Conversion Optimization with A/B Testing Throughout App Lifecycle

SplitMetrics & Moburst webinar on how to optimize conversions with A/B testing throughout app lifecycle:

  • Insights & practical tips: how to build optimum A/B testing strategy, maximize results, lower cost per download, win with no winner and much more.
  • Expert guest: we’ve teamed up with Gilad Bechar – CEO and Founder of Moburst, startups mentor at the Microsoft Accelerator and Google Campus, as well as a judge at competitions by the Mobile Marketing Association and App Promotion Summit.

Watch the recording and find the key highlights & insights.

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Maryna Dorash
Maryna Dorash
Marketing Manager at SplitMetrics
Full-stack digital marketing specialist with a focus on driving growth through marketing analytics insights, marketing automation and paid user acquisition. Passionate about app marketing and mobile growth.
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