GrowthBlitz #1 with Peggy Anne Salz

This is the first episode of GrowthBlitz – short video conversations on mobile apps & games, product marketing and growth. Five questions, five answers and lots of fun.

Special guest of GrowthBlitz #1 is Peggy Anne Salz, Founder & Mobile Analyst at MobileGroove, Journalist and Writer. Peggy co-hosts multiple podcasts on mobile marketing & growth and contributes to such prominent media, as Forbes, VentureBeat and Pocket Gamer.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Which apps Peggy used most often in 2020
  • What categories Peggy would choose if she decided to build a new app or game now, in 2021
  • Which user acquisition channels will be effective in 2021
  • Tactics to apply to make your app go viral
  • Three qualities of a good mobile marketer
  • Why Apple Search Ads is worth your attention

and even more!

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