?” A lot. Like other websites, Zulily has its fair share of cheap clothing, you have to remember, you get what you pay for. Cheap item are cheaply made. Great fashion, quirky looks, and well made items are available at a good price. It takes a while to get your order. Some people may not like that, but if you know that going in it’s not a problem. Some items are not returnable. Zulily is a great way to shop when you take these things in consideration. They are dependable and a good source for shopping. Just read and understand the conditions of the purchase. Zulily is an unusual way to get great prices and things not available any where else in the world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Kimberlina<3
TERRIBLE customer service
They got 2 stars for fun items. Dealing with a payment issue(not on my end) for going on 3 hours, 3 phone calls to them, 1 to my bank, and twice to paypal... also a phone call to a collection agency that I wasn’t even sent to because it’s not 30 days late(I called asap to see what happened)!! Oh, and an email to zulily(which wasn’t helpful either.) It’s a joke. Spoke to a floor manager on my last phone call because I was tired of dealing with people who can’t do their job...the FM talked down to me and was audibly upset that she had to deal with me because as she said “anyone of her service members could have helped me with this issue”. I kindly told her again that she was my 4 contact at zulily and No one before her helped me.... and in fact she didn’t help me, and that issue is STILL not resolved! Complaining? Yes. Yes I am. They’ve lost my business.
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4 years ago, Grandma D of 4
Not enough billing information when you receive your credit card bill.
I have been on Zulily for several years. I one I can’t stand you do not get your money back. You only get a credit. I fill like this is highway robbery. But the worst part is that when you finally “GET” your order. You can not figure out when the items were charged to offset the amount of the bill you receive from the account it was charged to. You never know what items are charged and on what credit card billing because our card does not itemize purchases, they only give you a lump amount. There has to be a better way of controlling the charges. It is sometimes a month or more before getting items I’ve purchased. Seems like the longer I’m on zulily the deals are no longer a bargain. Some items I can get cheaper locally! And that’s not even considering postage. They use to be the place to find fair prices on fun items. Not so sure anymore. You need to set up your game Zulily!
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8 months ago, jrambin37
Love the sales
I love the platform and the whole concept of how they order and are able to give us really great prices! Always read the reviews when ordering bc its hit or miss it seems on some of the premium brand items. (Perfume, makeup, etc.) It seems you have to be careful bc it looks like some of the premium products offered may not be real. I wish that the shopping interface was more user friendly and that you could see everything once you click on the item. Not having to click a second time to reveal what sizes they have. System runs slow most of the time. Shipping could be alot quicker on some things. I understand items that are being shipped internationally but not others that are in U.S. just not at the warehouse yet. Just a few suggestions to help make it better!! Thanks!
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5 months ago, Kfinz13
I love Zulily!!
I I I’ve trying new and up coming brands and love Zulily! I have been ordering from them for about 6 years. Now, I’m going to be honest. I have had a couple of items that I thought would be different but, by and large, everything I order, I love. The greatest attribute is name brands you know and love, sell their “wares” on Zulily. How can you go wrong with flat $7.99 shipping (free if you forgot something the same day of your last order). Your favorite brands (and some new comers) at a discount!!! How can you loose!!?? It takes a minute, for shipping items that comes from International ports. Zulily has many items on hand ( the little “rocket” beside the item you are looking at), is a shorter shipping time frame. You pretty much can’t loose.
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6 years ago, Orchidgirl101
Best Deals!
I have been a Zulilly customer longer than I care to admit! Pros: UNBELIEVABLE prices on designer products. I would never own Tom Ford eyeglasses or sunglasses if it was not for Zuliliy. I have also discovered many lines that I have never heard of including many from Europe. I am not a mall shopper so not having to leave my house to shop is the best part of all! Cons: No returns! Also you have to pay a shipping fee every time you place an order unless it’s within the same day as one before. They are great about refunding you if you receive an item that is flawed, however, last Christmas I ordered an item for a gift that was a totally different color than the photo. After they deducted the return shipping and I added what I paid originally in shipping to be delivered to me, I lost money😖
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5 years ago, officersyd
I’ve bought twice from zulily and loved my products and the price I paid for them. Here is what I hate, I wanted to buy something today, I hit purchase or submit whichever one it was and I had no option after that to select where I wanted it shipped to. I wanted it shipped to someone in another state from me and before I could even think, it charged my credit card through my bank. I didn’t even know I signed up for them to keep my bank information. Actually I would never do that. So of course that order got canceled and now I’m left to keep on everybody to make sure that the payment does not get processed. I had to call Zulily to make sure that the order was canceled. I had to contact my bank and they say that it’s pending. So now I got to keep a watch on my bank for the next few days to make sure that Zulily actually cancels the payment. I love shopping with zulily but you definitely do not have my permission to keep my credit card or bank information on file! No way!
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6 years ago, GrammyYiaYia
My "Go To" Shopping Site
I keep my mailman busy delivering packages from Zulily. I buy clothes for me, my 91 year old mother, my son, my grandsons and friends. I buy items for my house, gifts for everyone and for every holiday. I save tons of money, but most of all I save time and headaches as I do not enjoy shopping. I didn't enjoy shopping long before my arches fell, my knees were replaced, and I needed to use an electric cart to shop. But I love window shopping through catalogs and Apps. Is it safe to say I love Zulily? Absolutely! My only negative comment would be about the placement of the "Place Order" button. It is directly on top of the App's menu. I have accidentally placed orders when I was trying to select the "Shop" tab or the "Browse" tab. And I wish there was a way to delete credit cards saved on the App. Perhaps there is a way and I haven't discovered it. The only possible drawback is not being able to return items. That being said, in all the years I've shopped with Zulily, I can only think of two items that I would have wanted to return. And I've bought well over 100 items from Zulily, and that's a gross understatement. Try Zulily! I think you'll find it your "Go To" shopping App too! Suzanne
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5 years ago, Geemarox
My orders from zu
It’s kinda sad I don’t shop in stores often. Zulily saves me time and money. I just ordered a dress for my granddaughter, and had it sent to her at college. I send toys and clothes to my younger granddaughters regularly , who live out of state. Most items I’m very satisfied. Occasionally, there are issues, such as sizing being way off. My only other complaint is the time from order to delivery. I do not order for baby and wedding showers, etc, not knowing how long it will take. Overall, zulily has saved me a lot of time. I love reading about toys, enabling me to make Birthday and Christmas gift shopping so superior to walking up and down toy aisles in stores. I pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas. Very often, even the measurements of the boxes are given! It makes it so easy! Thank you Zulily!
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2 years ago, KPinWF
App Developers - error message
UPDATE! Thank you so much to the Zulily app Developers. You must have fixed the issue because I can now log in to my account. That was quick attention. Another testament to great customer service I’ve come accustomed to from Zulily. ************ I’m hoping this review gets the attention of the app developers. I actually (usually) love the Zulily app and use it to shop almost weekly but after the recent update I can no longer sign into my account through the app. I tried changing my password on the website and that didn’t help either. I keep getting an error message of “invalid v3 response object” when I try to log in on the app. Please reach out to me for resolution. Thank you! -Loyal customer
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7 months ago, 3Dalwee3
Good Site to Shop
I gave this review 4 stars because while it’s a good place to shop, it’s not great because of how long you have to often times wait for items. I like that they have different things that I don’t see everywhere else, but the wait times (and sometimes delayed shipping) put a big dent in my shopping experience (especially when I’m buying items as gifts, which I do most of the time, and hold my breath that I’ll get delivery by the time I need it for the occasion). I’d also like for the country of origin to be shown instead of ‘imported’ since I’d really prefer not to buy items made in China (with slave labor). I have found more times than not that customer service representatives are courteous and helpful when I’ve had items either go missing or have come defective.
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3 years ago, Rioliaden
There was a time when ordering from Zulily was hit or miss. You could get your items in a reasonable amount of time, or you could wait months, totally forget what you had ordered, then receive a package that gave you a surprise. I have been with Zulily for some time, but because of the second scenario, I quit buying from them. Well, they have truly stepped up their game. Ordering now gets all of your purchases in a reasonable amount of time, comparable to any other online retailer. It is refreshing, and encouraging, and this year, they were my primary go-to retailer. I bought most of my Christmas gifts from Zulily, and each has been worth it. So glad things have changed and I will continue to shop here.
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4 years ago, suziroo
App used to work well, but now - ecch!
¾ of time app states that they are having a problem. Hope the update fixes it. As far as content is concerned, I really question how much they check out some of their products. Several times the description and photo have little in common with what you receive. Items listed as sterling silver are often plate. When I questioned that, the reply was “It’s plated with sterling silver”. Wrong-o, Zulily. Either it’s sterling, or it isn’t. Plate don’t make it! Can’t really complain about present return policy, as previously you couldn’t return something unless it was damaged. One last thing. Am I correct in guessing that “Suzanne Betro” is your new(ish) house brand. It’s incessantly pushed on us. Tacky at best. Lots of poor quality fabrics in ugly, repetitive “styles”.
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5 years ago, LovemyGboys
Love that it saves my items
This app is wonderfully user-friendly. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate. The layout is one of the best for shopping apps, making it very easy to browse around. Not only is it simple to find what you’re looking for, but it’s also easy to get back where you were if you happen to take any “detours,” LOL, (which you’re likely to do because the app does a great job giving relevant suggestions & recommendations). I like that if zulily sells out of something in your cart, it automatically goes to your saved items, where you can request to be notified when the item is back in stock. The app itself responds quickly and has never crashed even when my cart is loaded! I really enjoy shopping on this app!
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3 years ago, KBConn
Easy shopping at your finger tips!
I don’t like to shop! I don’t like malls. But I must have clothes. I have purchased the majority of all of my clothes for the past four years from Zulily. It does take a few weeks to get items. Their shopping cart/stores are very unique. You get the item, when all of the orders are in for the brand that you are shopping. I do like the size chart and model size provided. If you are ordering a blousy top go one size down from your measurements. If you are ordering a fitted item, go with your measurements. If the fitted item is 100% cotton go up one size to compensate for shrinkage. Some items are not returnable. You will see that in the description. I have yet to return anything. I really like Zulily, especially during this season. KC
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6 years ago, Nursemamabear
Beware... addicting!
Hello. My name is Missy and I'm a Zulillyholic! Absolutely LOVE and this app!!! I'm constantly browsing to see what new things they have.. like constantly! Some of the items take a little longer to ship but the wait is totally worth it. Their customer service is phenomenal too! I bought this adorable little wooden end table (it was the last one) for my living room, it arrived super quickly but with a huge crack up the leg. I knew they didn't take returns but I called anyways to let them know about it and no questions asked they refunded my money plus the cost of shipping and told me I could either keep the table or donate it if I saw fit. WHAT?!?! I'm a zulilly customer for life with service like that!! Thank you for providing amazing products at exceptional prices!
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4 years ago, Peet's Mom
Best deals on very high quality goods
I’ve dealt with Zulily for about 8 years. Their prices can’t be beat and the level of quality, and custom choice you get for the price beats discount stores easily. Sometimes the wait time is a bit longer, so with little ones I would always just plan ahead a few months. But this doesn’t affect 5 stars, because that’s how pleased I have always been with orders. Designer, boutique, or luxury level items are frequent finds, prices below half retail...I love shopping with them. So I pay for shipping, and wait a week. Not a problem, considering the deal as a whole. Returns/refunds are easy. They have been very friendly, and responsive on the maybe 1 or 2 times I’ve ever needed to exchange something.
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4 years ago, Wit_a_y
Highly Disappointed
I love the options Zulily has to offer but recently I placed an order of about 6 different items at the beginning of November with a claim that it would arrive BEFORE Christmas. About two week before Christmas, and 5 weeks AFTER I placed my order, I finally received two of my 6 items. One was entirely way to small, despite the size chart indicating the size I purchased should have fit me because I did actually do the measuring. Then as we got closer to Christmas, I received notifications on 3 of my items saying my order was canceled... over sold.. I don’t know because no information was provided as to why. My last item was shipped stating it would arrive on Christmas Day, but that’s not happening because it was mailed via USPS. Items appear wonderful with great pricing but the service process after purchasing was full of false claims. I highly doubt I’ll purchase from here again.
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3 years ago, Babysister 69
Kangaroo Sweatshirt Maxi and Dress
I love these outfits. I have both the maxi and the dress in four colors. I wash them and allow them to air dry in the Laundry room, before I wear them. I put on make up, comb my hair, put on jewelry and do my Zoom classes . Excellent for lounging at home. Keep on hanging outside of my steam room, one in the garage because I put my clothes in a plastic bag and right to the Laundry room . Very nice to have them to wear around the house, walking to the mailbox, etc. Yesterday I wore one of the dresses with leggings , jewelry, long sleeve shirt, and a beautiful multi color shawl out to breakfast, my dental appointment, and to the post office. Compliments everywhere I went. Gave them to friends and family for Christmas. They loved them.
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5 years ago, Esr86
Hit and miss, poor communication
I have gotten both great and horrible deals from this site. I have gotten a dress I love and wear regularly and another I debated donating or pitching because the material was so thing, you could see the built in bra cups through it. Items take a while to send/receive, which I expect. However, they will mark orders as completed on the history tab before they are delivered and it’s not consistent on status. I’ve had order status changed back to confirmed from in progress and never have notice on it. Customer service is worthless. After messaging with a problem, I got the same advice of uninstall and reinstall the app twice before being suggested to just use webpage instead of mobile app. Messenger gives instant reply and I asked a question and received the immediate I can help connect you with representative and never received any other follow up response.
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5 years ago, Sheenak8666
Don’t Make a purchase!
I loved Zulily 4-5 years ago but After login now that I’m expecting my second child I thought I would be able to buy like I used to. NOPE. I order 6 maternity dresses and sat there for two weeks without any shipping information saying my order was still processing...my belly is growing! I contacted them and they said oh well it will be shipped to us by the end of the month...3 more weeks then on top of that we will have to ship it to you which can take 6-7 business days. So I wait 4-5 weeks...you mean wait over another month??? Who has time for that?? I only ordered online since there are no stores that sell maternity clothes anymore. Top it all off...they refuse to refund me after I cancelled the order so not only do I not get the items I haven’t gotten my money back. Their customer service lacks empathy, support. They give you one of three automated responses not even addressing your concerns. Don’t buy! It’s a total scam these days!!!!
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