1 Hour Photo: CVS Photo Prints

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4.9 (69.9K)
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MailPix, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for 1 Hour Photo: CVS Photo Prints

4.85 out of 5
69.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Wise Consumer DS
Senior Poster
Waited till the last minute to prepare a poster for my son’s graduation. Ordered the pictures from Shrewsbury PA CVS last night. This morning I placed a second order but the Shrewsbury CVS wasn’t coming up on my phone so I had to order from a store 20 minutes away. Arrived at Shrewsbury to pick up order #1 at 11:20 today. No order. I also told the. About the second order and they suggested I order the other photos from Red Lion as well. So I’m in the parking lot ready to drive for an hour round trip to get what would have been nice to get right around the corner. While the local employees are outstanding - corporate needs to help your local stores have reliable equipment so they can service their customers well.
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5 years ago, Doodledarling
Frustrating to use for batches of photos
You can’t switch stores without deleting the contents of your cart, you can’t adjust quantities of photos once they are in your cart, and if you have any problem files it is a pain to figure out what they are. I’ve used the app many times and I get frustrated every time. A few times I’ve gotten an error message about one of my photos, saying the “file didn’t exist”. You can’t put your order through without removing the file, but the app uses the file name to reference the problem photo, so it is impossible to know which one it is (I do not know the file names of all the photos on my phone, who does?) It would be great if we could have the option to place the order anyway, and/or if the actual photo was displayed with the error message instead of just the file name. If you only have 5 recent photos to print this app would be ok, but over 10 and it’s a PITA, especially if the photos you need to print are farther down your camera roll or from different albums.
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6 years ago, Hmb7x
Errors constantly
It’s a bad uploading process. I’ll be notified that a file can’t be located but it doesn’t show me which one is causing the issue, it just gives me an indecipherable file name after taking an inordinate amount of time to attempt the upload in the first place. I just spent 20 minutes trying to upload 12 photos, and will end up getting 7 printed due to the errors. Also slow, and I wasn’t notified when a printer at a store stopped working - I went to the store 3 times in a week to pickup photos and every time they had a different explanation for why my photos weren’t available.
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7 years ago, NotSoFast Dodi
Try "4 Hour Photo" - but otherwise alright
Taking 2 stars off for... 1) pick up notification came over 27 hours after I placed my order. I had to call my local CVS after 4 hours of waiting for the promised 1 hour pick-up notification, to find out if my prints ever came out. Spent 30 minutes on hold. Notification e-mail came the next day... 2) You have no idea a) how much your prints will each cost you until the very last step of the ordering process and b) how the photos will look like. I tried to print a quote which would have looked fine if printed horizontally. But the app doesn't give any print options besides size and doesn't show previews, so you are going in blind. Still giving it 3 stars for ease of use and the ability to place photo orders directly from my phone.
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4 months ago, klriddle589
Always use this app
I always use this app for Walgreens pick up. On December 28 I decided to choose Walmart as my pick up destination. Did not pick up my pictures within 30 days… and Walmart’s policy is apparently throw away peoples pictures within 30 days if not picked up. I have been trying to contact 1 Hour Photo through email two times now and have not received one back yet. I am very upset that they have not called me back emailed me back or anything. they definitely need a customer service number! I am unsure if they will be able to reprint my order without the pictures because now all of my pictures are deleted off my phone as I thought they were at Walmart to pick up. These pictures are of my son growing up and now I can’t get that back.
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5 years ago, surf4girl11
Best app for printing pictures!
This app is so easy to use! I love printing pictures but always used Shutterfly or target photo. They stopped being convenient and I found myself struggling to get pictures printed through those outlets as they were a hassle. I went looking for an app and found this one and I will never use another way to print pictures! You can print to Target, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens within minutes. And you can print three different sizes to these locations too! I highly recommend!!!
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2 years ago, morethanmargot
No edits, can’t access albums
This app gets the job done if you need to WHAMO print a photo, on your phone camera roll, completely as is. This app does not let you edit the photo, not even a simple crop or black and white filter. It cannot access shared albums on the cloud- so you’re out of luck if you wanted to go in & print photos you haven’t actually saved to your camera roll yet. It’s a profoundly basic platform. It is, at its core, efficient at pumping out what is already there. Leaves much to be desired, and is so lacking in creativity I don’t mind waiting more than one hour OR driving to a further pharmacy to tweak the prints a little bit for the most ideal outcome.
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7 years ago, 2ridick2quit
Easy way to get photos printed
I have had success using this app to get my photos printed. It is always been a quick turnaround. However, I do wish I could download from my google photos/drive app instead of just the albums on my phone. Also, it would be great if it had some sort of alert to let you know if the photo quality is going to be blurry, etc. Overall though it is one of the easiest/quickest ways to get your pictures printed from your phone.
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2 years ago, 1Wupsh5
Can’t beat free
I’ve been using this app for the past 3yrs & this by far is the simplest app to use. Keep in mind that some of the fb screenshots will effect how the picture will actually come out. Sometimes if I try blowing up just a piece of the picture ONLY the center of the picture will actually be blown up even though I just cropped a specific section. Trial & error & overall this is the quickest & easiest app to use im happy with it…
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4 years ago, Lvpearce228
Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t
This app is so frustrating because I want to love it but it does not work half the time! The fact that after you placed the order it makes it so you can’t go a review your order is ridiculous! I’ve gone to Walgreens not screen shot my order review and they didn’t believe i had placed One. Now sitting in Walgreens again with them not getting my order for a late Mother’s Day gift... thankfully the lady let me place it again in front of her and it worked right away! Idk my review is good and bad. It’s not the best but sometimes it works but you could possibly send photos and never find them in a store..
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6 years ago, Mobile App Maven
Did a Great a Job!
Needed to get passport photos for myself and my husband QUICK! Took pictures at home at 7:30 AM and picked up the pictures by 8:15I received a notification that the photos were ready at 8:06 AM! This technology is wonderful! Went straight to file my application for my passport right afterwards. I would highly recommend and both sets cost less than $1 at CVS! They even offered to cut the pictures and put them in a little folder to protect them!
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7 years ago, Clint H. from Sparkle City SC
Quick and easy
Love it!!! Quick and easy to use. I see some folks complain about available options to change the photos but let's be real here. If you are wanting that kind of photo the why are you using a phone or tablet and an app? Why aren't you using a DSLR camera and taking the sd card to the store and tweeting them there? Like I said quick and easy to use no complaints here!!! Thanks
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3 weeks ago, Frustrated Photoman
Incomplete order
I ordered $90 worth of photos. Several of the 5x7 pictures were printed on 4x6 paper cutting off several people. We had to go to store 4 separate times after being called that order was ready when it wasn’t. The fourth time was to correct the 5x7 photos. They said there was no way to go through each photo to find the one printed incorrectly. I had to get back on the app and spend another $6.00 to print out 2 of the pictures needed for tomorrow morning. 8 of the pictures are still on 4x6. Because I don’t want to spend another $25 to reprint them. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, hmfic247
First time user last time user
very excited about the app initially as I uploaded and customized an order for my local CVS to print but having not received a confirmation email within a few hours I decided to actually go to the CVS where I discovered they don’t print photos I think the app should have adequate communication to its printer retailers to communicate to the customers who spend their time preparing an order and now can’t retrieve the order to send to another competent retailer in this world of technology it’s this kind of technology that should be laid upon the ash heep of time wasting gadgets and widgets.
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10 months ago, Dovely90
I have used there services at 3 different stores and using the app is consistently working. I haven’t had issues of misplacement of my prints. It is simple and easy that it feels unreal. The app, again, is simple and doesn’t have many customizations when the image doesn’t fit (so be aware). All in all, I like it’s simplicity and consistent service. Good app.
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5 years ago, ConniePat67
I spent over 3 hours trying to get pictures from my phone to my computer... had to ‘extract’ and put into folders which then couldn’t be ‘found’ in said computer! :{ Then I found the advice that I could download this app and send them right from my phone. It was done in less than 1 minute!!! Form downloading the app to choosing photos to completing my order. So easy!!!
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6 years ago, Darius0410
So frustrating! 30 mins is too long to submit an order!
If I wasn’t desperate, I would have said forget it! I went through selecting my pics via the app...started with over 50. But as I’m uploading them, it’s constantly saying cannot find picture. There is no way to tell which picture is holding up the upload...so I’m trying to figure out and delete them from my order because it cancels out the entire upload! Which is great to get to 45 out of 50 and then hit this error and Boom...starting over. So I started with trying to order 50 prints and ultimately the order that successfully uploaded had 11!
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1 year ago, BenNelson1986
Super simple
It literally took me less than 3 minutes to download the app, choose my photos and my store, and complete my order. Talk about a straightforward, simple, app that finally just does what you want and doesn’t redirect you with every single press of a button. Great job to the creators and to the designer/designers of the platform. Thanks
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2 years ago, Ontoes
What have you done?
Used one hour and loved it but now, the app will not let me select a large print. I want the 8x10 or 5 x7. Not working correctly anymore. Would not give me last name space with several tries. Lastly, it’s still difficult to select additional photos since I’ve thousands and don’t want all on your files. Often better to drop by some store on way.
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1 year ago, Hpickford
Easy to use
I love how easy this app is to use. The only suggestion is that they have as many options in the app for holiday cards as they do online. I wasn’t able to submit for 1-hour photo online, I had to download the app in order to get it to work. Thankfully I was able to save a copy of the card I made online onto my phone and I just hope it turns out okay once printed.
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5 years ago, DL Long 2019
This app is a life saver! I’m able to share pics w/ my 90 year old grandma
Before I found this app, I avoided trying to share pictures with my 90 year old in Virginia Beach. The app allowed me to print pictures, and get them to her out of state in less than a weeks time. I will continue to use it, and I am proudly sharing it with all of my friends and co-workers. Thank you
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4 years ago, Ric35609
Only use if it’s your only option
I placed to order for photos and I didn’t get notify under days later that my photos were ready. Also, I believe the app is broken because other than the two order I’ve gotten two other emails saying I order those photos again. The app overall needs tuning but this could definitely be a good app if the multiple problems I had other people have had. Until then I was say if you’re willing to put up with the problems that may occur then this is an okay app to used.
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6 years ago, Pharmgrrrl
Great for basic needs, but...
If you have an error with one of your pics, it tells you the file name. That’s only helpful if the file name is listed with the pictures - it’s not. So I had to delete everything and take screenshots of everything. The second issue is editing permissions. It would be nice to be able to center and crop pics within the app. Most people don’t take picks with the plan to print them, so when you make prints they can be adjusted.
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4 years ago, Delmar NY
Delmar NY
Ordered TWICE in past month-/ I got a notice pix are ready ( which must be generated by the program) . I went to pick them up at CVS only to be told they were not ready and call the next day. It is a great idea, but please help your print sites to program it so the notice is sent when the pix are in their hands!!
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6 years ago, Hummie 😸
App usage.
App is fairly easy to use. I would like if a feature could be added where in the “size & quantity” tab we could click and view the picture selected. Also, it would be nice if we could add coupon codes using the app and pay directly from there BEFORE placing the order. I received my order printed email within an hour and a half of ordering. So, im very happy with the service!
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1 year ago, MIA Photos
Read some reviews
I don’t understand why so many 5 star ratings are people complaining… that’s odd. Here’s my experience, went to Walgreens, the order never went through. The auto crop is terrible and you can’t even adjust it enough to zoom out to include the areas you want printed. Granted, it easier then going to the Walgreens app and having to set up an account but after you do that, there app demonstratively better. (Update)- Walgreens called me 5 days later to tell me my photo’s are ready. So much for 1 hr photo
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2 years ago, yoli0503
Uploading was a bit slow, however, using the app was super simple! I’m so thankful! I used the previous Kiosk app SO OFTEN - now there’s a new app to replace the previous one! I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to place Walmart photo orders via my phone any longer! I hope this app works as well! Thank you SO MUCH!!!
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2 years ago, jayochoa84
First use
First time using this app, or an app like this. It was amazingly simple and easy to select and submit your order. If I would have known of this before hand, I would have been using it long ago. Def will use again in the near future.
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3 years ago, Whatawasteoftime!!!!!
One Hour Photo - my favorite!
I enjoy using this app to order pictures. It’s easy, quick, you can choose size and quantity of pictures easily, and even edit any pictures before placing the order. And the pictures can be picked up locally, at a really good price. Thanks!! 😁
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7 years ago, Serginña
Ordering pictures
I downloaded the app because I needed to order prints quickly my order only took 3 min from the moment I downloaded and order prints. I like how I only needed name, email, phone number in order to place the order instead of a full registration process. I will recommend this app to all my friends.
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4 years ago, HeyHeyAna
Wait where are my pictures and orders?
Don’t use this app just get a newer version. I downloaded it for the first time and made an order and everything and an hour goes by, then two then three and I’m checking my email and my order and nothing. No email and my order magically disappeared. What?!
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5 years ago, nothing sells
Not processing pictures I need printed out
I’ve been working on these pictures for hours trying to figure out pictures and every pictures I am taking it keeps telling me there’s an error and they can’t all be processed so I wind it up deleting most of them and now I have to do this all again
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2 years ago, Cacka-Lacky
Happy Customer!
I love this app. It is super user-friendly. I love the concept of having printed photos from my phone ready for pick-up in less than a hour. My only request: Send an alert to my phone when the printing is complete (often I go to the store after 60 minutes and still have to wait 10 minutes or more because the job isn’t complete).
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5 years ago, sugareclipes
Not working right.
It took to long to download photos and then as soon as my screen would go to its sleep mode I would go back to the app to check out the progress and it would make me start all over. I tried this about 7 or 8 different times trying different stores and different number of photos but it kept making me start all over which was very frustrating. However I love the concept and how easy it is. I just wish it would work for me bc I literally have thousands of photos that I need to have developed.
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5 years ago, Nash Reviewer
Review Order Function Needs Some Work
The “review order” screen only shows the total. It would be great to see the whole order in detail, including the picture sizes ordered. I’ve accidentally ordered the wrong size and the wrong quantity because I could not review the order before placing. Thanks.
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3 years ago, im a new user
One hour photo
This is a great idea. The app is a little difficult to use if you want back up or make changes. If you are changing anything then the app is straight forward. I recommend the app but the developers need to improve the app
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3 years ago, Alistair1
I needed some stocking stuffers for coworkers and was able to make print the cutest gifts for everyone! It was last minute and the photos were ready in less than an hour. I recommend this for anyone, so easy to use and convenient.
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3 years ago, cottonheadedninnymuggin
“1 hour” turned into two days
It took nearly two full days for what should’ve been 1 hour prints (5 4x6’s). I needed them by that evening but put them in early in the day to make sure there was enough time. I ended up going in to my local Walgreens and printing them myself on the instant print machine. Took about a half an hour for the whole process but at least I got them printed. Will never use this app again.
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1 year ago, DaniMM33
App is antiquated and poor. If you edit/crop the photo you can only do it one time. If you need to go back the app throws error messages. Can take multiple attempts to even submit an order. And once you do submit the order, good luck. It takes longer than 1-hour, and the printing machine can throw error messages forcing your order to not even print. Honestly, not even worth the hassle. Just find any of the multiple superior apps for quick pic printing.
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2 years ago, iGooch76
Simple photo solution but a few flaws
I wasn’t able to upload multiple “wallet sized” prints so I had to keep adding one at a time and putting it in my cart. It would be helpful to have to select all option for that size. Otherwise I’m very happy with the app, prints, and product quality.
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4 years ago, Dr. Ricardo Martin
Easy to use APP. Love the map selection of stores nearest my home. I give it 4 out of 5 stars because too often all of my photos don’t populate in order to make a selection. I am being generous because I could have easily rated this a 2. Overall I still enjoy the convenience.
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6 years ago, PolishMama2008
Finally an app that works!
I just downloaded 4 1hr photo apps and they all seemed to have the same process as this one. This app just submitted successfully rather than fail work errors all the time. Thank you for saving me $7 cause I can now pick up my prints at Walmart rather than Walgreens :)
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2 years ago, wera7813
The app allows you to choose as many pics as you want, but when you go to check out if you have chosen more then 100 pictures you have to delete them to proceed! I think that’s ridiculous! If there’s a limit to the amount of pictures per order it shouldn’t let you order more then 100! Wasn’t happy that I had to go back and delete almost 250 pictures off my order!!
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1 month ago, ernieGeed
Vacation home decor
I get to the beach house and want to personalize it with photos. Thanks to this app and the partnerships, it’s easy to order family photos and place them around the house without wait or hassle or expense. I am very grateful for this app and this service.
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3 years ago, 23mamab
Easy to do
Really liked how easy it was to select photos from phone photo gallery and navigate site. Nice that it gives you a warning if photo clarity is going to be a problem and not make a good clear picture
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3 years ago, Hi0192837475
Love this app! It was so convenient to watch a Yankees game while selecting photos that were ready the following morning. The pics were as selected and great quality. Will use again and recommend to others.
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7 years ago, Auburngirl2013
After spending a lot of time picking 40 photos to up load. When I go to complete the process, the pictures start to download and every time, one of the photos has a era that blocks the entire group selected. Now I have to go threw and try to figure out which one is stoping them all from downloading. Wouldn’t it be way easier if we were just allowed to skip the photo that was causing the problem. Instead of the entire group selected being affected. For some reason there were 5 photos out of the 40 selected that were causing a problem If there was a skip option available I could have quickly skipped the bad photos and made my purchase. I bet a lot of people are having this happen.
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5 years ago, tony96theel
The pictures that you save to your iPhones camera role and you select what ever pictures you want printed and they will be done within an hour! I sent in 8 pictures to Walgreens and they were ready in 9 minutes! Works amazing!! I would recommend this to everyone 100%!!!
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4 years ago, xhfifjegsjfjrjwhxbf
Incredibly easy
We needed pictures quickly for a funeral presentation. I ordered them from the app on my phone using my camera roll. I was able to pick them up less than an hour later!!!!! I will definitely use this again!!
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8 months ago, Nimna1
No confirmation of order
This app is awkward to navigate when adding photos. But most annoying is that there is no email or text confirmation that the order has been placed, particularly since it took 21 hours until I received an email that the order was ready. Since I could not check that the order was in progress and had been placed, I presumed there was an unknown glitch and found another method to print my pics.
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