— 13 Jun 2024

Downloads of AI Crypto Bot Apps on Google Play Rise by 109%

Lina Danilchik

We conducted research using App Radar by SplitMetrics, best-in-class ASO solution,  and discovered that AI crypto bot app downloads on the Google Play Store increased by 109% in Q1 2024, compared to the same period last year. What is more, our research revealed that AI crypto bot apps reached an estimated 3 million users.

AI crypto bot apps are used to automate and manage cryptocurrency trades. Users can stipulate the parameters they would like the AI to operate under and, in theory, leave it to fully automate their crypto investment portfolios.

Estimated Google Play Downloads
AppEstimate Lifetime Downloads2023 Estimated DownloadsQ1 2024 Estimated DownloadsQ1 2023 Estimated Downloads
Pionex – Crypto Trading Bot1m115k36k29k
BitUniverse:Crypto Trading Bot597k13k2k5k
BOTS: Smart Investing582k9k3k3k
AI Crypto Trading Bot – Stoic188k30k18k6k
Cryptohopper – Crypto Trading165k15k7k4k
uTrading – AI auto trading bot130k70k30k3k
Auto trading – Capitalise.ai103k31k13k6k
TradeSanta: Crypto Trading Bot89k7k2k3k
StockHero: Smart Trading Bot14k9k3k2k
Kryll.io – Trade BTC & Crypto10k4k2k690
Coinrule Crypto Trading Bot7k4k2k420
WunderTrading: AI Crypto Bot6k4k9101k
Source: App Radar by SplitMetrics

We have observed a surge in demand for crypto apps on the App Store too. This trend has been further amplified by the integration of AI technology, which has added a significant boost to the category. So we see great promise in the niche of AI-powered crypto trading bot apps. We are confident that this segment will continue to grow as more users turn to the trading tools that leverage the power of AI algorithms.

Downloads of AI Crypto Bot Apps on Google Play Rise by 109%
Eugene Lesechko
Head of Sales UK/I at SplitMetrics

2024 to date (4 June 2024) saw 230k downloads for AI crypto apps, and at the current rate of downloads, the sector is expected to surpass the previous year’s high of 322k.

The top five apps in terms of lifetime downloads are Pionex (1m), BitUniverse (597k), BOTS (581k), AI Crypto Trading Bot – Stoic (188k), and Cryptohopper (165k).

The crypto sector is experiencing a resurgence following a hard 2023. At the same time, AI is becoming a big player in all spheres of our personal and professional lives. It is not surprising then that these two sectors would combine to help crypto traders with real-time insights and automation.

It is important, however, to be aware of the limitations of AI bots and not fall for promises of guaranteed returns when trading.

Whether growth in this sector will continue is to be seen. However, considering that there is a strong interest in both crypto and AI, we are most likely to see more apps and functionality in this area.

Downloads of AI Crypto Bot Apps on Google Play Rise by 109%
Thomas Kriebernegg
General Manager at SplitMetrics Agency

Additionally, SplitMetrics’ experts shared their observations in terms of growth of other AI app categories — AI phone cleaners and AI video generation apps.

Video generation is the latest trending topic in AI which saw a surge in popularity this spring. Currently, we can observe the emergence of many new apps in this area and the intense increase in competition.

Downloads of AI Crypto Bot Apps on Google Play Rise by 109%
Yuliya Tsimokhava
ASO Manager at SplitMetrics
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