The importance of ASO metadata optimization

Have you thought that your App Store landing page might be more converting? We all know that there’s always something that can be improved but rarely have time to test our ideas.

Mobile app market is getting more and fierce in terms of competition for a user. Each and every app developer wants to acquire a quality user at a reasonable price. Mobile advertising is booming and prices go up every month… They only way to optimize your advertising budget is to be smart, test everything you can and find out the most effective combinations.

Ok cool, but in any case a user gets to your app page in App Store or Google Play and makes the final decision right there. So it’s crucially important to have your page optimized towards conversion as it brings you more users, lower CPIs as a result of higher conversions.

Mobile CPI rates
Mobile CPI rates

 That’s exactly what Splitmetrics team promises to take care of. Their free self-service is aimed at mobile publishers who believe in growth-hacking and willing to a/b test their icons, descriptions, screenshots and stuff like that. How many variations of icon you normally have before the release, 3 to 5? Just upload them, splitmetrics will develop a list of landings based on every single item you want to compare, create an url and launch a test. It’s free while they’re in a beta.

A recent case from a Wifi Map Pro app founder shows that even small changes can dramatically increase conversion…

The first variant using black text shows 20% CTR comparing to 6% with white text. To learn this they did a simple a/b testing campaign in their free app measuring impressions and clicks.

Let’s assume that your app go featured by either Apple or Google or Techcrunch posts a review of it… We all know that every single click to your app paga matters and the more installs you get, the higher you jump. So it’s always better to be prepared and have everything ready!

Go ahead and try to run a simple a/b test for your mobile app or game now.