How to Make the Most of Mobile A/B Testing

This is a GameCamp’s webinar by Google for Startups dedicated to the topic of app store optimisation via mobile A/B testing. SplitMetrics shared insights, recommendations, case studies and best practices on how to make the most of app store A/B testing.

Watch the recording to find out all about:

  • user flow for app store A/B testing;
  • what you may test before launching your mobile app or game;
  • real cases of pre-launch A/B testing for mobile games & apps;
  • weak and strong hypotheses;
  • the most important app store product page elements;
  • how to test those elements to get outstanding results;
  • whether you should add a video preview to app stores;
  • tips for mobile game publishers;
  • major mistakes in mobile A/B testing

and even more.

Put you knowledge into practice: try out SplitMetrics app store A/B testing platform, attract new users, boost the install rate and optimise the overall performance of your app or game on the App Store or Google Play.

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