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AnyMP4 Studio
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2 years ago
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10.7 or later
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User Reviews for 1-Click Video Converter

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1 year ago, ScottBassMan
Incredible converter (for my mac)
I tried a lot of Apps for my mac, and this one does everything. It is one of the most valuable apps I have, one that I now could not live without. I write a lot of music, and score many videos, and the output format of the programs is not what I need. But this app converts anything audio or video to any other format. Just an amazing app. High functionality is free, but one time, I accidentally tried to convert an audio format to something very complex (don't remember what), and it required a $10 cost for the full function version. I didn't even need it, but did it just to give these guys $10 for such an amazing program. They NEVER asked for an upgrade before that. What a great program, and great people. Get it now!
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1 year ago, Acezap
This program came to my rescue!
I was (and have been) using Movavi for my client work. For some reason, Movavi didn't want to convert/compress some of my video files (it did the others). When I tried to reach out to Movavi customer support, there was an email that said I had to wait 3-4 days for a response. That's not acceptable for my business and clients. And they charge for their software! So, I desperately searched Mac App store and found this program AnyMP4. Thank God! This literally saved me. The files that Movavi couldn't/wouldn't compress/convert (.mov to .mp4) were done in AnyMP4 and the added bonus was that 1 - It was easy and 2 - It was SUPER FAST. The main thing was it worked! I think my first go to will be AnyMP4 from now on!
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7 years ago, highwingpilot1
Great App! Worked Flawlessly!
I needed to find a way to convert video to the little known .AMV format, so my son could watch them on his inexpensive MP3/Video player. Many online conversion tools I checked out didn’t have the right support for this file type. But this great little app is intuitive and easy to use, and worked flawlessly! Perfect for crunching down your videos to play on smaller screen sizes. And still provided a lot of optional conversion settings to tweak around with. I just went with the default settings for .AMV, and presto! Thanks for making this great little app available!
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10 months ago, It's Always Kris
Slow and uses a ton of system resources
I gave this a try to convert a couple of problematic video files, and while it was able to convert them eventually, it took quite a while and made my 16 inch M1 Max Macbook with 64 gigs of ram very hot and made the fans kick on which almost never happens, even with Final Cut Pro and Logic. They were fairly low-res .mp4 videos from old security cameras, 720p at most, but for some reason they are not working with Final Cut. I expected this software to make quick work of these old clips on my super powerful computer, but it seems as though it struggled instead and kinda scared me how hot my comuter got. I think I'll look for something else.
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3 years ago, Guy frowny
best converter for reals
dont get me wrong, its powerfully easy to use. But you dont have to guess what extension a file is going to havr before converting (some converters are so dumbed, you dont pick a format. you choose a device to use for playback). You dont need to import files from iTunes, like we were doing some cosplay from last century. you find your file and you pick desired format, from a clear and extensive list. lives up to its name. one-click magic.
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4 years ago, dopplergirl
OMG glad I found this
I recently purchased a new macbook pro and found that all of my .avi files were no longer compatible with the new mac OS or with office 365. I tried a web based converter which was very slow. 1-click VC is fast and allows rapid conversion of my .avi to .mp4 and it is free and easy to use. I would definitely pay for this if they decided to charge for it. Thanks creaters of 1-click video converter!!!
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10 months ago, $Tråπg∑ †∆m≈®
Thank You
Thank you for allowing us Mac silicone users to have a real video editor program that works and doesn't require payment for cont use. It represents the true difference between standard options and premium options. This does have premium options at a cost but for me this works fine for compressing so I can send & share video off my Macbook.
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5 years ago, don from NY
Works well for converting videos to variou fomats
I use this all the time to convert videos for web use or for emialing generic videos to people. For instance I convert my FinalCut output to MP4 for emial, and make files in various formats for inclusion on websited. Also if I get an AVI video from someone, I can convert it for viewing on the Mac. You can also resize the videos on output as needed: to make them smaller for faster web loading or emailing for example
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1 month ago, EpicEvan74
Never fails to disappoint
I swtitched to this a couple years ago when another converter stopped working for me sadly. As much as I missed FLV crunch tho the one click converter is just objectively better and is always consistent with files that are either tweakin out a bit or just need to be in mp3 form for the convienance. Thank you one click
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3 years ago, jr3ddi
Best converter by FAR!
This converter has made my day, after searching through other apps to no avail -- Finally, something that works without a hassle. Fast conversions, quality transfers, and free? I may just have to get the upgrade as a token of my appreciation for an app that actually does what it says. To the developers - Your app is much appreciated!
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4 years ago, morris-exploris
Great product, and legit for free
At last I found a useful app that is highly functional with no hidden fees! Upgraded functionality comes only at a premium, as it should be, and because the app worked so well, I may actually upgrade in the future should the need arise. Thank you for an honest and exceptional product!
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12 months ago, jhinson
Great. could be better
The tool itself works for what it is supposed to do, and it's affordable. But the UI could be so much better. For example, you can't drag and drop videos into the converter area, which would be so much easier...it's just a very "clicky" interface - circa 1999. That being said, it does what it says it does, so that's good.
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1 year ago, Chazimodo
Works great!
I was given a WMV (Windows Media File) video that my MAC couldn't read. I downloaded this after seeing the reviews were good. I converted the hour plus long video to MP4 (MAC movie format) in about 30 minutes and was immediately able to watch it. Worked flawlessly. LOVE IT!
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4 years ago, Figmo6673
Ok--At First
After reading the reviews, I was anxious to convert one of my recent videos. No problem loading the video. But then the sound was crackling a lot. The video itself has no sound problem, so it has to do with this app. Secondly, I wanted to rotate the video 90 degrees, but--YOU GOTS TO PAY $9.99 first. I didn't have the app open for more than 10 minutes and already I have to PAY for a simple function. I uninstalled this app.
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2 months ago, ZachSchem
I should have started here...
After hours of banging my head against a wall trying to convert this video and reduce the file size down to something sendable, I finally gave this a shot. 15-minutes later... Done. Here's hoping I get the job this video was for! Hah!
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3 years ago, Jon_J
Sof Far So Good
I was (Trying) to use iMovie to convert some old camcorder videos to MP4, but it kept crashing and was super slow. One-Click has been great sofar, at least for what i used it for. Super easy to navigate and quick when it came to converting. Good program thus far.
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1 year ago, MtZerin
Fast and FREE and did what I needed...WOW!
Great marketing plan. Its like your giving away a little dish of home made ice cream. Great product. Very fast too. If I need the better program I trust it will be all that you advertise it to be. For now this saves the memory's we thought were lost. Thanks so MUCH! Jim.
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12 months ago, Nick Hame
Gets it done but MKVs conversion is something else
I like this easy app to convert videos. Its simple and easy. It gets the job done. When converting MVK's to anything else you need to upgrade to Pro version. Even after you purchase PRO, it still asks you to purchase PRO if you have multiple MVK files to convert. You have to do them one by one.
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11 months ago, mytyme4fun
Excellent Editing Options and More
I have used the free version of The 1-Click Video Converter for some time and it has by far provided the best options and easy to use functions of any editing program.
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1 year ago, Cybergrail
Just What I was Looking For
This is a great video product and is just what I was looking for. I wanted something simple that would convert video and combine/merge video and clip video, and it does all these things very well, very quickly and very easily!
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3 years ago, Ninthcon
Difficult file
I had a very difficult WMV that several other programs continually got stuck on. In less than 5 minutes this was completed and ready to go.
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3 years ago, Purelypoetry
Great Tool
1-Click Video is intuitive. I tried other tools that made It complicated and do not compare. I definitely recommend 1-Click Video to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy solution.
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1 year ago, Thelover1
This app is quick and easy to use. This app has been a life saver for my work. I make videos with my camera on vixer and this app allows me to make the video in the right format for any social media platforms.
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3 months ago, Ops strong
iPhone visionary
Hello, Just downloaded the app. "Game Changer"!!! I was able to convert three sequential video clips in less than five minutes. And, that included OJT that added the video file, converted to mP4, and saved to my mP4 file on my Mac.
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2 years ago, Nebula Sound Studio
Allows for mulitiple files at the same time so you don't have to dedicate time to doing one file at a time. The options for conversion is endless. Best software I have of this type.
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3 years ago, Mazuimes
saved my talks
This app does what it promises...literally, one click conversion of old AVIs that won't play anymore in modern Quicktime in PowerPoint converted into MP4s that will...all you need to do is reinsert them into the PowerPoint slides. I'd give it 10 stars if possible
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1 year ago, cromayone
convert: YES! Trim: no.
Ultra fast and effective converter. It has the ability to trim files at well but that is cumbersome, even on my mbp mp1 there is no real time scrolling and after deleting segments I ended up with the entire movie still intact.
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6 months ago, Learning Video editing
Good Converter o video
Very convenient and easy to opeate converter even for beginers. if it could improve Quality option for old personal video then it could have been better possibly some room for imrovement there but overall great experience
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1 year ago, iCzar
This vendor has HID all of their TIERED $$ Prices Per Step Upgrades, even just to convert a file.. Even their "Free mp4 convertor" will NOT convert any file, WITHOUT paying up. TRANSPARENCY is required here. THERE'S just too many User's who have made this same complaint, without a RESPONSE from this vendor. NOTICE - what this vendor actually "mean's" by "FREE" is that the App is Free to download, after that the User will have to start Paying $$ $$ $$ etc, for each upgrade.
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2 years ago, MacBook M2
quick and easy
Needed to convert a file for a windows user - drag, drop, select output, select destination, 3 minutes later . . .. done perfectly. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Opydong
Impressive Video Corverter
I like being able to open an entire folder and preview each video to see if it is worth converting or delete all together. Very fast conversion rate.
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2 years ago, msqueenelizabeth
Only 1 free video?
The first video I did, it worked great. The next video I tried it turned the video upside down and to turn it rightside up, you have to pay $10. I went into my video, turned it upside down on my make, then tried again, and it kept it upside down. This suggests to me that you have to pay for the full app to use it... I give this 1 star for false avertisment. If you aren't free, that don't claim to be.
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3 months ago, Landon.W
Very good
This video converter has so many output format options. Basic converting is free which is what I'm needing. Has some cool paid features also that I may want to use later.
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3 years ago, JanHemmelmann
Beautifully straight forward
Supports so many file formats and does such a great job of giving you options to tweak quality and speed
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3 years ago, Alex 57421
It Just Works
Great app! It does what it says and it works! And its fast! I can convert 1.5 hr videos in 3 minutes! I havent been asked to make any app purchases yet, but when I am prompted I definitley will to suport the developer.
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4 years ago, moedee34
Quick converter
I was surprise it was so quick converting a video file to audio. I recorded a skype call for a podcast and convereted it to an MP3 file. It took under two minutes
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4 months ago, mrbdvm
What a great, useful app. So easy to use and working flawlessly. I was able to convert an odd video format generated when I converted old VHS family movies from VHS to digital into Quicktime and MP4 to share with family.
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8 months ago, Michael-Trinidad
User Friendly (for all files formats)
Its easy & user friendly even for large files size no matter which ever the origina file format
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1 year ago, Mehop37
Old JVC recorder, got my files converted!
I have an old camcorder, JVC Everio, which has family videos on it. This app let me get those converted so we can enjoy those videos for years to come!
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3 years ago, phendee
Fast, Easy and Accurate
I had a folder of 12 M4v files. I selected my final file format and output folder. I copied the folder that had my files and the deed was done. It dosen't get better.
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4 years ago, Brainsltd
Marketing Issue
Just uninstalled app. Looks like many other apps that might be of interest but won't be trying them because I wanted to see how app worked and it doesn't allow complete conversion without upgrade purchase. Fair enough, but if it doesn't do what I need it to then I wouldn't buy into it. Show me it works, even if nothing may be Saved. Now, off looking at alternatives. Thought you should know.
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2 years ago, Manson-F
Easy Batch Conversion
I was able to convert a large folder of odd size mov files to ones that could be imported into After Effects . Great product. Thanks
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2 years ago, Voodooshizzle
Would like ability to drag videos in
Cannot drag video in which is kind of a bummer but seems to work just fine.
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3 years ago, Beldar88
Prevents disk eject
Works very fast and is easy to understand. Unfortunately, on my 2018 Mac Mini with Big Sur it prevents the source disk image from being ejected, even after closing the program. One has to restart the computer to free the disk. And no, there are no other programs running.
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4 years ago, Jason_jasonxx
good, easy and simple
this is what exactly i am looking for i need clip and convert a 25 minutes AVI file into 6 mp4 clips. tried and failed for a few hours until I found this one
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4 months ago, FlibbityJibbitz
Time saver !!!
Great to be able to convert multiple files simultaneously and have different settings for each!!!! big time saver!!!
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4 years ago, Heff3434
This coverter has been great. super easy to use i use it to covert mp4 files that don't have the right format to something my imovie can play and process. super fast simple and so far no issues at all!
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1 year ago, Steve209b
Great app
I got this to convert Windows WMV files to MP4 so I could play them on my new MacBook Pro. It worked great for this! I did not use any of the other functions of this app.
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5 months ago, Gr1mwolf
It does what it says, but it also adds system popups demanding ratings. On top of that the resulting video, from my testing, has a significant loss of quality. When I converted a webm video to mp4, not only did it look like it had been reduced to half resolution and scaled back up, but it left a disorienting strobe effect.
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2 years ago, Dyeroc
New to the converter
So far I've used it without having to purchase anything extra and it's working fine. For what I'm doing I'd definitly recommend this process to others.
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