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Elevating Your App Promotion in the App Store Using Videos

Anastasiya Starovoytova

This is a guest post by Ciara Byrnes. Ciara spends most of her time reporting on digital marketing for an over-stressed audience of marketers and business owners trying to keep up with the fast pace of change. To center herself, she has become a wellness enthusiast, reaching “highs” like morning yoga on the porch of her family’s summer lake cabin to “lows” like failing to convince herself that wheatgrass is actually yummy.

Elevating Your App Promotion in the App Store Using Videos
Сiara Byrnes

As of the last official count in 2023, a massive 4.85 million apps and games could be found on the App Store. Every app developer knows the struggle of standing out from a crowd this large and snagging those precious user eyeballs.

You need to try something a little different in the app promotion game, and that something is the video preview. These bite-sized cinematic wonders have become the secret weapon for app marketers and developers alike, offering a flashy, dynamic way to flaunt their creations.

Attention spans are now even shorter than a cat video, and these snappy app store snippets serve as your app’s elevator pitch, giving potential users a tantalizing taste of what you’ve cooked up. This ultimately helps you stand out from the waves of competitors vying for the same spot and increasing your conversion rates. Let’s find out the how and why.

The Impact of Videos on App Store Performance

Have you ever wondered why some apps skyrocket to the top of the app charts while others linger in the shadows of obscurity? Well, friends, say hello to the game-changer: app store optimization (ASO), where videos are the VIPs. 

Think of ASO as your app’s personal hype squad, boosting its visibility and ranking in the app store charts. For example, people who stumble upon an app with an explainer video that walks you through its features, showing off its sleek interface and jaw-dropping functionalities, are better positioned to become more than just potential users; they can be future fans.

Take TikTok, for instance. Their app store video isn’t just a random assortment of dance challenges; it’s a crash course in the app’s signature content, making you want to join the dance party ASAP. Headspace, the mindfulness app, is another great example, offering a glimpse into the peace of mind their app offers. 

The iOS vs. Android showdown

Before we get too deep into all of this, let’s acknowledge the two big app store players:

App Previews on iOS start playing automatically. Snappy 15-30-second trailers that scream, “Download me now!” Autoplaying without sound, they’re like mini silent movies where the visuals do the talking. Apple’s rule of three keeps it concise, ensuring you get to the good stuff pronto. It’s all about engaging visuals, a clear call to action, and making an impression before the viewer even knows what hit them.

Over on the Android side of the playground, app promo videos are the main event. Users need to press play to get the party started. Google Play Store gives you a bit more wiggle room with videos up to two minutes long. That’s like having a full-on conversation with your users, showing off every nook and cranny of your app. While you only get one shot with the promo video, the feature graphic thumbnail is your wingman, tempting users to click play. The focus here is crafting detailed demonstrations that showcase what makes your app the star of the Android show.

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Types of Videos for App Store Promotion

The cinematic arsenal available for your app’s journey through the app store is varied, and their relevance works with almost every kind of app. Whether you have an app that sells your products directly, is a shadow of your website, or is hyper-focused and temporary, say for a specific event, these are the video categories available to you:

App Preview Videos

Think of these as the Hollywood blockbuster trailers for your app. App preview videos are like a sneak peek into the dazzling world of your creation. Show off those killer features, flaunt that sleek UI, and make users feel like they’re about to embark on an epic adventure. 

User Testimonial Videos

Who doesn’t love a good recommendation? User testimonial videos are like having your app’s biggest fans cheerleading for you. Get real people sharing their real experiences–it’s authentic, relatable, and builds trust.

Explainer Videos

Sometimes, your app is so cool that it needs a tutorial. Enter explainer videos. Break down complex features into bite-sized nuggets. It’s like having a virtual teacher helping users learn what’s under the hood.

Behind-the-Scenes Video

Let users see the faces behind the code. Share the passion, the struggles, and the triumphs. It’s not just about the app; it’s about the humans making it happen–people love feeling connected.

Animated Videos

If real actors aren’t your style, animated videos are a great alternative. They’re vibrant and playful and can turn even the most mundane features into an animated wonderland. 

Best Practices for Creating Effective App Store Videos

Before you roll up your sleeves and craft videos that’ll make users hit that download button, there are some important rules to keep in mind: 

  • Attention spans are short: Keep those videos tight, aiming for the golden 30-60-second sweet spot. Think of it as speed dating for your app–make it memorable, make it count, and leave them wanting more.
  • Put your best foot forward: Highlight those killer features and the value you bring to users’ lives. 
  • Nobody likes a pixelated mess: Invest some love in high-quality visuals and crystal-clear sound. Our camera phones are insane as a baseline, so anything less than polished, professional, and ready to shine shall be scoffed at.
  • Optimize for All Screens: People are watching on phones, tablets, laptops–you name it. Make sure your video looks stunning on every screen size and device. This rule also applies to your website, so ensure you have a great web framework in place across the board.
  • Subtitles and Captions: Not everyone can crank up the volume, and some users might be hearing impaired, so subtitles and closed captions should always be included.

Integrating Videos into Your App Store Listing

Once you’ve got your killer video, it’s time to showcase it within your app store listing. That app preview video slot isn’t just there for decoration; it’s the strategic place for your video to flaunt your app’s most jaw-dropping features. Next, consider the following:

  1. Who said screenshots have to be boring and static? Swap those out for video screenshots and bring your app to life within the app store. Showcase dynamic interactions, smooth transitions, and real-time usage, giving users a mini demo right there in your listing.
  2. Why limit your app to a few lines of text when you can have a video-powered extravaganza in the description? Embedding videos here is a great way to provide additional context, walk users through key functionalities, and keep them engaged without forcing them to scroll endlessly. 
  3. All of this atten-grabbing can be further enhanced by running an app retargeting campaign to re-engage those initial first waves of attention that your videos caught.

Measuring the Success of Your App Store Videos

So you’ve dropped your video bomb, and now it’s time to see if it caused the right kind of explosion. Let’s talk about measuring the success of those epic app store videos – because, in the digital world, it’s all about the numbers.

Don’t just throw your video into the wild and hope for the best-track it like a hawk. Keep a close eye on video views, engagement rates, and the ultimate game-changer, conversion rates. Numbers don’t lie; they tell you who’s clicking, watching, and diving headfirst into your app’s world.

Your users are like the ultimate critics–they’ll tell you if your video rocked their world or left them wanting more. Dive into those comments and feedback. Are they showering your video with praise, or are they throwing tomatoes? Use this real talk to identify areas for improvement. 

Lastly, test different video strategies, tweak what needs tweaking, and refine your approach. It’s a living, breathing process. Your audience may prefer a bit more pizzazz in the visuals or crave a deeper dive into your app’s functionality. Keep refining until your video strategy becomes the undisputed champion of the app store.

Videos Aren’t Just the Sidekicks; They’re the Focus of App Store Promotion

Videos are much more than just flashy extras; they’re the secret sauce that turns a casual scroller into a full-blown app enthusiast. Videos bring your app to life. In a world where everyone’s vying for a slice of the consumers searching the app store, videos catapult your app into the spotlight.

So, is it time to level up? Start incorporating videos into your app store listings, turn those static images into dynamic showcases, and watch your app’s visibility and success soar. 

At SplitMetrics, we are very passionate about helping everyone with their mobile app and game growth. Bookmark our website for quick and easy access to articles like this, which exist to help everyone build a successful mobile-first business.

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